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"I am a helicopter pilot." Part two

"I am a helicopter pilot." Part two

Continuation of the interview with the army pilot aviationhaving experience flying Mi-8, Mi-24, Mi-35M and Mi-28N helicopters.



- Have you already come up with a nickname for the helicopter?

- Who "Mickey Mouse" calls him, who is "Rat". Because if you look at it from the front, the engines look like ears. But there is no established name yet.

- You have already said that it was difficult to relearn on “28”. How long does it take?

- Theory - two or two and a half months. Six days, three pairs a day. You sit, you write notes. If with flights, then up to three months.

- There is no educational version of Mi-28Н yet, but maybe you have heard of it news?

- They say that “Ubeshka” is already in Torzhok, they began to run around it. It is clear that she will not go to the troops soon.

- What happened to the Mi-28H on Aviadarts in August of this year?

- The reason is already known, the information brought to us, but I will not voice it. Anyone who is familiar with helicopter aviation firsthand will understand the reason from the video of the catastrophe, it is obvious.

- The first information was that there was a hydraulic failure.

- No, that's not the point. There was a failure of technology, but the point is not in the hydraulic system. There is no blame for the pilot. Wait for the official conclusion of the commission.

- One of the most frequently asked questions: has the radar been completed?

- Probably, this question should be redirected to factory workers who deal with it. We do not have it yet, but they promise to supply it on Mi-28HM already.

- What can you say about the quality of the thermal imager?

“The best is on 28.” On the Mi-35, too, in principle, normal, works well.

- What is the target detection range with a thermal imager?

- 6-8 kilometers, maybe more. It depends on the contrast of the target.

- Is the image quality acceptable?

- Yes.

- If you compare it with Apache? There are a lot of videos in the network, I think, we saw them.

- The “Apache” is better, of course. This is generally accepted. But I would not say that we are right downright very bad compared to him. No, ok, you can see, you can find a target. The difference is that they have a clearer picture.

- A lot of questions have been asked on the armament of the helicopter. For example, such: “How automated is the use of the“ Attack ”missile with radio command guidance on the Mi-28Н? There is a video on the Internet where the Iraqi Mi-28H shoots and misses the target, although the target is held by the aiming complex. ”

- Question to the gunsmiths who serve this helicopter. There is a very complex system that requires fine-tuning. Maybe there is a weak beam power, the beam is not looking there from the axis of the helicopter aiming. All the questions here are exclusively for the service personnel, whether they are all properly set up.

- How often do missiles fail when they are wired along a laser beam? Have there been any breakdowns in the guidance of guided missiles due to smoke trails?

- No, because of the smoke trail breakdown can not occur. The error may be in the actions of the pilot-operator. On the Mi-24, when they fired using a surveillance device consisting of a system of mirrors, then if they hit the smoke trail from a rocket - and the smoke goes on you - you just don’t have to pull the controls of this beam. When the smoke passes, the mark calmly overlaps the target, and the rocket hits the right place. The same on Mi-35M. At 28, it is even simpler, because its binding system goes in automatic mode: even if the target gets into the smoke trail, the machine automatically makes the mark.

- An anti-tank system 9М120-1 and 9М120-1Ф were developed for the anti-tank complex Sturm-VM with an additional laser beam guidance channel besides the standard radio command channel. Are there any similar missiles in the units and are they used in the exercises from the Mi-28H helicopters?

- There is only on the new series "28-x."

- Does the accuracy of the gun 2А42 on the helicopter? Are there any problems with it because of the big return?

“I haven’t shot myself yet, but the conversations of my colleagues are accurate.” If the machine counts well in the automatic mode of aiming, then where it pointed, there it beats.
The machine recoil problems eliminates.

- Can you compare the accuracy and accuracy of the guns of the Mi-24, Mi-35M and Mi-28H? How do cars behave when shooting from these guns?

- It will be more accurate gun "28-th", because the shooting is done in automatic mode. The Mi-35M still has some problems with shooting in automatic mode, sometimes the machine shows a nonsense. Well, in the manual it all depends on the quality of your own calculations for shooting, how accurately you calculate everything, and you’ll get as accurate as possible.
Regarding the behavior of machines when shooting guns. On the Mi-24, the recoil is very well felt: if you give an average turn, you can lose the order of 20-30 km / h on speed. If it is long, up to the “last piece of iron,” then the losses will be up to 50-60 km / h. The car is biting forward. On the Mi-35M recoil is already weaker, you can compare with the shooting of a machine gun on the Mi-24В: clicked, something flew away, you do not feel anything special.

- What is the comparative effectiveness of guns GSH-23 and GSH-30?

- The larger the caliber, the more effective. When we flew the Mi-24, the “thirty” was jokingly called “high-precision weapons". This gun is really like a high-precision weapon on a helicopter: if it is correctly aimed, then the shells will fly right on target. GSH-23 is also not a bad gun, especially since, unlike the “thirty”, it is mounted on a mobile unit.

- The real range of use of the gun on the growth target?

- I understood where the readers took this question: from ground practice, where they shoot a machine gun. But we are all different. Our basic goal is a tank-type target, or an areal. Usually we shoot from a kilometer, from a thousand meters with visual aiming. It is possible and with a greater range. "28-e" can shoot from two thousand and more, because they can be fired at such a range from such a range. If you shoot visually, in manual mode, then it all depends on how well you see the target. From two kilometers from a cannon to beat, of course, is not particularly convenient and ineffective, better NAR.

- Can you give an example of some shooting standards?

- If you shoot 20 shells in one salvo at a distance of one and a half kilometers, then to get an "excellent" score you need to hit three shells on the target. The target is a BMP tank. It is not necessary to get somewhere close, but right on target.

- Is shooting effective on tank from a small-caliber gun?

- You can shoot, more, of course, for good luck. I will not say that it’s right somewhere in our country that it’s necessary to shoot a tank at a cannon, but why not? The top of it is not so armored, if the projectile arrives in the area of ​​the engine, it will strike.

- Is there an exercise to defeat a group target of "enemy infantry"?

- We have shooting at ground targets, and this can be both areal, and parking planes, and tanks, infantry fighting vehicles on the march.

- Does Mi-28H have any battle management system with operational situation on the map, external target designation, transfer of the enemy's location from other units on the fly?

- The creators of the helicopter have provided such a system, but it is not widely used yet. But on the exercises, experiments have already been conducted. I consider it very useful and necessary.

- With the advent of the Mi-28H tactics use of helicopters change? By type of American "Apache": work with hovering, guided missiles.

- Yes, the work of the gun with hovering, guided missiles to let him. And with the "35-x" hovering allowed already. They began to work more on hovering, namely a cannon. On the Mi-24, this was impossible to do, because the gun was rigidly fixed and for its rotation it was necessary to turn the whole helicopter. NAR while it is impossible to shoot with hovering.

- It turns out that the old problem with the NAR has not been resolved?

- Yes, there is a flaw. The rockets are very smoky, there is a danger that the smoke will get into the engine, and it just “sneezes”. The car has a protection system: when firing NAR, water is injected into the engines, which increases their power and compensates for smoke. But this system works only with the forward movement of the helicopter, on hover, the engine can support.

- This promise to fix?

- While not heard. Probably something needs to be changed in the rocket engine. But when will they be replaced, if there are a lot of old NAR? ..

- "28-th" participated in the sorties?

- Yes, I participated and participates quite often. In the same WHO.

- There have been incidents of shelling from the ground?

- No.

- What is the weather for Mi-28H considered non-flying?

- Fog, for example, thunderstorms, heavy wind, strong icing.

- But does “28” have more opportunities in this respect than the Mi-24?

- No, the same. It all depends on the level of training of the pilot. It is always prescribed in the instructions of the minimum helicopter, in which he can fly. At the bottom of the clouds and on the flight visibility. That is, the ability of its systems to go in these conditions at the airfield. And, naturally, it is necessary to take into account the aerodrome data - is the aerodrome capable in such and such conditions to accept this type of car. And then it all depends on the skill of the pilot, on the level of training, whether he has access to flying in precisely such conditions. We have, for example, “in simple conditions” admission. “200 on 2” - the height of the lower boundary of 200 meters, the visibility of 2 kilometers. "100 on 1", respectively, the lower edge of 100 meters, visibility - 1 kilometer. And "70 on 1" is still there - the bottom edge of 70 meters, visibility - 1 kilometer. It all depends on the pilot.

- What would you like to modify or additionally have on the Mi-28H?

- Hmm ... Probably, to just cure all childhood diseases of the machine. The helicopter from series to series is becoming more reliable, but I would like it to be completed more efficiently. For example, there used to be a problem with gearboxes. Very warm, there was a bad airflow, poor cooling of the oil. Finished. Overheated ceased.

- There are any wishes for armament?

- Not. In principle, everything is quite normal in terms of armament. Its combat load is almost the same as Mi-24, Mi-35М. The same principle: two blocks NAR. But you can hang up four. The engines allow you to carry such a load without special restrictions in piloting. A cannon would like more ammunition ... Two hundred and fifty shells is not enough.

- How many do you need?

- At least five hundred.
By the way, I remembered that I would like to finalize on the Mi-28Н: control of the beam and line of sight of the missiles. On the Mi-24 and Mi-35M are the so-called "horns", which are more familiar to pilots. And they are more accurate, smoother. On the Mi-28H there is a round knob on the handle, where everything depends on the force of pressing: the more you push, the faster it turns. Because of this, in flight, during shaking, it is very difficult to achieve a smooth turn. The designers talked about this, they answered that there are also ideas to finalize this moment.


- Have you ever dealt with Ka-52?

- I had the opportunity to start flying on this helicopter, but in the end I decided to continue exploring the car that I had recently started to master. Just did not want to ride from one machine to another, so really and not having mastered the previous one. But it would be interesting for me to master Ka-52. According to the stories of those who moved them, well, that's all: enthusiastic children's faces, smiles, pleasure is like, as a child, they gave a real machine gun.

- Does the coexistence of two different types of helicopters in a unit make sense? I'm talking about Mi-28H and Ka-52.

- It has. “Kashka” is more suitable for flying in the highlands, less sensitive to the influence of external factors, for example, the same wind. It does not have a spontaneous rotation mode to the left, when something happens to the tail rotor when landing with a tail wind, and the tail rotor cannot catch on the air when the engine is not enough.

- A similar question: does the existence of the Mi-28 and Ka-52 pair make sense?

- Not. He was conceived as a designator, so it would be better to use it. Moreover, the 52-x pair is capable of performing the same tasks. I see no reason to cross two different types, maneuverability and piloting techniques are different.

To be continued

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  1. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 1 December 2015 17: 38
    Very interesting interview
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 1 December 2015 17: 39
    - What is the weather for Mi-28H considered non-flying?
    - Fog, for example, thunderstorms, heavy wind, strong icing.
    - But does “28” have more opportunities in this respect than the Mi-24?
    - No, the same. It all depends on the level of training of the pilot.

    As in GA, probably, my father has the entire flight book covered with tolerances.
  3. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 1 December 2015 17: 41
    All these helicopters are still being radically modified, but even in their version they are simply incomparable! Each has its own flavor and will carry out their tasks!
    1. Leks69Rus
      Leks69Rus 1 December 2015 18: 21
      And what a special highlight the Ka-52 has over the Mi-28 and vice versa. The last paragraph of the interview, the joint work of the mi-28 and ka-52 does not make sense, since the ka-52 pair will perform the same tasks and their capabilities are similar. I remain with my opinion that a dopped attack helicopter is better than 1 unfinished helicopters with the closest possible capabilities.
      1. klaus16
        klaus16 1 December 2015 19: 22
        That's just a shame, I heard about the 28th at the school (20 years ago), and still nothing. Why dont know. Good turntables are really needed. They gave birth to 2 projects: Ka and Mi. In the 94th Kamovka flew to our airport. Wow. But more than 20 years have passed, only a couple of steps have been taken. How so?
        1. Leks69Rus
          Leks69Rus 1 December 2015 20: 27
          Well, the cart still went far. According to mi-28, apparently they took a break, waiting for a full version with a radar. Ka-52 seems to have no problems. Perhaps the situation does not look like I painted above. I proceeded from a modest purchase of a couple of hundred helicopters. But if we assume that the order will be in the hundreds, it is quite logical. Ka-52, since it’s completely ready now, is being actively purchased, but their total number will be small, say 100 pieces. And the Mi-28 with radar will go further into the series with bringing their total number to 200 or 300 hundred or even more. Then there is logic, but the question arises whether such a quantity of helicopters is necessary in a modern war, whether they lie. The bet is on multi-role fighters and attack drones.
      BABA SHURA 1 December 2015 22: 29
      15 years sawing, sawing and not how not to cut ....
  4. venaya
    venaya 1 December 2015 17: 42
    Useful continuation of the article. It is clear that there cannot be a universal helicopter, each device has its own fields of application in view of the fundamental differences and principles of their management. We look forward to continuing the publication of the article.
    1. aviator1913
      1 December 2015 22: 11
      Tomorrow the third interview I will lay out this excellent militarist journalist.
  5. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 1 December 2015 17: 50
    jPilot - your word?
    1. jPilot
      jPilot 2 December 2015 06: 19
      No problem wink
      Make sure that the interviewed operator. In terms of the number of mastered types and the possibilities of mastering, most likely it serves in some of the retraining centers. Well, the experience is a gain, like the commander's "cup", everyone went through it personally for 7 years as a pilot-navigator flew off. And so the article is good.
      I would like to add from myself on the weather, because this question was crumpled by a colleague, and this is one of the main indicators of the CREW COMMANDER'S SKILLS, therefore I supplement:
      PMU (simple weather conditions) from "million per million" to 350m (height of the lower boundary of the clouds) at 3 km (visibility) the initial level of PIC training, all exercises fly off first with PMU, then, as the training threshold is completed, they fly to the SMU. After flying off the training exercises, a control flight with an instructor and an entry in the flight log (flight book) and further according to the program.
      SMU (difficult weather conditions) 250m per 2km, respectively, the skills acquired in PMU in more difficult meteorological conditions are being worked out (PIC to prepare for the 1st CLASS)
      UMP (conditional (established) minimum of weather) 100m per 1km when passing the 1st CLASS and 70m at 800m when you receive a flight qualification LETCHIK-SNIPER and this entire program is written in the KBP (combat training course) and takes more than one year to perfect skills.
      Weapons also need to be used, of course, skill and ability, but the main task is to clearly and timely reach the target in any weather conditions and return yourself and the crew home. This is the real skill of the COMMANDER.
      For Leks69Rus, the fact that Ka and Mi are approximately equivalent if possible is not correct, and therefore they have the right to be produced and exist in parallel because they have different capabilities and are accordingly used to perform different tasks. This is how to compare a bomber and a front-line bomber.
      And there is such a concept about Ka as "sword dance", do you think it's just that? hi
      I have the honor soldier
  6. holgert
    holgert 1 December 2015 17: 55
    Thank you VO for the article ---- it is always interesting to read the opinion of a true pro in his field. It is extremely concise and clear, and not a single word! Thank!!!
    1. avt
      avt 1 December 2015 18: 25
      Quote: holgert
      Thank you VO for the article ---- it is always interesting to read the opinion of a true pro in his field

      Agree good an interesting review, well, in the format ", no detail, but from the user. Today I went to" Made by us ", do not consider it an advertisement, SHI-KAR-NY photo report from Ulan Ude from the helicopter plant! good Such beauties and in such quantities! good
  7. Terrible_L.
    Terrible_L. 1 December 2015 17: 59
    Have you already come up with a nickname for a helicopter in the army?

    I propose to help flyers with options, I would not want "Mickey Mouse" or "Rat" to take root.
    PS Compare: "Alligator" and "Rat". The machine is iron, but it can also take offense!)
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 1 December 2015 18: 18
      Quote: Scary_L.
      The machine is iron, but it can also be offended)

      In general, before reading this article ... well, I never thought about the "Rat" ... after reading, looking at the picture .... I see her very ... although on the other hand .. it is very smart, cunning and if necessary koshakov drives .. ... damn it))) all the same army ... very accurately notice .. and will call it exactly as it will take root. "Steel Rat" - "Langolier")))
      1. tomket
        tomket 1 December 2015 23: 21
        Quote: Scoun
        Well, I never thought about "Rat" ... after reading, looking at the picture ..

        In the "Technique-youth" back in the early 90s when I saw a photo of the Mi-28A I thought -Rat! The nose is characteristic and the tail is long.
  8. Avis24
    Avis24 1 December 2015 18: 12
    The journalist is competent, he asks the right questions. By the way, the article answers why there is no new technology in Syria, "childhood diseases".

    We had a pilot, with a Mi-24 cannon, he shot down the pillars with one shell. There are not many such snipers. On the Mi-28, automatic equipment allows shells to be placed at the "point" from 4 km. I've seen it myself.
  9. zekaze1980
    zekaze1980 1 December 2015 18: 24
    Mokrushin Denis well done! I would like more articles with other types of weapons, thanks.
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 1 December 2015 18: 33
    Great article. There would be more of them. And from those who actually flew on new equipment, and from those who fired from new weapons, wore a new uniform ... It is the opinion of professionals that is interesting. Recently I read how the Vintorez was tested, someone started the opinion that this weapon refuses in contaminated conditions. So they simply raped him, the poor man, burned 400 rounds of cartridges, and shoots on the ground with magazines! And it gets to the right place.
  11. Check
    Check 1 December 2015 18: 38
    Thank! it was interesting to read and learn about the cars from the point of view of the pilot.
  12. Wedmak
    Wedmak 1 December 2015 18: 50
    Yes, it’s interesting to know first-hand impressions of turntables.
  13. da Vinci
    da Vinci 1 December 2015 18: 52
    What a shame: the first flight of the Mi 28 - 1982! They are still sawing, sawing ... Practically this is a helicopter of the 70s !!! Here is the story of the creation of the Su 27 - the first finished project shallows, the designers had the courage to admit mistakes. The result is a 21st century airplane! Very disappointing! crying
  14. loki565
    loki565 1 December 2015 18: 53
    And why in the video are English letters, the campaign is Apache and not mi28

    the height 328 feet and other English menu on the screen can never be indicated there
    1. WUA 518
      WUA 518 1 December 2015 19: 47
      Quote: loki565
      And why in the video are English letters, the campaign is Apache and not mi28

      Shooting from a drone.
      1. Former battalion commander
        Former battalion commander 1 December 2015 22: 46
        Judging by the video, they mostly wet - "Into the white light as a penny ...". And it is not surprising that the NAR is like a bullet, but it is known to be a fool ... To spend a guided missile on some kind of clunker with a machine gun is more expensive.
  15. NEXUS
    NEXUS 1 December 2015 19: 24
    And yet, understanding the specifics of both Hunter and Alligator machines, I think that the KA-52 is preferable, because it behaves more predictably in flight and has less weather restrictions for it. As for the fact that the Alligator is more a helicopter, let's say control a group of attack helicopters , so for me, Sharks look better in this group than Okhotniki. In vain they didn’t work and didn’t upgrade the KA-50. I think the Shark would be more effective and successful than the Okhotnik. It’s not clear why the MO refused to purchase KA-50. There is an opinion that this it’s just the lobby of Milevtsy, as Kamovtsy were engaged in ship-related issues, and then they got into the territory of KB Mil.
    1. tomket
      tomket 1 December 2015 23: 23
      Quote: NEXUS
      that it’s just the lobby of Milevtsy, as Kamovtsy were engaged in ship-related issues, and then they entered the territory of Mil Millennium Design Bureau.

      The main reason is the collapse of the country. And then already undercover games went.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 2 December 2015 00: 04
        Quote: tomket
        The main reason is the collapse of the country. And then already undercover games went.

        I don’t agree with you, because the collapse of the country affected all the design bureaus, and not just the Kamovites. Although you are right about one thing, this is a cruel crisis and confusion, but the main reason, I think, is undercover fuss. At the stage of the appearance of the KA-50, MI-28 inferior to her in many respects. But left the 28th. hi
        1. prosto_rgb
          prosto_rgb 2 December 2015 01: 58
          Quote: NEXUS
          I think it’s undercover fuss.

          And there is.
          According to the test results of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, it was the Ka-50 that won the competition, the Mi-28 was planned for export deliveries.
          But after 1991, everything hung in the air.
          Milevtsev already had serial plants and all land helicopter aviation + service logistics.
          And besides, and as I understand it, basically it played a key role, export orders on the production / modernization of countless Mi-8 rati; Mi-17/171; Mi-24/35, and this real money in foreign currency both in design bureaus and in factories.
          The Kamovites, however, only the former Soviet Navy, which became the Russian Navy, you yourself understand what financial condition he was in the 90s.
          Iproject of a beautiful helicopter, for which none of those who could not want to allocate money.
          As a result, the competition requirements were supplemented with a file under the Mi-28.
          The shark was simply squeezed from this world as a stronger competitor.
          I am generally surprised that the Ka-52 launched into production.
    2. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 2 December 2015 01: 49
      Quote: NEXUS
      There is an opinion that this is just a lobby of Milevts,

      And there is

      Quote: NEXUS
      An alligator is more like a helicopter, let's say control a group of attack helicopters, so Sharks look better for me in this group

      Such groups were tested in Chechnya in the early 2000s.
      Only instead of the Ka-52s that did not yet exist at that time, the Ka-29 was used.
      He or the Ka-32, for example, would be much better for control. Places in it are a wagon and a small cart. At least make an Avax helicopter analogue to control the strike group, even the Ka-50x, even their unmanned versions.
      Eh ... Dreams, dreams ...
    3. jPilot
      jPilot 2 December 2015 07: 46
      Understand this. DIFFERENT machines and different capabilities each have their own pros and cons. So, for example, Ka has limitations on complex aerobatics (this is why helicopter pilots are called "dance with sabers" because it has such a concept as "BLADE OVERLAP" with all that it implies. Its best use as a target designation and control machine on the battlefield (being a cadet together with comrade developed a thesis on this topic, in my opinion our leading teacher even defended his thesis on its basis), as well as support for guided missiles, the Ka-52 can also illuminate targets for fighters with a laser.
      BUT Mi-28 especially night ones also take place on the battlefield as an ATTACKING HELICOPTER, because it is not for nothing that the flying tank is called. And due to the advantages of the classical arrangement of propellers, it has aerobatic capabilities much higher than that of the coaxial design. Have you seen a lot of videos of the Ka-50 or Ka-52 performing at least an oblique loop (something like a Nesterov loop) or with a u-turn with a big roll on the hill? Here it is. All cars are good in their niche.
      And the Ka-50 was pushed in for the simple reason that the pilot physically cannot well pilot and use weapons. It’s the same as masturbating with one hand and driving around the city with the other (sorry for the comparison, but it will be more understandable). Therefore, the Ka-52 was designed
  16. Beard31
    Beard31 1 December 2015 19: 37
    Ka-50 and ka-52 are the machines that the Air Force needs, they are much preferable to mi-28, which is not fish and not meat, for me it did not go far from mi-24, where mi-24 looks even preferable and mi-24 is better aerodynamics. I think that the Air Force should purchase helicopters of the Ka-50 and Mi-35 series (modernization of the Mi-24). To produce many types of helicopters is a nightmare for the army associated with logistics and crew training.
  17. loki565
    loki565 1 December 2015 19: 56
    Quote: loki565
    And why in the video are English letters, the campaign is Apache and not mi28

    the height 328 feet and other English menu on the screen can never be indicated there

    Israeli drone campaign)))))
    1. Mig-31
      Mig-31 1 December 2015 22: 02
      This is not a drone. In Iraq, paired with MI 28 or MI 35, a small helicopter works from it and shoot a video, though the name of the helicopter was forgotten in my Bell.
  18. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 1 December 2015 20: 08
    Interesting, but not enough.
    1. Former battalion commander
      Former battalion commander 1 December 2015 23: 07
      Something is wrong here ... Well, just to turn off the motor you need to press 2 dozen toggle switches and levers ... Well, accordingly, to turn on all this mutat you need to do everything in the reverse order ... It seems that this machine is not for wars, and to create puzzles ... For example, well, brother brother, launch a rocket ... and a couple of dozen toggle switches went off and only at the end went to the red button, if you made a mistake and you could also undermine yourself ... Do not fight with such equipment, but drive toys on your computer. To train a pilot to simply take off is a whole problem. Where will mass come from, without ease of management? Yes, there will be no mass, they will do a dozen or two for showing to the bosses and they will fall every week (which is now happening almost constantly), either because of technology or because of a pilot error ... But how can one not be mistaken in such a heap?
      1. jPilot
        jPilot 2 December 2015 06: 51
        What do you think !? On a combat helicopter to fly this is not for you "bubbles poo .... t" wink or do you think that cadets have been studying for 5 years in vain and graduate with the diploma of a pilot-engineer !? In general, when you know it’s not difficult and everything is done on the machine. The start and stop procedures are something that is worked out to be automatic, the same as actions in special cases (failures).
        Moreover, what you called complexity is on all types of both domestic and foreign technology, or you think it is easier on the Apache, no, I will say even more, more confused.
  19. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 1 December 2015 20: 36

    Ka Xnumx cool car
  20. bmv04636
    bmv04636 1 December 2015 20: 48
    They say that the Mi-28 and Ka-52 are already in Syria.
    1. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 2 December 2015 02: 04
      As for me it is a provocation.
      Would be there - our probable opponents partners would have already posted their satellite photos in the parking lots.
  21. bmv04636
    bmv04636 1 December 2015 20: 51
    seen in 1 minute
  22. shura7782
    shura7782 1 December 2015 21: 11
    Truly appreciate the machines can only pilots in the army. If the collapse of the USSR had not happened, then in the nineties cadets would be trained on this technique.
  23. Cord
    Cord 1 December 2015 22: 00
    Specific questions, specific answers. It’s a pleasure to read such an interview, the pilot does not hesitate to talk about things that others try to avoid. The pilots' opinions reach the designers, the machines are being finalized, it’s just somehow slow (or maybe not). We have in the army there are many examples of good new technology, there is only one drawback - its DISASTERY.