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Stoltenberg: “Today it's time to invest more in defense”

The peaceful development of the situation on the continent is currently not as obvious as before, so the time has come to invest more in defense, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a conference of the European Defense Agency. His words leads newspaper Look.

“The time when the world was obvious is gone. Today it's time to invest more in defense. The EU and NATO should work on this together, since NATO represents military capabilities, and the European Union represents economic and industrial opportunities, ”said Stoltenberg.

He noted that “the majority of EU member states and NATO are making efforts to reach a two-percent defense expenditure threshold (2% of GDP)”.

“Today, Poland and Estonia have reached two percent, the UK supports its spending above it,” Stoltenberg said. - France is close to two percent, most countries in Eastern Europe and Central Europe have adopted roadmaps to increase their costs. All this is of great importance. ”

The newspaper reminds that the United States, which accounts for the bulk of NATO defense spending, continually insisted on bringing NATO's military spending to 2 percent of GDP. In addition, the United States is the main producer and largest supplier of weapons to the allies.

According to TSAMTO, “for 2014 a year Russia spent about 63,9 billion dollars on armaments and military equipment (5-e place in the world), and the United States with an index of 654,2 billion dollars remains the absolute leader in military spending.” A total of $ 1,65 trillion was spent on weapons last year.
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  1. A-Sim
    A-Sim 17 November 2015 12: 54
    Oppresses the host line. Trying to.
    1. oleg-gr
      oleg-gr 17 November 2015 12: 54
      So the soul of the Secretary General rushed to paradise! Budgets need to be increased! Expected.
      1. 17 November 2015 13: 17
        Carry your money lol ! In general, help whoever can, purchase only from a trusted supplier-sga, common standards, single supplier! hi And then they are hunting, their debts are growing, and here it seems like a crisis is planned ...
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 17 November 2015 13: 26
          Quote from the article
          The United States has continuously insisted on bringing the military spending of NATO countries to 2 percent of GDP ... The United States is the main producer and largest supplier of arms to the Allies.
          USA bully great job!
          But most of all, Estonia is touched! lol
          Today .. Estonia has reached two percent of GDP ...
          It is interesting how much and how many decommissioned military equipment NATO can afford to buy this Estonia at 2% of its production of sprat fool , which she has from the entire production of the country crying practically only left?
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Coconut Tima
        Coconut Tima 17 November 2015 13: 25
        “Today it's time to invest more in defense”
        We heard you! A prototype of the new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile has been manufactured, and airborne and flight design tests at the Plesetsk cosmodrome are scheduled for spring-summer 2016, a source in the military-industrial complex said. According to Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, the Sarmat will be created in several trim levels, and the mass of its warhead will reach ten tons. It is expected that the new missile will be able to hit targets, flying both through the North and South Poles. “Sarmat” is called to replace the world's largest strategic missile “Voivode”.
    2. Now we are free
      Now we are free 17 November 2015 12: 58
      NATO is barking at the wrong, wrong ... As "Friday the 13th" showed, the enemy is already inside your body and metastases will soon begin ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Coconut Tima
      Coconut Tima 17 November 2015 13: 00
      “The United States is the main producer and largest supplier of weapons to the Allies.” That says it all! US corporations rubbing their hands in anticipation of profit
  2. Tor5
    Tor5 17 November 2015 12: 55
    Guys, it’s not necessary to invest in defense, but in internal security, the border service and other power structures within countries!
  3. katalonec2014
    katalonec2014 17 November 2015 12: 57
    All the same call to fork out, well, nothing new.
    1. kil 31
      kil 31 17 November 2015 13: 17
      Quote: katalonec2014
      All the same call to fork out, well, nothing new.
      And I know where to get the money. Shake Estonia, it has money, it’s just hiding it from everyone. laughing laughing laughing
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2015 13: 00
    so it's time to invest more in defense

    Someone speaks about the vital and important today, and NATO about money. In BV they have already shown their insolvency, and all the same there - to pump rights with the help of force backed by money. Here are just some of the NATO countries to control themselves now and hardly unfasten anything in the common piggy bank.
  5. Kibl
    Kibl 17 November 2015 13: 04
    Preparing himself a "golden parachute"!
  6. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 17 November 2015 13: 06
    Arabs will soon slaughter you in the streets along with two percent of GDP.
  7. roskot
    roskot 17 November 2015 13: 09
    Get Europe money ready. It's time to feed someone else's army.
  8. HAM
    HAM 17 November 2015 13: 09
    This gang has its appetites growing! Touches Estonia - now Nata is unshakable! belay
  9. Don
    Don 17 November 2015 13: 21
    All right, he says. Earlier, the expansion of the EU and NATO to the east did not meet any resistance, but now it has rested on the original Russian lands. Further unpunished expansion (development) has become impossible. I think it is necessary to understand his words.
  10. pts-m
    pts-m 17 November 2015 13: 30
    naive people this sokhtenberg. he thinks. that lying in the "bed" of the sleeping area of ​​the geyropa with a mass of weapons he is safe. And if the "fire"? he will throw all this iron trash and rush to where his unscrupulous sharez will dig.
  11. marinier
    marinier 17 November 2015 14: 03
    Hello dear!
    RUSSIAN, eats the same thing in my opinion. Old songs about the main thing!
    By the order of his Suzeren, STOLTENBERG again sings an old song about increasing
    military bijet.Financial yarmo, the United States did not forcibly tianut alone. Here and zapregili soyu
    mongrel, 4to be scared about the military threat of RUSSIA. Only very few people believe this.
    And as a result, a decrease in military bijet articles.
  12. ararat
    ararat 17 November 2015 14: 39
    This secretary general, Nato, still thinks that Russia is about to attack them and demands more money for defense, oh, the poor thing has completely gone crazy, he urgently needs a psychiatric hospital, and fools are all mutilating about the alliance.
  13. PValery53
    PValery53 17 November 2015 17: 46
    Citizen Stoltenburkh! What is the question! Your money - you decide! only for the "efficiency" of investment, you are responsible personally! (if you are not hiding, then we are not to blame!)
  14. Lelek
    Lelek 17 November 2015 18: 35
    Stoltenberg: “Today it's time to invest more in defense”

    Here they are - the alpha and omega of NATO’s cheek-bombing. MONEY and nothing else. At the arms lobby, drool to the navel from this Wishlist. bully