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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. And who is the holy fool?

I did not expect, you know, such a feed from their readers. Let even from one. They called me differently, and what a sin to conceal, when you read "burn, Tarakasha", your mustaches rise straight as if they were naviagrain. And even want to live. And here it is ...

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. And who is the holy fool?

No, I'm not a fool. Just setting out everything that I see as I can. I can, of course, howl a wolf on the topic of how everything is bad in our country. Someone, of course, will be nice. But I do not want. I don’t want it because the Ukraine that everyone knew didn’t really die. Trochs, of course, remained, but remained.

I am so not addressed to all Russians and readers of the "Ferris", do not think. Here it is clear that in any family, if not without a jerk, and not without a freak. But here about the holy fools, that is, in our nashenski, about the fools, I will tell you today.

I will begin, of course, with another peremoga. The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Demchyshyn delighted the Ukrainians that the coal blockade of Russia was broken. Ukraine will receive on 250 thousands of tons of anthracite monthly under a contract with the Swiss company Mercuria. Moreover, coal from South Africa costs 57 $ / ton in the port. In Russian - "urry !!!", in our opinion "Peremoga !!!" etc. Jump-Jump, Jump-Jump ...

All shouted at all. Well, what an event, another stubble to independence from Russian energy resources. Awards, thanks and more.

But here it is worth saying a few words to Demchishin. Our genius energy war. He did not lie a single word, but he deceived everyone. More precisely, not everyone said that it would be necessary.

So what was the Minister of Energy of Ukraine silent about?

About rake. That you rake, and we rake. But the essence of the attack on them is the same everywhere.

Remember, exactly a year ago, coal from South Africa arrived in Ukraine, and a terrible scandal broke out? It turned out that coal from South Africa does not burn at any of the TPPs for which it was purchased. Initially, officials said it was the fault of the supplier company. But the "Swiss" showed the contract, and there all the parameters coincided with those brought.

More precisely, the coal is burning. But not as it should for the technology for these TPPs.

Therefore, coal from South Africa had to be mixed with the angle from Kuzbass, so that it could burn as it should be according to all standards. This, of course, gave fuel consumption, but there was no choice. On the other hand, this resulted in 50% savings on anthracite coal. Because it was burned in the proportion of 50 / 50.

If it happened more or less normally last year, then why not repeat it?

In July, a tender was announced for the purchase of coal for the Centrenergo company. Even before its end, the winner’s name, Mercuria Energy Trading, was known. That is the same guys as last year. Nothing bothers anyone? Well, in the ministry, energy is also not embarrassed.

The head of Centrenergo, Oleg Kozemko, in September 2015 of the year reported that, according to the contract with Mercuria Energy Trading, coal from South Africa should be supplied at a cost of 65 US $ / t on CIF terms (cost, insurance and freight) with calorific value of 5500 kcal. and coal from Russia cost 67 US $ / t with calorific value 6000 kcal.

That is, last year's scenario. Sucks like burning coal from South Africa and Russian Kuzbass anthracite for debilitating it. To somehow burned.

Demchishin, by the way, does not specify the “parameters” of coal from Africa. He simply says that they "fit" the stated. Who and how can we say in the Ministry of Energy, we already saw last year. But that was in the past.

By the way, did everyone see some inconsistency in numbers? Do Demchishin 57 $, and Kozemko already 67? How is that? Who screwed up? Where are the stars?

Well, everything is simple. Demchyshyn did not say which port he was talking about, and therefore it is likely that he did not mean the Ukrainian port, but the South African one. But I could not declare peremog in 57 $. And announced.

But African coal, it is like only 50%. And the second half of it, the Russian one, for some reason is not coming. Probably, these evil Russians were offended that our rulers of the embargo announced Ukrainian goods. After all, you cannot find words. We have closed the sky for them? We are fighting with the aggressor for how long! And they? Damn, and they, too.

Our said figs you, not the Ukrainian components! FIG you, not electricity to the Crimea! We are a great Ukraine, and just will not give up! We will force ourselves to respect and support these ... separatist accomplices and just traitors.

Blyamts! This is a rake. On the forehead. With all the dope.

Crimea won, but with electricity, the headache was removed. And in our Kherson and Nikolaev regions we still sit in places without light. Because how to repair power lines, of course, repair, but ...

But with the Kuzbass coal Dupa. Empty as coal warehouses. Dupa is empty - it is worse than full, because if there is something in full, then it directly indicates that something was before. Before processing. In the stomach. And we are empty.

African coal that did not burn here last year will probably come. But there is nothing to dilute it. What happened in Russia, I really did not understand. Whether those pillars that undermined the Russian railway and fed, or something else. But the fact is that in our warehouses today the grains of Russian coal cannot even be found to a cockroach. All raked and swept.

There was, of course, hope that coal would be brought from the DPR. Brought the same. But here, too, bummer. Our blockade was announced. And the Crimea, and New Russia. So there is no reason to wait from there either. No, of course, they will bring it as they used to carry it. Contracts and schemes have not been canceled.

But the great thousands of tons of dump trucks do not dung.

Here it is, of course, peremoga there. But if you look closely, then this is a trail of a rake strike. So as usual, nothing new.

But also news was All news news. This canoe happened all-Ukrainian scale ... The owner arrived. I mean Biden.
During the day, you know, I'm a little busy. But at night I could not resist, prowling towards the Mariinsky. It is interesting to see what is there and how.

Yes, the Kiev center today is not the same one that 10 years ago. Sharma diminished. But here, just like in the old movie I got. Mariinka glows all, from the first to the last window. As if they give a ball there. And the silence of the grave. And the dead with braids are ...

As for the dead with braids, I, of course, invented it. Living stood. OMON, SOBR, BEAVER. All kicked guard. Just in case. We have a war with the "Ogressor" ...

"Private" conversations went right up to 4 in the morning. And in the morning Gunpowder had a little of that ... sad. In the parliament the next day he sat darker than a cloud. And Biden was a nightingale. Well, it is clear who dominated the pair.

Kulyavlob also beamed. Apparently, the owner with a firm hand on his neck patted and said: "Senya, sit!" So apparently, despite its already negative rating, Senya will sit still. Its the same. And their not only in Russia is not abandoned.

Of course, they were waiting for money and prospects. But it was not there! Biden is an experienced politician! I listened with interest to his speech, the benefit with the translation was.

There were no bonuses. Cookies, too. Apparently, having received satisfaction from Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko, Biden decided that air shaking would be enough for the deputies of the Rada. By the way, a ride. Applauded, beaming faces.

Money Biden also did not bring. 190 of millions is not money in our times, it is so ... a sop for poverty. They expected him to make a decision on the issue of debts to Russia, but in his statement Biden clocked up many words, the essence of which remained the same. FIG you, not a guarantee.

“Today I want to announce a new assistance to Ukraine in the amount of almost 190 million dollars to support progress. In this way, the US has provided and provides 760 million in direct support since the government changed in 2014, ”said Biden.

Americans spent more on supporting Syrian militants. And on the Maidan. This is our already understood, and not everyone likes it. But - either burst, that give, or move away from the coffin. Access to the body terminated.

And, of course, as a true American politician, Biden could not help but pile on a bunch. In a sense, promises.

“What happens next year will determine the future of the country for future generations.”

With your lips, Mr. Vice President, you can screw the medku ... We still need to live up to this. But it is already completely different. история.

In general, those who know how to use their heads without instructions, they understood: nothing good awaits us in a bright tomorrow.

And we, to be honest, do not expect it already. We are waiting. And I am sure that we will wait for the moment when everything will fly to hell. And then you have to get out of the ruins, roll up your sleeves and begin the epochal elimination of the government of Bayden slaves. If only there was no more blood. And to restore us, as it were, not for the first time.

Here, my dear, who is really a holy fool. But not me.
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  1. dsi
    dsi 9 December 2015 06: 32
    Impressive! I was not sure. but:
    In general, those who know how to use their heads without instructions, they understood: nothing good awaits us in a bright tomorrow.

    Respect and respect!
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 9 December 2015 12: 20
      There are two key points. Biden and Obama a year before the "demobilization" and Ukraine was asked to split into states, i.e. start federalization, from which Poroshenko shies away like hell from incense. These are the moments that will determine the immediate political future of Ukraine.
  2. TanyaKar
    TanyaKar 9 December 2015 06: 39
    The selfish interests of all are decided in Ukraine ... including Biden. Russia has set a good example for American politicians on how to make money in 5-10 years .... Americans are savvy people, they are quickly adopting everything ... What a ceremony, like in the 20th century!
    The colonies have to kneel down and pay tribute so that they don't get too bad .... So, "And the battle continues again ..."
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 9 December 2015 07: 00
    Cockroach - thanks, as always. But in fact - a godfather arrived, took his rightful place in the Cabinet (like last year, nothing has changed), ordered everyone to graze. And that’s all, they will graze, otherwise it’s up to them, concrete performers, and not abstract m. Skale_ka. tsapov.
    Now we are waiting for clowning from the IMF, how they will turn out - but we will have to turn out, "the elder ordered" (C).
  4. izya top
    izya top 9 December 2015 07: 02
    the barrack had a puppy,
    he loved her.
    she ate a piece of bacon
    he killed her am

    puppy died crying
  5. gop
    gop 9 December 2015 07: 12
    404 region has already been colonized, but this doesn’t make anyone feel good
  6. Voha_krim
    Voha_krim 9 December 2015 07: 16
    Every time after Biden’s arrival, the war in the Donbass escalates
    Biden arrived the day before yesterday and for 2 days, Ukrainian troops have been conducting shelling for hours on the outskirts of Donetsk and Gorlovka. Everything happens in the best traditions of this war.
  7. sa-zz
    sa-zz 9 December 2015 07: 21
    The view from the side (or from the outskirts) is very interesting.
    Write Tarakash, without "Cranes and Foxes".
    I do not know how other readers, but I will say for myself: I am not indifferent to the fate of people in Ukraine (not to be confused with banderlogs and other evil spirits). And I hope that all the same, everything will be fine.
    As for Barin, the fact that he "brought" the division of Ukraine, a fig instead of money and guarantees, and much more, they talked about this at VO (and not only) a year and a half ago, in principle, there will be more, the centrifuge is untwisted and brakes Hardly ever. And fate is painted, but it is not joyful - to be a tool (no more), but not with pliers, but an ordinary poker (I repeat - to my great regret).
    1. Aroma77
      Aroma77 9 December 2015 10: 34
      She cannot be indifferent when 80% of the Ivanovs, Petrovs and Sidorovs live there. It is very painful that one nation is throwing itself at each other now. And that traitors renegades are again to blame. And that a small handful of scoundrels are directing this very people in the wrong direction. Probably now I would be glowing with happiness if a "healthy" leader came there, who thinks first of all about the nation and the state. Who thought about how it would be better. And, of course, about improving relations between Russia and Ukraine.
  8. Olfred
    Olfred 9 December 2015 07: 22
    Thank you cockroach! all the same it is a pity that in the circus called Ukraine (no offense), innocent people are both spectators and participants at the same time. peremoga after peremoga, it becomes already scary how everything is "good" with you hi
  9. Ayujak
    Ayujak 9 December 2015 07: 38
    Russia has big problems with Ukraine. After all, it is clear that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow there will be several events - a new round of civil war, people from hunger and cold will overthrow their "Maidanists", after which new ones will come, etc. and so on. The result will be the same - in the end people will come to power for friendship with Russia. And then Russia will have to help not only the DPR and LPR with humanitarian convoys, but also all the "zradovtsy" and "peremozhniki" so that they simply do not die of hunger, right up to the Polish borders.

    To the author of Yaki Tarakan Okoloradsky - get off!
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 9 December 2015 09: 25
      Russia should not have problems with Ukraine. But this again, if with a head. Seek to break economic ties, so let them do it, build a fence with a moat, so help them, you see people are tormented.
      And help, to the Polish border ... Why? Who needs it? You need? I don’t. Well, there were times when there were industries of interest to us, but they are no longer there, that's all ... And to help full of hatred, hungry natives, is not a grateful thing, and they will destroy everything that will be built again, you see everything, they know how to destroy, I feel sorry for our work and resources. Or someone, a terrorist in the Caucasus mountains, did not catch up, wants to drive over the steppes of Ukraine? Or again "brotherly people"? Maybe they still have a submarine fleet and me. give, well, so that territorial integrity would be preserved ..?
      No need to go where you are not welcome !!! Well, except that with bombs on suspensions, and that, not always and not everywhere.
      In general, I am categorically against this approach, you need help only to those who respect you and from whom you can get a return in the future.
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 9 December 2015 07: 43
    Today I want to announce new assistance to Ukraine in the amount of almost 190 million dollars to support progress.. Good money, if you can only drink it, you can earn cirrhosis of the liver, if there is obesity, but this is not enough for patching holes in the economy .. Conclusion, this money will be drunk and consumed by the junta ... and itself ... under a blanket, with a fig in your pocket ...
  11. Belousov
    Belousov 9 December 2015 08: 11
    Comrades, maybe it’s enough to feel sorry for the citizens of the "Square"? There have already been 2 elections, the pseudo-brotherly people voted for the previously chosen openly fascist course. So if they themselves want to jump into the abyss, then maybe they shouldn't interfere with these lacy horses? Already tired of tears, snot, it is necessary to consider the situation on the remnants of Ukraine as in a zoo or as an unscientific experience of a follower of Mengel.
  12. Old jew
    Old jew 9 December 2015 08: 18
    10 th
    Yes, yes, everything in Ukraine is "bad", it will soon "die", "freeze", what else was there ?, oh, yes, it will "go bankrupt." But somehow it didn't work out with "bankruptcy". Well, it happened, it didn't work out, that's all. Your denyuzhki were crying. How many billions are there? Well, you are no stranger, you have forgiven tens of billions to all "friends", God himself ordered to forgive some 3 billion "brothers". And more often you look at the price of oil, how much is it now? It is for you to watch as a "thermometer", as you advise Ukrainians, the lower its price, the higher taxes and other extortions for you. And at the end of the month, when the time comes to receive a salary and rent receipts come, read more such "holy fools" articles about how everything is "bad" in Ukraine, so to speak, to raise the "tone", they say "helps".
    1. esaull
      esaull 9 December 2015 09: 42
      Yes, we do not care about her bankruptcy, let them return the money and can continue to jump as she likes
    2. Lestat
      Lestat 9 December 2015 11: 45
      No one Ukrainians, at least ordinary people, never wished harm. But the exploits of Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk and Co. - not just one article have already been pulled. And no matter how much the price of oil is, the cost of its production will never equal it, at least in the Russian Federation. And here from where Poroshkovich will give debts recruited by him with the company, think it yourself. You will give back. Unless, of course, get off the sinking ship. None of the most naive eccentrics in the world can not yet call the United States a country of gratuitous aid and an altruist. Each penny of a loan will grow at times, and those ridiculous millions that are supposedly issued without repayment will be lost amid billions to repay. And then Ukraine will cease to exist, at least in the form in which it exists today. Maybe for the better.
  13. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 9 December 2015 08: 30
    Thanks Tarakasha !!!! In the morning he smiled ..... though he smiled sadly ...
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 December 2015 08: 30
    I missed the holy fool. If someone called that, then in vain. Some may or may not like what you write, but write with all your heart and truth. And in Russia they treated the holy fools with reverence, believing that through them the Most High speaks the truth.
  15. Kolka82
    Kolka82 9 December 2015 08: 56
    Here, my dear, who is really a holy fool. But not me.

    Do not pay attention to these komendyatlov - usually, "everyone judges for himself" ...
  16. babay
    babay 9 December 2015 09: 19
    Thank you Tarakasha! Burn on. Let's wait laughing
  17. 72jora72
    72jora72 9 December 2015 09: 51
    Quote: Belousov
    Comrades, maybe it’s enough to feel sorry for the citizens of the "Square"?

    Pity and compassion for his neighbor, this is what the Lord put into us .....
    1. Old jew
      Old jew 9 December 2015 10: 27
      Your Lord already said: "I will not have mercy, I will not spare, I will not repent."
      1. Condor-a
        Condor-a 9 December 2015 10: 51
        Where is it written? bully In the "Oral Law"?
      2. navigator
        navigator 9 December 2015 22: 40
        Quote: Old Jew
        Your Lord already said: "I will not have mercy, I will not spare, I will not repent."

        Not tired of changing nicknames with avatars, Yitzhak?
      3. The comment was deleted.
  18. Angry orc
    Angry orc 9 December 2015 11: 12
    I greet Okoloradsky, I always read your articles with interest, one question only gnaws, you seem to be leaving Ukraine, and as I understand it completely, what prompted me to return, or maybe I misunderstood
  19. DobryAAH
    DobryAAH 9 December 2015 12: 28
    Three were not returned to us, now if we pay for coal, we will take the money, and the goods - nevermind.
  20. Bgerl
    Bgerl 9 December 2015 14: 01
    Yes, to hell with them with multimillion-year-old Ukrainian. Let them play independence. They will soon begin to swing with the wind with hunger. Or do they really believe that foreign investors will come and pay wages as in the Reich, and whoever doesn’t have enough work in an independent, will be happy to let them work in the EU? And in order not to waste time, you can dig out the Black Sea 2 - the people will be busy with something, and not with maydaun, they will warm up at the same time, but most importantly the budget, which can and should be cut.
  21. Balagan
    Balagan 9 December 2015 15: 03
    Tarakasha, I always read your lines with pleasure. Well done!
    And on dogs - spit. The main thing is that your caravan goes and goes, regardless of extraneous sounds.
  22. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 9 December 2015 15: 07
    Money Biden also did not bring. 190 of millions is not money in our times, it is so ... a sop for poverty. They expected him to make a decision on the issue of debts to Russia, but in his statement Biden clocked up many words, the essence of which remained the same. FIG you, not a guarantee.

    - But this is just the most interesting! I confess that when I first met Lord Dorvin, I decided that I had never met a more dumbass donkey in my life. However, later I realized that I had before me an experienced diplomat and an intelligent person. So here. I took the liberty of recording all his statements on a tape recorder.
    - Where are the conclusions of the analysis? - could not stand Lundin Krast.
    “Do not be surprised at their absence, gentlemen,” Gardin smiled. - This analysis was the most difficult. The withers fought over him for two whole days. He discarded all insignificant phrases, chatter, “chain” statements ... and in the end there was nothing left for analysis! That is - absolutely nothing!
    Lord Dorwin, gentlemen, in the five days during which the negotiations went on, said nothing! But I managed to do it in such a way that none of you noticed this. This is the price of assurances of support for the Empire!
    (c) Isaac Asimov. Base.
  23. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 9 December 2015 15: 14
    Hold on to a cockroach. Life is striped.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 9 December 2015 19: 00
      Well, yes, life is "striped" like a "zebra": a white stripe is black behind it, again white and again black, etc., and at the end - w ... na. (This is a common saying.) recourse