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"Hello dear, valiant fighters"

This historical the document is a peculiar response to the proposals of Ukrainian nationalists to demolish the monument on the grave of the commander in Kiev, a city that Army General Vatutin liberated from Nazi invaders in 1943. On the marble slab of this monument is carved: "From the Ukrainian people."

The publication is a copy of the heirloom daughter of the commander of the commander Elena Nikolaevna Vatutina - a photo album, which was presented to the general in gratitude by the officers of the front staff and the political department of the front in 1943 year. It covers the little-known pages of the Battle of Stalingrad: letters from the front and essays of military journalists, combat operations, leaflets and fragments of front-line newspapers, rare photos of Nikolai Fedorovich, his soldiers and officers.

Photographs of representatives of the Supreme Command General Headquarters, photos of members of the command of the South-Western Front, open the publication. The following is a pictorial description of combat episodes telling about the immortal feat of Soviet soldiers: Titov's submachine gunner, sergeant-sergeant, tankman Kritsky and many others heroically killed in the Battle of Stalingrad. Photos, which capture moments of battles and troop movements in the autumn of 1942 on the right bank of the Don, episodes of soldiers' rest, are of interest.

The authors cite raid schemes for the 4 Guards Kantemirovsky Tank Corps, the 3 separate Guards Motorcycle Regiment, photographic documents and descriptions of the raids, and the battle paths of the 1 Guards Don Tank Corps and the deep raid of the 2 Guards Tatsini Tank Corps.

The tense spirit of battles on the Volga is reflected in the letters of civilians to the defenders of Stalingrad: "Hello, dear, valiant fighters, defenders of our beloved Motherland! We, girls of Gubakhinsky Coke Plant, send you warm greetings and a lot of excellent wishes! You do not lose heart when you see that death is near, you know one thing, you honestly give your life for the people, for the motherland, for Stalin. We wish you never to think about death. Love is stronger than death. "

The photo album contains documentary materials telling about the environment of the Ropopin group: photographs, an environment map, letters from the soldiers of the enemy army. So, in October 1942, the corporal of the 7 th company of the 513 th regiment of the 294 German Infantry Division, wrote to relatives: “We have been walking in this country for weeks. There’s such a nature that you don’t want to laugh, you can’t be happy here, you can only become sad and sad, indifferent. This impression of this country is unforgettable, unquenchable, nothing can change it ... "Or from the letter of the corporal Willie Klepper to his wife in February 1943.:" But woe to us if we fail to crown the victory our banners! But no, it must be so, for it cannot be that the Bolshevist Kaya Russia began to manage such a beautiful state, as our beautiful Germany. Just thinking about it the blood boils in the veins. Just so there should be, no matter what happens, we have to have a lot of other weapons in order to kill the Russians ... "

The photo album reflected the defeat of the Italian army in December 1942: the battle plan, photos highlighting the 4000 rally of Italian prisoners of war and showing trophies thrown in the Don steppes, letters to the soldiers of the enemy army.

In the section "From the Soviet Information Bureau" provides statistical data on the offensive of the Soviet troops north-west and south-west of Stalingrad, in the Middle Don region.

The photo album ends with a portrait gallery of the South-Western Front: members of the Military Council, senior officers, junior officers and privates. Among the portraits of the photo of the medical orderly N.M. Shulakov, who carried out more than 100 wounded from the battlefield and was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Medal "For Military Merit", the image of the youngest five-year-old Red Army soldier Serezha Aleshkov, who was awarded the Medal "For Military Merit" and the Guards badge.

"Hello dear, valiant fighters"

Photo album cover

N.F. Vatutin - the commander of the Red Army.

General N.F. Vatutin for writing combat orders. 1943

At the observation post with a member of the Military Council of the Voronezh Front N.S. Khrushchev.

Discussion of operational plans with G.K. Zhukov. In the center is Lieutenant-General A. Bogolyubov, Chief of Staff of the Front. 1943

Military Council of the Voronezh Front. Summer 1943

Good physical form N.F. Vatutin supported gymnastic exercises.

5-year-old Red Army soldier Sergei Aleshkov, awarded with the medal "For Military Merit" and the Guards badge.

Major Nikolayev conducts political information at the front.

Photo album page.

Photo album page. In the top picture there are cylinders in which the Germans threw foodstuffs and ammunition to their troops surrounded in the area of ​​Stalingrad.

Soviet motorcyclists in the rear of the enemy.

Description of the feat 8 th separate motorcycle regiment of Lieutenant Colonel P.A. Belik, who made a deep raid on the enemy’s rear near Stalingrad in November 1942. For this feat, P.A. Belik was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

N.F. Vatutin in the summer of 1943

Scouts enter the city of Boguchar. December 1942
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  1. BMP-2
    BMP-2 27 November 2015 08: 04
    No matter what the Ukrainian gidnyuki say about the Soviet occupation of Ukraine - it’s just the opposite, it’s precisely today they have occupied part of the territories of the Soviet Union. But the opinion of Gidnyuk is not the opinion of the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian people expressed their attitude towards Vatutin with words on the monument!
    1. nemec55
      nemec55 4 January 2016 15: 57
      No matter what the Ukrainian gidnyuki say about the Soviet occupation of Ukraine - it’s the opposite, it’s precisely today they have occupied part of the territories of the Soviet Union

      An excellent thought only infuriates me to the point of exhaustion that ordinary citizens of Russia come to our minds and our leaders do not. Although there is an opportunity to develop a good concept against protoucurs and their Balts and all sorts of other fascist abominations
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 27 November 2015 08: 07
    This historical document is a peculiar response to the proposals of Ukrainian nationalists to demolish the monument.... But the devil is useless .. For people who have lost their memory, these documents will not affect .. The material is interesting, thanks ...
  3. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 27 November 2015 08: 58
    God will punish them for their meanness. It always happens. By destroying monuments of the Soviet era, they undermine the foundations of their state. After all, without the USSR there would be no state of Ukraine. So they "remember" those who defended their country, people. It is difficult for us, the inhabitants of Russia, to know how all human, moral laws are violated.