In Israel, tested the missile defense system "Hetz-3"

The Israeli Defense Ministry, together with American experts, conducted a test of the modernized Haz-3 missile defense system, reports MIC with reference to the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

System PRO Hetz-2

According to the newspaper, "the tests were conducted jointly with the US Missile Defense Agency," and their "results are currently being analyzed by experts."

It is noted that this system, "is designed to intercept targets in airless space."

"Hez-3 anti-missiles" are capable of intercepting missiles without having accurate data on their location. After entering orbit, they quickly establish where the rocket launched is, ”the newspaper writes.

It is also reported that "" Hetz-3 "in its tactical and technical characteristics will significantly exceed the anti-missiles of the first series, first of all in range and accuracy of interception."

According to media reports, “Hetz-3” is being developed by the Israeli Aerospace Industry Concern in cooperation with American specialists and should be part of Israeli echeloned antimissile defense, including the Hetz-2 and Patriot complexes, and in the future, the Prasha David "(" Magic wand ")".
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