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Precision rifles of the Cadex Defense CDX Precision Rifles family (Canada)

High Precision Shooting Market weapons It is of great interest both for famous manufacturers and for new players. Certain technological difficulties limit the number of manufacturers of such systems, but this does not prevent all new and new manufacturers of small arms from trying to win a place in the market for themselves, having pressed recognized competitors. At the beginning of 2015, the Canadian company Cadex Defense presented its new developments in this area. It offers potential customers several models of sniper rifles of the CDX Precision Rifles family.

Previously, Cadex Defense was known primarily for its products in the field of components for small arms. The shooters were offered various elements of the weapons "body kit", spare parts and other products. Now, using existing developments in the field of additional elements of weapons and using existing products of various types, the company's specialists have developed original high-precision weapons, which are expected to be of interest to both military or security officials, and civilian shooters.

The family of sniper rifles CDX Precision Rifles has a characteristic feature. All weapons of this family, regardless of the specific parameters of each sample, are based on common ideas, as well as unified in their composition of components. As a result, six rifles are immediately offered to customers, which, however, can be considered different modifications of the same weapon. At the same time, the production of rifles intended for the use of different cartridges and equipped with different “body kit” has been adjusted. A large number of rifles offered to the buyer is achieved by a special combination of various parts and components.

Rifle line CDX Lite. Sight with mounts, a bipod and a muzzle brake not included

The manufacturing company divides the CDX Precision Rifles family into two main lines: CDX Lite and CDX Tac. Rulers differ from each other in some basic components. A characteristic feature of the Light line was the use of a proprietary butt of the own, having an adjustable butt plate and cheek, contributing to greater ease of use. Due to the specific design of such a butt not only solves the tasks, but also to a certain extent reduces the weight of the weapon. Rifles "Tech", in turn, are equipped with an adjustable butt PRS from the company Magpul. The two main lines also have some other minor differences, such as the different coloring options available for ordering.

Within each of the two lines, three variants of high-precision rifles, differing from each other by different parameters, are offered. At the same time, a sufficiently high degree of unification is provided for various details, such as a bed, a bar for sighting devices, etc. The main differences between the three rifles associated with the used barrels, designed for different ammunition.

The CDX-30 Guardian rifle is designed for use of the .308 Win cartridge. CDX-300 Freedom should use .300 Win Mag ammunition, and CDX-33 has a barrel chambered for .338 Lapua. It was through the use of several barrels with different parameters that Cadex Defense managed to create a whole range of rifles with the maximum degree of unification, which, nevertheless, are served as a family, and not as modifications of the same weapon.

Consider the design of rifles CDX Precision Rifles in more detail. All weapons of the new family are equipped with metal boxes of similar design. Depending on the type of stem used, these parts may have some differences. However, the overall design remains the same. The manufacturer notes that the proposed products are equipped with special V-shaped mounts for the receiver, which provide the most stable position of the latter and do not allow it to move, degrading the accuracy of the battle.

The rifle line CDX Tac. The most noticeable difference from the "Light" version is another butt.

To facilitate the maintenance of weapons on the bottom surface of the receiver is fixed a special module, which includes the shop shaft with a removable liner, trigger guard for the trigger, as well as mounting for the pistol grip. If necessary, this module is dismantled and provides access to the internal parts of the box and the receiver, facilitating the maintenance of weapons.

The barrels of all rifles are rigidly fixed in barrel boxes, designed by Canadian gunsmiths. This device is a tubular piece with a complex cross-section of 9 inches long (228,6 mm), inside of which there are fastenings for the barrel and guides for the bolt. Also in the lower part of the box provides a long window for the filing of the store and the trigger mechanism. The latter, for ease of maintenance, is performed as a separate node in its own case.

Apparently, Cadex Defense has not yet succeeded in mastering the production of barrels with high rates, which is why it had to turn to adjacent firms for help. All rifles of the CDX Precision Rifles family are equipped with Bartlein Barrels trunks with various parameters. Used trunks have a conical shape with valleys in the middle. On the muzzle end, a thread is provided for installing the muzzle brake.

The use of a thread on the muzzle of the barrel allows you to complete the weapon with any muzzle-mounted device, but a muzzle brake or other similar equipment is not included in the basic package. The promotional materials for the new rifles featured a muzzle brake MX-1, created by Cadex Defense. This device of the active-reactive type has three chambers separated by partitions and directing powder gases to the sides and back. It is argued that such a brake design can significantly reduce the recoil of the weapon. Muzzle brake type MX-1 can be added to the order at the request of the buyer. If necessary, the rifle can be ordered without this device and later equipped with any other compatible muzzle brake.

Shutter rifles CDX Precision Rifles. Shot from demo video

All rifles of the new family are equipped with longitudinally sliding bolted bolts of similar design. Regardless of the type of rifle and cartridge used, the bolts are cylindrical with spiral grooves. To reload the weapon, a handle is provided that is biased at the optimum angle to the axis of the bolt. Locking is performed on three lugs, when turning the bolt entering into contact with the corresponding details of the barrel. Inside the gate are the drummer and two-way fuse. The latter in the on position blocks the drummer and prevents a shot. The trigger mechanism is not blocked. The shutter can be equipped with handles of three different designs.

Fire control is carried out using the trigger mechanism, which, like many other parts of rifles, was independently developed by Canadian gunsmiths. At the request of the customer can be used one of two trigger. Both versions are made in a separate case and installed in the corresponding slot of the box. It is possible to change the length of the idle and the descent effort. This design is intended to further adjust the weapon to the requirements of the shooter.

The ammunition for rifles can be carried out from detachable box magazines of various types calculated for the corresponding types of ammunition. Stores are placed in the mine under the receiver and secured in place with the help of a latch placed in front of the safety bracket. A curious feature of Cadex Defense rifles is the ability to use different models of stores. To do this, a special insert of the desired shape and size is installed in the lower receiver module, ensuring the correct position of the magazine. There are several options for inserts, which allows the shooter to use different shops after small manipulations.

The use of a unified mine and liners allows the use of stores of various types from different manufacturers. Thus, ready to use rifle ammunition depends on the wishes of the shooter and, in some cases, legal restrictions.

Lodge, forearm and Picatinny rail for mounting sights

The breech and middle parts of the trunk are closed with a tubular steel forearm with perforations on the side faces. It is noted that the forearm not only protects the shooter’s hands from the heated barrel, but also does not allow hot air to rise through the aiming line, making it difficult to aim and worsen the effectiveness of the fire. The forend is also equipped with several Picatinny rail for installation of additional equipment. So, on top of it is attached to the strap, passing along the entire length of the forearm and receiver. This allows the shooter to not only install any necessary sight, but also to position it in the most convenient way. On the side surfaces of the forearm, closer to the front cut, there are two short strips. Another bracket for mounting bipods is mounted on the bottom surface of the forearm.

For convenient fire control, rifles of the CDX Precision Rifles family are equipped with an ergonomically shaped pistol grip with a rubber coating and characteristic notches on the front surface. The trigger handle and safety clip are relatively large. Their dimensions are designed for convenient operation of the shooter in gloves.

The rifles of the CDX Tac and CDX Lite lines are equipped with butts of different models, which allows the shooter to choose the most convenient option. The weapon line "Tech" is completed butt Magpul PRS. This device is installed rigidly, without the possibility of folding, and has the ability to adjust. Provides mechanisms for setting the total length of the butt and the displacement of the butt pad, as well as adjusting the height of the cheek.

Light rifles are distinguished by an adjustable folding stock developed by Cadex Defense. Such a butt has a hinge and can fold sideways to the right to reduce the overall length of the weapon. With the help of a system of arrows and blockers can change the length of the butt and the height of the cheeks, as well as adjust the height of the back plate.

Due to the use of different butts and barrels with different characteristics of the rifle of the CDX Precision Rifles family, they are distinguished by their overall dimensions and weight. In addition, due to the use of different barrels for different ammunition, there must be a certain difference in the characteristics of the fire. Consider the main characteristics of rifles of different models.

Precision rifles of the Cadex Defense CDX Precision Rifles family (Canada)
Butt Magpul PRS. The flywheels of the cheek adjustment and the back plate are clearly visible.

The CDX-30 Guardian rifle can be equipped with a barrel chambered for .308 Win with an 20 or 24 inch length in inches: 508 or 609,6 mm, respectively (64,9 or 77,9 caliber). Regardless of the length of the barrel has five rifling with a pitch 11,25 inch (285,7 mm). The rifle in the Lite configuration with the 24-inch barrel (without the muzzle brake) has a length of about 118 cm when the butt is unfolded and 95,6 cm with a folded. The total height of the weapon, excluding sights and bipods, is 20,3 cm. Maximum rifle width (without the shutter handle) 5,6 cm. When folded by the butt, the weapon width increases to 12,1 cm. In this configuration, the rifle without sight, bipod and t .d weighs 14,2 pounds (6,441 kg).

In the version of the CDX-30 Guardian Tac, the rifle with the 24-inch barrel has the same length as the Light version, however, it is characterized by the impossibility of butt folding and heavy weight. With the Magpul PRS butt, the rifle weighs 6,785 kg.

The CDX-300 Freedom rifle is designed to use the .300 Win Mag cartridge and has a barrel of the appropriate caliber. Barrel length can be 24 or 26 inches (609,6 or 660,4 mm) - 80 or 86,6 caliber. The trunks have five grooves in increments of 10 inches (254 mm).

The Freedom Lite rifle with a 26-inch barrel has a length of 123 cm with a butt folded out or a 100,6 cm with a folded. Other dimensions of the weapon remain the same as in the Guardian. In addition, due to some features of the design of the Guardian Lite and Freedom Lite have the same weight - 6,441 kg. In the modification of the CDX-300 Freedom Tac, the length of the rifle with the 24-inch barrel is within 119, see. The weight of such a weapon is not indicated, however, it can be assumed that it will reach 6,7-6,8 kg.

The high-precision CDX-33 Patriot rifle should use .338 Lapua cartridges and can only be equipped with a barrel length of 27 inches (mm 685,8 or 79,9 caliber). There is cutting with 9,5 inch pitch (241,3 mm). With a folding rifle “Patriot-Light” has a length of 125,6 cm or 103,2 cm. Other sizes correspond to another weapon line. Weight declared at the level of 14,5 pounds (6,557 kg). Non-folding stationary stock increases the length of the weapon to 127 cm and makes it heavier to 6,622 kg.

The butt of the line CDX Lite, developed by Cadex Defense

The main difference between the two lines, Lite and Tac, is in the type of stock used. In addition, there is a difference of "cosmetic" nature. The customer can choose the colors of the stock and the butt from the options offered, the set of which differs within the two lines. So, CDX Lite rifles can be produced in black, tan, OD Green colors, as well as in their combinations. Tac rifles, in turn, can receive only black, yellow-brown or a combined color.

CDX Precision Rifles rifles are available now. In the basic configuration, a rifle without sights, a bipod and other additional equipment will cost the customer $ 5199,95. Due to the order of additional "options" the price may increase. So, for a folding butt (modification Lite) will have to pay 800 dollars. A muzzle brake of type MX-1 will increase the price of 268,95 dollars. The ability to choose the type of trigger, the option of the bolt handle, barrel length, etc. included in the base price.

The CDX Precision Rifles precision rifles were introduced earlier this year. To date, they are available for order and, as follows from the available data, have become the subject of a significant number of orders. However, accurate information about their characteristics of the fire is still missing. It is argued that this weapon can be used for firing at large distances with an accuracy of "sub-minute" (less than MOA), but accurate information on this subject has not yet been published.

The lack of specific data on the characteristics of fire does not allow to fully evaluate the new rifles of the company Cadex Defense. Perhaps these rifles may indeed be a new word in high-precision small arms, but the manufacturer has not yet bothered to publish its main characteristics and still uses only interesting design features and original technical solutions in advertising.

Muzzle brake Cadex MX-1

It must be admitted that the method of constructing a new weapon chosen by Canadian gunsmiths is of particular interest. As the basis for the new weapons used unified components of existing types, as well as some other parts, manufactured specifically for the new rifles. Due to this approach, as well as the combination of various parts, Cadex Defense was able to develop two lines of rifles, each of which actually contains three samples.

Available information on the types of ammunition used, the characteristics of the barrels and the design suggest that the proposed CDX Precision Rifles can fire at distances of at least 1-1,2 km. It is difficult to speak about accuracy. The manufacturer claims the accuracy of "less MOA", but does not give specific figures, which makes it difficult to evaluate the project.

With limited information, you can make some rough conclusions about the whole project of a new family of rifles. Its advantages should clearly include the possibility of choosing the weapon that most fully meets the requirements. Depending on his needs, the buyer can order a rifle for a specific cartridge, with the most convenient butt, with or without a muzzle brake, with additional Picatinny rail, etc. Estimated high effective range can also be considered a plus.

A characteristic disadvantage is the lack of accurate data on shooting performance. This is an obvious flaw in the manufacturer, who apparently wants to find its place in a very specific sector of the arms market, but for some reason does not publish the most important information about its development. In addition, the cost may be the cost of weapons, starting from 5199 US dollars. It may be that on the market there are already rifles of a similar class with similar characteristics, but with a lower cost.

New small arms company Cadex Defense offered to the military, security officials and civilian shooters. A number of rifles from the CDX Precision Rifles family have already been assembled and sent to happy owners, as evidenced by the corresponding section of the official website of the manufacturer. Information on the purchase of such weapons by any government agencies is not yet available.

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  1. tracer
    tracer 25 November 2015 06: 43
    A rare thing in Canada. I did not even know about such an office, although in a kind of "theme". Thank you Kirill.
  2. D-Master
    D-Master 25 November 2015 06: 47
    As always, an excellent article is Cyril. Volumetric, meticulous and balanced. Unfortunately, a great rifle made in Canada. Which has long lost its neutrality and is one of the most rabid enemies of Russia. Accordingly, this weapon is directed against us. Which is not very pleasant.
  3. FID
    FID 25 November 2015 10: 09
    I'm sorry, Cyril! I did not find differences in the butts in the photos light and tech ... And indeed I did not find differences ...
  4. bazilio
    bazilio 25 November 2015 12: 11
    Well, yes, it looks interesting, modern, but ......
    There is nothing special about this rifle, just like everyone else.
    The creation of "new" sniper bolts is a daunting task.
    The cartridges are the same for everyone, technology and materials, too, for a long time you will not surprise anyone with the modular design.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 25 November 2015 13: 39
      Quote: bazilio
      modularity of a design will not surprise anyone for a long time.

      Then they adjusted the buttstock with the flywheels. smile
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 25 November 2015 15: 55
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Then they adjusted the buttstock with the flywheels.

        the flywheels are magpool, not Canadians ...

        The products of Magpul Dynamics (USA) are known all over the world. Her stocks have gained a well-deserved reputation as reliable, durable products with remarkable ergonomics.
        Butt Magpul PRS - telescopic sniper butt with a huge number of settings, designed for the needs of shooters seeking maximum accuracy.
        It is designed for installation on semi-automatic rifles and carbines of the AR-15 / M-16 / SR-25 family, however, using an adapter (purchased separately), it can be installed on civil and military models of Kalashnikov assault rifles (Saiga, VPO, etc.) etc.). It is also suitable for semi-automatic rifles created on the basis of AK ("Saiga", "Vepr").
        Magpul PRS is equipped with a reliable locking mechanism to prevent inadvertent unlocking. In a special internal cavity there is a compartment for batteries for a collimator / optical sight or flashlight. Uses A2 pipe (not included).
        Black colour.

        Price 25 000 rubles.
  5. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 25 November 2015 17: 58
    Weapons made of modern materials give a feeling of "plasticity" .. The overall impression is flimsy, toy and cheap ..) Although modern polymers are strong, but their perception is this ..)
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 26 November 2015 10: 48
      Polymers are good. Here, other points are interesting - as far as I understand, the Canadian stock is formed. This is where the question arises, does the folding stock give backlash? for high-precision shooting it is very important that the butt does not "play". Still very much interested in the V-shaped mount of the barrel to the receiver. For precision shooting, this is also a very important factor.
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 26 November 2015 17: 43
        A folding butt on a sniper rifle may not cause problems during normal operation, but in war, when the conditions are far from the factory, and the load on both man and equipment will often be outrageous, backlash will inevitably arise.
        It’s hard to say what kind of mount it is and how it will show itself during long-term operation.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Balagan
    Balagan 25 November 2015 19: 42
    Regarding rifles, not at all in the subject. This is not the rifle from which an English sniper in Afghanistan shot 2,5 km a couple of years ago with two shots of two machine gunners? Yesterday he was lying around, flipping through channels on a TV set, there was a report about snipers. They talked about a good rifle and its modernization.
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 25 November 2015 20: 53
      Craig Harrison. From the rifle L115A3 Long Range Rifle caliber 8,59mm (.338 Lapua Magnum). He shot according to him in ideal conditions. I also think just talent. A shot at such a distance is an almost unsolvable equation. Still, he needed to make several sighting shots.
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 25 November 2015 21: 15
        And a non-military, so to speak, record-breaking shot at a distance belongs to the athlete Vladislav Lobayem from a rifle of his own design, caliber 408 Chey Tac (10.3 mm). The hit was made at a target at a distance of 3400 m.
        1. max702
          max702 25 November 2015 23: 27
          When they write about records, they never tell you how many shots were made to achieve this record .. You can make a million shots from Kalash and some of them maybe hit the target at a record distance .. it would be more logical and truthful to report that in a series of ten shots within 15 minutes such a result was achieved .. And so all these statements about records of the filkin diploma, I watched the video as Lobaev set his record, and I will say this as it does not relate to the word at all ..
          1. Razvedka_Boem
            Razvedka_Boem 26 November 2015 07: 22
            It was a record for the record. He himself talks about it. In addition to the rifle of his design, he developed a bullet, especially for this. And of course, I had to make a few sighting shots. Actually, he and his team decided on this, after the video, where the Americans shoot and hit the target from a distance of 3300 m. They doubted its reliability and decided to check.