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JF-17 fighter crashed in Pakistan

RIA News citing Pakistani media reports that the fighter JF-17 of the Pakistan Air Force crashed in the province of Punjab. The report says that the pilot of the aircraft was a woman who had a rich experience in managing such fighters. She and the intern pilot were able to eject. During the ejection, the female pilot (her last name was Marium) suffered injuries incompatible with life, and died in hospital. The threat to the life of the intern, according to the official representative of the Air Force of Pakistan, no.

JF-17 fighter crashed in Pakistan

The Pakistan Defense Ministry reports that an investigation into the incident has begun. Considered as a version of the technical malfunction of the aircraft and piloting error, and the version of the strike on the fighter from the ground. It should be noted that in the recently published Global Terrorism Rating of Pakistan entered the group of the most dangerous states of the world along with Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Egypt.

A german magazine The World publishes the results of a survey of citizens of various countries to support the ideology of the so-called "Islamic state". If you believe the data of German sociologists and journalists, then in Pakistan, every third respondent declared moral support for ISIS. In the first place is Qatar with 48% support. Top three closes, interestingly, Belgium, with 31% sympathetic to the ideology of ISIS. In Turkey, this figure - 22%.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. nazar_0753
    nazar_0753 24 November 2015 14: 14 New
    If you believe the data of German sociologists and journalists, then in Pakistan, one in three respondents stated moral support for ISIS. Qatar comes first with 48% support. Interestingly, Belgium closes the top three, with 31% sympathizing with ISIS ideology.

    Yes, Belgium is a really entertaining surprise. Looks like there are really a lot of refugees there - exactly 31% of the population is more than necessary
  3. vladstro
    vladstro 24 November 2015 14: 16 New
    And who will be responsible for our Dry? Why did you go without cover?
    1. venaya
      venaya 24 November 2015 14: 29 New
      And how to cover when they hit from the ground?
  4. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 24 November 2015 14: 20 New
    Strange sequence: SU-24 and then F-16.
    Did the F-16 violate the Turkish border? (joke).
  5. uhu189
    uhu189 24 November 2015 14: 22 New
    It’s strange somehow, F-17 built just a few pieces in the USA, he never went into the series. How could they end up in Pakistan?
    1. Themi30
      Themi30 24 November 2015 14: 26 New
      You're not confusing with 117, no?
      ps although I confuse 17 and 18
    2. Bongo
      Bongo 24 November 2015 14: 32 New
      Quote: uhu189
      It’s strange somehow, F-17 built just a few pieces in the USA, he never went into the series. How could they end up in Pakistan?

      Just a typo, the publication is most likely talking about the Chinese JF-17 Thunder aka FC-1 Xiaolong.
    3. kil 31
      kil 31 24 November 2015 14: 33 New
      Quote: uhu189
      It’s strange somehow, F-17 built just a few pieces in the USA, he never went into the series. How could they end up in Pakistan?
      In the article, one-piece Jf 17, the leadership of the PRC.
    4. xetai9977
      xetai9977 24 November 2015 15: 24 New
      It's about the JF-17. Title is incorrect
  6. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 24 November 2015 14: 26 New
    And in Texas, the Black Hawk crashed. Four crew members perished.
  7. NC1982
    NC1982 24 November 2015 14: 35 New
    F-17 is the same prototype F / A-18 Hornet, which did not go into series. They messed up something ..
  8. castle
    castle 24 November 2015 14: 37 New
    Is there a special typo in the article? For the fools?
    Most likely, it was a JF-17 Thunder, a Sino-Pakistani plane. A mixture of different technologies and designs that the Chinese stole, and then began to sell, sort of like their inventions, which neither stand any serious tests. The motor there, however, is Klimov RD-93. The motor, so far, has not been stolen, but bought in Russia. They promise, over time, to put their own Chinese motors, which will be cheap parodies of Russian engines. And what is the rescue system and catapults on the JF-17? Better to believe that the Lord will save us. I read somewhere that Chinese diesel engines will be put on Russian warships. Well then God bless you! And from such partners and from such "friends"!
  9. BNM
    BNM 24 November 2015 14: 40 New
    yes there is a typo crashed fighter FT-7PG woman died co-pilot survived.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 24 November 2015 14: 45 New
    Cool they have women pilots there! Sorry for the girl ..
  12. Skifotavr
    Skifotavr 24 November 2015 16: 00 New
    Maybe the burqa got hooked for something?
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 24 November 2015 18: 10 New
      Quote: Skifotavr
      Maybe the burqa got hooked for something?

      It is understandable that you have complete freedom there in ruin, from conscience, compassion, common sense, respect for human life in general, but it is necessary to filter the rotten market everywhere. Of course you can’t fill the face on the site, but it’s easy to ban for such jokes.
      1. Skifotavr
        Skifotavr 24 November 2015 22: 51 New
        This is your freedom from brains, ruinexpert kuev. This ruin is as mine as yours. We are destroying people, and you are ringing something there. I'm not talking about the fact that you overreached everything. Why the hell do you climb, if you can’t finish anything and everything through shit? Tomorrow you will be at war with each other and also write such crap "sho you have there."
        1. cherkas.oe
          cherkas.oe 25 November 2015 01: 12 New
          It’s you, the Pisa Honduras, without a name or patronymic, jumped out like a hell out of a snuffbox to mock and troll on a site. It seems to me that you are not a Skiphotaur, but a flimsy Zhazhazar and you are trying to earn money here, insulting and spiteful.
  13. Skifotavr
    Skifotavr 25 November 2015 13: 19 New
    This is who I mocked at? You europidril kosher do not know that during the war and in Afghanistan they also flew on the F-16 into the airspace of Afghanistan and shot down our military transport planes and helicopters?