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Donbass Chronicles-2015. No.1. So who is Russia merging there?

Necessary preface.

In his article "Why we began to write a little about the Donbass“We voiced a number of reasons that really didn’t allow us to pay as much attention as this topic deserves. It so happened that it was at the time when the material was ready that a definite breakthrough occurred. And so long ago the topic of obtaining reliable information from Donbass was received second breath ". In place of retired fighters of the information front came others. Replenishment, so to speak. Very timely.

At once I will say that we are not planning to publish any devastating materials. Just do not want. Let's leave it to those who in excessive doses use gyrkinite in the morning. Our primary task is to show how the people of Donbass live today. Unvarnished Without constant holidays and rallies. This topic also somehow began to give a scent. However, if there are topics that carry a negative, but in the opinion of our correspondents deserve attention, we will not shy away. And you, dear readers, see this in the very near future.

I will introduce our colleagues from Donetsk. Group "Committee of social communications". On the affairs of this team will definitely be a separate material, I can only say that I have already published materials several times based on the information provided by them. Then they had enormous difficulties, which, I hope, will sink into nothingness. And today's material is the fruit of the work of the group's employees. The first but sure is not the last.

Roman Skomorokhov.

26 November 2015 of the year 46-th humanitarian convoy EMERCOM of the Russian Federation arrived in the Donetsk People's Republic. Unfortunately, it must be stated that the need for such assistance to many segments of the population of the republic is still extremely high.

It makes no sense to explain why it is better to give a man a fishing rod and teach him how to fish than to provide him with fish all the time. But this is the future, especially since the Donbass can in many respects be self-sufficient. The Soviet experience convinces us of this quite reliably, but the technology has since gone forward.

However, while the front line adjoins close to the capital of the republic, and, despite the Minsk agreements, we are tormented by daily shelling from all types of artillery, and also provoke a reaction with small-arms fire. weaponsIt’s a little premature to talk about refusing humanitarian aid.

White KamAZ trucks from the 46 th convoy were adopted according to a very well-defined procedure. More than 1000 tons of food, as well as more 30 tons of medicines were delivered to a special warehouse in Makeevka. From there, the cargo will fall into warehouses subordinate to the relevant ministries and will be distributed in accordance with the decision of the Commission on the organization of reception, distribution and protection of humanitarian goods for the DPR. This time, volunteers unloaded dozens of tons of canned meat, fish and dairy products, hundreds of tons of various cereals, sugar and butter from KamAZ trucks.

Who can get food packages? In fact, all in need. According to the rules of providing targeted humanitarian assistance, the products are issued:

Citizens and people with disabilities who are not entitled to a pension and are registered with the social security authorities.
Large families.
Disabled since childhood.
Citizens taking care of disabled 1, 2 groups.
Citizens receiving a pension in the minimum amount to 1000 UAH.
Family militias.
Left homeless and refugees from the territories of the DPR who are in a war zone.

Make a request is not difficult. To do this, you will need copies of your passport and TIN, as well as literally a couple of documents confirming that a person falls into one of the above categories. After completing simple formalities, a citizen comes to one of the points located in each district and receives the following ration: 2 kg of wheat flour, 2 kg of cereals (rice or buckwheat depending on the range), 2 kg of pasta, 2 cans of condensed milk, 4 cans of canned meat, 4 cans of canned fish, 1 l of vegetable oil and 2 kg of sugar.

At the points of issue of humanitarian aid are very friendly volunteers. In one of these locations in Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk, we were told how the process of distributing food packages was going on.

“Everything comes to us in bags, we pack up according to a certain weight, and therefore we already give out according to the lists. Almost all categories of the population receive Russian assistance. From the category changes the issuance of products, but the changes are very small. Basically it is given to everyone the same thing, only low-income people there have a slightly different list. Products are very high quality. "

Volunteers do not cease to thank fraternal Russia for their help, without which the republic would be very hard. Of course, the citizens who receive this assistance also join the gratitude. As always, during wars and natural disasters, the most disadvantaged are the elderly, often unable to take care of themselves on their own. I am very pleased that neither the state nor the civil society does not abandon them to the mercy of fate.

An elderly couple comments on the situation like this:

“If it were not for Russia ... I don’t know what we would do. We, for example, immigrants, wreckers. Everything burned completely, all property. We are from Donetsk. Railway station and airport - just in the middle. There was a massive blow there. So thank you very much and a low bow from everyone. ”

“As they started issuing, I submitted the documents and for the third time I receive. Work without delay. I applied and I was given humanitarian aid. The first time I received it was flour, the second time there was no flour, but there were cereals. This time there is flour and cereal again. We are very grateful, thanks to Russia. ”

Of course, looking at the clean and well-kept center of Donetsk, it’s hard to believe that somewhere very close, literally a few kilometers away, hundreds of people often without light and other communications continue to live under shelling in officially peaceful, but in fact, terrible time.

Donbass continues to live, fight and build a new life. Despite all the tricks of the fascist junta. Despite the more frequent shelling, the ongoing fighting.

And, nevertheless, despite the truly devilish dedication, the punishers did not achieve their goal. The militia of the DPR and the LPR has turned into a full-fledged army, no matter how some of the “former” may call the local servicemen homeless and drug addicts. And humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation, including helping the fighters not to think about the everyday problems of their loved ones, but to focus primarily on repelling the aggression of the fascist opponent.

White Kamaz trucks are returning to Russia, where the next batch of humanitarian aid is already being prepared, which is so necessary today for the life and struggle of the heroic Donbass. We will be waiting.

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  1. bubalik
    bubalik 30 November 2015 07: 21
    2 kg of wheat flour, 2 kg of cereals (rice or buckwheat, depending on the assortment), 2 kg of pasta, 2 cans of condensed milk, 4 cans of canned meat, 4 cans of canned fish, 1 l of vegetable oil and 2 kg of sugar.
    is it per person per month?

    ,,, if the family is large or disabled, and does not have a side income recourse very hard. And how are the drugs given?
    1. VadimSt
      VadimSt 30 November 2015 08: 33
      This is for the family! Maybe in the DNI differently, but I do not think so. We must not forget that the army also needs to be fed!
      1. Good me
        Good me 30 November 2015 10: 36
        Quote: VadimSt
        This is for the family! Maybe in the DNI differently, but I do not think so. We must not forget that the army also needs to be fed!

        According to sources in the DPR, the norms of "humanitarian aid", as they call it, practically do not differ from those in your country.

        Yes, and the army, among other things, needs to be supported. And if at the very beginning, caring people, entrepreneurs, labor collectives could still provide some kind of assistance to the militia, now, due to the total destruction of the economy, and the fall in living standards, all hope is for the "bread of industry", and Russia ...
      2. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 30 November 2015 17: 37
        Quote: VadimSt
        This is for the family! Maybe in the DNI differently, but I do not think so. We must not forget that the army also needs to be fed!

        For a person, I have 5-6 such sets under the table.
    2. marlin1203
      marlin1203 30 November 2015 11: 46
      And why the railway message is not used in any way? Is there no branch? It would be possible to increase the supply volumes at times. Yes, and it would be cheaper to transport.
      1. VadimSt
        VadimSt 30 November 2015 16: 08
        We all play with decency - the fascist border guards and customs officers on Russian territory must check the convoy. With Turkey the hedgehog has finished ...
        Not without reason in Kiev they started talking not only about the complete blockade of Crimea, but also about the blockade of Donbass, leaving the region without help from Russia.
        “We must block not only the Crimea, but also the Donbass. No humcon convoys should go there, you need to destroy them. We must demand from the president: enough to scoff at the war. Our two brothers cannot open fire on the invaders, on terrorists, on bandits. This is a shame, ”said on the Maidan.

    3. War and Peace
      War and Peace 30 November 2015 21: 20
      Kamaz Che broke? oil has fallen - there is no currency, but for some reason the state is purchasing imports instead of its cars? and why is that? and where? who is being drained? yes Russia and merge, what the hell ...
  2. sa-zz
    sa-zz 30 November 2015 07: 23
    Putinslill is the machinations of pseudo-patriots. Russia will never leave you. Why it happens this way and not otherwise will become clear later, history will put it in its place and it will become clear that it was impossible otherwise.
    Just did not understand
    Group "Committee for Social Communications".

    third of the article about them, the rest is humanitarian aid, how do they compare?
  3. Good cat
    Good cat 30 November 2015 07: 24
    Who is minus? Svidomye rub chtol here?
    1. sa-zz
      sa-zz 30 November 2015 07: 33
      I noticed that over the past month and a half - absolutely out of the blue - there are minuses in articles and comments.
      Well, what remains for them to do, only to set cons, they don’t want to work.
    2. Belousov
      Belousov 30 November 2015 09: 02
      Rather, compatriots Waltzman and Bakai.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 30 November 2015 07: 36
    The militia of the DPR and LPR turned into a full-fledged army60 thousand .. against 200 000 punitive causes concern .. Corpses can crush ..
    Six is ​​not enough for a gang .. (hf Sixth)
    1. sa-zz
      sa-zz 30 November 2015 07: 49
      In six on a gang is not enough ..

      Watching what to fight for.
      300 Spartans were robust as they were given to the Persians (even if a third of this is true)
      1. Burmistr
        Burmistr 30 November 2015 09: 36
        Kick on Dneprozhidovsk and the war kapets!
      2. psiho117
        psiho117 30 November 2015 15: 05
        Quote: sa-zz

        300 Spartans were robust as they were given to the Persians (even if a third of this is true)

        An incorrect example ... yes, the Spartans there were a little more than three hundred ... But as always, thousands of local militias were not taken into account. But they didn’t, the Spartans didn’t count them as people - they compared the hereditary warriors from the warrior people with some farmer who was given a spear and a shield, and forward, for their native policies.
        Just do not think that 300+ of these super-warriors without the support of ordinary people could do something.
      3. atalef
        atalef 30 November 2015 23: 57
        Quote: sa-zz
        In six on a gang is not enough ..

        Watching what to fight for.
        300 Spartans were robust as they were given to the Persians (even if a third of this is true)

        Indeed, who remembers that along with 300 Spartans, 4000 Greeks died, but only the Spartans sang at Herodotus - this is the power of the ancient media
    2. Batia
      Batia 30 November 2015 08: 58
      To break through the defensive line, you need 4-5-fold advantage, in the breakout area 10-fold. Look at that. Example-Kursk.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 30 November 2015 11: 48
        This is from textbooks 50 years ago, without taking into account modern means of reconnaissance and destruction.
      2. Good me
        Good me 30 November 2015 23: 46
        Quote: Batia
        To break through the defensive line, you need 4-5-fold advantage, in the breakout area 10-fold. Look at that. Example-Kursk.

        Filmed in the form of a video popularly explaining one of the stages of the Second World War. Briefly, available.

        Especially for those who squealed that the Mariupol pier, the DNR militia could not take in the 2014, because of their small size, you see ...

        And about this very "4-5-fold", they broadcast ...

        Look HOW PEOPLE HAVE DONE ... And this is a city, the most powerful fortress in all respects, with 100% hostile population, which is not and was not in Mariupol.

    3. KaPToC
      KaPToC 30 November 2015 22: 49
      Quote: parusnik
      They can crush with corpses ..

      The winner is the one with more shells, and not the one with more soldiers.
      1. Good me
        Good me 30 November 2015 23: 48
        Quote: KaPToC
        The winner is the one with more shells, and not the one with more soldiers.

        Fortitude in defense, and determination in the offensive, too, has not been canceled ...
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 November 2015 07: 42
    To survive in the war - this is the main task and life of New Russia itself.
    And sooner or later it will start again.
    The mericatos and their minions, Petsky, rabbits, etc., the pastoral and ukronazistsky scum, will not back down from their plans. angry
  6. Snob
    Snob 30 November 2015 08: 36
    Too many barriers at the border. The fact that the border is officially with Ukraine and not LDNR has to be unfastened for customs. Therefore, gasoline is such an expensive and household product ... Both from Ukraine and Odessa from the Russian Federation (((and what people are asked what to do ?! In such circumstances, and with war terror from Ukraine, how to raise the economy and equalize prices with Russia, I don’t understand .
    1. tabex
      tabex 30 November 2015 10: 03
      Remove the barrier, weapons flood the river into Russia
      1. Snob
        Snob 30 November 2015 10: 23
        I specifically wrote that they are tearing a fastener, a fuel truck that calls in from the Russian Federation is flying a black flag and because of this the price in LDNR is for space fuel. And drive them to the wholesale market in Rostov and see how the Donetsk people buy shoes for example in bulk, have to shake them off the packaging to throw foam sheets (piles of garbage) and tamp down the goods in 2 bags (limit for transportation along the border). You can’t name idiocy and sabotage on the part of Russia otherwise it would give people the opportunity to trade customs officers without stuffing their pockets would be easier for them and they would restore themselves much faster. And so the economy is in a half-strangled state, neither in Ukraine nor in Russia, but trade is the blood of the economy.
  7. NeRTT
    NeRTT 30 November 2015 09: 08
    Putin beautifully played the "gambit" - initially did not get involved in the war in Donbass, but decided to raise oil prices, deal with Syria !!! Soon Russia will resolve the dispute in Ukraine either by force soldier (which is more likely due to the Nazis), or peaceful .. bully IMHO .. hi
  8. stappler 2
    stappler 2 30 November 2015 10: 46
    Quote: tabex
    Remove the barrier, weapons flood the river into Russia

    so 10 years ago we had the same thing in Chechnya and there were no borders ... it’s not about arms but thirst .. at customs
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 30 November 2015 12: 37
      To be honest, we have already gotten various "mourners" who are constantly whining, then Putin merged Syria, then switched to the fact that Putin merged Donbass, then the SU-35 cannot be sold to our ally China, something else - and the evil Putin is to blame everywhere.
      1. 30BIS
        30BIS 30 November 2015 13: 15
        "Well-wishers" howl and whine and those who "love" "sincerely" "love the Gusskys and Russia ... Lord! How tired of all this shalman. People just want to live! Let Mary and God's chosen ones rest!
      2. Gardener91
        Gardener91 30 November 2015 19: 34
        Well, is China already an ally, and not a partner?
  9. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 30 November 2015 13: 43
    What is it now. How it should have been done and how everyone wanted - was not done. Instead, people were slipped a trough of something else. "Analysts" rushed to understand the varieties of the substance, not squeamish, on both sides of the border - they catch fish with black caviar in it, and ordinary people are trying to survive in all this.
  10. I am Russian
    I am Russian 30 November 2015 18: 22
    You would know what a rich land. Honestly, all my own. And now they tell me that Novorossia will not survive without humanitarian convoys. recourse
  11. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 November 2015 20: 24
    Thanks so much for the story.
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 30 November 2015 21: 56
    It’s good that they didn’t leave them, but I’ll repeat them and I don’t need food, but restoration of their own capacities for the production of the same poultry, mill, bakery, greenhouses, feed production and storage complexes.