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Donbass Chronicles-2015. No.2. Donetsk trolley bus


Donetsk became the sixth city in the USSR and the twentieth in the world, where trolleybus routes appeared. For seventy five years of his stories trolleybuses in the city worked almost uninterruptedly. During the Great Patriotic War, even while under German occupation, transport continued to work, stopping briefly only during the battles for the city. Donetsk grew, developed, increased passenger flow. Therefore, urban transport also grew, the number of routes, the length of lines increased, the fleet was updated. Changed traffic patterns. So from the 4 routes and 55 machines that went to 1955, the traffic pattern increased to 20 routes and 248 machines to 2013.

With the advent of the new war in Donbass, electric transport did not stop working, regularly carrying passengers. Many contact lines in the Kiev and Kuibyshev districts of Donetsk were damaged, and due to frequent shelling in these areas, part of the routes had to be shortened. Repair crews that promptly repaired damage under shelling of Ukrainian punishers are considered heroes in the city depots: “Thank you to our repairmen for quickly rebuilding the network where it was possible,” people say. In the terrible conditions of war, not resigning, not escaping, but selflessly ensuring the uninterrupted operation of lines and machines is an act correlated with heroism.

Despite the danger and interruptions in electricity, employees went to work. The tragedy on Bosse was the strongest shock for the team. On the morning of January 22, 2015 of the year, one of the trolleybuses of the 17 route came under fire. As a result, 13 people died, the rest of the passengers received multiple fragmental wounds. Shells hit the houses and nearby cars. “It was scary to go to work, but we understood what we needed and went out,” one of the drivers remembers that day.

Donbass Chronicles-2015. No.2. Donetsk trolley bus

In the most difficult time, when shelling was almost around the clock, trolley buses went less often, but still went. “First up to five in the evening, then to six and so on. The attendants went according to circumstances: if it became quieter, then they left for the route. Now all trolleybuses go in a regular mode, ”one of the dispatchers told us.

Most citizens do not notice such trifles, they are used to the fact that trolley buses are always on the line. But visiting people are very surprised that there is at least some kind of transport in the city. But the most surprising is the fare. So, in Kiev it is 3 hryvnia (9 rubles), in Kharkov - 2,5 hryvnia (8 rubles), in Lipetsk - 15 rubles, in Moscow - 40 rubles. The fare in the trolley buses of Donetsk ... 3 ruble.

Documentary confirmation. Yes, three Russian rubles.

And this is generally from our common Soviet past: a kiosk where tickets and tickets are sold. But in Donetsk - everyday reality.

Composter for coupons ... comments can not be at all!

In the conditions of war and the rupture of economic relations with Ukraine, the acute problem was the lack of spare parts for repairing the fleet. “Our management is very good, they tried, they got the details,” one of the drivers commented on our question on how they survived, they themselves turned around at the beginning. Now, in this issue (as, indeed, in many others), Russia offered a helping hand in the face of the Nizhny Novgorod Electromash plant, which just recently put winter tires, winding wire, batteries, rays, current collectors and other much-needed parts.

Donetsk residents are satisfied with the work of transport, thank the staff, appreciate their work. Some even boast: “In the summer of 2014, when there were terrible shelling, I was traveling alone in a trolleybus, there were no people on the street, and the transport went,” says our interlocutor at the trolleybus stop.

War, destruction, grief is not a reason to surrender and give up. Trolleybus depot workers prove this by their own example. They understand for whom and why they go to work and bring their electric wards to the roads of the city: "People need to be carried - this is our work."

Afterword from the editors.

Who knows, he will understand who does not know - take a word. They are there, in Donetsk, a little weird guys. The topic of the trolleybus story just surfaced in the conversation, and I had to even prove it a little. For Donetsk everything is just like a white day: it is an urban transport, it should go. Therefore walks. What to talk about him?

But the construction of the state does not begin with loud statements and declarations. More precisely, yes, it begins with this. But the state becomes a full-fledged state precisely when there is light and heat in the houses, the streets are cleaned, the garbage is taken out, the trolleybuses go on schedule and the salary is paid on time and in full.

Then we can say that the state, albeit a small one, has taken place. For the state is first of all not the heads making statements and signing documents. These are generals. But generals without soldiers are nothing. And the soldiers, that is, the citizens are simple, this is the most important component part. Those who daily, albeit imperceptibly, do their work.

So God forbid success and good luck to all the soldiers of Donbass. And let their trolley carry them where it is written.


Photos used:
group "KSK", Donetsk, DNR.
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  1. Bayonet
    Bayonet 2 December 2015 05: 46
    What glorious trolleybuses! Who releases them? And here in Rostov we meet such people that one might think that the war is with us, and not in Donetsk! The fare is also sweet, we have 15 rubles. and soon threaten to increase.
    1. Novor_Donetsk
      Novor_Donetsk 2 December 2015 08: 57
      These Lviv bus factory produced trolleybuses (now bureaucratic and liquidated this year). Purchased for Donetsk on the eve of the 2012 football championship
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. slovak007
      slovak007 2 December 2015 20: 29
      Quote: Bayonet
      we have 15r. and soon threaten to increase.

      And in Samara we have 23p (and on the transport card 21.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 December 2015 05: 52
    Calm courage of people under fire - in some book about the Second World War I met such a phrase. Not hysterical heroism with screams - namely, calm courage and people do their job, no matter what! To make nails out of these people ... And the junta is going to "take" this city? Oh well...
    1. Simple
      Simple 2 December 2015 11: 17
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Calm courage of people under fire - in a book about the Second World War I met such a phrase.

      Books for the besieged Leningrad.
  3. Funnels
    Funnels 2 December 2015 06: 24
    Despite everything, life goes on. Keep it up.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 2 December 2015 06: 24
    Only the best wishes to the people of Donetsk ...
  5. strelets
    strelets 2 December 2015 06: 33
    They themselves do not understand that they are heroes. Modesty and courage. God grant that it is no longer needed.
  6. nivander
    nivander 2 December 2015 08: 18
    in Blockade Leningrad, several passenger and freight tram lines operated
  7. German Titov
    German Titov 2 December 2015 08: 32
    Thanks to our "public transport workers" !!! Last year, an acquaintance "from Odessa", in the fall, for some reason he took out his mother-in-law from Donetsk (shyutka). So he was very struck by the fact that the Donetsk people pay for their transport fares. "We don't have such a thing in Odessa, there are a lot of hares." And special thanks to the author for the article. You don't always notice the obvious (and street cleaning as well).

    And tell me how to change the checkbox to "Dnrovsky"?
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      2 December 2015 09: 26
      And about the street cleaning is also prepared. Will be. Donetsk utilities are generally a separate topic.

      Quote: German Titov
      And tell me how to change the checkbox to "Dnrovsky"?

      No way yet. It is only drawn to be inserted into the program.
  8. PlotnikoffDD
    PlotnikoffDD 2 December 2015 08: 43
    Oh, nostalgia ... I lived in Donetsk for 6 years, I still remember all the trolleybus routes. the truth then ordinary Engels trolleybuses went ...
    Respect and respect to the author.
  9. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 2 December 2015 08: 45
    In Donetsk, where the war is the trolleybus 3 ruble. And in my city 20 rubles and there is no war.
    1. tol16
      tol16 2 December 2015 09: 17
      And what is the average salary in your city?
    2. TROG
      TROG 2 December 2015 11: 07
      We have 28 and they say that this is not enough for them.
    3. Simple
      Simple 2 December 2015 11: 21
      Quote: Seraphimamur
      In Donetsk, where the war is the trolleybus 3 ruble. And in my city 20 rubles and there is no war.

      Because, probably, 20 rubles. smile
  10. Monetniy
    Monetniy 2 December 2015 09: 08
    Ekaterinburg 23 rubles
  11. provincial
    provincial 2 December 2015 09: 17
    and in Tolyati in the Samara Region, trolleybuses got up due to debts on electric energy, these are our tariffs.
    1. tol16
      tol16 2 December 2015 15: 42
      "effective managers" + liberal economics
  12. Algetxnumx
    Algetxnumx 2 December 2015 10: 45
    In Ryazan 16 rubles
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 2 December 2015 12: 57
      Thank you very life-affirming article. I am glad that the Donbass, despite all the efforts of the Poroshenko regime, did not allow itself to be driven into the "stone age" and everything there functions quite successfully, of course, as far as possible under the conditions of war and the blockade from Kiev.
      PS Very pleased with the price of tickets in Russian rubles.
    2. Horst78
      Horst78 2 December 2015 19: 00
      Quote: Alget87
      Alget87 (4) Today, 10: 45 New
      In Ryazan 16 rubles

      And We have 0 rubles because they are net lol
  13. potalevl
    potalevl 2 December 2015 14: 04
    In a society where each person thinks not only about his own well-being, but does everything in his power to make other people feel good, honestly and conscientiously fulfills his duties, and transport will work on schedule, and not only transport and roads will be asphalted, and there will be no fools in power, and the streets will be clean, and the entrances not polluted, and the prices of goods (work, services) will not rise at space speed.
    In our country, today everyone thinks only of himself. They say that eyes are a mirror of the soul, but in the eyes of many individuals there is soullessness, there is only one question, where to quickly and more cut down the "dough" and spit on your neighbor.
    The heads of enterprises and organizations of various directions and levels, most of them unprincipled and worthless specialists, who got to the position on the occasion (godfather, matchmaker, brother, blat) or made capital on the wave of "democratic robberies" of the national property of the socialist state. take the same would-be specialists. At work, each such individual believes that he is paid only for the fact that he came to his workplace, and if you need to do this work, then please make an extra payment, give an order or medal.
    Hence the conclusion: what to do and who is to blame? Something like this.
  14. The point
    The point 2 December 2015 14: 42
    I will note a few points that have drawn my attention. First, the courage of the trolleybus drivers. If a person treats his work according to the principle of “nobody but us” (and this is not about rewards and bonuses), then he deserves respect. Secondly, composters. A very significant phenomenon. This means that people respect both themselves (they do not humiliate themselves, trying to deceive the state even in the slightest), and the state.
    And thirdly, what kind of lousy (forgive me the moderator) minus?
    1. taurus5.85
      taurus5.85 2 December 2015 16: 43
      If so important, hold + yes
  15. Evrepid
    Evrepid 2 December 2015 17: 38
    In general, well done guys. Despite everything, they work.
  16. Horst78
    Horst78 2 December 2015 18: 59
    Abruptly good More such simple everyday reviews.
  17. Rassamaha
    Rassamaha 2 December 2015 20: 25
    most importantly, there should be peace in the Donbass
  18. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 2 December 2015 21: 13
    Huge respect for the inhabitants of Donetsk, to all employees of city structures !!
    Thank you for the story of the city.
  19. Kostya Andreev
    Kostya Andreev 2 December 2015 21: 35
    To everyone who writes about fares to cities in the Russian Federation. And you probably earn more in the city, bomb and shoot less often than in Donetsk?
    Explain what you wrote about prices in Russian cities. What would I say again that the Donbass at the expense of the Russians?
    1. Victorio
      Victorio 2 December 2015 23: 58
      Quote: Kostya Andrei
      To everyone who writes about fares to cities in the Russian Federation. And you probably earn more in the city, bomb and shoot less often than in Donetsk?
      Explain what you wrote about prices in Russian cities. What would I say again that the Donbass at the expense of the Russians?

      why are you so, just for comparison. so in Riga 49/84 p