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Go to war on Russia

Washington politicians no longer hide their aggressive theses, thus demonstrating that there is one small step from the cold war to the hot one. Recently, a conference on foreign American policy was held in Washington. Her motto was words about "realism and restraint." However, one speaker said that the White House needed to show the world a “big cudgel”, and another participant suggested that the United States realize its “mission” and help other countries “in their struggle for freedom”. The main object of criticism of both gentlemen was, of course, Russia.

On the website of the American alternative press "The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection" new article Philip Giraldi.

The author previously worked for the CIA, and now holds the position of executive director of the United States National Interest Council (the Council for the National Interest).

According to the expert, “something very strange” is currently happening in Washington.

Recently, Giraldi participated in the Washington conference on the theme of “realism and restraint”, devoted to a broad reform of the US foreign policy. Most of the reports more or less corresponded to the stated agenda, but there were other gentlemen who spoke not about restraint, but about its opposite.

Giraldi finds it strange, for example, that one of the speakers said: For the sake of establishing its place in the world, the United States must "hold a big club". Another panelist argued that the main “mission” of the American people was “to help other countries in their quest for freedom”.

Both speakers had in mind the US foreign policy towards Russia.

The author is very surprised by something. How could people talk about this at a conference on “restraint”? On the other hand, is it any wonder if such reports come up when both Republicans and Democrats give similar speeches during election debates? Nationalism and, moreover, American “exclusivity,” is the best-selling product at all times; He briskly goes to the political market in any era.

Recently, however, these theses have acquired a taste of militancy. And this is just amazing, the expert believes. Do you know why? Because only one presidential candidate served at one time in the armed forces, and that was there ... a lawyer. Shortly speaking, weapons now in the US, the hawks, who have no idea what an army is, are ready to rattle.

For example, a potential candidate from the Republican Party, Carly Fiorina, recently explained how she would “figure it out” with Putin: “One of the reasons why I would not now speak with Vladimir Putin is that we are conducting a dialogue with him weak position in which were due to the actions of this administration (Obama administration. - O. Ch.). That is why I would refrain from talking with him for a while, but would do something else. I would start strengthening and re-equipping the Sixth fleet under his nose, as well as the restoration of the missile defense program in Poland. I would arrange aggressive military maneuvers in the Baltic countries: he (Putin. - O. Ch.) Must learn that we will protect our NATO allies ... And I would also probably send several thousand of our troops to Germany. No, not in order to start a war, but in order to be sure: Putin realized that America is faithful to its allied duty ... We must create a no-fly zone in Syria, because Russia cannot tell the United States when and where our flights should fly aircraft. Finally, we have allies in the Arab Middle East, and they know that the IG threatens them, but they must see the support of the leader, the support of the United States ... After all, we have the most powerful military force in the world, and everyone knows about it. ”

Mr. Ben Carson added his “two cents” to this: “... we have to admit that Putin is really trying to extend his influence throughout the Middle East. There will be his base. And we have to confront him there, this is our effective path ... What we have been doing up to now is very inefficient, but we cannot take it and simply retreat from our path. We should look at it on a much more global scale. We are talking about global jihadists. And about their desire to destroy us and destroy our way of life. So we need to talk about how to make losers out of them, right? Because otherwise they can get a lot of influence ... And I think in order to make them look like losers, we must destroy their caliphate. Look, where is the best place to do this? In Iraq. There, in Anbar, there is a large deposit of energy resources. We need to take it away from them. And take the land from them too. We could do it, I think, easily. I chatted with several generals here ... And then we would move on. "

Senator Marco Rubio also voiced his ideas: “I think the world is getting stronger and better when the United States is the strongest military power in the world ... I have never met Vladimir Putin, but I know enough about him to conclude: - gangster. (“I never met Vladimir Putin, but I’m gangster.”) We can say that he heads mainly organized crime that governs a country whose size of economy is 2 trillion. dollars. And he is rapidly creating his military machine, despite the catastrophe in the economy. In geopolitics, he understands only power. And every time he speaks anywhere in the world, be it Ukraine or Georgia, or now in the Middle East, he does it in the light of the weakness of the enemy ... Our allies in the region do not trust us. For God's sake, in the Middle East there is only one pro-American democracy, practicing free enterprise, the state of Israel. And we have a president who is less respectful of the Israeli Prime Minister than the Ayatollah in Iran ... And we have an interest there, and this is why ... All these radical terrorist groups ... they will come to us. They recruit Americans through social networks. And they don't hate us because we just support Israel. They hate us because of our values. They hate us because our girls go to school. They hate us because women in the United States drive cars. ”

And here is Governor Jeb Bush. His election campaign is dim and worthless, and he tries to catch up by making hasty statements. According to him, Obama does not believe in the American leadership. Bush is confident that Washington should create a no-fly zone in Syria and "support the remnants of the Free Syrian Army." Without American leadership in any country in the region, the entire region begins to “change its priorities,” Bush believes. “Tragedy” seems to him that Iraq and other countries are currently engaged in a dialogue not with the United States, but with Russia. After all, "not so long ago, Russia had no influence at all in the region." In short, the United States needs to “lead in all directions.”

The brains of these talkers Giraldi calls "tabula race" (clean board). In his opinion, the crowd, listening to these types, has such low intelligence that it allows clogging their skulls with complete nonsense.

The coolest of all, of course, Carly. Her words are pure poison; she is ready to start a war. She was going to shoot Russians on the ground and in the air. But why? Well, so that the Americans can fly wherever they want, with irony interprets its aggressive statements Giraldi.

In his own way, and Ben Carson is cool. He needs to be given the first prize for the simplest scenario of defeating the IG. Just take away the oil from the militants, and there will be no “caliphate” at all.

As for the speeches of Jeb Bush, the expert is brief: he writes that the next Bush “seems to share the gift of scratching with his brother”.

Willingness to fight with the Russians, and at the same time with the Iranians, more than once surfaced in debates. It is as if the war with Iran will become an “easy walk” ... And the war with Russia! Putin can inflict tactical nuclear and the first. And this will immediately lead the war to a “completely different level,” the expert believes. Here we will have to talk about the "disaster". The Russians, even if they were limited to military targets, could in a short time be able to destroy vulnerable US satellite communications systems on which the American armed forces depend. One of the leading military analysts at the same time points out that the Russian army is much better suited for a land war than the more expensive army of the United States. Colonel Douglas MacGregor claims that US troops are likely to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, let us add, Russia is not an enemy of the United States and does absolutely nothing to become such in the future. It was not Russia that surrounded Europe with bases, but on the contrary, the United States and NATO are showing their aggressive intentions. Moscow did not “annex” the Crimea, but agreed with the will of the local citizens, established by referendum. In Syria, the Russians destroy the IS militants who threaten the United States in the same way that they threaten Russia.

Another thing is that the hegemon intends to remain a hegemon, and without his permission, no one on the planet can utter a word. Potential presidential candidates voiced this thesis, forgetting that a nuclear war could happen as a result of such propaganda. And politicians can bury themselves. Understand that they are hampered by empty heads, which fit to fill with sawdust.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 25 November 2015 06: 25
    the main "mission" of the American people is to "help other countries in their quest for freedom

    How they already got everyone with their main mission! Apparently in the hope of them, but rather after consultations, Erdogashka did his muck!
    1. Finches
      Finches 25 November 2015 07: 33
      "In a madhouse, everyone could say whatever came into his head, as if in parliament ..."-so in the election race! Especially in the country of the victorious Faust Food laughing
      1. Enot-poloskun
        Enot-poloskun 25 November 2015 08: 43
        I want to recall for NATO ... Here is an old Soviet poster ... Some went here in a war ...
    2. Mr. Fun
      Mr. Fun 25 November 2015 11: 38
      Sverbet them in a famous place ... They must do something. A year has passed in vain if these urgent wise men haven’t gotten anywhere in the world.
      Duck, these were not consultations, but rather instructions. And that this overly ambitious Turk went on about them, so there is no doubt at all.
    3. marlin1203
      marlin1203 25 November 2015 12: 25
      Oh, and they will get their own "big club" in "one place" ...
      1. jjj
        jjj 25 November 2015 20: 52
        When the collage was made at the top, then for some reason the "horizontal flip" was made with the figure of our military man, not the western one. And it turned out that the "Kalashnikov" fuse on the left
    4. Valiich
      Valiich 25 November 2015 21: 19
      They will not understand one thing and cannot understand this, Russia is no stranger to being surrounded from almost all sides, from ancient times and sow the day, and if a mess begins, people quickly come to a state of combat readiness at all levels. History has confirmed this more than once. Even Bismarck in the 19th century said "Russia is dangerous due to the meagerness of its needs", so it is, who served knows, but the American needs a dry closet at least and much more. And there is the main difference, in the Soviet Russian Army, the order is not discussed but is being carried out, period! And they do not, I mean, a soldier can weigh the pros and cons and refuse to fulfill. And here is another phrase of the same Bismarck, and I think there is some truth in it that needs to be known and remembered, especially at the present stage, "The Russians cannot be defeated, we have seen for HUNDREDS of years. But you can instill false values, and then they will win themselves "that has recently been trying to instill in the current young generation. As I was born and raised in the USSR, I think so, We need to remember and honor the History of Our Vast, Invincible and Multinational Motherland. I am Kazakh, I live in Kazakhstan, but I am also with Russia in Heart and Soul, and the Russian People are My Friend and Brother. I want to remind the words of the Russian commander "Whoever comes to us with a sword, will die by the sword, Russia has stood and will stand on that" And millions more people who know and remember our common history will confirm my words, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok !!
      1. Baikal
        Baikal 26 November 2015 00: 18
        Hello Kazakhstan and hello full charka from a little dark Crimea drinks
  2. ivan48857
    ivan48857 25 November 2015 06: 27
    Washington politicians are no longer hiding their aggressive points, thus demonstrating that from the Cold War to the Hot War is one small step.

    Especially when others take this step for you.
  3. KOH
    KOH 25 November 2015 06: 33
    As we say: "Kohl went to such a booze, cut the last cucumber ..." But they will not be enough either !!!
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 25 November 2015 06: 38
    Empty heads prevent them from filling it with sawdust...Cement is there ... and good quality ... not washed at all ..
  5. Neophyte
    Neophyte 25 November 2015 06: 44
    Therefore, local "mongrels" from the Baltic states and Ukraine howl so fiercely, the Boss gave
    Team Fas!
  6. strelets
    strelets 25 November 2015 06: 45
    The West is going crazy. To drop a nuclear bomb on him would indeed be a fair step. Their happiness is that we do not use their methods.
  7. igorra
    igorra 25 November 2015 06: 57
    Empty heads, which fit right with sawdust, prevent them from understanding this.
    It’s good to live in the world according to Vinnie Pukhski, remember - in the head of my sawdust ... They say correctly: God gave self-conceit, took the brain.
  8. rusi471
    rusi471 25 November 2015 07: 09
    -20 qualifying.
    From where so many spitefuls on VO appeared? Some nonsense appeared in comments and articles. There were few specialists. In sick?
  9. Human-dv
    Human-dv 25 November 2015 07: 27
    Fiorina, Carson, Rubio, Bush - bazaar clowns, other associations simply do not arise ...
  10. boris-1230
    boris-1230 25 November 2015 07: 40
    This is strange. This must be mildly expressed by stupid people in order to carry such nonsense. The states now resemble Hitler in the thirties, who also wanted to own the whole world and imagines himself to be something exceptional. What he finished everyone knows, but the price, of course, is high. The only difference is that this war is likely to destroy the planet and all living on it.
  11. Lecha57
    Lecha57 25 November 2015 07: 42
    To free the world from threats, Amers need to close all military bases in all countries and continents. It will be fair and safe for everyone.
  12. Playerman
    Playerman 25 November 2015 07: 42
    Anglo-Saxon Harlot negative Not adepts, reflexes of superiority like animals. Only these and animals can be called a stretch.
  13. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 25 November 2015 07: 43
    Those in the United States who are seriously thinking of pacifying Russia with some sort of war, in the event of a direct conflict, the first ones are shedding! Only a question where? Usually people blurt out the language, whose literacy is in question, but in Russian mediocrity!
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 November 2015 07: 44
    the main "mission" of the American people is to "help other countries in their quest for freedom."

    The fruits of this "help" are really visible in the example of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and other countries where the United States poked its nose. Therefore, with such statements, everything is clear
    only one presidential candidate served in the armed forces at that time, and even that was there ... a lawyer

    It’s good to build a cool superman from yourself, managing other people's lives and not having basic concepts in military affairs. The fact that the United States is a world evil was not said only by the lazy. And evil must be fought.
  15. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 25 November 2015 07: 46
    These fools need to arrange a meeting with Japanese hibakusha.

    And before the presidential election, it would not be bad to examine candidates for mental integrity.

    Instead of eating, wash yourself
    Prick and forget
    The whole crazy hospital
    She gathered for the presidency
    . laughing
  16. Konstantin 121
    Konstantin 121 25 November 2015 07: 55
    I think now A. measures will not risk fighting with us openly. They will continue to use other countries to fight Russia. Try to decompose from the inside. And all this exclusively is militant rhetoric, only for the rating and for the opportunity to climb higher on it on the remains of a drowning Bambama.
  17. LeftPers
    LeftPers 25 November 2015 07: 59
    We must remember from what this America was molded, all the slops from Europe flowed down to this continent. Then these slops destroyed the local population and created a state. So is it worth wondering the rhetoric of the descendants of these scum.
  18. linen
    linen 25 November 2015 08: 03
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 25 November 2015 08: 19
      Quote: flax
      Not necessary

      Is your "Caps Lock" key stuck? Read just in case "Rules" subparagraph "and)".
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 25 November 2015 09: 47
      In general, in terms of the total power of thermonuclear charges, the United States surpasses Russia by two and a half times - we will plant potatoes, we just have to dump all who survive in Siberia and the northeastern regions of the Far East or in other countries, since the European part of Russia will be destroyed.
  19. Same lech
    Same lech 25 November 2015 08: 17

    what Hmm ... a bad case.

    The striking factors of a ground nuclear explosion are:

    air shock wave (50%);
    light radiation (35%);
    penetrating radiation (4%);
    radioactive contamination (10%);
    electromagnetic pulse (1%).
    We are talking about an air explosion (like Hiroshima) at an altitude of about 1 kilometer of a XNUMX megaton atomic bomb.
    Time: 0s. Distance: 0m. Initiation of a nuclear detonator explosion.
    Time: 0.0000001c. Distance: 0m Temperature: up to 100 million ° C. The beginning and course of nuclear and thermonuclear reactions in a charge. A nuclear detonator with its explosion creates the conditions for the start of thermonuclear reactions: the thermonuclear combustion zone passes by a shock wave in a charge substance at a speed of the order of 5000 km / s (106 - 107 m / s) About 90% of the neutrons released during reactions are absorbed by the bomb substance, the remaining 10% fly out out.
    .... tratata ..
    Time: 1,6c. Distance: 1750m Temperature: 10 thousand ° C. Radiation approx. 70 gr The tank crew dies within 2-3 weeks from an extremely severe radiation sickness. Complete destruction of concrete, reinforced concrete monolithic (low-rise) and earthquake-resistant buildings of 0,2 MPa, shelters built-in and detached, designed for 100 kPa (type A-IV or class 4), shelters in the basement of multi-storey buildings.

    And how are we going to survive.
    1. free
      free 25 November 2015 13: 58
      and we will not survive, we will destroy the enemy!
  20. NeRTT
    NeRTT 25 November 2015 08: 43
    Wanga predicted an "empty Europe" at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 .... Eh uhnem !! DAISH will collapse !! Once again .. yes again !! Let their democracy sprinkle on other planets !!! !!! All without the United States in captivity .. everyone needs freedom ... and after that, there are legs and horns from the countries .. yes, the presidential pawns are henchmen !! stop
  21. Riv
    Riv 25 November 2015 08: 56
    The author is right. Kennedy and Roosevelt are now spinning in coffins. A generation of politicians who understood when to use military force, and when not, was a thing of the past. America forgot what a real war is. Pawnbrokers are in power, accustomed to tackling issues with money and brought up in schools, where they were hammered out that the States won two world ones. And you can’t explain to them what blood is.
    We also have usurers in power. But our people at least remember from which war their great-grandfathers did not return and they know at what price the victory in Chechnya got. Someone himself served in that Soviet army. So not everything is hopeless.
  22. bionik
    bionik 25 November 2015 09: 11
    Go to war on RussiaI think they won’t butt in the open with us, but with the help of their puppets they will put sticks into the wheels, yes. For example, SU-24.IMHO
  23. lotar
    lotar 25 November 2015 09: 20
    In my opinion, it is high time to transfer the battlefield to the territory of the enemy and use the already well-known methods and methods of struggle applied by the "lamp of democracy" in their territory. The concept of freedom has been interpreted very freely lately, especially by the "beacons of democracy", while the countries of the West are engaged in sucking their asses our slave owners, we need to activate the underground in the center of the spreading chaos in the world and find elements of resistance in Europe itself to the current state of affairs.
  24. Alexl
    Alexl 25 November 2015 09: 46
    The whole reason for such US behavior in the collapse of the USSR. The current generation of American politicians grew up in the 90-2000s during the permissiveness of the United States.
  25. Belousov
    Belousov 25 November 2015 10: 05
    Even with the discount on campaign promises, the statements of these ... no, not hawks, ordinary hens and roosters ... frankly smell like schizophrenia and a number of equally serious mental illnesses. We should give them in response to listen to Zhirik and say that this is the guaranteed next president of Russia.
  26. kursk87
    kursk87 25 November 2015 11: 04
    American politicians are obvious scumbags and they always have been. Talk about the exclusivity of the American nation, similar to the exclamations that were heard in Nazi Germany. Americans will be satisfied with Russia only when it plunges into the chaos of the 90s.
  27. Kim Klimov
    Kim Klimov 25 November 2015 11: 08
    No, Washington will never go to a direct war with Russia; they are one-on-one liquid. But to substitute their allies for vile and shallow bites - here they are masters ..
  28. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 25 November 2015 11: 47
    Kill the Anglo-Saxons and the Americans?
    Yes, our military registration and enlistment offices will not cope with the flow of comers !!!
  29. okroshka79
    okroshka79 25 November 2015 12: 30
    All the threatening rhetoric has already sounded from some American politicians earlier during the Cold War. We have already forgotten this in the country. But it was all there. True, then there was an objective reality that NATO was opposed not only by the USSR with its enormous military power, but also by the Warsaw Pact. In addition, many politicians still remembered that war, by no means a computer war, in which there were huge casualties on both sides. Now the situation is somewhat different. All this makes us think about revising the entire global foreign policy of our state, finally decide who is a friend and who is an enemy and will always be, look for allies, change financial and social policies, and the economy. If we have capitalism in our country, it happened, then it should be popular, and not for the elite. So far, for some, the soup is liquid, while for others the pearls are small, which does not at all strengthen our state.
  30. vovan089
    vovan089 25 November 2015 13: 08
    What is the war with Russia ???? Amerikosy even when they see our planes and warships at close range put in their pants.
  31. Fastenkov
    Fastenkov 25 November 2015 13: 12
    The elections are just around the corner, so they release their "Zhirinovskys" to the public to work. Why be surprised?
  32. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 25 November 2015 14: 22
    Another thing is that the hegemon intends to remain a hegemon, and without his permission, no one on the planet can utter a word. Potential presidential candidates voiced this thesis, forgetting that a nuclear war could happen as a result of such propaganda. And politicians can bury themselves. Understand that they are hampered by empty heads, which fit to fill with sawdust.

    "Putin has been very patient with the deaf, dumb and blind West," Roberts writes on his official website.
    I am responsible for what I say, but not responsible for what you hear.
  33. ioann1
    ioann1 25 November 2015 15: 04

    Recent events are very reminiscent of the prophecies of the elder. Without God, not to the threshold, but with God - grace! Who fought, he understands what it is about.
  34. EFRSTR
    EFRSTR 25 November 2015 17: 37
    Statements by candidates - pre-election chatter. And the president is far from deciding everything.
  35. zakamsk1971
    zakamsk1971 25 November 2015 18: 44
    All star comrade D. Lucas - The Empire strikes back. So we need to act like rebels - scatter the Death Star into atoms. Russian Luke Sky Walker, who are you? Chewbacca awaits your decisive action!
  36. colotun
    colotun 25 November 2015 19: 36
    Right in the middle of the United States there is such an interesting and wonderful place - the Valley of Geysers in Yellowstone National Park, but in fact it is a huge sleeping supervolcano that is already ripe for an eruption. If a couple of Russian bombs get there, America will never be again.
    1. orisa87
      orisa87 25 November 2015 21: 14
      I think one warhead is enough to awaken the volcano.
  37. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 25 November 2015 19: 41
    How I like nuclear torpedoes passing 10 thousand km at a depth of 1!
    And we are a land and vast power, try to fly!
  38. Xapoh
    Xapoh 25 November 2015 23: 11
    Here I read the opuses and appeals of the mattress politicians, and at times I would like that the words of V.V. Zhirinovsky about the nuclear landmines laid off the US coast, I would like that there would be a strait between Canada and Mexico.
  39. Diviz
    Diviz 25 November 2015 23: 38
    After the 2018 World Cup and the presidential election in the Russian Federation, we are waiting for the invasion of the Americans. T50 on the 2nd engine pushed why for 2018 it is necessary to them. 200 pcs at least. Only a good aircraft will be an important factor. And instant31 would be improved.
  40. TURAR
    TURAR 27 November 2015 10: 27
    I like how white meat is chatting from under the shell) ... The kids got together and chatting about what parents should do. So I will grow up and ...)