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Photo report about Su-30CM

Russian double generation multi-purpose heavy fighter generation 4+, created on the basis of the Su-27UB. Designed to control group combat operations of fighters in solving problems of gaining dominance in the air, ensuring combat operations of other arms aviation, covering ground troops and objects, destroying airborne assault forces, as well as for conducting air reconnaissance and destruction of ground or surface targets.

The aircraft was filmed in Irkutsk, Chita and Lipetsk for the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The result of our work was the creation of a gift photo album of the company.

During its existence, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant produced more than 7000 20 type aircraft. The geography of deliveries IAZ covers 37 countries of the world.

Photo report about Su-30CM

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  1. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 7 December 2015 07: 19
    Photos are simply magnificent, when I look at how the production of the most sophisticated equipment takes place, I am amazed at the complexity of the mechanisms, everything looks on the brink of fantasy. Let such efforts go on a peaceful track and to the stars (appeal to all mankind). . .
  2. The point
    The point 7 December 2015 07: 38
    The pictures are great! Thank you for the photo story. hi
    I’ll add on my own that another modification - Su 30 MK2- is made at our place in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
  3. Urfin
    Urfin 7 December 2015 08: 15
    Beautiful .. Family su-27's - aerodynamic ideal!
    Thanks for the report.
  4. bionik
    bionik 7 December 2015 08: 20
    Su-30SM Highly maneuverable multi-purpose fighter generation 4 ++.
  5. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 7 December 2015 08: 35
    In a word - BEAUTY !!!!
  6. Rambiaka
    Rambiaka 7 December 2015 09: 25
    And is there no secret information in these pictures? Doesn’t leak anything illegal in the network? repeat
  7. amba balamut 77
    amba balamut 77 7 December 2015 10: 03
    In our exercises, it was the 30s that flew below the city above all. Beauties, adults admired as small children.
  8. amba balamut 77
    amba balamut 77 7 December 2015 10: 38
    Another handsome landing in Yelizovo.
  9. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 7 December 2015 10: 52
    Beauty embodied in metal. The photos are just wonderful, especially the process. Agree that there are a lot of professional and amateur photos of a fighter in flight, on the ground, on takeoff / landing on the network. And here, finally, there are those whose hands with the efforts of which these formidable and beautiful cars rise into the sky.
    Respect to our engineers hi
  10. aviator1913
    aviator1913 7 December 2015 11: 56
    Beautiful workshops)

    A small photo collection from Amer as they collect their own:

  11. aviator1913
    aviator1913 7 December 2015 11: 59
    Another photo, unfortunately I do not know how to throw a lot of photos
  12. aviator1913
    aviator1913 7 December 2015 12: 00
    Assembly side view
  13. aviator1913
    aviator1913 7 December 2015 12: 02
    Stream at the assembly shop.
  14. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 7 December 2015 14: 27
    Class! So many tubes of all kinds, generally a killer constructor))
    Are there no technicians here? Would they tell you how you understand this in everything))
  15. Idiot
    Idiot 11 January 2016 19: 53
    The technology for assembling combat aircraft of this level in any country is high-tech. They have more gloss, maybe it's good, but it’s somehow more comfortable in our workshops. We have herringbone planes in two rows, and they have a chain. In my opinion, in our version the number of assembled devices is greater. And why do they need a fenced-off assembly area so that the blacks (African-Americans) -trunners do not steal a screwdriver?