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Museum of Artillery in St. Petersburg. Missile systems

We continue to get acquainted with the Museum of Artillery in St. Petersburg. Earlier, we showed air defense equipment (Museum of Artillery in St. Petersburg. Air Defense), now we propose to look at the missile systems used by the ground forces of the Soviet Union and Russia.


2. Launcher 2P129 with a missile 9М79 tactical missile system 2K79 "Point". The chief designer of the complex S.P. the Invincible, the machine-building design bureau, Kolomna. Adopted in 1975 year. The firing range is 15-70 km ("Point-U" is 150 km), the mass of the installation is 16 t, the missiles are 2 t, the crew is 3 person.

3. The launcher is mounted on a BAZ-5921 three-axle amphibious automobile chassis. Near the container 9Я234 for storing missiles.

4. Launcher 9P113 with the 9М21 rocket of the tactical missile system 9K52 "Luna-M", put into service in 1964 year. Chief designer of the complex N.P. Mazurov (MIT). The firing range of 15-70 km, the mass of the installation -16,4 t, missiles - 2,5 t, calculation - 5 people.

5. Launcher - on the chassis ZIL-135ЛМ, transport vehicle - on the chassis ZIL-135ЛТМ.

6. Transport vehicle of the "Luna" complex

7. The 2P16 launcher with the 3Р9 rocket of the tactical missile system 2K6 "Luna", put into service in 1960 year. Chief designer of the complex N.P. Mazurov. Firing range: 3P9 missiles (high-explosive fragmentation warhead) - 45 km, 3Р10 missiles (special HPC) - 32 km, mass of the installation -15,5 t, missiles - 2,3 t, calculation - 5 man.

8. Launcher - based tank PT-76. Solid rocket engine and uncontrollable.

9. Launcher 9P120 with the 9М76 missile of the tactical missile system 9K76 Temp-S, put into service in 1968 year. Chief designer of the complex A.D. Nadiradze (MIT). The firing range of 300-900 km, the mass of the installation is 29,9 tons, the missiles are 9,4 tons. Under the INF agreement from 08 December, the complex between the USSR and the USA was eliminated on 1987 of December.

10. As a chassis on the launcher (PU), a MAZ-543 tractor was used, similar to the Elbrus (Scud) rocket used in the RK 9K72, but the missile located on the PU was hidden in a special container that opened along the longitudinal axis of the PU after the rocket was verticalized start up.


12. To control the rocket on the active part of the trajectory, deflectors were used on the nozzles. A gyrostabilized platform with pitch, yaw and rotation gyroblocs is used in the control system.

13. The 9М76 is a two-stage solid propellant ballistic missile with a detachable nuclear warhead.


15. The 9P71 launcher with the 9М714 missile of the tactical 9K714 Oka missile system, which was put into service in the 1980 year. The chief designer of the complex S.P. Invincible (KBM). The firing range of 50-400 km, the mass of the installation is 24,6 tons, the missiles are 4,36 tons. Under the INF agreement from 08 December, the complex between the USSR and the USA was eliminated on 1987 of December.

16. The development of the Oka army missile system began in the middle of the 1970s in KBM under the leadership of Invincible S. P. The complex was intended to replace the 9K72 Elbrus (Scud) missile system.

17. The flight tests of the complex began with launches in 1978 at the Kapustin Yar test site. State tests were conducted in the 1977 — 1979 year, during which 26 missiles were launched. 3 SPU, 2 TZM and 2 TM, a simulator and technological equipment were supplied for state tests. The complex was put into service in 1980 year.

18. Solid propellant rocket 9K714 was made on a single-stage scheme and was equipped with a detachable head part. The rocket used inertial control system. To improve the accuracy of hitting the complex "Oka-U" was used correction according to the radar homing head. The rocket was equipped with both conventional warheads and nuclear warheads with power 10-50 kt.

19. Replacing the heads on the starting position was done within 15 minutes. At the end of the active part of the trajectory of the rocket reached speed 4M. The control was carried out with the help of tail lattice aerodynamic rudders. The highest point of the ballistic trajectory is 120 km. The missile was equipped with a missile defense bridging system (missile defense missile defense system) created at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering under the guidance of I. Kupriyanov. The use of PCB missile defense reduced the likelihood of interception by anti-aircraft missile systems.

20. Self-propelled launcher (SPU) 9P71 is made on the 4-axle floating chassis BAZ-6944, with a V-shaped engine UTD25 with a capacity of 400 l. with. Chassis were made at the Bryansk Automobile Plant. SPU was developed by SKB-221, prototypes were manufactured at the Barrikady plant, and the Petropavlovsk Heavy Machine-Building Plant named after Lavrov was involved in mass production. Lenin (Kazakhstan). As well as SPN 9P71, the transport-charging machine TZM 9Т230 was carried out on the self-propelled chassis BAZ-6944. On TZM transported two missiles.

21. The Oka complex was liquidated by the USSR after the signing of the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles with the United States (1987), although formally did not fall under the terms of the agreement, since it had a launch range of up to 400 km In accordance with this generally accepted criterion, the complex should not have been included in the number of limited systems. In 1987, after the signing of this contract, tests of the improved Oka-U complex were also terminated. After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, 18 missiles remained in Germany (by then already united), as many in Bulgaria, about a dozen in Slovakia and four in Romania. The United States easily agreed with Germany on their destruction. Negotiations with Romania and Slovakia dragged on. Until the autumn of 1998, while Vladimir Meciar remained in power in Bratislava, Slovakia did not want to give up its rocket ambitions. Only after the change of leadership and the announcement of the intention to join NATO, the complexes were destroyed by 2002. In 2003, Bulgaria destroyed the last 8 PU and 24 missiles.

22. Launcher 9P117 with rocket 8K14 rocket complex 9K72 "Elbrus", put into service in 1962 year. The firing range of 50-300 km, the mass of the installation - 36,6 t, missiles - 5,86 t.

23. By decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the government No. 378 — 181 of 1 in April, 1958 of SKB-385 was entrusted with the development of the P-17 rocket (with a turbo-pump fuel supply system) with a firing range from 50 to 240 km. The new rocket P-17 in GAU was assigned the index 8K14. Lead Designer - Y. Bobryshev.

24. 24 March 1962. By the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the P-17 rocket was adopted by the Soviet Army.
In 1967, the 9P117 launcher on the MAZ-543P four-axle self-propelled chassis was put into service.

25. The basic model of the P-17 was intended primarily for use with nuclear warheads, as insufficient accuracy did not guarantee the effectiveness of high-explosive warheads (Warheads 8F44 were produced in smaller volumes than YaBCh, and went primarily to export complete with missiles P-17E).

26. The 2P19 launcher with the 8K14 rocket of the Elbrus missile system 9KXNHNHNX, adopted at 72 g. The firing range is 1962-50 km, the mass of the installation is 300 t, the rocket is 33 t. replaced by 5,86P2.

27. In the future, 2P19 were replaced with 9P117, but this replacement was not made everywhere. By the end of the 80-xx, the 2P19 was still in service in the missile brigades in Kandalaksha and the Caucasus, where tracked vehicles are more preferable.


Продолжение следует ...
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  1. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 19 November 2015 07: 06
    Beautiful and informative, THANKS.
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    Walking 19 November 2015 07: 14
    The destruction of the Oka is a betrayal.
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    Very interesting. We look forward to continuing the tour.
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      Quote: VIK1711
      Thank you!
      Very interesting. We look forward to continuing the tour.

      A wonderful article is the favorite museum of childhood. good
  4. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 19 November 2015 07: 41
    Thank you, very glad. It was there on May 10th. It was very cool!
  5. kind
    kind 19 November 2015 08: 09
    I served on the 9K72 Elbrus missile system (export name "Scud"), 2 times in Kap. Yare missiles were launched !!!
  6. sa-zz
    sa-zz 19 November 2015 08: 09
    November 19 - Day of missile forces and artillery. Happy holiday!
    We wish you a peaceful sky above your head and a good mood!

    A good review - respect and respect for the author.
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    There is the most interesting inside, and even if you go through the funds then fellow .
  8. Kars
    Kars 19 November 2015 09: 26
    As it is not well-groomed. Such exhibits should be painted more often. Roofs should be covered.
    And so for the modelers they did almost everything - so far there is only the Point, which is strange. Well, and ICBMs.
    1. 78bor1973
      78bor1973 19 November 2015 12: 14
      The ICBM stands on the other side of the "kronverk" from the street, you can see them, they are just very large there APU, MOBD and a mobile command post, it is not bad of course to make a canopy, but if you have not noticed it on special stands, it is contained!
    2. 78bor1973
      78bor1973 19 November 2015 12: 17
      This, by the way, is only part of the technology; there are also complexes in the interior!
    3. Manul
      Manul 21 November 2015 08: 49
      Quote: Kars
      As it is not well-groomed. Such exhibits should be painted more often. Roofs should be covered.

      In the USSR, money for painting was found. This is a street exposition, not enough for all the roofs.
  9. marinier
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    Good time of the day!
    The author, thanks for the selection of photos. It was interesting. I saw a lot in
    Vyde.Nadeyus will creep about the art system.
  10. alexej123
    alexej123 19 November 2015 13: 14
    In my opinion the best military museum in Russia. Although it is called the Museum of Artillery, Engineering Troops and Signal Corps, there is "EVERYTHING" there, a lot of small arms, ranging from a bow to an AK.
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  12. xomaNN
    xomaNN 19 November 2015 13: 44
    Excellent exposure and rich in this St. Petersburg museum. Last year, examined for the fifth time. Somehow with the painting technique is not good. From my trip photo:
  13. dudinets
    dudinets 19 November 2015 14: 37
    when was first in this museum was amazed at the richness of the collection. he also found out that in Russia tactical missiles with a high-explosive warhead were still used in the defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War!
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    "The 9P117 launcher with the 8K14 missile of the 9K72 Elbrus missile system, which was put into service in 1962. The firing range is 50-300 km, the weight of the installation is 36,6 tons, the missile is 5,86 tons."
    He served on the Kokhstet settlement in the GSVG when he was in St. Petersburg at this museum, nostalgia struck)))) Artillerymen and rocket launchers on a holiday !!
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