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Prediction of winter escalation in the Donbass theater area - the last offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

At a time when the attention of the world's leading news agencies is firmly focused on the recent large-scale terrorist attacks in Paris and the effective actions of the Russian air forces against IS in Syria, where even strategic Aviation it was necessary to attract, the next party of the Big Game, played in the Donbass, is systematically pushing the region to a new bloody military campaign against civilians and defenders of young unrecognized republics, moreover, not with the verbal support of the White House and the US State Department, but against the background of a very capacious and tangible military-technical support for the Armed Forces from both Western Europe and our overseas “friends”. It was known in advance that the relative operational silence in the Donbass, established after the next round of ineffective Minsk talks starting September 1, 2015, would not last even one season, exactly the same as it was in previous times. The upcoming military campaign on the lands of New Russia will have a much more sophisticated and complex character, due to the long preparation time of the parties, as well as the great limited possibilities for a breakthrough for the troops of the Kiev junta, which is already noticeable not only for the AFU command, but also for any mediocre observer of the Ukrainian media or maydanuty blogger Ukrainian Internet. To imagine what will happen in South-Eastern Ukraine after another surge of aggression from Kiev, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze all the events that have occurred here over the past six months.

The crew of the BMP-1 AF of Novorossiya is conducting a final reconnaissance in the city of Uglegorsk for the presence of the military formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after stripping the southern outskirts of the Debaltsevsk Cauldron. The ousting of the enemy from Uglegorsk not only accelerated the closure of the above boiler, but also strengthened the security of the troops of the Donetsk People's Republic in the city of Gorlovka. As you know, Gorlovka is a key outpost of the army of Novorossia on the most important Artyomovsky ON, where today the Ukrainian armed forces are concentrating the most powerful offensive force grouping. Prior to the release of Uglegorsk, Gorlovka was under constant artillery shelling not only from the North and West OH, but also from the East OH, the stability of the Northern Front of the DPR was then questionable

The final strategic turnaround of the military situation in favor of the army of Novorossia took place on February 9 of the year 2015, when the night offensive operation in the settlement of Logvinovo was successfully completed, as a result of which the Debaltsevskiy boiler was finally closed. This tactical formation played a key role in maintaining the enemy fire artillery control in the rear areas of the Donetsk and part of the Lugansk People's Republic, as well as the possibility of developing offensive actions to bypass the main VSN grouping deployed in the Donetsk agglomeration (Donetsk, Makeevka, Khartsyzk, Illovaysk), with further a breakthrough on Volnovakhskiy ON, where the APU concentrated significant armored and infantry units.

After the final cleansing of the “Debaltsevskiy boiler” neck on the northern front of the LDNR, the military situation in Yenakiyevo, Zhdanovka, Kirovsky, Nikishino significantly stabilized, the regular fire impact of the large-scale caliber artillery and rocket artillery based in Olkhovatka and Aleksandrovsky ceased. Four of the above settlements serve as central transportation hubs between the Donetsk agglomeration, as well as Stakhanov, Pervomaisk and Lugansk, which are the main fortified areas of the LPR People’s Militia Corps on the North-Western Front of the Lugansk Republic. From now on, the units of the Novorossia army in the DPR and LPR received full possibilities of operational interaction during defensive or offensive actions against the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Northern Front

The armed forces of the New Russia completely stopped the entire offensive potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this operational direction, after which the entire northwestern front of the DPR became an irresistible frontier for the junta’s troops, which predetermined the further tactics of combat operations expressed in constant shelling from 152 long-range artillery, mortars, MLRS and other calibers of artillery; any attempt to attack the Donetsk operational direction by infantry and armored brigades was now doomed to failure, since the well-trained units of the army of Novorossia and volunteer units in the rear zones of the DPR and LPR could now maneuver in the depths of the republican theater of operations, snatching and breaking new tactical "boilers" APU. The territory of Novorossia has consolidated within relatively stable borders, but the usual offensive actions of the BCH, which were caused by the Minsk Agreements, as well as shady corruption schemes in the upper echelons of the DPR, whose key members are people of the local big oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, for whom damage to enterprises metallurgical holding "Metinvest" in the city of Mariupol in the course of further battles of death like. But as time has shown, the importance of the Akhmeta holding is still unable to “surpass” the geostrategic games of the West in the post-Soviet space, and Akhmetov himself, trying to play a double game, became for the nationalist and frankly “fascist” Ukrainian authorities a kind of “pest-character” cooperating with "Separators and pro-Russian terrorists." For this reason, today we are witnessing a significant aggravation of the military-strategic situation in the Donbas, which at any time can turn into large-scale hostilities launched by the Ukrainian side.


After the victorious and well-coordinated joint operation of the DNI and LNR armies to close and clean up the Debaltsevsky Cauldron from the Ukrainian military units, a little less than a year passed. During this time, more than 35% of the main combat personnel were restored and commissioned. tanks, BBM and artillery mounts (including MLRS); The developed military organization of New Russia was not idle, therefore, the combat-ready composition of the military equipment of the republics is now approaching 95-97%, and the total number of army personnel reaches 60-65 thousand people. The number of MBT and BMP alone exceeds the numbers 600 and 1100, respectively, not to mention the thousands of ATGMs, hundreds of MANPADS and MLRS with modern systems of network-centric coordination and fire correction. The estimated total combat potential of the DPR and LPR armies today significantly exceeds that of, for example, the Ground Forces of Greece and many other countries of Eastern and Southern Europe, which shows in advance the complexity of the situation for the Ukrainian side.

At the beginning of 2015, the artillery units of Novorossia received several 203-mm self-propelled artillery units, which were left by Ukrainian troops during the battles under the cities of Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration. For more than six months, information on the use of ACS data by the DPR army has not yet appeared, since no major offensive operations have been carried out since February 2015. In the upcoming escalation of the conflict, the use of "Pions" can help the militia to quickly achieve victory over the APU by delivering the most powerful artillery strikes on remote support points, spare parts and ammunition depots, as well as the fuel and lubricants of the enemy. For example, an active-rocket projectile ZOF 44, carrying OF XF warhead weighing 43 kg, released by Peony from Novoazovsk, can completely disable the runway coverage of Mariupol airport (with multiple salvo attacks from several guns), which will not allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to quickly receive reinforcements military transport aviation in the sector "M". AR projectile ZOF 44 (3VOFX35) has a range of 47500 meters. Likewise, the Uragan MLRS can be used in the same way, but only slightly less (35 km)

The junta, too, has managed to be well staffed lately, both quantitatively and technologically. Back in mid-August, the composition of the offensive "backbone" of the Ukrainian army was opened, the basis of which was the artillery "fist" of approximately 900 units. field artillery and mortars (D-30, Rapier, Acacia, Msta-S, Gvozdika, 2B11 and 2С12 "Sledge") and 150 MRLS (Grad, Uragan, Smerch) which, according to the plan of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, should carry out a long and exhausting artillery training on the fortified areas of the army of Novorossia, creating a favorable “ground” for the 450 MBT T-64BV, T-72B armored units and several thousand BMP-XNXXXXXX infantry units and several thousand BMP-XNXXXXXX infantry units and several thousands BMP-XNXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXT and X-1 XBT and T-XNUMBB units and several thousand BMP-XNXXXXX infantry units. lung BBM. Now this number has increased by 2-5%, considering the data of eyewitnesses in the vicinity of railway junctions in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, through which innumerable echelons of the Gvozdika, Acacia and new tanks follow on the Donbass . The information regarding 10 OBT T-300М72, modeled on the Polish PT-1 "Twardy", as well as tactical ATGM FGM-91 "Javelin", which probably already exist in the "bins" of the Armed Forces on a black day, has not been forgotten either. This armament, given the 148-thousandth personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is formidable enough, and you should definitely be reckoned with, and its maximum effectiveness can be achieved only in a general battle, the expediency of which the command of the Armed Forces has so zealously tried to convince Poroshenko of recent months.

Another field development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a light short-range MRLS, represented by two paired NURS B-8 / М / М1 airplanes, mounted on the chassis of the Strela-10 air defense missile system (MT-LB base). Each block B-8 has 20 guides for NURS C-8, the range of which can be about 6 km. From the known nomenclature of unguided missiles for the B-8 units, the C-8C modification is known, which poses the greatest danger to the infantry units of the Novorosiya army. Its warhead has about 2000 miniature arrow-shaped elements similar to BOPS, which can affect personnel with high efficiency when confronted in open areas (in the field, green, etc.). The only protection is the destruction of the installations before they hit the 6-kilometer-hit radius, the predominant use of light armored vehicles with additional welded sheet armor protection, the use of high-precision corrected mortar shells of the KM-8 “Gran” type for the early destruction of such enemy weapons before entering the melee. Meanwhile, the next deadly invention of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been tested against Donbass last week (photo below). Apparently, the MLRS is designed to compensate for the shortcomings of the “Grad” system associated with the minimum range of 2,5 km, which does not meet the requirements of intense close combat

But even in this case, the APU is waiting for defeat, since the concept of the general battle itself - an unprecedented battle with the use of all resources throughout the theater, in the twenty-first century takes on a completely different form: not the one who uses the maximum number of vehicles and units wins .c., and the one who controls the most favorable relief and complex infrastructure, on which a tactically more correct system of strong points and fortified areas with modern means of information exchange and fire distribution can be deployed while repelling an attack as enemy (similar systems have been used in military conflicts until the end of the XX century); since the beginning of the military conflict in Novorussia, this infrastructure has been owned by the armies of the DPR and the LPR. This infrastructure includes Donetsk and Lugansk agglomerations, Gorlovka, Enakievo, Telmanovo and Novoazovsk. Military units of the junta are mainly located in relatively open areas, in small villages near the line of demarcation, which determines in advance their losing position. The only exceptions are the Mariupol and Volnovakha OH; In these major cities of Donbass, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a powerful network of strongholds, occupying large schools, suburban boilers and telephone exchanges, and also former boarding houses. It is in these areas that the most intense and long-lasting clashes are expected, which can be much harsher than in Debaltseve or Logvinovo.

At the beginning of the previous week, information was received that a US C-17A military transport aircraft with two sets of counter-battery radar artillery reconnaissance AN / TPQ-36 “Firefinder” arrived at Lvov airport and would be handed over to artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbas. In the future we plan to transfer more 4-like radar.

The counter battery AN / TPQ-36 radar will not change the strategic situation in the Novorossia theater, but will complicate the tactics of using the DPR and LPR artillery in some operational areas. AN / TPQ-36 is a counter-battery radar with a medium-range HEADLAMP and is capable of detecting flying shells of large-caliber artillery at a distance of up to 15 km, mortars - at a distance of 18 km, unguided missiles - 24 km. The capacity of the Firefinder is 99 targets, so it can be used in high intensity battles. Its use in Donbass will force the DPR and LNR armies to use self-propelled guns more often than towed artillery at the 15-kilometer frontier from the front line, so the junta’s artillery with the attached AN / TPQ-36 will be able to deliver more accurate and quick strikes on the militia technique, and the ACS can quickly change dislocation, and therefore their losses in the militia will be much less. Also, preference will be given to units of rocket artillery that are in service with the Grad and Hurricane MLRSs, whose firing ranges (24 - 35 km) are at the extreme line, or beyond, the AN / TPQ-36 “Firefinder ".

The presence of the APGS FGM-148 “Javelin” will also not give special advantages in artillery confrontation on the flat terrain of Donbass, where the main objectives will be achieved thanks to large-caliber artillery and mortars at ranges over 3 - 7 km. The only fortified areas and operational areas in which the Javelins can go are Mariupol and Wavewara, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to temporarily use the developed infrastructure of cities for defensive purposes (as is well known, the FGM-148 ATGM has a special diving flight mode used for hitting armored vehicles shelters in difficult terrain or urban battles, the rocket makes a "slide" and hits the target in the most weakened upper armor projection). But here, too, the DPR militia has many technological tricks.

Today, the Javelin ATGM is equipped only with an infrared GOS, which is absolutely not without its drawbacks in thermal guidance systems. A few years ago, the Russian little-known design engineer V. Smirnov offered a very original protection against missiles with ICGSN based on several layers of foil (from a few to dozens), layers of cellophane between them, and a thick sheet of carmat between the specified protection package and the body of the hidden object (MBT, BMP, BTR). Such protection can hide approximately 2 - 2,5 times reduce the infrared visibility of armored vehicles. In the extreme case, the “Cape” complex, either obtained by the Voentorg or developed at the defense enterprises of the DPR and the LPR, can also be used. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for the republics to modernize their army in order to defend against the enemy’s modern anti-tank weapons.

The reality is that the Ukrainian army will not be able to repel the counteroffensive of the armies of the DNR and the LC. Despite the fourfold superiority in the number of personnel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have only one significant defensive line deployed along the Mariupol-Volnovakha-Krasnoarmeysk-Artyomovsk and Slavyansk-Lysychansk line. In these cities, the main Ukrainian strongholds are located, capable of withstanding short-term attacks by artillery and armored vehicles of the militia of New Russia. Longer battles, with the active use of anti-tank calculations and militia tanks will lead to the rapid destruction and suppression of these fortified areas, and even the Javelins will not be able to delay the defeat of the Ukrainian side in this conflict for a long time. After the destruction of the above defensive line, the army of New Russia is fully capable of fully taking the borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions under the control and sovereignty of the DPR and the LPR.


How many Minsk meetings and agreements have there already been in the last 3 of the month, and how many we have already observed fictions with the abduction of heavy weapons, where everything was done only by the armies of the republics, you can’t count all this on your fingers. What we have in the end? Renewed shelling of all districts of Donetsk and Gorlovka from 120-mm mortars and artillery, the resumption of the use of Ukrainian Gradov from the direction of Ugledar (the fact that a full package was issued in Donetsk was registered on November 21 by a resident of the Donbass mining town occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine), the transfer of several thousand military and up to three hundred armored vehicles to Donetsk and Gorlovskoye ON over the last month or two, which even OSCE representatives have recorded. All the facts indicate the approach of the next military campaign, which should be the last for Ukraine. On the northern front of the DPR, the Ukrainian Armed Forces generally resorted to extremes and rapidly “dig a hole for themselves”: some armored units closer to the front open fire on rear artillery units, which naturally causes additional losses and a general weakening of one or another portion of the front of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, the DPR Defense Ministry did not hesitate with an asymmetric response, and on Saturday 21 November, the corps command received permission to use large-caliber artillery and MLRS to fight the enemy’s firing points, at the moment this is the most important information since the entry into force has not justified yourself "Minsk-2".

The clash of key world ideologies of unipolarity and multipolarity is most pronounced in the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts, which are closely interconnected today. The West sees that the Syrian party has already been more than half won by the Russian Federation, and therefore will use its fallback option in the form of a conflict in the Donbas that will be rekindled by the driven and unbridled pro-American Ukrainian top.

The situation on the occupied part of the DPR and the LPR is absolutely not in favor of Ukraine. The population of such cities as Mariupol, Krasnoarmeysk and Volnovakha participated in the well-known May referendum, where independence was supported by more than 80-90%, which is almost over 500 thousand people. Over the 2 year of being a part of Ukraine, with its taxes, prices for utilities and food, this percentage has become even stronger in the opinion that the state of Ukraine is the exploiter and tyrant of its citizens. An even greater anger of people was caused by the shelling by the Ukrainian “Grads” of the “Vostochny” microdistrict, conducted from three directions in the suburbs of Mariupol 24 in January 2015, then more than 150 people died. And this was done only to descredit the DPR army in the eyes of international observers and the population, but a little later, according to the testimony of city residents and shell craters, the true culprit of the deaths of hundreds of people was identified. Virtually all of these people will be ready to join the ranks of the militias in the first days of liberation. Not joyful "bells" sounded for Kiev and Zaporizhia, where the Opposition Bloc won the local elections, the members of which are far from inspiring to accept all kinds of Bandera things imposed by Kiev for two years, so that the mood of the population of Zaporozhye and the areas are already very clear. The region is one of the key ones at the transport interchange between Novorossia and the Crimea, and therefore further aggression of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the region can lead to quite predictable consequences.

Today, Ukraine is on the verge of default. This inevitably brings the end of the dysfunctional state in the format that we are seeing today. The undermining of power line towers in the Kherson region, which provided all of Crimea with electricity, led to the cessation of Russian coal supplies to Ukraine, which is a completely adequate response, because Ukrainian security forces did not even try to hinder the actions of the Crimean Tatars and reckless PS activists who, since the days of the transport blockade of the peninsula had unhindered access to all the power grids of the Kherson region.

Last night, at the end of the preparation of our material, it became known that the armed militants from the “Right Sector”, who had participated in the undermining of power transmission lines in the Kherson region, took control of this section in order to prevent regional repair services. The situation continues to aggravate with complete tolerance and connivance from Kiev, because on the eve of Poroshenko "calmly" led to the ultimatum of the top of the pro-Ukrainian Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatars, according to which the Ukrainian side should completely suspend transport links with the peninsula

The lack of imports of Russian coal in Ukraine very soon paralyzes the work of almost 10 large thermal power plants, which will create a completely natural discontent of the population in the central regions of the country. The general situation in Ukraine is rapidly rolling on an inclined plane, and its individual incidents not only create enormous problems for the life of the population and the stable existence of Novorossia, which will never become part of the first, but also create problems for Russia that will be resolved only if the current the Ukrainian authorities, or the further offensive operations of the army of Novorossia, which will clear out the Azov region and the southern regions of Ukraine from pravosek and other nationalist gangs; The second option is now the most possible, since neither the Minsk Agreements, nor any other formal agreements help to calm Poroshenko and his minions, who, despite the progress made in Minsk, unilaterally continue aggressive actions against the residents of Donbass, and now Crimea switched.
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  1. Good cat
    Good cat 23 November 2015 06: 41
    Something is coming!
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 23 November 2015 06: 54
      Quote: Good cat
      Something is Coming

      They decided to repeat the Bosnia scenario. But only there was no Russia behind Bosnia! - "Return" can roll such a thing, they would not choke ...
      1. Good me
        Good me 23 November 2015 09: 42
        Quote: oldseaman1957
        The "return line" can roll up like this, they would not choke ...

        Let's not "may", which sows doubt ...
        1. meriem1
          meriem1 23 November 2015 10: 37
          Quote: Good I
          Quote: oldseaman1957
          The "return line" can roll up like this, they would not choke ...

          Let's not "may", which sows doubt ...

          Correctly! It can’t, but it will be !!! If we are aggressors. it’s just as bad as !!!!
      2. SibSlavRus
        SibSlavRus 23 November 2015 10: 00
        You probably mean Serbian Krajna in Croatia in 1995? Operation Tempest? Because in Bosnia, as far as I remember, the situation is somewhat different. There, on the contrary, the Bosnian Serbs, who controlled more than 70% of the territory of Bosnia in the second half of 1995, NATO bombing (forcing peace with depleted uranium munitions! Used in Former Yugoslavia even before Kosovo) forced the Serbs to stop. As an epilogue, the Dayton Accords (December 1995), which divided Bosnia into RS and IHF (Republika Srpska and Muslim-Croatian Federation), replace the constitution there. But then (IHF) there were US military bases, and we withdrew our peacekeeping Rusbats of the Airborne Forces.
      3. Dilshat
        Dilshat 23 November 2015 10: 10
        The main thing is that they would not stop within the borders of the People's Republic of Lithuania. Odessa, Kharkiv Oblast and Ukraine, consider such a country not.
      4. vahlebnik
        vahlebnik 23 November 2015 10: 13
        The President said that Russia is not participating in the fratricidal war of Russian peoples in eastern Ukraine
    2. Enot-poloskun
      Enot-poloskun 23 November 2015 06: 58
      And I’ll tell you - the junta will only come if the junta realizes that it was leaked and it has nothing to lose ...

      And further. The Federation Council authorized the Supreme Commander to use the army abroad. Now our troops are in Syria.

      But permission does not only affect Syria.

      I’m also afraid that in the event of an offensive by Bandera our army will really have to liberate Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.
      1. Junior, I
        Junior, I 23 November 2015 06: 59
        Since you reason, they will sooner fall down than they will shoot. Who wants to lay down their lives for the betrayal of Piglet.
        1. vladimirw
          vladimirw 23 November 2015 12: 53
          So they, zombies will fight, although maybe someone will run away
        2. OlegLex
          OlegLex 23 November 2015 19: 41
          And whom did he betray? Ukrainian people? So he didn’t choose what his mass media wouldn’t say. State Department? since there is nothing in the hole, the Ukraine project is quite successful, and it fulfills the main task, YES YES to them that way - successful. They wanted a coup — here you are, the Russians are killing the Russians — all life was a success. And those who have now taken weapons and are fighting against, in the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone - are the same, they have not had a homeland for a long time, and the blue dream is to dump in Europe, though there now they don’t push from those who want to, well, they don’t let the gun spin .
      2. venaya
        venaya 23 November 2015 07: 12
        Quote: Enot-poloskun
        ... in the event of the Bandera advance of our army, it will really be necessary to liberate Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

        It is possible and not worth releasing, there are still a sufficient number of dissatisfied with the current rule within "Ukraine", but about helping, it’s exactly because, according to constantly incoming reports, military assistance from foreign states to the current "government" of Ukraine is gradually increasing (little by little, so as not was especially noticeable). So we are left with very, very few outputs, and this must be taken into account.
        1. Dembel77
          Dembel77 23 November 2015 07: 47
          As you want, but Ukraine will not be in its current form. It will cost us quite a bit, but you cannot leave it that way. You can’t put up with the constant threat at hand. I think that Russia already has enough ways and means to solve this problem. No other way.
      3. aszzz888
        aszzz888 23 November 2015 07: 27
        But permission does not only affect Syria.

        In accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations, we can’t fight with the ukronazists. That will be a threat to the country's security - then another thing. And now, only help New Russia as we can.
        And HOW we can - we all know.
        1. Sanmak
          Sanmak 23 November 2015 09: 40
          aszzz888 (3) RU Today, 07:27 ↑

          In accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations, we can’t fight with the ukronazists. That will be a threat to the country's security - then another thing. And now, only help New Russia as we can.
          And HOW we can - we all know.

          How is there no threat? And open calls from the Bandera people for terrorist acts in Russia and the direct promise of the Bandera fascists to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia is not a threat to Russia's security ??? Another thing is that our troops to enter and wet Bandera - this is an extreme measure! You can, as in Syria, help from the Russian Aerospace Forces, and something else ... But the fascist reptile must still be pressed !!!
        2. Lelek
          Lelek 23 November 2015 12: 15
          Quote: aszzz888
          And now, only help New Russia as we can.

          In all directions, in spite of the groans of home-grown "hopeful-non-racial" and overcordon "Merkel-Stoltenberg". yes
      4. Antitolerast
        Antitolerast 23 November 2015 09: 15
        You can’t free the whole Ruin, but where will the Maidan people with law-abductors and other Bandera trash live? Among us?
        1. Travian
          Travian 23 November 2015 16: 56
          in the Carpathians, Galicia, Vinitsa
        2. aba
          aba 23 November 2015 20: 04
          and then where maydanutye with pravoseki and other Bandera trash will live? Among us?

          Why should they live in this world ?! Spoil the air ?!
      5. mvg
        mvg 23 November 2015 14: 19
        I’m also afraid that in the event of an offensive by Bandera our army will really have to liberate Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

        It will be a war. To the joy of pin .. am. Which are finally pushing their foreheads between Europe and Russia .. The consequences are extremely unpredictable. Certainly nothing good either for Russia or for Ukraine ..
        Why so much anger towards Ukrainians? We have been living soul to soul for 70 years. How do they differ from Belarusians or Kazakhs? Because of a bunch of a..ov, the two brotherly nations hate each other ..
        God forbid, the war will start .. It’s not at 6 in the morning to "grumble" as the VKS covered the next 100-200 dugouts ..
        PS: Yes, and dancing to the tune of D. Sam
      6. gladcu2
        gladcu2 23 November 2015 14: 38

        What does the junta understand?

        About the army and government organizations do not speak in the plural. Who should understand?

        And who would not understand, all concepts end with the end of financing.

        The question is who? And where is the profit?
      7. Don
        Don 24 November 2015 12: 29
        Quote: Enot-poloskun
        I’m also afraid that in the event of an offensive by Bandera our army will really have to liberate Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

        Who needs this Kiev?
      8. Egor-dis
        Egor-dis 24 November 2015 17: 13
        The junta will come when it is fully confident in the victory to have an overwhelming superiority in manpower and technology. They themselves have openly talked about this more than once. They will bring the ratio to five times superiority and trample.
        Well, or earlier, if the team arrives from overseas.
    3. 79807420129
      79807420129 23 November 2015 08: 21
      Quote: Good cat
      Something is coming!

      The war is coming again, and it seems that there will be no Minsk anymore, Giblets will now throw all his strength into starting a new war, otherwise he will have to fly out of power on the territory404.
    4. Bugor
      Bugor 23 November 2015 09: 21
      By the will of fate, he worked in October this year along the border with LDNR (they were engaged in geodesy).
      You’re walking along the Gukovo-Novoshakhtinsk highway, and in the distance SO waving ...
      But not a word from the zombie man, although the earth is trembling beneath my feet ...
      And it is unlikely that they will tell us the truth again on TV, if it weren’t for the dear Skomorokhov Roman (Banshee), they would have believed that everything was nonsense.
      Not a fig there is not nishtyak. There is a war. And nobody cares about Minsk bazaars ...
    5. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 23 November 2015 12: 28
      Yes, it's sad! The ruin, before finally dying, is still slightly weak!
    6. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 23 November 2015 13: 21
      Quote: Good cat
      Something is coming!

      EL KUWAIT, November 20. / TASS /. Detained in Kuwait on November 19, Lebanese citizen Osama Mohammed Said Hayat, involved in the activities of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group banned in Russia, admitted that he had made deals on the purchase of weapons in Ukraine. The Associated Press reported this on Thursday.
      "Osama Muhammad Said Hayat admitted that he made deals on the purchase of weapons in Ukraine and sent them to Syria through Turkey," the agency said, citing a statement from the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry.
      On November 19, Kuwait’s security forces arrested six people involved in IS activities. wink
    7. Skif83
      Skif83 23 November 2015 14: 27
      Yes, I would rather!
      It's time to deal once and for all with banderlogs.
      How not to recall the groaning of the "domestic" liberals about Stalin's teranny.
      Now, if Joseph Vissarionovich had been a tyrant, then all Bendev’s trash would have ended during his reign, and so they drove many to the camps, where did the Nikita release them.
      Such evil spirits must be cleaned to zero!
      And, underneath, let the LPR and DNR put everything necessary for the final defeat of the Armed Forces.
      1. Stena
        Stena 23 November 2015 16: 55
        Quote: Skif83
        How not to recall the groaning of the "domestic" liberals about Stalin's teranny.

        It is correct to write - "tyranny" (not therany) - from the word - tyrant.
    8. Alekseev
      Alekseev 23 November 2015 15: 03
      Quote: Good cat
      Something is coming!

      Something is always coming.
      And we, as has been said for a long time, including here, we need to carefully consider the use of the WTO to the entire depth of the operational construction of the ATO troops and in the rear warehouses, bridges, stations, etc.
      Well rushed warehouses in Svatovo? And there are many such objects ...
      Only the defeat of the warriors in the Donbass (causing unacceptable losses) will make dill finish the fool.
      Here is Syria's example: there is the success of an air operation - there is respect and understanding from all sides. wink
    9. Yarik
      Yarik 23 November 2015 16: 04
      "Something is coming!" the arrival of the DOCTOR-psychotherapist is coming
  2. venaya
    venaya 23 November 2015 06: 56
    Nice, full-fledged article, thanks to the author. The organizers and "masters" of all this "controlled chaos" called "Ukraine" apparently need something more than the state itself with the same name. What exactly they are trying to achieve is not immediately appreciated, but their habit of general house is immediately visible. I think it is not possible to identify further moves on their part, because they themselves do not know this, have not decided yet, this is also our difficulty. It seems that everything will be decided by some impromptu and we will have to be prepared for the most unexpected developments.
    1. Enot-poloskun
      Enot-poloskun 23 November 2015 07: 19
      On the other hand, I thought: what good does the junta have now?

      1) The IMF has not yet changed the rules for granting loans to default countries. And it will not change. A dangerous precedent with permission for Ukraine will lead to a queue for the money of debtor countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.

      2) Default is close! There is no money and never will be ....

      3) Winter is coming!

      4) Crimea from the end of December will become non-volatile from Ukraine.

      Therefore, the cessation of electricity supply to the Crimea may be one of the signals of the offensive of the junta ...
      1. kuz363
        kuz363 23 November 2015 11: 56
        As for the Crimea - only by the summer of 2016 is going to become non-volatile. And by the end of December - only by 50%
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 23 November 2015 14: 56

        You thought correctly.

        The article is strange, does not fit common sense.

        Consider two things.

        When financing a project, a loan comes first. Upon implementation, there is payment, repayment of the loan, interest payment and profit.

        At the state level, the state pays out of the pocket of the taxpayer. On an entrepreneurial basis, there should be a visible profit.

        The question is who pays, or where is the profit?
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 23 November 2015 14: 51

      The article is good, but there are questions.

      The first question.

      The figure of 900 units of art systems from? Is that an assumption? How to justify?

      What kind of fire control system are you talking about? What kind of information exchange system does the republic have?
      Even if this system is transferred through the "military", it should be a system with trained service personnel and command personnel who know how to use. Something beyond reality.

      Amount from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 250? So much requires good funding. And these are not jerky conscripts. Sitting with mom and dad around his neck, these are men with families. Which have wives, children and housing and communal services on the neck. Grandmas from where?

      According to the intervented military personnel of the republics, their army is not numerous. Up to 30 people, which corresponds to reality.

      Something is difficult for me to agree with the author. You don’t write a gag in the style of an Indian expert for an hour?
      1. mvg
        mvg 23 November 2015 19: 23
        And what confuses you in numbers? Each interview with Poroshenko / Turchinov / Yaytsenyuk / Poltorak is said about 240 thousand Hochloarmia // //
        About 90/100 thousand anti-terrorist operation group was written in VO in September .. // it’s not so difficult to rummage around and find an article // Ukrainians themselves recognize about 64 thousand.
        450/500 tanks, 1100/1500 infantry fighting vehicles / armored personnel carriers are recognized by LDNR and UKRO fascists, 900 artillery barrels - is that a lot or a little?
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 23 November 2015 21: 35

          This is not real.

          This wishful thinking is valid.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 November 2015 07: 05
    The rats were driven into a corner .. throw, definitely ..
  4. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 23 November 2015 07: 06
    Sadness, sadness, regret. . . what can people turn into for the sake of incomprehensible goals and stupid ambitions. . . Shock, anger.
  5. Wolka
    Wolka 23 November 2015 07: 41
    Dillies are undoubtedly preparing for the Catholic Christmas, so that in such a way, all, one death, they are destined for them unambiguously, apparently they want to meet her more expensively, but they need to be uniquely kicked out of Mariupol and the Sea of ​​Azov ...
    1. Rimlianin
      Rimlianin 23 November 2015 17: 01
      Who will throw out? Are you Are you going to die for Mariupol and the Sea of ​​Azov? Lord, how easy it is for you, the sofa-patriots are in words!
  6. Placebo
    Placebo 23 November 2015 08: 01
    Undermining power lines, untied the hands of Russia, because there is nothing more to blackmail. The main thing is that the winter is colder ...
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 23 November 2015 08: 05
      Quote: Placebo
      . nothing more to blackmail

      There is recourse The outbreak of war with mass surrender laughing
      1. MATROSKIN-53
        MATROSKIN-53 23 November 2015 10: 03
        Issue an order: "DO NOT TAKE POWERS!"
  7. dirty trick
    dirty trick 23 November 2015 08: 05
    Undermining power transmission towers in the Kherson region, which provided electricity to the whole Crimea, led to the cessation of Russian coal supplies to Ukraine

    interesting news, but you can link ????
    1. ROD VDVshny
      ROD VDVshny 23 November 2015 08: 39
      Quote: dirty trick
      interesting news, but you can link ????
      1. dirty trick
        dirty trick 23 November 2015 13: 48
        doesn't open ...
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 23 November 2015 08: 13
    About the termination of coal imports can you link to official sources?
    Well, it’s clear that people need to be distracted from
    upcoming experience. Therefore, they will escalate the situation on the fronts.
    I don’t want to vang, but it seems to me that we can survive before the explosion of the nuclear power plant.
    Not everyone believed about power cuts, to be honest ...
  9. shimus
    shimus 23 November 2015 08: 19
    Poroshenko - ANIMAL SPREADLESS, it is a fact!
    How much more pop is he ready to lick in order to destroy his country?
    Or maybe this is not his country? Most likely he is a US citizen for a long time!
  10. La-5
    La-5 23 November 2015 08: 27
    The last photo, the blown up pillars, reflects the true symbol of Ukraine - the Hole.
  11. tveritianin
    tveritianin 23 November 2015 09: 19
    It's a pity. Gentlemen, that you so easily fall for hurray-patriotic slogans such as: "Let the coming, we will celebrate the Victory in Kiev."
    Apparently, there are very few or no pro professionals among you (with an academic or just a military education).
    Just compare 200-215 thousand people in the Armed Forces and 60-65 thousand in New Russia, and taking into account the fact that dill has accumulated several thousand units of armored vehicles and other shooting rubbish, and not only this will not be a battle, but a battle with the sea blood on both sides with unpredictable consequences.
    It is also necessary to take into account the depth of the territory of Ukraine and the depth of the territory of LDNR. For some, a retreat of 100 km does not greatly change the picture of a protracted war, but for others, 10-15 km with the possible surrender of capitals or pressure on the Russian border can mean the beginning of the end.
    And one more thing: on both sides people of the same nationality will fight (namely fight), who are akin to the Russians, who do not occupy perseverance and rage. Each will have its own ideology and its own motives. With the current ukroagitation of their APU, who knows whose moral and psychological preparation will be stronger.
    Only if the whole Donbass rises, I emphasize ALL, can we count on a difficult, but Victory. And talk about the participation of our armed forces is superfluous. What we can, obviously, we will help, but to get into the open, this, excuse me, is unlikely. Even today, when there is more trust in us than in Ukrainians in the general situation.
    So, I would not advise anyone to write posts and comments with the ease that is observed here. It’s one thing to sit on the couch and talk about who will win, and another - with weapons in hand, in trenches, in hardships, dirt, in terrible tension, etc. defend a just cause.
    1. U-96
      U-96 23 November 2015 09: 34
      Quote: tveritianin
      It's a pity. Gentlemen, that you so easily fall for hurray-patriotic slogans such as: "Let the coming, we will celebrate the Victory in Kiev."

      yes, it was a half-forgotten mantra of the URYaklov "Give Kiev!" again in use. Only you shouldn't take it so seriously) This is the usual procrastination in anticipation of advantages from your own kind. I doubt that one of them is seriously going to drink their pedal couch horses from the Dnieper ...
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 23 November 2015 09: 52
      It is interesting to know at least the approximate losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the LPR.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 23 November 2015 10: 37
        The numerical ratio of troops is an important thing, but not always determining. Military history is full of facts when smaller, but more organized, skillful and motivated armies crushed large forces (Turks, Persians, Romanians, Italians, Chinese, etc. at different times). Moreover, technical equipment plays a very important role, i.e. availability of serviceable and reliable military equipment, even if not "the latest model". So, in defense, the LDNR army can, perhaps, withstand, but for the subsequent offensive "on Kiev" there is clearly not enough strength, unless 80-90% of the army is ground in active and sustainable defense.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 23 November 2015 17: 00

          First of all, this is material supply. The accumulation of resources. Then the preparation and equipment.
    3. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 23 November 2015 18: 44
      you know, my army friend once said: "You know, Vityok, war is a lot of blood and shit ..." and how you don't want to remember all this again ... negative
  12. askort154
    askort154 23 November 2015 09: 20
    Yesterday's video of the events at the blown up power transmission poles, clearly showed the real situation in Ukraine.
    Like some rabble of morons, he muttered an entire COLONEL in front of his subordinates, who were afraid to intervene.
    Complete anarchy, from the time of Old Man Makhno.
  13. Batia
    Batia 23 November 2015 09: 33
    The junta will explode when the scribe comes in the taiga. When there is nothing more to lose. How it ends, God alone knows. But New Russia I want a keen eye, a firm hand, and dry powder.
  14. hartlend
    hartlend 23 November 2015 10: 09
    Again, the Slavs will die, and the Jews parasites behind their backs will sit.
  15. Signaller
    Signaller 23 November 2015 10: 19
    Isn't it time, instead of the "Right of the State to Self-Defense", to introduce the concept of "The Right of the Nation to Self-Defense" ??????.
  16. Kim Klimov
    Kim Klimov 23 November 2015 10: 26
    This is called - under the guise or quiet glanders.
  17. Vanko
    Vanko 23 November 2015 10: 29
    Quote: La-5
    The last photo, the blown up pillars, reflects the true symbol of Ukraine - the Hole.

    If on mov, then Dupa smile
  18. Vega
    Vega 23 November 2015 10: 47
    War is waged not by equipment and weapons, but by personnel and people. According to reports from Ukraine, the morale of the army is based on vodka and foolishness, although this good is enough in Novorossiya. The spirit of the Sun of Novorosiya is higher, they protect their homes. The battle will be, if it happens, not a joke, and "URA-PATRIOTISM" and resource counting are simply not appropriate. The one who is better trained, not better equipped, wins. Example Vietnam.
    1. kuz363
      kuz363 23 November 2015 11: 50
      Vietnam is inappropriate. The war went on there for 10 years, almost the whole people fought. And the climate with the jungle is not comparable with Ukraine. Plus full support for China and the USSR.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 23 November 2015 16: 46

      What nonsense are you talking about?

      The Ukrainian government has zero voter support. There can be no talk of patriotism. Any army will stop the war if the government falls. The Armed Forces still remains subordinate while at least some money is being received.

      Yes, there is confirmation that the APU received a good level of training. So far, this does not contradict the general logic. And moreover it supports.

      Even those radars that were thrown into Ukraine do not meet the requirements of the modern war with a resolution of 60 rounds. Such an impression, a hundred it's junk. Solvability in the earlier 10-15 shots is acceptable.
  19. kuz363
    kuz363 23 November 2015 11: 46
    “Almost all of these people will be ready to join the ranks of the militias.” More theoretically. Practice has shown that people try to sit out in houses due to the instinct of self-preservation. Or come to Russia for a while. And you can't blame them for this, so that they go to death for some unknown reason. They used to go for the Motherland, for Stalin, for the USSR. Now for their Ukrainian oligarchs such as Akhmetov, Kolomoisky or Russian Gref and Chubais? The article is rather hazy. With equal weapon capabilities, Ukraine's mobilization potential is 10 times greater than the Donbass. So time is working for Ukraine
  20. starwars
    starwars 23 November 2015 12: 07
    The Ukrainians fired at Gorlovka right during the rewarding of the militia fighters. The rewarding of the fighters in Gorlovka took place to the sound of cannon fire from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In Gorlovka, a solemn presentation of the St. George crosses and medals "For Military Merit" took place to the soldiers of the SOBR and OMON "Berkut". Soldiers of the DPR Army received military awards for participating in operations near Debaltseve and Uglegorsk. The Ukrainian side continues to ignore the ceasefire. This can also be seen from the video of awarding the fighters. During the presentation of medals, the work of Ukrainian artillery is heard. “You see, they even staged a fireworks display in our honor,” noted the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, with irony.
  21. tacet
    tacet 23 November 2015 12: 20
    I do not share the author's point of view: "Almost all of these people will be ready to join the ranks of the militia in the first days of liberation. Not happy" bells "sounded for Kiev and in Zaporozhye, where the" Opposition Bloc "won the elections to local self-government bodies, whose members They do not accept with inspiration all sorts of Bandera tricks imposed by Kiev for two years, so the mood of the population of Zaporozhye and the region is already extremely clear. "
    Unfortunately, 80-90% of the population of Ukraine (there is no such confidence at the expense of Donbass) lives under the slogan "My hut is on the edge ..." There is no sense in expecting political (civil) activity or any other activity from them. And they will accept any winner (even the army of Eritrea). So there is no reason to hope for a huge replenishment of volunteers from the liberated territories for the armies of the LPR. I would only be glad to be mistaken.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 23 November 2015 15: 47

      So I have a bunch of counterarguments to the author.

      There is a harassing fire on the Line of Confrontation, this is understandable.

      But the offensive! Ukraine does not produce fuels and lubricants on its territory. She buys petroleum products. To do this, you need a dose in the form of dollar weight. He is not there.

      Repair of those 900 trunks of which only a third can shoot is possible on the inside. Tanks without fuel, will not even serve.

      Project Ukraine is closed without the possibility of implementation. The GDP in connection with the agreements in Minsk asks very uncomfortable questions to partners in random cash transactions.

      Something wrong.
    2. flSergius
      flSergius 23 November 2015 15: 57
      I agree, those who wanted to take up arms already in the BCH or in the dungeons of the SBU. And the rest of the vegetables, maybe they will wave the flags from the balconies to the tanks, but the sense is like a goat’s milk. And propaganda does its dirty deed.
  22. .Strannik.
    .Strannik. 23 November 2015 12: 27
    Another round of confrontation, with even more victims. Which was planned. Sadly ...
  23. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 November 2015 12: 33
    Thanks to the author for the article. Complex processes and situations can never be fully explained in a simple way.
  24. Belousov
    Belousov 23 November 2015 12: 54
    There will definitely be an offensive. For the staff members do not benefit from a lull, they need a conflict. Since in Syria, they all broke off, they will try to recoup in the Ruin. And they will try to involve Russia directly. For then there will be no proper noise in the "world media". I'm afraid they will be forced through the next atrocities against the civilian population, and our liberal singers will immediately scream "Putin has sent ..." In general, it will be difficult, very difficult. Let's hope that ours also did not sit idly by and helped to establish defense on all lines and directions. soldier
  25. vel1163
    vel1163 23 November 2015 13: 03
    Some events of recent years show that VVP is under control. I think it will be better for Poroshenko to carry out Minsk-2, but it will be worse. You don’t have to go to Kiev right away. and to hold elections and get Russian passports, otherwise people cannot get an education or draw up deals, etc. And those bend
    1. Rimlianin
      Rimlianin 23 November 2015 17: 20
      Quote: vel1163
      You don’t have to go to Kiev right away. Fight off and then beat off a couple of districts

      Are you broadcasting from Donbass? Or crush a sofa in Uryupinsk, hoping to get virtual stars from your own kind? Who will conquer the areas? Do you imagine mountains of equipment and troops of Ukraine on the border with Lao PDR? And what mountains of corpses will be on both sides?
  26. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 23 November 2015 13: 43
    It seems that Boris Rozhin is right and this idiot, as part of the confrontation between the United States and Russia, will drag on for a long time. And there will be no quick "peremog" and "zrad". It's a pity, of course, for the residents of Donbass that they have to endure all this while the "big uncles" are "doing the politician."
  27. varangian
    varangian 23 November 2015 14: 04
    For defense, with successful tactical moves of these forces, the LPR will be enough, plus if the mess starts, volunteers will be pulled again and the old field commanders may return. But one way or another, the superiority of the APU is significant, both in technology and in people, but it is unmotivated. Predicting the ultimate outcome of the slaughter is difficult.
    For large offensive operations, the militias have enough power left, but for operational success it’s enough (the same Mariupol)
  28. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 23 November 2015 14: 29
    (D-30, Rapira, Acacia, Msta-S, Gvozdika, 2B11 and 2S12 Sani) and 150 MLRS (Grad, Hurricane, Tornado),
    It is painful to read that some ghouls are holding these funds in their hands! But let's hope that Ukrainians will successfully turn into Usrains with the next attempt at a military breakthrough!
  29. AleBors
    AleBors 23 November 2015 15: 18
    Good article. Only, here I am, as many discussion participants do not share the bright hopes for the population of Zaporozhye, etc. ... I also do not believe in the great patriotic upsurge of the DPR and LPR troops. There is potential, but people don’t shoot weapons ... But with motivation, recently in Novorossia it’s not so .. And the annual calm of the troops has relaxed. The fact that the APU will begin the offensive, I have no doubt, they have no other way. But how will the BCH answer? I agree with some participants, people of the same nationality converge there, but with different brain contents. There will be a big blood bath. And we will help ... This is a zone of our interests. I can’t predict for a larger and further development of events ..
  30. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 23 November 2015 15: 43
    In my opinion, everything in the article is too optimistic. I hope the author in the subject of the question, the conclusions are justified and based on real facts. The new escalation is new casualties among the civilian population and the army of New Russia, but apparently without the war it will not be possible to defeat Ukrainian fascism.
    ALEA IACTA EST 23 November 2015 15: 47
    Things will not go beyond warlike diarrhea in an offal and a rabbit. No.
    They don’t want to be left without an army ...
  32. flSergius
    flSergius 23 November 2015 15: 54
    The resumption of hostilities has been waged many times both here and on other resources .... And so, single arrivals and shootings continue. And white negroes create visibility by chasing their rusty armored vehicles along the front. So long as Zakharchenko doesn’t lift 80% of the BCH composition at one in the morning, I won’t believe it.
  33. Rimlianin
    Rimlianin 23 November 2015 17: 24
    Another hat-writing article. The author gives a bunch of facts about the technical and human superiority of Ukraine and argues about the undoubted victory of New Russia. Where is the logic?
    1. andrew-z
      andrew-z 23 November 2015 18: 37
      Logic in "collecting pluses". ANY article where the defeat of the LPNR is predicted will cause a flurry of criticism, curses, accusations and betrayal, etc.
      And so, write that they will win - and you will be happy ... The article is not analytical but patriotic))
      1. Rimlianin
        Rimlianin 23 November 2015 19: 58
        And who needs these advantages then? What is the use of them? You can’t exchange them for money and beer. So, some kind of childhood. In short, a bunch of cheers from both sides who want to fight with the wrong hands and savor the war on TV. Maybe collect them all and send them to war with each other?
        1. flSergius
          flSergius 23 November 2015 20: 21
          There is such a category of people who are twisted from the attention of others. Which are smarter and more belly, they troll more fatly, causing the shit to boil and enjoy their deeds, and dumber write the first comments in the mainstream and collect the pluses.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  34. Rimlianin
    Rimlianin 23 November 2015 20: 03
    The way out of this situation is forcing the junta to peace. Preferably not by military means: economic, diplomatic pressure. Finally, what, in Kiev there are no oligarchs who lost a lot of money at the end of relations with the Russian Federation and do not want to return them, these relations, and their profits? And to fight is again the death of civilians, the shelling of cities, the death of thousands of boys on both sides. Forcing peace by military means is in the most extreme case, and preferably by introducing a peacekeeping contingent, rather than a war with Ukraine.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 24 November 2015 06: 07
      Quote: Rimlianin
      Finally, that there are no oligarchs in Kiev who lost a lot of money at the end of relations with the Russian Federation and do not want to return it,

      In case of success, they will be compensated for everything with a toric; in case of failure, everyone will freeze and take away, so there is no point in counting on it, big business is all on the chain from the west
  35. TOR2
    TOR2 23 November 2015 20: 24
    Quote: tveritianin
    Apparently, among you there are very few or no pro-military personnel (with an academic or just military education). Just compare 200-215 thousand people in the Armed Forces and 60-65 thousand in New Russia, and given the fact that dill has accumulated several thousand units

    Any acting officer or reserve officer will confirm to you that the front line must be moved away from vital centers.
    Copies in the discussion are broken quite a few. War is sacrifice, war is immoral, but are there other options? It is possible to reduce the number of victims, but for this, our leadership must finally get out of the partnering frenzy and call a spade a spade. The first question is why there is still no shortage of fuel and lubricants in the ruin? As one of our economists said, it would be a desire to cause a collapse of what remains of nothing special there.
  36. Rigla
    Rigla 23 November 2015 20: 28
    Any general would prefer to have 1000 highly motivated warriors ready for anything than a 10000 random rabble who is only looking for the nearest bush to throw out weapons and run away.
  37. Petruha
    Petruha 23 November 2015 20: 53
    soon it would all be over! got it ...
  38. Klos
    Klos 23 November 2015 21: 37
    The accumulated military potential will certainly be used. The beginning of the escalation is only a matter of time ...
  39. fisherman2
    fisherman2 23 November 2015 22: 25
    0 =Будут воевать или не будут? Почетайте и зделайти вывод.
  40. Geophizik
    Geophizik 24 November 2015 06: 01
    I really don't want to believe in an early possibility of resuming full-scale hostilities in Donbass, since the general geopolitical background clearly does not contribute to this. But nevertheless, it is necessary to highlight a fair degree of "hatred" from both Ukraine and, unfortunately, from the author of the article, who expresses a very widespread opinion, and this factor can play a fatal role. It is only encouraging that Russia's positions have recently tended to be strengthened in all directions, therefore, there are serious reasons for the fact that the military scenario will not be implemented.
  41. pts-m
    pts-m 24 November 2015 11: 45
    rabid dogs are usually shot. The rabies vaccine is not designed for a long time, although it is “foreign”. Good luck and victory to the militia DNR_LNR !!!
  42. H_l_o_p_e_C
    H_l_o_p_e_C 24 November 2015 12: 33
    only to explode and destroy, are no longer capable of that.
  43. Xorti
    Xorti 24 November 2015 13: 14
    article trash, and rare -
  44. Maz
    Maz 24 November 2015 14: 21
    Quote: tveritianin
    It's a pity. Gentlemen, that you so easily fall for hurray-patriotic slogans such as: "Let the coming, we will celebrate the Victory in Kiev."
    Apparently, there are very few or no pro professionals among you (with an academic or just a military education).
    Just compare 200-215 thousand people in the Armed Forces and 60-65 thousand in New Russia, and taking into account the fact that dill has accumulated several thousand units of armored vehicles and other shooting rubbish, and not only this will not be a battle, but a battle with the sea blood on both sides with unpredictable consequences.
    It is also necessary to take into account the depth of the territory of Ukraine and the depth of the territory of LDNR. For some, a retreat of 100 km does not greatly change the picture of a protracted war, but for others, 10-15 km with the possible surrender of capitals or pressure on the Russian border can mean the beginning of the end.
    And one more thing: on both sides people of the same nationality will fight (namely fight), who are akin to the Russians, who do not occupy perseverance and rage. Each will have its own ideology and its own motives. With the current ukroagitation of their APU, who knows whose moral and psychological preparation will be stronger.
    Only if the whole Donbass rises, I emphasize ALL, can we count on a difficult, but Victory. And talk about the participation of our armed forces is superfluous. What we can, obviously, we will help, but to get into the open, this, excuse me, is unlikely. Even today, when there is more trust in us than in Ukrainians in the general situation.
    So, I would not advise anyone to write posts and comments with the ease that is observed here. It’s one thing to sit on the couch and talk about who will win, and another - with weapons in hand, in trenches, in hardships, dirt, in terrible tension, etc. defend a just cause.

    Who told you that Novorossia has 60 troops? This is a fairy tale for APU! There they are all heartfelt from the strength of twenty-five thousand to both republics! And that’s it !!! The rest is nonsense - they do not want to fight in the DLNR. Sitting on the huts. Kurkuli. Smile and understand Donbass is the same Ukraine and the majority of the population is not going to fight for the interests of Russia. And there will be no Kiev at least until the United States ceases to rule Ukraine. And this means - the long-term occupation of Ukraine and the existence of the Donbass as an intermediate zone, a buffer between two hostile states. And the population of Donbass wants to live peacefully, to trade, and it’s not strange to steal according to the old Ukrainian and Russian traditions ... And they need Russia only in order to confront the United States and be a springboard in case of the collapse of the Poroshenko junta. And the offensive capabilities of DLNR are generally minimal. They would defend themselves on the defensive and recapture the territory which they had successfully drifted through the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is two quarters of the two regions.

    Will the whole Donbass rise? Aha will rise if they start to give free give. They will get a run and again the huts will run away to the kennel. Warriors. They will sit quietly and make loot by capitalizing on the fact that the labor force in Donbass is now almost free. They won’t rise anywhere. Kurkuli.
  45. Evil 55
    Evil 55 24 November 2015 15: 31
    Ukrainians are sorry, not Kh..ohlov silly and their corrupt government ..
  46. Dimitrakis
    Dimitrakis 24 November 2015 22: 06
    What climb in the winter or from the west they sent warm things.