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Thermal Sight IT-615

The management of InfraTech told about the completion of the test cycle of its new thermal sights and nozzles for small weapons... Tests of the products of the Moscow company took place at the training grounds of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Among the tested novelties was the IT-615 thermal imaging sight, built on the basis of an uncooled microbolometric matrix with a resolution of 384x288 pixels and a 50 mm objective lens. For the first time this sight was shown at the international exhibition "ARMS & Hunting 2014", which took place at the Gostiny Dvor exhibition complex in Moscow.

The InfraTech Research and Production Company, which specializes in the production and development of night vision devices, was established in 1997 in the course of the reorganization based on one of the first private companies in the field of night technology in our country - SPE “RETRON” in 1991 year. Currently, InfraTech is successfully operating in the civilian market, while prior to 2004, most of the company's products were exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and a number of other countries.

In today's realities Infratech NPK LLC is a Moscow-based company with a modern production and technical base and highly qualified personnel. The company has its own design office, mechanical production, assembly shop, technical control and testing department. During its existence, the company has created a huge number of innovative products that satisfy civilian consumers and professionals. Today InfraTech creates, manufactures and supplies consumers with specialized devices for solving various tasks: night photography and video surveillance; night patrols and protection of objects; night navigation on sea and river vessels; hunting and observation of the animal world; technical support of law enforcement agencies (MIA, FSB, MES) and special forces of the Russian army.

IT 615

For these purposes, the company “InfraTech” mastered the production of monoculars, sights, night set-top boxes and nozzles for daytime optical and collimator sights, diode and laser infrared illuminators, special brackets for attaching devices to firearms and other accessories for night vision devices.

For the first time, the new IT-615 sight was shown in October 2014 in Moscow within the framework of the international exhibition “ARMS & Hunting”, where the company presented a wide range of night vision devices, thermal imaging sights and thermal imaging attachments. The new thermal imaging sight was presented at the exhibition under the designation IT-1TWS-615A. It stands for the following: IT - Infratech brand of the company, 1TWS - Thermal Weapon Sight - thermal imaging sight, the number "6" denotes the maximum refresh rate - 60 Hz, the number "1" - emphasizes that the matrix is ​​made according to the advanced 17 micron technology, thanks to which The sight is distinguished by increased sensitivity, the number "5" - indicates that a fast 50 mm lens is used in the sight, the letter "A" - shows the calibration method, in this case the thermal imaging sight is calibrated automatically. Later, the sight began to be designated with a shorter name and already in Cyrillic - IT-615.

According to the manufacturer’s website, this thermal sight can be used for all-weather and round-the-clock surveillance, night hunting, search and rescue operations and support of security forces operations. The sight was created on the basis of the French matrix manufactured by Ulis, which has a resolution of 384 x288 pixels. The pixel size has been reduced from 25 µm to 17 µm compared to previous models. It should be noted that 17 μm is the most advanced technology for producing thermal imaging matrices. In essence, this means that a larger number of microbolometers can be positioned on the same area in the matrix, due to which IR-waves are captured better. The sensitivity of such devices increases by 30-40%.

IT 615

Thermal Sight IT-615 is considered one of the best thermal imaging devices on the Russian market. Almost immediately, all made sights were sold out, after which the manufacturer switched to selling them only by pre-orders. The undoubted advantage of the new steel sizes. The sight has an exceptional compactness (dimensions 235x65x63 mm with a weight of only 0,65 kg) and provides decent image quality and complete noiseless operation, which is achieved due to the absence of a curtain.

The thermal sight IT-615 is made in an airtight, water- and dust-proof case (temporary sight under water is allowed) from light and high-strength aluminum and magnesium alloys, the sight is filled with nitrogen. The sight has the ability to recognize the temperature difference to 0,05 degrees. According to the information available on the network, the sight provides recognition of the growth 170-cm of a figure at a distance of 1500 meters, the range of aimed shooting is 600 meters. In this case, the shooter has the ability to select different types of sighting marks of different colors.

The sight is not difficult to control, the available digital menu has visual icons that facilitate the work of the shooter. The sight is powered from two lithium batteries of a fairly common size RCR123A or CR123A, which provide the sight for up to 5 hours. It is also possible to operate the equipment from a remote power supply or mounted battery pack. The sight is easily installed on different models of small arms, including those made in large calibers (.50BMG, 12,7 × 99 mm NATO). It can also be used for conducting hand-held observations as a monocular or as a telescope in the presence of a tripod.

Thermovision pre-objective nozzle IT-615ТН

Also, the Moscow company InfraTech was created on the basis of a thermal imaging nozzle IT-615TH, which is compatible with various types of optical sights and calculates in the future to produce a simplified budget version of the thermal sight. The principle of operation of a thermal imaging pre-objective nozzle IT-615TH is to obtain an infrared image of objects located on the ground, in real time. The device is able to work equally efficiently, both day and night, without the need for external lighting.

The detector device is able to detect a source of thermal radiation even in conditions of poor visibility and complete darkness. Often, the use of traditional night vision devices is significantly complicated under poor meteorological conditions. At the same time, InfraTech thermal objective pre-objective attachment allows detecting targets even in bad weather (heavy rain, snowfall, fog), as well as recognizing objects through dust curtains and shrubs. It is possible to use the device in the presence of light interference, including the recognition of targets located near bright light sources. At the same time, the sight is not afraid of “flare-ups”, unlike night-vision devices (NVD), which work on EOC. According to the InfoTech official website, the recommended price for the 615 IT thermal sight is 580 thousand rubles, the thermal imaging pre-objective nozzle IT 615ТН - 598 thousand rubles.

The successful design of the thermal sight, which was originally developed for the civilian market, primarily for hunting enthusiasts, aroused keen interest among the Russian military. For four months, the IT-615 thermal sight passed a test cycle at the sites of the Russian Ministry of Defense. As part of the tests, thermal imaging sights and thermal imaging nozzles of InfraTech were tested for dusting, long shooting, and work in extreme temperatures from -50 to + 50 ° C, in conditions of fog and high humidity. About testing this product to journalists RIA News Vadim Pavlov was told by the deputy general director of InfraTech.

IT 615

“The design of the sights presented by us is compact, lightweight, airtight. In addition to IT 615, we presented another innovative product - thermal imaging pre-objective nozzle IT 310TPN, which has no analogues in our country. This attachment allows you to fire a sniper rifle at a distance of 1,5 kilometers ”- told reporters to RIA Novosti. The X-NUMX thermal imaging sight can be used with various types of small arms, such as the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) and Vintorez BSS, the Kalashnikov machine gun, the Pecheneg single machine gun and other models of modern Russian weapons. So now it remains only to wait for all the formalities to be settled and the results of the tests will be a formal decision on the adoption of devices for service.

However, the presence of foreign components in the InfraTech sights, in particular the microbolometric matrix, which the Russian developer uses in his product, can be an obstacle on this path, according to the specialized weapon portal On the other hand, at present, a number of Russian enterprises (Angstrem OJSC, Cyclone Central Research Institute OJSC, AV Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS) have intensified their work in this direction in order to get rid of dependence on imported components .

Technical characteristics of IT 615:
Matrix resolution - 384х288 pixels.
Frame rate - 60 Hz.
The spectral range is 8 ... 14 µm.
The principle of calibration - without shutter.
Lens - 50 mm, F / 1,18.
Optical zoom, 3,3.
Digital zoom - x2, x4.
Horizontal / vertical field of view - 6,3х4,6 degrees.
The minimum focusing distance is 5 meters.
The type of display used is AMOLED (color).
The display resolution is 800x600 pixels.
Power supply - 3 ... 6 B.
Power supply - 2 element size RCR123A.
Physical and operational parameters
Overall dimensions - 255x65x63 mm.
Weight - 0,65 kg.
Operating temperature range: from -40 to + 60 ° С
Relative air humidity - 98%.
Shock - 800 g.
Degree of protection - IP67 (protection against dust, temporary immersion under water).

Information sources: (производитель)
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Terner38
    Terner38 30 November 2015 07: 33
    Again our pseudo-iron, the French matrix.
    1. Lapkonium
      Lapkonium 30 November 2015 08: 11
      Better than buying a whole scope. It will take years to reduce the matrix gap, and from what is now, French matrices seem to be the best.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. War and Peace
      War and Peace 30 November 2015 08: 33
      Is it really so difficult to make these CCD matrices? I think it’s not a matter of difficulty, but of something else, for example, of the very same reason why Russia still does not make its own computer; there are forces that hinder the development of Russia ...
      1. Hon
        Hon 30 November 2015 09: 25
        Quote: War and Peace
        Is it really so difficult to make these CCD matrices? I think it's not about complexity

        so what's so complicated? Blinded in Garaza on his knee and everything is ready matrix
      2. Lapkonium
        Lapkonium 30 November 2015 09: 31
        Quote: war and peace
        there are forces that are holding back the development of Russia ...

        The forces that hold back the development of Russia for the most part within Russia are laziness and greed. In the 90s, there was still no dough, but with oil money it was possible not only to learn how to make matrices, but much more. I’m not saying that we have completely overslept, but with sights in the country, in general, it’s a problem. For a piece, they manage to cost several times more expensive than their Western predecessors, despite the fact that in terms of quality, very few correspond to them.

        In summary, you must first deal with your petty thieves.
        1. War and Peace
          War and Peace 30 November 2015 13: 33
          Quote: Lapkonium
          The forces that hold back the development of Russia are mostly within Russia - laziness and greed.

          what nonsense you say, in our country there are also brains, the same Pentkovsky was - design institutes and capacities - factories for the production of microcircuits, but there is no INVESTMENT in these projects, the state simply does not invest in the development of its ECONOMY. "Laziness" does not create anything new in production and cannot explain why the same Elbrus is not being made in our country, but in China. In short, no need to drive ...
        2. rocker456
          rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 50
          You imbibilized the troll, our weapons surpass Western models in many respects, so dry the wretch Glory of Russia
      3. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 30 November 2015 15: 06
        Really difficult. Imagine that EVERY sensitive element of this matrix hangs on thin, about a micron thick antennae, and there is nothing under it, a thermal gap. Elementic in the form of a rectangle with oval edges is a resistor based on vannadium oxide, moreover, an "undeoxidized" state, having an abnormal steepness of the dependence of resistance on temperature. Equipment for the production of such matrices in Russia is not sold or sold EVER. You have to develop it yourself.
    3. rocker456
      rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 47
      You are an underdeveloped nerd, the son of a sweaty freebie, this is one hundred percent our development, go pro-Western down forest.
  3. Hell's Angel
    Hell's Angel 30 November 2015 08: 33
    French matrix.
    It seems no longer. Reverse engineering. Dismantled, looked and done. But who will admit it. Or on "VO" about it, or else where, unfortunately I do not remember.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 30 November 2015 13: 22
      Quote: Hell Angel
      Or on "VO" about it, or else where, unfortunately I do not remember.

      There was, and there were many comments.
      Quote: Lapkonium
      For a piece they manage to cost many times more expensive than their western forerunners, while very few correspond to their quality.

      and about the price, yes, import analogues cost several times less ...
      the same "apex" Belarusian costs 330 rubles, ours ranging from 000 - 600 rubles.
      the price tag for western sights because of the rise in price of the euro is like a new tricked out jeep.
      Thermal Imaging Sight IWT LF640
      Main Features:
      • Automated calculation of external ballistics up to 1200m
      • Function of automatic capture of the target and shot (Lock & Shot) - “catches” and conducts visual observation of the selected object. Just before the shot - the combination of the reticle with the auto-capture mark. The option works even with a moving object.
      • The innovative range finder works at a distance of up to 5000m, and at the same time, you can measure the distance to an average object (the size of a pig) at a distance of at least 600m, while eliminating incorrect focus on the bushes on the way to the target.
      • The weather station and ballistic computer will automatically move the reticle along the selected range to the object. Get instant wind speed and direction data by connecting to a weather station.
      • In memory there is a database of ballistic and shooting data for 8 types of weapons and 3 rounds for each.
      • Calculation of the elevation angle of the target and the angle of obstruction of the weapon.
      • Automatic recording of shots.
      • Unique field of view equal to 18,2m / 100m.
      • Weapon sighting system with one shot.
      • Possibility of independent loading of additional aiming nets.

      the price of 2 720 000 rubles.
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 30 November 2015 15: 40
        Yes, with this money you can buy three thermal imaging - day binoculars TD 3.
    2. Nirvanko
      Nirvanko 2 December 2015 13: 58
      What else reverse engineering is, you just have no idea about the technologies for manufacturing thermal imaging arrays, so write nonsense.
      1. rocker456
        rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 52
        Shrink down malacholny down, ours rule, we will put you cancer more than once, Glory to Russia
  4. Kalmar
    Kalmar 30 November 2015 09: 00
    The successful design of the thermal imaging sight, which was originally developed for the civilian market, primarily for hunters

    Well this is how you need to love hunting to buy sights for half a million :)
    1. Hon
      Hon 30 November 2015 09: 26
      Quote: Kalmar
      Well this is how you need to love hunting to buy sights for half a million :)

      But how much does a good imported gun cost? What about ammo?
      1. Kalmar
        Kalmar 30 November 2015 10: 13
        Quote: Hon
        But how much does a good imported gun cost? What about ammo?

        So it’s imported, but here is almost a domestic manufacturer :)
      2. alex-cn
        alex-cn 30 November 2015 12: 06
        CZ from 37 to 50, Remington - approx. 70. Swarovski sights - up to 250 ... Ammunition - yes up to 200 r per pc. BUT! it's still not half a million with a fever ...
        1. PSih2097
          PSih2097 30 November 2015 13: 31
          Sako TRG-42 (338LM) 320 000, ORSIS SE T-5000 (308win) 280 000 ...
  5. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 30 November 2015 09: 03
    ... "The sight was created on the basis of a French matrix made by Ulis" ...
    This is certainly annoying. you need to take an example from the Chinese comrades who are pulling everything that is not pinned. Where is our industrial intelligence? ay!
    1. Hon
      Hon 30 November 2015 09: 27
      Quote: zoknyay82
      .. "The sight was created on the basis of a French matrix made by Ulis" ...
      This is certainly annoying. you need to take an example from the Chinese comrades who are pulling everything that is not pinned. Where is our industrial intelligence? ay!

      they certainly pull, only the quality and characteristics are far behind the original.
    2. Lapkonium
      Lapkonium 30 November 2015 09: 37
      Quote: zoknyay82
      you need to take an example from the Chinese comrades who pull everything that is not pinned

      An engineering school that has learned how to independently develop anything, is much more useful than all these momentary sights. You can’t buy a reputation of a reliable partner - we, unlike China, in technologies, are completely self-sufficient and cannot be effectively. So this certainly is not necessary from the Chinese comrades, they can take another from them, for example, railways.
      1. rocker456
        rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 54
        A moron, we can, and we will, and we even teach many ourselves, and the Chinese most of their weapons were created on the basis of our weapons, so what should they teach us?
    3. rocker456
      rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 52
      Moron, it's a hundred about our original development.
  6. iv-nord
    iv-nord 30 November 2015 10: 21
    Nanotechnology in the nanograd under the control of the nano-boss has not yet developed its technology, so the sights do not pull on import substitution.
    1. rocker456
      rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 55
      Down, everything will be fine with us, and they will be pulled for import substitution, truncated? Dumb nerd, stupid person, brainwashed.
    UNAUTHORIZED 30 November 2015 11: 56
    But they developed a nano saw for cutting money. Nobody sees anything in any microscope, although everyone knows everything
    1. rocker456
      rocker456 14 December 2015 15: 57
      Down, innovations in our army, thank God are in full swing, only you stupid people like you, well shit, soon there will be nothing
  8. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 November 2015 13: 17
    The press wrote that we can produce 689X428 matrices. Matrices with HD resolution are not yet available to us. Just a matrix for the thermal imager on the tank and for the rifle at the same resolution, probably different? Something we can, and something not. In any case, production experience is important, the matrix can be reproduced over time. Jews also work on French matrices and nothing ...
  9. lexx2038
    lexx2038 30 November 2015 15: 41
    Probably a good sight, but of all the characteristics, I was most impressed with the price.