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Executioner's revelations

"The Ukrainian question can be resolved only by a clear installation: against the Muscovites and the Jews"

November 24 in the circle of historians-archivists took place the presentation of the scientific publication of the diary of the Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg.

In the Russian State Archive of Social and Political stories The commented Russian translation of the text appearing at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg was presented as evidence of the prosecution. After the completion of the Nuremberg trial, he was illegally assigned by American prosecutor Robert Kempner and found in the US only in December 2013 of the year. This unique document exposing the crimes of Nazism, was deposited in the American Holocaust Memorial Museum and became available to researchers.

The commented scientific publication of the Rosenberg diary in German, carried out under the auspices of the Munich Institute of Contemporary History, was published at the end of April 2015. Thanks to the Russian translation prepared by the Historical Memory Foundation (Igor Petrov, Svetlana Vizgina), provided with accompanying articles, commentaries and reference machine (Igor Petrov, Alexander Dyukov, Vladimir Simindey, Svetlana Vizgina), the Rosenberg diary is now also available to the community of people reading and minded in Russian.

Rosenberg’s diary, the publication of which is devoted to the 70 anniversary of the beginning of the Nuremberg trials over the former leaders of the Third Reich, makes it possible to see one of the main ideologues of Nazism as dangerous, full of dogmatic obsession. From a historical point of view, the diary pages accompanied by proper commentary, which describe the preparation and conduct of a criminal war against the USSR, when planning which Nazi strategists proceeded from millions of civilian casualties, are especially valuable. This diary is an important evidence of the crime of the ideology of Nazism, a popular reminder in the modern world of the horrors of the Nazi extermination war against the Soviet Union.

We give some fragments of the document.

28.3. (19) 41

Yesterday, during a congress on the occasion of the founding of the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Question1, the Fuhrer called me from Fr (ankfurta) on the Main to Berlin. A telephone conversation with Schaub made me guess: I have to cancel everything, the plane will be sent immediately, he cannot say anything more. I thought that this call was somehow connected with the putsch in Belgrade2, thought, by the way, about Russia, since the situation here is also in limbo. When I appeared in the P (s) office in the evening, I saw Keitel there. The Fuhrer turned to me: You have had many unofficial links before. Are there any remained with Croatia? I replied that around 1933, various Croatian activists visited us. As part of our official foreign policy, they, of course, were not supported. And because some began to be careful, others left for America. Certain economic ties existed. Names and stuff I can tell the Führer by noon on the 28 number. We all agreed that the Serbs had committed major political stupidity. I noted: the problem with the 600 000 of the Germans again sharply rises. Fuhrer: Yes, they must return to the Reich. The conversation then turned on the drafting of the proclamations calling for freedom for the Croats.

Executioner's revelationsToday in my department I asked to bring me documents about our relationship. Among them were reports from 1939 of the year on the request of Macheka3 to take joint action. Then I refused to talk about it. Other Croatian leaders negotiated with Malletka on economic issues, but also focused on political issues. After today's dinner organized by the Führer in honor of Matsuoka4, I stayed and read to the Führer excerpts from documents, I could resume my relationship with Machek. However, this must be realized through people who are already known (Macheku). The Fuhrer agreed. He remembered the name Malletka. (In the reception room there was a gene (oral) consul Neuhausen 5 from Belgrade, a confidant of Goering. We at the ministry did not like him very much ...) I directly asked the Führer about Russia. My employees have long been engaged in compiling an accurate map of nationalities, they are rushed, pointing out the dates ...

I told the Führer that the issue of administrative bodies was already under discussion; I am afraid that the Germans living inside the Reich will face problems that are still unknown to them. All these years I have supported Skoropadsky 6 and his people, some of the Cossack leaders, etc., even if one should not expect miracles from the emigrants, however, knowledge of the territory and language may always be needed. First of all, everything is mixed up in the East. I already hear the reasoning about what to think about the economy “without ideology,” I think, the Ukrainian (Ainsky) question can only be resolved by a clear and precise setting: against the Muscovites and the Jews. These slogans have a bicentennial history, and now they can be implemented. The problems of the Baltic provinces differ from those of the South, but the general form should be clear: Baltic is a protectorate, Ukraine is independent in alliance with us. The Fuhrer remarked that he could not allow Stalin to deceive himself. Art. (Alyn) hopes that the West will be drained of blood, and then he will be able to attack him. Nothing remains but to frustrate his plan in time. The Fuhrer, he said, from the very beginning had the intention to attract me. He will not make any decisions until he finally connects me to work.


The congress in Frankf (urte) -n-M (Aine) was, from my point of view, successful. For the first time in the history of Europe, 10 European (Yeisk) nations were represented at the anti-Jewish (Yeisk) congress with a clearly formulated program. Now the power, accepting historical necessity, supports this position. The items confiscated by my operational headquarters in Paris are beyond any doubt unique: the libraries of the World Hebrew Union, the rabbinical academy, the archive of the Rothschild bank (1816 – 1925) in 760 boxes, the libraries of the Jews of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and so on. To my diary, I will attach the final report7. In addition, the treasures of art that belonged to the Hebrew (s) and recently transported to Neuschwanstein. Their cost is estimated at a billion marks. In the near future I will introduce the Fuhrer to them with the aim of distributing them to museums. Today at 18 hours I spoke on the radio with a speech destined to close the congress in Frankf (urte). Participants (congress) took the transmission through a collective antenna.

Berlin 20.7. (19) 418


Just received news of the resignation of the office Konoe9. The Fuhrer again released sarcastic remarks about the intelligence data of the M (Ministry) and (the foreign) d (a). Poor Hevel will now have to demolish everything - and in fact, sometimes M (department) and (foreign) q (a) is really innocent. When the conversation turned to the views of Japan on Dutch India, the Führer angrily remarked: we would not need all this if England had not been ruled by a pig paid for by the Jews.

The Fuhrer stressed repeatedly that the task in the East will not be solved in one generation, but will stretch for centuries. This is now the most important question.

In connection with the fighting, he again expressed his admiration for the Finns. They are brave men, he considers them not companions, but real allies and comrades in arms.

Michendorf, 26.10. (19) 44

A couple of days ago I asked to find my first notes on the Eastern problem, which I sent to the Fuhrer in early April 1941. A possible case was approaching, the desire of the Soviet Union after the accession of the Baltic (Iy) states to move further to the West became more noticeable. Because of this state of affairs, the blow to England became too risky: it was the turn of the confrontation with Bolshevism. The Führer was very confident (in success): he told me that the unprecedented before would roll to the East tank armada. It is clear that, due to previous successes, this enterprise also aroused trust. Nevertheless, the feeling of the vastness of the territory kept me from drawing up global plans.

First, I described the 700-year history of our relations with the Baltic States and the German rights to these lands, then I noted the Russian people as the central force and spoke in favor of creating the Ukrainian state with all the consequences of this: support for Ukrainian (Aino) culture, science, activation against Evist) Moscow. The Fuhrer then supported me! The history of the East would have taken a different path if this concept had been preserved. Without a solid Ukraine, Caucasians, Turkestans, etc., will not be a force comparable to the Russians. An army of a million Ukrainians with the prospect of new lands in the East might have saved us from the Stalingrad catastrophe.

Instead, the boast of Koch and the consorts, along with a memo in which the future “danger” of the Great Ukraine was suddenly outlined, due to which Ukrainians should not have been developed politically and culturally. Added to this is a false report that Field Marshal von Eichhorn10 was killed in 1918 by Ukrainian nationalists. Allegedly in gratitude for the good treatment of them. Regarding me (the Führer), they made it clear that I am under the influence of Ukrainian (Ain) emigrants and defend the interests of the Reich not as consistently as the gentlemen in the main headquarters. There is no doubt that Borman played a significant role here, at first, probably, Himmler, but then SS officers from the East advised against it.

Be that as it may, the Führer refused to support my concept. It seems to me that I was somewhat melancholy when I noticed that it was he, not I, who conquered Ukraine. The consequence of the refusal was that in Eastern politics we did not have a firm line. In the field of agricultural policy, I was able to achieve the consent of the Führer, and culturally and politically the pathological branch of Koch was raging. Later, this Koch himself, speaking bluntly, had to, clearing his “policy”, dig trenches in East Prussia. Now major battles are on German soil. Near the main rate of the Fuhrer. The generals of the Wehrmacht advanced General Vlasov, which I supported to a certain extent. Sharp rejection of the Fuhrer, Bormann, Himmler. For some time, the threat to arrest V (lasov) ... Today, a Russian who has been idle has been forced to get a year and a half. Suddenly, the purely Great Russian line is no longer dangerous. Subordinate departments are promoting the case, having no idea about the general range of issues, so amateurishly as no other operation.

Anyone who can, desperately climb into Eastern politics, go to the Fuhrer. For eight months I have not had the opportunity for a personal report. My memo was sent to him, but whether she submitted to him entirely - there are doubts. With such a course of affairs, it is not surprising that the great Reich is at stake. Due to the lack of deliberate stable policies, solid leadership is being replaced by emotional impulses here and there. The German inside the Reich has no sense of the vastness of space, he is driven by judgments limited by the size of his own vegetable garden ...

I could observe the problem of false hegemony in the clearest "light" all these years with both of my Reich commissars. First, clearly at Koh’s palm, then at Vine. The first was immediately against "Berlin". Having no idea about the East, he was faithful to his idea - they say, the order to rule the East with the help of a whip and cruelty was given by the Führer. Koch has a practical streak for specific economic tasks, but not the slightest for politics. Previously, a supporter of Bolshevism, admiring Russian youth, writing most absurd nonsense about the unity of Eastern Prussian and Russian territory (“Formation of the East”, 1934), now at the largest gatherings called all peoples of the East inferior.

As the chief official of the Reich in Ukraine, he contrary to all instructions published an 1.1.44 in the “Ukr (ain) Zeitung” appeal, in which it was printed in bold type that the people of Ukraine “do not have a rich history”! Nothing more stupid and it was impossible to say. All attempts on his staff are definitely paying him back for his speeches, deeds, etc.

1 In fact, the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Question (Institut zur Erforschung der Judenfrage) existed in Frankfurt from 1939, but the official opening took place on 26 in March 1941 during the three-day congress, where Rosenberg and other Nazi functionaries made presentations. Rosenberg's report was called "The Jewish Question as a World Problem"

2 27 March 1941, several senior Serbian officers carried out a coup d'état, overthrowing Prince Regent Paul and elevating 17-year-old King Peter II to the throne

3 Machek Vladko (1879 – 1964) - Croatian politician, leader of the Croatian Peasant Party; in August 1939, an agreement was concluded between him and Yugoslav Prime Minister Dragis Cvetkovic (1893 – 1969) on the creation of the Autonomous Region Croatian Banovina, which existed until April X XUME – 1941, which created the Autonomous Region Croatian Banovina, which existed until April X.

4 Matsuoka Yesuke (1880 – 1946) is a Japanese politician. From July 1940 to July 1941, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan. He died in prison

5 Neuhausen Franz (Ger. Franz Neuhausen, 1887 – 1966) - German industrialist, was the representative of the Nazi Party in Yugoslavia, then the Consul General there, after the occupation - the General Commissioner for the Serbian economy. Sentenced by Yugoslav court to 20 years in prison, released from prison in 1953

6 Skoropadsky Pavel Petrovich (1873 – 1945) - Russian general, Ukrainian military leader and politician, hetman of Ukraine from April to December 1918 of the year. In emigration to Germany. Died 1945 in April from the effects of a concussion caused by bombardment

7 No application

8 Although the day of the attack on the USSR was not noted in the diary as a separate entry, it is appropriate to quote excerpts from a speech delivered by Rosenberg in the circle of his closest employees 20 June 1941: “Today we do not conduct a“ crusade ”against Bolshevism just to free it forever.” Poor Russians ”from this Bolshevism. No, in order to pursue German policy and ensure the security of the German Reich ... A war to create an indivisible Russia is therefore excluded. Replacing Stalin with the new king, or even the appointment of a nationalist leader, will lead to the mobilization of all energy (population) in these territories against us. The place of this, although the concept of united Russia, which is customary to this day, is taken by a completely different look at Eastern issues. And here the southern regions and the North Caucasus will find reserves for feeding the German people. But we do not see our duty in feeding out of these areas with an excess of (agricultural products) the Russian people as well. We know that this is a tough necessity, forcing you to forget about any feelings. Undoubtedly, a huge evacuation will be necessary and the Russian people will face hard years. The extent to which industrial facilities will remain there (car-building plants, etc.) will be decided later ”(1058-PS, IMT, vol. XXVI)

9 Konoe Fumimaro (1891 – 1945) is a Japanese politician who was prime minister three times. Killed himself after the start of the American occupation of Japan

10 Eichhorn Hermann von (1848 – 1918) - German warlord, Field Marshal General (1917). From January 1915 to March 1918, he commanded an army on the Eastern Front, then was appointed commander-in-chief of Army Group Kiev and headed the administration of the occupied regions of Ukraine. Killed 30 July 1918 of the year as a result of the assassination attempt of the Social Revolutionaries
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    There was another figure in history - Churchill. His servant always woke him up with the same phrase: "Get up sir, great things await you." On June 22, 1941, the military adjutant (sip from the chancellery) reported to Churchill about the German attack on the USSR. Churchill jumped out of bed and exclaimed: "Truly, today is a great day - the day of the salvation of Britain, at last Hitler decided to attack Soviet Russia !!! ...". After that, according to the recollections of numerous eyewitnesses, Churchill walked in high spirits for almost a week and made fiery speeches in Parliament. And German tanks at that time were already crushing and grinding our people on the roads and in the fields of Belarus, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Minsk had already been captured, cities and villages were burning, the Brest Fortress was fighting ........

    There was another figure in history - Roosevelt. You can talk a lot about this figure ... But even one small indicative fact is enough - American businessmen close to him, for 3 (!!!) years before September 1, 1939, began to buy for nothing nobody needed, empty shipyards at which practically nothing was built due to the economic crisis. And the projects of a large-capacity, "useless at that time" cargo ship of the "Liberty" class were drawn already by the end of 1937 ... QUESTION - WHY !!! ???

    And everything began so simply and harmlessly - "..... one gloomy November day in a lousy Munich hotel met the American military attache Truman Smith and Adolf Hitler ......"
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