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Former "centurion", the current "Crocodile": BMP Temsah

Former "centurion", the current "Crocodile": BMP Temsah

It seems that among the Middle Eastern builders of armored vehicles a new "fashion" is planned. In the late 80s, Israel began to remodel obsolete Tanks in heavy armored personnel carriers, and ten years later Jordan joined him. In the early 90s, Jordan purchased Challenger tanks (Al-Hussein in the Jordanian classification) from the UK to replace the obsolete Centurions (Tariq variant). And, seeing the Israeli experience, the kingdom was not going to send the latter for remelting. On the contrary, it was decided to prolong their life by converting infantry into heavy combat vehicles.

The development of the tank conversion program was entrusted to the Jordanian company King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau - KADDB (Abdullah II Design Bureau) and the South African MDB. Also, a number of sources mentioned participation in the project of the Ukrainian Plant named after. Malysheva. However, this company at that time was working on another version of the BMP for Jordan - the so-called. project AB13. The Jordanian project for reworking the Centurion, in turn, was named AB14. It was under these names that both samples were presented at the SOFEX 2000 exhibition. The following year, at the IDEX 2001 show in Abu Dhabi, the AB14 prototype was presented under a new name - Temsah (Crocodile). At the same time, as if hinting at the export prospects for re-equipping the tank, the approximate cost of re-equipping the prototype was named in the region of $ 50 thousand per vehicle. A tricky move: not all countries at that time removed the Centurions from service, and the purchase of completely new BMPs will cost several times more.

As is known, on the Centurion, the engine-transmission compartment is located aft, and the classic layout of infantry combat vehicles implies the rear placement of the troop compartment and the doors for dismounting. KADDB and MDB decided this problem not by moving the engine down or to the side, as on the BMP-3 (USSR-Russia) or Akhzarit (Israel), but in a more interesting way. Chassis "Centurion" turned backwards. Now the feed with the engine has become the front part, and the current feed has received sufficient volume to accommodate paratroopers in it. In connection with this "coup" had to change the shape of the new nose, change the direction of rotation of transmission gears, as well as adjust the suspension to maintain the desired tension caterpillars. The crew of the infantry fighting vehicle, reduced to two people, was moved forward and placed immediately behind the MTO partition, and at the old place of the driver the troop compartment was made for ten people. As a result, the troop compartment was 1,45 meters tall, 1,5 wide, and 3,5 long. To facilitate the abandonment of the car and return to it, the landing door was equipped with an electric drive. In addition to the aft door, it is possible to install hatches in the roof, from one to six, depending on customer requirements and the purpose of the machine.
In addition to the use of “Temsakh” as a BMP, it is possible to equip the machine with a command post, communication, sanitary and other options. The comfort of the crew, assault forces, telecom operators or doctors is provided by a ventilation system with filters and air conditioning. Also in the version of the BMP under the landing seats set boxes for dry rations and water supply. According to KADDB, there can be put a two-day supply of food and drink for all 12 people.

Protection "Temsakh", in addition to native armor "Centurion", is composed of a special casing of synthetic material based on Kevlar. It weakens the infrared radiation emanating from the car, and also slightly enhances protection against small-caliber projectiles. The onboard booking was also enhanced - now the homogeneous rolled sides withstand a hit of an armor-piercing sub-caliber projectile of caliber up to 30 mm. Also on the "Tems" installation of active protection kits is possible. Chemical, biological or nuclear protection weapons provided by a ventilation system.
The power plant, with the exception of the changes associated with the reversal of the structure backwards, has not changed. The General Dynamics AVDS – 1790 engine with an Allison CD-850 automatic transmission delivers maximum horsepower to 850. There is also a power plant option with the hp forced up to 950. engine and new gearbox - CD-1000.

Armament "Temsah" located on the gun installation SWARM, developed in conjunction with the British company Helio. The SWARM combat equipment itself consists of a GIAT M-20 621-mm automatic cannon. On the serial samples, a twin 7,62-mm machine gun M240 and a launcher for two or four anti-tank ZT-35 Ingwie missiles (South Africa, maximum range - 5 kilometers) was added. Ammunition of barrel weapons is 150 projectiles for the gun, plus the same amount in the packing and 600 ammunition for the machine gun plus two thousand in stock. The SWARM turret can rotate 360 °, and the angles of vertical guidance of the cannon and machine gun range from -8 ... + 40 °. In addition to weapons "offensive" on the BMP, there is also a "defensive" - ​​8 smoke grenade launchers. Since the turret is uninhabited, the commander of the BMP, which is also the operator of weapons, has at its disposal a number of means for observing and detecting the enemy. This is a thermal imager, a tele-camera with a zoom lens, a laser range finder and an electronic weapon control system, including a two-plane stabilizer. From his turret, the commander can conduct a survey through the glass on 180 °, for the remaining sector of space will have to use a camera located on the SWARM. Also, at the request of the customer, surveillance cameras can be installed on the vehicle body, the signal from which is displayed on four screens at the commander’s workplace. Boynits for firing personal weapons BMP does not have.

In 2006, a new version of the Tamsah was introduced - a heavy BTR. All weapons were removed from it, and a small trapezoid cabin with large glasses was placed in place of the SWARM. If necessary, the armored glass can be closed with metal shields with slits. Like the original, the BTR has a crew of two and a troop compartment for ten soldiers. In addition to felling, the BTR does not differ from the original.

As is the conversion of old tanks into new infantry fighting vehicles, Jordan prefers not to brag. However, from different sources, from time to time, information appears that all three hundred Jordanian Centurion-Tariqs, which were in storage in the 2010 year, will be remade approximately to the 2015-20 year.

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 25 November 2011 08: 13
    As the saying goes "the old horse does not spoil the furrow", and even save on the face. It’s a pity to cut technique incompetently
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 25 November 2011 09: 11
    And what, a good machine, I looked, still will do good service. Especially in the east of Israel to crush barefoot, better you can imagine and not expensive.
    1. snek
      snek 25 November 2011 09: 31
      There barefoot have a bad habit of firing RPGs
      1. wk
        wk 27 November 2011 03: 52
        RPG is faster than classic armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, and Arabs are capable of single heroes, but they cannot offer any organized military resistance - a fact.
    2. kagorta
      kagorta 25 November 2011 09: 43
      These are Jordanian products, what does Israil have to do with it? wink
    3. wesmann
      wesmann 25 November 2011 22: 11
      Especially in eastern Israel to crush barefoot, you can’t imagine better
      All the blood of men do not choke?
    4. wesmann
      wesmann 25 November 2011 22: 17
      Especially in eastern Israel to crush barefoot, you can’t imagine better

      You still do not choke on human blood?
    5. wesmann
      wesmann 25 November 2011 22: 19
      Especially in eastern Israel to crush barefoot, you can’t imagine better

      Do you not choke on human blood?
  3. dred
    dred 25 November 2011 10: 46
    Jordanians are now modernizing all the equipment.
  4. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 25 November 2011 11: 25
    They begin to study with us the state budget to cut belay
  5. Professor
    Professor 25 November 2011 23: 08
    Not bad for a start, however:
    The tank has an enhanced frontal projection, now it has become a stern, and a weakened stern will now take on impact.
    Booking looks a bit weak (in the photo with a manhole in the roof and with a rear ramp).
    Benches are welded to the floor, with an explosion on a mine you won’t get bruised. The same situation with the backs will break the spine.

    was called the approximate cost of the conversion of the prototype in the 50 area thousand thousand for one car

    they lie
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 26 November 2011 00: 44
      ATGM ZT-35 Ingwie, laser guidance heard, not the best weapons, problems and limitations of such systems - from interference immunity (both from natural interference and intentional), ending with the deterioration of the accuracy of tracking missiles with increasing distance.
      Well, okay, but the author did not indicate whether there is an ATGM ammunition? Or is everything limited to container bookmarking?
      1. Professor
        Professor 26 November 2011 09: 35
        The answer on the penultimate photo, except for Nokia mobile phone wink there is no additional ammunition. However, it is not needed for the armored personnel carrier, there are BMPs and tanks for this.