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"Offended" diamond boys. Biden Jr. and Erdogan Jr.

Maydannaya Ukrainian statehood, I remember, began with the fact that the experts of Western mining companies announced the presence in the depths of Ukraine "huge reserves" of shale hydrocarbons, which will make Ukraine prosperous in all respects European (yes there European - global!) power, not at all dependent on Russia, "exuding imperial ambitions". New oligarchs, who wished to integrate into the Western program, literally exploited the slogans that “shale is our everything” for any reason, and in order to produce shale gas, it is necessary to win an “anti-corruption” victory on the Maidan.

First, an intensive discharge of tons of “diplomatic mail” at the Borispol airport began, and then the tires caught fire, the first casualties began to fall from the bullets of the radicals, the races went with tripled force, the West, of course, made the ideal guarantor of non-compliance with the obligations of the flawed trio Yatsenyuk-Klitschko-Tyagnibok , and the Maidan won ... And as soon as the Maidan won, in Ukraine more often than other (even more often Nuland) names of overseas politicians sounded the name of Hunter Biden, who is not even a politician, but a son of a politician ... And not just a son (Vice-President USA Joseph Biden), and, so too "purely by chance" came out, a person engaged in business in the field of the very slate developments. Accident on Accident ...

I did not have time to smoke the Maidan tires, as for Hunter Biden in Ukraine there was a job, and even in the field of management. Mr. Biden Jr. (and the sizzling anti-corruption struggle in Ukraine tells us that his father simply by definition could not afford to promote his son ...) took the post of board member Burismawhich is engaged in the extraction of hydrocarbons in Ukraine, and paying special attention to precisely “shale” projects. The company itself announced that Hunter Biden will be engaged in promotion to attract foreign investors.

What happened next in Ukraine is well known to all. At one of the sections of the interests of the "shalers", suddenly there were problems in the form of the militia, which somewhat crumpled the plans of the Biden family to extract excess profits from siphoning Ukrainian mineral resources. Biden-dad was beside himself with displeasure, repeatedly flew to Kiev, sat at the head of the table and explained with his fingers to his “wooden soldiers” how to victoriously complete the operation in the Donbass, so that shale gas could be profitable within his son's family business. “Wooden soldiers” listened to the words of the lord and threw to the east new cannon fodder, continuing to simultaneously terrorize the population of both Donbass and Ukraine itself.

But for the family business of Bidens, a terrible thing happened ... When the Ukrainian punitive operation, actively sponsored from overseas, was in full swing, it suddenly turned out that researchers from shale deposits suddenly revised their estimates of hydrocarbon deposits in Ukraine. One after another, shale gas extraction projects began to be curtailed by the world's largest players, including Shell. Poor Hunter, apparently from grief, decided to pump cocaine, which was witnessed by the "enemies of a friend of Ukraine", and Biden Jr. in the USA they even decided to exclude from the reserve of the naval forces, in which he, as it were, consisted In general, the enterprise of the son and father was covered with a copper basin, which clearly reduced the general family interest in what is happening in the “Square”.

While Hunter was sad in the USA, it suddenly became clear that another son of a famous father was sad at a completely different point on the globe. In this case, talking about a man like Bilal Erdogan. And the most interesting thing is that Erdogan Jr., Like Biden Jr., Made the hydrocarbons sad.

First, about the time when Bilal Erdogan did not think to be sad.

Director of the Center for Strategic Conjuncture Ivan Konovalov in an interview with the TV channel LifeNews told that he has information about Bilal Erdogan’s involvement in the implementation of the plan to smuggle oil to the world market through ISIS militants, which allowed Turkey to acquire “black gold” at low prices.

It is reported that Erdogan ml. owns shipping companies that could well be involved in transporting crude oil, for example, to Asian markets. Not long ago, the Lebanese press reported that Turkish tankers were heading towards Japan from the ports of Ceyhan (Turkey) and Beirut (Lebanon). Lebanese journalists suspected that the very smuggled oil was in Turkish tankers, the substantial volumes of which (including) make it possible to keep world prices for hydrocarbons at a very low level (relative to the real demands of the economy).

In January, 2014, Bilal Erdogan was to appear in court to testify in a corruption case in which he himself and “some” representatives of the current leadership of the country were involved. But already in August, Erdogan-papa replaced the post of prime minister for the presidency, and the court, to put it mildly, reduced its activity on the proceedings in that scandalous corruption process. Already, nothing and no one prevented us from following the path of the implementation of plans to accumulate “overworked earned money” through the control of gangs involved in the process of smuggling oil. No, of course, there was one person who tried to interfere - this is Syrian President Bashar Assad. But Assad was declared “progressive” by the West “tyrant and bloodsucker”, and the terrorists were “fighters for freedom and independence,” and therefore Erdogan’s business flourished.

And here - like a bolt from the blue for the family of the Turkish president and, specifically, his son - the Russian VKS are starting to participate in the counter-terrorist operation in Syria. Somewhere somewhere in Bilal sank ... Then the yokes did not stop, especially at those moments when he saw shots published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, in which Russian bombs and missiles destroy hundreds of fuel tankers with smuggled oil, as well as controlled oil refineries. Apparently, Dad could not calmly observe how his precious Bilal was coming to (censorship ...). And now - the event. November 24 Turkish air force interceptors shoot down a Russian Su-24 bomber. Fuel trucks and pocket bearded boys are revenged by the Turks ...

"Offended" diamond boys. Biden Jr. and Erdogan Jr.

In this regard, a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin:
We have long fixed the fact that a large amount of smuggled oil goes to the territory of Turkey, hence a large cash supply (LIH). Well, now also blows to our back, blows to planes that are involved in an anti-terrorism operation. This is despite the fact that we signed an agreement with the United States on the prevention of incidents in the sky, while Turkey itself declared that it was allegedly fighting terrorists. If LIH has such money, and the bill goes to tens of billions of dollars from oil trade, plus they have protection from the armed forces of certain states, then it is understandable why they behave so boldly and brazenly, why they kill people in such a brutal way, why commit acts of terrorism in the center of Europe. Today’s event will have very serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.

So, we have: the President of the Russian Federation actually confirmed the publication of numerous media outlets that Turkey is one of the main regional accomplices of ISIS, and it was Turkey who was faced with the task of ensuring the possibility of filling the world market with contraband hydrocarbons. Turkey, as an accomplice to terrorism, coped with the task, but here the Russian aviation, and first Bilyal Erdogan cried into his father’s waistcoat, and then the “partners” of Turkey decided that it was time to act, because their coalition was such a coalition ...

You look, also for the financial and "nervous" losses of the Biden family, they suddenly decide to look for options of "compensation" ... Turchinov is already ready for the next series of "checkers bald" ...
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 25 November 2015 06: 42
    Today's event will have very serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.... In the internet there was infa .. after this statement, the rate of the Turkish lira went down .. As they say the first went ..
    1. Lepila
      Lepila 25 November 2015 07: 52
      There is a great alternative to a vacation in Turkey, a vacation in Israel. Welcome.
      1. Riv
        Riv 25 November 2015 08: 06
        In addition to jokes: prepare passenger flights to Sevastopol.
        The point is that the balance of power in the Middle East will be completely changed. Perhaps Israel will finally become a peaceful place, and the beaches there are no worse than Turkish ones. And the people are "ours". If only Israel had ceased to be the six states ...
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 25 November 2015 09: 35
          Quote: Riv
          And the people are "ours".

          That is why I, for example, do not want to go there. Because "former" our. And then - the other day I already said - as in that song by V. Tokarev
          So it’s not a shame that he left,
          To not be ashamed that I came
          To watch how "our former" jump over their heads to show how much better they are in their new birthmark than in their old homeland.

          Like a collective farm girl who married an urban girl and, having arrived to her parents in the village, brags to her friends how good it is there, married and married. It’s all urban madam that’s straight ... In a gabardine coat, in a nylon handkerchief, and a hairstyle with curlers in a city style ... At that you don’t have to twist the cows tails ....

          Only I have not lived for the first ten years and have heard enough stories of all sorts of "girls". And I do not believe the stories that the promised land is promised for everyone. I repeat - they feel good - and okay, and thank God ...
        2. Volzhanin
          Volzhanin 25 November 2015 11: 37
          Yes, you read the materials about ours and not ours in Israel.
          This is tin! How Jews captured Jews who tried to emigrate from the former USSR and were forcibly imported to Israel throughout the geyrop.
          Only the Jews and wish such a fate for all their dirty tricks.
        3. pilot8878
          pilot8878 25 November 2015 16: 21
          Quote: Riv
          If Israel ceased to be the six of the States ...

          And what about the "six" Turkey, beloved by tourists? Don't confuse warm and soft: tourism and politics.
          Quote: Lepila
          There is a great alternative to a vacation in Turkey, a vacation in Israel.

          Excuse me, have you already stopped cutting and blasting in the streets? What is the price? The climate is not the only thing that interests tourists.
          We will have a rest in Syria. They will squeeze out spirits into the mountains, clean the coast and tourism will improve. And the Russians will be welcomed there for a long time.
      2. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 25 November 2015 08: 27
        Quote: Lepila
        There is a great alternative to a vacation in Turkey, a vacation in Israel. Welcome.

        I don’t say to myself - I have a personal all-inclusive in the country all year on the Volga. I'm talking about our supervisor-management tourist herd. It’s not comme il faut to Turkey now. Is everything in chocolate covered in Israel? You yourself tell how fun you are in the war on terrorists. You do not explode there, rockets do not fly? I’m not used to traveling on different business trips, but what should managers do?

        Yes, and listening from the "former Soviet" - "Cho, crawled? ..." is also not a fountain. We've read enough here on VO ...

        So, thanks, of course, for the invitation, but relax with yourself there. You feel good there - and thank God ...
      3. -kuzmich-
        -kuzmich- 25 November 2015 08: 41
        The same two-faced!
        1. Rastas
          Rastas 25 November 2015 18: 47
          Two-faced. And why didn’t they write such articles before, a year or two ago?
      4. Mikhail Krapivin
        Mikhail Krapivin 25 November 2015 08: 50
        Yesterday I read in one topic that Turkey is a puppet of Israel. Plus, recent Israeli air raids on Damascus. Plus, the help of Israeli special services to bearded in the fight against Assad’s troops. Plus, Palestinians with knives on Israeli streets, who may forget to ask the tourist about their nationality, before they kill him. In this situation, it is unlikely that many will want to rest in Israel.
      5. Volyna
        Volyna 25 November 2015 08: 55
        So rest there silently, since he fled there. The same two-faced ...
      6. parusnik
        parusnik 25 November 2015 09: 09
        No ... you are better with us ... the North Caucasus ... to whom the sea, to whom the mountains, to whom the forests ... prefer the mountains, you will pass the route, tent, fire, bikes, "yellow guitar bend" .. The stars seem closer .. The smell of herbs .. Complete "allinklyuziv"
        1. Lepila
          Lepila 25 November 2015 14: 26
          So we are big fans of the Caucasus. We went to Georgia 5 times and we’ll still go ...
          1. Zoldat_A
            Zoldat_A 26 November 2015 11: 02
            Quote: Lepila
            So we are big fans of the Caucasus. 5 times we went to Georgia and we’ll still go ...

            We also went to Georgia. In 2008 ... It will be necessary - we’ll go again.
      7. Oleg14774
        Oleg14774 25 November 2015 09: 10
        Quote: Lepila

        Thank! I hope there is no business here, purely from the heart, like Russian to Russian! smile
      8. Nikolay K
        Nikolay K 25 November 2015 09: 28
        In the occupied territories? You first deal with your war.
      9. Yak-3P
        Yak-3P 25 November 2015 09: 47
        not .. nah .. nah .. come to us .. at kolyma wink but I’m joking, and some kind of arctic fox has settled in you
      10. avt
        avt 25 November 2015 10: 50
        Quote: Lepila
        There is a great alternative to a vacation in Turkey, a vacation in Israel.

        Quote: parusnik
        No ... it’s better. You’re better for us ... the North Caucasus .. to whom the sea, to the mountains, to the forests ..

        Yet again
        Quote: Yak-3P
        .come to us .. on Kolyma

        Well, if
        Quote: Riv
        Besides jokes:

        It’s worth considering that as a result of the US muddy in the region and Syria, in particular, for the FIRST time since the formation of Israel, they came into direct contact with Iran’s regular troops, specifically the IRGC. As soon as I registered on the site, I wrote - Israel is now without a suitcase for USA pens, and even Tunisia did not draw! And Barak Huseynovich called to return to the borders until 1968. How much noise was in the comments from your compatriots - mother daragaya! And it’s all like how many people are boiling their brains at the last tragic event - we’ll tear everyone apart! Where is this hot-water bottle for Tuzik? Well, like - Shield on Constantinople! Well, where is he?!
        Quote: Riv
        Perhaps Israel will finally become a peaceful place, and

        The main word is possible.
      11. Volzhanin
        Volzhanin 25 November 2015 11: 33
        Adequate people believe the Jews much less than the Turks.
        Have fun yourself.
        Best of all your efforts, contribute to the departure of your tribe from Slavic lands - from the territory of Russia and the outskirts. We will have more cleanliness and order, and you have a lot of slaves!
        1. Lepila
          Lepila 25 November 2015 14: 31
          I also hope that all my fellow tribesmen will clear their Slavic (as well as French and Belgian) lands from their presence and return home. But the question is for you: my fellow tribesmen are half a million in strength, what will you do with tens of millions of Caucasians, Chinese, etc. ? . They will not leave the Slavic lands ...
      12. Vik66
        Vik66 25 November 2015 14: 40
        Yeah ... Toko, first you would have to hold your martyrs to the nail, otherwise they would have plundered something there too No.
      13. maks-101
        maks-101 25 November 2015 21: 00
        Shalom is a brother, but you’d better come to us and they will shoot you too. Baruch abe in St. Petersburg.
  2. gop
    gop 25 November 2015 06: 53
    Putin had to declare: in an emergency, Russian citizens leave Turkey within 3 days, then Erdogan would have described himself from fear
  3. strelets
    strelets 25 November 2015 06: 54
    Very sorry for our dead pilot. Eternal memory to him!
    I hope that the second is alive and safely returns home.
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 25 November 2015 09: 42
      And the rescue team? After all, they knew that there was a "snake's nest", but they went for their own. The Marine Corps guy also lost the helicopter. That's right, to the end.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Vikxnumx
    Vikxnumx 25 November 2015 07: 00
    First you need to return the people from rest.
    And clear a small strip along the border of Syria. It is desirable FAB AND ODAB ...
  5. Altona
    Altona 25 November 2015 07: 08
    I thought Erdogan was smarter, but apparently the Turks are not only a nationality, but also a synonym for a person who is stupid in their ambitions ... Do not count for racism, you just see a mentality for a mile away ...
    1. Baron Wrangell
      Baron Wrangell 25 November 2015 08: 07
      Quote: Altona
      I thought Erdogan was smarter, but apparently the Turks are not only a nationality, but also a synonym for a person who is stupid in their ambitions ... Do not count for racism, you just see a mentality for a mile away ...

      when I was in school and did my homework at home, or just as a teenager was stupid, my father called me "stupid Turk". It's a shame of course. But yesterday I realized what he meant. My father is smart.
      And he was on vacation in Turkey only once with his family, there was no more desire to go there, and now even more so. I then noticed their shallow nature even in trifles.
    2. Oleg14774
      Oleg14774 25 November 2015 09: 14
      Quote: Altona
      I thought Erdogan was smarter, but apparently the Turks are not only a nationality, but also a synonym for a person who is unwise in his ambitions.

      In this case, smuggled oil brought down the price of world oil and was directly directed against us. And his stupidity has nothing to do with it. It was beneficial to the states.
  6. cap
    cap 25 November 2015 07: 23
    Quote: VIK1711
    First you need to return the people from rest.
    And clear a small strip along the border of Syria. It is desirable FAB AND ODAB ...

    Just invest in another Turkish beach. In the mountains. laughing
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 November 2015 07: 51
    This is how dark deeds with a bloody outcome are carried out. For the sake of family business and the well-being of your offspring, you can sacrifice hundreds and thousands of other people's lives. At the same time, completely not thinking about the consequences - after all, a parent with a very large position is exposed to the "trust" of his people. But in history there have been cases when such a self-confident and in power ended up hanging on the gallows.
  8. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 25 November 2015 08: 01
    Turkey has never been our "friend" - it is our old eternal enemy. Moreover, the enemy is cunning and cunning. At this stage, there is also a "disguised" enemy. Turkey is trying to look like a "secular" state, far from Islamic radicalism, but it is exactly "trying" to look like that because it is interested in "European" money. However, in fact, the entire top leadership in the country is infected with the dangerous idea of ​​pan-Islamism, the creation of a sultanate from the entire Black Sea to northern Africa. Turks see this "sultanate" in the form of Turkey itself as a powerful state surrounded by vassal states completely loyal to it, feeding it with their resources and money. I do not think that our politicians do not know this, Russia used to conduct a rather balanced cooperation with Turkey, taking advantage of its promiscuity in the "drink" of money, we entered into lucrative contracts for the supply of food and for the supply of Crimea. The situation began to change precisely after Russia's intervention in Syria. It was when the first Russian bombs fell in Syria that it became clear to all the smallest knowledgeable analysts and experts that Russia would have to put a "cross" on normal relations with Turkey and that it was a matter of time when Turkey began to oppose Russia in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. All experts perfectly understood that Turkey is one of the main forces supporting IS and that sooner or later it will support IS. Now it has happened. Strange as it may seem, but the plane shot down by Turkey is an event that "plays into our hands" for the following reasons ": 1) Turkey" threw off "the mask and showed itself to be an accomplice of IS, 2) Turkey, as a NATO member," framed "this organization, shot down a bomber, in general, you can't hide anywhere, and NATO already looks like an accomplice of IS, 3) Russia now has "free hands" for more active actions in Syria. 4) Turkey can now be taken "by the balls" as an accomplice of the "Islamic state "Exaggerating this problem in all instances. However, we must act quickly, until NATO regains its senses and neutralizes this successful situation for us, otherwise I am afraid that ours will again fail and it will turn out like" Kursk ", only instead of the words" she drowned ", they will say" they fell. "
    1. Yak-3P
      Yak-3P 25 November 2015 09: 56
      expand the Bosphorus !!! Stalin Strait .. rehearsal ..
  9. Belousov
    Belousov 25 November 2015 09: 52
    Well, now the oil fields should be simply destroyed in the bud. I’m silent about the fact that in the coming days the entire fleet of oil tankers should be tamped.
    The question is different. Could a tanker in the port "suddenly catch fire"? Or will Erdogan Jr. accidentally stand under a falling brick wrapped in a scarf? Or suddenly he will take the heart from him?
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 25 November 2015 11: 44
      The heart is not our method. All tankers in Turkish ports and nearby should burn.
      Preventively also Qatar can and should be equated with the desert.
    2. gunya
      gunya 25 November 2015 18: 58
      "Anything can happen in our life ..." - when else did this song appear!
      It’s just a pity that there is no Sudoplatovskaya team.
  10. Yak-3P
    Yak-3P 25 November 2015 09: 52
    I hope Kadyrov has leverage .. the account is silent ramzanchik .. thinks .. Turks his area of ​​responsibility
  11. rus-5819
    rus-5819 25 November 2015 10: 14
    Quote: Altona
    I thought Erdogan was smarter, but apparently the Turks are not only a nationality, but also a synonym for a person who is stupid in their ambitions ... Do not count for racism, you just see a mentality for a mile away ...

    I can not vouch for accuracy, but it seems A.V. Suvorov in an interview with a captive Turkish military leader who asked if it is true that there are many Ivanovs in Russia and they are all fools? To which Suvorov replied that it was true, but we all called them Turks. (Do not consider it racism.)
    1. avt
      avt 25 November 2015 10: 39
      Quote: rus-5819
      I can’t vouch for accuracy

      It seems to be some kind of diplomatic reception at the beginning of the Patriotic War, but obviously until 1943. laughing
  12. nikolaev
    nikolaev 25 November 2015 12: 02
    It is quite obvious that the main customer is FSB. Purpose: to embroil Russia and Turkey, cut off the supply of Russian gas to Turkey, destroy the Turkish Stream project for Europe, cut off the Bosphorus for Russia = stop the Syrian express, thus. complicate operations against IS and others.
  13. Fitter65
    Fitter65 25 November 2015 12: 45
    I remember in the 90s in many stores the alcoholic brand "ISTOK" was sold, the manufacturer was from the Caucasus. I don't remember where we came from in the Far East about the Istok there was such a saying-Buy vodka ISTOK-help the Wahhabis! only in remote taiga villages. So now you need to start a saying-Go on vacation to Turkey, help the terrorists! Maybe this will come ...
  14. Bravades
    Bravades 25 November 2015 12: 59
    Now Russia needs to be extremely careful, now there may be another provocation, for example, US special services can bring down a Turkish plane and blame it for allegedly revenge from Russia for the downed plane. They, and only now, are benefiting from the conflict, it is for them that it is vitally necessary now to pit Russia with someone, and to sit by themselves. In general, you need to keep your eyes open now.
  15. walrus-a
    walrus-a 25 November 2015 13: 49
    Turkey is the eternal enemy of Russia. In general, Russian-Turkish wars span a period of 241 years. I am not a historian, but I counted 12 wars, and the Turks have always been an ally of the French and other Anglo-Saxons. So friendship is friendship, and do not forget to put chain mail under your shirt. And again: in October, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated that, despite the fact that Russia “is a friend” of Turkey, “the rules for the use of force are quite clear, regardless of who violates our airspace,” that is, Turks don’t just let our planes fly near their border and hammer the oil of the son of the president of Turkey. And that sooner or later a provocation against our aviation will be carried out. Immediately after this, our military leaders needed to secure our pilots.
    1. nadezhiva
      nadezhiva 25 November 2015 15: 17
      Ahmet Davutoglu, in principle, a kind of g.dina. For some reason he says what he thinks. Although, a politician of this rank .... should not be an idiot.
      1. Turkir
        Turkir 25 November 2015 21: 10
        Although, a politician of this rank .... should not be an idiot.

        360 degrees ... an example on the face.
  16. EvaFerrari
    EvaFerrari 25 November 2015 15: 22
    I don’t understand those people who work all year to save money for a trip to Turkey or Egypt. In these countries there are two types of service - for Russians and for everyone else. For me personally, this is humiliation. And do not say that there is no place to rest in Russia, there are no seas and so on. You just never looked! My personal wish to our Government is to make flights to Siberian cities and the Far East really cheap. After all, there are unrealistic opportunities for the development of tourism! If you do this, then our people will not need any more Turkey, Egypt, Thailand.
    1. EvaFerrari
      EvaFerrari 25 November 2015 19: 58
      By the way, for a beach holiday it is not at all necessary to go to Anapa, Sochi or Crimea. Try to relax on the Caspian or Baltic Sea. In a word, there are a lot of opportunities and alternatives, it’s enough to open a map of Russia and you can definitely find something!
    2. EvaFerrari
      EvaFerrari 25 November 2015 19: 58
      By the way, for a beach holiday it is not at all necessary to go to Anapa, Sochi or Crimea. Try to relax on the Caspian or Baltic Sea. In a word, there are a lot of opportunities and alternatives, it’s enough to open a map of Russia and you can definitely find something!
      1. Turkir
        Turkir 25 November 2015 21: 14
        Who seeks will always find.
        It is possible to Italy. Choose a small town north of Naples.
        It is very cheap and the apartment and food.
        Do not ask for a name - look for it yourself.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. KOMA
        KOMA 25 November 2015 22: 07
        Or the Laptev Sea!
  17. Kibl
    Kibl 25 November 2015 16: 02
    It is necessary to make "lowered" boys out of "diamond" boys !!!
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 25 November 2015 16: 31
      It seems like "offended" and "omitted" are the same thing.
  18. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 25 November 2015 16: 41
    And what is this two bombs in skirts?
  19. Simple
    Simple 25 November 2015 17: 00
    Our Turks at work whisper:

    A: "And what will happen now?"
    Q: "The main thing is that there will be no war."
    A: "Yes."
    A: "You have to be an idiot to be."
    Q: "The Russians say that there will be no (Russians) tourism in Turkey."
    A moment of silence (I would also be silent).

    A: "And the construction of a nuclear power plant has been curtailed."
    A moment of silence.
    In: "I.d.i.o.t"


    And this is said by men of mature age, to whom the sixth has been going for a long time.
    1. pv1005
      pv1005 25 November 2015 21: 16
      Strange Turks at your work, even whisper among themselves in Russian. what
  20. Simple
    Simple 25 November 2015 22: 41
    In German it was.
    And also sometimes on the "automatic" I sometimes forget to switch to Russian.
  21. Atigay
    Atigay 25 November 2015 22: 57
    It is necessary that the son would answer for his father.
  22. Valiich
    Valiich 25 November 2015 23: 29
    America and the West knew very well about Erdogan, especially the United States, the only thing they did not know what step Erdogan would take, they waited and looked forward to. He exceeded all their expectations, they tensed in earnest. I think our intelligence had information, but judging by the reaction of the GDP, they did not expect such a release. To be honest, I didn't trust Turkey before. He taught a lesson that is tough for Russia. Much fell into place, "the devil from the snuff box" was determined. I could not look silently at how billions of the Russian Aerospace Forces were destroying it. For Turkey, life is now divided into "before" and "after".