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Street fighting in Iraqi Ramadi, troops recaptured Islamists Palace of Justice

During the street fighting, the Iraqi army beat off the building of the Palace of Justice, located in the north of Ramadi, the administrative center of the province of Anbar, from the IS militants, reports RIA News DPA message.

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“The counterterrorism forces were able to free the Palace of Justice in Ramadi and raise the Iraqi flag over it after the destruction of numerous Islamic State militants,” said the representative of the Iraqi command Seif Ali to the agency.

According to him, the army also “managed to free a five-kilometer stretch to the west of Ramadi”.

Ali noted that a small number of militants remained in the city and "the troops continue to compress the ring around them."

Recall Ramadi has been under the control of the IG since June last year.
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 November 2015 10: 48 New
    That’s what VKS life-giving can. Even the Iraqi army, after a year of lethargic sleep, woke up and began to jam the enemy.
    1. Nagaibak
      Nagaibak 17 November 2015 10: 52 New
      Mountain shooter "from what VKS life-giving can."
      Or maybe in Iraq the life-giving “Solntsepeks” play their role?))))
      1. Bombardier
        Bombardier 17 November 2015 11: 01 New
        Quote: Mountain Shooter
        That’s what VKS life-giving can. Even the Iraqi army, after a year of lethargic sleep, woke up and began to jam the enemy.

        That the government army, that ISIS - is equally represented by the Iraqi army, I would even say - there are more officers of the Iraqi (S. Husayn) army in ISIS than in the current government army of Iraq. From here and the past successes of ISIS in Iraq ...

        Yes ... and why mention the videoconferencing? Even indirectly, the videoconferencing is not related to affairs in Iraq.
    2. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 17 November 2015 11: 02 New
      Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul are the last cities in Iraq
      in the hands of the IG.
      The turning point was when IS was seriously defeated by the Kurds
      near Kobani in early 2015. Then the Americans from the air did
      a meat grinder for IS fighters tightly grouped for the offensive.
      Since that time, the Islamic State in Iraq has been on the defensive.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 17 November 2015 11: 14 New
      Putin has said live now that traces of explosives have been found on the remains of an airplane that crashed in Egypt. And he instructed the Russian Defense Ministry to increase the grouping of troops in Syria.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. vol46an
    vol46an 17 November 2015 10: 48 New
    Only he wins the battle to the end,
    Whose will to win has become more stubborn.

    (Musa Jalil)
  3. samara-58
    samara-58 17 November 2015 10: 50 New
    This makes me happy!!! To sober up stupid and hot heads, it is necessary to show the results not only in the form of a flag, but even more terrible!
  4. Turkir
    Turkir 17 November 2015 10: 53 New
    Faster to end them. So far, the Western "coalition" has not come to its senses.
    1. Leviton
      Leviton 17 November 2015 11: 02 New
      Quote: Turkir
      Faster to end them. So far, the Western "coalition" has not come to its senses.

      faster it will not work, it was too painful for them to dig in .... and Westerners, as usual, will fly with kites when the scales are tilted to one side or the other. As always in history, the Anglo-Saxons will stand under the banners of the winners in order to share the broth from victory ......
      1. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 17 November 2015 12: 50 New
        will anyone say ???
        here is the video and in the title
        Yemen - Ansar al-Shariah
        ("as the Internet says" Ansar al-Shariah is the "wing" of al-Qaeda)
        judging by the personnel, these are clearly not ordinary rebels - “peasants”
        and the question is not these “barmalei” of whom 500 (sort of) people were taken to Saudi Arabia?

        and the question here is on this video - the name is embarrassing (I do not believe it) no
  5. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 17 November 2015 10: 58 New
    troops recaptured the palace of justice from the Islamists

    Judging the IGilovtsy is not necessary; to wet these jackals mercilessly!
  6. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 17 November 2015 11: 02 New
    It seems to me this is only the beginning of the batch! Donors and other amateurs make money soon.
    And the second side of the coin is Iraqis, and on the side of the ig, as far as I remember, the Ba'ath is fighting !? So soon someone will decide on whose side he is.
  7. iliya87
    iliya87 17 November 2015 11: 02 New
    Here it is interesting. For more than a year, the United States has argued that there is no combat-ready army in Iraq and at least one battle-worthy formation (meaning Kurds). The latest such statements were made this summer July-August. And then, what happens? Your affairs are wonderful ....
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 17 November 2015 11: 50 New
      Washington was in a hurry, otherwise the Iraqi authorities would ask Moscow to participate.
      Their task now is to reduce the influence of Moscow. They can hide manual gangsters in Afghanistan and Yemen until better times. They still probably expect the east of Syria to grab. hi
  8. Pak_c_TonopoM
    Pak_c_TonopoM 17 November 2015 11: 20 New
    And as if by accident, the Saudis urgently purchase weapons from the United States. Interesting for anyone ...
  9. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 17 November 2015 11: 24 New
    igila mom shook
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2015 11: 37 New
    after destruction numerous militants of the Islamic State "

    The fact that some results finally appeared in the fight against IS is good. But we must not forget that the Iraqis, according to the East, always embellish their successes, and defeats are presented as a tactical move. And our videoconferencing, as mentioned above, has absolutely nothing to do with it. They alone could push the Western coalition against our blows and show at least something positive from their struggle against the Islamic State.
  11. Gunther
    Gunther 17 November 2015 12: 02 New
    They begin to crush the igil, on November 10, the Syrian Arab army broke through the blockade of the Kuweyris air base, on November 12, Hezbollah and Iranian volunteers took Al Hader in Aleppo province, in Iraq, peshmerga detachments reached strategically highway No. 47 near Sinjar - if they take control of Sinjar, the territory controlled by igil will be dissected - highway number 47 connects the cities of Raqqu and Mosul (igil stronghold).
    Well, after the recognition of the head of the FSB A. Bortnikov about the attack on board the A321, our group in Syria will be strengthened, with all the ensuing consequences for the "opposition".
  12. slizhov
    slizhov 17 November 2015 15: 50 New
    Here is the Palace of Justice and hammer this scum, and then take turns to let out the COURT OF PEOPLE!