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Launch of the Sineva ICBM from the Barents Sea (Video)

On Saturday, a successful launch of the Sinev ballistic missile was launched from the submarine submarine cruiser Verkhoturye, reports RIA News message of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Launch of the Sineva ICBM from the Barents Sea (Video)

The launch was made from the waters of the Barents Sea from a submerged position.

"On December 1th, the crew of Captain XNUMXst Rank Dmitry Zelikov on a strategic missile submarine cruiser North fleet Verkhoturye successfully launched the Sineva intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from a designated area in the Barents Sea along the Kura test site in Kamchatka, ”the release said.

“The parameters of the flight trajectory of the Sinev ICBM were developed in a regular mode. According to confirmed data of objective control, the missile warheads successfully arrived in a given area of ​​the Kura battlefield on the Kamchatka Peninsula, ”the press service noted.

It is reported that "the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile" Sineva "was carried out within the framework of testing the reliability of the naval system of strategic nuclear deterrence."

Help Agency: "Strategic missile submarine" Verkhoturie "- a modernized ship project 667BDRM" Dolphin ". It was built at the shipbuilding plant "Sevmash" in Severodvinsk and in 2012 there was a deep modernization there. Currently, the ships of this project, armed with the Sinev intercontinental missiles, form the basis of the naval nuclear deterrence forces of the Russian Navy. ”
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TASS, Lev Fedoseev
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 13 December 2015 09: 05
    Beautiful went !!!!!
    1. fox21h
      fox21h 13 December 2015 10: 56
      Actually, I thought that it was long ago replaced by "Liner"

      The Russian Navy has adopted the new Liner R-29RMU2.1 ballistic missile submarine, Interfax reports citing a source in the Russian military-industrial complex. The missile was adopted in early 2014; it is planned to equip the Dolphin Project 667BDRM strategic nuclear submarines.

      The Liner ballistic missile flight test program ended in October 2011. In total, two rocket test launches were made: May 20 and September 29, 2011. They were recognized as successful. As expected, as part of the armament of the submarines of the Dolphin project, the new Liners will be used along with the modernized R-29RMU2 Sineva ballistic missiles.

      The Liner is a modification of the Sineva missile. The new missile provides for the possibility of combining the combat load. In particular, the R-29RMU2.1 warhead can be equipped with eight or ten low-power combat units or four medium-power units. At the same time, warheads can be installed simultaneously with a complex of means to overcome missile defense systems.

      According to open sources, the length of the R-29RMU2.1 is about 15 meters, the diameter is 1,9 meters, and the starting weight is more than 40 tons. The "Liner" missile system allows multiple launch and single launch rockets when traveling at depths of up to 55 meters and at speeds of up to seven knots. By equipping the submarines of the Dolphin project with Liner missiles, their service life will be extended to at least 2030
      1. Simple
        Simple 13 December 2015 13: 55
        "Actually, I thought"
        1. Thought a little
        2. Maybe the wrong place.
        I will explain:
        The term of "service" mbr with a Jew: 20-40 years (this is not a ttrd with a mixed).
        - Why for the sake of your whim to remove conditional weapons from the database?
        Production of 1 mbr costs from 60 000 000 $ in rubles at the exchange rate
        - What kind of chiches should I replace?
        The production cycle of 1 mbr from 9 months.
        - how can you "replace everything for a long time"?
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 13 December 2015 14: 07
          All is correct. the north and the Far East in general are the exclusive zone of responsibility of Russia - in view of its territory and the availability of resources
          Now there is no common USSR and only the 3-4 republics remained in good standing. look after Eurasia

          Belarus is responsible for the West and, in general, its fate is unenviable - in case of God forbid it will serve as a "bumper" and there are days. Kazakhstan closes the south - a soft underbelly, and we have more forces and a better situation, because there is no confrontation with China, and aircraft carriers will never reach the steppe. And Syria with Iran. Ukraine, the north and the Far East must be in Russia unambiguously

          Well. except that God forbid there will be a breakthrough in Iran - it is clear. that KZ will immediately have to enter
      2. Homo
        Homo 13 December 2015 23: 10
        Quote: fox21h
        Actually, I thought that it was long ago replaced by "Liner"

        Do you even read what you post? What is the replacement?
        "... the new" Liners "will be used on a par with the modernized ballistic missiles R-29RMU2" Sineva "."
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 December 2015 09: 06
    There is even no need to comment. Russia strengthens the defense of its national security.
    1. Duke
      Duke 13 December 2015 09: 34
      Third-generation intercontinental three-stage sequential ballistic missile RSM-54 "Blue" is part of the D-9RM missile system. The missile system is in service with the nuclear-powered strategic submarines of Project 667BRDM of the "Dolphin" class
      The RSM-54 "Sineva" rocket was developed by the State Missile Center "Design Bureau named after Academician V.P. Makeev" (now the Open Joint Stock Company "State Missile Center named after Academician V.P. Makeev").
      The mass of the RSM-54 "Sineva" missile is 40,3 tons, the mass of the warhead is 2,8 tons, the length is 14,8 meters, and the diameter is 1,9 meters.
      The missile body is made of all-welded aluminum-magnesium alloy.
      The sustainer motors of the stages are liquid-propellant rocket engines (LRE), "recessed" in the tanks. LRE of the third stage and the head part are combined into a single assembly with a common tank system.
      The separation of the first and second, second and third stages is carried out by a system of detonating elongated charges.
      To dock the rocket with the launcher, the tail of the rocket is equipped with a power support bandage - adapter. When the rocket starts, the adapter remains on the launch pad.
      The rocket can be launched from depths of up to 55 meters at a speed of 6-7 knots in any direction relative to the ship's course of motion. With a maximum flight range of up to 8300 kilometers, the deflection of the Sineva missile from its assigned target is about 500 meters. This is achieved through the use of the "Malachit-3" computer complex, which provides correction of the rocket flight trajectory by the stars and navigation satellites. The Sineva missile has increased protection against the effects of an electromagnetic pulse and is equipped with an effective system for overcoming enemy missile defense.
      RSM-54 "Sineva", depending on the modification, can have four or ten warheads of individual guidance of 100 kilotons. It is possible to equip the missile with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with an explosive mass of about 2 tons for high-precision destruction of targets in a non-nuclear conflict or a low-power nuclear warhead (up to 50 tons in TNT equivalent) when delivering pinpoint strikes.
      The Sineva rocket can be launched in a single or salvo launch mode.
      For peaceful purposes, the civilian modification of the Sineva rocket, the Shtil-1 carrier rocket, is used, which provides a payload weighing 100 kilograms into orbit.
      1. rudolff
        rudolff 13 December 2015 09: 53
        Calm-1, this is not a civilian modification of Sineva. Blue, this is R-29RMU2 (3M37U2), and Shtil-1/2 / 2N / 3, these are launch vehicles based on R-29RM (3M37).
        1. Andrey NM
          Andrey NM 13 December 2015 10: 45
          The 37th car is a real masterpiece. And the "steamer" is beautiful.
          Some here say that the 3M-37 and its modifications are an obsolete missile. By its characteristics, it is still ahead of almost all its analogues. And flies without a glitch. Children from the 31st division of success and normal service, serviceable materiel.

          Here they are, dear ones ... On the left "Tula", on the right "Verkhoturye". Then still without titles. Deer Lip, 1989. This year, both were marked by successful shooting. The K-51 used to have "wings" in the stern, which are not present now.
          1. jjj
            jjj 13 December 2015 10: 54
            Well, the P-29РМУ2.1 "Liner" rocket is even better
          2. rudolff
            rudolff 13 December 2015 11: 06
            Hello Andrey! And I was always a little annoyed that everyone was running around with all these super-duper, "unparalleled" (the deepest, fastest, largest and most compact, the most ...), and the whole service was dragged by "ordinary" workhorses. Of the multipurpose vehicles 671RTM / RTMK, later 971. Of the strategists, all 667 projects. On R-29RM missiles, then RMU2. These are real masterpieces.
            1. Andrey NM
              Andrey NM 13 December 2015 19: 30
              Hello! Well, here the question is ... They were always rushed around like a chicken and an egg. On the other hand, there would not have been these very-very, it is not clear what the RTMK, "animals", 667th would have become. And our solid-propellant submarine ICBMs always fell short of the level. Remember the K-140. For 10 years, if once a year I went to the BS, then it's good. I remember her more at the pier, by the way, like "Pear" with "Andromeda". And the 941s, with all their charms in terms of habitability, carry products weighing more than 91 tons each, while their characteristics are worse than the BDRM one ... Therefore, they were called water carriers. There must be balance everywhere. And with the "Borei" there was also a tug of war on the money, but as a result, the Makeyevites are still working on it. The Americans have 24 units at Ohio, but they are developing the next 16 units each. Why?
              I drive past KRASMASH every day, there stands a boat boat in the form of a monument, though BDRovsky. Still beautiful.
              1. rudolff
                rudolff 13 December 2015 20: 28
                Andrei, so the Makeyevskys not only helped bring the rocket itself, when the MIT had already raised its legs up, and Solomonov himself was flooded from his post, the Makeev SRC was originally the lead developer of the ship's combat launch complex 3R-21. And you yourself know what BSK is. It's all! Starting from product storage to prelaunch preparation and launch itself. There would be no Makeevskys, there would be no Bulava. It was not for nothing that they once offered RMU3, it was easier for them to redesign their Sineva under the Boreyevskie mines with a "dry" start than to observe Mita's attempts at creativity. By the way, Vladimir Degtyar, general designer of the GRTs Makeeva, somewhere casually mentioned the start of work on a promising new SLBM. True, so far on an initiative basis, but ... God willing, we'll still see the descendants of the R29th.
                1. Andrey NM
                  Andrey NM 14 December 2015 07: 58
                  Quote: rudolff
                  God willing, still see the descendants of the P29th.

                  Only not the 29th, but the 37th. The 29th was more moody. I read that Makeev’s design bureau was developing a liquid rocket with a dry start.
                  1. rudolff
                    rudolff 14 December 2015 10: 30
                    R-29RMU3 Sineva 2. For Boreyevskie mines and standard KBSK 3R-21. With a "dry" start. But ... Who would risk hacking the Mace?
  3. Jozhkin Cat
    Jozhkin Cat 13 December 2015 09: 07
    it’s a hint to the Western world, huh? lol
  4. oldseaman1957
    oldseaman1957 13 December 2015 09: 09
    "The missile has successfully hit its target." - I hope that the current "tough guys" from NATO will not run into the same message, deepening the conflict with Russia.
  5. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 13 December 2015 09: 26
    It seems how many missiles do not launch, but Western "clients" are already on a roll. This is already necessary for the country's Ministry of Defense. The work with this technique must be debugged.
    1. yuriy55
      yuriy55 13 December 2015 09: 40
      It seems how many rockets do not launch, but to Western "clients" everything is on the drum.

      On the drum, you say ... And if you take and ... "miss"? repeat
      1. dchegrinec
        dchegrinec 13 December 2015 09: 43
        Russia does not miss! If it hits, then specifically!
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 13 December 2015 12: 07
      Quote: dchegrinec
      This is already necessary for the Ministry of Defense of the country.
      I think that simply confirming the readiness and suitability of an SLBM of this class is an expensive but necessary pleasure. And in order to get the maximum benefit from the shooting "for military affairs", surely something else was tested. For example, new combat equipment, possibly UBB.
      And I still remember 16 dIPs by Deer.
  6. Seneca
    Seneca 13 December 2015 10: 18
    Quote: dchegrinec
    Russia does not miss! If it hits, then specifically!

    Hooray..ura..ura...The hat soared fellow
  7. Alexandr2637
    Alexandr2637 13 December 2015 10: 20
    "Verkhoturye" successfully launched the Sineva intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from the designated area in the Barents Sea at the Kura training ground in Kamchatka.

    Why go to Kamchatka? No, just for ISIS! That "empty" missiles to drive ... lol
    1. Al_oriso
      Al_oriso 13 December 2015 10: 28
      "Verkhoturye" successfully launched the Sineva intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from the designated area in the Barents Sea at the Kura training ground in Kamchatka.

      From Kamchatka "a stone's throw" to Japan and the United States.
    ODERVIT 13 December 2015 10: 43
    For submariners, this is just a stage of combat training. And it’s up to politicians to decide what level of hype to launch. Good luck to divers.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. DobryAAH
    DobryAAH 13 December 2015 11: 30
    The new ships of the Black Sea Fleet took up combat duty

    See the original material at
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Very old
    Very old 13 December 2015 12: 29
    Quote: yuriy55
    It seems how many rockets do not launch, but to Western "clients" everything is on the drum.

    On the drum, you say ... And if you take and ... "miss"? repeat

    Do you miss MV?
    Me not
    Accuracy - courtesy of the Russian Navy hi
  13. Old26
    Old26 13 December 2015 14: 42
    Quote: fox21h
    Actually, I thought that it was long ago replaced by "Liner"

    The missile ("Liner") was put into service in January 2014. Judging by the repair time, only two boats could theoretically be rearmed on the "Liner" - "Tula" and "Yekaterinburg"
  14. Signaller
    Signaller 13 December 2015 17: 19
    Developed system. She went pretty. But there were times of the 60s when Khrushev was brought to the same launches. Well, sometimes ... like taking off and falling into the water. to which Makeev pushed Khrusheva. "This is how it will go to America. Like a successful launch, under water, and the flight will be carried out." Khrushev believed. (A story from literature)