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Flare gun "Phantom"

Nowadays, Austrian Glock pistols can already be safely attributed to the legendary firearms models. weapons. But by virtue of the current weapons laws of some countries, including the Russian Federation, these pistols are not available to civilian users. Traumatic and signal replicas of this weapon are ready to help. In Russia, similar products are offered to consumers by RossImportOruzhie, these are the Phantom-T (traumatic) and Phantom models of the 5,6 / 16 caliber (signal), for the acquisition of which a license is not required.

RossImportOruzhie Company is gradually expanding its range of signal weapon models, opening up a completely new segment for Russian consumers - signal pistols and revolvers, which are made identical to the popular models of foreign short-barreled weapons. In September, the company introduced the signal revolver TAURUS-S. 5 cartridges for this revolver were combined into a star sprocket and charged into the drum at the same time. To preserve the authenticity of this model, for the signal version of the revolver special cartridges were created that simulate the bottom part of the pistol cartridge. In each cartridge were installed capsules type Zhevelo. Using this capsule in conjunction with cartridges allows you to buy such a signal weapon without a license, since the caliber of the weapon is smaller than 6 mm.

According to Article 3 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Arms”, one of the types of civilian weapons in our country is a signal weapon. Based on the name, this weapon is designed to give signals - light (flare or fireworks) or sound (sound of a shot). The most popular on the market uses a signal weapon in the form of short-barreled - revolvers and pistols. In many ways, such models are similar to their combat counterparts, and the main distinguishing features of the signal weapons are the material of manufacture (usually a zinc alloy) and the possibility of a shot only a noise (idle) cartridge. At the same time, just like combat revolvers and pistols, such a weapon has its own caliber. In accordance with Russian laws, signal guns up to 6 mm are acquired by Russian citizens without a license. Therefore, becoming the owner of such weapons is quite simple, the only restriction is that the buyer must be older than 18 years.

Flare gun "Phantom", photo

The second novelty of the company, which will be discussed, was the flare gun 5,6 / 16, which looks very similar to the Austrian Glock-19 pistol and was created on the basis of the traumatic analogue "Fantom-T", which was produced in 10 XXNXXT calibers, 22 X11T or 22 mm PA. This gun, like its base model, was produced by the Turkish company Target Technologies, which is well known in the non-European continent for its models, similar to Glock pistols. The indisputable advantages of signal and traumatic pistols, many attributed to their appearance, which repeats the famous Austrian pistol. At the same time, the pistol was easily understood and assembled, and the order of assembly and disassembly of weapons was the same as that of the original Austrian Glock. In the Russian market, it seems, both the Turkish assembly model and the local one, Kurs-S enterprise from Sarapul, specializing in the production of traumatic and signal weapons, were available.

Despite the strong external similarity with the present Austrian pistol Glock-19, its signal version has another internal device. In particular, the simplest principle of a free gate is applied in its automation. The gun is constantly ready to fire. It lacks a fuse and uses a double action trigger mechanism with a hidden trigger, which facilitates the production of the first shot and provides security for the shooter if there is a cartridge in the chamber, the official website of RossImportOrgiya reports. The frame of the signal pistol was made of impact-resistant polymeric material, and the metal parts were made of TsAM alloy (zinc antifriction alloys). Only the most important structural elements were made of steel, which include the barrel liner, the body of the store and a number of parts USM. At the same time, the shops of the signal "Phantom" are compatible with the shops of the traumatic pistol. A number of accessories for the original Glock Austrian pistols (for example, the holster) is quite suitable for the signal pistol.

An unusual feature of the pistol was used ammunition caliber 5.6 / 16 (alternative designation 22NC). The cartridges of this caliber, used with the “Phantom” pistol, are produced by the construction company Hilti Corporation for their own gunpowder assembly guns, which are intended for plugging dowels in dense materials (brick, concrete, metal). At the same time, the HILTI 22 NC annular ignition cartridge of the 5,6 / 16 caliber is very similar to the blank cartridges intended for small arms, but changes were made to its design that do not allow it to be reworked into a combat cartridge.

Flare gun "Phantom", photo

The advantages of such a mounting cartridge are called a louder sound when fired in comparison with the traditional for signal pistols cartridges with capsules "Zhevelo", as well as a low price (about 3,1 rubles per piece). To facilitate the process of reworking a traumatic gun for a cartridge of a smaller caliber, the designers decided to place the cartridge in a special plastic cartridge that can be reused. According to representatives of the trading company RossImportOruzhie, it allows for fourfold use. In addition, the cartridge enhances the sound effect of a shot from a signal pistol.

In modern realities, signal revolvers and pistols are bought by lovers of weapons for collections, since the acquisition and possession of such weapons do not require them to obtain a license. However, many use signal guns as intended. For example, with their help, you can safely and simply train a beginner in weapon handling skills. A shot from a signal pistol or revolver can attract the attention of others, for example, if you get lost in the forest or effectively scare away a pack of dogs. During sporting events with such weapons you can start the start of the competition. In addition, the type of such weapon, which is apparently identical to the combat models, and the sound of its shot can help prevent illegal actions against you or help to protect third parties from them. However, in such situations, you need to act as carefully as possible, assessing the possible risks, because your weapon is not even traumatic.

Overall dimensions of the gun "Phantom" (length / height / width) - 201x135x32 mm, weight - 850 grams. RossImportOruzhie company sold similar signal pistols at a price approximately equal to 315 euros.

Flare gun "Phantom", photo

Information sources: (РоссИмпортОружие)
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  1. La-5
    La-5 15 December 2015 09: 59
    Now the Hammer has begun to produce cooled PM, TT and PY, except for the iced rifles and assault rifles, under a blank cartridge that do not require a purchase permit. Therefore, the warning lights under the Hilti cartridge and under the Zhevelo capsules will soon disappear from the market. their characteristics are very low compared to the enriched samples.
    1. MrFYGY
      MrFYGY 15 December 2015 11: 05
      I agree why you need a toy that does not even repeat the work of automation. Unless of course the price is appropriate.
  2. gross kaput
    gross kaput 15 December 2015 11: 21
    The author of the topic was not mistaken? What do signaling devices have to do with weapons other than appearance?
    I’ll give him an idea - in addition to signaling devices, there is also airsoft and pneumatics that look similar to military weapons as well - this is an unplowed field for him, only reviews about them should be posted on specialized resources and not here.
  3. Vlad_N
    Vlad_N 15 December 2015 12: 15
    "In addition, the appearance of such weapons, which are outwardly identical to combat models, and the sound of their firing can help to stop illegal actions against you or help protect third parties from them." And increase the likelihood of getting a bullet in the head. Even rubber.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Hubun
    Hubun 15 December 2015 12: 57
    yes, it looks like a toy. I have a TT and Nagan signal, it is clear that the weapon. Still in Nagan's drum some imitation of a cartridge to realize
  5. Massik
    Massik 15 December 2015 14: 17
    The signal short-barrel is slipping through us, and the smooth-barrel and civil rifled are sent to military materials and to the forum. Your affairs are wonderful ...
  6. puffnutiy
    puffnutiy 15 December 2015 18: 31
    Do I understand correctly that this type of product refers specifically to signal weapons? Not so long ago, our weapons factories began to convert military samples of antique weapons (instead of sawing them into metal, freeing up warehouses) into blank weapons. Such weapons, in addition to history buffs, are bought by people engaged in military-historical reconstruction. Before that, idle weapons were in the hands of the reenactors either illegally / semi-legally or were rented from the Mosfilm and Lenfilm film studios.
    Why make such crafts, copies of real weapons? The only answer that comes to mind is for use in military-patriotic games like Zarnitsa.
  7. gladcu2
    gladcu2 15 December 2015 19: 48
    Now I’ll make someone a borsch.

    This is an advertising article for lovers of the collection of weapons in countries with strong restrictions on the collection of real.

    As a person deeply imbued with the situation. I will give some practical advice.

    Collect aerosoft-class weapons under a 6 mm plastic bullet, functioning from 12 g. Of a CO2 canister built into the weapons store.


    This class of weapon, legal, an exact copy, including by weight. It functions with a shutter rollback, with a tangible recoil and even "smoke" from a shot. Higher reliability than battery analogies. Consumables are cheaper. Cheaper than batteries.
    You can go shoot at the cottage, you can enroll in the Aerostrike clan.

    The presence of such weapons on the market is huge.

    Buying blank versions, versions for a 4.5 mm metal ball, electric versions are not reasonable. Tested in my own skin. From which I warn.

    PS Upgrade, maintainability, reliability with CO2 weapons, 12g. Higher than all alternatives.
  8. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 15 December 2015 22: 13
    Yes, it’s better to take an exam for injuries and get a license, and then permission to store / carry.
    I have MP 80 13t. 45 cal Applied to people, thank God did not have to, but since the dogs scared off at a construction base in the evening. Three shots in front of them and fountains of sand from falling 13 mm. balls + sound and flame.
    On the Internet, a bunch of videos for and against injuries. Believe me, if we were allowed to have short-barreled short-range self-defense weapons, then all injury owners would not take traumatic pistols, but would buy full-fledged pistols / revolvers.
    A friend has a signal pistol (it looks like a glock (he was too lazy to get permission for a rubber arrow)), although there is a signal one, but a mortar goes to him in the kit for launching missiles. Once, in the shooting range, for the sake of laughter, he fired from the mortar screwed on the signal on the target, there was a strong howl and a crash + a rocket hit the target and the floor of the target burned for 3 minutes while the fire extinguisher was carried.
    In the closet I also have Saigu 030 12 cal., Shot only at the dash several times (without fail). I have not been hunting yet. But it is for the soul.
    What am I writing all this for? Signaling lights can buy any scumbags, screw up the mortars and burn people or something else. This is alarming. Any effect from firing not with a mortar rocket, but simply with blanks from a signaling device, impressions will only affect a teenager who never held pistols in his hands.
  9. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 16 December 2015 11: 41
    In my opinion, it’s dangerous to sell traumatic
    weapons that are externally a copy of the present.
    They must be very different in appearance, since
    they have different tasks: one to kill, the other to
    don't kill.
    1. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 16 December 2015 18: 57
      The similarity with military weapons is dangerous only for the owner of such weapons - it is easy to get an answer from a military or hunting one with predictable consequences. But the great danger lies elsewhere - it is easy to kill a person from such weapons. Even my traumatic version of PSM, which is by no means the most powerful of the OOPs sold by us, breaks 3 mm thick plywood from 4-10 meters, that is, if it gets into the head or neck, it can be fatal. The whole difference between such a weapon and a rifled short-barrel is only in the range of its action.
  10. gladcu2
    gladcu2 17 December 2015 21: 26
    If the carrying of weapons is permitted, then the carrying must be demonstratively open.
  11. lexx2038
    lexx2038 18 December 2015 05: 11
    Oh, rubber women!
  12. Kozliu
    Kozliu 7 July 2016 23: 02
    disarm, cam extension