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Humanity needs a new Tribunal that will condemn the masters of the West

Humanity needs a new Tribunal that will condemn the masters of the West

November 20 marks 70 since the start of the Nuremberg trials. The Nuremberg Trials - the trial of a group of major Nazi war criminals. He is also called the "Court stories". Held in Nuremberg (Germany) from November 20 1945 of the Year to October 1 of the Year of 1946 at the International Military Tribunal.

Shortly after the war ended, the victorious powers of the USSR, the USA, Britain and France approved the Agreement on the establishment of an international military tribunal and its statute, the principles of which the UN General Assembly approved as generally accepted in the fight against crimes against humanity, during the London Conference.

On August 29, 1945, a list of the main war criminals was published, including 24 prominent Nazis. The list included such prominent military and party figures of the Third Reich as the Commander-in-Chief of the German Air Force, Reichsmarshal German Goering, Deputy Führer for Nazi Party Leadership Rudolf Hess, Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reich Minister for Eastern Affairs Territory Alfred Rosenberg, Chief of Staff of the Supreme High Command of the Armed Forces of Germany Wilhelm Keitel, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy fleet Nazi Germany (1943-1945), head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces of Nazi Germany from April 30 to May 23, 1945 Karl Dönitz, chief of staff of the OKW operational leadership Alfred Jodl, etc.

The defendants were charged with planning, preparing, initiating or waging a war of aggression in order to establish world domination of German imperialism, i.e. in crimes against the world; in the killings and torture of prisoners of war and civilians of the occupied countries, the hijacking of the civilian population in Germany for forced labor, the killing of hostages, the looting of public and private property, the aimless destruction of cities and villages, in ruin, not justified by military necessity, i.e. in war crimes; in extermination, enslavement, exile and other atrocities committed against civilians for political, racial or religious reasons, that is, in crimes against humanity.

The question was also raised of recognizing such organizations as fascist Germany as the leadership of the National Socialist Party, the assault (SA) and security forces of the National Socialist Party (SS), the security service (SD), the state secret police (Gestapo), the government office. and the General Staff.

18 October 1945. The indictment was submitted to the International Military Tribunal and a month before the trial began, each of the defendants was handed in German. 25 November 1945 g., After reading the indictment, Robert Ley committed suicide (head of the German Labor Front), and Gustav Krupp was found to be incapacitated by the medical commission and the case against him was terminated before the trial. The remaining defendants were brought to trial.

In accordance with the London Agreement, the International Military Tribunal was formed on a parity basis from representatives of four countries. The chief judge was appointed the representative of England, Lord Jeffrey Lawrence. From other countries members of the tribunal were approved: Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union, Major General of Justice Ion Nikitchenko, former US Attorney General Francis Biddle, Professor of Criminal Law of France, Henri Donnedier de Wabre. Each of the four victorious powers sent their chief prosecutors, their deputies and assistants to the trial: the USSR Prosecutor General Roman Rudenko, member of the US federal supreme court Robert Jackson, from England - Hartley Shawcross, from France - Francois de Menton (then he was appointed instead of Champentier de Rib).

During the process, 403 open court sessions were held, 116 witnesses were questioned, numerous written testimonies and documentary evidence were examined (mainly official documents of the German ministries and departments, the General Staff, military concerns and banks). Due to the unprecedented gravity of the crimes committed by the defendants, there were doubts whether to comply with the democratic norms of judicial procedure in relation to them. So, representatives of the prosecution from England and the United States suggested not giving the defendants the last word. However, representatives of the USSR and France insisted on the opposite.

The process was intense, not only because of the unusualness of the tribunal itself and the accusations against the defendants. The post-war aggravation of relations between the USSR and the West after Churchill's well-known Fulton speech and the defendants, feeling the current political situation, skillfully dragged time and expected to escape from the well-deserved punishment. In such a difficult situation, the hard and professional actions of the Soviet prosecution played a key role. The film on concentration camps, shot by front-line cameramen, finally broke the course of the process. Creepy paintings of Majdanek, Sachsenhausen, Auschwitz completely removed the doubts of the tribunal.

30 September - 1 October 1946, the sentence was pronounced. All the defendants, except three (Fritsche, Papen, Schacht), were found guilty of the charges and sentenced: some to death by hanging, others to life imprisonment. Only units received sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years in prison. The tribunal recognized the criminal organizations of the SS, the Gestapo, the SD and the leadership of the Nazi party. The petitions of the convicts for pardon were rejected by the Control Council, and on the night of October 16 1946, the death penalty was carried out. Goering was poisoned in prison shortly before his execution. The trials of war criminals of lesser magnitude continued in Nuremberg until the 1950s, but already in a US court.

The victory over the Third Reich and the project of Nazi Europe led by Germany was the most important event in the history of mankind. Soviet civilization de facto crushed the “inferno civilization” - a concentrated embodiment of the Western project, caste, racial, man-hating and slave-owning society. The new world order, which the ideologists of the Third Reich dreamed to build, was, in fact, the embodiment of the plans of the owners of the USA and England. After all, it was Washington and London who nurtured, fostered, trained Hitler in due time, preparing him for an attack on the USSR. No wonder many of the Nazis took the British Empire as a model with its first reservations, concentration camps, the mass destruction of "subhumans", the division of people into castes, where white aristocrats and bankers dominated the masses of the white poor and the colored slaves.

The Soviet Union, whose goal was to build a just society, a society of creation and service, where there would be no parasitism and oppression of people, won a victory over the infernal Third Reich, saved all of humanity from slavery. The trial of war criminals guilty of the deaths and torments of millions, tens of millions of people became the logical conclusion of the war. Not only Nazism, but also militarism were condemned for the first time by the sentence of the International Tribunal in Nuremberg. The verdict stated that “unleashing a war of aggression is not only a crime of an international character. It is the gravest international crime. ”

In the 17th century, 3 million people died in wars in Europe, 5,2 million people died in the 18th century, and in the 19th century. - 5,5 million. The First World War claimed the lives of 10 million, the Second World War - 50 millions, perhaps even more, because China’s losses cannot be calculated. And only the Soviet Union lost about 27 million. World War II was accompanied by mass atrocities. So, in the concentration camps there were about 18 million people, of which 11 million were destroyed.

Previously, only in theoretical terms, there were arguments about the responsibility for an aggressive war. Attempts to bring to justice Wilhelm II and about 800 of the German military, convicted of war crimes committed during the First World War, almost did not end. Only 12 people were convicted for short-term detention, but they were soon released.

Before the outbreak of the Second World War there was a real opportunity to save Europe from the big war. The Soviet Union put forward a plan for creating a collective security system. However, in response to this, Western “democracies” embarked on the path of encouraging aggression, militarism, Nazism and fascism, hoping to direct the edge of aggression against the USSR. Caused by the contradictions of the Versailles system and the deepening crisis of capitalism, the Second World War was provoked by the efforts of Paris, which was eventually sacrificed, of London and Washington. The financial-industrial clans (so-called “financial international”, “golden elite”, “world backstage”) behind France, England and the United States, with a hierarchy of closed clubs, Masonic lodges and other organizations, aimed at the new world order - the global slave-owning pyramid, with the complete enslavement of mankind. After the First World War, the New World Order could not be established, as the Russian people broke away from the “world revolution” project and began to build socialism in a single country. However, in the West they did not retreat from their goals.

Soviet civilization presented an alternative just world order to humanity - a society of creation and service, a society without exploitation, parasitism of some over others. This society led humanity to the stars, revealed the infinite creative potential of man. It was a challenge to the owners of the Western project., as the sympathies of the best representatives of humanity were on the side of the USSR. Therefore, London and Washington began to cherish fascism and Nazism in Europe in order to once again confront Germany and Russia-USSR. Italian fascism was too weak, and removed from the USSR, so the main bet was made on Hitler, giving him the care of Italy, and the dwarf Nazis and militarists, such as Hungary, Romania and Finland. Hitler was given almost all of Europe, including France, so that he could organize a "crusade" against the USSR. In fact, only Switzerland remained outside of Hitler's influence, since it was one of the “bridgeheads” of the world behind the scenes. Hitler received colossal assistance from the West - financial, economic, technical, military and political. For a long time, Hitler was one of the most popular leaders of the West. The masters of the West did not stint: for the destruction of the USSR all means were good.

The Nazis justified the hopes of the owners. They began to solve the “Russian question”: a colossal destruction machine was launched. The Nazis used all the previous practices of the Anglo-Saxons: any atrocities against the "subhumans" were allowed, concentration camps, the elimination of cultural achievements, historical heritage, hunger, etc. The elimination of the "inferior" population was at the state level, programs of mass destruction and eviction of the peaceful population, looting and colonization of the Soviet territories. Not surprisingly, the USSR lost in the war about 27 million people, most of which were civilians, prisoners of war.

At the beginning of the war, Moscow formulated a program to eradicate fascism. An integral part of it was the demand for severe punishment of the instigators of war and the organizers of crimes against humanity. The statement by the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR on 22 June 1941 put forward the idea of ​​criminal responsibility of the German rulers for starting an aggressive war. The statement about the responsibility of the Nazis for the atrocities they committed was made in 1941 also by the governments of England and the USA. 13 January 1942. Nine governments of countries subjected to Nazi aggression signed a declaration on the punishment of war criminals in London.

The Moscow Declaration of the Heads of the Three Powers “On the Responsibility of the Hitlerites for the Atrocities Committed” from 30 in October 1943 noted that war criminals must be tracked down and handed over to justice. The very idea of ​​creating an international tribunal proceeded from the Soviet government, which in a statement from 14 in October 1942 stressed: “... considers it necessary to bring to trial a special international tribunal and punish, to the fullest extent of the criminal law, any of the ringleaders of fascist Germany who were already in the process of war the hands of the authorities of the states fighting against Hitler Germany. "

Despite the position of the American and British leaders who were not interested in the whole truth about the war becoming the property of the world community (and the leaders of the Third Reich could talk), and initially inclined to the inexpediency of international court proceedings, Moscow defended precisely the proposal to prosecute the Nazi war criminals. Up until the beginning of 1945, the USSR was the only power that spoke in favor of a public process over the leaders of Hitler's Germany. Only after the Crimean Conference of the three great powers, the American President F. Roosevelt approved the proposal to organize a trial, and the position of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on this issue changed only at the very end of the war, as stated by British Foreign Minister A. Eden 3 in May 1945

Thus, only due to the consistent and persevering policy of Moscow, by the time the Nazi Germany surrendered to the anti-Hitler coalition, did they agree on the need for an international tribunal over the leaders of the Third Reich. He played his role and factor of the world community, whose sympathies were on the side of the USSR. As a result, the United States and England failed to push through the version of extrajudicial reprisals against the leaders of the Reich.

8 August 1945 in London an Agreement was concluded between the governments of the USSR, the USA, Great Britain and France on the prosecution and punishment of the main war criminals of the European aggressor countries. In accordance with the Agreement, the International Military Tribunal was established, its Charter was developed. The statute defined: the organization of the tribunal; jurisdiction and general principles; a committee to investigate and prosecute major war criminals; procedural guarantees of defendants; Tribunal rights and court session; sentence and expenses. The Charter Article 6 contained definitions of crimes subject to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal and entailing individual responsibility:

1) crimes against peace: planning, preparing, initiating or waging a war of aggression or war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participating in a general plan or conspiracy aimed at carrying out any of the above actions;

2) war crimes: violation of the laws or customs of war. These violations include murder, torture or withdrawal into slavery or for other purposes of the civilian population of the occupied territory; killing or torturing prisoners of war or persons at sea; hostage killings; robbing public or private property; the senseless destruction of cities and villages, devastation, unjustified by military necessity; other crimes;

3) crimes against humanity: killing, extermination, enslavement, exile and other atrocities committed against civilians before or during the war, or persecution for political, racial or religious reasons with a view to carrying out or in connection with another crime subject to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, regardless of whether these actions violated the internal law of the country where they were committed or not.

It should be noted that the idea of ​​a new Tribunal over international war criminals is very relevant in the modern world. It must be remembered that “Unleashing a war of aggression is not only a crime of an international character, that it is a grave international crime.” At first, the masters of the West were able to destroy the USSR with the help of the information war, the Cold War (World War III), which led to enormous destruction, a number of military conflicts and millions of demographic losses of Russian civilization. Only with the help of the methods of socio-economic genocide, the Western Gauleit servants in Russia were able to destroy millions of Russians. The Yalta-Potsdam system was destroyed, which led to the destabilization of the world community and the possibility of major local and regional wars throughout the world.

Having plundered the Soviet civilization, the West could only postpone its crisis. Therefore, the masters of the West launched a new world war (the Fourth World War). Now they are using radical Islam as a “collective Hitler” to “reset the matrix”, “nullify” the former industrial and post-industrial civilization, destroy the largest national states and civilizations of Eurasia and Africa, to build their neo-slave civilization on their fragments. Again, the basis of the current global crisis is the crisis of Western civilization and capitalism, that is, the parasitism of a few “chosen” clans and countries over all of humanity.

The masters of the West launched a series of aggressive wars that led to the destruction of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine (Little Russia). The war goes on in Afghanistan and Yemen. Some countries are on the verge of destruction. The wave of chaos and inferno begins to approach Europe, on the verge of an explosion many countries in Africa, the Near and Middle East, and Central Asia. As a result, Western masters committed crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Millions of people became their victims in the last 25 years, after the collapse of the USSR. Only in Iraq and Syria hundreds of thousands of people died, millions were injured, mutilated, sold into slavery, lost their property, their jobs, were forced to become refugees.

Thus, we must remember that in the end a new Tribunal is needed, at which it will be necessary to condemn and punish many of today's most prominent Western politicians, oligarchs, bankers, world-class financial speculators, representatives of royal families, leaders of information resources and other people guilty of the destruction of the USSR , Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya and a number of other countries, in the death and suffering of millions of people. Moreover, they unleashed a new world war in which millions of lives were burned.

It is also necessary to severely and revealingly punish local lackeys, gauleiters. For example, all the current Nazi and oligarchic leadership of Ukraine, which unleashed a civil war and turned part of the Russian civilization into a “Bantustan” and reservation, dooming tens of millions of Russians to slavery and extinction.

In addition, it must be remembered that it was Washington and London that fed up Hitler in their time, and they are the main instigators and perpetrators of the Second World War.
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  1. venaya
    venaya 20 November 2015 06: 23
    The victory over the Third Reich and the Nazi Europe project led by Germany became a major event in the history of mankind. ... exactly Washington and London at one time they fed, nurtured Hitler, and they are the main instigators and perpetrators of World War II.

    Thank you for the article. It is difficult to disagree with at least one of the described provisions of the article., Honestly, it’s even difficult to add anything here. Thank you again.
    1. ava09
      ava09 20 November 2015 16: 00
      Quote: venaya
      it was Washington and London that at one time fed and nurtured Hitler, and they are the main instigators and culprits of World War II.

      You are deeply mistaken in fully agreeing with the author of this statement. "exactly Washington and London" are just geographic points on the map, you cannot put them on the dock, just like their inhabitants. Even if they "fed and nurtured Hitler" ... Once again, the specific question: "NAMES OF CRIMINALS?" This means that the next war and the next tribunal awaits us. The main thing is that the "scapegoats" again do not end up in the dock!
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 22 November 2015 19: 06

        I support. They planted switchmen.

        The organizers were named London. A point on the map. A city with a population that they don’t even understand what they are to blame for.

        Bluff. Names in the studio.
  2. kit_bellew
    kit_bellew 20 November 2015 07: 21
    In general, a good idea about a new tribunal. But in order for such a tribunal to be possible, it is necessary at the level of international law to criminalize the entire modern economic system, starting with the Bretton Woods Agreement. And in order for such recognition to become possible, it is necessary to defeat these spiders first.
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 20 November 2015 08: 46
      Quote: kit_bellew
      Criminalize the entire modern economic system, starting with the Bretton Woods Agreement.

      And who will be the judges? They will not blame themselves.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 November 2015 19: 27

      You will be surprised when you learn how this system works. Names simply can not be found.

      I explain.

      There is a group of financiers. No names. This clerks may well with a good salary. Their tasks include creating a financial product from which they could withdraw their 10%.
      Their primary task is to sell a loan. The more money they sell, the more profitable. The moral or legal component of the project does not bother them. Moreover, most never even see a customer. These financiers are physically located in London or the United States engaged in servicing the financial part of the project. Some frankly all the same, what kind of project.

      One group launched a project. In parallel with this, the second group launched something global, for example, the first war in Iraq. The second group raised the construction of a gas pipeline through Afghanistan.

      Artists managers, at hand. You know who. It is easy.

      The third group paid for the US military-industrial complex.

      What did we get as a result?

      We got an uncontrolled international financial sector. Which functions on its own. Extremes can not be found. Stumble on the courts to drag.

      But the problem is even deeper. This is a changed moral. If morality is changed, there is no way to find a common language to agree. Morality is the basis, the basis.

      GDP tells its partner that you are destroying this country. You are killing human capital. And he answered: "Nothing personal, just business."
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 20 November 2015 07: 23
    Humanity needs a new Tribunal that will condemn the masters of the West... A good idea, but not yet feasible ..
  4. blizart
    blizart 20 November 2015 07: 26
    With all due respect to the author and the topic, it is not possible to understand the relationship of the title and content. Yes, we know about the process, many even very deeply understand the background and logic of events that led the world to the most bloody war at the moment. But to assert in the headline what is necessary for humanity, for all that, whatever one may say, and those whom the author wants to judge by the tribunal extend their power not only to the West, but also to most of the planet (albeit indirectly), as prematurely. That tribunal was held by force. Enemies were seized by force, seated by force in the seats of the accused and by the authority of the USSR, by force, the real arsonists of the war were forced to trial their minions. Are conditions created now to convince MANKIND what it needs?
    1. TanyaKar
      TanyaKar 20 November 2015 08: 22
      We must try and create these conditions ....
      Not only from around the corner it is necessary to look out and stigmatize "partners" ....
      And the last battle, it’s the most difficult .... And it will be very long.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 22 November 2015 19: 45

        Thank God that good professionals took up the search for the causes of constant world conflicts. And a country that in the end got tired of ending its wars in foreign capitals.

        We are sitting, watching. Gaining knowledge.

        Professionals work. He’s already hooked on the tail of the problem.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 November 2015 19: 39

      I will answer you a question instead of the author.

      The other day on the program "Vremya" roofing felts at the summit, God knows where. Personally, GDP or Medvedev, the Chinese or Filipinos, more importantly, brought gratitude to Russia that Russia has a good system for tracking international cash flows.

      Now read what I wrote above.

      Now you understand the meaning of what information the Vremya program has leaked?

      The fact that a submarine lit up there was the little things in life with what I told you.
  5. 1234567890
    1234567890 20 November 2015 08: 19
    The idea of ​​a tribunal against the "Masters of the West" is in the air, their crimes are obvious, and NATO is definitely a criminal organization worse than any SS or Gestapo. You can't even argue with that.
    Here is just a small hitch: tribunals such as the Nuremberg are organized only by winners and only over the defeated. The West itself, although it rots under the influence of its values, and in general sausages it not childishly, does not consider itself defeated. On the contrary, they are also roaming around there, believing themselves to be victors in the Cold War, and some possessed even try to push through the idea of ​​condemning communism. It remains only to wait until the West itself decays from the inside and, as far as possible, help him in this.
    So dreaming is not harmful.
    1. TanyaKar
      TanyaKar 20 November 2015 08: 29
      Dreaming is not only not harmful, but also necessary !!!!
      And it’s not worth helping to rot the West, because the soul spreading in time and space will reach us.
      "Don't dig a hole for another, you will get into it yourself" ....
      1. 1234567890
        1234567890 20 November 2015 10: 39
        Quote: TanyaKar
        And it’s not worth helping to rot the West, because the soul spreading in time and space will reach us.

        Help, do not help, and little depends on us. And we already poisoned ourselves with a sweetheart, so the faster it rots, the faster the air stops spoiling.
  6. Comrade Bender
    Comrade Bender 20 November 2015 08: 57
    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." And it is necessary that all these "masters" of the West and their henchmen and henchmen set off along this road, in orderly rows.
    This is of course a dream, but it is not possible to live without a dream.
  7. Venier
    Venier 20 November 2015 10: 02
    According to the number and severity of crimes, the hosts of the West, it is already necessary to execute several times, and not just condemn.
  8. knn54
    knn54 20 November 2015 11: 01
    "And who are the judges" ...
  9. tolancop
    tolancop 20 November 2015 11: 09
    The article is empty. The author broadcasts about common truths. But the Tribunals create winners. Until there is victory, the crack of the tribunal is inappropriate.
  10. Army soldier2
    Army soldier2 20 November 2015 11: 41
    Wonderful cheers-patriotic article. We will create a tribunal at the VO and condemn everyone to such a mother! Here they are all scared!
    In general, the author needs to be more careful in his statements. The reason for both the first and second world wars is the redivision of the world. As Ilyich used to say, "the young imperialist predators wanted to get markets and colonies." The main reason for World War II is similar. In the late 30s, the economic and military power of Germany and Japan did not match (significantly exceeded) their influence in the world. Germany lost colonies, but Japan did not have them.
    Where is the logic in resolving the "Russian question" with the hands of Germany (as the author claims) and concluding an anti-Hitler coalition with the USSR?
    The third, fourth world wars have already set the teeth on edge. I just want to ask: "Who is more?"
    How to understand the words "build your own neo-slavery civilization"? The author seriously believes that the Anglo-Saxons want to return the slave system? If he means Anglo-Saxon dominance in politics and economics, then there are other understandable terms for this.
    1. Secta haki
      Secta haki 20 November 2015 16: 02
      what Nazi Germany what imperialist Japan
      these are monsters created by the West against Russia and China
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 November 2015 20: 03
      Army soldier2

      Yes, the cause of wars is a redivision of the world.

      This is too primitive a statement.

      The reason for the wars is the capitalist system. And the related change in moral values, stereotypes.

      Dmitry Puchkov has an interview with a historian. In which he said that in Russia, capitalism was developed only with the situation while there was someone to rob. The peasantry, which made up 90% of the population. How. Yes, through the same 10% that the financial sector squeezes from the consumer in the form of interest payment.

      What am I doing. Capitalism will destroy the planet until this system is brought into balance. And including ideologically with the definition of the right morality.
  11. dmb
    dmb 20 November 2015 11: 44
    It is possible to agree with the author in a more or less reliable presentation of the story. But with the tribunal funny. Who are those who today in the country in power, fought for the Soviet Union? They are increasingly stealing with rapture and continue to rob his inheritance. And with the existence of the Union, one retired colonel would, at best, work as a pomom on a regime in some hotel, in Leningrad, or just grow potatoes in a dacha. What are the tribunals here over the benefactors who allowed to do without planting kartoh.
  12. Basil50
    Basil50 20 November 2015 13: 00
    With so many renegades and outright traitors in RUSSIA, there is NO POSSIBILITY to condemn the values ​​of the slave traders and the colonialists of the West. It is funny to look at all these * democrats and liberals * when they link the responsibility of all mankind only in the service of * Western values ​​*, and of course RUSSIA owes everything. And justifications * of debt * are always long and unreasonable. And how do they lie about the * missionary mission * of the West in the development of science and technology. It's funny that in such * constructions * they always rely on Peter 1, a little time will pass and they will refer to Gorbachev as the builder of * democracy * and * new society *.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 November 2015 20: 50

      At the expense of Western values.

      A change in morality is a change in the stereotype of behavior.

      Here is the famous Breton Woods conference.
      Gathered in one room fierce enemies together. Ask yourself, how is this possible?

      Can. Through secrecy, criminal information that is known about everyone. Everything about each other.

      What is satanic society? All sorts of secret organizations? This is a tool capable of gathering bastards under a single banner.
      How? Through criminal or disgusting rituals. Ritual killings or sodomy. And others. Until the secret is not available to the public, the secret society works as a whole. Once the crime is solved, a secret society begins to kill each other. The measurement of morality is connected with this. The stereotype of behavior.

      Remember David Cameron. They say he was credited with as a student, something not very decent.

      Capitalism and moral change are not discontinuous.
  13. DimYang
    DimYang 20 November 2015 14: 30
    Oh the author of the fellow. Great article. I would like to add that the Jewish upper elite is very not interested in the proceedings. Therefore, our liberals do not want this, they react to various sauces. Ashkenazi (not surprisingly) are united in their perseverance throughout the world. This once again proves the assumption of a single control center. Even in the last interview, the last chairman of the KGB of the USSR Kryuchkov said about the powerful subversive deeply conspired organization in the USSR. Only when we take them for paisans and drag them out of their gilded ** caches ** of the USA, England, Vatican, SWITZERLAND and start publicly executing them as Kennedy, then the ice will break.
  14. cergey51046
    cergey51046 20 November 2015 15: 07
    This trebunal is rockets.
  15. Seneca
    Seneca 20 November 2015 15: 15
    And who are the judges ?! (sorry for the banality)
    1. Secta haki
      Secta haki 20 November 2015 16: 05
      judges - peoples affected by them, judge by direct electronic vote ...
    ALEA IACTA EST 20 November 2015 16: 08
    To organize a tribunal over the West, you must first completely defeat it.
    This war will be nuclear, so there will be no one and no one to judge ...
    1. Scraptor
      Scraptor 23 November 2015 19: 38
      Not necessary...
  17. theadenter
    theadenter 20 November 2015 16: 51
    To do this, Russia needs to secure strong support.
  18. Elena2013
    Elena2013 20 November 2015 18: 16
    Good idea! It is high time! soldier
  19. alexej123
    alexej123 21 November 2015 02: 16
    Russia is being "spanked" by the Molotov-Ribentrop Pact. And I wonder if American corporations, even during WWII, cooperating with Germany will bear any responsibility or not? They are very famous even now, I mean their brands. And the opinion of the members of the forum from the "Promised Land" interests, otherwise Russia is bad for them, America is buzzing. Guys, these brands also participated, albeit indirectly, in the Holocaust. YOUR OPINION? Brands - Louis Vuitton, Ford, G.P. Morgan, BMW. I think that branches or branches of these companies operate in Israel as well. Have they made a public apology or not?
    1. Elena2013
      Elena2013 23 November 2015 17: 18
      D / f The most shocking hypotheses. Who made money on our blood
      1. Scraptor
        Scraptor 23 November 2015 19: 30
        Why "hypotheses"? It was even worse ... the question of why such a stupid voice acting. bully