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Project "ZZ". Voice of sanity

American analysts, who are in opposition to White House politicians and hawkish congressmen, believe that the “voice of reason” in the world today is not the advanced democracy in the person of the United States, but the Kremlin, and specifically Putin. The bloodthirsty politicians of the West organize confrontations and unleash wars, and the Kremlin’s master does not believe in their “peaceful ideas”. And it is reasonable. In this context, the well-known publicist P. Buchanan, criticizing the attitude of the West towards Russia, points to B. Obama’s lack of a clear position regarding the Turkish “provocation” perpetrated by R. T. Erdogan. And such inattention of the White House to the strategy may lead to war with Russia. At least its risk is great.

B.H. Obama walks, thinking about the climate and the future of the planet

Theorist of social systems and the writer Norman Pollack in the journal "Counter Punch" writes that historical a parallel for Syria today is the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. The only difference is the breadth of the conflict, the arrangement of “figures” on the “board” and, of course, ideology.

Nazism Pollack declares a factor driving US aspirations. Capitalist Washington wants to confront left-wing alternatives in the world. Obama is the same Franco, only his focus zone is deeper and there are more influence instruments. The United States, the European Union and NATO are not meant to destroy revolution or communism as such (there are practically none, Moscow follows the capitalist path, it is far from socialism), but Russia, and even better, China. After all, Moscow and Beijing are “blocking” the statesman’s global “hegemony”, which wants to remain the vanguard of the militarized capitalist system, based on the suppression of left-wing socio-economic movements and governments.

US policy - ordinary totalitarianism. And the future that Obama and others like him represent is based on totalitarianism. Everything that prevents US domination in Asia, in Latin America, in Africa, in any third world countries, the West in the face of its “hegemon” should “keep in check”. All the "third" should be backward, not be able to live autonomously, should be isolated from each other, and ideally - to obey and even "servile" before the bosses from Washington. In the postmodern world, there is no place for people like Assad, not to mention Fidel or Che. And Washington would be better to flirt with the "IG" than with states that reject religion as the basis of social organization.

Further the publicist passes to Putin. He does not consider the owner of the Kremlin to be suitable for “democratic world leadership,” since the KGB is an organization that suppresses freedom. However, at a time when global confrontation is approaching, Putin is largely a “voice of sanity”, contrasting with Western slogans and institutions like the “domesticated” UN, IMF, World Bank, and trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Western policy, the analyst believes, already looks like a "Leninist concept of ultra-imperialism," with some exceptions.

The author writes that Putin, as well as Comrade C, "are free from any illusions" with regard to the West. They do not believe in the construction by the West of "truly peaceful relations." Obviously, the Western powers headed for provocations, which confirms both the downed Russian bomber and the fact that the IG has not been defeated by the West. This grouping has opportunities for further expansion.

As for the downed aircraft, this action was planned not by Erdogan, but by the United States and NATO, a publicist believes. The plane was shot down in order to prevent a single response to the terrorists "IG" of Russia and the West, which was scheduled after the Paris attacks. EU and US leaders wanted to avoid a rapprochement with Russia "at any cost." Obama, this cross between Franco and Ribbentrop, “waited a while coquettishly,” and stabbed him in the back. Again, Putin was right in saying that he was stabbed in the back; the only question is who directed the hand.

Famous Writer Patrick Buchanan in the Journal "The American Conservative" writes that the decision of Turkey to shoot down the Russian military aircraft Su-24 was a "provocative and significant action."

It is impossible to believe that the pilot of the Turkish F-16 hit a Russian plane with a rocket without the permission of President Tayyip Erdogan. And one has to ask the question: “Why did the Turkish autocrat do this? Why is he at risk of colliding with Russia? ”

The publicist has the answer. Erdogan is probably far less indignant at the intrusion into his airspace than Putin’s success in supporting the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, "whom Erdogan hates." Angry Erdogan and Russian strikes on the positions of the "Turkmen rebels" in Syria - after all, the latter are eager to overthrow Assad.

And what about Washington? Did he give Erdogan a “green light” to fire on the Russians?

These are very important questions, the author believes.

Turkey is a US ally in NATO. And if Russia strikes back, Ankara can immediately refer to Article V of the NATO Treaty and demand participation on its side in the war with Russia.

By the way, Putin could not be intimidated. Twenty-four hours later, his airplanes, ships and artillery had already struck the same Turkmen "rebels" and their jihadist allies, Buchanan said.

Politically, the Turkish attack on the Su-24 probably served to prevent a possible alliance between Russia and France, which could jointly bomb IS, which would lead to a "diplomatic turn" in the world.

And now it has become quite obvious: in the civil war in Syria, Turkey is taking the side of jihadists, and Russia is in a different camp, with Iran and Hezbollah, standing behind the Syrian regime.

But which side would Washington be on? There is no answer, since the strategy and decisions of President Obama seem to remain a mystery.

The threat of direct conflict with Russia, which is currently fighting, supporting the Assad regime, is great. American presidents have so far avoided confrontation with the 45 years of the Cold War, says Buchanan. However, now "a military clash with Moscow can become a reality." Does the White House see this?

A publicist shows on another possible battlefield between the forces of NATO and the Russian Federation. In the south of Ukraine power transmission towers were blown up - those that supply electricity to the Crimea. A state of emergency was declared on the peninsula. Russia said it would not buy products from Ukraine from now on and would think about stopping the supply of gas and coal. Meanwhile, Ukraine is dependent on Russian supplies of fossil fuels. Moscow’s hopes of lifting the sanctions on the United States and the EU, introduced after the “annexation of the Crimea”, seem to be in the past.

Coordinated these events - downed aircraft and undermining of power lines? Did Washington give "good" to Erdogan, did he sanction the Ukrainian strike on the Crimea?

Vladimir Putin has answer options. The Russian army and pro-Russian rebels in southeastern Ukraine are able to occupy Mariupol on the Black Sea and establish a land bridge to the Crimea within a couple of weeks, a publicist is sure. In Syria, Russians can succeed much faster than American or French forces.

And if Washington poddakivat Turks and help the "rebels" who are at war with the Syrian army, he at one point may be "face to face" with Russia. Has anyone wondered where this road leads?

It’s not for nothing that we add, far-sighted analysts in the West have persuade their presidents and prime ministers abandon Turkey to NATO and take Russia into the alliance instead. However, these analysts forget the purpose for which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created. They forget the purpose for which NATO created military bases throughout Europe, including Eastern. The main enemy of NATO has not changed, and this bloc is by no means a “defensive” force, as its general secretaries keep saying.

In addition, the global "hegemon" is not going to give up its dominant position on the planet. And therefore, any provocations that weaken competitors and strategic opponents will be publicly or tacitly welcomed. Erdogan knew that his White House anti-Russian actions would be pleasant. And Erdogan knew that NATO was behind him.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. avvg
    avvg 30 November 2015 09: 10
    Truth finds its way. Our strength is in the truth, about which even the West already understands that Erdogan "demolished the fences."
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. cniza
      cniza 30 November 2015 09: 21
      Quote: avvg
      True, he finds his way. Our strength is in truth, which even in the West is already understood.

      Nothing in the world changes. The struggle of the "golden calf" - the West with spirituality - Russia continues.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 30 November 2015 09: 24
        Not without reason, we add from ourselves, far-sighted analysts in the West are already persuading their presidents and prime ministers to abandon Turkey in NATO and take Russia together in its alliance.

        Have you asked for Russian consent? Is Russia so eager for NATO?
        Your Wishlist is your Wishlist!
        1. Leviton
          Leviton 30 November 2015 09: 45
          Quote: SRC P-15
          Not without reason, we add from ourselves, far-sighted analysts in the West are already persuading their presidents and prime ministers to abandon Turkey in NATO and take Russia together in its alliance.

          But this is very much in the style of the West, to make a mess, and not by washing but by rolling, to force Russia on the basis of the NATO treaty to enter into an armed struggle to clean up the "Avdeev stables", otherwise, it is impossible to drag Russia into a war ..... I I think they’re such a plan, they will voice and promise the entry of Russia into NATU, though in reality no one will take it there, otherwise the meaning of this NATA will disappear ...
        2. 341712
          341712 30 November 2015 10: 08
          Quote: СРЦ П-15
          SRC P-15 (5) Today, 09: 24 ↑
          Not without reason, we add from ourselves, far-sighted analysts in the West are already persuading their presidents and prime ministers to abandon Turkey in NATO and take Russia together in its alliance.
          Have you asked for Russian consent? Is Russia so eager for NATO?
          Your Wishlist is your Wishlist!

          From what?? After all, if you crush this topic for yourself .... everything can turn out very interesting ... In economic terms, we are working to separate Europe from Zaluzhia)))) Why shouldn’t I squeeze Nat along the way? After all, everything goes by the engine ...
      2. vovanpain
        vovanpain 30 November 2015 09: 46
        Quote: СРЦ П-15
        Have you asked for Russian consent? Is Russia so eager for NATO?
        Your Wishlist is your Wishlist!

        Yes, there will never be this, mattress-beds will always be aimed at one destruction, and not at creation. And if Russia will be admitted to NATO, then dill and farts will explode like fart, but this is a joke.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 30 November 2015 20: 35

          There should not be a US signature.

          The US government has been struggling with its banking system since the sixteenth century. Unsuccessfully.

          In order not to be unfounded, look at YouTube there is a video about banks. The film was released already in 1996 by American journalists. Look and understand who is who.
      3. mirag2
        mirag2 30 November 2015 12: 35
        To the topic. To the liberals from the "rain":
        _If the Germans conquered us, we would drink Bavarian beer.
        1. Gardener91
          Gardener91 30 November 2015 19: 57
          Yeah, schaz! Would you smoke chimneys in Auschwitz stoves with liberal stench smoke. Forget who put out these stoves? Poles want to forget by demolishing monuments.
      4. mirag2
        mirag2 30 November 2015 12: 35
        To the topic. To the liberals from the "rain":
        _If the Germans conquered us, we would drink Bavarian beer.
        1. Koshak
          Koshak 30 November 2015 19: 12
          To the topic. To the liberals from the "rain":
          _If the Germans conquered us, we would drink Bavarian beer

          and wash with soap "from subhumans" .... am
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Samaritan
      Samaritan 30 November 2015 09: 25
      All US policy is hegemony through money:
    5. andr327
      andr327 30 November 2015 12: 18
      Someone in the West may understand the situation, but the American regional committee is acting. I watched Euro News in the morning and again Hollande talked about cooperation with Turkey, and about the readiness to expedite its admission to the EU. Again, a run over the bombing of civilians in the suburbs of Damascus with Russian planes.
      So the western foam rises.
      And if so, then we are doing everything right. True, she is true in Turkey, and you can’t hide from her, she’ll go to arms.
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 30 November 2015 15: 21
        So the western foam rises.

        Foam is flowers, the dough has risen. What does the Turkish invasion of Syria mean.
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 30 November 2015 19: 40

        Something like the French presence in Syria reminds me of the division of Europe into zones of influence in the post-war period.
    6. Lord of Wrath
      Lord of Wrath 30 November 2015 21: 17
      100 years have passed, but still relevant
  3. izya top
    izya top 30 November 2015 09: 23
    the world "hegemon" is not going to abandon its dominant position on the planet.
    nothing is eternal under the Moon
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 30 November 2015 19: 47
      izya top

      This world "hegemon" cannot be held responsible for his actions.

      As Nathan Rothschild said, I'm afraid to be wrong "Give me the opportunity to print money and I won't need any government."

      It seems the Bank of England has funded all the warring strons in Europe with the Napoleonic Wars.

      History, you know.
  4. beer-youk
    beer-youk 30 November 2015 09: 25
    The mess with Sklopami is very similar to a gopnik. Run over, like, "nerd" and find that he has a black belt in judo ... Then the last gyrus will straighten. "Where to run? There is water all around, and I am in slippers!"
  5. Sirocco
    Sirocco 30 November 2015 09: 26
    They forget why NATO created military bases throughout Europe, including Eastern.

    Here is the memory of a girl.
    I would only like to emphasize that neither NATO will allow it, but the United States. NATO is a block consisting of puppets, such as the theater of Karabas Barabas, the United States pulls the strings there.
    Russia should not get involved in the war as long as possible, and the probability of war is great, you look at how we are politely invited to the "table", In Ukraine, the LEP banged, probably the calculation was that ours would get involved in an armed clash with the Policemen who were guarding the LEP, then they got in advance with Sushka, the United States is foiling us like wolves on a hunt, only the hunters from the EU have not yet decided, although their hounds, the Baltic dogs, break off the leash, not realizing that the bear will tear them apart without straining.
    We’ll see that our commander-in-chief does not gird his bast, I hope to avoid the fate of the 41st.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 30 November 2015 19: 53

      All countries of the world have puppet governments.

      Only independence is manifested by governments supported by Russia.

      It is difficult to understand why the world financiers need all these world wars. There is an assumption that they simply cannot control themselves.

      The next world for a man can cost 300 lard lives.
      1. sharp-lad
        sharp-lad 1 December 2015 02: 03
        There are still a little more than seven lard people on the planet. According to your assumptions, there will not be a third world with a hundred percent probability! laughing
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 November 2015 09: 27
    Oleg, thanks for the next Decaying West. As always, sensibly and with soul to this "ЗЗ".
    The "voice of reason" in the world today is by no means the advanced democracy in the person of the United States, but the Kremlin, specifically Putin

    By the way, bold voices are being heard from sensible political analysts and publicists in the United States in defense and support of Moscow’s policies. Honestly, it pleases. But this does not reach the American layman. But as they say - water sharpens a stone. Let's hope for the best.
  7. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 30 November 2015 09: 28
    Welcome it is unobtrusive! Therefore, it is most often in opposition. And upstarts are usually in power, and these are the opposite things. Therefore, these upstarts manage most often. And they are all focused on the formation of some sort of organized crime. This is what we see in politics. The United States appointed the same everywhere in Europe. This whole gang is trying to order music. Although if you look at the globe to see all of Europe you need to take a magnifying glass, it’s pathetic, but talking about it every day is like a navel of land. Russia needs to be done a lot of work to move this axis towards BRICS. And you can manage Europe and the USA in your own way.
  8. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 30 November 2015 09: 31
    what is written in the article as a whole, and so it has been understood for a long time, and TALK about it. . . maybe they just started to realize it or pretend that yes and the world is changing (which is more believable).
  9. engineer74
    engineer74 30 November 2015 09: 32
    Again "voices crying in the wilderness"? Strength and only strength, not necessarily military, give us the right to exist! In a civilized framework, the West is kept only by the threat of physical destruction. And all these "sane" Western analysts are engaged in making money and do not believe in what they write - the trend is "go against the system"! The reason and humanism of the West in general and of each of its representatives in particular ends where impunity begins!
  10. Vladimir71
    Vladimir71 30 November 2015 09: 35
    Even if the rabbit is driven into a corner, it will be so repulsive that it will not greet the wolf too, and in this situation the Anglo-Saxon clique with its radical Islamic partners decided to drive Russia into a corner, it seems that there are less and less sensible people among them, but in any case, you need to think through how to develop such situations cause maximum damage to the US and the EU at the same time scatter like cockroaches with the lights on.
  11. sannych
    sannych 30 November 2015 09: 40
    ...far-sighted analysts in the West are already persuading their presidents and prime ministers to abandon Turkey in NATO and take Russia together in its alliance.
    Yes, they are the same analysts as from r ... bullet. Who in their right mind will discuss this idea? Let's take the United States to the CSTO. And with Turkey, Europe (at the suggestion of the United States, I’m sure) won’t stir, already they promise a visa-free regime next year, and an early admission to the EU. In fact, the award for breaking off relations with Russia is being handed over.
  12. SPB 1221
    SPB 1221 30 November 2015 09: 43
    Imagine the picture, everyone in the world joined NATO and we joined. And then who will be the enemy of NATO, to whom to yap? The Americans, the Baltic states, the Poles and the like, will die of the first from anguish, because, without yapping, they cannot live a day, then all the rest. But Russia will remain and everyone will say, Russia has carried out a sabotage of the century along the collapse of the bloc! bully
  13. Rav075
    Rav075 30 November 2015 09: 50
    Turkey is the faithful dog of the United States. It was with her (and not only) help that the United States created ISIS in the Middle East. Turkey organized the "sending" of refugees to Europe, to begin with - it prepared some for future terrorist attacks, others - robbed to the skin for the opportunity to leave the war (which made good money). At one time, through Nazi Germany, the United States came to post-war control of half of Europe. Now - controlled chaos in Europe with obvious benefits for the Americans. Russia's plans run counter to Washington's policy, but find sympathy among the Europeans. Only this sympathy cannot be reborn in support, thanks to such "acts" on the part of Turkey. But there is also a plus - Turkey has shown its real face. And many European leaders do not like this face, so the United States is in no hurry with a clear assessment of what happened.
  14. Decathlon
    Decathlon 30 November 2015 09: 54
    "... give up Turkey ..."
    Stop! What does it mean to refuse ?! If my dog ​​snags a neighbor with whom I have just started to improve relations, my hand will not tremble - I will shoot him! But, firstly, my dog, unlike some "leaders", is an intelligent animal and understands who feeds him. Secondly, he, under no circumstances, will interfere in human relations ...
    1. veksha50
      veksha50 30 November 2015 13: 10
      Quote: Decathlon
      If my dog ​​grazes at a neighbor with whom relations have just begun to improve, my hand will not tremble - I'll shoot him!

      Whom? Dog or neighbor ???

      PS In this case, it’s better to shoot both the dog and the neighbor (USA and Turkey) ...
  15. press officer
    press officer 30 November 2015 10: 24
    I remember NATO was created to "intimidate" Russia ... what it would be strange if we joined NATO ... what, will we scare ourselves? bully
    And the fact that "war smells" is yes ... God forbid, of course! The mattresses are sick all over their heads, they cannot finish, that the whole earth will not seem a little! am

    Let's just "close" America? back.. good laughing
  16. Riv
    Riv 30 November 2015 10: 29
    That’s why the author tore these articles? Americans do not see the difference between Nazism and fascism, but for the Russian it is unforgivable. And to compare Franco with Obama is generally bad manners. Franco must now grind his teeth in his grave, and Hitler chuckles at him, sitting in a frying pan. Still: the Spanish fascist was compared with a black man and they were both called Nazis ... Then you smile.
    1. veksha50
      veksha50 30 November 2015 13: 08
      Quote: Riv
      Franco must now grind his teeth in his grave, and Hitler chuckles at him, sitting in a frying pan. Still would: Spanish fascist compared with a black man and they were both called Nazis ... Then you smile.

      !!! My applause ... hi

      PS Although the car is right at the very beginning of its article: the modern mission of the United States is to spread totalitarianism and its autocracy around the world ... And it’s not about Obama at all, but about the shadow group that controls the USA ... World domination ... So that they develop even more abruptly theories and claims of Mussolini-Franco-Hitler ...
      1. Riv
        Riv 30 November 2015 15: 54
        You haven't read Mein Kampf, have you? Find and read, highly informative. Hitler did not strive for world domination. He believed that the Aryan race was doomed to him. The Aryan is superior to all the others by virtue of the fact that he is an Aryan. Why strive for what is already a fait accompli? But since some Untermensch do not understand this, they will have to be collected in a place with the nice name "Buchenwald". It did not work, but the idea cannot be called unviable. After all, they somehow reached the Volga, and from there it was closer to the Urals than to Berlin.

        It is all the more stupid to blame for the desire for world domination of Mussolini and Franco. The first was interested in Great Italy. Something like Great Britain, but with a national bias in gouging. The second was not a fascist at all.
  17. Kim Klimov
    Kim Klimov 30 November 2015 10: 39
    Obama, like the whole liberal world - like a louse on a comb - is spinning, spinning - both yours and ours, but the essence is one rotten and vicious. This is a dead system that destroys all present and living with its carrion.
  18. Monos
    Monos 30 November 2015 10: 40
    Well, who would doubt it.
  19. gal
    gal 30 November 2015 10: 45
    "You can fool some all the time, you can fool everyone for a while, but you can't fool everyone all the time." Abraham Lincoln
  20. Belousov
    Belousov 30 November 2015 12: 52
    States will provoke their mongrels on Russia, but they themselves will by no means climb into a direct slaughter. We need to make a choice - or not to respond to the minor attacks of the subjects of his Black Knights, but then wait for more serious provocations. Or a couple of times to answer so that no one would ever try to challenge the ownership of the strait to them. Shoigu of Konstantinopolsky Federal District, and with the mere thought of Russia, the number of gray hair and heart attacks in states subordinate to the states increased sharply, not to mention the construction of some kind of poddyanka. Yes, it’s easy to talk on the couch, but it’s impossible to sit on this issue. Sooner or later, you still have to decide.
  21. veksha50
    veksha50 30 November 2015 12: 58
    "But which side will Washington be on? No answeras President Obama's strategy and decisions seem to "remain a mystery" "...

    The answer has long been ... Obama, in words and in his actions, actions, has long shown which side he is on ...

    First of all, in their own, state ...
    Then - on the side of all those who are the enemy of Russia ...

    There is nothing else to expect from him (and from the next president of the USA) ...
  22. vovan089
    vovan089 30 November 2015 12: 59
    Why should states provoke mongrel ??? The Baltic states, Ukrainians, Psheks, etc. constantly ache that the Kremlin is threatening them, crawl on their knees to NATO with a request to protect them from Russian aggression.
  23. kotvov
    kotvov 30 November 2015 13: 31
    President Obama’s decisions seem to "remain a mystery."
    but what a mystery there, to do everything with the wrong hands, all of them (sash) politics.
  24. manguest
    manguest 30 November 2015 14: 43
    Obama, judging by his previous statements, did not need such a service on the part of Erdogan, but he clarified everything to Oland about the coalition and the prospects for joint actions with Russia (as their analysts write, grenades, like, we have the wrong system, are incompatible with NATO , the question is purely technical, but tightly indecisive). It seems to Obama that it’s easier to endure kicks for inaction than to get the full amount for any action that, of course, will carry risks, including losses from the US Army.
  25. Kolka82
    Kolka82 30 November 2015 14: 55
    Quote: СРЦ П-15
    Have you asked for Russian consent? Is Russia so eager for NATO?

    And this is "Moscow's hopes for the lifting of sanctions from the US and the EU, introduced after the" annexation of Crimea, "are apparently a thing of the past." also great fun. And to be honest, the word "sanctions" is just sick of it ...
    1. sharp-lad
      sharp-lad 1 December 2015 02: 10
      Well then, taking into account your Russian realities, rename the "sanctions" in a more accurate description of the situation, the phrase "magic pendel"! And in fact, I'm glad for your import substitution. hi But not enough yet !!!
  26. cap
    cap 30 November 2015 15: 19
    Quote: beer-youk
    The mess with Sklopami is very similar to a gopnik. Run over, like, "nerd" and find that he has a black belt in judo ... Then the last gyrus will straighten. "Where to run? There is water all around, and I am in slippers!"

    "Rzhunimagu" laughing
  27. win
    win 30 November 2015 16: 05
    the world "hegemon" is not going to abandon its dominant position on the planet. And therefore, any provocations that weaken competitors and strategic opponents will be welcomed privately or secretly.

    The position of the Americans does not allow a compromise: as we decided, they say, it should be so, everyone else should follow the given political stencil.
    The obedient majority of the coalition members, in agreement with the owner of the White House, will click their heels and stretch into the string

    Barack the First (and thank God, last) is inferior to the "Great Turk" in bloodthirstiness, but in terms of his ability to rank puppet states, he will not yield to him.
  28. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 30 November 2015 17: 38
    How hard it is when there are no normal allies! So Putin has to maneuver
    between Scylla and Charybdis, and look so that their own are not hit in the back.
  29. parafoiler
    parafoiler 30 November 2015 18: 29
    Friends, everything has been said a long time ago: SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM. So we will act in accordance with this axiom ...
  30. Vega
    Vega 30 November 2015 18: 31
    Turkey has driven a wedge between Russia and Europe, which is beneficial to the United States. Syria and Assad are just bargaining chips that the United States tried to play, but something turned out awkwardly and immediately a voice from the United States: "We have nothing to do with, let Europe think." The United States spits in Europe's face, but it wipes itself off and is silent !!!
  31. parafoiler
    parafoiler 30 November 2015 18: 31
    And they will answer for my colleague Oleg Peshkov.
  32. vezunchik
    vezunchik 30 November 2015 18: 34
    a meeting...
  33. GraveBezKresta
    GraveBezKresta 30 November 2015 19: 31
    Significant event! The opening of the Yeltsin Center. At the opening ceremony, Putin, Medvedev and Naina. The "tricky plan" in action. Ugh!
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 30 November 2015 19: 40
      To remember ...
  34. Kibl
    Kibl 30 November 2015 20: 20
    But what poked me is the KGB strangling freedom! Then the United States with its super-powerful punitive organs, who then?
  35. holding
    holding 30 November 2015 20: 21
    Okay, they’re oland enemies, zurbagans, obama ...
    I agree. But why WE live so shitty? Especially the last year.
    How to be further?
  36. Margadon
    Margadon 30 November 2015 20: 54
    able to occupy Mariupol on the Black Sea

    The author in geography could not?
  37. Monastic
    Monastic 30 November 2015 21: 22
    Well, the "allies" began to show their faces - this is both the bypass transit of goods and the "grunting" of the CSTO! How fast!
    1. Denis Skiff
      Denis Skiff 30 November 2015 22: 39
      They have been showing it to us for a long time. Only that is not the face on their heads.
  38. Valiich
    Valiich 30 November 2015 21: 27
    One thing is clear from this article, all that Putin is doing is death for the West, and rightly so. Indeed, in fact, Obama fulfills someone else's will, the will of those who sleep and see the world especially Russia, at their feet, or even its absence. But by God, VVP is called to stand on the side of Truth, Light, Good, Love! And all opponents are the opposite of all this! And whoever says what, Beauty will Save the World! And Beauty is True Light Good Love and all this is from God! And for those who are feeling bad, there is nothing to live on, etc., be kinder, to yourself especially! Remember most often the expression Danila said to the American from the movie "Brother-2" "... tell the American, what is the strength? Here and the brother says. AND THE POWER IS IN THE TRUTH ..."
  39. summer
    summer 30 November 2015 21: 33
    Mess in Paris

    "Ah, dear Vanya, I'm walking around Paris .."
    I mean, Vova ..

    "And what I hear and what I see -
    I am writing in a notebook, impressions after:
    When I get old - I’ll publish a little book.

    I myself started French tricks,
    My friends are now both Pierre and Jean. (DEATH HOMOFOBAM)
    I already spit, Vova, from the Eiffel Tower
    On the heads of careless Parisians.

    Your penetration of the planet
    Particularly noticeable in the distance:
    In a public Paris toilet
    There are inscriptions in Russian! "

    Envy, then jealous.
  40. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 30 November 2015 22: 37
    Erdogan knew that his anti-Russian actions to the White
    Is it white? Does he know what awaits him?
  41. Ima tsoh
    Ima tsoh 1 December 2015 02: 50
    We are not dependent on anyone. But the government should and must raise the country and people. We are your warriors Russia !!! The blood of the victorious people flows through us for centuries !!! We will never admit otherwise !!! We will win as a result of all !!! This stigma drove into us the CREATOR.