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American Thinker: the loss of Europe

The migration crisis, the attacks in Paris and other events in Europe are a serious cause for concern, and also can provoke panic among the population. In connection with the latest events, negative forecasts are regularly made, the authors of which predict for the European countries a lot of new problems, economic, political, social and other nature, or even a complete collapse of the existing order. Similar forecasts are expressed by experts from Europe, from Russia and even from overseas. American political scientists also do not stand aside, and are trying to predict the European future.

November 16, the American conservative American Thinker edition, published an article by John N. Hall with the saying name Europe's Loss. As is clear from the title, the author of the publication is not inclined to optimistic forecasts and perceives the current situation in Europe with great concern. Based on what has been happening lately on the European continent, Hall is trying to predict what will happen to him in the near future and in the long term.

At the beginning of the article, J. Hall recalls the past greatness of Europe. Just over a century ago, this continent was the center of the world and the master of the universe. European empires had possessions throughout the world. Europe was bigger and better than anyone in everything. But then everything went to hell. After Napoleon I, Europe for about a hundred years lived relatively calmly and peacefully, but after this period World War I began, a couple of decades after which World War II happened. In the postwar period, Europe lost its leadership and lost its colonies. Moreover, she herself came under the protectorate of her former colony (meaning the United States, which includes several former colonies of European states).

American Thinker: the loss of Europe

According to Hall, Europe had to endure a century of “terrible political leadership” and immediately lists all those leaders who led the continent to its current plight. According to the author, this category includes Herbert Henry Asquith (Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1908-16), Wilhelm II (King of Prussia and Kaiser of the German Empire in 1888-1918), Georges Clemenceau (French Prime Minister in 1906- 1909 and 1917-1920), Chamberlain (apparently Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister in 1937-1940), as well as fascists from different countries and modern politicians. Among the latter, J. Hall attributes “traitors to the Euro-Arab dialogue” from the headquarters of the European Union and other representatives of the modern leadership of European countries. Because of them, according to the author, the continent experienced one terrible catastrophe after another. For every clever and far-sighted politician at the level of Winston Churchill, there were “grapes” of villains, mediocrity, madmen and fools with a mania of their own or national greatness.

The blunders, failures and mistakes of the last century allow us to consider the current Europe as a “fallen continent”. In favor of this, in particular, is the fact that the most terrible events of the last century are again beginning to make themselves felt. For example, the Holocaust was only a few decades ago, but, nevertheless, anti-Semitism is again beginning to spread throughout Europe. European Jewry, according to Hall, is once again under attack, and people are forced to leave. It seems that Europe has not learned the lessons of the past.

The author of the publication American Thinker believes that Europe has committed suicide, and has been working on this “project” for the last hundred years, which can be clearly seen in its stories. However, right now she is closest to death. The main "symptom" of J. Hall calls for the fact that Europe allows "invading" their lands to immigrant Muslims who do not wish to assimilate and join the European society. European leaders look paralyzed because they cannot stop this flow.

The current migration crisis, as well as the social phenomena that preceded it, can lead to serious negative consequences for Europe. The author notes that demographers have already calculated possible risks for European states. If the residents of Muslim countries continue to come to Europe, get settled there and have children, and if the present low birth rates among native Europeans remain, then the continent has a specific future. Already during this century, such processes can lead to the fact that the majority of the population will be Muslim immigrants or their descendants. Europe will cease to be Europe, Hall notes and immediately proposes a new name for it: Eurabia, caliphate. As a result, the “spring of Western civilization” will simply disappear, which will be one of the biggest tragedies in the history of mankind.

In support of his words, J. Hall refers to a book by Bruce Bauer entitled While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within (“While Europe was asleep: how radical Islam destroys the West from the inside”), the author of which, in turn, quotes Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard and leads his opinion on the future of Europe.

Hedegaard argues: if the thinking intelligentsia is not given due attention, the United States can say goodbye to Europe. The future of the continent will not be like predictions. Moreover, there is a risk of war like the events in Lebanon. When the continent is divided into enclaves, in each of which Christianity or Islam dominates, manifestation of constant friction, including turning into open armed conflicts, is possible. No one can resolve the situation, and it will be terrible. In addition, B. Bower and L. Hedegaard spoke negatively about the European media. According to them, in the event of the formation of such an unfavorable situation, a part of the press will change its views in accordance with the current situation, while its other representatives will simply run away, leaving the problem to the local residents.

J. Hall also recalls the Dutch politician Pim Fortaine, who in the late nineties warned that the current problem directly affected the children and grandchildren of current Europeans. After that, the author offers Europeans to ask themselves: what led the continent to the current crisis?

By asking a question, the author of the publication American Thinker immediately gives an answer to it. Europe’s problem lies in its leadership. It was the European leaders who put the whole continent on the brink of the abyss. At the same time, however, the problem is not only in the ruling circles. The cultural elite, the media, academia and even religious figures - all of them, according to Hall, are to some extent responsible for the current problems.

As a result, Europe needs to clean the elites. If necessary, one should even assume the role of a martyr, like P. Fortuyn (killed by political opponents in 2002), who managed to establish his own political party. Europe must stand for the creation and promotion of new political parties of a patriotic orientation, which will not betray or sell their voters. Hall believes that one can even make sacrifices to save Europe, including the disintegration of the European Union, if such a step helps the Europeans to save civilization. Also, residents of Europe should pay attention to the birth and upbringing of children. Here the author is ironic: there is nothing surprising in the fact that young Europeans are late in having a family and children, if you remember what kind of future they were given by the previous generation.

Outside the West, the author recalls, the world is rather gloomy and harsh. However, becoming a “caliphate”, Europe will be a real hell in which the children of today's Europeans will live. Europe was already able to see hell on the night of November 13, when the terrorists carried out a series of attacks in Paris. One of the manifestations of the reaction to these events was the article by Mark Stein The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates, published shortly after the attacks. J. Hall recommends this publication for reading, and also quotes Stein's other work.

In his fundamental work America Alone: ​​The End in the World as We Know It (M. America alone: ​​the end of the world as we know it), M. Stein argues that Europe can avoid new dark ages in only one way: it must act right now. Probably, Europeans should think about what they can lose. This may be an additional incentive to action.

The main thing that Europe can lose in the future is freedom. Everything else that has a continent, it is built on freedom. The whole history of Western civilization, the author of American Thinker regards as one long and painful path to freedom. Because of this, even an ordinary person has freedom, dignity and hope.

However, Hall fears, freedom may degenerate into a license to serve a higher purpose. From here comes another European problem: nihilism in certain manifestations. In the context of the migration crisis, this leads to disagreements on various issues, with the result that the Islamists may even sneer at the usual freedoms for Europeans.

In addition to freedom, European identity is at stake. If Muslim immigrants will become the majority and establish a new “caliphate”, how will they relate to European values? Will they leave the Vatican or the Chartreuse? Or perhaps these sights will suffer the same fate as the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan or the monuments of Syria and Iraq? Nevertheless, such “objects” can be preserved if they are altered accordingly. With a bitter smile, J. Hall assumes that the minarets will even improve the appearance of the architectural monuments and decorate them. Or, he asks, will Europeans not worry about the monuments of the Christian world because of the loss of their own faith?

Another painful loss that threatens Europe is the loss of self-worth. After 1300 years of success in fighting these guys, today's generation of Europeans may be defeated. However, how will this happen? In battle or because someone did nothing? If Europe loses all past conquests, its present inhabitants will not be worthy of their great ancestors and the civilization that they left to their descendants.

On top of all this, Europe can lose no less important conquest, namely fun. Hall urges not to diminish its importance in people's lives. It was fun and joy that was one of the achievements of civilization, which is valuable in itself. But will the hypothetical “caliphate” be allowed to have fun? Will the new authorities ban kites, as the Taliban did in their time in Afghanistan? Here J. Hall is trying hard to make a joke: how could Benjamin Franklin be able to deliver his famous experience without a snake?

In the end, Europeans will lose modernity, prosperity and other things that they tend to take for granted and take for granted. All this will be lost.

In support of his words about the dangers of the observed processes, J. Hall again talks about the sad prospects associated with Islamization. He argues that the word "Islam", contrary to the claims of Islamic propagandists, means not "peace", but "submission". The author believes that Islamic ideology demands complete submission from a person and can be classified as totalitarian. In addition, he urges Europeans to believe at least something. If they do not want to believe in God, in civilization or freedom, then let them believe at least in the future of their children. If they cannot and this, is it worth saving Europe?

In conclusion of his article, J.N. Hall reminds: if Europe wants to survive, then it should change. Europe must leave behind the losses and mistakes of the 20th century and go forward. It should focus on the gains achieved before the First World War during the previous two and a half thousand years of its history. The whole world is about to lose the great European heritage.


The edition of American Thinker is known for its conservative views, and therefore the position of its authors on certain issues may be the subject of controversy. Actually, the article “The Loss of Europe” by John N. Hall is a good example of this. Indeed, one can agree with some ideas and suggestions of the author, while others look too bold. Nevertheless, the author expressed his opinion on the future of Europe, while maintaining the current trends.

First of all, it is necessary to note the fact of the appearance in the American press of publications related to the European migration crisis and its possible consequences. Over the past few months, the flow of refugees and immigrants from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa has increased. All these people, unwilling or unable to stay in their own countries, are trying to get to Europe and settle down there. The bill of immigrants is already going on hundreds of thousands, which causes concern among the local population, and also becomes an urgent issue on the agenda of the authorities. As we see, the issue of mass immigration to a certain extent concerns the American public.

The current situation with new immigrants is further complicated by the fact that communities of migrants who do not want to assimilate appeared quite a long time ago and have already become commonplace in several European countries. Thus, the emergence of the “Eurasia caliphate”, about which Hall writes, contributes not only to the current flow of immigrants, but also to already existing communities formed many years ago.

In the context of such communities, we should recall the recent actions of the French and Belgian security forces. After the Paris attacks, an investigation led the police to the suburbs of several cities, densely populated by migrants from other countries. It is reported that these areas are a real breeding ground for crime, and, as recent events show, can be the basis for the preparation of terrorist acts. It is not difficult to guess what the consequences in terms of public sentiment may be in terrorist attacks and special operations to search for and capture terrorists.

In parallel with the search for those involved in the terrorist attacks, the migration crisis continues. All new and new refugees from the Middle Eastern and North African countries, in which armed conflicts continue, are trying to get to Europe and solve at least some of their problems. The authorities of European countries are trying to take certain measures, but all their actions, it seems, are not yet able to solve the existing problem.

Against the background of the migration crisis, ratings of political forces are growing, appealing to patriotic feelings and national identity. Politicians with such programs can only point to the obvious miscalculations of the authorities and their consequences, thereby earning the trust of their fellow citizens. It is far from a fact that, having received powers, they will be able to successfully solve all the problems, but this tendency can speak about public attitudes.

With the individual ideas and conclusions of Mr. Hall, you can agree or argue. At the same time, however, it is extremely difficult to argue that the lack of real action to solve existing problems with migrants, including those who had settled in a new place, could have the most negative consequences for the whole of Europe. It is not necessary that in the future in France, Germany and other countries, there will appear a “Eurasian caliphate”, but the current situation simply cannot but cause concern about the future of the entire continent. Time will tell how problems will be solved and whether European leaders will listen to J. Hall.

Europe's Loss Article:
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 23 November 2015 07: 34
    The author of American Thinker immediately answers it. The problem of Europe lies in its leadership. It was European leaders who put the entire continent on the edge of the abyss. ..Opa! .. Again, the Americans have nothing to do with it .. Implemented, implemented, propagandized, propagandized their values ​​.. Europe accepted them .. and now Europe is to blame .. But basically yes .. Because the nave-nave, and naf-naf ..
    1. arane
      arane 23 November 2015 08: 15
      Quote: parusnik
      The author of American Thinker immediately answers it. The problem of Europe lies in its leadership. It was European leaders who put the entire continent on the edge of the abyss. ..Opa! .. Again, the Americans have nothing to do with it .. Implemented, implemented, propagandized, propagandized their values ​​.. Europe accepted them .. and now Europe is to blame .. But basically yes .. Because the nave-nave, and naf-naf ..

      From this point of view, the Americans really have nothing to do with it. The Americans did not put nonsense into the heads of European politicians!
      Beautiful phrases from the stands about tolerance, freedom, European values, etc., hid banal incompetence, stupidity and cowardice.
      1. smith7
        smith7 23 November 2015 12: 42
        The Americans did not insert stupidity into Euroheads, but ... "But" is based on the fact that the main beneficiaries of the results of the Second World War, the United States, established their occupation regime in Europe as the victors of fascism. And Europe is to blame for the fact that the Americans want to "eat". For "the Kemsk volost fought, so submit it here!" And Europe has long endured, and even nurtured, fascism within itself, which allowed Hitler to unleash a world slaughter. The FSA and the European financial tycoons played into their hands. As a result, since 1945, Europe has been occupied, has no full-fledged influence on its own territories, is forced to coordinate the adoption of systemic decisions with the "winners" in the Second World War - that is, with financial clans, most of which are in the United States and come from God's chosen people. The entire occupation is packed in a beautiful candy wrapper of democracy, tolerance and respect for human rights. But facts are stubborn things. Europeans live in comfort and will not lose it, and their "own shirt" is closer to any body, regardless of nationality. Europe will not feed all the "suffering" from the Muslim Arab world with its own halal milk. Because of this, a cognitive dissonance arises in the minds of migrants about the divergence from the realities of "life in pink." Life is outlined in part of Europe is not much free. The rabid migrants, professing values ​​alien to Europeans, are beginning to dominate there, creating "ABSOLUTE EVIL" along the way by European standards. But this can continue for a very long time if European governments continue to "look back" at the overlord, the United States.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 November 2015 07: 40
    Europe commits suicide

    Here I was surprised. Moreover, he goes to suicide, receiving masochistic pleasure from the alleged performance of his main functions - democracy, tolerance and "freedom" (in the European sense). In addition to this, instead of grabbing onto the saving hand of Russia, it grabs onto an American straw amid anti-Russian laments and deeds. They themselves chose this path, and they themselves will drown. At the same time, the United States will gleefully watch from the side.
    1. sherp2015
      sherp2015 23 November 2015 07: 58
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Europe commits suicide
      Here I was surprised. Moreover, he goes to suicide, receiving masochistic pleasure from the alleged performance of his main functions - democracy, tolerance and "freedom" (in the European sense). In addition to this, instead of grabbing onto the saving hand of Russia, it grabs onto an American straw amid anti-Russian laments and deeds.

      Stir up everything around, play off the peoples among themselves, constantly throw wood into the fire and pour gasoline until a war of all against all begins, isn't this the ultimate goal of the Bilderberger to reduce the world's population from 7 to 1 "Golden Billion"?
  3. Grbear
    Grbear 23 November 2015 08: 07
    Europe began to die from indulgence ... Having allowed, on a spiritual level, to sin against the truth for money, Europe put at the forefront not the immortal soul, but the "Golden Calf", that is, exalted the most base manifestations of the human soul. So, the result is logical, and I strongly doubt that centuries of "rot" were not included in the genetic code of the European. They have survived for centuries by robbing others, and now they must and will receive a response. Amen... hi
  4. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 23 November 2015 08: 46
    Just a hysterical article by kih journalists about nothing. Europe since 1945 occupied territory, numbing its own independent politics! All questions about what is happening to the Washington regional committee.
  5. bocsman
    bocsman 23 November 2015 09: 48
    And I will add about migrants. They do not want to assimilate. And there is what? What can modern Europe offer them besides benefits ?! bugger parades, ruined church, weekend booze, cult of consumption? The same is true in the USA. The Western world is degenerating. Replacing the brain with the stomach, spiritual with the fun, the traditional family do not understand what. And Western authors are silent about this. Maybe they already forgot about the existence of such values! And politicians just fulfill the role of executioners of that old culture. In the name of what is it just not clear ?!
  6. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 23 November 2015 10: 08
    Eurabia is the future of Western Europe, it has already embarked on this path and will no longer be able to turn off it, as long as many Europeans do not understand this, but will understand then when it will be too late.
    Of course, the path of destruction of European civilization is dictated from the United States, which needs a subordinate Europe.
    It’s important that it’s completely different, it’s important that Russia is not drawn into this mechanism, but it is already drawing us on.
    It is not necessary to integrate intensively with the West, this is the path to the destruction of Russia. The independence of the economy is the main thing. Or equal partnership with other countries or no relationship.
    The current Russian elite is not in essence an elite; it is American lackeys who destroyed a powerful power and their followers. What happens to the country, led by lackeys, the Russian people know well.
    In Ukraine, at least half of the population is the native Russians who are being destroyed, deprived of their rights to their language, history, reformatted minds, and those who disagree. Turkey has protested because of the Turkmens, but what could Russia do for those Russians who live in Ukraine? Old people, children, people with disabilities are bombed, villages are destroyed, houses and the Russian Federation are recognized as legitimate by the government that does all this. Sanctions are a spit in our face-so react, get out of the WTO with its enslaving conditions for the country on the basis of a violation of WTO rules, so no, footmen cannot betray the overseas master.
    I do not care about the fate of Western Europe, although I believe that the opinion expressed in the article is fully consistent with the realities. The important thing is to pull Russia away from the West and the United States in order to save the country.
  7. papanya59
    papanya59 23 November 2015 11: 02
    Quote: GrBear
    Europe began to die from indulgence ... Having allowed, on a spiritual level, to sin against the truth for money, Europe put at the forefront not the immortal soul, but the "Golden Calf", that is, exalted the most base manifestations of the human soul. So, the result is logical, and I strongly doubt that centuries of "rot" were not included in the genetic code of the European. They have survived for centuries by robbing others, and now they must and will receive a response. Amen... hi

    I can't "plus", because I haven't earned it yet, but I completely agree: "with indulgences" !!!
  8. tacet
    tacet 23 November 2015 13: 20
    Good article. In the spirit of the United States. It didn’t come to push Europe with Russia in a direct armed conflict, it doesn’t matter — let’s try to rekindle the internal conflict on religious or ethnic grounds. As they say - do not wash so skating.
  9. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 23 November 2015 14: 39
    Hedegaard argues: if not given due attention to the thinking intelligentsia, then the United States may say goodbye to Europe.

    Neighing. As usual ... Alas, the intelligentsia, desperately thinking, is not only in Russia. These illiterate educators exist in Europe, yes. And it is they who bear full responsibility for the breakdowns that have occurred and are taking place in Europe. Who invented the tolerance, really the workers? Who threw out production from Europe, having driven it to China and Malaysia, are they really military? Who invented the creepy juvenile justice, which, as its diamonds, gave rise to the example of Breivik, peasants, or what?
    Who is shouting louder than anyone, "Fiend citizens, THIEVES !!"? Thieves and yelling. In order to divert suspicion from herself ... It was precisely following the intelligent European trends, theories, propaganda and ideas that led her to the imminent collapse. And what are the intellectuals doing at this moment? Like what? They try to blurt out their guilt, shifting it from a big head to a healthy one. The Kaiser is their fault, yeah. Yes, the Kaiser Conchita Wurst would have seen ...
    Just an intellectual afedron grimaced in anticipation. He foresaw the onset of popular justice, which should be implemented with sound drums and a thick stake ... If Europe wants to preserve itself, the authorities should pay attention to the thinking intelligentsia. For proper attention, it must be collected in reliable cameras and stored like potatoes, at a temperature from 4 to 6 degrees of heat. In this case, do not take out the gags from the mouth and certainly bind your hands, it is better to use wire so that they not only do not chat, but God forbid they did not write anything! And so terrifying harm has already been done to their chatter and scriptures.
    And when this “conscience of nations” is no longer able to pour its poison into defenseless brains, it will be necessary to carefully review and cancel all these advanced transformations. Maybe it's not too late yet ...
  10. sanyavolhv
    sanyavolhv 23 November 2015 22: 46
    and where does Europe? analytics for fools !!!
    the outside is of course grabbed well. but dealing with the consequences will not solve the problem.
    remember who sailed on the Titanic and where? people fled from Europe. money bags were running. to new free lands from the stinky, overpopulated Europe. and the Titanic was one of .... there they organized the Fed! from here the connection of those who left and those who stayed. from here the sale of European sovereignty. from here Bretin Wood. from here all the following. from here the desire of those who escaped from Europe to subjugate (to lead as a colony) Europe.
    article --- see such analytics

    P.S. Yes, I want to remember CHURCH. Well, he’s just such a great one ..... his mother .... he worked precisely for amers, or rather money bags. it was he who began to breed Europe into grandmothers, continuing out of stupidity the policy of the deceased empire creating a NEW EMPIRE. there for the ocean.