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Malaysian Minister of Defense refutes Izvestia message

Malaysian Minister of Defense refutes Izvestia messageThe Sun Daily on Friday reported that the Assistant Head of the Ministry of Defense of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, denied that the minister had visited Russia to sign contracts for the supply of fighters. The assistant minister stated in writing that Zahid actually stayed in the Russian Federation at the invitation of the Russian government. “This visit has been delayed for quite a while. It was not supposed that the minister would sign any agreements, ”the statement said.

To confirm the information that during the visit there were any negotiations, the press secretary refused.

This refutation was a response to the retelling of a note in Izvestia, a common RIA "News". In a release on Tuesday, the newspaper, citing an anonymous source, reported that on November 15, Zahid, during a visit to Irkutsk, would probably sign a contract for the purchase of eighteen Su-30MKM fighters. This information has caused this commotion, claims The Sun, and has caused the need for denial.

Note that the head of the defense department of Malaysia did indeed visit the plant in Irkutsk, however, on Wednesday 16 in November, and not on Tuesday, as reported by the publication. There were no plans to sign any contracts and transactions during the visit, and it was not signed. Elena Fedorova, a spokeswoman for Irkut Corporation, stressed that the company officially denied signing a contract scheduled for the 15 number. The visit was introductory. Zahid inspected the production, and also showed a particular interest in the Yak-130 UBS. The Minister was pleased with what he saw and spoke very warmly about the meeting.

In addition to information about signing the contract, the newspaper reported that "the cost of one aircraft with subsequent after-sales service will be approximately $ 50 million." However, it must be borne in mind that the cost depends on many factors - weapons, technical person, many other points. In addition, Malaysia is very interested in developing its industry through the participation of Malaysian companies in the joint implementation of contracts of this kind. Details of possible options for cooperation and other offset in the field aviation today are not at all obvious. In this regard, it is impossible to name any specific prices for Malaysia for the new version of the Su-30MKM.

Also noteworthy is the illustration that provides the “Izvestia” note on their website. Despite the reader’s commentary, the Su-35 w / o 901 with “Middle Eastern” camouflage has been placed on it for a week already, and it’s obviously single, not double as indicated in the signature.

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  1. Anatoly
    Anatoly 22 November 2011 20: 59
    Well, obviously not for nothing, he came. Probably probing the ground for future orders. And even more so, it’s stupid to think that everything will be immediately published in the media.
    Interest in our fighters has increased, after the same reports, about the rising cost of fifth-generation American aircraft, their frequent breakdowns, etc.
  2. Pavel V
    Pavel V 22 November 2011 21: 01
    And we always do. The main thing is to confuse everyone so that the enemy does not guess where, to whom, why. And how the deliveries will begin (or not begin) it will be clear why the ministers came and the notes were written in the newspapers.
    1. Odessa
      Odessa 22 November 2011 21: 29
      It is also very likely that the defense complex is unlikely to devote all the details of orders through the media. And the Russian aviation industry is really famous all over the world, even Israel did not mind buying airplanes from Russia last year. And it was great then that Russia responded to help when Paul Haifa almost burned out.
  3. Sergh
    Sergh 22 November 2011 22: 57
    At aircraft factories just like that from Malaysia do not shy. One can even assume that in 3-4 months negotiations with aircraft will begin with Malaysia ...
  4. Joker
    Joker 22 November 2011 23: 06
    Is it justifying itself to the USA?
  5. Cardamom
    Cardamom 22 November 2011 23: 29
    Gentlemen, look: the Americans are going to deploy a contingent in Singapore (judging by the news), ours are making deliveries to Vietnam, and now, if everything goes well, it could be to Malaysia ... It turns out that the two countries cover the entrance to South Chinese sea. Maybe this is why the Malaysian refuses so far, so that the Americans would not begin to actively press on their channels.
  6. demon ada
    demon ada 23 November 2011 11: 07
    Soon banging
    and you can’t pack
    the main thing is not to fall under the first blow
    and then we'll figure out who is against whom and why
  7. dred
    dred 23 November 2011 16: 39
    Malaysians do not have a lip.