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Project "ZZ". Hunters for terrorists

Barack Obama made a speech on American television in the Oval Office. In his opinion, the mass execution of people in the California city of San Bernardino is a terrorist act. The president hinted at an "extensive conspiracy" in the United States and called on Congress to sanction the use of military force against the Islamic State. B. H. Obama promised that the US military would arrange a "hunt" for terrorists all over the planet. However, his speech to the future did not inspire other citizens who are ready to fight the militants right now - on the streets of their native cities. The president of one university called on students to arm themselves and “do away with Muslims.”

Speech by Barack Obama can be heard on the Internet at CNN website.

Project "ZZ". Hunters for terrorists

President Obama promises to continue the "hunt for terrorists." Frame: CNN, 7 December European time

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, noted in a message to CNN, on Sunday made a "passionate" speech, promising to "destroy" the group "IG" by conducting a "merciless, strong and wise campaign" that "is consistent" with American "values".

Obama's televised address to the “nervous nation” was recorded in the Oval Office and broadcast later on CNN’s prime time. The president’s speech was listened to by millions.

The president said that the mass execution last week in San Bernardino, California, was a terrorist attack by two radically-minded people professing a "perverted" form of Islam.

“It was an act of terrorism, designed to kill innocent people,” Obama said.

“And I want you to know that. The threat of terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. We will destroy IS and any other organization that tries to harm us, ”said the US President.

Saying this, B.H. Obama was clearly aware, says journalist Stephen Collinson, that public support for his response to terrorism is “waning.” Maybe this is precisely why Obama "tried to calm the people" with the words about "crisis under control" not sitting at the table, as most of the previous presidents did, but standing behind the podium installed in the Oval Office.

“We will win, we will be strong and smart, strong and tireless,” Obama told the people.

He further urged Congress to take measures to tighten control over the purchase weapons in the country. None of the terrorists should be able to quickly and easily buy firearms.

According to a CNN journalist, such an idea would trigger the “wrath of the conservatives. Nonetheless, Obama is confident that tight control over the circulation of firearms would be a key part of the fight against IS. The president believes that now people who want to harm the Americans are “too easy” to acquire weapons in the USA. When “suspects” have the opportunity to purchase automatic weapons, it becomes a “national security issue,” said Obama. Military weapons — such as what was used in San Bernardino, where the 14 people died — should not be sold as it is being sold now.

In the congress, reminds CNN journalist, today the Republicans dominate, and they, of course, will make so that the bill from Obama, aimed at revising the weapons laws, was "almost impossible" to accept.

In his speech, B.H. Obama called on lawmakers to finally allow the use of US forces in the war against IG.

Probable Republican presidential candidate (race favorite) Donald Trump ridiculed Obama's speech, saying, “Is that all?”, And remarked that the country “needs a new president — and quickly!”

Florida’s former governor Jeb Bush, another contender for the chair in the Oval Office, said that Obama has finally abandoned his “political fantasies” and acknowledged that terrorism does not retreat at all.

In his speech, Obama warned that the United States would not win the war against IG if ground forces were deployed along the lines of the Iraq campaign, which was a mistake. Obama is confident that his approach, which is already being used, including with air strikes and cooperation with local forces in Iraq and Syria, will make it possible to win.

The president also noted that the adherents of Islam are also responsible, although “bandits and murderers” from the “IS” do not speak on behalf of pure faith - they are more likely preachers of the “cult of death”. However, “this does not mean that it is necessary to deny the fact of the spread of extremist ideology in some Muslim communities.” Muslims are therefore obliged to eradicate manifestations of radicalization in their environment, to resist them. Islamic leaders should unequivocally reject the "ideology of hatred" professed by the IG and Al-Qaida groups.

According to Obama, the US military will hunt for terrorists in any country where they hide. The president said that Washington would cooperate more closely with the allies in order to stop funding the IG and prevent the recruitment of foreign fighters. He also promised to “intensify the search for a process” to ensure a political settlement in Syria.

In the final speech, Obama called on Americans for unity and patriotism and declared that freedom is “stronger” than fear. American citizens, he said, should not forget what makes their nation "exceptional."

Obama's speech, we add from ourselves, did not seem convincing to everyone.

Informational portal spoke about Jerry Falwell, teacher and president of Liberty University. This man expressed indignation at Obama’s attempt to tighten control over his weapon and, as a response, suggested urgently arming himself, practicing shooting and “doing away with the Muslims.”

Jerry Falwell, President of the University, which adheres to Christian values, urged his students to obtain permission to conceal the carrying of firearms. In this way, young people could have prevented a likely next mass execution.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., head of the University of Liberty, a Christian high school in the state of Virginia, sharply criticized President Obama’s statement on controlling arms trafficking.

“It just blows up my brain,” said the teacher, “when I see how the President of the United States says that the answer to [shooting in San Bernardino] needs more control over the circulation of firearms,” the Falwell edition quotes. The university activist hinted that he had a “pistol in his back pocket” right now. He further called for a weapon to "kill the Muslims before they come and kill us."

Jerry Falwell Jr .: Steep, like a boiled egg (screenshot of a video from a teacher’s speech to students)

He stated that the university offers a free course on obtaining permission to conceal the carrying of weapons. Falwell said: “I would just like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get such permission. We offer a free course. Let's give them a lesson if they ever seem here, ”he said.

Historian Stephen Cohen, an expert on Russia, also adds his own point of view on the fight against terrorism. Unlike the radically minded educator Jerry Falwell Jr., who carries a gun in his back pocket, Cohen believes that the threat of terrorism can be eradicated only internationally and only with the help of the Kremlin.

Translation of textual adaptation of audio recordings of a speech by Professor Princeton and New York University Stephen Cohen at a meeting of the San Francisco Commonwealth Club hosted on a paid resource, it is possible to read in full and in Russian for free on "InoSMI".

We give the main thing from the speech of Cohen.

“Today’s terrorists use conventional weapons, assault rifles, mortars and bombs. But if they had a bank with radioactive materials in Paris, Paris would have to be evacuated. This is a real threat today. This type of threat cannot be eliminated, restrained, uprooted completely, unless we have a partner in the Kremlin. This is short. I repeat once again, I am talking about a partner, not a friend. Nixon and Clinton talked about a dear friend Brezhnev and a friend of Yeltsin, but it was pure window dressing. I don’t care whether we like the Kremlin leader or not, but we must recognize the existence of common interests for the sake of partnership, as two businessmen cooperate in concluding a contract. They have common interests, and they need to trust each other, because if one of them breaks the contract, then the interests of the second will suffer.

Today we do not have such relations with Russia, even after Paris, and I have been talking about this for several years in a row. People say that I am not a patriot and a Putinist, but this is not so. I answer them that this is the highest form of patriotism - the protection of America’s national security. ”

According to Cohen, the US government should be patriots of America’s national security, and for this you need to “rethink everything”. At one time, the Clinton administration, having chosen the anti-Russian approach “the winner gets everything”, acted “unreasonably,” the historian believes. This policy "undermined the chances of a strategic partnership with Russia at a turning point stories". “Unfortunately,” said the scientist, “today's reports indicate that the White House and the State Department are thinking mainly about the opposition of Russia in Syria. They are said to be worried about how Russia is challenging American world leadership. ”

However, according to Cohen, the United States can no longer "lead the world alone". Globalization has put an end to the unipolar world. “A multipolar world has arisen before our eyes, where there is not only Russia, but five or six world centers,” the historian reminds. And yet Washington is stubbornly unwilling to recognize this reality. And this "became part of the problem."

As a result, we’ll add to the conclusion that isolated fighters against terrorism appear in the USA, propagandizing the hidden carrying of weapons and shooting Muslims, and in Syria and Iraq there are simultaneously two coalitions fighting against the seemingly common enemy - the IG group.

In fact, Obama’s new “strategy” (reinforcement of actions against the IG and additional control over the US arms trade) is doomed to failure. The first part of the statement is empty rhetoric, since the White House fights primarily with Assad, and not with the IG; the second “dove of peace” will not be allowed to be realized by conservative Republicans, who value the right to carry pistols in their pockets.

Therefore, the passionate speech of Comrade Cohen is not a seed that has fallen into fertile soil. The White House and the State Department will continue to think in the spirit of the Cold War, and the United States will still have a strong and elusive enemy in the person of terrorists.

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  1. PatriotKZ
    PatriotKZ 7 December 2015 09: 18 New
    Hunters are the same to me. Empty words.
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 7 December 2015 09: 27 New
      Washington will work more closely with its allies to stop funding IG

      "... stop financing the IG" - is it about the USA and the CA?
      1. hydrox
        hydrox 7 December 2015 09: 43 New
        Quote: SRC P-15
        "... stop financing the IG" - is it about the USA and the CA?

        Smoked, as always, was promoted - this deceitful fresh heat again wants to euthanize all the suckers who follow him like a herd of sheep
      2. _Vladislav_
        _Vladislav_ 7 December 2015 09: 44 New
        Quote: SRC P-15
        The president said that the mass execution last week in San Bernardino, California, was a terrorist attack by two radically-minded people professing a "perverted" form of Islam.

        Come on, the California terrorist attack is an odd event on September 11th.
        The whole difference is:
        1. In California, it was an uncontrolled poorly prepared process.
        2. September 11 controlled and well prepared (carefully planned to the second) by the US authorities, hence its such great success.

        After a couple of weeks, no one will remember what was in California. By the fact that terrorist acts in the Donbass are worse, with the use of MLRS and the 240th artillery.
      3. Military Builder
        Military Builder 7 December 2015 12: 16 New
        apparently Erdogan will be persuaded not to buy oil from ISIS
    2. cniza
      cniza 7 December 2015 09: 28 New
      Quote: PatriotKZ
      Hunters are the same to me. Empty words.

      You can’t keep silent, you must say something that makes such pathos from here and they really don’t know what to do.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. vkl-47
      vkl-47 7 December 2015 09: 47 New
      washington is the den of global terrorism
    5. APS
      APS 7 December 2015 09: 54 New
      Again, "accidentally" hooked the Syrian military. A few people are killed. Oh, to beat all these coalition tins ...
    6. Vikings
      Vikings 7 December 2015 11: 02 New
      Speech is nothing! As predicted by analysts, general
      phrases, vague tasks. In general, an attempt to create by
      illiterate PR move, a good face on a bad game.
      Everything smacks of demagogy and cheap populism!
    7. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 7 December 2015 15: 32 New
      Obama: "The United States will continue to hunt for terrorists where they have not been born."

  2. Wolka
    Wolka 7 December 2015 09: 19 New
    give him a banana ...
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 7 December 2015 09: 45 New
      Quote: Volka
      give him a banana ...

      A ram doesn’t eat a banana, but it’s necessary to give it - it may slip on the skin and break its neck itself :: you can breathe a sigh of relief ...
  3. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 7 December 2015 09: 23 New
    In my opinion, this situation reminds me of 44 years ... the opening of a second front ... again they try to jump on a train called victory
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 7 December 2015 09: 30 New
      Quote: Captain Air Force
      In my opinion, this situation reminds me of 44 years ... the opening of a second front ... again they try to jump on a train called victory

      On TV about the 44th year, without saying a word, said all the leaders of the Duma factions, Nikonov and someone else ... And not in a chorus somewhere in the studio, but separately.
      1. tracker
        tracker 7 December 2015 11: 06 New
        only the tasks are different, in the 44th to cling to victory, and now disrupt the coalition of Russia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, to ​​some extent, and save the remnants of the Islamic State in order to maintain tension in the Middle East
    2. emercom1979
      emercom1979 7 December 2015 09: 30 New
      I agree completely, and they will rewrite history again, they will say that they could not have done without them. And the main battle was won when excavators bombed.
  4. izya top
    izya top 7 December 2015 09: 26 New
    no. in vain, all the same, the KuklusKlan drove into the shadows. I could bring much more benefit ...
    1. veksha50
      veksha50 7 December 2015 09: 43 New
      Quote: iza top
      no. in vain, all the same, the KuklusKlan drove into the shadows. I could bring much more benefit ...

      Well, Obama would definitely not be the president ...
  5. SPB 1221
    SPB 1221 7 December 2015 09: 32 New
    The stupid performance of Obama! He did not say anything new, it seems that the United States is not a terrorist hunter but a ghost hunter!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. sannych
      sannych 7 December 2015 11: 43 New
      Then I found a video, like American "specialists", hunters, so to speak
      1. Good cat
        Good cat 7 December 2015 12: 24 New
        Blue in their bags what? Shoe covers ?!)))))
        1. DOMINO100
          DOMINO100 7 December 2015 23: 50 New
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 7 December 2015 09: 34 New
    Globalization has put an end to a unipolar world. “A multipolar world has appeared before our eyes, where there is not only Russia, but five or six world centers,” recalls the historian. Yet Washington stubbornly refuses to acknowledge this reality.

    An unfortunate country ... is forced to step on its own rake again and again, getting another blow to the forehead.

    As for the terrorists, everything is much more complicated and worse ...
    Yesterday I watched the new videos of the Iblis state ... very well executed ..
    young boys (ten years old, twenty) were brainwashed in a field camp after which they arranged a game for them ...
    every kid having got a gun must find in the ruins of some kind of structure a bound prisoner and kill him ... so these guys with great pleasure found the unfortunate and shot and the close-up camera shot all this in all details ... there is the preparation of the IBLIS HITERLIEND ... a man from an early age is forced to kill without asking any questions ... the special services of our country should pay special attention to such training camps for juvenile killers ...

    in the light of the threats of KERRY threatening our country with terror on our territory, these juvenile killers may appear in our country .... a very dangerous situation.
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 7 December 2015 09: 49 New
      Quote: The same Lech
      in the light of the threats of KERRY threatening our country with terror in our territory

      Now is the time to designate this to Kerry as the main ideologist of Daesh ... and no matter what it is, it is important that this uncle was aware of it ...
  7. veksha50
    veksha50 7 December 2015 09: 35 New
    "promising to" destroy "the IG group by holding "Merciless, strong and wise campaign", which is "consistent" with American "values""...

    So, as always (according to Chernomyrdin) - this company will be verbose and practically useless ...

    PS Terrorism did not need to be generated and supported ... To deprive it of financial support - if desired by the leaders of ALL countries - it is also necessary, and perhaps in demand ... Without money, no terrorism can exist ...
  8. avva2012
    avva2012 7 December 2015 09: 38 New
    “It was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people.”, really, captain evidence.
    “We will win, we will be strong and smart, strong and tireless”, Nk, as you want, you can largely blame Vladimir Putin, but so that he carries such a heresy? (us ..... and we grow stronger).
    In his speech, Obama warned that the United States would not win the war against IG if ground forces were deployed along the lines of the Iraq campaign, which was a mistake. Obama is confident that his approach, which is already being used, including with air strikes and cooperation with local forces in Iraq and Syria, will make it possible to win. "The priest had a dog, he loved her ..." What, you can say, with such a president, they only have to hope for God.
  9. Mr.
    Mr. Fun 7 December 2015 09: 40 New
    The president of one university urged students to arm themselves and “end the Muslims.”

    Ohh, come on, come on. The news the other day there was a report that now in the United States to buy weapons is as simple as buying a bigmack in McDonald's. Even the channel was launched, ala shop on the couch. Tinkled like this, sitting in an armchair - bought a gun, no question at all. Thus, arming for these idiots is not difficult. They have every 5 there weapons. The only question is where they will shoot. As practice shows, recently, Americans really like to stream in some sort of colleges. Great power, * pt ...
    “Unfortunately,” the scientist said, “today's reports indicate that the White House and the State Department are thinking mainly about Russia's opposition in Syria. They say they are concerned about how Russia disputes American world leadership. ”

    Affected by the living mattresses. They care that someone disputes them, allegedly, world leadership. And here we are concerned that the Americans are doing x * nudes, all over the world. Something needs to be done with this ...
    1. your1970
      your1970 7 December 2015 12: 39 New
      Every 5 has a weapon there ... belay belay belay belay Oh well

      1. U.S. Civilians Holding 270 Million Weapons
      To date, the number of firearms that are in the hands of citizens of the United States of America is 270 million units. In this regard, the United States is the undisputed world leader. A recent study showed that 100 Americans account for 89 firearms (for comparison: in India, which is worth In second place after the United States in terms of weapons per capita, only four residents out of a hundred have a firearm).
      2. America's firearms are easier to buy than beer
      Today in the USA there are about 130 of thousands of licensed firearms dealers. These include pawn shop owners, collectors and other merchants. If you want to purchase weapons from a licensed dealer, you must have with you identification documents, as well as go through a number of formal procedures (checking for a criminal record, written confirmation of the conclusion of a contract of sale and so on). Buying a firearm from a private seller does not require any of the above, so weapons in the United States are sometimes easier to acquire than a can of beer. In 2012, about 40% of all firearms in circulation were sold by private dealers.

      3. America has more weapons than cars
      Today, 270 million firearms are in the hands of citizens of the United States of America, with the number of people holding cars is only 254 million pieces. An interesting fact is that in the 2011 year in the United States there were 129197 licensed dealers, engaged in the sale of firearms, whereas there were only 36569 grocery storesand there are even fewer McDonald's fast-food restaurants - 14098 locations across the country.

      Something like this ... Every adult with a trunk (average) ....
      1. avva2012
        avva2012 7 December 2015 13: 53 New
        And yet, there about a dozen states dream of independence, for example Texas. So many trunks plus a very small crisis ... Can someone help them? wink
  10. Winged 38
    Winged 38 7 December 2015 09: 41 New
    One blah, blah, blah ...
    You will not get real action against terrorism. They can only share other people's successes.
  11. veksha50
    veksha50 7 December 2015 09: 41 New
    "the US military will hunt ha terrorists in any country where they take refuge"...

    Please note: "in any country" ...
    Look in the USA, the White House and the Pentagon ...

    True, the Pentagon spokesman has already said that; "" Thanks to the bombing of an international coalition led by the United States over the past month, the Islamic State terrorist group *lost 43 percent of revenuethat ISIS receives from the sale of oil "

    Source: World Review

    So ... Even the interest is calculated ... Is that what it means they know the exact budget and the income of the IG ??? This is possible only in one case - if the IG is a puppet controlled by the USA ... Which was to be proved ...
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 7 December 2015 09: 45 New
      And what right do they have for this ?! Planet Earth, not yet a colony of the United States.
  12. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 7 December 2015 09: 44 New
    The collective west is a pseudo-civilization that has outlived its own. They are like schizos -
    act logically (sometimes) and pragmatically, you won’t dig in, and the initial premise is incorrect, so they are wrong. I watched once an interview with Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, so he answered the constant mention of the correspondent "but in Europe ..." he answered well: "Why are you pestering with that Europe, Europe is us, but those who are ..." .
  13. press officer
    press officer 7 December 2015 09: 48 New
    Quote: emercom1979
    I agree completely, and they will rewrite history again, they will say that they could not have done without them. And the main battle was won when excavators bombed.

    so they have already stated that only thanks to a coalition of the usa and the great shavers and france can defeat the IG. yes And it’s as if we weren’t there. And I don’t care for everyone that some people don’t understand what they’re bombing, while others beat the diggers strictly. yes
    Everything is as usual, which is not even surprising.
  14. Riv
    Riv 7 December 2015 09: 54 New
    Collaborate against IS? It sounds like: "Bees versus honey."
    Although nothing is impossible. These damned Russians are likely to crush cheap oil supplies from Turkey. There are no more profits, but the danger of terrorism remains. And the next president will surely cheerfully wave the flag of the fight against IS and cooperation with Russia.
  15. parusnik
    parusnik 7 December 2015 10: 04 New
    The Americans released gin from the bottle in the form of al-Qaeda, then ISIS and can not drive him back ... And that is typical, the United States itself, in fact, is a terrorist power, producing colorful revolutions around the world ..
  16. runway
    runway 7 December 2015 10: 05 New
    When terrorists kill people in the USA, it’s bad for them, when terrorists kill people in other parts of the world, it’s good for them.
    Why it is good? Yes, because the United States is the largest supplier of weapons to all hot spots on our planet. With states weakened in conflicts, the United States acts as it pleases. They can continue to sponsor a military confrontation between the parties, or they can, without UN authorization, send their troops into a country weakened by war, because there is no one to expect a worthy rebuff to illegal actions .... But all this, of course, under the guise of defending democracy.
    In deciding to send troops to Syria, the United States is not going to fight ISIS - with its own creation, but intends to oust Russia from Syria. What kind of coalition can we talk about if, in words, the offer of Russia to join the coalition, but in reality the toughening of sanctions against it, is already waging an economic war against us !?
  17. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 December 2015 10: 37 New
    Today it was reported that the Western coalition had struck the camp of the Syrian army. 3 v / s died, there are wounded. That’s the fight against terrorism. Instead of ISIS for those who are fighting with him.
    called on Congress to authorize the use of military force against the Islamic State

    And that before that without the sanction of congress imitated the struggle? They in the United States are already completely confused even in their actions.
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 7 December 2015 11: 34 New
      Someone Assad across the throat and here?
  18. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 7 December 2015 10: 42 New
    If you have $ 10 in your pocket and you have no debts, then you are richer than 25% of Americans.
  19. From Samara
    From Samara 7 December 2015 11: 52 New
    The United States has everything you need to hunt for terrorists. There are the most numerous MTRs in the world ...
  20. Kibl
    Kibl 7 December 2015 12: 23 New
    It’s eared! And the students’s armament, dumber than the call, couldn’t be invented. They already shoot classmates and classmates with alarming frequency, so after calling this mad rector with a gun in his back pocket, they just untie their hands. Now you can wet a person only because he reads the Koran or performs a prayer at lunch, in my opinion this is an appeal of a dumb and irresponsible idiot. Although why be surprised, a sick nation, a person’s life is an empty phrase for them!
  21. Good cat
    Good cat 7 December 2015 12: 25 New
    Obama is really captain evidence!
  22. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 7 December 2015 12: 40 New
    The dark-skinned man spoke about the snowstorm)))
    “It was an act of terrorism, designed to kill innocent people,” Obama said.
    And the fact that in Iraq, Libya and Syria has already killed more than a million innocent people is what they call it “collateral losses”.
  23. Belousov
    Belousov 7 December 2015 12: 47 New
    Horseradish speaker ... As usual - policy statements and nothing more. Weapons will be sold as before, this is a very profitable business. None of the presidents even stuttered about the ban on free trade in arms, because gunsmiths have a serious lobby and seriously finance election campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans, so they remain on horseback with any winner.
    And about terrorism - well, let him tell Erdogan to abandon the colossal profits. Will he listen to him or not?
  24. Stariknv
    Stariknv 7 December 2015 12: 53 New
    Do not create something that you can’t control and will not be fought.
  25. triglav
    triglav 7 December 2015 13: 12 New
    Obama is a tireless fighter for peace. He alone will defeat all terrorists.
  26. Beard
    Beard 7 December 2015 13: 58 New
    Obama tried to pose as Roosevelt?
  27. afrikanez
    afrikanez 7 December 2015 14: 05 New
    The guy suffered (Jerry Falwell), and the civilian is not far away. Although it would suit us!
  28. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 7 December 2015 15: 46 New
    Why would the Americans not arm themselves even more? To be completely hung up with ribbons of cartridges and grenades, a kabura from all sides and a machine gun on the shoulder and let everyone walk across America! How many I listen to them, for 60 years they have been straining themselves in part, which will soon be very good, only there will be no bright future, and they will not have it! They are fooling the whole world over the part of a democratic country and happiness in every pocket! As long as they sell weapons freely and have racial discrimination, they won’t have anything good!
  29. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 7 December 2015 17: 21 New
    I looked at the photo of Obama at the beginning of the article .. and compared with the photo when he first took office .. Even a little sorry for him ..
  30. iouris
    iouris 7 December 2015 18: 03 New
    Yuan has become the reserve currency. This, perhaps, is the beginning of the end of the modern world order. Obama was awarded the Peace Prize before the start of Armageddon. Even if he decides to use nuclear weapons for the second time, the USA is the mainstay of world peace.
  31. 1536
    1536 7 December 2015 18: 38 New
    They have developed terrorists of all stripes, and now they complain. Let him call the chief of the terrorist headquarters and strictly ask him why he does not control his personnel. Maybe he did not give them a salary on time?
  32. anip
    anip 7 December 2015 18: 45 New
    Here is America’s fight with ISIS:
    Western coalition air forces mistakenly strike at Syrian government camp
  33. potalevl
    potalevl 7 December 2015 19: 58 New
    Another blow in the back from the “partners” (bombing the positions of the Syrian army) once again proved that the “s” wanted to spit on international law in general and on the sovereignty of any single country on this globe. Since Russia has embarked on the armed path of combating international terrorism in Syria, having all that have both legal and moral rights, is it time to stall the so-called “Western coalition” with ISIS and their curators? Moreover, there are all the possibilities for this.
  34. Dimitrakis
    Dimitrakis 7 December 2015 19: 58 New
    For the distribution of prizes late to be afraid. What are they all the same scum.
  35. Olfred
    Olfred 7 December 2015 22: 39 New
    and as usual everything will be limited only to words ... blah blah blah
  36. Kir1984
    Kir1984 8 December 2015 06: 19 New
    Faq Ghostbusters?? belay