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Are there traces in Chicago?

This week, protests about the killing of a teenage negro by a policeman last year (with aggravating circumstances) resumed in Chicago. The townspeople did not like that the mayor of the city, Ram Emanuel, simply apologized for the slow investigation. According to the crowd on the streets, “too slow” work means that the police “cover their tracks.” And this despite the fact that the mayor had previously dismissed the head of the city police.

Recall the incident for which Mayor Emanuel had to apologize this week occurred in October 2014. Chicago policeman Jason Van Dyke killed seventeen-year-old African American Lacan Macdonald. The policeman claimed that he had to shoot, because the teenager allegedly threatened him with a knife.

The shot teenager was one of his school’s best students. According to journalists, its characteristics are extremely positive. The authorities of the city of Chicago had to pay five million dollars to the family of the deceased. This was done as part of the pre-trial agreement.

It is also known that US President Barack Obama expressed “deep emotion” after watching a video that depicts the killing of a black teenager.

RIA News" With reference to a CNN report, it reports a crowd that has gone to the streets of Chicago. Several hundred protesters chant: "Sixteen bullets and traces of traces!"

With a delay of a year, the city police distributed the video. The footage can be seen as a policeman shoots a seventeen-year-old teen Lacan Macdonald. RIA "News"Notes that the police have long resisted the publication of these frames. The record was made public only after the policeman who shot the police was charged with aggravated murder.

The mayor declared that he was responsible for what had happened. However, the march is not enough. "Ram, quit!" - cries the crowd cites the channel "Euronews".

As the correspondents reported from the USA TASS, protesters blocked one of the central streets of Chicago - Michigan Avenue. Mainly young people took part in the march, the agency reports citing CNN.

“Now many people are experiencing discontent,” one of the protest organizers told reporters. - In Chicago, it is very difficult for people with dark skin. We demand equality. ”

Another participant of the action stated that the reason for the speech was “accumulated anger and mistrust to the authorities”.

Locals do not believe in the sincerity of the words of the mayor and are afraid for their lives and the lives of relatives.

“Every time my 25-year-old grandson returns home from college, I think he can meet a racist cop on the way, and my heart goes to my heels,” he quotes. LifeNews retired Audrey Davis. - We should not live like that. The only thing I want to hear from the mayor is “I offer my resignation.”

On the course of the protests tells the Chicago press. Her reports fall into the top of the most quoted news "Google".

The site NBC Chicago published a video report from the scene.

Protesters believe that in Chicago there is a whole "culture of corruption", expressed in the "daily practice". In the corruption of the police involved and Chicago, and the city council and city hall.

The protests went until 17 hours on Wednesday evening; then marching began to disperse gradually. The number of demonstrators participating in the march, according to rough estimates, was more than 1800 people. About 200 of them gathered in front of the video cameras of the city council building and demanded to let them inside. Previously, protesters stood outside the city hall, demanding the resignation of Mayor Emanuel. According to them, his speech, the mayor will not be able to correct corruption in the police, taking shape for decades. Corruption, according to people, led to the death of 17-year-old MacDonald.

Bishop Tavis Grant, a representative of 38-year-old family of Philip Coleman, who died at the police station in Chicago (2012), believes that the current words of the mayor do not constitute a “real apology”. In addition, the mayor should have mentioned the tortured Philip. Grant said bluntly that protests could lead to unrest if the authorities did not demonstrate "constructive changes" that "lead to justice."

Newspaper "Chicago Tribune" writes about the “most severe crisis” in which Mayor Emanuel found himself.

Despite the mayor’s condemnation of the “code of silence” by the police, which encourages officers to cover each other, despite the proposal to increase “oversight of our policemen”, the protesters still want the mayor’s resignation. The protesters are convinced that the city authorities are involved in silencing the situation and hiding video frames from the general public.

“Nothing, nothing can justify what happened to Lacan Macdonald,” said Emanuel. - Our city has been on this road before. We saw footage of fatal police actions and other forms of abuse and corruption ... ”Then the mayor vaguely spoke about some“ corrective measures ”.

The agitated and upset mayor, notes the publication, “raised his voice” and even “pounded his fist on the pulpit”, speaking in the Chicago city council. In his opinion, the situation should "change." “No citizen in the city of Chicago is a second-class citizen!” Said the mayor.

Some direct listeners noted that Emanuel had never said anything like this before. And yet, even if these words are true, the mayor will still have to work hard to bring the city to change. Residents will be judged not by words but by deeds.

And here is another interesting fact.

Emanuel criticized the "code of silence" of the police, according to which employees cover the guilt of their colleagues. However, having condemned this practice, Emanuel noted that policemen often complain about witnesses: they refuse to testify. Citizens themselves must help the police: if the witnesses remain silent, the “code of silence” cannot be broken.

Many do not believe the mayor, consider his words chatter. The continuation of the protests until the evening is a sure sign that the discontent with the mayor has persisted. The protesters want the resignation of Emanuel.

By the way, we will add in conclusion, the protesters are also dissatisfied with the fact that the killer MacDonald a week and a half ago was released from custody on bail in 1,5 million. And the townspeople fear that this man will escape responsibility just as white police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed 2014-year-old black-skinned Michael Brown in Ferguson in 18, left her, left him.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. fvandaku
    fvandaku 11 December 2015 06: 23
    Welcome to the country of developed democracy.
    1. antoXa
      antoXa 11 December 2015 12: 43
      Bulk to them! Let it settle!
      1. Baikal
        Baikal 11 December 2015 18: 15
        I don’t want to say anything, because I’m not a racist, however (based on my knowledge) I don’t remember a single strong and developed state in history that would have been created by blacks, because (judging by the lack of results), they are stupid and freeloaders. The teenage case itself is unpleasant, but a huge part of these blacks in life behave very defiantly and "everyone owes them." Straight Ukrainians repainted laughing
  2. strelets
    strelets 11 December 2015 06: 48
    An exceptional nation that teaches life to the whole world. God forbid living in such a country.
  3. Junior, I
    Junior, I 11 December 2015 07: 14
    But is it not time for us to put our hand there, to raise the people in all states.
  4. Junior, I
    Junior, I 11 December 2015 07: 14
    But is it not time for us to put our hand in hot pursuit there, to raise the people in all states.
  5. cobalt
    cobalt 11 December 2015 07: 23
    16 bullets in the body and nothing, but we have a policeman, excuse me, a policeman will shoot 1 time in the air, so get tired of unsubscribing. If the American police are not so restrained, then not everything is so calm in their Danish kingdom.
    1. would
      would 11 December 2015 11: 49
      They are not intemperate, but act according to the instructions according to which if you shoot at a criminal you must put as many bullets into him as possible. She appeared after it became clear that the bullet could not be stopped by 3-4 bullets and he would continue to pose a threat to the policemen or what’s better to kill them. Rarely, but it is what is described in the article.

      Say what you like, but in many ways our police should learn from the US police, especially with regard to rigidity. Especially this policeman who instead of shooting * bad word * held the door
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 12 December 2015 20: 11


        At the expense of blacks.
        I had occasion to speak with working blacks in Chicago and New Jersey and in New York. Normal, I will not say anything negative. But there are also lumpen. On the street and in public transport.

        The police are very tough. Clinging with them is very expensive. And it is right.
  6. zekaze1980
    zekaze1980 11 December 2015 07: 54
    Well, America is right in everything, and killing is also good, if for the good of democracy. Keep it up! Maybe the smell of blood will induce blacks to revolution? I'm not against.
  7. sanja.grw
    sanja.grw 11 December 2015 07: 57
    16 bullets in the body and nothing, but we have a policeman, excuse me, a policeman will shoot 1 time in the air, so get tired of unsubscribing.

    I’m directly connected with the FSIN, so they have such a mess with the use of a firearm. And this is when escorting a special contingent that can give a tear at any moment
    1. Condor-a
      Condor-a 11 December 2015 12: 24
      Yes, that's probably why they "zemlyat" as they want, with pleasure.
  8. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 11 December 2015 08: 13
    Do not be lazy, type on YouTube "lawlessness of the US police". You will learn SO many interesting things about real democracy. After that I even began to treat our police with some sympathy, against the background of their American colleagues they are mere children.
  9. Belousov
    Belousov 11 December 2015 08: 33
    Lovely news in the morning. So what kind of real democracy is she? Well now we will know. But how did we suffer during the bloody geben, how did we suffer ...
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 December 2015 08: 36
    Quote: cobalt
    16 bullets in the body and nothing

    It is only in the movies that the American police officer is cool and brave. All these cases, and there have been enough of them over the past year, indicate that the American policeman's nerves, endurance and courage are weak. A little that immediately shoot to kill. On the other hand, there is a positive effect - the population (offenders) know that they can be shot for "living great." Therefore, the adequate ones try to immediately execute the policeman's commands, but it is desirable that the policeman be adequate.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 12 December 2015 20: 15

      The cops are adequate.
      Not without symptoms of dependence on a profession, but adequate.
  11. Fox
    Fox 11 December 2015 09: 07
    just take the niggas back, cut the white
  12. Zomanus
    Zomanus 11 December 2015 10: 43
    The most optimal is a small terrorist attack against the police.
  13. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 11 December 2015 11: 43
    Why are the Russian media not constantly blowing that in humanity human rights are systematically violated?
    What the hell? This is ugly American democracy! The planet does not need this.
    Ameripedia is an empire of lies and a hotbed of fascism and terrorism.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 12 December 2015 20: 17

      Why do you need this?
  14. would
    would 11 December 2015 15: 43
    In general, I like the presentation of such news, it is once again written about the innocent murdered, about arbitrariness, racism, but the video is not attached. And after watching it, I realized why

    Here is the video itself

    We look from 5:17. A healthy guy is running, either adjusting his jacket or tucking in a T-shirt or pulling something from his belt, but after several times we see something clearly shining in his right hand. They say that it was a knife that is pretty believable. Policemen get out of the police car, point weapons at him and apparently shout instructions to him. He does not listen and continues to move, they begin to shoot at him, which is quite logical. He falls, and after he is finished off with several shots, which most likely was unnecessary. After a policeman comes up to him and it is clearly visible how he knocks something out of his hand, and this something is also visible. And the truth is like a knife.

    But this video is extremely unprofitable for the author, it is too obvious after watching it that the author is lying in at least one place and without a contract creates a false impression of what happened

    as if threatening him with a knife.

    And what then glittered in his hand that the policeman knocked out of his hand and what flew off so clearly? "Like"?

    The fact that they were shooting at him, I fully understand, and it was quite the right decision, then that they finished off him most likely was unnecessary. But they probably feared that he had a barrel and he would start shooting at them. Speaking of "the empire of lies, the hotbed of fascism and terrorism"

    Domestic law "On police", article 23 Use of firearms.

    1. A police officer has the right, personally or as part of a unit (group), to use firearms in the following cases:

    1) to protect another person or oneself from encroachment, if this encroachment is associated with violence dangerous to life or health;
    2) to detain a person providing armed resistance, as well as a person, refusing to comply with the legal requirement for the surrender of weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices, toxic or radioactive substances;
    1. would
      would 11 December 2015 17: 21
      Didn't notice one more thing

      that this man will evade responsibility in the same way as the white policeman Darren Wilson, who shot and killed 2014-year-old black Michael Michael Brown in 18 in Ferguson.

      Is it that Michael Brown who attacked the policeman, tried to take his weapon from him, ran away, then began to provoke the policeman and abruptly moved on him and only after he was shot? What are the interesting values ​​of the author ...
      1. serverny
        serverny 11 December 2015 23: 25
        And in the above video you can clearly see that the guy didn’t threaten the cops - he didn’t go at them, but from them, crossing the road. And he didn’t run away, namely walked.
        And the cops immediately after stopping fired to defeat without even trying to immobilize the guy.
        1. would
          would 12 December 2015 07: 37
          He didn’t go against them, but from them, crossing the road. And he didn’t run away, namely walked.

          He was one jerk from them. With a knife in his hands at least and refusing to obey the legitimate demands of the police. It was enough for him to make a jerk, and then how lucky he was, whether the bullets would stop him immediately, if the police had time to react and so on.

          And the cops immediately after stopping fired to defeat without even trying to immobilize the guy.

          ABOUT! We got a hero who for the sake of a criminal is ready to throw his body on a knife (at best), although most likely not a bit ready and wants others to do it.

          - according to quite open statistics, they shoot more of their citizens than organized crime groups and drug dealers.

          Its citizens ... bandits. And I would rather support them in this. This is an indicator of the effective work of the police. In the same Rio de Janeiro, it was the aggressive operations of the Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (PMERJ) that bordered on outright extrajudicial cleansing that became one of the main tools for decriminalizing favelas. You can recall the BOPE and their methods and the attitude of the population to this.

          If a policeman throws 16 bullets at a man, even with a knife, he will be fired and put on trial.

          And this is bad, it is precisely such a discriminatory attitude towards crime that paralyzes the effective work of the law enforcement system. Now, instead of stopping a criminal attack immediately and without talking, a citizen should think if they would put him in prison, maybe it is better not to intervene at all?

          A baton / taser / shot in the leg should always be prioritized than the full clip in the body

          What should be read as "the life of a criminal should be prioritized than the life of a law enforcement officer." Only now I have a suspicion that you yourself are sitting on a warm sofa, and not fighting crime.

          And the American cops never stop shooting until the ammo runs out.

          This, by the way, is not true.
    2. serverny
      serverny 11 December 2015 23: 20
      Enough to cover serial killers from the US police - according to completely open statistics, they shoot more than their citizens than organized crime groups and drug dealers.

      If a policeman throws 16 bullets at a man, even with a knife, he will be fired and put on trial.
      A baton / taser / shot in the leg should always be prioritized than a full clip in the case - this is how they train not in the police, but in the army, where ALWAYS the goal is to kill the enemy. And the American cops never stop shooting until the ammo runs out.

      Or you will deny that the cops in the United States are inviolable and even child-killers (as in the case of a guy who opened the door of a house with a Wii gamepad in his hand and caught the same few bullets in the chest in front of his family’s eyes without warning), usually a maximum sent on paid leave for several months in most cases.
      1. Scraptor
        Scraptor 12 December 2015 03: 11
        The criminals are basically not citizens, which you can’t say about the former Major Yevsyukov, who just forgot where he is.
        Quote: serverny
        If a policeman throws 16 bullets at a man, even with a knife, he will be fired and put on trial.

        alas, there are many videos like "cops killed a man in front of everyone"
        A court in which a judge sleeps or is executed in half the cases of the victims or witnesses makes the perpetrators, even past the investigation.
        The Lynch trial in the United States has not been canceled, including for white cops.
  15. matros-lom
    matros-lom 12 December 2015 19: 24
    It is only natural that in a country where the sale and wearing of a short barrel is allowed, the police shoot to kill. They have it spelled out in the instructions. And blacks just to protest; I am sure that if, in the same circumstances, a white man was killed, no one would protest.
    1. would
      would 12 December 2015 19: 32
      Only here in Chicago with both short-barreled and long-barreled trouble, Illinois is one of the anti-weapon states (someone even calls it the anti-weapon capital). So "into milk".
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 12 December 2015 20: 24

      All this fuss around police exaggeration.

      Follow the orders of the police and there will be no problems.

      All sorts of jokes, smirks, eyeballs like cowboys in a western. Do not.
      1. Condor-a
        Condor-a 13 December 2015 00: 08
        Straight "Strangers Among Us" 35:20
        OBEY ... CONSUME ... CONFORM ... OBEY ... OBEY ...