Military Review

Tactics action in the city. About serious in comics. Part of 4

This part describes the position of the troika around the corner, bypassing the corner, entering the room, cleaning the room.

Tactics action in the city. About serious in comics. Part of 4

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  1. igordok
    igordok 21 November 2015 08: 04 New
    Interesting. Unfortunately, the images are photographed, not scanned. I tried in Runet to find this instruction in the best (scanned) form until it was successful. Attempts to search usually resulted in VO. winked
    Request. If anyone finds it in a better way (something that could be printed without distortion) share the link.
    1. anatoliy73
      anatoliy73 21 November 2015 14: 15 New
      Dear! Judging by the ones depicted in the FAMAS comics, this edition is the work of the hands of paddlers (possibly for a foreign legion) hi try searching there ?!
      1. igordok
        igordok 21 November 2015 20: 50 New
        Preferably in Russian.
  2. favn
    favn 21 November 2015 11: 22 New
    Teach bearded to fight in the city? What is it here for?
    1. cant
      cant 26 December 2015 18: 38 New
      His especially nothing to teach ....
  3. romirin
    romirin 21 November 2015 14: 17 New
    but I am partially confused by the English words in the pictures ... either translation, or was written for the international!
    in any case, the work is big - the first picture is as much as 128 pages, the last 174 ... means a lot of sensible advice.
  4. Truth-lovers
    Truth-lovers 22 November 2015 01: 27 New
    There are good points. How our guys did not have enough in the 90s - early 2000s in the damned Chechnya ... They would distribute such leaflets and save a lot of lives ... But I think whether the Europeans did it to their own standards, or if the person didn’t really fight.
    For example, he laughed - “inspection of the room” - “then he gets up to grab the handle and opens the sideboard” ... First, the first is a grenade. Better two (one later than the first), but this is luxury. Better if possible - a flamethrower, but this is rare. After that, the room is already in order. It is inspected only in case of patched passages or hatches in shelters. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING AND DO NOT OPEN! AT ALL pancake !!!! No cabinets even more!
    If something really irresistibly wanted to TOUCH or OPEN - then DO NOT HANDS and WITHOUT FIND in the room; gently we throw a small forest on the handle and pull from around the corner of the corridor, because mining before leaving the enemy with everything that can only be undone.

    PSA so it’s better to hammer if not from self-propelled guns then from an escort tank - and in general the house will be “guriyno clean” (only the guru will fly).
  5. Rhino
    Rhino 22 November 2015 01: 51 New
    It seems they wrote that this is a translation from French for Ukrainians.