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34 meter. The death of C-178 submarines in 1981, the story of first mate Sergey Kubynin

Sergey Kubynin, captain of the 1 rank, a senior officer of the submarine sunk in 1981, told Motherland about the incredible rescue of 26 sailors

34 meter. The death of C-178 submarines in 1981, the story of first mate Sergey Kubynin
"The Ram in the Gulf of Peter the Great" Photo: A reproduction of a painting by A. Lubyanov. 2009 year.

Russia for a long time, since the end of the Great Patriotic War, has not fought wars at sea. However, in peacetime with our submarines happened two dozen catastrophes, which ended with the death of the entire crew or part of it. Information about most of these tragedies has long been kept under the heading "Secret." So the incident with 21 in October 1981 of the year in the Far East of the emergency with the C-178 boat became known only after a quarter of a century.

But the feat of captain-lieutenant Sergei Kubynin and today remains unappreciated homeland ...

21 October 1981 of the year. 19.45. Ram

- You are from the family of a naval sailor, Sergei Mikhailovich?

- We can say we have a dynasty. Father participated in the Second World War, fought with Japan, served as the chief foreman in the Pacific Fleet - Pacific navy. I was born in Vladivostok, so from the first day I was imprisoned and doomed. A road other than the sea was ruled out.

- Are you born in a vest?

- In flannelke. But with Huys. Even a photo as evidence can show ...

In 1975, he graduated from the mine-torpedo department of the Makarov Higher Naval School and was immediately appointed commander of the combat unit (CU-3) of a diesel submarine. In 1978, at C-179, he participated in firing for the prize of the commander-in-chief of the Navy. We loaded six torpedoes under the ocean liner "Bashkiria", on which was the admiral of the fleet Gorshkov. All went exactly under the goal, as required. We return to the shore, and the head of the political department of the Pacific Fleet hands me the keys to the apartment. Imagine the apartment! Room eleven squares, but its own.

Soon the order came out, and I became the senior assistant commander on C-178.

- On it you also got into trouble.

- Our whole crew ...

It was a good, clear day. The excitement of the sea - two points, the visibility is excellent. We returned to Vladivostok, from where we had gone three days earlier to ensure the C-179 deep-sea diving, on which I had previously served. On board the neighbors was a brigade commander, we have - the chief of staff of the brigade. That is the order. C-179 dived one hundred eighty meters, completed the task, and everyone spanked back. When we approached the house, we received a radiogram: go to the 24 area near the Russian Island and measure the noise level of the boat. They did what was required and went on. As it should be, they moved in the surface position, with a speed of nine and a half knots. It was an hour and a half before the base, when in eleven cables from Skryplev Island, we were rammed by the oceanic “Refrigerator-13”, after a hole in the sixth compartment ...

I was in the second compartment and was about to go up to the bridge in order to announce the alarm. This is what the charter prescribes: on certain lines, combat readiness rises. The boat after all went through the entrance Shkotovsky target, further - the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. However, we did not get there ...

On the "Ref-13" in the morning celebrated the birthday of the first mate Kurdyumov and by the evening so "noted" that they went out to sea without turning on the signal lights, although it was already dark. The fourth assistant captain of the refrigerator, who was on the watch, noticed our bearing, but Kurdyumov did not change course, only dismissed it: it’s not a problem, some small vessel hangs, it will give way. We rush through!

But the fishermen saw us, and we did not see them! This is also recorded in the materials of the criminal case.

“Could you detect the threat only visually?”

- Acoustic heard the noise of screws, but around there were many other boats, they created a single hydraulic noise background. What is there isolate? In addition, the refrigerator moved along the coast, from the side of the Russian island. Do not grab!

We had a boat commander, third-rank captain Valery Marango, navigator, boatswain, helmsman, signalman, watch officer, sailors on the bridge ... Twelve men. And no one noticed! We saw the silhouette of the ship, when he came very close. They didn’t understand at once whether the vessel was standing or coming. The commander shouted to the signalman standing upstairs: "Light him up with Ratier." This is such a special flashlight, a special device. The sailor turned on the spotlight: mother dear! Huge bow in the face! Distance - two cables, 40 seconds of travel! Where do you dodge? The refrigerator walked us practically head-on and could land in the first compartment, where there were eight battle torpedoes, which is two and a half tons of explosive explosives. They would not withstand a direct strike and probably detonated. It would have blown up so that both the submarine and the fishermen would have had a wet place. Literally! Would option "Kursk". Huge nuclear submarine cruiser, and he died. And our boat is six times smaller ...

The commander ordered: "Right to board!" If the target is on the left, and it is necessary to diverge under all maritime laws on the left sides. Had the Ref-13 been lit, Marango would have had a choice, room for maneuver, and in the dark he acted at random. We barely managed to slip through, a few seconds was not enough. In fact, we saved the refrigerator. The blow was not a frontal, but at an angle. "Ref-13" crashed into the sixth compartment, making a hole of twelve square meters and dropping the boat to starboard. In three compartments instantly gushing water, and after half a minute, having scooped about one hundred and thirty tons of water, we were already lying at a depth of 34 meters.

Captain 3 of rank Borchevsky, captain of 3 of rank Valery Marango, Smolyakov V, S. Kubinin (right)
Photo: From the personal archive of S. Kubynin

- What happened to those on the bridge?

- The strongest blow threw them overboard. Eleven people were in the water, only the mechanic captain-lieutenant Valery Zybin managed to jump into the central post. On the "Ref-13", apparently, they did not immediately realize what they had done, they delayed the engines with a delay and started throwing lifebuoys. Raised Marango, say to him: "Who is this? Where from?" He replies: "From a submarine. Which you, sons of bitches, sunk!" Saved seven. The commander, navigator, deputy commander, boatswain, doctor survived ... Unfortunately, three sailors and senior lieutenant Alexei Sokolov died. He was a wonderful guy, graduated with honors from college, became the best watch officer of the brigade. Drowned. Late autumn, the form on the fur, wet, pulled to the bottom ... The body was never found.

Only after the first submariners were lifted to the refrigerator, was a state of emergency reported to the coast. Latitude, longitude ... Even after a quarter of an hour, the duty officer announced the alarm to the search forces and the rescue squad.

19.46. Compartments

- And at this time under water?

- The blows blew off the ceiling of the mount, the light was instantly cut out. It was pitch darkness. For me, everything could have ended sadly at the same second: the Moscow typewriter on the shelf whistled past the head. Fortunately, only struck through her hair and hit the wall.

Eighteen sailors from the fourth, fifth and sixth compartments did not have time to seal the bulkheads and died immediately after the accident, in the first two minutes. Motorists, electricians ... They had no chance.

- They knew they were doomed?

- A man hopes for salvation to the last breath. The guys acted strictly according to the regulations, fenced the bulkhead into the central compartment, remained in the flooded part of the boat and saved the rest. Otherwise I would not be sitting in front of you now ...

In the seventh compartment, the most distant, four remained alive. It turned out later. And then I rushed a bullet into the central post. The chief of staff of the brigade, captain of the second rank, Vladimir Karavekov, was in the first compartment. He was a good sailor, a commander beautiful. Unfortunately, Vladimir Yakovlevich let down a weak heart, after a boat collided with Ref-13, he collapsed in pre-infarction condition and could not lead the rescue operation. Even speech was given to him with difficulty. And it was necessary to act quickly.

Tried to blow air to float to the surface. Useless! Anyway, that the Pacific Ocean siphon off. We didn’t know that a solid case was a jerk like a tin can. And the device showed: the boat at the periscope depth was seven and a half meters. Then it turned out that the depth gauge was jammed from the impact.

We guessed that we were lying on the ground. Because of the strong roll on the starboard side, it did not work out evenly, like monkeys, we were crawling along the central post, clutching at the valves, protruding tubes ... Besides me, there were six more in the third compartment. The submarine mechanic Valera Zybin and five sailors. A bilge, young, fledgling boy by the name of Noskov hid in a corner and could not get out on his own. Somehow pulled out by the collar. Well, that found! The compartment was flooded, after half an hour the water rose to the level of the knees. Can you tell where it is leaking in the dark?

In a word, we found ourselves in a mousetrap, we had to carry the legs. And here they report to me: there is a fire in the second compartment! A battery circuit breaker that powered the submarine from the battery has been closed. Imagine what a fire in a closed space?

This is what the 1 th bay of the C-178 submarine looked like. Photo: from the personal archive of Sergey Kubynin

- Even scary to think.

- And right. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart. But the communications guys are great, they did it right. The commander of the compartment, captain-lieutenant Sergey Ivanov, kept discipline. He had even more experience than me. Yes, and by age he is older, for thirty years against my twenty-seven ...

In the dark, to the touch, we somehow attached a small light bulb to the emergency power sources from the radio station. At least some light! In the second compartment were eight people, in total - already fifteen. And there is nothing to breathe. Carbon monoxide swallowed, standing, swaying, hardly think.

Sergey Kubynin: This rescue kit saved our lives. Photo: From the personal archive of S. Kubynin

- Diving equipment used?

- Each had a “tinker”, an individual breathing apparatus IDA-59, there was an air mixture in it for half an hour under heavy load. And what would we do then? Nothing! There would be nobody ...

- And what is the surviving four from the seventh compartment?

- Hour two guys fought for life. They did everything right, tried to get out, but could not. The boat didn’t have to change so much that the exit hatch did not open. From the first compartment, the onboard telephone communication was maintained with the seventh until everything was quiet there ...

You know, the crew is considered excellent not only when it accurately fires torpedoes or rockets, solves other combat tasks, but also when it comes to the ability to get out of a difficult situation correctly. I am proud of my guys, I will not say a bad word to anyone’s address. All acted with dignity. And saved together, without panic, and died courageously ...

22 October. 04.00. End of communication

- How many people were in the first compartment?

- Eleven. When the neighbors started a fire, they were sealed. So it should be.

- But then let in?

- I will not lie, any problems. More precisely, a short hitch. At first they were afraid to reveal to us. But there is an explanation for this: there was no officer. The commander of the compartment, Senior Lieutenant Sokolov, died, remaining at the top. In the next compartment - a fire, and in the first - dry and there are rescue kits ...

- Was the brigade chief there?

- He doesn't count. I told you that Vladimir Karavekov had a heart, he physically could not command. When I was in the compartment, Vladimir Yakovlevich was lying on a bed, pale, white as a sheet, and only nodded in response to questions. I asked: "Quite a shit?" He closed his eyes ...

- Nobody in the crew twitched, realizing the scale of the disaster?

- All were doing well, clearly executed commands. However, after some time, the guys began to sneak on the sly. In the compartment there was a terrible, deadly cold. And our seven, who came from the central post, in addition to everything else, and soaked to the skin. We floundered in the water ... Then my doctors will find bilateral pneumonia. In addition to six other diagnoses ... But it was after, and then I began to think about how to raise morale. The first thing I remembered was the faithful, time-tested method. He went into his cabin and took out a hidden canister with an “awl”.

- With what?

- So in the Navy alcohol is called. Everybody knows this - both bosses and subordinates.

- Clean, not diluted?

Very much counted on it. It turned out that before going to sea one of the fighters visited my cabin. The sealed canister was kept in a locked safe, all the seals remained in place, yet the craftsmen somehow opened the locks and discharged the alcohol in a ratio of one to three. They did everything so carefully that I did not notice anything. Handsome!

Commander mechanics: "Pour in each of twenty grams for warming." Zybin himself and I splashed a little more. They drank and look at each other with suspicion. What was it? Obviously not alcohol, but some kind of murmur for young ladies! Degrees thirty from strength. And laughter, and sin ...

- Was there a connection with the land?

- At first. In the first few hours I talked with the rescuers. When the boat went to the bottom, we released two signal buoys from the first and seventh compartments, they surfaced with the cable and headset. Inside the boat was also a tube. So they talked on the radio. First came the rescue ship Mashuk, then others pulled up. Towards midnight, a storm arose, and by morning the buoys had broken. A loss of communication means a loss of control. The first law ...

- But you had time to report the situation?

- A couple of times I spoke with Vice Chief of Staff of the Pacific Fleet Vice Admiral Rudolf Golosov, whom the commander-in-chief of the Navy, Sergey Gorshkov, appointed head of the rescue operation. The fleet admiral himself flew in the next day, stationed on board the BOD Chapaev. By that time, everyone was standing on their ears ...

I reported that we needed ten ISP-60 rescue kits for independent access to the surface. I proposed: I release sixteen people, and with the rest I wait for help. But in the end they decided that next to us on the ground a special rescue boat "Lenok" would fall down, we would all come out together, and the divers would take us to the "Lenok".

The third and fourth torpedo tubes on boats of our type were usually used for nuclear weapons, but that time they were free, and this, strictly speaking, saved us. Otherwise they would not get out, would stay there, inside ...

We agreed that through the third unit we would be served by the missing ISP-60, we will flood the compartment and we will be selected by three. I am the last one, in front of me - Valera Zybin, a mechanic.

17.00. Award

- In short, I had to be patient and wait?

- Well, yes, the algorithm, in general, is understandable. All right, we sit, we shiver from cold and we listen. Day pass - no movement. Neither divers nor rescue kits. And there is no connection. Another half day in ignorance. Outside is still silence. Look, the guys hung their noses ... Again came to the rescue safe from my cabin. There were insignia - "Specialist 1-th class", "Excellence in the Navy", "Master of the Navy" ... And the seal, too, I kept. I say the mechanic: "The personnel will prepare military tickets. We will reward." He assigned the following titles: to one - midshipman, to another - foremen of the first article. All according to the charter, depending on the position. So it then remained, no one dared to review or cancel.

And then the guys cheered up, their spirits rose.

“The light in the compartment didn’t appear?”

- Gradually, the eyes get used to the darkness. In addition, devices on the boat with light storage. Of course, not a bedside lamp by the bed, but a minimal source of illumination, which allowed to navigate in space.

- What about food?

- The products were stored in the station in the central post, but it quickly flooded. In the second, living compartment, there was a kettle with compote and two forks of cabbage. Plus, the demob was taken out of the chocolate stashes, which were saved for dismissal from the service. They divided them equally. That's the whole meal.

This is not the worst. Worse, it was getting harder and harder to breathe every hour. Well, the unknown pressure on the psyche. When the second day passed through the middle, I sent up two liaisons. The commander of the warhead-4 Sergey Ivanov and the bilge Alexander Maltsev. To report on the situation on the boat. As time goes by, we lie on the bottom of the sea, and the forces are running out. Not the cards on hand, in the buy-in - only six.

So that Ivanov and Maltsev could rise, they released a cork buoy-view. When it comes up, it pulls up a special cable - buiprep with luminous meringings. You hold on to it and slowly approach the surface. If there were enough sets of ISP-60 on board, we wouldn't have waited for the rescuers, we ourselves got out into the wild.

“Have you met your messengers at the top?”

- Yes, they accepted it at Mashuk with open arms. True, the bosses, who had flown by then from Moscow and St. Petersburg, did not ask anything about them. That's all! Apparently, the admirals, who arrived at least a dozen, themselves knew the answers. As they say, without our hints ...

- strange история.

- More than! Alexander Suvorov liked to repeat the phrase that in military affairs a general should have courage, an officer should have courage, and a soldier should have good spirits. And then, they say, the victory is ours. On C-178, the soldiers (in this case, sailors) and officers with the qualities listed by Alexander Vasilyevich were in perfect order, but higher ... Apparently, the presence of the commander-in-chief hampered the will of the admirals. Later, having learned that our contacts didn’t ask any questions, I finally understood everything. Although, I confess, I was not particularly surprised.

And then, under the water, there was no time to figure out why the plan agreed with the Chief of Staff of the Pacific Fleet Golosovym was not being fulfilled. Who could have imagined that a big mistake had crept into it related to the decision to bring a rescue submarine to the operation? The idea itself seemed sound. And the ship was good. But there was no brave man who would have risked his shoulder straps and informed Commander Gorshkov of the most unpleasant news: “Lenok” is not ready to fulfill the task.

PL TOF C-178 and BS-486 rescue boat "Lenok". 21-23 October 1981 of the year. Bay of Peter the Great.

23 October. 15.45. "Lenok"

- That is?

- He could not be untied from the pier! The boat turned out to be completely faulty. The life of the battery has long expired, it is almost completely discharged, and in fact it was necessary to dive to the bottom and work there for a long time. In addition, the sonar complex has failed at Lenk. The boat went to bed with us blindly! Everything turned out so clumsily: instead of several hours, it took almost two days to begin the rescue operation. To determine our exact coordinates, the divers had to be lowered, they hit on special noise beacons ... Well, an hour, two, five, but not forty hours, to search for a boat at a depth of 34 meters, right? Rave!

In addition, divers with "Lenka" never before rescued people under water. We worked with iron, raised parts of sunken ships or airplanes from the bottom, but, as they say, did not encounter living material. And here it was necessary to bring so many people ... Plus, incomplete staffing: out of three full-time doctors on board was one, the divers simply did not have enough to work in two shifts, without pauses replacing each other. I have six people killed because of this. From thirty two. Here is the price of indecision at the top!

When it became clear on the second day that the rescuers were not in too much of a hurry, I sent up the top three of the weakest crew members. Two sailors and sergeant. They independently surfaced along the buirepa, they were noticed from the ships that were standing around, but did not manage to be taken aboard. Storm, then yes ... So while they were going to pull out, all three of them swallowed the water and went to the bottom. Tel still not.

These are the first optional victims.

Well, the chief of staff didn’t hold his heart, but the sailor Peter Kireev died before our eyes. We have already flooded the compartment, prepared for the exit, gathered the last forces into a fist. After all, there was no air cleaning, there were only combat torpedoes in the compartment and people, we breathed, God knows what, the level of harmful impurities had long gone beyond the critical level.

And at that moment it suddenly became clear that we were immured!

22.00. Trap

- Who?

- Divers! First, they handed over the missing rescue kits to ISP-60, and then, on personal initiative, without warning, they threw rubber bags with food into the torpedo-tube. We did not ask for this and did not know anything about the "gift"! Moreover, I gave the signal that we are starting to go out and we do not need anything. As a result, people go, and there is a dead end! The first was Fedor Sharypov. I painted everyone in a certain order. Weak - strong, weak - strong ... For the one who is stronger, helps, hed. And the closing is the mechanic Zybin and me. Suddenly Fedor returns: "There is a bookmark. Do not get out! Shaitans!" Petya Kireev heard news - both stood and fell. Everything, there was no man! The body after all worked at the limit. The compartment is flooded, you can’t help ...

Then, at the trial about Petya, the "duck" was launched, as if he had refused to leave the boat. So to say, I decided to die heroically. Well, nonsense after all! And we could not even pull out Kireev’s body, we left C-178 inside. As the head of Karavekova. He failed to pass the torpedo tube, began to move backwards, and then his heart stopped ...

So that you understand: the length of the device is eight meters 30 centimeters, diameter is 53 centimeters. Try to squeeze an adult man in the ISP-60 rescue equipment, with an IDA-59 breathing apparatus and two cylinders into such a hole ... Add trim to the stern. We had to crawl upwards, with effort and resistance. Presented, yes? Here and a scarecrow would scream, but what is it for those who have spent more than two days under water in cold and darkness?

- You all got out through one machine?

- Through the third. The fourth could not be used, the boat lay on the starboard with a roll of 32 degrees. And the only way to save us caulked bags! What to do? I decided to send forward mechanic Zybina. Said: "Valery Ivanovich ... Valera, drag these damn bags inside or get in. You can get out, leave. Just warn me, give a signal." Time passes, I hear three hits. Means, the device is free. We won!

And at the crucial moment Valery Zybin saved his friends. Photo: From the personal archive of S. Kubynin

And earned the pipeline. My people have gone. Outside they were met by divers from Lenka. The six of us. Plus three on safety net. Total - nine. And I have a lot of people! After all, the main task was to prevent people from coming to the surface immediately, otherwise it was almost certain death. With a sharp rise after more than two days at a depth, there was a high risk of death, and the caisson disease was guaranteed. My crew should have been intercepted and taken to the three-stage Lenoka barocomplex designed for 64 people. So that according to the decompression tables gradually reduce the content of nitrogen in the blood to acceptable indicators.

Divers met only the first six, the rest no one waited at the torpedo tube. So my guys started to fly up like champagne corks. Miracle that survived, only one died. The sailor Lenshin got out of the boat with everyone, I personally helped him get into the vehicle, and then he disappeared. In the literal sense, as the water has sunk. He was neither on board the Lenka, nor among those who were picked up by rescuers on the surface of the sea. Man disappeared without a trace!

Unnecessary losses, senseless ...

22.50. Output

- The last to leave the boat you?

- Of course. The compartment was a grim picture, frankly. At first, I recalled everything calmly, but every year it becomes worse and worse. Now I understand, there was a real hell. And in it several times everything hung by a thread. Starting from the central post, when the guys from the fourth compartment managed to be sealed and saved the lives of others. Another bell rang at the time of the fire in the second compartment. Well, and then: divers then barricade the exit, then they will forget to meet ...

Nobody waited for me either. I foresaw such a turn of events and decided in advance that I would try to climb the superstructure of the boat, holding onto the railing, go to the wheelhouse, and from there I would climb to the periscope. Still, ten meters closer to the surface, the water pressure is not so strong.

- Why didn’t they go to Lenka?

- How do I know where he lies? In the dark on the bottom fumble? We agreed that the rescuers would tie the cable to the third torpedo tube through which we exited. To, then, to navigate. But divers hitched a cable from the other side. It was probably more comfortable for them ...

I will say more: when I got out of the boat, "Lenok" has already surfaced. Then he figured out, he asked: what are you guys so not as a friend? They left me and left. And the boat commander replied: "Seryoga, we almost drowned ourselves! Our batteries died!" They sat in the dark for a day in order to somehow save battery power and then rise to the surface. Can you imagine such a thing ?!

The commander of "Lenka" told me: "We thought you ran out of oxygen, and you ... remained forever in the boat." In short, I did the right thing by deciding to get out on my own. I did not take into account one thing: that I would lose consciousness when I climbed the periscope ...

I told you that two cylinders were attached to the breathing apparatus IDA-59: in one - a mixture of nitrogen, helium and oxygen, in the second - a liter of pure oxygen. He used the latter in the boat when he began to "cut down". In order to stuff the guys into the torpedo tube and give them acceleration, they had to get pretty hard. Breathing increased, poisoning with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and chlorine increased. When little devils began to ride in the eyes, they washed the lungs with pure oxygen, which, in fact, was also not very useful for the organism. But enough for a minute. You will work until everything floats again, you take another sip. So the crew let out in short dashes, more precisely, in respite. And on its own ascent of air in cylinders is not enough. I got to the cabin and ... everything, I don’t remember anything further. I was automatically thrown to the surface.

- Well, that caught!

- My boys warned rescuers that the first mate is the last ...

He awoke a few hours later in the pressure chamber of the Zhiguli rescue ship. At first, I did not even understand where I was, what happened to me. According to the decompression regime, he came to life for five days, then he was transported to a hospital and began to make diagnoses. In addition to pneumonia, which he spoke of, carbon dioxide poisoning, barotrauma of the lungs, pneumothorax, decompression sickness ... Even a hematoma of the tongue! When he lost consciousness on the boat, bit him. There is such a physiological feature in humans. Infected, infection began. Language swelled, had to cut. If the doctors knew that I would start chatting to them without measure, maybe they would have otbromsi under the root. Would deprive the last word!

3 August 1982 of the year. Sentence

- asked uncomfortable questions?

- That's it! After the hospital, I was sent to a sanatorium in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region, for twenty-four days. I come back to Vladivostok and find out: the investigation has unfolded 180 degrees. StarPom Kurdyumov with "Ref-13" was immediately handcuffed, then given fifteen years in a colony. But our Valery Marango "desyatochku" rolled. With serving in the common zone in the district center Chuguevka. There is such in Primorsky Krai.

“Why did your commander sit down?”

- And I was interested. According to the official version, for violation of the rules of navigation, which led to the death of people.

- Were you interrogated, Sergey Mikhailovich?

- You - yes, but then - no. I was at the investigator once. Before leaving for the sanatorium. A formal conversation took place. Like, what to ask you, if at the time of the accident you were in the cabin, and then lay at the bottom for three days and did not see anything? But I knew why the head of the Karavek brigade died, the sailors Lenshin, Kireev ... It seemed that nobody cared. I was not even informed that the trial had begun. He himself came to the military tribunal of the Pacific Fleet, said he wanted to testify. Answered: do not!

After all, the logbook disappeared, which I kept on the boat until the last moment.

- In that hell?

- Yes. Carefully recorded all our actions, step by step, hour by hour. When the connection disappeared, when they bricked up, when they started to go out ... The guys told me: I surfaced unconscious, the rescuers hooked the wetsuit with a hook, threw it into a skiff, threw it into it. The first people rushed to me, before the doctors. They threw open their clothes, pulled out a ship's seal from one of his tunic's pockets, from the other — a logbook, and only after that they let doctors come to me.

I then asked at the trial the judge, Lieutenant Colonel Justice Sidorenko: "Where are the main material evidence?" There was nothing, he says ... Although the seal was later returned. And the hours received from the commander in chief Gorshkov for successful torpedo firing. True, they stood crushed under water ...

Due to the fact that I asked a lot of unnecessary questions, the attitude towards me changed dramatically. In the hospital, the brigade’s political department chief visited, patted him on the shoulder, said: “Twist the hole in his jacket, lieutenant commander. The idea of ​​awarding you the Order of Lenin went to Moscow.” I replied: "Here will be a decree, then I will roll."

They also promised that after recovery he would be appointed commander for a new ship. Unless, of course, I will behave myself. How they imagined it. And all - no boats, no gingerbread ...

I wrote a cassation complaint demanding a review of the sentence of Marango. After all, not a single point of the prosecution was not documented. It was here that I was summoned to the competent authorities for the second time. The Prosecutor of the Navy, Colonel of Justice Perepelitsa himself. I started without preludes: "I heard you will get a new boat soon, you will go to study at the academy ... But take the cassation first." I asked: "And if I do not?" Perepelitsa immediately raised the tone on two registers: "So, you will sit on the bench next to your commander!" Well, I replied in the spirit that I was not for sale, bargaining with me was inappropriate. He said even sharper, I will not repeat, I will not print it anyway ... He was young, hot.

This is where my career in the navy is over.

- You regret not having restrained?

- Not a drop. If I kept silent, I would cease to respect myself. Approximately how I would get out of the boat not the last, but behind the back of my “fighter”.

It's a shame otherwise: the cassations did not help. All instances refused, including the Supreme Court.

That's the whole story. The story is over.

September 1985 of the year. Commander

- Take your time, Sergey, I have a couple of questions left. How was the fate of the crew?

“We were all cleared out so that our eyes would not be pricked.” Some were immediately removed, the rest - a little later. I am the only one who was promoted to the rank of captain of the first rank. Only for the reason that he went to another system. For a long time he was engaged in civil defense, graduated with honors from the Kuibyshev Military Engineering Academy. In 1995, I was transferred to the central office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where I served until 2003, until I retired. He commanded a search and rescue squad, was a senior mechanic of the rescue ship "Colonel Chernyshov" on the Moscow River. Not so long ago, I finally went ashore, now I work in the inspection department of the Civil Defense of the Moscow Government.

- Did you see the C-178 commander then?

- Met him from the zone. Four years later, Marango was transferred to the settlement, what is popularly called "chemistry." That's where I came. Heavy story, of course. Valery Alexandrovich did not have time to get to the colony, and his wife had already abandoned him. Natalya married Mikhail Ezhel, a classmate of Marango, who then commanded the patrol ship, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union quickly repainted, recalled that he was from Vinnytsia region, swore allegiance to Ukraine and even became independent defense minister. Until recently, he was ambassador to Belarus. And Natalia is with him. And her son from Marango left her own sister in the Far East. Andrei is disabled since birth, chained to a chair, although his head is smart and bright. Last year I was in Vladivostok, I visited him.

Previously, often flew to their homeland, now health does not allow. Here again, the operation must be done. Eighth in a row ...

And Valery Alexandrovich is already gone. He died in 2001 year. Long ... Tragedy with a boat undermined health. He took everything to heart, worried. And the colony of forces did not add. He was a wonderful man, a decent, intelligent to the core, a real Russian officer. And the fact that our crew in a difficult moment turned out to be united and ready for tests is the merit of Marango. At sea, after all, in any way. Two years after the emergency with the C-178 in Kamchatka, the nuclear-powered vessel K-429 sank with personnel. Most survived, but while the boat was lying on the bottom, there was sabotage on board, some officers refused to carry out orders from the commander Nikolay Suvorov. We cannot even imagine such anarchy. Excluded!

October 2015 of the year. Memorial

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the last part of the story was not included in the article. You can get acquainted with it in primary source.
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  1. Secta haki
    Secta haki 5 December 2015 07: 42
    With "Kursk" what kind of option? In order for the torpedo to detonate, it must be blown up by a fuse.
    1. regul10108
      regul10108 5 December 2015 10: 17
      At the Kursk, hydrogen peroxide first exploded in a practical torpedo, knocked out the back cover of the torpedo tube, threw the flame into the compartment, which led to the explosion of the rack torpedoes.
      1. Secta haki
        Secta haki 5 December 2015 14: 52
        It’s impossible to think up more nonsense.
        1. regul10108
          regul10108 6 December 2015 19: 39
          This is not nonsense, but an official investigation by the state commission. And in general, when it became known that the Kursk was supposed to perform practical firing with a peroxide torpedo, then every competent submariner was 80% clear about the reason for the death of the boat, namely, an accident with a peroxide torpedo!
          1. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 6 December 2015 20: 54
            Delirium or not, we learn in 50 years. An ambiguous article. The narrative style changes 3 times. Unclear. It raises questions. I'm not a psychologist, but it catches my eye .. Sailors = heroes. Article .... I do not know. Many questions.
          2. Alf
            Alf 6 December 2015 21: 09
            Quote: regul10108
            then for every competent submariner, the reason for the death of the boat became clear by 80%, namely, an accident with a peroxide torpedo!

            1. Why not far from the place of Kursk’s death an emergency green buoy was noticed, which color is used only on US NAVY submarines?
            2. Why did the Toledo submarine come to Norway a few days later with damage to the hull?
            3. Why did the US Treasury fly to Russia a couple of days later, after which the United States wrote off most of Russia's debt and immediately issued a new tranche of $ 10 billion?
            4. Why did the acoustics of Peter the Great report on the presence of unidentified submarines in the area of ​​maneuvers?
            1. Secta haki
              Secta haki 7 December 2015 02: 40
              The director of the CIA still flew almost pastes, and the rise was more expensive than these 10 billion with a part of the written-off. Boats are identified by noise.
      2. Alf
        Alf 5 December 2015 20: 51
        Quote: regul10108
        At the Kursk, hydrogen peroxide first exploded in a practical torpedo, knocked out the back cover of the torpedo tube, threw the flame into the compartment, which led to the explosion of the rack torpedoes.

        But nothing that the hole in the bow of Kursk was with the edges BENT INSIDE?
        1. Secta haki
          Secta haki 6 December 2015 11: 00
          There can be a fire from peroxide, but not the destruction of a durable body
          1. regul10108
            regul10108 6 December 2015 19: 33
            A fire arose from the release of peroxide, which led to the explosion of 6 combat torpedoes on the shelves of the 1st compartment.
            1. Alf
              Alf 6 December 2015 21: 11
              Quote: regul10108
              A fire arose from the release of peroxide, which led to the explosion of 6 combat torpedoes on the shelves of the 1st compartment.

              Explosions were recorded 2. The first is weaker, the second is much stronger.
            2. Secta haki
              Secta haki 7 December 2015 02: 34
              The fire from peroxide cannot lead to the explosion of warhead torpedoes.
        2. regul10108
          regul10108 6 December 2015 19: 30
          I don’t know what kind of hole you are writing about. The first compartment was almost completely destroyed by the explosion of six torpedoes! The bulkhead between the first and second compartments, like a piston, went up to the 4th compartment and collected everything that was in the second and third compartments. What kind of hole in the first compartment can we talk about ?!
          1. Secta haki
            Secta haki 7 December 2015 02: 37
            It was sawed off, not destroyed ... the pistons are already being "invented", the passage of which even contradicts the available photographs.
  2. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 5 December 2015 07: 57
    I read the article with a heavy feeling. Although I’m already used to having heroism
    begins after the dolboys do mischief! And even when eliminating the consequences of the created, there are "pamoshniki"!
    Thank you, Starp, for the guys saved. Eternal memory to those at sea
  3. Koshak
    Koshak 5 December 2015 08: 02
    Despite its perfection, is the submarine very vulnerable?
    And - yes, every death is the result of several violations
    those same rules recorded in blood ... (((
    People died in peacetime, for no reason ...
  4. Hydrograph
    Hydrograph 5 December 2015 08: 39
    In TOVMU at the department of TUZH-PL, the case was studied and the calculation of the time of flooding was done, it sank almost instantly. Blessed memory of submariners! And the rescuers and the admirals, as always, "well done."
  5. papanya59
    papanya59 5 December 2015 09: 42
    It’s scary to read, but how to sit in a dark compartment and wait for help? Yes, even so clumsy?
  6. aba
    aba 5 December 2015 10: 18
    Yes-ah-ah ... As always: someone notes, and someone later mourns. What on earth, what in the sea.
  7. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 5 December 2015 10: 51
    One can only admire the exceptional courage of these submariners! Today, during the invasion of Western values ​​on Russia, it is precisely with such examples that new generations of Russians must be brought up! Such people are the most valuable, main wealth of the country, and as long as they are, the country will stand! Eternal memory to real heroes!
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 5 December 2015 20: 45

      Bowing? Worships not enough. This is too little for the next generational experience. You need to be able to draw the right conclusions.

      From the story of the starpom, you can take the following. And chop it on your nose.

      Professionals do not lie. Whether you are a military man or industrialists, in order to survive or produce a product you need to deal with the laws of nature. The laws of nature do not allow an ambiguous interpretation. Any attempt to lie, climbs sideways, with blood and sweat.

      Therefore, the correct human morality is based only on the truth.

      Absolutely all professionals have high moral standards. These requirements are inherited in the family, along the professional line from commander to subordinate and NABORAT.

      From the story of the starpom, a distrust of the highest command link surfaced.

      Why is that? We all know the famous struggle between office "politicians" and techies "practitioners". Politicians are often liars; they can afford it by lowering their level of responsibility. Practitioners cannot.

      Selfishness begets lies. We all know that often in childhood children lie. Two reasons, low level of knowledge and excessive custody of parents. With age, the child grows up and gets experience that will make him honest, suitable for common work at the level of mutual understanding or will remain a liar, an egoist who will try to survive at the expense of others.

      From the story of the starpom. The following conclusion. Only the collective responsibility for safety has helped many survive.

      Juvenile justice prohibits the transfer of knowledge and experience of parents to their children. A selfish immoral society grows. On this basis, the fruits of collective labor-state collapse.

      So much for the logic of the conclusion from the story of the starpom.
  8. dima-fesko
    dima-fesko 5 December 2015 11: 33
    Reading the story goosebumps ran - horror. Why did I catch myself thinking that God helped them, because everything could have ended much worse (for the saved crew members)!
  9. tomket
    tomket 5 December 2015 12: 19
    A very instructive story. Practically explains why no one was rescued on the Kursk, and why they were so dragged about the rescue operation. The union collapsed, but shoulder straps were still more important than people.
    1. Secta haki
      Secta haki 6 December 2015 04: 57
      But can she not be misled into his account?
    2. goblin xnumx
      goblin xnumx 7 December 2015 16: 54
      here conditional stars are so important to some on the forum what to say about shoulder straps army and navy :)
  10. Captain45
    Captain45 5 December 2015 13: 06
    Yes, it’s not in vain that the cause of the feat is ordinary gouging. The dead sailors have eternal memory, and the staff rats that covered their asses am By the way
    Quote: tomket
    Practically explains why no one was rescued on the Kursk, and why they were so dragged about the rescue operation.
    On this topic I came across an article about the ACC SF, I don't know if the link works: http: //, interestingly. And there is also a documentary book by Vladimir Shigin "Save Our Souls" about a submarine accident.
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 5 December 2015 13: 50
    Everlasting memory..........
  12. gameover_65
    gameover_65 5 December 2015 15: 51
    and what does it mean:
    We were all cleaned so that our eyes would not be pricked. Some were immediately removed, the others - a little later. I am the only one who rose to the rank of captain of the first rank.

    I think this is not an interview!
  13. asar
    asar 5 December 2015 18: 28
    Oh, shit ... oh!
    because of
    and by the evening they were so "marked"
    some kind of "fucking ... bov" ...
    Your mother!
    Everlasting memory!
  14. Nick1953
    Nick1953 5 December 2015 19: 30
    Lawyers - scum everything! Both civilians and military!
  15. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 5 December 2015 20: 09
    Peerless publication.
    From the very beginning everyone knew everything.
    Decisions were made. Performed.
    But, as always, they took it "voluntarily".
    Charters are written in blood. Yes, with the blood of those who died. And if they survived, they would write the charters differently.
    The most striking example is this story.
    Do you think Sergei Kubynin flew off the fleet precisely for the trial?
    Yes, no matter how, the surest reason - he knew too well, found out on his own fate what the unconditional submission leads to.
    I wanted too much to inform the "decisive" about what and how to change.
    And who needs it - to change and redo it? It’s better to write another crazy instruction - we’ll get a bonus.
    That's what they shut up his mouth, posts and other things.
    Just my time of service.
    And as then served, I know very well.
    God give you all, brothers, survivors and not, glory and peace!
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 5 December 2015 20: 57

      This is not submission. This is a high level of professionalism, which brings up a high moral level of responsibility in a person. If you do not convey the truth and draw the right conclusions, then repetition is possible on a much more dramatic scale.

      Therefore, a professional consciously goes to self-sacrifice to prevent future misfortune.
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 5 December 2015 21: 29
        You did not drive to the end.
        Valor The warrior is to carry out the statutes from and to.
        He will be awarded a medal for this - posthumously.
        But heroism warrior in that - spitting on the Regulations, and "using new, not prescribed in the Regulations, methods of waging battle .." - he won the Victory.
        Literally the whole military life is built on this:
        Winning is NON-TRADITIONAL - you are a hero.
        You will die traditionally - well, yu .... fulfilled a duty.
        All military life is just that - traditional heroism.
        Starpom is a professional of the highest standard. To convince the sailors who are distraught with fear to tear apart the compartment ... this is something.
        The most important thing - contrary to the Charter .... RBZ .... other instructions.
        He made them commit a crime, in fact.
        I wouldn’t be able to, I guess. Yes, I had no such situations. There were all kinds of things.
        But, burials on 34 meters of ice water .....
        I know such situations, I myself am a sailor.
        Moreover, the history of SUCH salvation is beyond human behavior.
        This is -... something beyond. This is super professionalism.
  16. Resistance
    Resistance 5 December 2015 20: 16
    Project 940 is a great boat, only the spoon is good for dinner. In this case, it didn’t help much, by the year 2000 (K-141) they were no longer functioning: o (And if you listen to some military method, we’re the first everywhere. Europe builds ships with standard stern. In case of an accident (or according to the teachings) the nearest ship to the accident. Containers with a rescue apparatus and equipment are delivered to it by helicopter. Quickly, they deployed everything to their regular places, got on an emergency boat, people were taken off, how to get off a pee ... Readiness is constant.
  17. water
    water 5 December 2015 20: 57
    Time passes, something is forgotten. But, not like that. Understand! You can't praise yourself - no one will praise! However, if this is really the story of Captain 1st Rank S. Kubynin, then I am sad for him! It’s sad. For in spite of the advanced age and the stars on the shoulder straps, the nobility remained at the level of a "green" chief officer with an "eski" and he never became a Commander. The story shows offense - offended, not awarded !? And what to reward for !? For the fact that the senior assistant of the C-178 committed criminal negligence and the boat went to sea without emergency linen and emergency supplies of water, provisions and lanterns in the shelter compartments? For the fact that even when he became an executive officer he did not bother to learn the table of signals by tapping between the compartments ?! - What in an emergency led to the loss of communication, and hence the interaction between divers and submariners! For the fact that, having shown criminal professional incompetence, he removed the three most weakened sailors in ISP equipment, but without a woolen emergency underwear dressed under a life diving suit, or at least a sailor's pea jacket to give at least some positive buoyancy !? As a result, the sailors simply could not rise to the surface. And the most offensive thing is that they could still surface! They could, if the chief executive explained to them that it is possible to blow up the overalls by opening the finger balloons. For the fact that before going out through the torpedo tube by flooding the compartment he made the entire personnel drunk to a state of insanity, how did he arrange problems for the submariners themselves and the divers who ensure their rescue? - It was not a transfer of submariners from one boat to another! It was a fight between divers trying to fasten the submariner with a carbine to the guiding end to send him to the Lenok and the submariners rushing upward. The submariners fought back as best they could. That is why the divers managed to drag only six of them into the receiving and output compartment. And the story itself testifies to the fact that even purely for himself, neither the chronology of events, nor the actions of the rescuers, the narrator did not understand. In general, not an article, but "Yaroslavna's Cry on the Fortress Wall." It seems that this is the last thing - trying to whitewash himself to blame nonsense and absurdity on the rescuer. Actually, the chief executive officer has already received an award - he was not jailed then!
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 5 December 2015 21: 03

      Apparently you are right. But let’s leave the word to the old man. Since the Starpom story does not have enough details that can draw on too spatial considerations.

      At the level of the VO resource, professional investigations are most likely not possible. And honestly I don’t want to.

      Your opinion has been taken into account.
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 5 December 2015 21: 53
        And I do not understand his opinion - watery.
        Was Vodyanoy himself a senior commissar in the USSR Navy? And he personally provided emergency underwear and water?
        And also the regeneration cartridges are normal? And also these horrific IDA-59 ...
        I know them. I myself dived into such. Magnificent devices - for the prepared people.
        But ... but ... for submariners IDA-shki is not at all the equipment for use with which they pass tests.
        And I would like to look at the competent IDASHkinets, who quite owns a torpedo tube .... and admitted to its combat operation.
        Drag, drag ... does the watermaker know that the "awl" in negative temperatures does not cause intoxication .... does not know, as far as I understand.
        Hence the punctures with seals, but alcohol will not work under such conditions ..... nobody soldered anyone, and Sergey showed a rare ability to understand the psychology of his fighters. Punishable, definitely.
        Maybe somewhere on Socotra a comrade - a water man - has been ... but only as an attache-policeman.
        1. water
          water 5 December 2015 22: 21
          And he personally provided emergency linen and water. And much more. I was also on Socotra, and not a political worker. And for the submariner, the ISP-60, and now the SSP, is exactly the "equipment" for which they pass tests.
    2. RoTTor
      RoTTor 5 December 2015 22: 36
      Theoretically, you are right.
      But the old man was quite young, in this position recently - the fusion of the torpedo miner by the old man was still not enough.
      In this situation, the WHOLE crew - for the first time.
      And in a stressful situation of a catastrophe, not all instructions are kept in the head.
      Sorry, but were you in his place and at his age?
      1. water
        water 6 December 2015 00: 49
        It's not that someone was young. The fact is that this first mate showed that there was a garbage dump around and only he was on a white horse! He is so white and fluffy! He says about "Lenok": "- It was impossible to untie him from the pier! The boat turned out to be completely out of order. The battery life expired long ago, it was almost completely discharged, and it was necessary to dive to the bottom and work there for a long time. In addition, on" Lenke "the sonar complex was out of order. The boat lay down blindly next to us!"
        Meanwhile, "Lenok", being in navigational repairs readily for 12 hours, assembled its diesel engines in three hours and, while charging the AB, went to save it on the go! I went because there was no one else. SS pr 532 "Pulkovo" was not in the ranks, and SS pr 527 "Zhiguli" was working out divers in the Preobrazheniya Bay. Antenna of SJSC "Lenok" broke already during maneuvering next to "S-178". The AB term has not expired. It's just that when the diving complex is working, there is a large discharge. After two days of work, due to the excessive discharge, the polarity of the elements began to reverse, fires began in the pits. However, he confused the fact that "Lenok" surfaced before him. "Lenok" was lying on the ground, electricians were pinning the elements, and divers, already without lighting, worked underwater. After its release, the divers searched all the ground around the s-178 for more than an hour. Looking for the missing ones. And only after that they blew through the central group and surfaced on the guides. According to the text of the article, there are many different packages and glaring inaccuracies about divers and "Lenka". And what if a person decided to slander those who saved him and saved him !? Let him rest better.
  18. RoTTor
    RoTTor 5 December 2015 22: 31
    Low bow to the old man!
    Thanks to the author.
    It’s a pity for the dead due to insufficient training, poor coordination, etc.
    Alas, at that time the Armed Forces were more afraid not of a probable adversary-adversary, but of their own command and poor reporting.
    The mess was enough and enough: here in Syria, escort of bombers began only after the downing of ours, which were flying along the usual route ...

    And further: "... Valery Alexandrovich did not have time to get to the colony, and his wife had already left him. Natalia married fellow student Marango Mikhail Yezhel, who then commanded a patrol ship

    Padlyuk, he is a padlyuk, a Ukrainian was dismissed from his post. MO - for theft and abuse, but not imprisoned: in such a "country 404" does not drown.
    About his contribution to the strengthening of the Ukrainian. troops can be seen in the Donbass, and where did the unlimited reserves from the warehouses of 3 military districts be divided? Well, almost thanks for that.
    And for meanness and betrayal, the Lord will figure it out with a hedgehog, skin and other traitors.
  19. .Strannik.
    .Strannik. 6 December 2015 07: 01
    Quote: Alf
    Quote: regul10108
    At the Kursk, hydrogen peroxide first exploded in a practical torpedo, knocked out the back cover of the torpedo tube, threw the flame into the compartment, which led to the explosion of the rack torpedoes.

    But nothing that the hole in the bow of Kursk was with the edges BENT INSIDE?

    A hole of exactly the same diameter as a torpedo from an Amer submarine.
  20. water
    water 6 December 2015 13: 09
    We are here in discussions talking about rescuing sailors from the S-178 submarine. At the same time, somehow forgetting that this problem, the problem of rescuing submariners, is much more relevant today than thirty years ago. Then they rescued and rescued. They rescued sailors from the S-178, rescued from the K-429. Then there was something to save from and someone to save. And modernity, of course, also pleases, but not much. This month, a good new Submarine Rescuer pr.21300 "I. Belousov" should finally join the Navy! Good Rescuer, but we have four fleets! And each Fleet has submarines. And those Submarine Rescuers that exist cannot be looked at without tears - they are outdated. And the military divers fled from them. Indeed, in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the monetary remuneration for diving descents for them is limited to one official salary. But on diving descents, and especially on deep-water ones, a diver spends his health in kilograms. So it turns out that when we talk about past "feats and glory" we are "chattering" the present. We are talking about the rescued, forgetting the rescuers at all. After all, the Kursk disaster clearly shows - Rescuers are needed! And naval practice says that the most convenient rescuer for submariners is a rescue submarine! Well, imagine for a minute: the Arctic. The nuclear-powered rover patrolling under the ice loses its speed and emerges without being able to break through the ice. And what should the crew do? What should the command do? What should the Supreme Commander-in-Chief do? If in mind, then the underwater Rescuer should be on duty at the base. But where does it come from if it was not built?
  21. Litsvin
    Litsvin 12 December 2015 21: 59
    This story is WILD in nature. Our sailors were killed in peacetime, and all these "commander-in-chief political instructors" practically betrayed them. Well, what kind of power did we have in the USSR, disgusting - even when Chernobyl exploded, and then they were silent until the last, they drove people to the May Day demonstration, the Gorbachevs-bastards? The story of the disaster concealment with this boat is from the same opera as Chernobyl, only in miniature.
  22. kig
    kig 1 November 2016 15: 20
    here is another story, this time from the point of view of a member of the Lenok crew