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Perspective anti-personnel mine POM-3 "Medallion"

In the very near future, the newest anti-personnel mine must be adopted by the Russian army. The design of this ammunition used several new ideas and technical solutions that will improve its fighting qualities, increase overall efficiency and reduce the risk to its own troops. It is argued that in terms of its characteristics, this product surpasses all domestic and foreign samples of its class.

Such high marks were awarded to the newest domestic anti-personnel fragmentation mine POM-3 "Medallion", developed by the Research and Development Engineering Institute (NII). This ammunition is a further development of the line of domestic anti-personnel mines, designed to create mine-explosive barriers in the path of the enemy infantry. According to reports, the new mine project is based on some original ideas that have increased the overall effectiveness of the ammunition, as well as making it impossible to neutralize it. In addition, used and spent technology, borrowed from previous projects.

Mina POM-3 on the ground. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance"

Until recently, there was almost no information available on the POM-3 product in the public domain. There were only a few photos of a model of a certain ammunition, approximate information about its characteristics and a patent, which could be considered a description of this particular mine. Not so long ago, the situation has changed. In the next release of the TV program “Military Acceptance” of the channel “Star” called “Mines. Invisible Hunters ”was demonstrated a new anti-personnel mine, and also revealed some of the details of this project. The amount of available information about POM-3 has increased significantly, although some data on this project are not yet disclosed.

The newest mine is designed to organize minefields and destroy enemy personnel. To increase the effectiveness of hitting the target, the mine is equipped with an ejected fragmentation warhead. In addition, it is equipped with an electronic system that searches for targets and is responsible for undermining the warhead. An important feature of the new project is the use of some new equipment that enhances both the working and combat characteristics of mines.

Outwardly, the Medallion mine in the transport position is a metal cylinder with a diameter of about 6-7 cm and a height of about 20 cm. Such dimensions allow the installation of new mines using remote mining systems, which include cassettes of the corresponding type. Standard cylindrical metal cassettes can be used by various remote mining systems, both ground and aviation. All this greatly increases the flexibility of using new ammunition.

Perspective anti-personnel mine POM-3 "Medallion"
Layout of POM-3 mines. Photo

The main element of the new mine is a cylindrical body, inside and outside of which all other parts are mounted. Thus, an orientation system is installed on its outer surface, made in the form of six spring-loaded supports. In the transport position, these parts lie along the body, and when cocked, mines are opened and the body is mounted vertically or at a slight angle to the vertical, depending on the characteristics of the surface on which the ammunition fell. This ensures the optimal position of the mine during operation and more effective destruction of targets.

Also on the outer surface of the body is a tubular casing pin seismic sensor target. When you mine the pin goes deep into the ground. With its help, the mines electronics monitors the situation and determines the approach of various objects, including enemy manpower. Such systems have already been used on some domestic anti-personnel mines, and their effectiveness has been proven in real combat conditions.

Mina POM-3 "Medallion" is equipped with a special electronic unit responsible for processing signals from the seismic sensor of the target and controlling the warhead. A set of special electronics receives signals about the vibrations of the soil under a mine and compares them with the signatures in memory. If the vibrations are similar to those caused by the steps of a person, and also have sufficient amplitude, indicating that the target is approaching, a command is given to trigger the warhead.

Mine casing section Photo

In the TV program of the channel “Star” it is noted that such systems for setting goals are used for a long time. The first domestic model of anti-personnel armament with a seismic target sensor was an explosive device NVU-P “Ohota”, which could determine the approach of the enemy and alternately undermine up to five anti-personnel mines, controlled by wires. The ability to determine the type of source of ground vibrations significantly increased the efficiency of the device. So, in Afghanistan, the mojaheds often drove a herd of sheep through a minefield, which at the cost of their own lives cleared the passage. The Hunting device and other weapons using a seismic target sensor with processing equipment do not react to small cattle and other objects that differ from humans.

Electronic equipment promising mines "Medallion" has several new interesting features. It is argued that there is the possibility of not only remote mining, but also remote control of fuses. Thus, without having direct contact with mines, the miner can set the basic parameters of their work, such as the time of self-destruction or the mode of operation. In particular, the possibility of deactivating mines is mentioned, returning them to the transport position. In this case, they can be assembled and later installed in a new place.

It is claimed that the seismic sensor of the target and the perfect electronics of the mines make its neutralization impossible. Any unauthorized attempt to get close to a mine will be stopped. Approaching a distance of several meters, the enemy sapper will trigger a mine. Attempting to move it from its place with the help of a cable will also end in an undermining. Thus, the discovered “Medallion” mine can be destroyed in various ways (although not without risk to the sappers), but all attempts to neutralize it and take the whole are doomed to failure.

Electronic "brain" of a new mine. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance"

As follows from the published data, upon the expiration of the established period of operation, the POM-3 mines self-destruct and turn into a relatively safe piece of iron with an explosive “filling”. First of all, electronic equipment is being destroyed, due to which the enemy loses the ability to pick up the spent mine and study it. The probability of hitting the working electronics in the hands of the enemy is reduced to a minimum, which contributes to the preservation of its secrets. In addition, the fact that all the electronics of a new mine is built on the basis of the domestic element base, without the use of imported components, works to preserve secrecy to some extent.

Of great interest is the combat part of a promising anti-personnel mine. To increase the combat effectiveness of the mine is equipped with ejected warhead. At the command of the electronic unit, the expelling charge is undermined, after which the warhead of the mine “jumps out” to a height of about 1-1,5 m above the ground. At this altitude, the main charge is undermined, which is responsible for the dispersion of the fragments and the defeat of enemy personnel.

In order to increase the destructive power of the fragments and reduce the dead zones, the mine POM-3 is equipped with a combat part of a new design, equipped with original striking elements. Instead of a fragmentation shirt in the form of a cylinder with grooves or finished striking elements, semi-finished fragments are used. The main explosive charge and fuse are installed inside the structure, assembled from a large number of special rings, shaped like gears. It is argued that the name of the mine "Medallion" goes back to this particular design of striking elements.

Striking elements of several types. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance"

When the main charge is blown up, these rings are broken into thin sections and disintegrate into many triangular or trapezoidal fragments. The latter, rotating around their axis, fly apart in different directions and form a large affected area. Due to the large number of fragments of a special form and their correct orientation, effective destruction of manpower within a radius of at least 8-13 m from the point of detonation is ensured. Unprotected enemy fighters are guaranteed to be wounded at distances from 13 m, having body armor - from 8 m.

The design of the POM-3 "Medallion" mine and the main features of the existing electronics allow you to organize mine blast barriers in various ways. These munitions can be installed either manually (by simply scattering in a specified area) or using various remote mining systems using unified cassettes. The mining method and equipment for this purpose are selected in accordance with the tactical situation and the capabilities of the engineering units.

The authors of the TV program “Military Acceptance” report that the new anti-personnel mine POM-3 will be adopted by the Russian army in the very near future - only a few months are required to complete all the remaining work. Thus, it is likely that by the middle of next year the engineering troops will receive a new means of fighting the enemy’s infantry.

Demonstration of the principle of operation of damaging elements. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance"

It is also noted that the Research Institute does not stop work on promising anti-personnel mines. Currently, work is underway to improve fuses with seismic sensors of the target, as a result of which mines should receive new opportunities. So, due to the use of additional magnetic sensors, it is planned to provide an opportunity to distinguish enemy fighters from the civilian population. In this case, the seismic sensor of the target should be responsible for finding people, and the magnetic one will search for weapon, protective equipment and other large metal objects that distinguish civilians from military.

The available information about POM-3 “Medallion” mine suggests that due to a number of new ideas and technical solutions, the project authors managed to solve several important problems, as well as to improve the main characteristics of these weapons. For example, a seismic sensor of the target and an electronic fuze with a number of new functions provide for the secret placement of mines, which are not unmasked by stretching threads or other features typical of previous mines. In addition, there is the possibility of remote control of mines, which, among other things, simplifies the clearing of already installed barriers. Finally, a new mine is protected from enemy sappers, who may try to neutralize it and take it as a trophy to explore.

All of these features of the Medallion product, which will soon be put into service and will be mass-produced, will significantly increase the potential of the engineering troops to create anti-personnel mine-explosion barriers and thereby to a certain extent improve the defense capability of all armed forces.

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  1. igordok
    igordok 30 November 2015 07: 42
    Thanks. It turned out - a commentary to the program "Military acceptance". Interesting additions, otherwise the program is too pathetic.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. For Courage
    For Courage 30 November 2015 07: 58
    Sow the mountainous part of the Syrian-Turkish border with such Medallions and let the "reward" find its "heroes"!
  4. Duke
    Duke 30 November 2015 08: 00
    "Smart" mine "Medallion"

    The new mine will also receive another unique property - it will be able to independently distinguish military personnel from civilians and operate only when armed people approach. Pavel Filippov assured that there are already achievements in this area, and in the near future they will be implemented in practice.
    1. PAM
      PAM 30 November 2015 10: 03
      will be able to independently distinguish military from civilian
      it sounds good, but in practice it’s almost not feasible - it’s cheap (relatively) to install an electromagnetic detector in a mine that responds to a large amount of metal on an armed person, but there’s also a catch, but if a civilian goes for example, cut hay or cut mushrooms with at least a knife will take ... So that the battle is all that the mine will distinguish between armed people (if they teach it, the mine will become so expensive from all kinds of sensors) as much as possible will distinguish a person from animals and other natural influences.
    2. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 30 November 2015 11: 24
      What does it mean? is it possible to put the weapon "on the ground" and safely approach the mine? Or: put the weapon, tie a string of sufficient length to the weapon, walk past the mine. and then pull up the weapon by the string? ........
      1. PAM
        PAM 30 November 2015 11: 49
        something like that laughing
        therefore, I say that it is almost not feasible, so that it is guaranteed to hit the one who is needed from two-legged erectus.
      2. biznaw
        biznaw 30 November 2015 13: 31
        Quote: Nikolaevich I
        What does it mean? is it possible to put the weapon "on the ground" and safely approach the mine? Or: put the weapon, tie a string of sufficient length to the weapon, walk past the mine. and then pull up the weapon by the string? ........

        Forgotten, only about the masking factor and tactics. After the mines work, there will be no one to carry machine guns on the ropes
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I 3 December 2015 05: 33
          Well, there are some ideas against the "masking factor" ...
  5. sisa29
    sisa29 30 November 2015 08: 24
    It seems to me that the main advantage of any mine is its cheapness and mass character. In this case, cheapness is out of the question. Even in the article several times the emphasis was made on the fact that it was sharpened so as not to get to the enemy " the enemy loses the opportunity to pick up a spent mine and study it"Does the author really think that the mine device will be a secret for the enemy? Nonsense.
    In general, mines are the most vile means of war; one should strive to reduce their use by all.
    1. zoknyay82
      zoknyay82 30 November 2015 08: 46
      In war, all means are good, otherwise the enemy will use your nobility. Blinding lasers against snipers are inhumane, ha, and a sniper can be seen as a humanist. The war in general is dirty and has nothing to do with humanism. :-)
  6. Mikhalychch
    Mikhalychch 30 November 2015 08: 36
    So I realized that after some time their ability to explode disappears, that is. it is necessary to re-mine again. It seems easier to me when a purely mechanical fuse is the ability to mine without any electronics, because today the wars are fleeting.
  7. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 30 November 2015 08: 52
    I wonder if the seismic sensor can penetrate into rocky soil, concrete, asphalt, frozen ground? Will the mine be effective in urban conditions or for example in the Arctic?
    1. igordok
      igordok 30 November 2015 10: 04
      I think a sensor lying on a monolithic surface (rock, concrete) will catch seismic data. But if it falls on the rubble, and can not go deep, then yes, it is useless.
      1. FIREMAN
        FIREMAN 1 December 2015 13: 59
        Judging by the split layout, the sensor does not sink into the ground, and the body itself is a sensitive element of the sensor, after the orientation system is triggered, the electronic unit is connected in a few seconds. At one of the forums, it was proposed to drive up to it in a car to neutralize such products and destroy it with a charge placed nearby. In general, the design implements the principles laid down in the Pilka BOP - there is a patent and a photo in the network regarding the placement of the warhead and the body that form the striking elements. In my opinion, it is required to install a self-liquidation time regulator, or self-destruction according to the amount of discharge of the power source.
  8. Lord_Sita
    Lord_Sita 30 November 2015 09: 44
    When POM-2 "Edema" was released, they said that the rejection of electronics in it was a big plus. Electronics appeared on POM-3 and again this is a plus. What's the secret here? request
    1. washi
      washi 30 November 2015 10: 08
      For different conditions, the necessary weapons are used. Somewhere the gun is enough, but somewhere it is necessary to customize the tank.
      So it is with mines. Much depends on the terrain, the enemy, the weather, etc. The use of electronics does not deny the use of pure mechanics, and it is even better to make a mixed minefield.
      1. Lord_Sita
        Lord_Sita 30 November 2015 11: 04
        Actually, I’m talking about the fact that there are a lot of pluses around, even what used to be an objective minus suddenly becomes ... voila ... a plus.
        The Zvezda channel has a 50% discount, of course: it exists thanks to state funds and its work is supervised by the RF Ministry of Defense - there are, by definition, only advantages.
        I would like a more informative and comprehensive article.
    2. zoknyay82
      zoknyay82 30 November 2015 11: 21
      I think the secret is that electronic mines are also needed (they are neutralized by a high-frequency signal) and work on chemical fuses. Mina Medallion is a gift to humanist opponents of anti-personnel mines. One hundred hours, and a toothless mine.
  9. Engineer engineer
    Engineer engineer 30 November 2015 12: 29
    I am a road builder. I got acquainted with mines insofar as. He served a very long time, but still with a shudder I remember how MONES work! Sappers demonstrated ... And it's all on the biped !!!
    I do not like mines! None. But, unfortunately, the thing is very necessary. And the more and more diverse they are, the more difficult it will be for our enemies.
    PS Is it a matter of bridges, roads, crossings ...
  10. pettabyte
    pettabyte 30 November 2015 15: 43
    Balts creatures surrendered Hunt west.
  11. xBoris
    xBoris 30 November 2015 16: 43
    .. tin .. !!
    The defense industry comes to life! Forward!!
  12. Mahal Makhalych
    Mahal Makhalych 30 November 2015 18: 58
    Quote: For Courage
    Sow the mountainous part of the Syrian-Turkish border with such Medallions and let the "reward" find its "heroes"!

    Torn off the tongue drinks
    1. FIREMAN
      FIREMAN 1 December 2015 14: 02
      The length of the border is large, if only selective mining of some sections with the help of aviation.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Dzungar
    Dzungar 7 February 2019 09: 08
    upon the expiration of the specified period of operation, the POM-3 mines self-destruct and turn into a relatively safe piece of iron with explosive “stuffing”
    If a mine self-destructs, then it WILL BE LIQUIDED, from the word ALL, and not into some kind of "piece of iron with an explosive filling" ... Amazing amateurism ...