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Islamic terrorists hide behind children and teenagers.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the extremist terrorist group ISIL banned in Russia, moved to the Libyan city of Sirte, TASS reported, citing the Iranian news agency Fars. Formerly, the “caliph” of Islamic terrorists moved several times from Iraq to Syria and back, fleeing from the persecution of the Iraqi special services. Now settled in Libya, where a new center of international terrorism has already been formed.

Bearded uncles go to heaven in no hurry ...

Prior to that, there were reports in the media that, under the blows of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian government forces, other terrorist leaders fled from Yemen and Libya to the fighting zone, taking with them several hundred of the best-trained militants. Who took their place in the fighting order of the Islamists? Researchers at the organization Human Rights Watch show growing use of child soldiers by the ISIL group.

The Islamists did not even disdain to put under the gun youngsters. The children were advertised as “wolves and lion cubs of the caliphate”, prepared for hostilities, terror, murders. Videos appeared on the Web, where juvenile warriors demonstrated possession of cold and small weapons. They were trained to blood. On the Islamists' website, among the latest propaganda videos, there are shots in which six children execute ISIS prisoners.

The scale of involvement in the Islamic group of minors can be judged according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights (an opposition group with a network of researchers throughout Syria). She noted that in 2015 alone, ISIS recruited at least 1 100 children. This is in Syria. There is information about Iraq. For example, a UN report on the battle, in which Iraqi government forces regained control of the city of Bayji, reported that most of the 480 bodies of dead ISIL militants were children or teenagers.

The terrorists' leaders attended to the preparation of the “next generation of jihadists” as soon as they had controlled territories. They created the so-called "spiritual schools of Islam." Children from the 5-6 age were enrolled here not only voluntarily, but also compulsorily. There were sons or daughters of acting militants, orphans left behind their parents, or children abducted from local families. According to representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, only in the north of Iraq, in Mosul, Islamists kidnapped about 130 children.

Education in schools goes in three stages. At first, radical Islam is studied in depth. Children are inculcated with hatred of other people's values ​​and other cults, they are made into religious fanatics. The second stage is physical training. It also includes training in survival skills in difficult conditions, possession of weapons. Instructors also teach how to prepare explosives and execute infidels. The third stage is psychological treatment. Children are programmed to carry out terrorist actions, including shahids.

This is how a former captive of the Islamists, a boy named Fahmy, told about this on the Iranian television channel Press-TV: “They made me rush to the truck during the exercises like a suicide bomber. Militants said to me: “Go, die, the skies are waiting for you.” I would like to ask them if the sky is there, why they don’t go there themselves, why we? ”The boy says.

Fahmy managed to escape from training camp. Others remained. Their fate is unenviable. According to the Syrian newspaper Al-Wotan, 52 children have died since the beginning of this year in the so-called Ashbal al-Hilaf detachments (Lion Caliphate), prepared by an ISIL terrorist group for military and shahid actions. The director of the opposition monitoring center, Rami Abd Rahman, said in an interview with Agence France Press: “18 of 52 children died, undermining themselves in mined cars.”

Coercion to war

Until recently, the enrollment of children in Islamist schools and training camps was at the expense of recruitment. Now, when the militants massively ran to the rear, the leaders of the terrorists switched to forced mobilization. The first messages about this appeared in the middle of October. On the twenties of the month, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, General Igor Konashenkov, informed the media that in the Syrian Raqqah and occupied areas of Hasek, the militants are mobilizing men from the 14 age.

A month later, the scale of forced mobilization went beyond the individual occupied areas, and the draft age of the “wolf caliphate” was reduced to 10 years. “We see how they reduce the draft age. This is an indicator that they are scraping the last opportunities, trying to compensate for the losses incurred on the battlefield, ”said Col. Pat Ryder, spokesman for the US Army Central Command, who managed to inflict losses on terrorists as a result of the American coalition’s actions last Friday.

Pat Ryder forgot about the detachments of the “moderate Syrian opposition” patronized by the United States, which are little distinguishable in military practice from the terrorist group. Last year, the Human Rights Watch human rights organization caught them in “using children and adolescents who had not reached the age of 18 in the conduct of hostilities”. The opposition then exponentially demobilized 149 youngsters. However, in its ranks left up to hundreds of children. According to observers, in the current conditions, this detachment has fully recovered and even multiplied. The "moderate opposition" today, in the words of Colonel Ryder, also "is scraping the last opportunities."

War is cruel. It is not at all like the propaganda cadres of ISIS, in which five-year-old "recruits" in camouflage uniforms with black armbands on their heads are performed by teams of instructors, shouting "Allah Akbar" and waving the black flags of the "Islamic State".

Militants who seized the territories of Iraq and Syria are accused of cruel and barbaric crimes. Recently in Iraq, ISIL was accused of torturing and torturing prisoners and selling their organs. The Iraqi military found the corpses of tortured people who lacked certain organs, most often the kidneys. Well, the way the prisoners cut their heads in ISIS, the world has already seen enough. Not every adult can withstand this picture, what can be said about children ...

Convention on the Rights of the Child is not for them

The world saves children from war. A quarter of a century ago, UN member states adopted an international convention on the rights of the child, which prohibited children under the age of 15 from being used in hostilities. Only two countries did not support the convention - the United States and Somalia. Civil war was raging in Somalia. In all its groups, thousands of children and teenagers fought. Today they determine the face of the existing armed formations.

Ali Sheikh Yasin, Vice Chairman of the Center for the Protection of Human Rights in Mogadishu, said that almost 20 percent of government troops are children. And in the ranks of the current rebels there are almost 80%. Behind these numbers is cruelty, blood and social chaos. The teenagers who have not accumulated their minds and hearts are ready to use weapons for any trifling occasion. Today in Somalia, they like to use children with machine guns at checkpoints where transport is inspected. Rarely any driver now dares to contradict such a verifier. But the price of life has fallen below any limit here.

You can understand the reasons and not supporting the convention of the United States. Their trail will be found in any recent military conflict - from Somalia, Mali and Sierra Leone in Africa to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in Asia, including all the color revolutions and spring issues. By financing the armed forces of the "rebels", even cynics such as the Americans are wary of legal detriment of their actions. Meanwhile, experts note that with the support of the US intelligence services, entire armies of child soldiers were running only in Africa. With the UN International Convention on the Rights of the Child, this is definitely not consistent.

... As for the long-suffering Syria, the terrorists today are retreating here in all directions. In an attempt to save themselves in this sinful land, they now, as a shield, hide behind children and teenagers, withdrawn from Syrian families by forced mobilization. I do not know how this relates to radical Islam, but in the civilized world, children are usually taken care of. They must have a future ...
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  1. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 10 December 2015 06: 04
    Jackals what to take from them? All terrorists are not guilty of victims. In Israel, I heard these nonhumans (or what remains after they die) are buried in pork skins. Not bad campaigning ...
    1. atalef
      atalef 10 December 2015 06: 41
      Quote: Vladimir
      Jackals what to take from them? All terrorists are not guilty of victims. In Israel, I heard these nonhumans (or what remains after they die) are buried in pork skins. Not bad campaigning ...

      In Israel, do not bury in pork skins. (Unfortunately)
    2. kit-kat
      kit-kat 10 December 2015 11: 51
      I do not understand comparisons of people with animals. Humans are the most disgusting creatures on the planet. Animals take exactly as much as they need and kill when they are in danger or out of hunger. And people can kill for pleasure. Do not offend animals.
    3. Atrix
      Atrix 10 December 2015 14: 44
      You simply cannot understand it for you wildly. And for them to die for Allah in the fight against infidels is an honor. Remember the history of the Second World War and the same Hitler Youth children took up arms and went to kill in the name of Hitler because for them he was like a god. For civilized people, it’s wild how you can send or kill children, that’s why the whole civilized world loses the war on terrorism sad
  2. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 10 December 2015 06: 32
    To begin with, children who are only capable of cutting and killing are no longer children and even Islamic Makarenko is not able to re-educate them. And a weak shield from a cruise missile! Problem.
    1. atalef
      atalef 10 December 2015 06: 45
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      To begin with, children who are only capable of cutting and killing are no longer children and even Islamic Makarenko is not able to re-educate them. And a weak shield from a cruise missile! Problem.

      Summer camps for children organized in the Gaza Strip by terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad, People's Resistance Committees, and others are finishing their work. During the holidays, these camps trained future militants ready to become "shaheeds" following their fathers and brothers. Children were trained in the use of weapons, working with explosive devices, guerrilla tactics, hand-to-hand combat and other skills that may be useful to them in future battles
  3. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 10 December 2015 06: 36
    Inhumans never had anything sacred. Their only faith in the devil.
  4. Taygerus
    Taygerus 10 December 2015 06: 37
    cook them in pork fat, critters
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 10 December 2015 07: 20
    Convention on the Rights of the Child is not for them... as well as for the USA, Western Europe ... and others whose money is financed by the IG ..
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 December 2015 08: 22
    Terrorists do not shun anything or anyone.
    Laws are written mainly for people.
    And who are the ISIS? It’s just NON-PEOPLE, and removing them is a natural necessity to clean the planet of evil.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 10 December 2015 09: 18
      ISIS has long been moving to Libya, there is also a lot of oil there, and there is no one to resist the militants.
  7. Zomanus
    Zomanus 10 December 2015 08: 25
    Kampuchea, Khmer Rouge.
    Not it, not? It seems like.
    Children of death are not afraid, neither of their own nor a stranger.
    Therefore, it is advantageous to use them.
    And if they breed without measure and do not need to learn
    and growing is cheap, so generally super.
  8. Free wind
    Free wind 10 December 2015 08: 27
    Why spoil the skins of pigs about these non-humans? It’s enough just to douse them with pork
  9. kit-kat
    kit-kat 10 December 2015 09: 37
    Of course, I risk running into a flurry of criticism, but I think that the importance of children and adolescents is exaggerated. A purely feminine-emotional scenario. In fact, children are just human material from which anything can be grown. And you can quickly replenish their numbers. Much worse, in my opinion, is the loss of an adult man or woman. Therefore, I do not understand hysterics like "they are children".
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 10 December 2015 10: 53
    Moved to Libya? Well, nice, closer to Europe will be. It is necessary to continue hammering basmachi. As for the children ... A very difficult question. On the one hand, I feel sorry for the children, in fact, deprived of a normal life, childhood, future. On the other hand, they can’t beat this crap out of their head anyway. It would be necessary to recoup on the children of those who brewed all this mess. Yes, inhumane, but fair.
  11. thinker
    thinker 10 December 2015 11: 36
    Only two countries did not support the convention - the USA and Somalia.

    Need to clarify -
    On Thursday (08.10.2015/195/XNUMX), the Somali government fully ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, joining the XNUMX countries that had done so earlier. Thus, The United States remained the only UN member to not accept this agreement.
    The main legal problem with ratification in the United States is that the United States is the only country in which children are sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. And this is strictly prohibited in the Convention.
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 10 December 2015 12: 08
    The beast, and prepares to replace the animals. Human values, as we understand them, are an empty phrase for them. The Middle Ages are some kind. And there’s nothing to be crazy about. As with countries that support them.
  13. miru mir
    miru mir 10 December 2015 12: 23
    Not surprisingly the usual practice of the Alahababahn.
  14. 0255
    0255 10 December 2015 12: 38
    From these frames it becomes uncomfortable:

    Such children, the campaign, only the grave will correct am
  15. Megatron
    Megatron 10 December 2015 17: 34
    What kind of opposition observatory is this?
    For me, all "oppositionists" in Syria are terrorists!
  16. tomcat117
    tomcat117 10 December 2015 20: 59
    SNAKE CLUTCH, as if "they are children" and innocent, in fact, their bite is as dangerous as their "parents" educators. Already taught to cut a teddy bear with a knife, the throat of people ...
    They need to be quiet and without emotions ... until they have grown and multiplied. This is very cruel and inhuman, but such are the laws of nature and life, the fate of humanity is at stake.
    I remember one woman sleeping with her beloved boa constrictor, now she is alive, but she is in the next world.