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Samsung Techwin Remote Controlled Battle Module

Samsung Techwin Remote Controlled Battle Module

Remotely controlled combat module with 12,7-mm machine gun M2, created by Samsung Techwin

Samsung Techwin, a South Korean company, has developed a medium-weight, remotely controlled combat module (SDM) that can accept 7,62-mm and 12,7-mm machine guns and 40-mm rocket launchers and uses Samsung's extensive experience in optical-electronic technologies and servo drives. The system is designed primarily for the South Korean army, but is also available for overseas markets. Samsung Techwin offers its system for installation on vehicles, on sea and river vessels and on stationary guard posts.

OUBM from Samsung Techwin consists of a light turret with weaponry, a remote display and a control panel.

The turret is mounted on the car’s roof on the trunnion and rotates by means of an electric motor installed vertically in the right part of the module. This allows the module to rotate continuously on all 360 °. The turret assembly provides the inclination of the armament installed in the center of the base. An electric drive mounted horizontally on the left side of the module allows you to raise and lower armament in the range from –20 ° to + 60 °. The maximum transfer speed is 60 ° / s and the maximum vertical movement speed is 75 ° / s. Slow speeds of horizontal and vertical pickup are less than 0,15 mrad / s.

The system can take weapons of various types, in particular 7,62-mm machine guns, 12,7-mm machine guns and 40-mm rocket launchers. Ammunition is supplied from standard boxes mounted on the left side of the combat module. Store capacity 200 7,62-mm cartridges, 100 12,7-mm cartridges or 32 40-mm grenades. As an option, Samsung Techwin offers two anti-tank missile launchers mounted at the top of the combat module.

Samsung Techwin DUBM Control Panel

On the right side of the module there is a touch container. It includes a daytime CCD camera with a detection range of 10 km, a thermal imaging camera with a detection range of 5,4 km, and a laser rangefinder safe for eyes with a range of 5 km. Images from these sensors are displayed on a remote 12,1-inch LCD display. The shooter has one or two hand joysticks next to the monitor. The firing of weapons is carried out remotely using an integrated fire control system, if necessary, the fire can be conducted in manual mode. The fire control system can be integrated with a remote radar to improve surveillance capabilities. The fire control system also has self-diagnostic software.

The combat module is ready for production when orders are placed on it.

Armament: 7,62-mm medium machine guns, 12,7-mm heavy machine guns and 40-mm automatic grenade launchers
Ammunition: 200 ammo for 7,62 mm; 100 ammo for 12,7 mm; 32 grenades 40 mm
Angle of rotation: nx 360 °
Vertical guidance angles: From -20 to 60 °
Maximum transfer speed: 60 ° / s
Maximum speed in elevation: 75 ° / s
Minimum Reverse / Vertical Speed: 0,006 ° / s
Touch Kit: Day CCD camera, uncooled thermal imager, laser rangefinder with a range of 5 km
Resistance to mechanical and electromagnetic effects: conforms to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 standards

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  1. Lyapis
    Lyapis 9 December 2015 06: 33
    Hmm ... here I would buy such a Samsung! wassat
      WYCCTPUJIA 9 December 2015 08: 44
      And they say that samsung has stolen something from apple. lol I wonder what? bully Isn't this setting! hi
      1. midivan
        midivan 14 December 2015 05: 58
        AppStore is probably a monitor, and for this, Americans can am
    2. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 10 December 2015 20: 26
      Yeah, I think I would have looked on a wheelbarrow))) bully
  2. R-22
    R-22 9 December 2015 07: 52
    why do you need him?
  3. Dam
    Dam 9 December 2015 08: 39
    I remembered a joke: a phone call
    - Hello, is it convenient for you to speak?
    - I do not have Samsung
  4. Engineer
    Engineer 9 December 2015 08: 55
    Who did Samsung copy this time? It is necessary to search for the original)
    1. AAV
      AAV 9 December 2015 12: 13
      Well, why did you copy it right away? They just made their own version of the Belarusian module "ADUNOK", for example.

      [img] [/ img]
  5. Belimbai
    Belimbai 9 December 2015 09: 21
    Damn, and I have a Samsung TV .... I’ll go look for a machine gun in it.
  6. 31rus
    31rus 9 December 2015 12: 03
    Dear, and why should I be surprised? An ordinary set for DUM
  7. Gunther
    Gunther 10 December 2015 20: 22
    In the rear view, an unprotected data cable is hanging, connected to the sensor module, but what if the DBM is used in Brazil, where there are many, many wild monkeys?
    They will tear it off to hell. By the way - after all, they train martial dolphins!
    In short, the Korean DBM is still damp and unsuitable for countries where monkeys are available.
  8. midivan
    midivan 14 December 2015 06: 00
    Does he have polyphony? repeat
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 16 December 2015 07: 49
    Interestingly, on WiFi from Samsung C6 will be controlled?