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Russian folk "cartridge nesting doll" Dvoryaninov


This "cartridge matryoshka" was invented by Vladislav Nikolayevich Dvoryaninov as a kind of souvenir of the brand "TsNIITOCHMASH" around the year 1994. Despite the fact that he was the head of the leading cartridge department in Russia and the USSR. In those difficult times, to put it mildly, for state research institutes, they were forced to desperately look for ways to survive. The director of TsNIITOCHMASH, Alexander Valerianovich Khinikadze, besides the work on the "main" topics, once invited everyone to express any proposals, up to the release of souvenirs. So this idea was born. Prior to its commercial implementation, unfortunately, it did not come. In view of the obvious piquancy of such a souvenir, it looks too much like real live ammunition with all the ensuing consequences ...

Components matryoshka "elements". When assembled, the matryoshka looks like one (left) cartridge.

All "elements" matryoshka disassembled.

As you can see from the photos, the “matryoshka” consists of 5 different domestic small rounds weapons - large-caliber 14,5 x 114 and 12.7 x 108, rifle 7.62 x 54 R, automatic 5,45 x 39 and pistol 5,45 x 18.

The author of the “cartridge dummy” had a direct and immediate relation to the development of many of them, knowing their dimensions and dimensions well. As it was succeeded to use gracefully for such an unusual composition.
As they say - a talented person - talented in everything ...

They, dolls, still "released" TSNIITOCHMASH very limited batches. As souvenirs for partners, industry friends, VIPs, promotions and other things. And at the beginning of 2000, the author of this idea even won an award for it. In the amount of 1 thousand rubles.

In addition to the matryoshka and 52 years of work as a patron, Vladislav Nikolayevich can be proud of his monumental work - the four-volume monograph "Small Arms of War Guns", which many readers already call "the best work on Russian patrons ever published." Forgetting modesty, add - and not only in Russian. Especially about the Russian and Soviet development.

It is described in detail and professionally. история cartridges from their occurrence to the present day. Much attention is also paid to "related" topics - issues of efficiency, the basics of ballistics, the history of weapons development. For example, the materials of a separate chapter of the fourth book about “Abakan”, in the opinion of readers, “contain more information than all previous information from the Internet and articles taken together.” So it goes...
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  1. tracer
    tracer 24 November 2015 06: 59 New
    Taking off my hat. It is the cartridge that determines the combat qualities of a weapon. And no other way. Honor and respect for such people.
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 24 November 2015 07: 02 New
    + Статье поставил, но статья ни о чём, извините. Ни о Дворянинове толком ничего, ни о книге, о "сувенире" умолчу. recourse
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 24 November 2015 11: 45 New
      Quote: Vladimirets
      + Статье поставил, но статья ни о чём, извините. Ни о Дворянинове толком ничего, ни о книге, о "сувенире" умолчу. recourse

      You see, there are still developments and developers that it is too early to write about or do not write about for some other reasons, but for your honesty, plus. But the toy is still interesting.
    2. Mrdnv
      24 November 2015 13: 16 New

      Это лишь короткая заметка про весьма нетривиальный предмет, не более того. Всяких "сувениров" на патронную тематику в мире придумано много, а этому аналогов нет...
      A detailed review of books and information about the author will appear in the near future, I hope. There is nothing secret about this, of course. Moreover, the monograph has its own and very informational site (propatrons.rf or, where everyone has the opportunity to familiarize themselves :-)))
      All the best!
      1. Sukhoi
        Sukhoi 24 November 2015 17: 47 New
        I’ll definitely buy books! Can I get a souvenir somehow?
        1. Serg koma
          Serg koma 1 February 2016 12: 11 New
          Quote: Sukhoi
          Can I get a souvenir somehow?

          It’s elementary to simply become a partner, friend, or VIP person for a manufacturer laughing
          for partners, industry friends, VIPs, promotions and more
  3. Pal2004
    Pal2004 24 November 2015 09: 26 New
    That's how it happens! I was surprised!
  4. Wolka
    Wolka 24 November 2015 11: 51 New
    I want myself such a compilation, but how lame is this collected work?
    1. thinker
      thinker 24 November 2015 15: 45 New
      1. Massik
        Massik 24 November 2015 16: 35 New
        Hmm, not weak for 4 books. From 2300 rub for one ...
        1. gross kaput
          gross kaput 29 November 2015 11: 19 New
          Books are very good, but I can not afford sad so you have to wait when there will be an electronic pirate. Unfortunately, we have everything through opu, first publishers cry that due to piracy on the network, they cannot print large runs of special literature - since scans immediately get into the network and the remaining print run is not sold out in connection with this they put up an insane price tag - as a result, those who would like to have it in paper are forced to download scans, although it would be much better for me to have it in paper. Here is such a cycle of prices in nature.
          PS We have a publishing house in the neighboring building, we go out to smoke together and respectively get to know each other, asked them to evaluate the correspondence of the price to the volume and circulation - in general, the price tag is folded at least 4 times.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 24 November 2015 19: 26 New
    А "Матрешка" сама продается ?
  7. forwarder
    forwarder 24 November 2015 19: 48 New
    Which was successfully used for such an unusual composition.
    As they say - a talented person - talented in everything ...

    But what to make such garbage worth talent?
    А в чем "изящество композиции"?
  8. tol100v
    tol100v 24 November 2015 19: 50 New
    It's not a nesting doll, but how the defense industry survived in the mid-90s! A monograph on anyone will leave a mark in the history of small arms and cartridge cases. Thanks to the USSR for raising such associates in the field of the country's defense capability!
  9. moskowit
    moskowit 25 November 2015 19: 34 New
    Surprisingly Russian people are rich in fiction. But original. A decent advertising move for Russian ammunition. good
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 28 November 2015 23: 40 New
    The author of the article very competently attracted the interest of readers to this person and his works. What leaves a man on earth? New knowledge. They may be transmitted in different ways, but books are hard work. And he is worthy of mention.
  11. Mrdnv
    8 December 2015 21: 57 New
    Написано: "P.S. У нас в соседнем здании находится издательство, выходим на улицу по курить вместе и соответственно перезнакомились, попросил их оценить соответсвие цены объему и тиражу - вообщем ценник загнут минимум в 4 раза".

    That is, according to the guys from the publishing house, such a book (in hard cover on good paper in 500 pages) should cost 500 rubles? Retail??? Then it’s interesting - that they smoke ... I think they just did not understand what the price is for a set of four books :-)))
  12. expander
    expander 24 March 2016 21: 14 New
    статья интересная ни когда бы не подумал что такую "матрешку "можно сделать