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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Press conference for Russian readers

I read the comments on "Notes ..." and decided to try a completely new form of communication. It is clear that no one will present a correspondent or cameraman to me for an interview. That's why I decided to hold a press conference in one person. According to the principle of "samvsesam". Too many questions asked by readers. They probably think that I am aware of all the hidden matters in Ukraine.

Yes, I know a lot. But imagine how many carpets in the Rada and other places. And what is the value of a cockroach. And even though my opinion expresses the opinion of some Ukrainians, it’s without any claims to the only true one. Just there are people like me. Preserved, in spite of everything. While preserved.

So, the cockroach sat down at a long table. Straightened chitin. Gleaming eyes polished Tarakanushka. And in the hall a lot of readers who are eager to ask their tricky questions. Let's start.

Question. Why do Ukrainian cockroaches reach only what their Western European friends are talking about? Why exactly the same conclusions emanating from Russia are not perceived?

K.T.'s answer You are not right. Ukrainian cockroaches are fully aware of what is happening. They fully understand the destructiveness of the policy pursued by Poroshenko and his clique. Moreover, the Ukrainian cockroaches even tried to express their opinion on this issue. I want to remind the fate of some. Like Olesya Elderberry. There were even attempts to bring people to the streets. Not to start the next maidan. Just so that the authorities hear their people.

However, the current pseudo-popular power is not like the power of the bloody dictator Yanukovich. She didn't bother almond much. The discontent was suppressed not only with the help of punitive divisions, but also with the help of fascist nationalists.

The parochial nationalists, who now rule the country, are trying to spread their peasant views to the townspeople. And I must admit, they do it in most cases. Especially in the case of youth education. Frantic nationalism and anti-Russian sentiment today for the majority of Ukrainians is the norm.

Question. Why is it so easy for Ukrainians to forget their historybetrayed their ancestors? Why is new story in fashion today?

K.T.'s answer In my opinion, what happened in Ukraine is largely determined by our mentality and the economic situation created in all the previous years in the country. Most Ukrainians are hardworking and kind people. A little mind. Yes, and "pull" what is bad, do not mind. We love our home. It is a house. And we always build it. More precisely, completing.

The economy under the previous authorities was already in preinfarction state. To earn on construction was problematic. That's why our most active and young people went to work. Who where. Someone to the West, some to Russia. Those who received good education went as far as we could. Those who had a position went.

And who was left? Only those who finished school with difficulty remained. Only those who could not build a house remained. No matter what. Have you seen a lot of people who blame themselves for their failures? Most often blame those who live better. You, in Russia, also went through this. Let me remind you how in 90 your old people treated young people rolling out foreign cars. Stole! We have worked all our lives, and we earned nothing except Zhiguli.

Now, for the most part, all radical nationalist and fascist movements consist precisely of those who blame a more successful neighbor for living better and of those who were brought up by the Ukrainian government. And these categories, unfortunately it is unfortunate to write, the story is known from the textbooks that they slipped in the school. For those textbooks that he wrote in favor. And there is simply no other story for them. There is no need to hammer head with cotton history. We have everything that does not fit into a certain format - cotton.

Question. How do you see the normalization of Ukrainian society?

K.T.'s answer Alas, but what happened in Ukraine today cannot normalize itself. Ukraine has always been a divided country. We just didn’t really advertise it. Any elections we have turned into a confrontation of the western and eastern regions. Confronting pro-Western and provostochnogo points of view. Any president automatically became a supporter of some and an opponent of others.

Currently, pro-Western politicians are in power. They do everything to tear Ukraine away from Russia. This led to the loss of the Crimea, to the uprising in the Donbas.

Today, I have little idea how it is possible to make Ukrainians on both sides forget the shed blood and destroyed houses. I'm not talking about how to return the Crimea. Any action of Ukraine in relation to these regions causes reciprocal hatred. And every day this hatred only increases.

I think that the normalization of Ukrainian society in the framework of a single Ukraine is no longer possible. The collapse of the country has actually happened. No matter what Western politicians say, the Russian president, it was not possible to save Ukraine. The question is only when it happens. I repeat, a single Ukrainian society does not exist today.

Question. Who and what forces can unite and begin the revival of the country?

K.T.'s answer They are already united. Look at the Donbass. Look at the Western Ukraine. These are practically politically ready republics. Any opposition forces in these regions will be severely suppressed by the existing authorities there. And with the approval of local residents.

We can only speak about the opposition in the regions where the Kiev authorities have so far crushed popular opinion by force. I mean the southern Ukrainian, Black Sea regions. Industrialized northeast. There it is not clear who will win. It is there that the appearance of a real opposition to Kiev is possible.

But in general, it seems to me, until the war between the oligarchs for the leading role in the economy of Ukraine stops, there’s no real rebirth. You cannot revive a country that no longer belongs to you. And Ukraine, alas, today does not belong to the people.

Question. Can the right sector do this? What is the degree of trust in PS?

K.T.'s answer I do not think. The right sector, as well as other radical organizations have already done their job. They were the scarecrow that performed the two tasks. First, they solved in a forceful way the tasks that the authorities could not solve. And, secondly, served as a sign for the people. You see, we have patriots who will always stop the presumptuous officials from the government.

The way the government actually treated and relates to the PS, showed events in Transcarpathia. It was an indicative flogging of presumptuous revolutionaries. Every cricket know your hearth. It seems to me that PS Dmitriy Yarosh, a conductor, therefore ran away from there. Political scent, if you want.

Today, Ukrainians belong to the PS exactly. Just like with other movements. That faith that was literally more recently, no longer exists. Today, many do not see the power that can withstand the government. The understanding that the revolution is devouring not only its leaders, but also ordinary people has already arrived. But it is expressed most often in kitchen conversations. No one knows how to remove Yatsenyuk. Hatred of him is growing. But Ukrainians will not find a solution to the problem on their own. Increasingly, there are calls for Americans and the EU to remove the prime minister.

Question. And why are you not fighting in the Donbas? There is a place for anyone.

K.T.'s answer This question should not be asked to me. It should be asked to those residents of Donbass who do not protect their home, but prefer to sit on the couch and run for regular humanitarian aid. I, like most readers, can count. And I can calculate the number of the LDNR army and the ratio of this number to the number of inhabitants of the region.

I do not blame anyone. Everyone chooses his life path. However, I consider that here I am more necessary. One writing, I hope, not bad, more important than hundreds of untrained clerks in the headquarters. But the fact that among my friends, those who fought in the brigades of the Brain, Demon, and others, many returned home is a fact. Returned not ordinary soldiers. Commanders returned, and in the ranks of senior officers LDNR.

By the way, even though the question was not voiced, I will answer. I do not write about the Donbass and I will not write. Every cockroach knows the place where it lives. I do not inhabit in Donetsk or Lugansk.

At this, I'm sorry, I finish writing. I don’t know if the press conference was successful, but I answered the questions honestly. As I understand it today. The remaining questions, if, of course, they are asked, I undertake to highlight in subsequent notes. In the meantime - goodbye.

And thanks for the questions in the comments. Asking, therefore, are not indifferent. It is encouraging.
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  1. Barboskin
    Barboskin 26 November 2015 06: 20
    "I hasten to laugh at everything, otherwise I will have to cry" Good article, it is clear that the author is experiencing everything he writes about. Thanks.
    1. older
      older 26 November 2015 07: 49
      Quote: Barboskin
      the author experiences all that he writes about.

      Honestly unexpected. I’m so used to the fact that a cockroach is always laughter and tears, to see a serious analyst ... I wonder how much more is hidden in this insect? And the article is really sensible. I repeat, unexpected and very informative.
      1. proletarian
        proletarian 26 November 2015 23: 59
        Cognitive? Not the right word; this article is still very "soft" when compared with our realities.
        Thinking readers have repeatedly asked themselves the same question: Why Antimaydan "merged"? I will answer you very simply: There are no resources, there are no opportunities for long-term confrontation with fully secured "thugs", plus many so-called "leaders" of Antimaydan after February 22, 2014 sold to those who seized power.
        A simple example; it was possible to defend Dnepropetrosk and the region on February 23, 2014, but "thanks to the" actions of "leaders" such as Marchenko and others like him, instead of taking control of the Regional State Administration and the Regional Council, dispersed the PSs and other garbage, after two hours of demagoguery in the House of Trade Unions, most of the people "spitting" left, the rest simply would not be physically enough to carry out this case.
      2. Victor Demchenko
        Victor Demchenko 27 November 2015 07: 50
        I agree! removed from the clave. good
  2. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 26 November 2015 06: 34
    Cockroach Okoloradsky - COLLAGE is impressive - the offset for these faces. drinks
    1. SSR
      SSR 26 November 2015 12: 01
      Quote: viktor_ui
      Cockroach Okoloradsky - COLLAGE is impressive - the offset for these faces. drinks

      In confirmation of the words of the Cockroach.
      We have a foreman who came from a western ruin and in the summer scored guys from both the western and eastern ruins ..... Damn, they arranged disassemblies among themselves almost every week.

      The author would like to ask a question.
      What are the moods of those guys who left in the spring for a simplified version of Russia and who returned home in the fall?
      They just visited both sides of the barricades, so to speak, and whether their opinion / attitude towards the events on the Ruin and Russia's position on the Ukrainian events changed.
  3. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 26 November 2015 06: 49
    Be careful. It would be a pity to lose such an author and just a normal person, a true patriot of his country in the normal sense of the word, and not what is now invested in him in Ukraine. I wish you health, your loved ones and everyone who has kept the mind in a distraught country and ... and good luck to all of us.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 26 November 2015 07: 03
    Articles are getting sadder, not so, apparently, everything is smooth and calm with cockroaches, as the author is trying to show. I don’t quite agree about the oligarchic struggle and the opposition movement, since it is precisely the squabble of the oligarchs that gives rise to pseudo-opposition parties and movements. From the real liberation struggle, this fuss is as far away as the Earth from Pluto. There are some hopes (as always) for the industrial south, but even that ...
    1. proletarian
      proletarian 27 November 2015 00: 17
      Dear, today, however, like the yesterday’s in Ukraine, there is no real opposition.
      All who are in opposition either left the country because of the persecution, or "went into the shadows" realizing that the majority of the population changed their brains to "jumping ropes", and only the most desperate or "reckless" continue to actively resist. I am not going to praise or condemn the latter, I just understood one very sad truth; as it was said in Ecclesiastes: Time to throw stones and time to fold stones, this is the case with Ukraine; stones are scattered in huge quantities wherever they hit, but when the time comes to "fold stones" very many will have to remember that what they have done and repent until the end of their days.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 November 2015 07: 05
    Asking - means not indifferent

    And how to be indifferent to what is happening in a neighboring country, especially if you have been declared an enemy and aggressor. The main author is that you have a reader who not only reads, but also asks questions. Successes.
  6. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 November 2015 07: 16
    Although the first one, the press conference was fine, so keep Tarakash.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 26 November 2015 07: 26
    I don’t know if the press conference turned out, but I answered the questions honestly.... It turned out .. Applause .. Until next time. Thank you!
  8. Olegmog
    Olegmog 26 November 2015 07: 53
    Thanks cockroach for the article! Take care of yourself!
    Although I disagree on some issues,
    but always interesting to read your opinion!
    CONTROL 26 November 2015 08: 06
    Alas, what happened in Ukraine today cannot normalize by itself. Ukraine has always been a divided country. It’s just that we didn’t really advertise it. Any elections in our country turned into a confrontation between the western and eastern regions. Confrontation of the pro-Western and provocative points of view.
    Why did they keep quiet before? Did they "not advertise," or deliberately concealed - the hostile "Westerners" from the "naturally oriented" inhabitants of the eastern regions? (But there was a time - the "east" extended to the very "center", Kiev, Kharkov were "eastern"; and the south - Odessa is there too! And now? "West" has advanced to half of Donbass?) They did not advertise to such an extent that they turned a blind eye to the conduct of hostilities with Russia back in the 90s, when the military registration and enlistment offices of Lvov, Poltava and Chernigov officially called on mercenaries to the war in Chechnya ?!
    normalization of Ukrainian society within the framework of a united Ukraine is no longer possible. The collapse of the country has actually occurred.
    - and not yesterday, and not a year ago, and not five years! ... It happened a long time ago, and not a "breakup" - a split! but today - only the echo of a loud crunch from this split! ...
    Today, Ukrainians relate to PS exactly.
    Well, well ... maybe they will love it again! fascists, on the conscience of which ... Tolerate - to fall in love! ...
    PS Well, something similar was expected from - what is it? - cockroach ... Yornik - what to take from him!
    With a laugh, do we get rid of our old - children's - fears? or are we hiding our reconciliation with these fears?
    Or hide the fear with our own fervor - our own, our own, lovingly nurtured and cherished within ourselves - the need to confront, resist, act?! ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 26 November 2015 08: 29
      Quote: CONTROL
      Well, something similar was expected from - what is it? - cockroach ... Yornik - what to take from him!
      With a laugh, do we get rid of our old - children's - fears? or are we hiding our reconciliation with these fears?

      Do you really think a cockroach is a coward? Strange. But in general, I read your comment and was horrified. Did you even follow the press? What interesting have you not heard? The same Buzina spoke on and wrote on Russian and Ukrainian television about a split in Ukraine. And how many others. Do you really think that they were silent there? And they are silent?
      And about the Nazis ... I, too, to be honest, this is not clear. But the cockroach then writes not about us, but about its fellow countrymen.
      And I just read about the confrontation and other big words of the cockroach. This is about the ratio of population and army in LDNR.
      It seems to me that today the main thing is not to climb a hedgehog with your bare ass, but to know that there are those in Ukraine who support us. And a cockroach from such
      1. CONTROL
        CONTROL 26 November 2015 11: 45
        Quote: domokl
        The same Buzina spoke on and wrote on Russian and Ukrainian television about a split in Ukraine.

        ... And who heard him - in Ukraine?
        And in general - do you really like the "cockroach look" with "comments from under the stove"? Events in Ukraine are not a place for satire! ...
        ... Kukryniksy, b ... cockroaches! Start winning first so you have the right to laugh at your enemy! and not on the battlefield - with Russian help and power, but at home - in the Kiev courtyard of his house, among their neighbors, sitting "on the priest exactly" next to not only the PS, but also with a whole bunch of "Svidomo" ...
        A cockroach - he is, of course, a patriot (that is, Svidomo ...), but - patriotism patriotism - discord, if he is like that - from under the stove ...
        PS ... but I do not consider the "cockroach" a coward: they do not coward from under the stove ... they live there!
        not minus, but - and I do not welcome! well, and to me minuses - on a drum ...
    2. proletarian
      proletarian 3 December 2015 00: 20
      Yes, dear; the "cockroach" at least acts, "flirting" it shows the realities of Ukraine because this style is readable and in this manner you can attract people to comprehend this problem. Ask yourself: Why most news does not make people think about It's simple, dry facts "run along the diagonal" seem to be the essence of "grabbed" but nothing lingered in my soul, something like that.
  10. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 26 November 2015 08: 26
    Question for the cockroach for the next press conference. What is the ratio of "eastern" and western "among the residents of Kiev?
    1. Suhow
      Suhow 30 November 2015 01: 10
      I don’t want to be responsible for the cockroach, but I’m from Kiev from there, the approximate ratio of those with whom I communicate is 15 to 85 not in our favor, out of 85 Svidomo, about half, the rest are undecided. But I am also interested in the opinion of the narrator.
  11. prishelec
    prishelec 26 November 2015 08: 36
    I really liked the picture, really would have hidden them behind bars am
  12. xBoris
    xBoris 26 November 2015 08: 38
    Thank you for your coverage of the situation in Ukraine.
    I always read your articles with interest. For me, this is one of the few sources of information, in my opinion, I repeat, the most objective and unbiased.
    I, I think, like most Russians have quite a few, have many friends with Ukrainian roots. Especially a lot of them, if not strange, are in our Russian Army. Almost all of them talk about the loss of communication with their Ukrainian counterparts, up to the split of families (brothers, sisters) and this is the saddest thing ...
    I also have a question to which, I think, you have your own opinion, which I would like to hear.
    I, and I believe that many Russians have a very definite opinion, that the Maidan and the revolution took place exclusively under the influence and with the direct financial support of the United States, the money of which created, trained and armed active military units that seized the power of Yanukovych and brought to power the current the government, that it is pro-Western, is another confirmation of this. It was these fighters who set up a bloodbath in Odessa. The fact that these units are managed from single centers and, in my opinion, not at all Ukrainian, but Western experts.
    The question is whether Ukrainians understand this, and what is their attitude to these militants, detachments ..?
  13. Chulman
    Chulman 26 November 2015 09: 54
    Quote: viktor_ui
    Cockroach Okoloradsky - COLLAGE is impressive - the offset for these faces. drinks

    It’s a pity that this collage will never come true! Very sorry!!!
    1. Barboskin
      Barboskin 26 November 2015 10: 31
      He is already embodied, this is the gateway to the European Union.
  14. Travian
    Travian 26 November 2015 11: 49
    [Question. Why did Ukrainians so easily forget their history, betray their ancestors? Why is a new story in fashion today?

    Answer K.T. In my opinion, what happened in Ukraine is largely determined by our mentality ...] the mentality turns out to be different. We kind of remember and honor our Motherland (Kievan Rus, Novgorod Rus), but in the "Ukraine" we are not considered the heirs of Kievan Rus. Ukrainian history ? so maybe the reason is that there is no Ukrainian history. All the good (and bad) that you can remember is the memory for two. Maybe the blood in my veins is already flowing different (Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, etc.) and this is why the mentality does not converge. Not all of us are getting brothers. and who is not brother to us essentially declared war on us.
  15. prawdawsegda
    prawdawsegda 26 November 2015 14: 06
    A tremendous nationalist spider has settled in the brains of ukrotsokotuha. Thanks to Cockroach for trying to tear the web in the affected brains, and even the spider itself !!!
  16. isker
    isker 26 November 2015 14: 49
    The problem of Ukraine is the problem of the Russians! There are Russians - there is a "country", there are no Russians - no "country" wakes up! Well, it is impossible for "Ukrainians" to create something state-owned !!! they don't have this code in dna!
    and even the Westerners are not an indicator - let them cook in their own juice for 5 years and nothing but "Potemkin" villages will be there! the farm mentality is indestructible, chatting, waving your hands is always a thing, but concentrating on the necessary - there is none! the only place where they would be like a fish in water is a village pastoral for tourists - krynochki, wattle and dumplings with sunflowers, all kinds of vareniki with vareniki ... another thing is that the Kremlin wants to "share" such a large geographic piece - the Kremlin wants to be the last thing, so that, most likely, the homunculus will exist for several more years, until the Russians return there to cement the east-west-north-south and share in their sandbox, remaining outwardly unified.
  17. Turkir
    Turkir 26 November 2015 14: 52
    One can only agree with this position of the author.
  18. gammipapa
    gammipapa 26 November 2015 20: 56
    Thank you for answering my questions, did not expect.
    In fact, you can’t even imagine how insulting it is for us in Russia, well, after all, there were people like people, is it really for all of you that they have cheated on us to see such streams of hatred on your part? Yes, of course, and you yourself perfectly understand this.
    The behavior of Ukraine is exactly the same as the behavior of Turkey today. Yesterday we gave them a turnover of 30 billion dollars a year, and today they stab us in the back with a shot down airplane. This is all politics, you say, it’s them, the people are not to blame ... xs.

    I would like to wish one thing - let's turn on the brains, and not only ourselves, but also those who do not have them around. May God grant you health and courage.