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A short list of their concerns: from the rights of sectarians in Russia to the anti-NATO rally in Montenegro

Once again, a statement was made at the US State Department that the United States, it turns out, is not at all looking for confrontation with Russia, as "Russia itself is trying to expose," but simply "is forced to remind Russia of the need for it to comply with international law." This statement could pull the prize in the nomination “you can’t think it up on purpose” if only because it was spoken by a representative of a state in which the term “international law” itself is defiantly ignored and is absent even what is called on the legal horizon. In other words, a state in which non-compliance with international law is encouraged by domestic law, declares attempts to instill respect for this kind of law in other states. This is not even hypocrisy and its highest degree. This is something that defies adequate definition.
Against the background of the State Department’s statement regarding the “reminder of Russia about international law”, the activity of the American diplomatic mission in the Russian Federation attracts attention. Draws again ... If you look at the selection News from the office of Mr. Tefft, the majority are direct or indirect claims against Russia and Russian legislative decisions.

A short list of their concerns: from the rights of sectarians in Russia to the anti-NATO rally in Montenegro

So, November 16 US Embassy website in Russia, publishes a statement by US State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner, who mentions the anniversary of the death of Sergei Magnitsky.

From the Toner statement:
The anniversary of the death of Sergei Magnitsky is a reminder of what injustice costs people. Those on whose conscience his wrongful imprisonment and unjust death continue to remain free, despite the well-known and reliable evidence of their guilt. We pay tribute to the memory of Sergei Magnitsky and welcome those who seek to expose corruption and defend human rights in Russia, despite the threats and harassment in government circles. In memory of Sergei Magnitsky, we will continue to fully support the efforts of those who are seeking to bring to justice the persons on whose conscience his death is, including through the implementation of the “Sergey Magnitsky Law”, adopted in 2012 year.

2 December The American Embassy is already concerned about the decision of the court in Taganrog in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses. It should be recalled that the Taganrog court several representatives of the sect "Jehovah's Witnesses" were found guilty of committing a crime related to extremist activities in the territory of the Russian Federation. In Russia, some of the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses has been recognized as extremist and on this basis is prohibited for distribution. Despite the legislative ban, certain individuals decided not to stop the process of distributing Jehovah’s materials, for which they were brought to justice. The American "partners" thought that this was "persecution of believers."

From the material of the US Embassy:
The suppression of religious freedom undermines the foundations of genuine stability and often increases hostility in a society, including violence.
The US is calling on the Russian authorities to stop prosecuting people for attending religious meetings and for sharing their faith. The United States would welcome Russia's accession to our efforts to ensure freedom of religion as a basic human right.

Undermines of stability? .. Well, before the United States itself in this matter Russia is certainly far away ...

December 4 Mr. Tefft and his colleagues expressed displeasure at the fact that Russia recognized the undesirable activity of the American-Russian Foundation for Economic and Legal Development, which was created in 2006 year after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush .
From the message of the American Embassy:

We view this step by the Russian authorities as another planned attempt to further isolate Russians from the rest of the world. We are convinced that Russians, like people around the world, deserve to have an open market of ideas and the ability to exercise their rights without fear of punishment. We call on the government of the Russian Federation to fulfill its international obligations, while respecting freedom of opinion, peaceful assembly and association, and recognizing the rule of law.

Again, the States are saying something about Russia's international obligations ...

At the same time, Mr. Tefft’s office did not say a word that another fund with the participation of pro-American NPOs was recognized as an undesirable organization on the basis of a court decision, which is the triumph of the rule of law. Or Tefft does not agree ... Or do Russian courts have to fulfill those international obligations and recognize the rule of law, which are spelled out exclusively in American documents? ..

Against this background, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the US diplomatic mission in the Russian Federation is far from a static organization. Numerous meetings in the Urals, in Yaroslavl, a clear interest of representatives of the department to the Kamchatka region with its rich resources. And everywhere, you understand, by expressing concerns that Russia does not comply with something, it infringes on someone, sticks its nose, and so on and so forth ... Literally concern about preoccupation: Magnitsky, homosexuals and sectarians, funds, then "annexation and occupation" ...

And then, as the popular Internet meme says, the pattern gap is in Montenegro. In the capital of this 700-thousandth (in terms of population) of the country, several hundred people went to the rally to express words, to put it mildly, disapproval of the upcoming entry of Montenegro into NATO. The US Foreign Ministry reacted violently to the fact that in Podgorica, a rally of opponents of integration into the North Atlantic military bloc was held under the flags of Russia and Serbia. Russia was immediately accused of “destabilizing” the situation in the Balkans. For a second, Russia is accused of destabilizing the situation in the Balkans by a country whose bombers poured bombs and missiles on the cities of Yugoslavia ... as a basic human right, as stated by Ambassador Tefft in the Russian Federation in relation to the Jehovists.

St. George ribbons and T-shirts with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin could be seen at the rally in Podgorica. Protesters against integration into NATO organized a rally at which it was stated that NATO, led by the United States, was the main destroyer of the world order, recalling the collapse of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, Libya, and now, without the consent of the Syrian authorities, in Syria. The protesters and the NATO bombing of the Balkans also remembered, and the Montenegrins also became victims.

A video about the anti-NATO rally in Montenegro was published by the famous blogger Anatoly Shary on Youtube:

The authorities of Montenegro itself, which today are dancing under the American banjo, also announced that the rally was, you see, sponsored from Russia. And even if we admit this, is there really a clause in Montenegrin legislation prohibiting the financing of such speeches from abroad? Someone in Podgorica assures that there is. And if there is, then why did not those who organized rallies in support of NATO sponsored by the United States go to court?

10 December 2015, John Tefft (US Ambassador to Russia):

For many years, human rights have remained on the agenda of the world community, in particular, part of the dialogue between the United States and Russia. We hope that people in all countries of the world, including Russia, in the end will enjoy human rights in full.

And when will the observance of human rights be taken care of in the United States themselves? Or the syndrome of exclusivity with such concern comes into a clear contradiction, forcing to "take care" of Russia, Montenegro, Syria, etc., but keep quiet about the presence of a log of American maple in your own eye ...
Photos used:Анатолий Шарий
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  1. nomad
    nomad 15 December 2015 06: 56
    Well, right, all the channels for distributing "cookies" to our liberals were blocked, now they do not want to quarrel with us! Nobody just wants to hold a meeting for free!
    1. Stalevar
      Stalevar 15 December 2015 07: 04
      "Forced to remind Russia of the need to comply with international law."

      Brilliant, Incomprehensible !!! wassat
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 15 December 2015 07: 21
        The Americans are completely out of control over the "puddle" of their impunity! They want to allow themselves in Russia anything they like. No, really! They went to FIG!
        1. cniza
          cniza 15 December 2015 09: 14
          Quote: Tatiana
          The Americans are completely out of control over the "puddle" of their impunity! They want to allow themselves in Russia anything they like. No, really! They went to FIG!

          This is a clinic, a loss of reality and attitude, which is covered by arrogance and illiteracy.
        2. vovanpain
          vovanpain 15 December 2015 10: 31
          Quote: Zomanus
          how will our Foreign Ministry respond to this?

          And what we will answer, I would answer Mr. meatball to three funny letters on an erotic journey. A word for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
        3. Alexey1
          Alexey1 15 December 2015 13: 39
          EMPIRE OF LIES in her repertoire.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. cap
      cap 15 December 2015 10: 24
      Because the main sect of the United States with its impudent ideology, pornography, money, legal drug addiction soldier
      1. tolancop
        tolancop 15 December 2015 14: 46
        About 20 years ago I heard from an old "committee member": "... do you think why we chased all these sectarians ?! Because dig deeper into their sect, foreign ears will definitely come out !!! Always !!! There were no exceptions !! ! .... ".

        The people knew how to work then.
        1. tol100v
          tol100v 15 December 2015 22: 23
          Quote: tolancop
          ! Yes, because dig deeper into their sect, foreign ears will definitely come out !!! Is always!!! There were no exceptions !!! .... "

          And now even more so! All these Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other rascals are fed from the SGA! The printing press will endure everything and show what kind of heavenly life awaits the "lost"!
  2. Alex_on
    Alex_on 15 December 2015 07: 02
    Can this garbage from the US State Department at least not be printed here ?! We live in Russia in the end, and whoever thinks there is their personal grief!
    1. papuasimus
      papuasimus 15 December 2015 07: 25
      You need to print as a reminder that the enemy is everywhere. Be in good shape, so you will react faster so that you hang the cradle.
      1. Victor Demchenko
        Victor Demchenko 15 December 2015 15: 34
        Quote: papuasimus
        that would hang lyuley.

        so to plant! and so tady mister who is like the whole izvizytts ambassador, and even to the end! (to what end think of it yourself!) repeat
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 December 2015 07: 03
    However, all these "concerns" are nothing more than an encroachment on state immunity!
    Let yourself worry.
    Is our Foreign Ministry silent? And for this I think, to drive All merikatos sr. broom from Russia!
  4. Jarilo
    Jarilo 15 December 2015 07: 04
    The slogan of Taft should be - to support everything destructive in Russia.
    1. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 15 December 2015 15: 35
      Quote: Jarilo
      should be - to support everything destructive in Russia

      as far as I know his track record this is so.
  5. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 December 2015 07: 05
    Well, in general, the rules.
    America has expressed its concern.
    Let's see how our Foreign Ministry will respond to this.
    Personally, I would generally recognize NPO sects
    "Witnesses" and Scientologists.
    For the finance and leadership from the United States goes there.
  6. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 15 December 2015 07: 06
    The anniversary of the death of Sergei Magnitsky is a reminder of how much injustice costs people.
    Rather, a reminder of how friendship with amers might end.
    The United States would welcome Russia's accession to our efforts to ensure freedom of religion as one of our basic human rights.
    We urge the Russian government to fulfill its international obligations, respecting freedom of opinion, peaceful assembly and association, and recognizing the rule of law.
    We hope that people in all countries of the world, including Russia, in the end will have full human rights
    Go to **** with your pederastic rights.
    1. My address
      My address 15 December 2015 14: 34
      A good joke. Sorry, that is committed to this genre. Often jokes like the quintessence of facts or aspirations.

      Babama died. After N years he persuaded him to let him go to the ground, to see how America is doing. I wandered into a bar in Manhattan and talked to the bartender:
      - Pint of beer and sausage!
      - Please.
      - How are you? How are you?
      - Everything is great. No problem.
      - And our opponents do not interfere?
      - Well, what are our opponents! After all, we are an empire!
      - And problems with oil, gas, metals?
      - What do you mean! What problems! After all, we are an empire! All is ours! Except penguins all ours!
      - Phew! Well, how! And how much from me?
      - Rup twenty.
      1. tol100v
        tol100v 15 December 2015 22: 48
        Quote: My address
        Often jokes like the quintessence of facts or aspirations.

        Two polite little men are standing on the ruins of Washington. And one to the other: But we lost the information war ...
  7. 1536
    1536 15 December 2015 07: 07
    It seems that after the suppression of the rally on Constitution Day, we can say that only old people go to the "battle" (no offense to the characters of the old Soviet film). There is not enough money for young people, you cannot tear your loved ones away from yourself, and children have been abroad for a long time. What a continuity of revolutionary traditions here. As they were scoops, all these "oppositionists" and "dissidents" remained so.
    1. c3r
      c3r 16 December 2015 06: 15
      Before "scoops" they are like cancer to the United States. They are chepushils and waffles, and the scoop is a citizen of the Great country, which today's Russians have yet to become!
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 December 2015 07: 08
    to ensure freedom of religion as one of the basic human rights.

    As far as I know, although the headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses is located in Chicago, the activity of the sect itself in the United States is prohibited. There is a good saying in Russia - they don’t climb into a strange monastery with their own charter. And the USA in all areas of life and politics is constantly trying to impose its charter in sovereign countries.
    1. Kyustenkats
      Kyustenkats 15 December 2015 15: 57
      if you are right, then on the contrary it is necessary to support Jehovah's Witnesses in America. let them continue to try to instill peaceful values ​​in the Americans. wink
  9. Good cat
    Good cat 15 December 2015 07: 15
    They simply use the slightest excuse to bawl at Russia, they are paid money for it, I think that we do not need to inform us about every nonsense that these "gentlemen" come up with.
  10. oblako
    oblako 15 December 2015 07: 16
    For a minute, there are quite a few complaints and concerns to Mr. Tefft and the state that he represents, only they ignore them and consider them Kremlin propaganda. For some reason, it seems to me that even commenting on their concerns and claims is a great honor. It is necessary to proceed from one provision that the law writes strong, but it monitors its observance. It is necessary to become stronger, then there will be much less complaints with concerns ...
  11. parusnik
    parusnik 15 December 2015 07: 29
    Against the background of the State Department’s statement on “Russia's reminder of international law”... Well, to whom, to whom, and not to the State Department, to remind about international law ... The Phishington politicians violate it everywhere and constantly ...
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 15 December 2015 23: 00
      Quote: parusnik
      , and not the State Department about international law to remind ... Phishington politicians violate it everywhere and constantly ...

      The State Department most likely does not even know such a thing as the LAW! After all, the SGA is a newly-formed misunderstanding of criminals and other dishonesty, expressing its exclusivity and irreplaceability. However, one historical person said: - There are NO irreplaceable people! Let them think about it!
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 15 December 2015 07: 46
    the answer for the Yankees: "whose cow would bellow, and yours would be silent ..."
    1. c3r
      c3r 16 December 2015 06: 18
      ... sticking his finger in ..opu!
  13. wandlitz
    wandlitz 15 December 2015 07: 47
    Do not read the Bible in Fashington. Do not know about the phrase "How can you say to your brother, Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye, when you yourself do not see the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see how to remove the speck from your brother's eye."
  14. Nitarius
    Nitarius 15 December 2015 08: 09
    This gentleman .... it’s time to take care of your soul! They give him absenteeism in that LIGHT!
  15. Violamuza
    Violamuza 15 December 2015 08: 09
    Tefft, when he talks about human rights, does not lie and does not make mistakes. Simply by people in such speeches, they mean themselves and their environment. The rest - others, which are not in their notebooks, simply do not belong to people. This is the so-called "electorate" of third countries. ...
  16. Gardamir
    Gardamir 15 December 2015 08: 16
    Actually, this concern is an attempt to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. And then with such a rampant liberalism. soon they will begin to demand that we respect the rights of cannibals.
  17. press officer
    press officer 15 December 2015 08: 33
    Here I look sometimes from nothing to do all sorts of cable channels .. repeat and stumbled upon a program that shows the life of American and English gypsies! And after all, what is strange is that any resident there (not Gypsies) can easily call the police if he does not like what is going on at the Gypsies at the moment. belay And there was such an example (this is a reality show), a gypsy engagement, they hardly removed a restaurant, because almost all restaurants refused them as soon as they found out that they were gypsies (and there they were all very decent gypsies and not very poor), they began to celebrate for 7-8 hours, neighbors living next to the restaurant, they simply called the police that they supposedly tired of the noise. All. The police arrived, took all the men and the holiday was covered. negative The gypsies said so that they were not given to them all the time, had no fun, nor work, and all the time they violated their rights. recourse
    Why am I telling this: but to the fact that Ambassador Tefft would not be an ambassador to hell, a forest? yes They violate in general all the rights of their citizens, and if a person is also of another race or affiliation, they are not given any rights at all! negative So what is this fat pig trying to grunt us ?! am I am silent about their veterans (cannon fought for their mattress!) - they are generally deprived of everything and even have no housing and live on the street, not to mention benefits and medical assistance! negative In any film, everything is perfectly told and shown about it! No. AMBASSADOR YOU! am
  18. Sanya Rus
    Sanya Rus 15 December 2015 08: 34
    everything is clear, a country that constantly violates the norms of international law, is trying to learn Russia, the country which is the first in the world to protect these norms))))
    1. Altona
      Altona 15 December 2015 14: 21
      Quote: Sanya Rus
      everything is clear, a country that constantly violates the norms of international law, is trying to learn Russia, the country which is the first in the world to protect these norms))))

      Article 55

      Respect for the laws and regulations of the host state

      1. All persons enjoying privileges and immunities are required, without prejudice to their privileges and immunities, to respect the laws and regulations of the host state
      . They are also obliged not to interfere in the internal affairs of this state.
      Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Place of Admission Vienna, Austria. Adopted 1963
  19. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 15 December 2015 08: 44
    This statement could be pulled for a prize in the nomination “You can’t imagine it on purpose”, if only because it was made by a representative of a state in which the term “international law” is defiantly ignored and even missing, as they say, on the legal horizon. In other words, a state in which non-compliance with international law is encouraged by domestic law declares attempts to instill respect for this kind of law in other states. This is not even hypocrisy and its highest degree. This is something that cannot be adequately defined.
    So let not Volodin Aleksey, but K. Lavrov and other officials will read these comments to the entire planet loudly and clearly, and then they will carve them on the walls of the UN.
  20. Shark Lover
    Shark Lover 15 December 2015 08: 48
    Buggers infringe on the rights of women !!!! Same-sex marriages destroy family ties, bearded mmm .. damn, "women" - a mockery of the traditions of Muslims and much more. Migrants - what are you yapping about?
  21. Tai
    Tai 15 December 2015 09: 25
    Once again I am convinced that being largely right, we lose the information war outright! We need more people like Masha Zakharova, and so that their words are constantly heard all over the world from every iron and refrigerator!
  22. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 15 December 2015 09: 27
    The anniversary of the death of Sergei Magnitsky is a reminder of how much injustice costs people.

    And what does American-style justice cost to Russian citizens, for example, regarding Viktor Bout, a Russian entrepreneur who was sentenced in 2012 in the United States to 25 years in prison under Contrived the charge ??? angry
    Whose "_" mooed ...
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 15 December 2015 18: 33
      By the way, you are right. Both the "case" of Booth and the "case" of the pilot Yaroshenko are called provocation to the commission of a crime throughout the civilized world. The Yankees secret services, disguised as revolutionaries and smugglers, provoked Bout and Yaroshenko. I am silent about the moral side. From the legal point of view, the evidence was not obtained legally. They themselves should be judged for such "setup".
  23. Lelek
    Lelek 15 December 2015 09: 42
    (We hope that people in all countries of the world, including Russia, in the end will have full human rights.)

    Teach your spiders, Mr. Twister, and do not climb into your garden with your rake. bully
  24. tomcat117
    tomcat117 15 December 2015 09: 50
    Amerikosov has always been concerned about the state of rights of all minorities such as moral monsters, "traitor-patriots", sexots of various stripes and calibers, etc. where the rights of the ugly minority always prevail over the rights of the normal majority.
    America in its current form, this is the creature of the devil and her affairs are similar.
    Where America is, there is war, devastation, strife, chaos, mess, looting, bribery and betrayal of the interests of their countries and peoples.
    America is a disease, while incurable, infecting many states, interstate and human relations.
    The worst thing is that there is nobody and nothing to treat this disease. Even with its collapse, metastases are everywhere and the ugly mutant state can arise in any convenient place for him.
  25. 15 December 2015 09: 50
    Human rights in the American way are somehow depressing ... Well, I don't want to join the homosexual community. I am "lesbian" - I like women !!!
  26. Senior manager
    Senior manager 15 December 2015 09: 52
    Is it really impossible for the clairvoyant-exclusive Teft to reveal illegal actions? If there is action, then there must be a violation. Our lawmakers are able to create laws with a broad interpretation. All the same, we must find the norm and restrain the amazingly exceptional preoccupied.
  27. morpogr
    morpogr 15 December 2015 09: 59
    A country where people are powerless if there is no money, where police arbitrariness, and the indigenous population lives on reserves, by definition, by definition, should bury its mouth and not bark. angry
  28. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 15 December 2015 10: 02
    This ambassador’s concern should be understood as a desire to damon Russia. It is easier to praise oneself by having outrun others before.
    The ambassador should especially remember about the violation of the rights of the indigenous population --- Indians. In the past, present.
  29. aleks.29ru
    aleks.29ru 15 December 2015 10: 15
    The dog barks — the wind wears. Ignore and respond in the same vein.
  30. Amurets
    Amurets 15 December 2015 10: 55
    Send him to the place where the American Makar didn’t drive his buffalo. It’s good that the skunk didn’t beat him, otherwise it would have stinked all over Russia.
  31. Belousov
    Belousov 15 December 2015 11: 35
    It is necessary to publish this, it is absolutely necessary. so as not to forget about the presence of a wolf in sheep's clothing. The question is different. And what does our ambassador in Washington do? Why don't we hear him? What are the failures in diplomacy again? Or should we have the whole Foreign Ministry on Lavrov-Churkin-Zakharova? The rest, where and what are they doing?
  32. Gardamir
    Gardamir 15 December 2015 11: 41
    Speaking of minorities, how are the Indians in the United States?
    1. bandabas
      bandabas 15 December 2015 17: 58
      The answer to the State Department is "You will answer us ... for the Indians!"
  33. Yuriy Nikolayevich
    Yuriy Nikolayevich 15 December 2015 11: 49
    Drive him with a pissed broom from Russia.
    Horseradish teacher ...
  34. kos2910
    kos2910 15 December 2015 12: 01
    I don’t care, our Foreign Ministry also constantly publishes a white paper on human rights violations in the USA, we just need to constantly talk about it on RT
  35. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 15 December 2015 12: 31
    Freedom of religion is a noble appeal. Only sectarianism does not hide here in any way. They trick people into thinking that they then tear off the attic! Deny without any illusions. Then all these parades of someone there .. the west has gone crazy and offers us to behave tolerantly. Only one moment. For some reason, in the same West, rallies against joining NATO, rallies in support of Russia, rallies against the current authorities are immediately dispersed, and there are a lot of them. Well, where is their freedom then? Confused in their democracy, but others must climb with moralizing!
  36. Taygerus
    Taygerus 15 December 2015 12: 36
    I can’t rzhu, over these democratizers, let Omeryge give rights to people at first laughing
  37. Altona
    Altona 15 December 2015 14: 14
    but keep quiet about the presence of logs from american maple in my own eye ...
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
    Intentionally introduced to Europe in the 1796th century. In Russia (St. Petersburg, the Imperial Botanical Garden, also Moscow) has been growing since 1920. In the XNUMXth century, it was possible to breed ash-leaved maple from seeds obtained from Canada. Already in the XNUMXs, its self-seeding began to be observed in natural conditions.

    At present, ash-leaved maple in Russia is a dangerous invasive species, a naturalized introduced species. Widespread, emerged from parks and infiltrated indigenous vegetation. It poses a threat to biological diversity. One of the most aggressive woody weeds in the forest zone of Eurasia.

    Kenofit, ergaziofigofit / xenophyt, agriofit, weedy-forest-forest, mesophyte. It is found everywhere in urban areas, forms thickets on fallow lands, forest edges, oak groves. In the floodplains of small rivers and small lakes it acts as a dominant in the tree-shrub layer [3].

    In floodplain forests, the renewal of willows and poplars completely stops. It has strong allelopathic properties (physiologically active substances of leaf litter - colins - act as growth inhibitors of competing plants) [4].

    In urban and other cultural conditions - malicious woody weed [5]. The pollen of male specimens of ash maple is a strong allergen, during spring bloom (in central Russia in late April - early May), the wind carries it over long distances, and its presence in the air causes pollinosis in people (a disease called "hay fever") [6]. According to the research of O. V. Chemarina, it is a carcinogen [7]. Leaves, when rubbed, emit an unpleasant odor [8].link from Wikipedia

    The plant itself is an aggressive woody weed like a lot of American, which has moved to Europe (Colorado potato beetle, Coca-Cola, American democracy) ...
  38. kos2cool4u
    kos2cool4u 15 December 2015 15: 24
    Quote: My address
    - Phew! Well, how! And how much from me?
    - Rup twenty.

    brilliant))) I applaud while standing))))
  39. kursk87
    kursk87 15 December 2015 15: 48
    US politicians are obvious scumbags. And these bastards still teach us something. Why mattresses did not remember human rights when they killed the civilian population of Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, and now thanks to the states, the people of Syria are being terrorized. Wherever the United States appears, they everywhere bring death, ruin, chaos. This truly diabolical country, whose bloody tentacles have spread throughout the earth
  40. trantor
    trantor 15 December 2015 16: 52
    We hope that people in all countries of the world, including Russia, in the end will have full human rights.

    It depends on what is meant by a person. But the impression I have had throughout my life is that the meaning in this concept is that we and they put different meanings.
  41. potalevl
    potalevl 15 December 2015 17: 39
    US politicians are mentally disabled people. Only such can afford to hand over the state machine for printing money into the hands of a handful of Jewish crooks, in order to then take this money on credit at interest. Only such people can lay in the country's annual budget an item of expenses for providing financial assistance to the Jewish state, which for this assistance acquires debt obligations of the giver and returns this money to itself, but with interest. The smart Jewish guys at the Fed have made every country in the world indebted except for one. Guess which one? That's right - Israel. This state is not only not the Fed's debtor, but also lends to financial institutions such as the IMF and the IBRD. Yes, don't be surprised. Apparently, some representatives of the "God's chosen" people have the task of cultivating mentally defective US politicians in order to pull them by the strings to stir up the situation on the globe. It's easier to fish in troubled waters. Something like this.
  42. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 15 December 2015 17: 49
    And they could live!
    "Feline" spitting in each other's face cannot end in peace and someone will have to wipe their parched nose.
    Russia was lucky - our President, as he himself said, firmly adopted the rule of Leningrad streets - if a fight is inevitable, beat first!
  43. The comment was deleted.
  44. python2a
    python2a 15 December 2015 18: 14
    Good article!
  45. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 15 December 2015 18: 24
    These have some kind of unhealthy sexual concern about sovereign countries.
  46. fif21
    fif21 15 December 2015 20: 52
    Let your girl meatballs teach how to live! And then he grew fat with his concern. I ate all the liver from Nuland, but no results.
  47. PValery53
    PValery53 15 December 2015 21: 06
    What is it that turns out? - Instead of fulfilling its mission (to improve interstate relations between the USA and Russia), the American ambassador to Russia is engaged in subversive activities, intervening in the internal affairs of Russia ?! - First, to oblige the city (police officer) to send the offending post to the nearest lane and pour 5 warning lashes to him. Because, with the continuation of his SUCH activity, he will have a sad near future.
  48. mmmsoc
    mmmsoc 15 December 2015 22: 29
    As in Gazmamanov's song: "I was born in the USSR" (1965), and therefore I consider anyone who glorifies the Yusovites as the ideal of democracy - a traitor (Gorbachev, Yeltsin), and other libesdrals. This means: If you want to be proud, stand up for yourself, if you want to be under Yusov, then you have not brought up that way. If someone is literate, then Yusovs themselves called themselves AMERICANS, but this is a geographical concept, not an ethnos or a nation (who does not know, then on The continent of North America also has all sorts of Canada, Mexico, etc.) But the Yusovites left the right to be called Americans only to themselves. For me they are enemies, tk. I do not want to live under the dictation of the country of homosexuals.
  49. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 15 December 2015 22: 31
    1. They pulled the deceased Magnitsky out of naphthalene. Oh well. How are you doing with the culprit of all this celebration, Mr. Browder, deeply respected by all of us and Gazprom in particular, I’m sure that with the mention of the name Magnitsky, Brawder went through the nose and he bought a ticket to the Arctic.
    2. Are sects offended ???
    3.Noshnikov shaking ???
    What what?
  50. Kudiyar
    Kudiyar 16 December 2015 00: 33
    I wonder why our Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not indicate to our "partners" about their shoals?
    1. ILIA
      ILIA 16 December 2015 02: 19
      Probably tired ...)))