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Regiment son Nikolay Morozov

I “met” Nikolai Alekseevich Morozov through the work of a third-grader of the school of the village of Terbuna Nastya Popova. Read - and immediately realized that I wanted to know more about this person. The son of the regiment, who fled to the war on the armored train "For the Motherland!" Brave guy, even a boy, who, contrary to the decision of adult soldiers, did not want to be a projectionist, but was eager to fight. The young fighter who, lying in bed in the hospital, caught up with his unit already at Stalingrad ...

I glanced at the “People's feat” site - and found several full namesakes of Nikolai Alekseevich at once. Fearing to be mistaken (then I did not know the date of birth of Morozov and the military registration and enlistment office that called him), put aside this thought for now. Appealed to Nastya and her mother. And when I learned everything that is known to them, I realized that the material will turn out not only about Nikolai Morozov. But also about his wife Nina Gerasimovna.

So, the thirteen-year-old boy Kolya Morozov, a native of the village of Terbuny, in 1940, boldly went to Moscow to try his luck. Good boy, not afraid of any difficult time (and when was it easy, then?), Nor the upcoming complete independence (not all life for the hand with parents to walk!). He left - and entered the vocational school. True, in order for fate to smile at him, I had to deceive her a little. At the exam, without lowering his eyes and not even blushing, the boy lied to the teacher that he was fourteen years old. So I began to learn ...

Here, in Moscow, it was a great misfortune for our whole country. Knowing that every pair of hands was on the bill, Kolya began working at the plant. Industry quickly rebuilt on a war footing. Here and the boy on a par with adults participated in the preparation of the armored train. This train was called “For the Motherland!”. But to work in the rear, apparently, it was still Kolya not to his liking, not by nature. He wanted not to prepare the train “For the Motherland!”, But to fight for his fatherland himself. Years, of course, are not enough, but after all, age is not determined by the days lived, but by lessons learned and experience gained. Add to this a warm heart and boyish fervor - and you can easily guess that Kolya escaped to the war on this very armored train. As part of the fifth division, he arrived at the Bryansk Front.

Regiment son Nikolay Morozov

But the battles were so fierce that almost the entire division was defeated. Only three survived: the engineer, the gunner and Kolya. They were transferred to the guards division of General Russiyanov. Yes, only in the fight no one here wanted to take the boy. He could not have been a soldier in his own years, even if they were added a little on admission.

But the great thing is luck! Apparently, noticing and appreciating the efforts and courage of the boy, fate decided to give him a trump card. Just imagine: on how many fronts our fighters fought, from which distant villages and lines they sent letters home. A division Rusiyanova led military operations ... in the territory of their native Terbunov. The boy was not afraid to go to the general himself and proved that he can be an extremely useful guide and scout. After all, he grew up here, he knows not only every house - a tree! And that Kolya is actually only thirteen - so what, who will find out about that? After all, the days are not past age is measured ...

Russiyanov allowed the teenager to remain in the reconnaissance company of the Voronezh Volunteer Communist Regiment as part of the 13 Army.

Here is a small historical certificate of the combat path of this regiment.

The regiment was included in the 1 Infantry Division, which since 21 in September 1941, participated in the counter-attack of the anti-riot group Guderian. Part of the division on the move joined the battle with the Nazis on the river Sula. And the Voronezh volunteer regiment received its baptism of battle in the battles near the village of Lipovaya Dolina and the village of Sakunykha. Later, the division led defensive battles in the Belgorod area, including in the environment. 27 November The 1941 division relocated to the Volokonovka area, and then redeployed to the Terbunov area by rail. She participated in the defeat of the enemy grouping in the Yelets area. In total, over the 28 days of the December 1941 battles of the year, the division fought more than 160 kilometers ...

So, Kolya became the son of the regiment. But adults - people are still intractable: they allowed him to allow, but Kohl was not sent to the regiment in intelligence, but only asked about everything related to the area. He was also identified in the division club as a projectionist. So until September 94, Nikolai turned the movie for the Red Army, visiting parts that are at the forefront. Well he remembered the day when Lydia Ruslanova herself came to their division. What an inspiration! ..

However, it was not for this that Nikolay Morozov rushed off to the armored train “For the Motherland!” In order to show films to other fighters. He himself wanted to be a fighter. And I got the same permission! True, again, fate had to be deceived. Secretly, without the knowledge and consent of his superiors, the boy directly addressed Russiyanov.

Identified him in reconnaissance, in the company, commanded by Lieutenant Zooma. Soldier Morozov began to receive tasks. Several times he made his way to the rear of the Germans in the villages of Naberezhnoe, Vasilyevka. And once Nicholas and another boy were sent to Kastornoye. Here they were detained by the Nazis, before finding out the circumstances put in a cellar. How long they were there - is unknown, the scouts lost track of time. But suddenly they hear: like the horse began to scream and the Russian language ... Ours! We took the village! Started screaming. They were heard, the door to the cellar opened - and there a Russian officer on a horse smiles. It was Kolya Nikolai Egorovich Plekhanov.

So he went to the exploration of Nikolai. He helped fighters, drove ammunition. Blew up on a mine, got into the hospital. Could, having recovered, go back home. But caught up with his already at Stalingrad! He was wounded again, already by a bomb fragment. And when he got treatment at the hospital, the command sent the boy to the military registration and enlistment office — to register with the military before the youth of his age were drafted. Nikolay was indignant: he is an experienced fighter, he didn’t smell powder in the battlefield, but in the military registration and enlistment office, wait for the call! But the order is an order. Though not in days, age is measured, but still ...

On the military service Nicholas was taken only when the war ended. For five long years he served in Morflot. Returned home and began to work .... projectionist. I must say, in those years, Nikolai happened to break the rules of movie renting a bit. Therefore, he always missed one viewer, the girl Nina Mikhailova, without a ticket. And here - a small digression.

Nina was Nicholas's fellow villager. And the share of it, too, fell hard. When the Nazis began to approach the area, evacuation began. The Mikhailov family was large — parents and eleven children, Ninochka, the youngest. True, on the eve of the war, only seven children remained in Terbuny: the older ones became adults and left for the country. The rest went to the front, at the beginning of the war only mother, Nina and her sister Anya were at home.

... Winter 1943 of the year. Mikhailov evacuated in Dolgorukovo. We lived together with another evacuated family - Kalashenko, in the village "Combine". Frost is terrible, hard and hungry. But that winter, the girls most of all remembered not the need, but the captured Germans, who were once brought to the station. Turned blue from the cold, wrapped in some kind of rags and previously loosened by women’s handkerchiefs, they looked like cabbages forgotten in garden beds. But not so long ago these “heads” considered themselves masters ...

In the spring, the family returned home. Only there was no house - he was dismantled in logs for dugouts. They began to look for buried property: felt boots, clothes, crackers in barrels ... But what to look for it - in-it holes on the ground, nothing left. Whether dug, or shells exploded, land on the bull's-eye.
But this grief was not exhausted. The funeral came to the father, Gerasim Konstantinovich ...

And again Mikhailov and Kalashenko began to live together, only now mother, Nina and Anya were guests. True, Kalashenko’s house was small, they could not accommodate an orphaned family, only in the kitchenette. But it was a great good.

Slowly, the logs of the disassembled house from the dugout came back, turning into walls. A new old house was being built - just like our new old country was built after the war ...

And now let's step a few years ahead. Nikolay Morozov and Nina Mikhailova got married, a new family was born. Nikolai Alekseevich went to work at the police station, then became the head of the passport office, and later - a state traffic police officer. To the military medals "For the Defense of Stalingrad" were added awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Nikolai Alekseevich very early died - in the 1877 year, when he was only half a century old. And the house on Pervomaiskaya Street, which he himself had once rebuilt, now lives with Nina Gerasimovna with her granddaughter.

There is no name “Nikolay Morozov Morozov’s son” on the “People’s Feat” website. After all, the military enlistment office did not call the boys to war. He left - by order of conscience.
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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 17 December 2015 06: 36
    thank!!! Soulful Article !!!!
  2. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 17 December 2015 07: 40
    Thank you very much for the story. And also for the fact that you carry out such an important work with children.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 17 December 2015 07: 52
    There were many such sons ... Thank you, Sophia ..
    Nikolai Alekseevich very early passed away - in 1877, this is a typo
    1. Sofia
      17 December 2015 08: 10
      Yes, of course, a typo in 1977. Thank!
      1. Serg koma
        Serg koma 17 December 2015 14: 20
        "So until September 94, Nikolai played films for the Red Army soldiers,"
        "And Rusiyanov's division was fighting ..." (Ivan Nikitich Russiyanov),
        "in the counterattack of the anti-Romanian group",
        "A house on Pervomayskaya street"
        Please, tell me, where did you get information about the company commander, Lieutenant Zoom (Zoom)?
  4. Sofia
    17 December 2015 17: 32
    All materials are provided by relatives of Morozov. In particular, his wife.
    1. Serg koma
      Serg koma 17 December 2015 21: 38
      Thank you very much. hi
  5. moskowit
    moskowit 17 December 2015 17: 45
    Each work on highlighting the exploits and perpetuating the memory of the participants in the Great War is worthy and causes deep respect for people who find the time and energy to spend it. Thank you so much. Such articles do their good work, prompting readers to conduct their research in their own families among their relatives. hi
  6. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 17 December 2015 19: 18
    It has already become obligatory for me to start my day by reading Sophia's story. In the morning I wake up and think: “how are they?” For me, this other life is not in the past, it is somewhere. But we are not available.
    These are Sophia’s articles. Now I read a little, but these works always.
    1. Sofia
      17 December 2015 19: 28
      Dmitry, thank you so much !!