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Ben Hodges: Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​are among the priorities of American intelligence

American intelligence needs native speakers of Russian and Ukrainian, reports RIA News statement by the commander of US land forces in Europe, Ben Hodges.

“Our intelligence has been focused in recent years in the Middle East, but also, by the way, on the training of linguists who speak Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Dari and Pashto,” said Hodges.

He noted that immigrants are providing considerable assistance in this matter.

“There are quite a few first and second generation immigrants from these countries in the US who know these languages, so we get help from them,” the general said.
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  1. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 10 December 2015 09: 33
    Here they are - immigrants, traitors to Russia!)))
    And who will now say that they did not sell their homeland for money? AND?)))
    Liberals of Russia - 30 pieces of silver in the USA are waiting for you !!!
    1. War and Peace
      War and Peace 10 December 2015 09: 41
      if reconnaissance is activated, it means there is something to scout, then the traitors who sold their homeland were still taken as a zugunder ...
      1. _Vladislav_
        _Vladislav_ 10 December 2015 09: 56
        In the USA, there are many first and second generation immigrants from these countries who know these languages ​​...

        Everything is clear with Ukrainian - it’s clumsy Russian.
        But for American intelligence to act effectively (against Russia in particular), you should know not only Russian.
        There is also Chechen, Tatar, Chuvash, Bashkir, Kabardino-Circassian, Mari, Altai, only some dagas have nine dialects (and maybe more).
        .... well, and Russian mat (language of ensigns)
        1. Sorokin
          Sorokin 10 December 2015 10: 27
          You cannot learn the language of ensign. You can only understand the native speaker of Russian having served and sank.
          1. Very old
            Very old 10 December 2015 10: 46
            In this case, advise them to study the zonov's fenya - a juicy, colorful language; idiomatic expressions, often not understandable even to Russian people

            s, all for the desk! fellowS-S-S
        2. Poppy
          Poppy 10 December 2015 11: 39
          Yes, and do not learn Russian
          they teach literary, and we talk live
        3. KVIRTU
          KVIRTU 10 December 2015 12: 24
          Why warrant officers? Let me remind you:
          "Sorry, native speech, my language is for me -
          Now not to the verbal elegance.
          In the "Oak Cross" I spit a cry with my teeth
          My children, and the mate in my throat is cramped. "
          Alexander Rosenbaum
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. spech
      spech 10 December 2015 09: 46
      So let all the liberals be taken away repeat and it will be easier for us.
    4. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 10 December 2015 10: 59
      “Our intelligence has been focused in recent years in the Middle East, but also, by the way, on the training of linguists who speak Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Dari and Pashto,” said Hodges.

      Yes, we basically know
      For many years, Americans trained a resident to work in the USSR. His legend was developed brilliantly, he learned spoken language superbly, taking into account different dialects. Finally, he was thrown from a plane into Soviet territory, and he left the forest, dressed in a padded jacket and cap. Entering the courtyard of the hut, he asked his grandmother to get drunk.
      “And you, my dear, will you not be a spy?”
      “Why did you get it, grandma ?!”
      - Yes, we have never seen blacks in our area!
  2. Teberii
    Teberii 10 December 2015 09: 33
    Again spy mania, they are going to send agents in. "Peculiarities of the National Hunt", where the general also spoke Finnish.
  3. deputy ___ watered
    deputy ___ watered 10 December 2015 09: 34
    Emigrants who left 20 years ago and blame Russia on their blogs! They work as a nurse.)
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 10 December 2015 09: 38
      Quote: deputy ___ watered
      Emigrants who left 20 years ago and blame Russia on their blogs! They work as a nurse.)

      They also need to justify their unsuccessful life by self-convincing themselves that he is "not a loser" by trying to humiliate his former citizens and the country. Those who actually settled in other countries have a completely different attitude towards their former homeland.
    2. your1970
      your1970 10 December 2015 12: 35
      He is talking about the second generation - i.e. grown there, naturally older than 18 years ....
      What are these native speakers ?? What ?? They know the common Russian language spoken by mom / dad / relatives - no more. Mass communication with peers in the Russian Federation is not - different requests, interests, problems. Changes in the language that have occurred over the years they are not they know, for this you need to communicate a lot with native Russian speakers and read a lot of modern Russian literature.
      Again - dalekt, professionalism, jargon, fenya, scientific language.
      What is far to go, we have few E. Gaidar or Chernomyrdin here lol understand ..

      So their hope is for knowledge of Russian (maybe even weak) and the eternal - "A donkey with a bag of gold opening the gates of besieged fortresses" ...

      The task of our competent authorities is the same: to prevent ...
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. i80186
    i80186 10 December 2015 09: 39
    Yeah. They are.

    - Yes, we have here on one "blind man" "tahr" is written.
    - Is it written right?
    - Yes, in Latin: ty hey, hey, ar.
    - So this word is written on it?
    - Either a word or abbreviation - all letters are large. Unclear. On the hand, on the fingers of a tattoo ...
    Yes, and "tahr" this is some kind of strange.
    - Why is he weird? What is not translated?
    - Not only. You see, the last “R” is written the other way around.
  6. ARES623
    ARES623 10 December 2015 09: 41
    A heretic is worse than a Gentile. The former "friend" is angry with Russia more than any indigenous foreigner. And for all her failures, including for unjustified hopes for the Western way of life, she will always blame Russia, and she will shit on her. This is the law of life, there is nothing to be done about it, but it must be taken into account.
  7. revers-trotil
    revers-trotil 10 December 2015 09: 46
    Then I remembered a joke. An experienced American intelligence officer asks his grandmother in perfect Russian: how to get to the village of Ivanovo? She answers: What did the American spy in our village need? How did you find out? Not often in our places you will meet a black man ...
  8. Decathlon
    Decathlon 10 December 2015 09: 51
    Immigrants won't help! The first spy prepared by them will burn out trying to decipher the phrase: "We knocked on a melon for one horseradish, and then loaded two peppers into a turnip and tomatoes!" belay
  9. Batia
    Batia 10 December 2015 09: 53
    Traitors have always been "used" by the world's intelligence services. If Ukrainian is included in this list, then the stench will go from banderlogy for a long time.
  10. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 10 December 2015 09: 54
    A guy to send them from a construction site to help in the Russian educational program! wassat
  11. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 10 December 2015 10: 00
    Those who left after the revolution will be addressed as "lord", and who in the 90s "comrade". So they burn.
  12. barclay
    barclay 10 December 2015 10: 01
    Let us be vigilant, gentlemen! Calculating strangers with a "ala Michael Bohm" accent ...
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 10 December 2015 12: 18
      And what could be, I already know where in my city the center for the recruitment and ideological training of traitors is. Across the street from my house "Kingdom Hall ...", hell knows which kingdom, I don't remember. Baptists sit in shorter sessions ... Americans often come to them, and they go about campaigning with ours. By the way, Zadornov was right, they are like walking enemas laughing
  13. Svarog5570
    Svarog5570 10 December 2015 10: 04
    these are not immigrants but traitors who continue to betray
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 December 2015 10: 13
    The attitude towards Russia is clearly visible on the site when foreign "colleagues" with a Russian (Soviet) past appear under several flags. What can we say if they offer to earn extra money for exploration (even to wash the floors), with joy, if only they paid.
  15. Lanista
    Lanista 10 December 2015 10: 16
    Why do they need Ukrainian? They again naively believe that in Ukraine, dofuya people use it in everyday life?
  16. A-Sim
    A-Sim 10 December 2015 10: 19
    "... Take me as a sniper to the hot spot. Do you know how diligent I am?"
    (k \ f "DMB")
  17. Papapg
    Papapg 10 December 2015 10: 24
    These are the so-called Russian-speakers, until they forgot the language, but they are no longer ours, they work for a foreign country, and when they feel good, they look for something even better, their children, their grandchildren, serve in other armies, if something happens, they will shoot at us. They deliberately left Russia for permanent residence. These are just people who know Russian. All America of such adventurers-migrants, for centuries there has been a selection and has already reached "the handle", these are the same terrorists, there are so many of them in ISIS came in large numbers from everywhere. They should be treated like enemies, maybe not enemies, but NOT OURS! Sometimes you argue, and if God forbid, you will have to shoot, well, we will be on different sides of the barricade, the main thing is not to laugh at the moment of the shot, so as not to knock down the sight. Let them know.
    BARKHAN 10 December 2015 10: 32
    When an immigrant receives US citizenship, he legally renounces the past. So, when you see a Russian with a cowboy passport, you know ... he renounced Russia.

    “I hereby swear that I absolutely and completely renounce loyalty and devotion to any foreign monarch, ruler, state or sovereign authority whose subject or citizen I was until this day; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America from all enemies, external and internal; that I will faithfully serve the United States; that with arms in hand I will fight on the side of the United States, when I will be required to do so by law; that I will be serving in the armed forces of the United States when I will be required to do so by law; that I will do civic work when I will be required to do so by law; and that I take this oath openly, without any second thoughts or intention to evade its fulfillment. God help me. ”

    So, in this situation, in fact, these are potential enemies. And when you see Pozdner or Zlobin on the screen, always remember this oath.
  19. umka571
    umka571 10 December 2015 10: 36
    And in the forehead the star burns ....
  20. alex-cn
    alex-cn 10 December 2015 10: 39
    In due time the joke walked
    How to fill up the American electronic system?
    Ask her the question "What is the old New Year?"
  21. Russian_German
    Russian_German 10 December 2015 10: 58
    Quote: Mihalich17
    Here they are - immigrants, traitors to Russia!)))

    Not all immigrants are traitors to Russia. Those who left in the 90s of the last century, I do not consider traitors. First, during the Pavlovian reform, the population lost their savings in the savings bank, and not small, according to the article in Pravda in 1993, in my opinion, 10 annual budgets of the country. I personally lost my savings over 20 years of life. Secondly, smart people have seen how Russia is being plundered by "privatization", how enterprises and ports are being sold for a pittance, even the military industry is being privatized. Thirdly, in the government there are thieves like Berezovsky and his hedgehog. Fourth, people were made free from the slaves of the oligarchs. The smart ones realized that this is for a long time, maybe forever. Moreover, the judiciary and the executive are super-corrupt, not like in the West. And the level of education began to fall due to the departure of highly qualified personnel. So they began to blame to the west, who could. Some for education, some for a normal judiciary and a decent standard of living, some for simply realizing their abilities. Russia itself robbed and threw away essentially these people who had no hope for a normal life here. In words, you are all patriots, but I would like to look at you in practice, when they wrap you up to the skin, they will not give you and your family any chances for a normal life. You remind me of ukrofashists shouting: - "Glory to the heroes!"
    1. jaroff
      jaroff 10 December 2015 12: 36
      But they stayed. Only we, who remained, know how hard and at what cost the same aircraft industry in the military sector (this is closer to me), and the adjacent industries and design bureaus, were able to survive. As the tests went in the 90s, and without these difficult years on tests, on which the results were obtained, as a result of which all these new aircraft of the 2000s appeared, there would be absolutely nothing. And those who stayed did it. And among them there are those who lost their savings more than once (the default of 1998 is not forgotten). And, believe me, they were not the most fools. And during this time our children have become adults, have received an education (most have higher education), many of us already have grandchildren. We do not shout "Glory to our government", we distinguish between what is good and what is bad in our country. She's ours. When you see a tree that a schoolboy planted in the courtyard of his school 40 years ago, with a thin twig, and now it is a large adult tree, and your son studied at the same school and grew and matured with this tree and his children will go to the same school , and the tree will stand, grow, live, and all this is in front of your eyes, this is the Motherland, no matter how pretentious it may sound. This is your football team, for which your father was rooting, for which you and your son, together, at the stadium, and the time will come, we will sit on this podium with our grandson, this is the Motherland, and the grave of my father, to which I can walk any day.
      Own language, own tree, own school, own football team, own tribune. Own culture.
      But no one canceled the class struggle. Therefore, I cannot say "my factory". Under the USSR, I could say so. But these are realities of life.
  22. Russian_German
    Russian_German 10 December 2015 11: 06
    Incidentally, the United States launched a program to search for those wishing to leave for the United States from Russia. Here is what I received via email:
    From: United States G.Card [email protected]

    Good afternoon!
    Congratulations. Today you get the chance to live and work in the USA. Now you are in Russia and in the near future you will receive a Green Card for American citizenship. Use your unique application number to register the "application number". Click on the link to our website for further instructions.

    The United States is actively working to create a fifth column in Russia and in the CIS countries, probably too.

    And here is my answer: - "I don’t need your card! The USA will soon disappear from the face of the Earth! Do I look like a fool to go to HELL? I am proud to be one of those who will contribute to the disappearance of the USA !!!"
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 10 December 2015 11: 28
      They answered patriotically (but I suspect that this is sarcasm), but nevertheless advertised a link to the site. Question for what?
    2. Poppy
      Poppy 10 December 2015 11: 40
      they just wanted to have money from you
  23. pts-m
    pts-m 10 December 2015 11: 18
    only the scum of society leaves and there they remain scum.
  24. sa-ag
    sa-ag 10 December 2015 11: 26
    One can recognize a foreigner without a conversation, as you immediately understand that this is not local, the complexion, the face itself gives out
  25. Wolka
    Wolka 10 December 2015 11: 34
    but we have the SVR and the FSB, too, it’s not for nothing that they eat bread (who doesn’t know, let them keep silent) ...
  26. Russian_German
    Russian_German 10 December 2015 11: 37
    Quote: rotmistr60
    They answered patriotically (but I suspect that this is sarcasm), but nevertheless advertised a link to the site. Question for what?

    To check that it is not a fake, what is incomprehensible?
  27. Russian_German
    Russian_German 10 December 2015 11: 50
    Quote: PTS-m
    only the scum of society leaves and there they remain scum.

    Well, you, of course, are Zvorykin, Sikorsky. In an extreme case, Andrei Game or Konstantin Novoselov.
  28. JonnyT
    JonnyT 10 December 2015 12: 12
    come on you, maybe they translate with errors to misinform the USA
  29. Doomph
    Doomph 10 December 2015 12: 56
    Now I tried to imagine how a black man (sorry, African-American) would say: "Healthy bules!"
    I almost crawled under the table with laughter.
  30. Obolensky
    Obolensky 10 December 2015 14: 01
    Well, let them learn Russian. Let be. And then everywhere English and English. By this they once again prove that we are enemies to them, and the enemy’s language, as you know, needs to be known.

    But they are only mistaken that it will be enough for them to know the language. In addition to the language, you will need to learn a lot. There, some Germans knew the Russian language (how did they know, thought they knew) - did this help them?

    So let them teach.
  31. LPD17
    LPD17 10 December 2015 23: 29
    And let them teach. We sit down, drink, talk.
    And there you will immediately see who is what and why.