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War of words

There are a great many areas of cooperation between Ankara and the "Islamic State". Here and the supply of military equipment, and financial assistance, and the provision of medical services, and oil trading, and much more. Last year, a group of researchers who studied the issue in the framework of the Program for the Strengthening of Peace and Human Rights at Columbia University told in detail about all this. Much of the business of Erdogan’s family is now being written in Russia. However, neither Ankara nor its Western allies for some reason like the way the Russian media portray the image of President Erdogan, smeared with smuggled oil.

War of words

David L. Phillips is director of the Peace and Rights Enhancement Program at Columbia University (Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights). His report was published in September 2014 on the blog of an international publication. "The Huffington Post".

Phillips noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu categorically deny involvement in transactions with IG. 22 September 2014, Erdogan spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he criticized some “slanderous campaigns”. Also angry, Erdogan condemned “systematic attacks on Turkey’s international reputation.” News and media reviews he declared unfair and even malicious. And he turned to the United States for image support: “I personally ask friends in the United States to assess Turkey, based on information from objective sources.”

A group of researchers within the Columbia University Program to support peace and human rights conducted research in the United States, Europe and Turkey. Employees studied media in several countries and assessed the degree of credibility of the allegations about the “image” of Turkey and its leaders. The experts' report was based on various international sources: the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, BBC, Sky News, etc. There were also a lot of Turkish sources: the TV channel CNN Turk ", the newspaper" Hurriyet Daily News "," Taraf "," Cumhuriyet "and others.

We highlight the main in the report of the group of authors.

Turkey provides the militants "IG" military equipment. One of the field commanders confessed to The Washington Post 12 August 2014. that most of the fighters who joined the “state” at the beginning of the war came through Turkey, and equipment and ammunition also went from there. In addition, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the head of the People’s Republican Party, provided evidence that Turkey supplies weapon terrorist groups. He is known even to truck drivers who delivered batches of weapons under the guise of humanitarian aid to ethnic Turkmen. Also in the report are other facts of the supply of weapons "IG".

In addition, the Turkish press reported on transport support and material and technical assistance "IG" at the level of the Turkish government. In these cases, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Muammar Guler, was involved in ordering to assist the militants of the “Front al-Nusra”, who fought at the time against the Kurds. And according to The Daily Mail, many foreign fighters joined the IG in Syria and Iraq, passing through Turkey, where no one prevented them from getting to their destination. The Turkish border is called “the gate leading to jihad”. The Turkish army closes its eyes to the mob of jihadists. For ten dollars, the border guards even agree to help cross the border. In an interview with BBC, the testimony of villagers was quoted as saying that at night the militants were transported by special buses provided to the jihadists by the Turkish government. Jihadists are going to fight the Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq.

Further, the report cites the following messages: Turkey trains militants "IG" (there are a lot of publications on this topic in the Turkish media themselves, terrorists "undergo fees" even in the center of Istanbul); Turkey provides medical assistance to the militants of the IG, including the field commanders (for example, the Washington Post writes about this); Turkey supports IG with money, buying oil from the “state” (publications in The New York Times, which wrote in 2014 about the discontent of the Obama administration, which is trying to put pressure on Turkey to stop buying contraband oil; this is the Turkish press, and television did reports).

Finally, Turkey and “IG” have a single worldview. “Hurriyet Daily News” 26 September 2014 of the year wrote that “heavyweights from the Justice and Development Party” ... admire “IG” ... Words of admiration come from the mouth of some high-level civil servants ... ”Some of them would prefer“ to have “IG” in neighbors instead of the Kurds. "

The report noted the contacts of Bilal Erdogan (the son of R. T. Erdogan) with the alleged militants of the IG.

After the incident with the Su-24 plane on the Syrian-Turkish border, we add, the Russian media and blogs also began to write a lot about the affairs of R. T. Erdogan’s family and some ideological closeness of the “Sultan” from Ankara and Bilal Erdogan, a well-known “supplier” of oil to Asia and an expert in international logistics, who are not averse to taking pictures. He studied business, by the way, in the USA.

Is it not because Russia began to criticize Erdogan in the same way as Washington once did (right up to the White House), did America suddenly change the record? Some of the largest American media outlets today suddenly began to resent the negative image that Russian publications “glue” on Turkey. British broadcasters, starting with BBC, also joined the campaign.

In Keith Johnson's article in the magazine "Foreign Policy" it is said that relations between Moscow and Ankara have become “uglier” than they were before.

This additional "ugliness" allegedly appeared a week after the Turkish Air Force shot down a "Russian plane that crossed the border of the airspace" of the country. Economic sanctions were declared against Turkey, and Russian officials from the Ministry of Defense stated that the plane incident proves the fact of Turkish collusion with the Islamic State, which is engaged in large-scale smuggling of Syrian oil. The publication quotes the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Anatoly Antonov, who, at a briefing in Moscow, said that there was a “united team” in the region, including “extremists and Turkish elites”. Their goal is a plot "to steal oil from their neighbors." And the country's top political leadership, including President Erdogan and his family, is participating in this illegal business, the Russian official said.

Erdogan denies Russian accusations and says that “no one has the right to slander Turkey”.

Despite the “hot rhetoric” characteristic of politicians in both countries, experts say that the economic “retribution of Moscow” does not at all concern Turkey’s supply of natural gas from Russia. Yes, and other multi-billion dollar projects, the Kremlin will probably not threaten (including the construction of a gas pipeline and a nuclear power plant). But Ankara is looking for workarounds: on Monday this week, Turkey signed a preliminary agreement with Qatar on the import of liquefied natural gas. This will help Ankara to diversify energy supplies, since almost 60 percent of Turkish gas imports today come from the Russians.

Russian officials from the Ministry of Defense continue to claim that Turkey is involved in smuggling operations with oil on the Syrian border. The publication notes that, according to the Russian military, hundreds of tank trucks filled with oil produced in militant-controlled areas regularly cross the border.

The statements of Moscow, writes Keith Johnson, are most likely intended to "polish the own achievements" of Russians who are fighting the "Islamic State", as well as "blackening the role played by Turkey."

Emre Tuncalp, Senior Advisor to the consulting company Sidar Global Advisors, believes that with its statements degrading Turkey participating in the anti-Silov coalition, Moscow “highlights” its own value in the fight against IG.

Other experts who "studied the oil business of the Islamic State, the newspaper notes, also said that they were" puzzled "by many" aspects "of the Russian briefing.

On the English site "BBC" A publication appeared on the subject of Russian accusations. Under the heading: "Syria conflict: Russia accuses Erdogan of trading oil with IS" ("Syrian conflict: Russia accuses Erdogan of oil trade with" IG ").

British television and radio company reports that the Ministry of Defense of Russia has accused the family of the Turkish President in direct participation in the oil trade with the group "Islamic State". The following are the words of the same Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, who said that Turkey is the largest buyer of “stolen” oil from Syria and Iraq.

Relations between Russia and Turkey were “blocked” because of a sharp dispute, since Turkey shot down a Russian plane last month, reminds the BBC.

The Russian Ministry of Defense "usually does not invite foreign journalists to its media briefings on Syria," the television and radio company further notes. However, last Wednesday it "made an exception." BBC believes that the ministry was thus willing to inform the whole world: the faces of the leaders of Turkey, including President Erdogan, are “smeared with stolen oil”.

However, the journalist "BBC" notes that, "as far as can be judged, no evidence about the involvement of the President of Turkey was not provided." And as a result, he accused Russia of slander.

According to the author of the material, after the incident with the Russian bomber "between Moscow and Ankara, the war of words continues."

Responding to Russian claims, Erdogan even repeated his previous promise to resign - if only Moscow gives evidence. And he added that he does not want to spoil relations with Russia.

Despite the important economic ties between Russia and Turkey, after the incident, Moscow introduced a visa regime for the Turkish guests and imposed restrictions on trade with Ankara, reminds the BBC.

* * *

As you can see, if in the 2014 year, the West (and in the face of the advanced "democracy" of the planet - the USA) accused the Turkish government and Erdogan family not only in the criminal business, but also in direct assistance to the militants of "IG", now, after the incident with the plane, Western media dramatically changed the record.

A metamorphosis happened, and today relations between Russia and Turkey are called “ugly”, statements by the Russian military are unsubstantiated, and Erdogan is crystal-clear and presents us as a victim of slander.

The report of a group of researchers from Columbia University and the former grumbling of the Obama administration against Erdogan, of course, are firmly forgotten. And this fact does not seem “ugly” to the politicians of the USA and Europe.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. avvg
    avvg 5 December 2015 06: 49
    If only there was no war, so our old people said, but the undeclared war (cold, verbal) of the West is already going on against Russia. Only one step separates us from the world war.
    1. passerby1
      passerby1 5 December 2015 06: 58
      Tell us about the verbal war, the relatives of the killed pilot and marine.
      1. Момент
        Момент 5 December 2015 07: 21
        If Russia unfoundedly accused Turkey, and took "evidence" from the Internet, as the State Department does, then everyone would immediately believe. And so ..... I do not believe .....
        1. hydrox
          hydrox 5 December 2015 09: 07
          Quote: Moment
          If Russia unfoundedly accused Turkey, and took "evidence" from the Internet, as the State Department does, then everyone would immediately believe. And so ..... I do not believe .....

          Here you are right: the public consciousness is arranged in such a way that if official (inaccessible to many users) materials are diluted with "network" materials, then the reliability of the former increases significantly in the eyes of "public opinion".
          Russian journalists and officials should use this approach more widely, no matter what they say about "zombie", at the same time there will be fewer accusations of unprofessionalism ...
        2. kitamo
          kitamo 6 December 2015 14: 38
          Quote: Moment
          If Russia unfoundedly accused Turkey, and took "evidence" from the Internet, as the State Department does, then everyone would immediately believe

          so ... so it is necessary to do: print their own materials and give links to them ...

          Quote: Moment
          “Washington Post”); Turkey supports “IG” with money, buying oil from the “state” (publications in The New York Times
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 5 December 2015 07: 05
      War of words
      wassat "In the bazaar", if the forces of the opponents are approximately equal, this kind of squabble can drag on as long as the opponents have strength, and end, to the obvious disappointment of the audience, complete fatigue of both the audience and the "mazy" (support), and the debaters themselves. Such a "bazaar" is called rotten, because it does not lead to anything concrete ...
      It is quite another matter when one of the participants in the "grater" loses its vigilance and is "pulled over the bazaar" in terms of the concept. Meeting a concept on its way, the word bounces off it like a ball. As they say, the scythe finds it on the stone, the guilty person is forced to realize his "jamb" and admit that he is "not right". Retrieved from the site: http: //
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 December 2015 07: 16
      Quote: avvg
      Only one step separates us from the world war.

      We have a lot of people who want to fight on the site. In the days of the cold warriors of the 80X I don’t remember that someone in the kitchen would offer to smash someone with nuclear weapons. Today in a hot article there are such proposals in every third comment. People miss the warrior probably or there is not enough adrenaline.
      1. passerby1
        passerby1 5 December 2015 07: 38
        In the 80s, NATO did not shoot down Russian combat aircraft, invading the country's airspace, in which Russian aircraft are legally located. Or do you think this does not change things?
        1. WUA 518
          WUA 518 5 December 2015 08: 54
          Quote: passerby1
          NATO did not bring down Russian combat aircraft
          In 1964 and 1980, two Tu-16 aircraft disappeared in the Sea of ​​Japan immediately after they discovered an American aircraft carrier and a Japanese squadron. In 1973, another Tu-16 was damaged by an F-4 fighter taking off from the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy. Only by a happy coincidence, the Soviet plane did not die and returned to base. Otherwise, he could become another victim of "unexplained catastrophes." Another Tu-16, attacked by two F-18s in the Atlantic in 1980, narrowly escaped disaster. In late March 1983, three attack aircraft carrier groups entered the waters of the Aleutian Islands off Soviet Kamchatka, where they conducted a three-week exercise. And on April 4, the Americans undertook an unprecedented action: 6 A-7 aircraft, which had taken off from the aircraft carriers Midway and Enterprise, invaded Soviet airspace to a depth of 2 to 30 km and carried out a conditional bombing on the territory of Zeleny Island in the Kuril ridge group
          1. passerby1
            passerby1 5 December 2015 09: 16
            And where in your examples are planes shot down in the airspace of a sovereign state, in which the downed plane was legally located and the destruction of which was confirmed by both sides? Incidents over neutral waters were, as indeed under these waters and on these waters, but there was no deliberate use of weapons, as a result of which aircraft would be destroyed.
            1. Cat man null
              Cat man null 5 December 2015 13: 29
              Quote: passerby1
              Incidents over neutral waters were, as indeed under these waters and on these waters, but there was no deliberate use of weapons, as a result of which aircraft would be destroyed

              It was, it was .. here, read:

              Quote: / Sakhalin incident
              Sakhalin incident. The true mission of flight KAL 007 by Brun Michel

              And there will be examples for you yes
              1. passerby1
                passerby1 5 December 2015 17: 12
                Some kind of conspirology from your link, which has no resemblance to the situation related to the destruction of Su 24 over Syria.
          2. bif
            bif 5 December 2015 10: 46
            Our Air Force and Navy in Neutral waters / airspace behaved exactly the same way ... everyone walked along the edge of a knife, but did not cross the line. Today, NATO, in the person of Churkostan, has crossed the border and will be punished, the only question is how far Putin is ready to go in the process of demonstrative flogging.
            1. passerby1
              passerby1 5 December 2015 17: 13
              No longer a question. We banned the import of tomatoes, that's all.
      2. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 5 December 2015 08: 16
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        We have a lot of people who want to fight on the site

        And again, Romanov laughing good
        But seriously, Sasha is a distortion of our propaganda .. in Soviet times, we were clearly explained that there would be no survivors in a nuclear conflict, now completely beautiful "Poplars" and "Yars" and outdated "Minutemen" and "Tridents" rotting somewhere out there. ..with drug addicts at their consoles ...
        And if you blow up a little, it’s not dangerous, God forbid this infection in the heads of the Kremlin does not wander ..
      3. Sarmatians nearby
        Sarmatians nearby 5 December 2015 19: 48
        Yes, dear, we don’t want to fight, like all normal people fear war, but when the inevitable comes, a person subconsciously begins to set himself up for war. We are starting to slowly tune our limp mind to the coming. Perhaps soon, the country's leadership will mature in the understanding that the pampered bodies of the storerooms must be pulled out to the camps so that not only morale but also the bodies perk up, the skills are remembered. Who knows what the future is preparing for us?
  2. bad
    bad 5 December 2015 06: 54
    War of words
    .. the "verbal diarrhea" of the Turkish side is more suitable .. lies and slander supported by the "allies" ..
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 December 2015 07: 18
      Quote: bad
      . more suitable "verbal diarrhea" of the Turkish side.

      Turkey in verbal diarrhea is far from the first place, but the defenders of Turkey, now interrupting each other, shout about Erdogan's innocence.
      1. Aleksandr72
        Aleksandr72 5 December 2015 08: 41
        As you can see, if in the 2014 year, the West (and in the face of the advanced "democracy" of the planet - the USA) accused the Turkish government and Erdogan family not only in the criminal business, but also in direct assistance to the militants of "IG", now, after the incident with the plane, Western media dramatically changed the record.
        A metamorphosis happened, and today relations between Russia and Turkey are called “ugly”, statements by the Russian military are unsubstantiated, and Erdogan is crystal-clear and presents us as a victim of slander.

        Nothing is new under the moon, that is, in the West. Again there is a double morality and double standards in everything that relates to the main geopolitical rival (or already the enemy?) - Russia.
        And no one needs a "hot war", because the Third World War, even now, when a significant part of the nuclear arsenal has been destroyed, is a road to nowhere. No one has canceled the destructive weapons of weapons of mass destruction (the same nuclear weapons) as well as the laws of nature. Even the arsenal of the world's leading states will be enough to destroy intelligent life on our planet (I refuse to consider the genre of post-apocalypse loved by science fiction writers as such). According to the canons of theatrical art, the gun hanging on the wall in the first act will certainly fire during the performance. This notorious weapon in the event of the outbreak of a global war (to which even the most local-scale direct clash of Russia with NATO forces will necessarily lead) will be the very arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. In any case, I think so. I do not impose my opinion on anyone.
        I have the honor.
        1. good7
          good7 5 December 2015 09: 31
          Not only in the west but also in the east. Kazakhstan is also conducting an interesting internal policy "In Ust-Kamenogorsk, the city authorities banned a rally dedicated to the memory of Oleg Peshkov

          More information at © QUESTION
          Of course, I understand everything, but what about the Eurasian Union, the SCO, it seems Turks are everything to you! And in the east there are enough two-faced Janus!
      2. 222222
        222222 5 December 2015 09: 48
        Alexander Romanov (4) RU Today, 07: 18 ↑
        ..They are all in one GOP company .. That's when they took a hand and yelled ..
        "Baryga [baryga] laughing laughing
        Buyer of stolen goods. In the Moscow "thug" jargon, such a buyer is also called a "bag", in the prisons of the southern provinces - "blatak", in the Western Territory - "guroyu". In most cases, the "huckster" is an old thief who abandoned his former dangerous trade and replaced it with a less risky and undoubtedly more profitable, because, buying up "dark", that is, stolen goods for a pittance (usually for 1/10 of its actual value) and, in turn, selling it at half price to the dealers known to him (who are afraid to enter into direct relations with thieves), he makes much more than the person who committed the theft. Often, such a "huckster" himself gives the thieves "work", pointing to some room that would be convenient to rob. During "work", he usually is somewhere "
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 December 2015 06: 56
    Enough to spend on the Turks nerves - to bomb their fuel trucks until complete extermination. Snooping into Syria - to bomb them.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 December 2015 07: 35
      Quote: aszzz888
      Snooping into Syria - to bomb them.

      Yesterday they entered Syria.
      1. passerby1
        passerby1 5 December 2015 07: 40
        And we don't even threaten the aggressors with tomatoes and cowards, "progress" however.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 5 December 2015 08: 35
          Quote: passerby1
          And we don't even threaten the aggressors with tomatoes and cowards, "progress" however.

          What do you want Putin to promise to wipe Ankara off the face of the earth?
          1. passerby1
            passerby1 5 December 2015 09: 09
            What are you talking about, how can you !? Let it forbid importing tomatoes with cowards, but "women still give birth to pilots and marines."
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 5 December 2015 11: 45
              Quote: passerby1
              Let it forbid importing tomatoes with cowards, but "women still give birth to pilots and marines."

              Why are you still not in Syria?
              1. passerby1
                passerby1 5 December 2015 12: 26
                After the “ban on the import of tomatoes,” I don’t want to go there as a volunteer, otherwise the Turks or other “our partners from NATO” will kill or maim me there, and Putin will then say that it was a “dastardly stab in the back” and forbid import of zucchini from Turkey. And people like you on this forum will say, well, we do not want to start the 3rd World War because of some volunteer, the 3rd World War is serious, and the volunteers "women are still giving birth." When those in power are in power who will honestly call things by their proper names and not only call them, but also act, and not talk about the fact that "we protect Russians always and everywhere," they will declare war, they will officially send a summons from the military registration and enlistment office in the forefront I'll go, I'm not a Ukrainian in the end and I'm ready to defend my homeland.
          2. good7
            good7 5 December 2015 10: 12
            The situation is very serious in fact the second Afghanistan! In the Sunni world there is powerful propaganda against Russia, and the Turks are supported there! It is not yet known that everything will pour out! The West backtracked by substituting Russia, and in addition to Syria, the situation in Ukraine is unclear to us. In addition to the army and navy, name at least one ally. Iran is an exception; their situation is hopeless; the Saudis are pulling a stranglehold on them! And we are against 1 billion residents professing the Sunni version, so the use of nuclear weapons is a matter of time!
      2. avt
        avt 5 December 2015 11: 57
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Yesterday they entered Syria.

        Not only, the campaign battalion group with equipment entered the Iraqi Kurdistan, to fight ISIS. "They try to dive a little bit like water with their feet, or is it cold? Well, ours openly dropped 5 tons of weapons to the PKK Kurds for testing. The plait begins not sour. And for the Turks with the consequences of the Lebaneseization of the country. By the way, the choice of Kurdish partners - Borzanists who are courted by the US and the Germans, is interesting, so the Turks did not decide - to wet, or to play? Well, given the precarious position of the same Borzani, who settled the authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan are no worse than Erdogan and trade in oil with him in full, but unlike the latter with elections, he has No. Not really. So the stake on the PKK will be more weighty - these Ocalan soldiers have always been more evil and decisive in life.
        Quote: passerby1
        And we don't even threaten the aggressors with tomatoes and cowards, "progress" however.

        "Yes, Volodya's pistol will outweigh all your facts" - 5 tons of weapons thrown off at the insolent Kurds by the PKK is more important and more painful than the sanctions on tomatoes. Especially if not once, but on a permanent basis.
  4. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 5 December 2015 07: 01
    Today Erdogan is the most advantageous figure for the West to put a stick in the wheels of Russia, so he will have the green light and all sorts of chocolates .. Unlike ISIS, he is a legitimate and internationally recognized figure, and his goal is to return the north of Syria - that is, he will try to reach the pre-war borders by all means, not being particularly afraid of Moscow, the more I repeat, the West supports him in every way ...
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 5 December 2015 09: 12
      Quote: afdjhbn67
      the West strongly supports it ...

      The war in Syria and the introduction of Turkish troops into Syrian territory is one thing, but the redrawing of borders is already within the UN's competence, so do not confuse the Maidan with the Law.
  5. saniajan
    saniajan 5 December 2015 07: 14
    Entot has already cracked ... n idorgan
  6. novobranets
    novobranets 5 December 2015 07: 17
    Official Baghdad demanded that Turkey withdraw the military from Iraq and called their appearance "invasion."
    Earlier, Turkish media reported that 130 Turkish troops were deployed to northern Iraq as planned. The redeployment of troops was called a routine personnel change operation as part of the ongoing training program for the Kurdish militia “peshmerga”. There were also reports that 20-25 tanks were delivered to the Bashik area.

    And the American media quoted Pentagon representatives saying that Turkey had independently deployed its troops to northern Iraq and that this was not part of the operation of the international coalition fighting the Islamic State terrorist group.

    Read more on NTV.Ru:
    The Turk imagines himself to be an invincible force, he is no longer asking permission from the owners to conduct military operations, this even the "black ass" will not forgive. Moreover, he is not at war with IS, but under this sauce is trying to solve his problems with the Kurds. It seems that an operation to "democratize" Turkey will soon be carried out.
    1. TVM - 75
      TVM - 75 5 December 2015 07: 35
      He asks everything. And this idiot in order to hack to death the "South Stream", to keep the gas tension in Europe, so that the hokhlyandiya shit and so on. All this was planned by the macaque and his gang.
    2. hydrox
      hydrox 5 December 2015 09: 16
      Quote: novobranets
      It seems that an operation to "democratize" Turkey will soon be carried out.

      Do not flatter yourself: none of this will happen, and the connection of the Turks with the Daesh should only be continued to be highlighted, accumulating a dossier on it, once the scale goes to the other side ...
      1. novobranets
        novobranets 5 December 2015 10: 55
        Quote: hydrox
        once the scales will swing the other way ...

        Duc and what am I talking about? lol The time will come, perhaps quite soon, when the total mistake of Turkey outweighs its benefit for the Amans, NATO is already renouncing the compromising tricks of Edorgan, and if the Turks continue in this vein, the question may arise of terminating its membership in NATO, or, more likely, the states, which have extensive experience in provoking and organizing coups, will replace the presumptuous Turk Pasha with a more obedient one.
  7. Quager
    Quager 5 December 2015 07: 18
    The West as usual calls black black, and black white.
  8. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 5 December 2015 07: 22
    Whatever Russia undertakes on the world stage, it will be the enemy of the "democratic world" led by the United States.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 December 2015 07: 23
    It is already becoming commonplace for us to watered Russia with Western slops and the predictable reaction of the United States and its allies to the actions of our country. This has become the norm for Western politicians and the media. Sometimes, through this Russophobic howl, individual reasonable analyzes of what is happening break through. But rarely and not always break through. Therefore, our information counter-response simply must be as aggressive and massive.
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 5 December 2015 09: 18
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Therefore, our information counter-response simply must be as aggressive and massive.

      More facts, big and small, but reliable and always understandable even to the layman!
      Images from space are understandable only to professionals who are in the SERVICE in the opposing forces, therefore, trust in their testimonies may or may not be.
  10. Masya masya
    Masya masya 5 December 2015 07: 45
    There is nothing to talk about ...
  11. sl22277
    sl22277 5 December 2015 07: 58
    Anyone can understand that Erdogan and his family were doing business with ISIS! And the United States preferred not to notice it just because it is more convenient to govern Erdogan and Turkey ... The Americans knew that the evidence would be made public, so they insisted that Turkey cut off the border with Syria. What they feared was what they got.
  12. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 5 December 2015 08: 14
    Even if we assume that poor Perdogan was slandered, but caravans of oil go to Turkey, he had to quickly figure out and eliminate this incident, apologize for the mess in his country, but what do we see? Everything as it was and continues to remain! And he behaves the same as before. Money ate the last conscience! And now this is a politician with whom there is nothing to discuss. A dead politician.
  13. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 5 December 2015 08: 20
    The West does not want to see beyond its nose, the West is much more important to blame and suspect Russia of anything.
  14. Nymp
    Nymp 5 December 2015 08: 46
    The so-called coalition, led by a mattress, will never, for anything, admit to aiding DAISH that, thanks to their actions in Syria, this cancer tumor has grown to the size of the entire Middle East. And it is natural in their interests to belittle the success of Russia. That is why Germany was activated (with its rusty fleet) and England. Now there is a reason for the Westerners to appropriate the laurels of our pilots.
  15. PValery53
    PValery53 5 December 2015 08: 46
    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - the rulers of America counted and instead of the recent criticism began to praise Erdogan and his elite.
  16. askort154
    askort154 5 December 2015 08: 54
    The Americans used to restrain Turkey in its quest to become a regional leader. Now, when Russia and Iran have united in solving problems in the BV, the Americans decided that it would be better to let the Turkish "dog" rule there. Therefore, the command was given to the Western
    To the "free" media, Erdogan is "a son of a bitch, but his own", so do not give him offense. Western media did not even "notice" how he dealt with their colleagues.
    1. WHEEL
      WHEEL 5 December 2015 09: 21
      Quote: askort154
      , Erdogan is "a son of a bitch, but his own", so don't give him offense.

      yeah, only until recently (before the downed plane) he was white in the same way as our "son of a bitch", friend and partner, and they did not say a word about ties with ISIS, if he did not shoot down the plane, he would be Russia's best friend and ISIS.
  17. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx 5 December 2015 09: 15
    As you can see, if in the 2014 year, the West (and in the face of the advanced "democracy" of the planet - the USA) accused the Turkish government and Erdogan family not only in the criminal business, but also in direct assistance to the militants of "IG", now, after the incident with the plane, Western media dramatically changed the record.
    What else to expect from "partners"
  18. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 5 December 2015 09: 29
    There are serious "showdowns" for very large financial flows. And not only financial ones. There is a struggle for resources, for territories, for the direction of development of entire regions. And the role of the smokescreen in these battles is played by the media. Can any public opinion affect the frequency and accuracy of aerial attacks by the Aerospace Forces? Of course no. This means that there is no need to exaggerate the value of the information that "flows" from all "irons". You need to know the main thing: Russia has no friends, except for its army and navy (well, now also the Aerospace Forces). And there is no need to turn your back even on the so-called "allies".
    One thing surprises me. What, our management did NOT KNOW about the oil business of the Turkish president's family before? And why in the first month our videoconferencing did not "notice" the caravans of fuel trucks? IMHO, Middle East solitaire games are more difficult than the "crystal clear" pictures that the media paint us. Both strangers and ours.
    Apparently, GDP gave Erdogan time to change his mind and curtail his business, but greed took its toll, and procrastination was perceived as weakness. As a result, the death of the pilot and marine, a treacherous blow to the back ...
    UNAUTHORIZED 5 December 2015 09: 59
    And in my opinion, if an hour after the destruction of our plane was hit (by calibers or aircraft) on Turkish air defense radars, the whole world and the main gendarmes, among other things, would swallow this pill.
    P.S. Maybe I repeat myself, but I write without reading other comments.
    1. provincial
      provincial 5 December 2015 11: 16
      Your nickname doesn’t correspond to the site. Mostly served here.
  20. red_october
    red_october 5 December 2015 10: 28
    If Erdogan was just silent all this time. Or immediately apologized for the downed plane, paid compensation to families.
    No, we would have immediately understood the alignment, we already know it, but now it is, with its throwing about "you are to blame, and we will shoot down again" "if there is evidence, I’ll leave," "it’s not me, it’s Russia buys oil from ISIS "leaves us no option but to displace him and his elite.
    How this will happen, how and how it fits into the Middle East question as a whole is known only to the Darkest ...
  21. Stariknv
    Stariknv 5 December 2015 11: 13
    If Russia says something, even having evidence means it’s a lie, and if Ukraine does not have any evidence, it’s true because it is beneficial to the United States.
  22. neznakomez
    neznakomez 5 December 2015 11: 18
    Iraq said that the entry of Turkish soldiers into Iraq on the territory of Nineveh (district of the city of Mosul) is a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and urged Turkey to withdraw troops as soon as possible, Reuters reports citing the press service of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi.
    In a television statement on behalf of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, the activity of Turkish troops was described as an “invasion”. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said it rejects any military operation not agreed with the Iraqi federal government.
  23. DMB78
    DMB78 5 December 2015 15: 37
    Let often recall Ishmael and Shipka in Turkey, and Ivan the Terrible in Kazan! bully
  24. scorpiosys
    scorpiosys 5 December 2015 18: 05
    A man with obviously "sick eyes" ....
    It seemed to me ???
    Or am I not a neurologist ???
  25. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 5 December 2015 18: 46
    The United States planned a conflict between Russia and Turkey in order to block the Turkish Stream project.
  26. anfil
    anfil 5 December 2015 20: 34
    Quote: passerby1
    No longer a question. We banned the import of tomatoes, that's all.

    It remains for the small, now someone needs to pinch them.

    1. passerby1
      passerby1 5 December 2015 21: 11
      To nip them, you must first have them yourself, but with this, as it turned out, we have a big problem.
  27. rus-5819
    rus-5819 5 December 2015 21: 40
    Erdogan condemned "systematic attacks on Turkey’s international reputation."

    I just can’t get rid of the feeling that this is all a poorly concealed meanness.
    And so it turns in the language of Adolf Aloizovich ...