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The attack on the Russian aircraft and the political situation in Turkey

After 24 on November 2015, the Turkish Air Force fighters shot down in the skies over Syria, in the area of ​​the Turkish-Syrian border, the Russian military aircraft Su-24, returning from a mission, relations between Russia and Turkey instantly worsened. Russia could not react differently - the behavior of the Turkish authorities looked too defiant. As a result of the crash of the plane, the commander of the Russian bomber Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov was killed by terrorists. When two helicopters with a search and rescue team were sent from the Russian military base Khmeimim to search for the Su-24 crew, they were shot at from the ground by terrorists. As a result of the shelling, a second Russian soldier was killed - a sailor, sailor Alexander Pozychnich, a marine.

The attack on the Russian aircraft and the political situation in Turkey

Erdogan "hit in the back»

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the act of Turkey "a stab in the back." He could not otherwise classify what happened. Moreover, Turkey’s actions led to the death of two Russian servicemen, 45-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov and 29-year-old sailor of contract service, Alexander Pozychnich, also Turkish President Recep Erdogan defiantly refused to apologize for the downed aircraft and said that Russia should apologize. After Turkey refused to apologize, Russia began to respond, which is still of an economic nature. Meanwhile, the reaction to the actions of Recep Erdogan and his government on the part of Turkish society is interesting. Along with a large number of patriotic patriots who are represented primarily by supporters of radical Islamist movements who from the very beginning sympathized with the “Islamic State” banned in Russia, as well as by nationalists and neo-fascists, a significant part of Turkish citizens, both politicians and ordinary inhabitants, expresses his dissatisfaction with the behavior of Erdogan. Someone criticizes the president and his policy on the basis of business interests — many Turkish businessmen are firmly tied to trade with Russia, construction work on Russian territory, and the organization of tourism. Others fear a military standoff with a superpower. The third is simply abhorrent to the policy of Erdogan, aimed at the Islamization of Turkey and the restriction of democratic freedoms.

More recently, Turkey was considered one of the most important economic and political partners for Russia. Many analysts emphasized the similarity of the courses of Erdogan and Putin. Apparently, the Russian president really did not expect a “stab in the back” from his Turkish counterpart. At least, Russia actually supported Erdogan during the struggle for power. Indeed, in Turkey, the political struggle has always been very tense - in real Turkish politics there is no place for imitation of political activity. Unlike Russia, there many citizens have clear political convictions that do not change depending on the course of power. The political preferences of many Turkish citizens are literally "inherited." The author of the article had to cooperate ten years ago with Turkish engineering and technical specialists who worked in Russia under the contract.

Political opponents do not even communicate with each other in everyday life, exclusively - on business issues. As a rule, if a person is a communist or a nationalist, then his father, brothers, uncles adhere to close political convictions. It is not necessary that they belong to the same political party, but in general they are within the same paradigm, possibly with options like the father is a social democrat, and the son is a communist, or vice versa. There are Islamists, there are Kemalists - supporters of a secular strong and nationally oriented state, there are supporters of Kurdish autonomy and independence, and there are communists and radical socialists. The positions of the left are still very strong in Turkish society. Naturally, Kemalists, socialists and communists, Kurdish autonomists are ardent opponents of Erdogan’s policy. Each of these forces sees an attempt on their own political interests in the activities of the Turkish president. The trouble is that Erdogan supports at least 40-45% of the Turkish population. Approximately such a number of Turkish citizens are supporters of religiously-conservative views and are in favor of turning the country into an Islamic state. They are ready to defend their interests by any means, including by going to the streets, and if necessary, by switching to armed action.

On the other hand, most Turks do not like the policies of Erdogan, but the opposition is divided and often opposes each other. Alone, the Kemalists, the socialists, the communists, and the Kurdish autonomists are inferior in number to the Erdogan supporters, although in total they are superior. This is the main problem of modern Turkey. If the Turkish opposition had united, at least temporarily - most likely, Erdogan would not have won the presidential election. Although, after years of government and a progressive movement of the country along the path of Islamization, it is possible that in case of “moderate Islamists” being removed from power, Turkey would seriously destabilize the political situation. However, with each passing month the country is becoming less and less stable. In the south-east of Turkey, a civil war has resumed, which for several decades the Kurds - supporters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party have waged against the Turkish government. In Turkish cities, terrorist acts occur periodically, the responsibility for which they impose on the Kurds, then on the supporters of the "Islamic state" (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Finally, there is a certain fermentation in the Turkish armed forces, which from the first years of the Turkish Republic’s existence were considered to be secularism. Not all the generals and officers of the Turkish army agree with the policy of Islamizing the country and rejecting the values ​​that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish state, once claimed.

Turkish patriots criticize Erdogan

The attack of Turkish fighters on a Russian plane excited the Turkish opposition, which saw this act as another manifestation of Erdogan’s inadequacy and now discusses the possible dangers that Turkey will have as president. Firstly, Erdogan’s actions caused dissatisfaction with a fairly large part of the Turkish military elite. For obvious reasons, the current generals and officers of the Turkish army, aviation и fleet Do not voice their true points of view on a strike at a Russian plane. However, the mood in the officer corps of the Turkish armed forces can be judged by the speeches and interviews of a number of former military personnel, including quite high-ranking ones. So, the former Director of the Intelligence Department of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Ismail Khaki Beijing, said in an interview that the Russian plane did not demonstrate hostile intentions towards Turkey. In addition, in the area over which the plane was shot down, according to the retired military, the Turkmen population is not so large, the interests of which Erdogan allegedly cares about. In Baiyrbujak, as the former head of the Turkish military intelligence notes, Turkmen make up no more than 2% of the radical fighters. The armed groups operating in the region are primarily represented by religious extremists of Uyghur and Chechen origin, who are neither Turks nor Syrians, but in general are citizens of “third” foreign states. According to Ismail Khaki Beijing, “it was a big mistake to shoot down an aircraft that was carrying out an operation against terrorist elements. Moreover, the plane did not pose a threat to Turkey’s security and did not demonstrate hostile intentions. ” Ismail Khaki Beijing also said that Russia could use the information received on the smuggling of oil by the Islamic State to Turkey to obtain a verdict of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. According to the general, the real information about Turkey’s activities in the region is primarily in the hands of the United States. It is possible that the United States may use blackmail tactics against Turkey, threatening it if it does not comply with the American dictate by the prosecution at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Similarly, the United States can provide Russia with information on the purchase of oil from the IG.

As the former head of the intelligence department of the Turkish General Staff noted, “most likely, IG oil passes through Turkish pipelines. A part is delivered by tankers, after which the cleaning process takes place. All points on which oil is delivered to the country are well known. Turkey has an organization called the Crime Investigation Council. It has information about where the oil is delivered from, where the funds come from its sale, and how they are laundered. However, Ankara is closing its eyes on what is happening. Ismail Khaki Beijing warns that the Russian state’s response to the incident with the Su-24 military aircraft can be very tough. Russia can use the same sanctions measures against Turkey as applied to Georgia and Ukraine. He also reminded the retired general that Russia, in response to the strengthening of NATO in the Baltic States, launched the Iskander complex in the Baltic region. That is, such measures can be taken by Moscow and in the Black Sea region, which will pose a direct threat to the defense and security of Turkey.

Another high-ranking Turkish officer, former fighter pilot Bayazit Karatash, also confirmed that the Russian Su-24 bomber did not actually pose any military danger to Turkey. According to Karatash, the Turkish authorities, ordering to shoot down the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, made a big and completely unnecessary error in this situation. According to the former Turkish pilot, the West seeks to prevent the rapprochement of Russia, Turkey and China and to return Turkey to the "Atlantic" camp. Karatash’s position is also shared by Onur Oymen, the former Turkish Ambassador to NATO. According to the diplomat, the Turkish authorities made a strategic mistake by giving the order to shoot down a Russian military aircraft.

Sharply negative reaction to news about the Russian military plane shot down by the Turkish Air Force and almost all Turkish political parties and movements of the left orientation. So, the secretary general of the left party "Fatherland" Dogu Perinchek condemned the decision of the Turkish leadership to shoot down the Russian bomber. He said that the incident with the downed Russian military aircraft represents a real threat to the national unity of Turkey. Turkey will be able to maintain national unity only if it focuses on cooperation with Russia, China, the countries of Central and East Asia. According to Perincek, the real effectiveness of the fight against terrorism and the participation of the Turkish state in it depends on the degree of this cooperation. Recep Erdogan, having decided to shoot down a Russian military plane, went on about those who expect to split and weaken Turkey. Following in the wake of American foreign policy, the current Turkish leadership is driving itself into a trap and gives rise to "a dark chapter in stories Turkey, as Dogu Perincek put it.

Word from the left flank of Turkish politics

A more detailed comment on the events is given in the corresponding statement of the left Turkish Party of Freedom and Solidarity. Recall that the Party of Freedom and Solidarity (Özgürlük ve Dayanışma Partisi) is a fairly well-known left political organization in the country that acts from the standpoint of radical socialism and enjoys serious influence among a number of Turkish trade unions, primarily in the trade union of teachers. The Party of Freedom and Solidarity appeared almost twenty years ago, in 1996, as a result of the unification of the Maoist organization Revolutionary Way, the United Socialist Party of Turkey, the Trotskyist organization New Way, the Liberation Organization of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

By the way, at the origins of the Party of Freedom and Solidarity of Turkey stood the legendary Mihri Belli (1916-2011) - a veteran of the Turkish communist movement, also known as “Kapetan Kemal” in 1946-1949. who took part in the civil war in Greece on the side of the Greek communists, in whose ranks he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. The Party of Freedom and Solidarity stands for the abolition of exploitation and classes, the construction of a society of equality and freedom. Socialism, internationalism, environmental protection are the basic principles of this political organization. Party members regularly participate in anti-NATO and anti-American rallies, student speeches, which provides them with the sympathy of Turkish left-wing radicals and Kurds. A certain political influence that the PSS enjoys in the country is also due to the fact that the party’s leadership includes many reputable scientists - economists, lawyers, sociologists. One of the founders of the party, professor of economics Ufuk Uras was elected deputy of the Turkish parliament. Naturally, the PSS is in opposition to the current political regime in Turkey.

In a popular statement, the PSA stated that "Turkey has come to the brink of war with Russia, instead of improving the country's foreign policy." From the point of view of the party, the deterioration of relations with Russia is a direct consequence of the foreign policy line of the Turkish government. The Party of Freedom and Solidarity accuses the current Turkish government of following the principles of "neo-Ottomanism," that is, expansionism and imperialism. According to the statement, the incident with the Russian aircraft will have important consequences for Turkey and the tension caused by the Turkish authorities’s decision to bring down the aircraft will ultimately only contribute to the further exacerbation of regional conflicts. The Party of Freedom and Solidarity stated that it agrees that each country should protect its state border, the security of citizens and sovereignty, but the current Turkish government does not consider the borders and sovereignty of Syria, including as a result of its actions on the border of Turkey and Syria has “jihadist gangs” that destroy the social infrastructure of Syria. Turkey, as the leftists emphasize, has long become one of the subjects of the civil war in Syria, moreover, religious fundamentalists also receive financial, technical, military, organizational and informational support from interested circles in the United States and Turkey. The Party of Freedom and Solidarity put forward the slogan “Hands off Syria”, speaking out against the imperialist intervention of the West against the Syrian state and for the political self-determination of the Syrian people without external pressure.

The fact that the Erdogan regime actually supports the terrorists of the “Islamic State” today is not shy to openly speak many politicians even in Turkey itself. In particular, the leader of the country's main opposition party, the Kemalist Republican People’s Party of Turkey, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, openly accused the government of Erdogan of supporting the Islamic State terrorist organization and said that the Turkish authorities were aware of the terrorist attack in Ankara, but did not take proper security measures and did not detained terrorists. Recall that the victims of the attack was 102 man. According to the Turkish opposition, their death is entirely on the conscience of the current Turkish authorities.

Kurds - the main enemies of the IG and Erdogan

Many Western authors are talking about Erdogan’s interest in the Islamic State. In particular, David Greber, an American sociologist, anthropologist and left-wing activist who has repeatedly published materials on the situation in Rojava-Syrian Kurdistan, wonders why Turkey does not block the supply lines weapons, equipment, equipment "Islamic State". According to Greber, the main force leading ground battles against the IS is the Kurdish formations and all that is required of the West to do away with the IS is to untie the hands of the Kurdish militia and force Turkey to cut off the supply channels of the Islamic State. However, this does not happen. Moreover, Turkey has completely blocked the territory of Syrian Kurdistan, controlled by the Democratic Union of Kurdistan, and also conducts bombing of positions of the Kurdistan Workers Party. That is, in fact, Turkey is fighting on the side of the “Islamic State” against the most important military and political opponents of the latter - the Kurds.

The hatred of the Turkish government towards the Kurdish national liberation movement is understandable - from the very first years of the existence of post-Ottoman Turkey, the authorities of the country have embarked on a total assimilation of the national minorities of the country. Christian nations were generally evicted from Turkey. As for the Kurds, their existence has not been recognized by the Turkish government for many decades. The Kurds were considered "mountain Turks" to be influenced by Iran, and they took comprehensive measures to "turkise" them. In many ways, it was the chauvinistic policy of the Turkish leadership that caused the emergence and strengthening of the Kurdish national liberation movement. After all, almost the entire twentieth century, the Turkish authorities did not even want to hear about Kurdish self-determination, including within the framework of autonomy, considering the appearance of the latter as a blow to the territorial integrity and political sovereignty of Turkey.

Ankara did not agree to concessions to the Kurds, which entailed an ongoing armed confrontation between the Turkish government forces and the Kurdish armed groups. But even the bloody civil war in southeastern Turkey inhabited by Kurds, the danger of terrorist acts in major cities across Turkey, problems in foreign policy relations with a number of countries around the world did not affect the Turkish leadership’s anti-Kurdish policy, which up to now does not want hear about political concessions to the Kurds. Recep Erdogan has repeatedly stated that under no circumstances would he agree to cooperate with the Kurdistan Workers' Party, which in Turkey is referred to as “a terrorist organization”. Naturally, for Turkey, the emergence of Iraqi Kurdistan at first, in fact, an independent state, remaining in Iraq only formally, and then the emergence of the Rozhava, the socialist autonomy of the Syrian Kurds, was a serious blow.

Ankara fears that the “Kurdish renaissance” in Syria and Iraq will inevitably affect Turkish Kurdistan. And, admittedly, in this Turkish leaders are right. Indeed, events in the Middle East have contributed to strengthening the Kurdish national liberation movement in Turkey itself. However, until a certain point, the Kurds did not dare to proceed to the beginning of the next stage of armed resistance to the Turkish government - until the Turkish army began to bombard and bombard the Kurdish bases in Syria and on the Syrian-Turkish border. After that, the Kurdistan Workers' Party resumed active operations against the Turkish regime. We note that the resumption of the PKK’s armed actions is a direct response to Erdogan’s aggressive policy.

In recent years, the Kurdistan Workers Party has demonstrated a very peaceful policy. Firstly, its leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who is in a Turkish prison, rejected the idea of ​​creating an independent Kurdish state and declared that the only goal for the struggle of Kurds in Turkey was to create autonomy. Secondly, the Kurdistan Workers' Party refused to use violent methods of struggle. But the Turkish authorities and the peaceful Kurdish national movement stood "across the throat." Therefore, under the guise of fighting terrorism, the Turkish authorities initiated repression against the Kurdish movement. And this is despite the fact that in reality the Kurds from the Democratic Union of Syrian Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Workers' Party in recent years have been the main stronghold of the struggle against the “Islamic State” in the north of Syria and Iraq. Kurdish militia not only fights IG formations, preventing them from entering Kurdistan territory, but also protects Christian and Yezidi minorities in Iraq and Syria from inevitable reprisals by fanatics. Assyrians and Armenians are set up to cooperate with the Kurds, whose impressive communities also live in Syria. Both those and others are well aware that in the case of the promotion of religious radicals they may become victims of the next genocide.

One of the most active pro-Kurdish parties is the People’s Democratic Party, also called the Democratic Party of Peoples. It was created in 2012 as a result of the unification of a number of left-wing organizations in Turkey. The party included: the Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party, the Social Democratic Party of Socialist Democracy (separation from the Party of Freedom and Solidarity, which we wrote about above), the left-ecological “Green and Left Party of the Future”, the Trotskyist Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party of Turkey, Marxist-Leninist Socialist Renaissance Party, Maoist Workers Party and Socialist Party of the Oppressed, numerous trade unions, left-radical youth and women’s groups, Armenian national organizations, pomak in (Bulgarian Muslims) and other ethnic minorities in Turkey.
Selakhattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag became co-chairmen of the party. Selahattin Demirtash - 42 of the year. Coming from the family of Zaza people (1,5, living in eastern Turkey, a million people close in cultural and linguistic attitudes towards the Kurds), Demirtas received a law degree and worked as a lawyer, and began political activities in the ranks of the Democratic Society Party. Demirtas is considered one of the most decisive critics of the Erdogan regime. He directly accuses the Turkish president and his government of supporting terrorists. Figen Yuksekdag - 44-year-old Turkish revolutionary. From a young age she participated in the revolutionary movement of the country. In 2009-2010. was in prison for political activities. Yuksekdag heads the Socialist Party of the Oppressed, which became part of the Democratic Party of Nations. In the summer of 2015, the Turkish law enforcement agencies initiated a criminal case against Figen Yusekdag, accusing a female politician of supporting the Kurdish National Self-Defense Detachments operating in the territory of Syrian Kurdistan.

- Selahattin Demirtas

The attacks and provocations as a weapon of the Turkish regime

After the People’s Democratic Party of Turkey (Democratic Party of Peoples) entered the parliament and deprived Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party of full control over the legislative power, Erdogan went to radical measures - he allegedly started a war with the “Islamic State ”, In fact, bringing down all the power of the Turkish armed forces on the Kurds on the Syrian-Turkish border. People's Democratic Party Recep Erdogan accused of supporting terrorists. In a number of Turkish cities - Ankara, Diyarbakir and Suruk - terrorist acts occurred with numerous human casualties, while at the same time directed against civilians who supported the People’s Democratic Party. I was impressed by the behavior of the Turkish police and special services, which prevented the provision of medical assistance to the victims. Erdogan blamed the terrorist attacks on the Islamic State, although the Kurds themselves knew very well who really was behind these bloody crimes. As a result of these actions, the Turkish authorities managed to achieve a weakening of the position of the People’s Democratic Party and its de facto exclusion from the election race. In the November 2015 elections, Erdogan’s party again won a parliamentary majority.

23 November 2015, one day before an attack on a Russian plane, in the Turkish capital of Kurdistan, Diyarbakir, an assassination attempt was made against the leader of the pro-Kurdish Democratic People’s Party, Selahattin Demirtas. The one who attempted shot at the politician's car, aiming at the windshield. By a happy coincidence, Demirtas was still alive, and on his page on social networks he spoke quite philosophically - “Death is God's decision.”
We should not forget that it was precisely after the arrival of Erdogan and his supporters to power that radical Islamists felt most at ease in Turkey. The activities of radical organizations closely associated with the Islamic State and al-Qaida (banned in Russia by terrorist organizations) have intensified in the country.

The main opponent of Erdogan remains the secular-oriented part of the patriotic military elite. It was precisely against her that the Turkish authorities directed one of the first blows - at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Eight years ago, in June 2007, during a search of the home of one of the former army officers, police discovered 28 hand grenades. Soon the authorities claimed that the grenades belonged to the secret anti-government organization Ergenekon. Nobody in Turkey had heard about this organization before the search, but almost immediately after the statement of the authorities, a media campaign was launched in the controlled media to “investigate” the activities of Ergenekon. According to the official version, a number of politicians and senior military officials created a secret organization, named after the mythical place in the Altai Mountains, which was considered the birthplace of all Turkic peoples. The purpose of the organization was, according to the assurances of the authorities, the introduction of its people into all the most important state structures - the government, the army, the gendarmerie, the special services. On “Ergenekon” they hanged up the murder of a famous Turkish journalist and human rights activist of Armenian origin Hrant Dink, and also accused the alleged members of the organization in preparing the assassination of the world famous Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk.

In the case of the Ergenekon organization, many high-ranking active and retired military officers of the Turkish army, public and political figures were arrested. Among those arrested was the leader of the Workers' Party of Turkey Dogu Perincek, about whom we wrote above. An elderly politician who held left-wing patriotic views was sentenced to 117 (!) Years in prison. The former chief of the Turkish General Staff, General Ilker Bashbug, was also arrested. Also among the arrested were the generals Veli Kucuk, Hurshit Tolon, Schener Eruigur, professor Mehmet Haberl, journalist Mustafa Balbai, writer Erol Mutherdzhler. More than 240 people received various prison sentences - mainly representatives of military circles, university professors, deputies and journalists. These people were accused of anti-government activities, although, according to the well-known Turkish political scientist Mehmet Perinchek (son of the leader of the Fatherland party politician Dogu Perinchek), the Turkish government’s concern about the plans of some senior military officials to get the country out of NATO and to distance itself from the outside politicians. The United States pressured the Turkish leadership, which, by the way, was itself the most fearful of a military coup by the military - supporters of the secular regime. Despite the fact that the Pan-Turkist-minded Turkish generals are also not great friends of Russia, in this case the story of Ergenekon is very revealing - it demonstrates how Erdogan, through direct repression and provocation, ensures the preservation of his power and the implementation of the policy he considers necessary.

Erdogan mode is associated with IG

Currently, Erdogan, relying on the support of ultra-right resources, is trying to play the "Turkmen card". He blames Russia for the fact that Russian planes are bombing areas densely populated by the Turkoman ethnic minority in northern Syria. Turkomans, or “Syrian Turkmens,” are Turkic-speaking groups of the population that are linguistically close to Turks and Azeris. Turkey has long been staring at the border areas of Syria, inhabited by Turkomans, hoping to attach them to its territory. Today, several armed Turkomans, formed with the direct support of Turkey, are the main agents of Turkish influence on the Turkish-Syrian border. Shortly after Turkish fighters shot down a Russian plane, Russian media reported that the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov, who was shot during a bailout from a downed plane, was led by one Alpaslan Chelik, the commander of one of the Turkish militant fighters, who in reality was not Turkmens, and Turks, and consisting in the Turkish nationalist organization "Gray Wolves." Video interview with Chelik distributed agency Reuters. In an interview, a Turkish nationalist talks about the murder of a Russian pilot. By the way, on the account of the Turkish organization “Gray Wolves” - a number of terrorist acts, attempts and sabotage, including the famous attempt on Pope John Paul II. The participation of Turkish nationalists in the fighting in Northern Syria clearly demonstrates Turkey’s interest in the escalation of the war.

After all, Turkish citizens fighting in Syria under the guise of Turkomans are agents of Turkish political interests. The whole world went around and photographs in which the son of Recep Erdogan Bilal Erdogan poses together with the alleged leaders of the "Islamic State". In addition, they report on the commercial interests of the Erdogan family related to the transportation of contraband oil from Syria. Finally, the daughter of Erdogan Syumiye is also suspected of having links with IS. According to some information, she heads one of the hospitals in Turkey where the wounded militants of the Islamic State are treated. In the Turkish media controlled by the Erdogan government, the anti-Russian propaganda line is being steadily pursued. Russia is almost blamed for the genocide of the Turkoman population of Northern Syria, in collaboration with the Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Detachments. However, it is not very clear what bad is cooperation with Kurdish formations, which, in fact, are the most combat-ready armed force currently fighting against the “Islamic State”. But the Turkish authorities and their propaganda tools, apparently, have completely lost their sense of reality. Turkish propaganda is currently aimed primarily at domestic consumers, therefore, Erdogan’s supporters do not care how their words are perceived outside the country.

Obviously, if Erdogan had not supported the IS and a number of other Syrian fundamentalist groups, the forces of extremists in Syria would have been defeated long ago. Thus, the current Turkish government, contrary to the interests of Turkey as an independent state and most of the Turkish people, actually supports the structures responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East and for terrorist acts on the territory of European states. The attack of Turkish fighters on the Russian bomber, who was returning from a combat mission to combat terrorists, is another proof of the true position of the Turkish leadership. Likewise, as was the demonstrative “saber-rattling weapon” followed by the plane that had been shot down and the threats against Russia. As noted by well-known Russian political analyst and expert on Turkish and Middle Eastern politics, Alexander Sotnichenko, “the current political elite of the country is responsible for the incident with the Russian plane, who decided to fight in neighboring Syria to the last opposition fighter in order to overthrow the hated regime of Bashar al-Assad. They will not retreat from their goal, at least they have had 5 years to analyze their policies in the Middle East to support revolutions. This policy ended for Turkey with an economic crisis, millions of Syrian refugees, of which only a small part lives in camps, and a serious split of political elites ”(quoted in: Sotnichenko A. Price of stubbornness // ).

In fact, Turkey, whose economy is strongly associated with Russia, is extremely unprofitable to quarrel with its northern neighbor. Turkey receives gas and oil from Russia, numerous Turkish construction firms and tens of thousands of specialists work on the territory of the Russian Federation and regularly send money earned here to their homeland. Finally, Russia is the second after Germany “supplier” of tourists to Turkish resorts. Naturally, the sanctions that Russia imposes on Turkey will inevitably have an impact on the overall state of the Turkish economy. We should not forget that Russia can provide direct support to the Kurdish national liberation movement. In this case, the Turkish state can hardly be envied - at least, the situation in the country is finally destabilized and Ankara will no longer care for what happens outside of Turkey.
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    What to talk about with them ?? They are allies of igil !!
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      In addition, the situation in Turkey shows that under Erdogan, it is at least unreasonable to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey for the Turks by Russia! Better to say, absolutely impossible! In Turkey, a civil war will begin in the coming years. Turkey's economy will soon go to hell, just like in Ukraine. Nobody in Turkey will really pay Russia for the construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant by Russia! This project has 100% bankrupt business risks for Russia.
      The implementation of this project is tantamount to sabotage of the internal enemy in Russia itself.
      The Russian construction project for a nuclear power plant in Turkey should be frozen, or completely canceled - the losses for Russia will be much less.
    3. I read the news
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      Quote: MolGro
      What to talk about with them ?? They are allies of igil !!

      What to talk about with them ?? They shot down our plane !! therefore indifferent whose allies they are!
    4. shooter18
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      I would also like to note that at the time when Putin’s policy came closer to Erdogan, when Putin often went to Turkey, at that time terrorist attacks and other things began in Turkey, how not to recall the accident in the Turkish mine after which people went to rallies against Erdogan .. Americans clearly showed Erdogan to whom he owes for the presidency ..
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      What to talk about with them ?? They are allies of igil !!

      There was already a discussion of this photo! Everything converges on installation. Look in the center of the photo of the village, and now compare the dimensions of the buildings with the figures on the slope. Yes these are giants!
  2. venaya
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    For the millennium, the West has been creating problems within Russia, it is time to learn from this rich experience and kick back with their own methods, if they have become so effective. The Kurdish card, even if not a trump card, is still able to solve some of our problems.
    1. Amurets
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      Quote: venaya
      The Kurdish card, even if not a trump card, is still able to solve some of our problems.

      That's right. I immediately, when they only reported that the Turks shot down our plane, expressed a proposal for the full support of the Kurds, including raising a question in the UN about the creation of the state of Kurdistan. It would not have received support, but the Turks would have been nervous.
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    Apparently, the high-ranking Turkish military are much more adequate than their politicians and the president in particular. But this is understandable. Here the role is played not only by assessing the situation from a professional point of view, but also by the attitude to Erdogan after the purges in the army.
    Russia can use the information received on the smuggling of oil by the Islamic State to Turkey to obtain a verdict of the International Court of Justice in The Hague

    It’s a good hint for Russia, although I’m sure that ours independently consider this situation.
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      Two good speeches on the topic of Kurds and Turks were posted yesterday:

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        Lance (6)
        Two good speeches on the topic of Kurds and Turks were posted yesterday:

        Dear Lance (6)! Thank you for the video, especially for “Deputy S.A. Bagdasarov is the whole truth against the Turks. ”

        At S.A. Bagdasarova is simply a BRILLIANT performance in the State Duma of the Russian Federation about Turkey and the Russian policy towards her!
        S.A. Bagdasarov is a very competent and balanced politician who honestly serves Russia faithfully! I know him from his performances also on radio and on television. I even talked on the Internet with him personally.

        Forum users! Do not pass this video! Be sure to watch it, and even better download it for your memory - it will come in handy! There is very important information! And pass this video information on!

        From me Lance (6) +
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        Thanks for the comment, it was useful and informative! ;)
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      On the other hand, the majority of Turks are still not happy with Erdogan’s policies, but the opposition is divided and often confronts each other. Kemalists, socialists, communists, and Kurdish autonomists alone are inferior to Erdogan's supporters in numbers, although in aggregate they are superior. This is the main problem of modern Turkey.

      And here is also a clue ... in general, with the help of ERDOGANU, you can well fry your ass on his throne.
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    Thank you, Ilya .. an excellent article .. the alignment of political forces in Turkey is well reflected .. But Erdogan was cornered .. and this rat can jump .. although there is an option .. that rushing around, rushing around and slipping through ..
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      Quote: rope
      Erdogan we are for you

      And who are you? M-geeks who blow up planes? They cut the heads of the Gentiles and shoot children? And what a "man" he is, if at first he screwed up, relying on the owner's cover, and now, like a beaten mongrel, he tries to bark from under the fence and calls the Kremlin, trying to cover up his crime with an honor guard at the body of our pilot.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 30 November 2015 09: 01
      How much rope does not curl, and the end will come.
    4. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 30 November 2015 11: 03
      Quote: rope
      Erdogan we are for you you are a man

      A man, but not a man.
      He acted like a rat, now rushes about like a rat and ends his days in a hole like a rat.
  6. guzik007
    guzik007 30 November 2015 07: 58
    A good overview of the internal politics of the enemy.
    Serpentarium. Everything mixed up in the Oblonsky house.
  7. TanyaKar
    TanyaKar 30 November 2015 08: 19
    The clever and talented politician Zhirinovsky has long said that there is no need to stand on ceremony with the Turks and make friends "intensely" ...
    And now block all our programs in Turkey, and first of all the construction of nuclear power plants.
    Support the Kurds in the struggle for autonomy ...
    The jackals of Erdoganshchina will receive their, as they say: it is not yet evening ....
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 30 November 2015 11: 05
      Quote: TanyaKar
      The jackals of Erdoganshchina will receive their, as they say: it is not yet evening ....

      And we will expand the straits to the sizes we need.
      1. win
        win 30 November 2015 11: 35
        Erdogan does not want to apologize for the incident with the plane and believes that Russia should apologize ...
        I also think that Russians should and are even obliged to apologize to Erdogan. Just like that write on rockets and bombs: “Forgive us, Erdogan” ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. win
          win 30 November 2015 11: 53
          No aggression! Beat and smile ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Yurmix
    Yurmix 30 November 2015 08: 25
    Quote: rope
    Erdogan we are for you you are a man

    A man is not a prostitute, and you do not understand this. In the proverb about the indifferent because of which all troubles occur, one must also add dels for whom the perception of the world is inadequate.
  9. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 30 November 2015 08: 51
    It should be simpler, and Russia is flirting with everyone and this creates unnecessary problems for itself. Take the same Turks. It was clearly visible that they were cold-blooded, but we were stubbornly unfolding our soul in front of them, figuratively speaking, and put our Russian outback in one place. The villages are not gasified, there is no work, the elderly are abandoned.
  10. Vikings
    Vikings 30 November 2015 09: 27
    If only our special services would have been podsutsya! With a skillful competent position, so
    carefully toss firewood into the fire of internal conflict.
    situation. And who knows, who will come to the wave of protests to power in Turkey.
    With proper correction of the situation, a favorable scenario is possible for
  11. Belousov
    Belousov 30 November 2015 09: 36
    We must accept the PKK delegation in the Kremlin, declare support for their national liberation movement, invite them to rest, treatment (all the same, now the Crimean sanatoriums are empty after the end of the season), supply them with weapons. Then Erdogan will come to such a thing ... lol
  12. washi
    washi 30 November 2015 10: 41
    And who is aware of the full content of the Moscow and, it seems, Karsky, treaties with Turkey?
    Is it true that we can squeeze the territory from the Turks on them?
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 30 November 2015 11: 28
      See yesterday's VO. I did not remember the article, I do not remember the name.
      1. washi
        washi 30 November 2015 13: 11
        And I can not find
  13. The black
    The black 30 November 2015 11: 03
    Quote: Belousov
    We must accept the PKK delegation in the Kremlin, declare support for their national liberation movement, invite them to rest, treatment (all the same, now the Crimean sanatoriums are empty after the end of the season), supply them with weapons. Then Erdogan will come to such a thing ... lol

    It seems to me that not everything is so simple. Kurds have long been supported by the United States. This was especially evident when they wanted to overthrow Saddam. Yes, and now the states do not leave them without attention. It is much more important, as I think, to create such conditions that big Turkish business (and in this sense, the rejection of Turkish resorts and goods is the very thing) went over to the parties that oppose the ishaku-Erdogan. But there is opposition in Turkey. Not everyone was satisfied with Erdogashka’s current domestic policy. Turkey was before the arrival of the Islamist-Erdogan one of the most luminous of the Middle East countries, and now, yet ostaotsya.Tak that the trump card in the form of pressure on the Turkish business and support the opposition to use. Well, what will happen to this donkey when it is overthrown - only God knows. East is a delicate matter laughing .... by chance they can hang in a revolutionary outburst. laughing
  14. mvg
    mvg 30 November 2015 12: 23
    Quote: Tatiana
    In addition, the situation in Turkey shows that under Erdogan, it is at least unreasonable to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey for the Turks by Russia! Better to say, absolutely impossible! In Turkey, a civil war will begin in the coming years. Turkey's economy will soon go to hell, just like in Ukraine. Nobody in Turkey will really pay Russia for the construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant by Russia! This project has 100% bankrupt business risks for Russia.
    The implementation of this project is tantamount to sabotage of the internal enemy in Russia itself.
    The Russian construction project for a nuclear power plant in Turkey should be frozen, or completely canceled - the losses for Russia will be much less.

    Where did the firewood come from? And it seemed to me that we depend more on Turkey. And there will be those willing to complete the construction of the NPP (France), and nobody canceled the Bosphorus, and the deficit in trade is about 7 lard .. Well, we will send the Turks - workers .. and who will build stadiums for the 2018 World Cup, who will work "skillfully"? Stupid lumps from our Caucasus, or "little sluggish" Slavs?
    Erdogad, of course, .. We must give an answer. But no one canceled his head to think ..
  15. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 30 November 2015 13: 01
    It looks like Turkey is the next "territory of Chaos" if our special services take
    armed with the American techniques of the "orange revolutions" and will help the Kurds
    money and weapons. Everything is cheaper than war and the people will be saved.
  16. Karavan-150
    Karavan-150 30 November 2015 13: 49
    We carried out a raid yesterday, about 10 points were closed in the markets! all Turkish fruits go, disguised as from Spain!
  17. SlavaP
    SlavaP 30 November 2015 15: 07
    Yes, to be sure - Erdogan was so stupid that he put the dubious family business above the interests of the nation. And Russia now needs not to make unreasonable and abrupt movements, even to all subsequent provocations (and they will be inevitable), but to act like Western Europeans, going through the UN, the Court in The Hague, economic and diplomatic sanctions. In this case, the Turks will inevitably lose their nerves and they will commit an act of obvious aggression, which should be recognized by the international community - well, then hang them to the fullest.
    1. mmmsoc
      mmmsoc 30 November 2015 19: 13
      Simply, no one thought of throwing a rubber bomb over Ankara. And there are no explosions (everything is humane) and there is a result.
  18. mmmsoc
    mmmsoc 30 November 2015 19: 10
    I served in an urgent service even under the USSR (83-85) and I remember we were laughing at the "political officer" ("political officer") that the Yusovites were our enemies. He was right.
  19. Rastas
    Rastas 30 November 2015 19: 44
    The situation is rather strange. A month ago they insisted that it was better to relax in Turkey, it was safer there than in Egypt, people, listening to officials, changed permits, and now the same officials say that the Ishilovites are resting in Turkey, so it is not safe there. The hypocrisy is complete, but it’s a pity for people, they cut off tickets.
  20. Karlos
    Karlos 1 December 2015 00: 54
    In the spring, I argued with a friend about a trip to Turkey, advised me to go this summer, because then it would be too late, I did not listen. By the way, they were arguing on a box of cognac, I'm waiting.
  21. SSV
    SSV 1 December 2015 16: 31
    Nothing to feed the enemy regime. For the military aggression of Turkey is not a big price.
    Personally, three years ago, I made a choice of the country for summer holidays in favor of Greece, since the Turks are good guys, but it wasn’t very comfortable for me there, you can’t hide the hypocrisy behind a smile. Everything is good there, and the beaches and hotels are good, the service is there, but people cannot be changed.
    Now there is nothing more to do there, and it’s not a joke about bearded men! My godfather every year 2 times went to Turkey on a beach holiday, and so this year in Kemer in his hotel a company of 3-5 bearded people rested, and not for long, no more than a week. We ate, walked, did not communicate with anyone.