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Applied hand-to-hand combat, version of Kolotov-Zaichikov (part of 2)

In the direction of “Applied hand-to-hand combat, the version of Kolotov-Zaichikov,” in addition to the battle itself, not only what can happen after (legal aspect), but also what happens before (conflict, approach, “hitting”) is studied. How to find out that your opponent is going to attack you suddenly? How to stop a conflict at a verbal level without harming yourself? Igor Vasilevich Zaychikov answers these questions in brief.

In the comments for the first interview (Battle Profile-5) a certain reader wrote, discussing your words about female students, one of whom helped to apprehend the criminal, and the second managed to protect their property: “What is in the first, what is in the second case, in the realities of our legislation and our courts, quite realistic deadlines shine on both Madame. And with normal lawyers and lawyers at the injured party, the terms become just reinforced concrete. "

What do you say to that? By the way, you pay great attention to your workouts on what may be after the phase of physical confrontation - we still live in a legal society.

- In the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation and in the explanations of the Supreme Court, everything is correctly spelled out, but in court practice, I agree, we have a persistent accusatory bias, and, for some reason, regarding the victim of assault. The law is because the pole - wherever you turn, went there.
I always tell my cadets - if you’ve flown in, immediately hire a good lawyer, both for investigation and for trial. All questions must be addressed by good and interested professionals. Well, in these cases I will say this. In the first case, everything is clear: there is a victim of theft, there are witnesses who heard her screaming that the thief stole the bag and who detained him after my girlfriend held a reception. By the way, he didn’t get injuries, I said in an interview that if we need to - break, don’t - we’ll suppress it with pain, so she’s suppressed with pain.

In the second case, it is not clear to me whether there were any witnesses of the theft attempt, whether the thief left fingerprints. Although, legally, her position is more vulnerable than the first.

In general, the problem is simple. Or you are a victim in life, let them beat you, rob you and rob, rape, even if you do it with others, but you do not risk, and therefore you submit, do not resist and do not interfere. Or vice versa, on every occasion, and for no reason, you’re going ahead with your horns like a bull on a red rag and you don’t think about risk. Or, competently, you stop the criminal, and at the same time you take the risk consciously.

What does it mean correctly? First, assessing the danger and nature of the encroachment, and secondly, it is necessary to stop reliably, but not exceeding the limits of necessary defense. There is a risk even in sports - you can win, but you can lose. Although you know the nature of training an opponent, the limits of his weight, could watch his fights and learn the style of battle. There is much more risk on the street - it is completely unknown that the adversary knows and knows how, he is ready to kill you or just wave his fists, one he or friends will now run, and you can lose both your health, your life, and your freedom if you cannot prove that had the right to use force. It is necessary to understand that any fight, and even more so street, can be assessed, so to speak, only from the point of view of the theory of probability. No matter you started it or defended it. So here is a matter of life position. Well, and some special psychological, motor and mental skills to reduce the risks. These skills we purposefully put to our cadets.

Pay attention, while listing the forms of encroachment that I teach to respond with physical opposition, I did not call insults, because verbal insults must be answered not with action, but with a word, and good or exhortation, or switching the attention of the insult. This is the only way to correctly stop verbal aggression and prevent conflict escalation.

What is conflict escalation?

- Most of all fights are rooted in the clash of interests, in domestic conflict. The peculiarity of the domestic conflict is that, having begun with a trifle, thanks to the “efforts of the parties”, it quickly escalates and can bring the participants to a fight and even to murder. This is called escalation of the conflict. Proper behavior in a conflict helps prevent escalation. To do this, there are special psychological techniques, you must be able to recognize the psycho type of the opposing party, to know how to influence people of different psycho types. This we also teach.

What signs suggest that the enemy is ready to attack?

- There are a lot of signs, so that they only need to be listed and briefly described, you need to write a large article. They must be assessed comprehensively and, if you can do this, you can preempt the attack with almost 100% confidence.

In short, the behavioral signs of proximity attacks are divided into conscious and unconscious, they complement each other.

Of those conscious, the most obvious is attempts to approach the distance of attack, usually a step - one and a half. If there are several potential opponents - one teeth speaks and generally binds attention to itself, and the others come from the flanks, from the rear, blocking the exit paths - it means they are preparing an attack.

You can check by breaking the distance - if you are again trying to get closer and take a favorable position - be ready. If the unconscious signs say the same thing, attack first. Or go into the lead.

What does this mean?

- To break away in our terminology means to leave the place of the fight without depriving the enemy of the physical ability to fight. This is a separate section of our tactics.

That is, run away?

- Not. Leaving into the gap creates the conditions for victory, but simply by running away, you can run away, but can you get into an even more difficult situation, for example, suddenly the enemy runs faster? Or is there a girl with you, friend? It is like a war: retreat as a type of military action does not mean escape from the battlefield. It makes no sense to talk in detail about the technique and tactics of separation; there is not enough space. In the first interview I did not use this term, I said that during a training session the task might be to stop the object and run away, but it was precisely the gap that I had in mind.

Let's go back to the signs of an attack. You told about conscious signs. And what are the unconscious signs?

- The reddening of the face says that norepinephrine is released - it is a “battle hormone”. Angry facial expression, angry grin, it can look like an unpleasant smile. Some have saliva bubbling at the corners of the mouth. A change in the tone of voice, hoarse can appear, can give a "cock." Unmotivated decrease or increase in the volume of speech. These signs do not appear at all and with different intensity, but it is easiest to notice them.

Very informative nature of the view, or rather its changes. But it is much harder to track. If the gaze changes consistently from the contemptuous to the malicious and further to the piercing, then aggressiveness increases. If everything else speaks about readiness for an attack, but an interested look means that the vor has not yet decided to attack, he is not sure that he appreciated you correctly. This last factor is rarely seen. Not always, but often the look can be thievish, with a quick glance around, usually this is the last stage before an attack for the purpose of robbery or hooligan.
These are just some of the signs that are easier to spot without preparation.

You can read and refusal to attack. If, in a conflict, a person rejects the body and extends his arms, especially with his palms forward, then he subconsciously prepares himself for defense, not for attack. Or if the thieving look is replaced by an indifferent, and sometimes sly and even angry, and at the same time the likely opponent turns the conversation, then most likely he decided not to attack.
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  1. igorka357
    igorka357 24 November 2015 06: 52
    Oh dear ... yes, how many of these bunny and chipped ones were ... and every smart guy who went a year to the karate section and wrote a brochure with a circulation of a couple of hundred ... considered himself a great master! And everything is much simpler ... combat sambo !!!
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 24 November 2015 09: 09
      It is hard to disagree with you. At the end of the twentieth century, BI began to "multiply" like flies. Moreover, each luminary, guru, sensei in stories about his miracle system emphasized the shortcomings of classical martial arts and "their" merits. Someone from the luminaries of martial arts pointed out that "many" hand-to-hand systems can be compared with the pilgrimage of tourists to Mount Fujiyama: many paths lead to the top of the mountain from different directions; some are trampled and wide, others barely peep through the grass, but they all lead to the Only peak! there are differences between the systems: in some, striking technique is in the first place, throwing as an auxiliary ...; in others, the emphasis is on dodging, grabs, throws against striking technique. The choice of "direction" depends on the psychological and physical capabilities of the person; on his "preferences" (which again largely depend on psychological and physical capabilities).
  2. Inq
    Inq 24 November 2015 08: 52
    The video is utterly mura. The first photo is just "tears", some pitiful attempts to demonstrate WHAT? A pathetic parody of aikido?
  3. marlin1203
    marlin1203 24 November 2015 09: 23
    All these schools did not take root. How many schools, for example, Chinese, went into oblivion, but those even had a history, traditions ... but it is not clear where these came from. And in general, special hand-to-hand combat is the lot of specialists who have a common fighting base anyway. For ordinary people, it’s easier and more necessary to learn the basics of boxing and fighting, ideally - mma. And all these blows to the eyes, Adam's apple, fractures of the joints, finger grabs are highly specialized and threatening fatal outcomes when used correctly, and more often by accidental contact.
  4. otto meer
    otto meer 24 November 2015 09: 34
    In the comments to the first interview (Combat questionnaire-5), a certain reader wrote, discussing your words about the students, one of whom helped to detain the criminal, and the second was able to protect her property: "What is in the first, what is in the second case, in the realities of our legislation and of our courts, both madam have quite realistic terms. And with normal lawyers and lawyers for the injured party, the terms become simply reinforced concrete. "
    This is not a certain reader, I wrote it and I do not refuse my words. All that is written here is complete nonsense. It is a pity for the people who fell under the "dark charm of another guru-dropout." Having listened to just such "revelations" and believing in their preparedness and invincibility, they can easily get "soup". And that will be good. And it's bad if they beat down some kind of goner who their wallet "slammed". And they will go to the "felling area" because of some kind of wallet. So such trainings, in my opinion, are evil.
    Engage in normal sports and this will teach you much better how to feel the enemy, and assess the degree of threat, and suppress aggression, and no matter how strange it sounds, avoid conflicts. Because a well-trained fighter, in ordinary life, is not aggressive or conflicted. Unlike such "home-grown masters".
    And if it just so happened and you "polamali" someone, learn by heart the number of your lawyer and the first call to him! And then - how to take it out, but be prepared to "sit down", at least before the trial.
    PS: and do not think that only oligarchs have their lawyers, go to a normal collegium of lawyers, outline your "wishes", there are many normal specialists who are ready to be "on the phone" for a completely moderate amount, or even free of charge, because this is their promising profit.
    PPS: in general, guys - fighting is bad!
    1. Down House
      Down House 24 November 2015 10: 52
      Quote: otto meer
      Engage in normal sports and it will teach you much better and feel the enemy, and assess the degree of threat, and stop aggression, and no matter how strange it sounds, to avoid conflicts.

      Namely - sport makes a person healthy, and it is best not to get into conflicts at all, in extreme cases to leave with words and "influence", in the most extreme case, only a trained dog works better than trauma and in general: 99.9% of adults and civilians are combat self-defense skills never needed - this is what I say as a CCM, who does not drink and does not stagger in pubs at night.
      1. otto meer
        otto meer 24 November 2015 13: 06
        Quote: Down House
        99.9% of adults and civilians will never need combat self-defense skills - as I say to the CCM, I don’t drink and don’t stagger about at night.

        I speak as a former first-class boxing champion, drinking and staggering at taverns at night - but they have never come in handy. On the roads, parking lots, etc. there were cloudy places (but never on my initiative) - but it didn’t happen in taverns.
        PS: I watched the video - good. Music is good - everything else is very, very bad. Can not be so. Igor Vasilievich should be prohibited from teaching. This is anything but self-defense, and certainly not a sport.
      2. Logos
        Logos 24 November 2015 14: 15
        Nevertheless, it is necessary to engage. And it’s good for health and strengthens the will, and even the look of a strong, trained peasant in himself often cools the ardor of adventure lovers
        1. otto meer
          otto meer 24 November 2015 22: 19
          Quote: Logos
          Nevertheless, it is necessary to engage.
          No one argues with this. 2-3 times a week, I think it is enough to maintain tone, especially if the sport is already in the past.
          Quote: Logos
          and in itself the look of a strong trained man
          But this is more difficult. Has always been a "drish". 185 cm and 72 kg. request
  5. red_october
    red_october 24 November 2015 11: 05
    Regardless of the effectiveness of a particular self-defense system, it is important that our people are constantly in creative search, rethinking the experience of others under themselves, under their tasks, and draw conclusions. Someone does it more successfully, someone less. Our Thai boxing is different than in Thailand, given our difference from the feeble Asians, the same applies to Kyokushin Karate (...). The most striking example, the apogee [the deepest rethinking of Japanese judo] is, of course, Sambo, which itself has developed into an independent and distinctive system.

    Therefore, the main thing is that enthusiasts should not be translated here. And who is better, who is worse - we'll figure it out on the spot))
  6. Suvorov000
    Suvorov000 24 November 2015 12: 27
    Please do not post such materials, do you even understand how you substitute people. What is shown here only looks good on productions and friendly ceilings. In real life, they can just cripple you, if not worse, if a person starts doing this. But such shiFUU should be planted in general, so that it wouldn’t be common for people to rob money for such idiocy.
  7. Riv
    Riv 24 November 2015 12: 28
    What people just can’t think of is to profitably sell what they have blinded. I watched the video, wept ... :)))

    The attack must be sudden. Be sure: any bandit knows this rule by heart. All these "let the phone call" are nothing more than a puncture. An attempt to find out if a person can be knocked over. That is, your opponent, having turned to you, is ALREADY not sure of your weakness. They will talk to you only if they are not sure of a quick victory, and the bandit, who is seriously engaged in robbery, will attack without any talk. There will be no options to "break away", "run away". Options with techniques - too. If a girl stops a robber with a trick, then this is a rare, rarest accident. In fact, the judge also understands that this is almost impossible, so he sews the case.

    Now imagine the situation: you are walking around the yard, there is no one around, a man rushes across to you, shouting: "Help!" The face is bloody. Your actions? Stop and get your phone to call the ambulance or the police? An entrance door will open behind, you will get something heavy on your head and lose your phone and purse. They can also ransack their pockets. There is a scanty option that the criminals will still be caught red-handed. Then they will say: "We leave the entrance, we see this in blood, we thought that he was attacked, well, they cut him out and made his legs. Wallet? What wallet?"

    The only right option for your actions will be to yell even louder and pull in the direction of a crowded street. And already there to uncover the phone. NO Tricks, NO punches, be you at least Chuck Norris himself and NO attempts to assess the situation on the spot. The same thing if you are with a girl, or with a child. Instinct will work, do not hesitate. If you yell and run, then the girl will overtake you and yell at the same time will be even louder. A child, if not quite a minor, will do the same. Well, of course she’ll be afraid.

    And all the "SMERSH instructors" let them go through the forest and train beavers and raccoons there.
    1. Chiropractor
      Chiropractor 24 November 2015 13: 45
      Where does this meme come from? SMERSH instructor?

      The operational group consisted of analytical officers who, of course, were trained in combat techniques, handling cold and firearms, and combat tactics. But in their subordination were "wolfhounds" who owned all of the above at a much higher level. Yes, they were trained and trained by special people. But to call them instructors is to offend ... Hardly any of them are still alive.
      1. Riv
        Riv 24 November 2015 14: 36
        Well, this is marketing. And then there is the GRU-SMERSH special forces. These are probably generally dangerous.
    2. would
      would 24 November 2015 16: 31
      any gangster knows this rule by heart.

      Any bandit who deliberately goes to work. Not a gopnik, not punks, but they can be most often found. Moreover, even in this case, their preparation leaves much to be desired, and very rarely they can repeat a really professional trick of appearing literally out of nowhere and almost instantaneous neutralization. To do this, you generally need to know the target's route and track it. And at the same time you need to know what you can take from the goal, and ignorance discourages all the desire to kill a "pig in a poke". Unless, of course, this is some kind of scumbag.

      So often you can escape, and even have time to apply something with an unknown result.
      1. Riv
        Riv 24 November 2015 21: 33
        But you've never tried "to do something," have you? Therefore, they are still alive. You write posts ...
        1. would
          would 24 November 2015 22: 08
          I tried it. It is quite successful, the benefit of the legs is fast and the tongue is suspended well (thinking the hint is clear) laughing By the way, they worked typically mediocre, I could only smoke, smoke while she showed with all her appearance that they would attack me, smoke talking to them slowly and on abstract topics, then slowly and imposingly extinguish a cigarette and take action. Quite a typical picture by the way.
          1. would
            would 24 November 2015 23: 07
            it only remained to smoke, smoke until she showed with all her appearance that they would attack me, smoke talking to them slowly and on abstract topics, then slowly and imposingly put out a cigarette and take action

            This I metaphorically if that.
  8. Basil50
    Basil50 24 November 2015 13: 20
    It turns out that to be sure that you will not be killed, robbed, disabled or all this with your loved ones, you need a simulator at least a few hours a week. And you will be prepared for * opposition * to the attacker. But what if the villains ALWAYS stray in flocks and attack the crowd? You simply do not have any chance to survive, but what if you have children? The attackers prepare the attack and never cares about * the limits of the attack * and is always armed. It turns out that in RUSSIA are concerned about the health of bandits and other flocks of bastards, we have no real chance to protect ourselves and our loved ones. If you managed to fend off the attack, then in court, the bastards will defend everyone, a judge, a prosecutor, police officers, and even a lawyer. Well, if the attackers are any * non-Russian * that are Asians, that Caucasians, that even some * foreigners *, then all human rights defenders, diasporas, policemen, prosecutors, judges ... will stand in defense of the bandits ... in general, everything and not always for the money.
    It is significant how recently they condemned a girl who dared to resist the bandits of the Caucasians, who attacked RUSSIAN young people in the metro with a crowd and with knives. Everything was recorded on video and there, nearby, there was a policeman. It’s just that the court defended precisely * the Caucasian people *. And how much shit they poured on the girl who dared to defend her friends.
  9. saygon66
    saygon66 24 November 2015 18: 43
    - "Physics" and "technology" - this is certainly good ... But first of all, you should honestly answer to yourself: Are you ready to mutilate or even kill the enemy in defense? If not - no "techniques" will save ... And weapons too ... From his own practice - a puny little man "stopped" the enemy twice his size, biting off a piece of his cheek. And another question: By deliberately developing aggressiveness in oneself, how to remain an adequate person at the same time? "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"?
  10. would
    would 24 November 2015 19: 33
    On the topic of self-defense and martial arts:

    In the suburbs they beat and robbed Head of the All-Russian Sambo Federation In the Moscow region, an armed attack was made on the house of Vice President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) and the head of the All-Russian Sambo Federation Sergey Eliseev, reports TASS. The incident occurred on the night of Friday, November 20, in the village of Bear Lake, Shchelkovo District. “Four masked unknowns entered the cottage, beat a man, his wife and mother, and then tied them under the threat of a pistol,” said a representative of law enforcement agencies in the Moscow Region. He specified that the attackers stole 450 thousand dollars, 5 million rubles and 30 thousand euros. According to LifeNews, five people participated in the attack, and the total amount stolen amounted to about 35 million rubles. The channel reported that doctors diagnosed Eliseev with numerous bruises, a broken rib, and also a head injury. In addition, doctors suspect a concussion in the victim. The health status of his wife and mother is not specified. The press service of the regional police department confirmed the information about the attack, while the identity of the victims did not disclose. “A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of robbery, operational measures are being taken to identify and detain criminals,” the law enforcement authorities noted. Sergey Eliseev - Head of the All-Russian Sambo Federation, Vice-President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), Honored Trainer of Russia, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Wrestling of the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation.

    Draw conclusions. And then I came across people who suffer from brain BI and believe that once they work out with a partner on the tatami, then it will also be with criminals. God grant that they would never meet with real criminals.
  11. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 24 November 2015 19: 51
    Himself for some time (quite a long time, more than 10 years, he started with sambo, then melee, then, met one person, learned hapkido) he devoted a rather thoughtful study to all kinds of handicrafts ..) He came to the conclusion that in the first place, the psychological attitude plays a role . It doesn’t matter if you are a master of sports in boxing or a champion in sambo. It is important whether you are ready to go to the end. And here, a psychological barrier is triggered for people .. Too often we were told, hammered ... about the value of human life, etc. I was amazed, the first time I broke (jokingly) the crossbar of a Swedish ladder, just during a warm-up, the coach suggested ..) And then I thought, and if so in the chest? .. But even without this, in the first place, the psychological attitude plays - to go to the end, this scares the enemy and forces him to retreat. And for this you do not need to have the nth dan or another title ..) you just need to be ready to cut the throat.
  12. Villiam wolf
    Villiam wolf 25 November 2015 17: 56
    I don’t understand what you are all arguing about (fight off or not fight off the gopniks). Training, training, and training again! A trained body in an extreme situation will do everything by itself and correctly! You don’t even have time to get scared when you rebuff the attacker! So, the main thing is training and, as a result, the automatism of actions!
    1. would
      would 26 November 2015 04: 30
      Well, yes, it clearly helped the head of the All-Russian Sambo Federation.