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Uncle Sam's Peace

Starting with the genocide of the Indians, the United States spread terror throughout the world.

According to the Global Peace Index - the global peace index in the list of countries safe to live in, Russia ranks 152 for the fourth year in a row from 165 possible. Syria is recognized as the most unfavorable year in 2015, followed by Iraq and Afghanistan. Also in the "top ten" includes South Sudan, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and North Korea. US experts have determined the 94-th line ranking.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) was first calculated in 2007 year. Its authors are sociologists and economists from the international expert group of the Institute for Peace and the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney. According to the developers, the GPI of a country consists of an assessment of three groups of factors: the presence and scale of conflicts, stability and security within the state, the scale of its militarization. The calculations take into account the degree of aggressiveness of foreign policy, the level of violence within the state, the share of military expenditures as a percentage of GDP, production and exports weaponsand also militaristic moods of the population.

So, thanks to specially designed methods of a country where military spending exceeds the similar spending of the ten most militarized modern economies, an aggressive, globalist strategy of domination is made public throughout the world, and militaristic propaganda and police terror against dissent are unprecedented even compared to the times of the Cold War, There is a USA, it turned out to be on the 94-th place. And the most belligerent, even among the former republics of the USSR, is not Lithuania, openly calling for military confrontation with the Russian Federation, but Russia.

Let us try to get to the bottom of the truth and substantiate it, not with a false pseudo-mathematical apparatus, but with facts from stories and the United States, and our country.

Not for profit

The whole history of Russia says that under any authority it was consistent in upholding the principles of independence and self-determination of nations and peoples, and in every way helped create a multipolar world in any era, while sacrificing its own interests.

Uncle Sam's PeaceBut numerous invaders who dreamed of subjugating our land, destroying the evolving statehood for thousands of years, bringing incalculable destruction and misfortune to the people, received not only a crushing rebuff. Russia is a deeply peace-loving country, but those who are in trouble are always ready to help. Therefore, offended aggressors who want to revise real events, attribute to us fantastic malice and misanthropy, the desire to satisfy imperial ambitions, have accumulated quite a lot in our history.

Certainly, the formation and strategic development of the Russian Empire, and subsequently the USSR, are also associated with the seizure of territories, new lands, which were included in it with full-fledged, independently developing component parts. Nevertheless, the wars of Russia (USSR) were conducted with the aim of either repelling aggression or fulfilling allied obligations and striving to correct a deteriorating strategic position, but not for the sake of profit.

Under Catherine the Great, the country acquired the Northern Black Sea region (New Russia, Kuban), the Crimea (1783), Belarus (1792) and Lithuania (1795). Russian penetration began in the Americas. Part of the land went to her as a result of the Russian-Turkish wars, and partly because of the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

During the reign of Catherine II's grandson Alexander I, the Russian army, with the support of the allies, reached Paris (1814). Russia initiated the creation of the Holy Alliance (1815) and included the central Polish lands along with Warsaw.

Autocratic power has also spread to Finland (1809), Bessarabia (1812) and Azerbaijan (1813). A long-term war began with the Caucasian mountaineers.

Under Alexander II, peace was finally established in the Caucasus, and Chechnya and Dagestan (1864) became part of Russia after the defeat of Imam Shamil. Russia carried out successful operations against Turkey in the Balkans, which led to the liberation of the South Slavic peoples, in particular in Serbia 1878 gained full independence and Bulgaria in fact. Under Alexander II, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (the Akhal-Teke expedition) were annexed, but Alaska was lost.

However, later it was thanks to Russia that a good half of European and Asian countries gained independence, which they had not had before in the entire history of their existence: Finland - in 1802 and 1918, Latvia and Estonia - in 1918. Then, thanks to Russia, Lithuania restored its statehood. Poland did it with our help twice: in 1918 and 1944 (the division of the country between the USSR and Germany is a short-term diplomatic maneuver). The emergence of Romania, Serbia is associated with the results of the Russian-Turkish wars. The statehood of Mongolia and Moldova was formed with the help of the USSR, and Bulgaria - as a result of the victory of our weapons in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877 – 1878. By the way, grateful "little brothers" in world wars spoke out against the liberator country, and now, being in NATO, they actively pursue an anti-Russian policy even at a loss.

Only as part of the USSR, they were first established as the states of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, while Armenia and Georgia were ethnically preserved and revived. Belarus and Ukraine also owe much of their sovereignty to the Great October Revolution.

It is also necessary to take into account the role of Russia (USSR) in the birth and formation of the PRC, Vietnam, North Korea, India, Greece (which Russia beat off the Turks in 1821), Algeria, Cuba, Israel, Angola, Mozambique, etc.

When the Civil War broke out in the United States, the authority and neutrality of the Russian Empire prevented the intervention of France and England in the struggle between North and South. This helped the US federal government defend its territorial integrity.

Reclaimed from France by Alexander Suvorov 217 years ago, Switzerland has never fought since. How not to recall the liberation of Austria and Czechoslovakia from the Third Reich in 1945. In fact, twice in the last two centuries, Russia has bestowed sovereignty on most European countries, grinding the armies of the dictators Napoleon and Hitler. Note that it was the position of the USSR in the negotiations with the United States and Britain that gave Germany the opportunity to maintain statehood after the defeat of the Third Reich in 1945, and in 1990, to unite.

Without the help of the USSR, Egypt could not stand in the confrontation with Israel, Britain, France in 1956 – 1957. In 1967, USSR intervention interrupted the Israeli-Egyptian war, which effectively saved the Arabs from defeat.

Angola gained its independence for the 1975 year only thanks to the USSR. Moreover, most of the colonies of Western Europe acquired sovereignty within the framework of the global decolonization movement after World War II, in which the USSR played the main role.

Recall that the entry of Soviet troops in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, military assistance to Korea, Vietnam, Egypt were carried out strictly in accordance with the norms of international law - at the official request of legitimate governments.

"Unthinkable" Plans

On the territory of the United States almost no fighting. Almost no one attacked America. Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), attacked by the Japanese during World War II, is an occupied territory that the Americans themselves devastated with their “peacemakers” shortly before. The only other country’s attacks on the United States were the War of Independence with Great Britain (late 18th century) and the British attack on Washington in the 1814 year. Since then, all the terror comes from the United States.

Unlike Russia, which has never dealt with the genocide of indigenous peoples, the American wars begin with the first attack on the Indians in 1622 in Jamestown, then the persecution of the Algokins in New England in 1635 – 1636 and the war in 1675 – 1676- m, ending the destruction of almost half of the cities in Massachusetts. Collisions with the Indians continued until the 1900 year. It is estimated that the Americans destroyed to 100 the millions of indigenous people in the continent.

The first Barbary (Tripolitanian) war of 1800 is considered the starting foreign operation of the United States. The Americans honor her especially, despite the not entirely successful result, since she showed their high combat readiness fleet, proved the ability to use it as an instrument of foreign policy. And later it became the most effective in pursuing an aggressive, aggressive, predatory policy, as eloquently and impartially the history of the United States testifies.

In 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan that had already been defeated. It is widely believed that a barbaric attack was carried out in order to save the lives of Americans. Of course, this is a hoax. The United States hoped to intimidate the new enemy, the USSR, when Japan was already trying to enter into negotiations on surrender. Leading US commanders, including Dwight Eisenhower, Chester Nimitz and Curtis Limey, did not approve the use of atomic weapons against a defeated enemy. In addition, the bombs were dropped against the Hague Convention 1907 of the year, which noted: "There is no excuse for unlimited destruction or attacks on civilians and civilian objects as such." By the way, after the occupation of Japan by American troops, 10 million more people died from hunger in peacetime, and neither the aggressor nor the victim like to remember.

A few years ago, the Anglo-American plan of Operation Unthinkable was declassified, which included an attack on the USSR in the summer of 1945. The United States, which had a monopoly on atomic weapons, began preparations for a preventive war against the Soviet Union, which was supposed to be launched before 1948. Over the first 30 days, it was planned to drop more than 130 atomic bombs on 70 Soviet cities, of which eight - to Moscow and seven - to Leningrad, in the future it was planned to deliver another 200 atomic attacks. True, control calculations showed that strategic aviation In the years 1949-1950, the USA could not inflict irreparable damage on the USSR that would make it incapable of resistance (the Dropshot plan), therefore the “democratization” of the Union was postponed.

America tried with all its might to kindle ethnic conflicts, to sell defective equipment (a gas pipeline with American equipment in Siberia exploded in 1982). Even biological weapons were used against the USSR.

In the entire history of the USSR, not a single combat aircraft invaded the airspace of the United States and did not fight in it. And over the Soviet Union shot down more than thirty combat and reconnaissance American aircraft. In the air battles over our territory, we lost five combat vehicles, the Americans shot down several of our transport and passenger boards. Total recorded more than five thousand violations of the state border by American aircraft. Over the same time, paratroopers and saboteurs with quite specific assignments were identified and detained on the territory of the USSR over 140.

The CIA actively printed Soviet money and delivered it in all possible ways to our country to cause inflation. Western scientists have developed some theories about the natural inclination of Russians to violence and slavery, to subconsciously programmed to conquer the entire Earth. Today, many inhuman plans for a nuclear war against the Soviet Union and the countries of the socialist community: Chariotir, Troyan, Bravo, and OffTech have become publicly known.

It is impossible not to recall the series of “color revolutions” in countries whose regimes did not suit the United States after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR. The maximum scope of this phenomenon has become under Barack Obama.

To the above, add the CIA’s countless assassination attempts on objectionable politicians around the world, attempts (many successful) to forcefully change intractable regimes and establish those that support the US and their policies act in their interests. This is how the true democracy in Washington is seen; this is precisely what its aggressive global strategy is aimed at.

The true face of the "peace-loving" American policy is controlled by the US media in every way trying to disguise, whitewash and embellish. For this, ratings like the Global Peace Index are needed, which make black white, supplying the world community with supposedly objective data and calculations. As a result, a militarized and aggressive empire, spending on war amounts comparable to the budget of entire continents, turns out to be much more peaceful and harmless than our country.
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  1. izya top
    izya top 30 November 2015 13: 24
    there’s a lot of bukaf, I barely mastered it. but somehow I didn’t learn anything new, call request
    1. pettabyte
      pettabyte 30 November 2015 13: 30
      Quote: izya top
      bukaf many

      It's good. Reading is helpful.

      It is bad that the author, being a doctor of sciences in a certain field (and professor), does not know how (or does not want, crushing authority) to make references to literature.
      1. Vend
        Vend 30 November 2015 13: 36
        That is why the president of Russia is following such a difficult path. To create situations when the West and its hangers-on, and the East, too, discredit themselves to such an extent that they can no longer be whitewashed.
      2. Skif83
        Skif83 30 November 2015 13: 36
        Well, we have such doctors of sciences.
        But in fact - a statement of facts, nothing new and useful ...
        I agree, nothing new and useful.
      3. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 30 November 2015 13: 40
        I also saw nothing new except the association with Gorgonzola cheese ..
        1. 34 region
          34 region 30 November 2015 14: 09
          You did not see this because of your ancient age. And some first learned. Let people be enlightened. If you describe each story, there will be many bukoff and articles. And so a quick review. Yes, and some of it was difficult to master. hi
          1. afdjhbn67
            afdjhbn67 30 November 2015 14: 35
            minus mine - for the ancient age .. laughing
  2. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 November 2015 13: 32
    The article is very useful. For each paragraph of this article, you can write a story (or book) It all depends on the respected Author!. Though memorize by heart, point by point! Thank you very much.
  3. dummy
    dummy 30 November 2015 13: 34
    In an amicable way this should be a paragraph in the Modern History textbook in our schools.
  4. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 November 2015 14: 27
    And you, dear members of the forum, laugh, albeit in a simple way. I was lucky that close relatives and their friends were educated people and patriots of their country! And at school they just thought of how to get around all the "sharp corners". The house is a history library, the time that was cut short by the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. War and the creation of the Socialist camp! As much as those who are around help me in studying history, but they are people without professors' titles, but after all, they worked, and not only studied me.
    As for the one who knows the story now, especially the recent one: a lot depends on just how lucky someone is.
    The events of our time are much more complicated than the distant historical time.
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 30 November 2015 17: 20
    "According to the Global Peace Index, the global peace index in the list of countries that are safe for living, Russia ranks 152nd out of 165 possible for the fourth year in a row." ////

    As it was in the famous comedy: "read out, pzhzha-alusta the entire list."
    Here it is:
    ort% 202015_0.pdf

    And in it, next to the USA (94), is Saudi (95) objections ?, China has 124th place, and India -143.
    Ukraine has 150 (have any objections?).

    My native Israel - 148th place. And what's wrong ?: war, terror, militarized
    economy. Unfortunately, Israel doesn’t end up in peaceful countries yet ...
    History is such a thing ... sad

    The list is normal, countries are safe to live in.
    The United States has nothing to do with aggressiveness.
  6. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 2 December 2015 21: 44
    Quote: voyaka uh
    The list is normal, countries are safe to live in.
    The United States has nothing to do with aggressiveness.

    It is safest to live now where there is no oil and gas.