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Benefit in the puppet theater. More trash, longer sanctions

Last week there was information that on the sidelines of the G20 summit representatives of the delegations of the European Union, of course, in close contact with US President Barack Obama, expressed a “wish” to extend anti-Russian sanctions. Deutsche Welle reports that for extending the economic restrictions on the Russian Federation for at least six months at a time, in addition to the main "friend" of the Russian Federation, they have said: British Prime Minister Cameron, Italian Prime Minister Renzi, German Chancellor Merkel, and, most interestingly, French Foreign Minister Fabius, who reportedly voiced the position of President Hollande.

In general, the European logic, it is so European, which includes attempts to coordinate with Russia in the course of the counter-terrorist operation in Syria and at the same time with all its forces to put pressure on Russia in the way that the “friends” from the United States, who are themselves the leading sponsor international terrorism. It’s no joke to say that the UN Security Council only recently approved a resolution on combating the Islamic State terrorist group ... Yes, it was, probably, only because France was the author of the draft resolution. Recall that before that Russia had taken such initiatives repeatedly, but in the Security Council, in France itself, whose authorities continue to demonstrate a truly shrill dependence on the authorities of a completely different state, every time there were reasons why the antiterrorist resolution was not supported. Rumbled in Paris - immediately supported ...

When journalists tried to find out from politicians - supporters of the idea of ​​extending anti-Russian prohibitive measures, they say, how is it, Russia is fighting international terrorism, and the West is again extending economic and political sanctions, actually building barriers for the same counter-terrorist struggle, Ms. Merkel:

Interaction with Russia in the resolution of other conflict situations will not change anything in the matter of the sanctions. Their (sanctions) easing directly depends on the successes on the way to completing the bloody actions in the Donbas. And, most importantly, with the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

It looks like this: help us fight terrorism, which some of us have spawned and because of which we can’t quietly leave our own houses, but we’re not going to help you, and we’re not even going to interfere , since your neighbor is crazy, and our crazy ... The same Hollande, who after the Paris attacks at all corners began to shout about coordinating actions with Russia, once again clicked on the nose overseas "uncle", and went into the usual mode rag doll, the movements of which are due to moving living hands of the leading artist of the puppet theater ...

Benefit in the puppet theater. More trash, longer sanctions

If, as they say, dig deeper into the essence of the claims, it turns out to be a “cinema”. Russia is being offered some kind of “more effective” anti-terrorist coalitions against the background of extending sanctions for rejecting the actual terrorist policy of a neighboring state. What, in fact, distinguishes the "activists" of the neighboring state from the very ghouls from the IG or "Dzhebhat al-Nusra"? A certain comparison can be made in order to understand that both are “anointed” with the same hand.

Some, before committing a crime (or having already committed it), hide behind a perverted reincarnation of religious ideas and shout “Allah Akbar!”; others try to hide behind a no less perverse understanding of patriotism, shouting "Glory to Ukraine!"

Some cut their heads, crush tankseat in front of the cameras of the heart; others burn in the House of Trade Unions, crush tanks, ostentatiously "bite" fragments of the bodies of dead opponents.

Some blow up the monuments stories and architecture, commit acts of vandalism in cemeteries, immerse a civilized state in the Middle Ages; others demolish monuments, commit desecration of graves, immerse a civilized state in the Middle Ages.

Some are undermining civilian airliners; others shoot down civilian airliners.

Some in a frenzy of intoxication turn the resorts of Egypt into a desolate desert; others are trying to make electricity supply deserted resorts of the Crimea.

Some jump on the bones of those who are tortured and killed with weapons in hand; others jump ... and not only on the bones of those who were tortured and killed.
Some launch into the sky ... inflated condoms to counter the "Russian aggression"; others build ... a fence and dig a hole (for whom?).
Some have leaders sitting across the ocean; other leaders sit overseas.

One weapon is dropped from the air, others are officially supplied.

Perhaps the only difference is that some can afford to fill Europe without documents and visas, while others are waiting for the abolition of the visa regime ...

This is all to the fact that lately one often hears how the Western position towards Russia has become closer and how the Parisian tragedy supposedly rallied the Europeans with the Russians against the background of the terrorist attack in the sky over Sinai. Who will let these Europeans, who have long lost their understanding of real independence, unite ...
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  1. Sasha75
    Sasha75 23 November 2015 06: 51
    A joke, but how much truth.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 23 November 2015 07: 09
    There is a global redistribution of the market, a new imperialism, which is already rallying in Europe. The states should once again at their own expense improve their affairs in the economy, so that there can be no question of any stability in the near future, especially about the official lifting of sanctions with Russia. Rather, this will happen in an explicit manner, for the EU is increasingly shaken by contradictions with the appearance of unity.
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 23 November 2015 15: 08

      All sanctions and sanctions
      Grow like a snowball.
      Cases, bills, receipts,
      The White House suffers.

  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 November 2015 07: 10
    Rumbled in Paris - they immediately supported ...

    It may be cynical, but it seems to me that everything should fall into place, it is simply necessary to "rumble" in Berlin, London, Rome, Madrid and of course Washington. Well, they do not understand normal language, even if there is a stake on the head.
    1. c3r
      c3r 24 November 2015 05: 14
      I think it’s going to rumble. It will be up to the Amers to grab something else, they don’t go to themselves to repeat September 11!
  4. beer-youk
    beer-youk 23 November 2015 07: 22
    As long as Russia exists, there will be sanctions against it. There is always a reason. Just do not pay attention, remember that we have always lived "in the ring of enemies" and at the same time developed in spite of everyone!
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 23 November 2015 07: 26
    Europe, like a fish, she was caught, she was silent, she was fried, she was silent, her fish day was arranged, she was silent ..
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 23 November 2015 08: 34
      Geyropa is going through a difficult stage-evolution into a conch. bully
  6. Shark Lover
    Shark Lover 23 November 2015 08: 31
    In the background, something blue is standing and a jacket is hanging on it. It looks very much like a trash can, and the fence is impressive, have you met at the trash or something?
    1. KORSAR12
      KORSAR12 23 November 2015 14: 28
      No, it’s not a trash can, but a dry closet and in the photo there are "ticket holders" ....
  7. Palach
    Palach 23 November 2015 08: 57
    Our sanctions are all !!!
    They are very useful for us. The people began to move even a little and think with their head and not with what they usually did.
  8. lotar
    lotar 23 November 2015 09: 00
    Nowadays, old Europe is not at all the same as in the Middle Ages. Then they at least defended and fought for the positions of their countries in the world. It was true that even then they considered Russians to be barbarians and almost always barbarians either because of their unpredictable stupidity, or from the great the minds of the whole nation and individuals in particular were beaten by enemies not only on their territory, but also on the territories of the aggressors. Already then Europe showed its rottenness, take for example the 19 century, when our supporting some European countries with Napoleon’s dictatorship were finally deceived by so-called allies by them. And how many examples have there been in the history. It is time to admit that you cannot believe a single word, both Europe and many other countries, you have to live your own way no matter what and first of all develop your state, but not to help others with the state, who sooner or later will go against us anyway. In the end, no war has ever been won from the position of defense, it is necessary to fight on enemy territory by the same or more thoughtful methods and methods.
  9. Zomanus
    Zomanus 23 November 2015 09: 35
    There is another world war-redistribution of resources
    some countries in favor of others.
    The US is actively robbing countries, no matter which,
    just to grab a piece of resources in their favor.
    It could be a trade cooperation agreement.
    and the extraction of territory with deposits (support for the Kurds is not without reason).
    And Europe probably understands that if the US fails
    squeeze enough resources in the BV countries,
    then Europe itself will fall under the hard hand.
    For the United States should always be the best country in the world.
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 23 November 2015 11: 08
    Well, now I hope the last reassured pink glasses are removed? And then they started to dream - Hollande said that it is necessary to unite in the fight against terrorism, that means the sanctions will be lifted, we will again live in peace and health ... The sanctions will never be lifted. They were implicitly introduced under the USSR when there was a ban on the supply of technology. And then no one canceled them either, it’s enough to remember how it was forbidden to sell the unprofitable Opel to the Savings Bank, and then it seems the Indians were sold, and for a lower price. So do not flatter yourself, sanctions like Grandfather Lenin - were, are and will be. We must learn to live in such an environment. Just to burn the liberal infection from our government with a hot iron, but the Guarantor says that the government’s work completely suits him ...
  11. Ria
    Ria 24 November 2015 02: 39
    In H. Wells' novel "The Time Machine" the brilliant writer showed what the stratification of humanity into refined consumers-parasites, and oppressed peoples, providing a beautiful and comfortable life for butterfly people, who do not think about where everything they consume comes from, leads to. The current population, and the representatives of the authorities in Europe, resemble those very lovers of Eloi flowers, which the underground workers of the Morlocks eventually began to breed for food. The Europeans have not yet realized that a well-fed and carefree life will no longer exist due to the robbery of former colonies that have come under the aggression of countries (Yugoslavia, USSR, Libya, Iraq, etc.). Rather, they themselves will become a breeding ground for new aggressive civilizations, which are now just being formed. They would understand where salvation is, but they confidently crawl to the grave. Fortunately, the states taught and showed the way. I think Russia needs to do its job and not prevent these mentally flawed, decadent societies from slowly moving into the category of biomass.