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Taliban leader killed in Pakistan

For about four months, the Taliban terrorist movement was led by a man who called himself Mullah Mansour (real name Akhtar Mohammad Mansur). In the summer of this year, he replaced the Taliban leader Mullah Omar in connection with the death of the latter. China News Agency Xinhua reports that this week Mullah Mansur received serious injuries, from which he died.

Taliban leader killed in Pakistan

The statement about the death of the terrorist leader spread the Afghan authorities. Initially, there were reports that Mullah Mansur survived and is being treated at one of the clinics on the territory controlled by the Taliban. Subsequently, news came that Mansur received severe injuries on the territory of Pakistan, in the house of the leader of one of the Taliban cells, Abdullah Sarkhadi, who at one time was kept in the American special prison Guantanamo. House Sarhadi located in the city of Quetta.

Recently, the Taliban terrorist movement has actually undergone a split. The group is divided into two conflicting sides, each of which has its own leaders and its own interests both in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. However, so far this does not prevent the Taliban from holding under his control vast Afghan territories that the troops "instructed" by the US military cannot win.
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  1. Signal
    Signal 4 December 2015 12: 52
    Nothing, they are like mushrooms. Will be new.
    1. Tor5
      Tor5 4 December 2015 12: 54
      It’s holy (although it’s a sin to say what is holy there), the place will not be empty.
    2. Sasha 19871987
      Sasha 19871987 4 December 2015 12: 55
      Afghans fought and will always fight !!! and they don’t care with anyone with the invaders or other Afghans ...
    3. Vikings
      Vikings 4 December 2015 13: 15
      They all cherish them. May the folk path of love not grow
      these non-people in HELL
      1. volot-voin
        volot-voin 4 December 2015 13: 36
        Quote: Vikings
        They all cherish them. May the folk path of love not grow
        these non-people in HELL

        Mansur fought with the Americans and their allies, as well as with puppet power and ISIS, for their homeland. In the Russian Federation and the southern republics of the CIS did not climb.
        1. clidon
          clidon 4 December 2015 22: 25
          As far as I understand, as soon as he got there (and the Taliban were not going to stop after finishing the Northern Alliance sponsored by us), he would immediately become an "evil dog". How is Erdogan?
    4. Ze Kot
      Ze Kot 4 December 2015 13: 31
      It is necessary to eliminate the main applicants for leadership. And the rest will clash among themselves.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. sa-zz
    sa-zz 4 December 2015 12: 54
    Ordinary showdown for a warm place near the poppy field.
  4. Decathlon
    Decathlon 4 December 2015 12: 54
    In light of recent events in a plate of "Middle Eastern vinaigrette", I don't even know: is it good or bad ?!
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 4 December 2015 13: 30
      Unfortunately this is bad. The Taliban was split between the Taliban itself and the part that went to Isil. Mansur, by the way, even tried to get in touch with ours and start negotiations with the Russian Federation on assistance against IS in Afghanistan - there was infa about this. Now, after his death, the Islamic State will grow stronger due to the part of the Taliban that will go to him. Of course, this is not a matter of the coming year, but gradually the IS can absorb the Taliban and then, even destroying it in Syria, we will get its outpost in the SA and I doubt that the government of Afghanistan can resist it without us. I don’t even doubt that the United States will not fight with him - a fire in our underbelly is beneficial for them.
  5. moskowit
    moskowit 4 December 2015 12: 56
    Iblis (Islamic devil) gathers its supporters. I’d quickly pick up everyone in my HELL!
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 December 2015 12: 56
    More often they would squabble among themselves. Well, this flippers wrapped, and the changer is already there. Natural selection.
    1. Aroma77
      Aroma77 4 December 2015 13: 32
      Mansur was an adversary of ISIS (Daesh). With his death, one should expect ISIS to begin to strengthen its influence there.
  7. raid14
    raid14 4 December 2015 13: 03
    It is bad if a person sympathizing with Daesh is elected to replace him on Shura, this will add problems on the borders of the CIS republics.
    1. good7
      good7 4 December 2015 13: 12
      And before there were no problems? What difference does it convey to everyone!
      1. raid14
        raid14 4 December 2015 13: 28
        The Taliban did not go beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan did not declare a world caliphate, drug production in Afghanistan was outlawed.
        1. clidon
          clidon 4 December 2015 22: 26
          Are there any doubts that the Taliban would have gone further?
  8. Not served
    Not served 4 December 2015 13: 09
    Based on this article, it seems that the Americans have removed the objectionable Taliban leader. I understand that it was Mansur who was against Daesh. And by the way, under the Taliban, drug production was not so large, as soon as Amer troops entered it, production increased significantly.
    And if it was Sarkhadi who was in Guantanamo, then it is strange that he came out safe and sound from there. Most likely there was a recruitment.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Tatyana
      Tatyana 4 December 2015 13: 48
      Not served
      And if it was Sarkhadi who was in Guantanamo, then it is strange that he came out safe and sound from there. Most likely there was a recruitment.

      I have the same suspicion. They don't just leave there - the Guantanamo inmates are usually there "posthumously" after torture and "disappear".
  9. Victor 7/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Victor 7/XNUMX/XNUMX 4 December 2015 13: 18
    Another "democrat" led by the United States.
  10. Baloo
    Baloo 4 December 2015 13: 24
    Good news. good
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. hrenq
    hrenq 4 December 2015 13: 27
    Yes, they have more of these leaders than in Israel gynecologists
  12. Bourgeois
    Bourgeois 4 December 2015 14: 04
    "A holy place is never empty. Right now, some other "chapay" will steer. The place is grain - financial flows for jihad, not a pound of raisins. Yes, and the Yankees themselves probably throw up so that the war in a certain degree is supported, they need to somehow justify their presence in Afghanistan, otherwise, God forbid, the world community will think that the Yankees are not fighting terror there, but bunching opium)))
  13. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 4 December 2015 14: 08
    I hope the Taliban do not have long to exist. Most likely after ISIS will be next.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. eugeny_159
    eugeny_159 4 December 2015 20: 04
    Maxim died, well, fuck with him
  16. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 4 December 2015 20: 06
    This is bad.
    In the sense that Maksud decided to pursue his own policy. He was against mattresses and he was against Daesh - calling both those and other invaders. He tried to start a dialogue with the government of Afghanistan. He did not set goals to spread the influence of the Taliban in the territory of the CIS republics and stated that his interests would not overlap with those of Russia. Simply put, it was a very moderate Taliban. He was once the Minister of Civil Aviation, which speaks of his education, in contrast to the usual bearded, curled commanders, who, apart from quoting the Qur'an, have no education and, in essence, are a cave culture.
    If you think about it, eliminating it is not beneficial for Russia and very beneficial for the United States, especially when you consider that some of the Taliban commanders are not against joining ISIS.
    Most likely, the mattresses carried out a successful operation to eliminate a person who could influence the implementation of their policies not in their interests.
    This does not please me at all.
  17. moskowit
    moskowit 4 December 2015 20: 23
    Disagree with my position. Thank you for the minus. I respect citizenship. You, then, for the escalation of terrorism? Let people die?