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Islamophobic hysteria in the United States is gaining momentum

Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims from entering the United States. Some Western analysts have drawn a parallel between Trump's anti-Islamic sentiments and nationalist aspirations characteristic of some of the public in France and Hungary. Trump shares are shared by the majority of US citizens: YouGov's poll showed that 55% of Americans speak unfavorably about Islam. According to another poll whose results were summed up by Rasmussen Reports, 92% of American voters view Islamist terrorism as a serious threat.

Islamophobic hysteria in the United States is gaining momentum

Recall the potential US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, called for a ban on Muslims from entering the US.

Such a statement was related to the recent shooting in San Bernardino, California, which resulted in the death of an 14 man, indicates "BBC".

The billionaire believes that Muslims hate America. They can put the nation in jeopardy.

According to Trump, the border should be closed until the authorities “understand what is happening.”

The White House’s reaction to Trump's shocking statement is already known. The Obama administration called Trump's words contradictory to national interests.

Observer Dan Bilefsky in "New York Times" collected reviews from around the world about the billionaire speech.

Basically D. Trump's statements were condemned.

The Arabs expressed concern about Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim statements. For example, Hafez al-Mirazi of the American University of Cairo said that such statements can be expected only from some “Kukluksklanites or the like” figures.

Egypt’s highest religious authority condemned Trump’s statement and accused him of racism.

Rashid Tlemkani, a political scientist from the University of Algiers, believes that D. Trump, with his speeches, is able to push young people into joining the IG.

In Europe, Trump also has some fans.

Director of the Center for European Reform (London) Charles Grant said that for many Europeans Trump is an unacceptable figure, because his populism will soon slip towards fascism. Grant also believes that Trump is ignorant: according to the expert, the billionaire "demonstrates complete ignorance of the world."

French Prime Minister M. Waltz wrote in his microblog on Twitter that Trump "incites hatred."

However, there were an expressive billionaire and supporters.

Some analysts from France have noticed that D. Trump reflects the very nationalist sentiment that is characteristic in the EU for both France and Hungary.

Fans of "anti-Muslim" were found in China.

According to Dan Bilefsky, Trump's statements about Muslims on the Chinese social network Weibo have collected hundreds of approving comments. Many Chinese have their own fears of Uighur Muslims. Some of the latter are quite aggressive and violent. Professor of International Relations Shen Dingli (Shanghai) notes that many Chinese "understand Trump better than anyone."

How strong are anti-Muslim sentiments among Americans, the survey “YouGov” revealed. About him told Mona Chalabi in a British newspaper «The Guardian».

Donald Trump's calls to ban Muslims from entering the US may seem outrageous. However, many Americans have an unfavorable opinion about Islam, the publication indicates.

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 55% of Americans surveyed have an “unfavorable” opinion about Islam. Islamophobic attitudes are mostly common among Americans 45 years and older. Dislike for Muslims is primarily characteristic of Republicans and white people.

The article notes that Trump acted "clever", focusing his rhetoric on the issue of security. For example, if you take the British, then they, according to surveys, identify the word "Muslim" with the words "terror", "terrorism" and "terrorist". It is also curious that in the US, many who disapprove of the activities of black President Obama consider him to be a “secret Muslim”. As of September 2015, 29% of Americans (among them 43% of Republicans) still believe that Obama is Muslim (data from a poll conducted by CNN and Opinion Research Corporation).

So the YouGov poll was also based on bias. Respondents were asked: “Do you have personal contacts or do you work together with those people who practice Islam?” And 74% of respondents said no. They were also asked if they had any friends among the Muslims. 68% said no. 87% never been to the mosque. Thus, the majority of survey participants are not familiar with Islam or with Muslims.

In November, 2015, D. Trump supported the idea of ​​creating a database to spy on Muslims in the United States. And here's the political result for his election campaign: his rating jumped almost 3 percentage points.

And another survey conducted "Rasmussen Reports". His theme: “Can Americans for the sake of Security waive some of their rights?”

Americans very seriously value their rights, however, watching with alarm the growing threat of terrorism, they are ready to give up some of these rights in exchange for their security.

92% (!) Likely American voters consider Islamic terrorism a serious threat to the United States. Of these, 73% called it "a very serious threat." Moreover, these people believe that the United States whether the food is safer than before the 9 / 11 attacks. Almost half (49%) of voters believe that the federal government does not pay enough attention to the potential threat of Islamic terrorism inside the country.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising, according to sociologists, that the majority of Americans believe that restricting the use of the Internet due to “criminal intent” is more important than the assumption of “complete freedom” on the Internet. 57% of voters believe that it is much more important to protect the country from a possible terrorist attack than to protect the privacy of most Americans.

One of the three voters is convinced that control over “individual Muslims in this country” is a good idea.

Rasmussen Reports recalls that the survey was conducted prior to a mass execution in San Bernardino, California.

* * *

I must say a few words about what experts, observers, and sociologists have missed.

Islamist terrorists who arrange bloody slaughter and despise the interests of other people are doing a disservice to peaceful Muslims, who have no idea to defend the “faith” with a gun in their hands or explosives in their belts. As a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the killings in San Bernardino, anti-Islamic sentiments in the West only intensified. And some politicians who make a career play this skillfully.

Anti-Muslim slogans became famous not only for Trump. The French National Front Party, headed by Marine Le Pen, won the best results in the elections. stories. The Front now has a majority in six of the country's thirteen regions. After the second round, the game can win in four more regions. Recall that in October 2015, Marine Le Pen appeared before the court of Lyon for her words: earlier she compared the crowds of Muslims praying in the streets with the occupation of Paris by the Nazis.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 10 December 2015 06: 27
    Why not be hysterical when almost all the radicals (with fare to the place) were brought to Europe! Something, but to bring the neighbor under the monastery from the Americans is not taken away. Historical habit. Those are allies.
    1. hedgehog in the fog
      hedgehog in the fog 10 December 2015 07: 20
      hey, what about tolerance and human rights ????? No.
    2. dog1965
      dog1965 10 December 2015 09: 40
      Well, Europe can easily take revenge on the Yankees. It is enough to provide all visitors with passports and explain to them how good life is in the states, and give them some money for the road. With the alternative "if you do not want to a prosperous land, you will be deported back to Africa (or BV)" Only the guts in Europe are thin for such actions.
    3. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 10 December 2015 10: 20
      The photo is iconic in the article! And pulls her to sign in the style of:
      "Syrian oppositionists pray for their leader before going home!"
    4. Atrix
      Atrix 10 December 2015 14: 47
      In America, the Muslim population can do exactly the same as the Japanese during World War II. And America is very advantageous in order to get you need to cross the ocean, and get a visa to the States wink
  2. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 10 December 2015 07: 09
    ote]. And some politicians making their careers skillfully play on this. [/ Quote] Trump is handsome! Well, okay, he is working his pre-election work. But what to do with this 55 percent of Americans? "Chuika" worked for them and this is a signal to the entire leadership.
  3. The black
    The black 10 December 2015 07: 09
    I will not argue whether Trump is right or wrong. BUT !!! Donald Trump certainly not. His scandalous proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States was not spontaneous. It, of course, is not unambiguous, risky, but deliberate. And it says that in the United States a lot of people share it. point of view, although he does not utter it out loud. So all this hysteria in the Western media is nothing more than an attempt to play on the field of the US Democrats and try to drown a competitor in the election race. But whether these statements will bring Trump "points" or not will become clear soon based on his ratings.
  4. bocsman
    bocsman 10 December 2015 07: 13
    Words fell on long-fertilized soil. For another ten years, according to opinion polls, most US citizens believed that there would be armageddon and Muslims would fight on the side of Satan! The USA has created several generations of people who are not only illiterate but also unable to think independently. So why be surprised!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 December 2015 07: 35
    Donald Trump advocates ban Muslims from entering the United States

    And what about those who already live in the United States, and there are millions of them? Probably had to think when they created and financed all this scum. However, what am I talking about?
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 10 December 2015 07: 36
    The United States is a sick country, how many mental illnesses it has had and not a single one has been cured ... Now here is Islamophobia ..
  7. linadherent
    linadherent 10 December 2015 08: 03
    Give the Ku Klux Klan to the US government !!! good You look and put things in order in the country, and they put one black man in his place, although it may happen that they hang me ... lol Nothing that I watered correct? request
  8. Kostyanich
    Kostyanich 10 December 2015 08: 24
    hands off American Muslim moderate opposition laughing
    hello muslim states of america
    and also in england the caliphate open
  9. VasiliyKhilkov
    VasiliyKhilkov 10 December 2015 08: 26
    Trump thinks so not by chance. One of the Muslims in America must not be allowed, and I guess who he meant.
    “... young Barack Obama attended an Islamic school in Jakarta for a short time. Currently, only about a third of Americans believe that their president is a Christian (last year half of the US population thought so). In addition, a recent poll showed that approximately 18% of residents of the United States consider Barack Obama a Muslim. "
  10. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 10 December 2015 08: 34
    Trump's statements are actually not so and Kuklusklanovskie. It is enough to recall how they did in America with the Japanese living there (who by the way were US citizens!) During the Second World War. Stupidly closed in the camps. And that’s all. If you project events 41-45gg. to today's realities, Trump’s proposals are completely justified, it’s enough to recall that most of the terrorist attacks in the United States were committed by practitioners of Islam.
    Now many people will clam me up, they will say that Islam is a peaceful religion, and all kinds of radicals are blown up and so on. and so on.
    My answer is: how many people over the past 20 years have been blown up by Christians or Hare Krishnas or Buddhists? ZERO!!! These are really peaceful religions. And as long as people in the world are being killed with the words "Allah Akbar" I consider such a religion to be aggressive and I also think that such people should be kept away from others.
    1. linadherent
      linadherent 10 December 2015 08: 42
      It was you who tactfully kept silent about the times of the Crusades ... It’s just that it’s no longer fashionable to kill in the name of God in the religions you have listed, well, maybe there are other reasons, I’m not a sociologist. But personally, I know quite a lot of Muslims, quite reasonable and sane people.
      1. Gavril
        Gavril 10 December 2015 10: 25
        But don’t remember the times of the Crusades, are you aware that they have long passed? Almost a thousand years have passed!
        1. linadherent
          linadherent 10 December 2015 10: 26
          This does not mean that they were not?
          1. Gavril
            Gavril 11 December 2015 03: 57
            But this does not mean that today's Christians are responsible for those who fought a thousand years ago.
    2. matross
      matross 10 December 2015 12: 28
      Yes, it is an aggressive religion. But we are not talking about this openly - we are afraid. Which once again proves her aggressiveness. But remember everyone that you are talking about Muslims among yours, not publicly. Remembered? This is the true attitude to this religion.
      1. linadherent
        linadherent 10 December 2015 12: 56
        Believe me, I do not publicly say the same about Muslims, there are my friends among them, my beloved woman is also a Muslim, although I myself consider religion, any religion, as crutches for my conscience! But I do not prevent anyone from believing in what he wants ... I would like to end this grandiloquent speech with the phrase: "How much is opium for the people?" wink
    3. Otshelnik
      Otshelnik 10 December 2015 13: 09
      Firstly, Wahhabism is not Islam! Wahhabism was created for this purpose so that it would be especially "smart" to present it as Islam. And how noticeably they achieved their goal.
      Secondly, those who bombed Iraq, Syria, Libya, Serbia are also considered Muslims? Or do you think the thousands of bombs killed are statistics and the Wahhabi-Satanist self-explosion is tragedy?
      Thirdly, I dare to say that you are absolutely not familiar with Islam.
      1. linadherent
        linadherent 10 December 2015 13: 19
        Bravo hermit, I fully support you, and some hotheads are ready to start a new crusade, forgetting that we live with Muslims in the same state and are essentially compatriots. My respect to you, well, plus, of course ... good
      2. kitamo
        kitamo 10 December 2015 14: 24
        if Wahhabism is not Islam, then with the same success Catholicism and especially Protestantism with Lutheranism, also from my Orthodox point of view, are not Christianity ... =))
        1. linadherent
          linadherent 10 December 2015 14: 41
          Well, at the present time, probably not, so you are most likely right in this ... If the priest of the Church of England, blue and openly admits it ... You yourself understand ... Although our priests are also not saints, at least the majority. negative
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. matross
        matross 10 December 2015 15: 12
        My friend, of course, I am not a connoisseur of Islam, although it would be an exaggeration to say that I do not know him "absolutely". But that's not what I said at all. I'm talking about feelings, feelings and attitude in general. And not to particular trends or specific individuals. The attitude of non-Muslims towards Islam in general, alas, for the most part, from wary to bad. Why? Everyone knows the answer - they created a reputation. I don’t know what to do about it ...
        1. linadherent
          linadherent 10 December 2015 15: 17
          You need to live with us in Bashkiria, I promise your feelings for Muslims will change, or maybe even we will find you a nice Bashkir or Tatar ... wink Just do not be offended, but it’s better to see once ... All the best to you, I bet somewhere else, somehow, until tomorrow ... hi
          1. kitamo
            kitamo 10 December 2015 15: 28
            Quote: linadherent
            You need to live with us in Bashkiria, I promise your feelings for Muslims will change

            if it’s me, I don’t need it, I don’t think Muslims are enemies, I have a father, deceased, Muslim, and I converted to Orthodoxy at a mature age ... =)) just Islam is a really young religion, and it without being aggressive, it would hardly have gained such a distribution, since the territories had already been * divided *, but this is my personal opinion ...
    4. fisherman2
      fisherman2 10 December 2015 16: 28
      All muddied Anglo-Saxons-their money = push-believers of different religions.
  11. Peaceful Basmach
    Peaceful Basmach 10 December 2015 08: 36
    Nation?????? Criminal rabble from around the world, destroying the indigenous inhabitants of the continent! Yeahhhh!?!?
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. forumow
    forumow 10 December 2015 08: 57
    I think in Russia, such statements of political leaders would have caused no less warm approval, or even more, because our society is much less infected with the "virus" of tolerance. However, the Russian authorities are harshly suppressing such statements, for they have long been banking on Muslims and pursuing a policy of appeasement. In this they do not differ much from the authorities of European states, which are now closely faced with the problem of mass migration from Islamic countries. The Islamic factor is too strong, both inside the country - in a number of national republics within the Russian Federation, and outside - relations with Islamic countries: Syria, Iran, Turkey. The truth about the latter, the authorities recently "suddenly had an epiphany," after she "showed her teeth." Who is next?
  14. kit-kat
    kit-kat 10 December 2015 09: 39
    Trump voiced what everyone is embarrassed to say. Pretty boy.
  15. Velizariy
    Velizariy 10 December 2015 10: 02
    Quote: you tactfully kept silent about the times of the Crusades ... It’s simply no longer fashionable to kill in the religions you have listed in the name of God, well, maybe there are some other reasons, I’m not a sociologist. But personally I know quite a lot of Muslims, quite reasonable and sane people. [/ Quote

    Christians (Catholics and Protestants are heretics and actually fighters with Christianity, even if they call themselves Christians) did not conduct crusades and did not kill in the name of God, those who kill in the name of God are not Christians. In Christianity, there are no calls for murder, and there were none in Islam.
    [/ comment-show]
  • Belousov
    Belousov 10 December 2015 10: 10
    Trump's usual campaign moves. Amid hysteria, this is a very thoughtful step. There, under the pretext of protection, they will allocate more money, take control even tougher.
    And in our country, the power is really proceeding according to the principle "For Russians - Article 282 of the Criminal Code, for Muslims - mosques in the center of Moscow." That's just what such a discriminatory policy towards the indigenous population will lead to ...
  • Calter
    Calter 10 December 2015 10: 16
    Quote: linadherent
    It was you who tactfully kept silent about the times of the Crusades ... It’s just that it’s no longer fashionable to kill in the name of God in the religions you have listed, well, maybe there are other reasons, I’m not a sociologist. But personally, I know quite a lot of Muslims, quite reasonable and sane people.

    Islam is the youngest religion. And, as you rightly noted, this is its natural stage of development. I think that in a couple of hundred years, Muslims will become white and fluffy, and the fanatics of another bottling will already begin to blow up.
  • Yugan Oleg
    Yugan Oleg 10 December 2015 12: 25
    The Obama administration called the words of Trump contrary to national interests.
    Here is how. belay
    Well, then take 500 thousand refugees from Europe to Europe, and from Erdagan another million with three billion dollars in addition - if these are your interests.
  • knn54
    knn54 10 December 2015 12: 47
    Maybe not quite in the subject, but:
    Japan is the only nation that does not give Muslims citizenship; permanent residence for Muslims is prohibited. When entering the country, you can get a deadline even for a page from the Koran, found in the luggage. If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim, then she is considered a lifelong outcast. Etc.
  • Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 10 December 2015 12: 59
    And for me, Trump just "works with the electorate," just like Marie Lee Peng. There is a problem in society and "pressure". Politics has never been a "decent business" and the use of any methods, in my opinion, is quite natural for Western politicians. There was information that Trump is going to run as an independent candidate, well, these 73% of Americans may well give him such a chance. The question is what will happen if he wins, to be honest, I think that nothing will happen. It is unlikely that US policy towards Russia will undergo any changes. Elections are one thing, and real politics is quite another. In any case, the United States will hardly ever be even a "partner" for Russia.
    Something like that, colleagues. hi
  • saygon66
    saygon66 10 December 2015 14: 11
    - Never news ... In the States it is almost from the 60's! He wanted to become an opposition to the authorities - be called a Muslim!
    Well this is the "search for their roots" by the black population, "Black Panthers", Cassius Clay, who suddenly became Mohammed Ali!
    - And the irritation is understandable: Well, in what Muslim country do believers of other faiths block religious movements on religious holidays, performing religious rites right on the street? Just imagine a crowd of Christians walking the procession through the streets of the Emirates, Turkey or Egypt ...
  • shpilkerman
    shpilkerman 10 December 2015 16: 30
    From his own hands suffer.
  • giperion121
    giperion121 13 December 2015 18: 51
    I would have said so about Muslims in Trump’s place. However, the more Muslims in the USA, the better for us; it is not for nothing that they send all these Muslim refugees to Europe and not a single one to the USA.
    That's who else in Russia would say that. The creeping Islamization of Russia needs to be fought back!
    And there is no peaceful Islam, all who say something about peaceful Islam, purposely or not intentionally pour water on the mill of Islamists and US masters.