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Cold War in Central Asia?

Recently, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The US press noted that the main purpose of the Kerry trip was to strengthen relations with the five named states. Strengthening tool - economic partnership. However, Western analysts, representing the so-called alternative press, believe that Washington is developing a confrontation with Russia in the region.

Recall, two weeks ago, the visit of John Kerry to Central Asia ended. The US Secretary of State visited five states: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. This visit was literally historical. Coverage is impressive: five countries in a row. It was a frank demonstration of building up American influence in the region. And the demonstration was addressed, of course, to Moscow.

The American media wrote that the main purpose of the visit of D. Kerry was to strengthen relations with the states of Central Asia through economic partnership. As for Russia, our analysts reacted with disbelief to the reports of the American press. What is this "partnership"? Especially with Turkmenistan, where not only there is no democracy, but there is even a sample of its direct opposite! However, these analysts may look in the direction of Saudi Arabia or Qatar, where from time to time heads of pederasts are cut off and where there is also no (and is not planned) democracy. With these monarchies, the United States quite successfully cooperate, and even the petrodollar came up together.

One of the strongest states in the region, Kazakhstan (a member of the EAEU, the SCO and the CSTO), welcomed the overseas envoy. “Recently, in New York, I met with US President Barack Obama, we discussed issues of bilateral cooperation. From the first days of independence of our republic, which will be 24 in December, we cooperate with your country, and the Kazakh people are grateful for the continued support of our sovereignty and economic development. Today in our country operates about 500 companies with the participation of US capital. We aim to continue this work ", - quotes words of Nursultan Nazarbayev, spoken to John Kerry.

Kazakhstan is one example. The biggest. Of course, with the rest of the countries the United States will carry out “bilateral cooperation”.

Portal analysts South Front believe that the recent visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry to the countries of Central Asia demonstrates the importance of the states of the region for Washington, including in the context of negative trends in US foreign policy in Afghanistan, where the local government, seated in the chair by White House experts, is weakening, and the Taliban And its allies are strengthening.

Kerry and the foreign ministers of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan at a meeting in Samarkand openly discussed areas of cooperation that affect a variety of areas: economics, water security, education.

American analysts believe that this list of areas rather formal. This is only a cover, and in fact there was a discussion of “additional issues” in “individual countries”. It is easy to predict, the authors of the article write that the purpose of Kerry’s visit and of American politics in general is issues related to Afghanistan and Russia.

Afghanistan and the activities of the "IG".

Borders between Central Asian states and Afghanistan draw the attention of politicians due to the increased activity of militants of all grades and calibers. Here and the Taliban, who tried to seize the city of Kunduz, and the "IG", whose formations begin to densely concentrate there. Militants "IG" generally consider this area a springboard for further expansion into Central Asia.

The threat is growing in the south. Previously, the number of militants "IG" has grown on the borders of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Along with this, analysts note “serious internal problems” of Central Asian countries.

All this greatly worries not only the states of Central Asia themselves, but also the leadership of those countries that have influence in the region: first of all, they are Russia, the USA and China (the latter is conducting economic expansion here).

As for Russia, at the recent CSTO Collective Security Summit, she announced plans to create a joint security initiative at the borders. The initiative was invited to participate in several states of Central Asia. As American analysts write, additional Russian and Kazakhstani armed forces have already been deployed in the region within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (since June 2015). They cooperate with Chinese intelligence specialists.

The overall structure of the deployed armed forces in Tajikistan includes border guard units (troops of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, as well as Russian and Kazakhstan military advisers) and separate military units from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus (the latter’s contribution is small) deployed in 201 th Russian military base, in the vicinity of Dushanbe, Kulyab and Kurgan-Tyube. In addition, there are units of the CSTO and the regional anti-terrorist structure (RATS) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which includes Russian, Kazakh and Chinese intelligence forces.

However, not all countries support the efforts of the CSTO. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, for example, are discussing their own joint operations to strengthen and protect borders. These countries have previously preferred to “avoid close cooperation with the CSTO,” analysts remind.

According to experts, the reason for this attitude to the CSTO is the ambitions of the leaders of states. Currently, Ashgabat and Tashkent are trying to establish bilateral security partnerships.

Of course, the United States drew attention to this.

Washington, like Moscow, is concerned about the growth of aggression in Afghanistan, and at the same time is interested in strengthening security cooperation with Central Asian states in order to challenge Moscow as the dominant power that ensures military security in the region.

According to analysts, the motives of Washington in Central Asia are clear. However, the devil is in the details: the details of how the United States intends to "strengthen cooperation" in the field of security in the region are hidden in a "fog".

Nevertheless, experts believe that it is possible to assume something.

Turkmenistan could provide the United States with the permanent right to use the Mary-2 base (located close to the border of Turkmenistan with Afghanistan).

Another possible plan is US support for the Uzbek-Turkmen joint border security initiative.

Another “theme” could be an increase in the US presence in Tajikistan. Tajikistan is considered one of Russia's closest allies in Central Asia, and therefore Washington would like to increase its influence here.

Of course, so far none of these forms of cooperation has been fully confirmed. Nevertheless, analysts believe, the Kremlin can draw attention to these "attempts". “Separation of efforts” will create holes in Russia's regional security system. The recent Afghan events have clearly shown that US military efforts are unlikely to strengthen regional security. As a matter of fact, the American forces are simply not enough for this.

Experts believe that only the combined forces of Russia and Kazakhstan will be able to withstand the “IG” threat “quickly and effectively”. The military of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan do not have the appropriate military equipment; the armed forces of these countries are not able to act effectively. Well, while Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as already noted above, are trying to avoid participation in joint CSTO events.

Analysts, however, argue that, in general, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries assess the existing threats correctly.

Nevertheless, the unstable situation on the borders of the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan leads to the fact that the confrontation between the United States and Russia is unfolding “throughout the former Soviet periphery”.

With this you will not argue, add on my own. Otherwise, it would not be a cold war, but a hot friendship of nations. So in Syria, too, there are two coalitions against the “IG”: one with the Russians, and the second you know with whom.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Aposlya
    Aposlya 18 November 2015 06: 34
    So what with the fact that this next John has been to Central Asia? I went for a ride at the expense of the budget, got what was laid down according to the protocol, the author is already beating the bells: "Russia is being squeezed out !!!" ... What kind of panic was they raised?
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 18 November 2015 07: 58
      This is not panic, but a statement of fact. In this region, destabilization is possible. Here it is beneficial to the USA. And next to the Russian Federation, and the Uyghurs-"Maydauns" of China.
      1. cniza
        cniza 18 November 2015 08: 27
        Quote: mirag2
        This is not panic, but a statement of fact. In this region, destabilization is possible. Here it is beneficial to the USA. And next to the Russian Federation, and the Uyghurs-"Maydauns" of China.

        They are trying to impose Russia, nothing new and we can’t doze off, S.A. This is a region of our vital interests.
        1. Alibekulu
          Alibekulu 18 November 2015 19: 43
          Quote: cniza
          Trying to impose on Russia, nothing new and do not nap
          With something laughing While your offspring of "Putin's friends" are playing against the interests of Russia.
          I'm talking about the beginning of the collection of fees from road carriers. I hope, thanks to the gestures of the Rotenbergs (or the Sechins), the Kazakh Silk Road corridor from China to Oyropa will become more and more popular and, accordingly, profitable. good drinks
          By the way, let them apply for the award they deserve in Ak-Orda bully
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. tag
      tag 18 November 2015 12: 36
      There is no panic, just experience shows that after these "working" visits of all sorts of Albrights, Rice, Clintons and Kerries, for some reason some hesitation begins in the regions, which in the West immediately begin to call the "democratic movement of the people towards self-determination." .... So the people are worried, worried about the possibility of another "color" revolution near the borders of Russia.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 18 November 2015 18: 05
        Actually, the article does not have the main thing.
        The goal of the United States in the "5 + 1" committee (CA + US), as stated: AFGHANISTAN'S INTEGRATION WITH THE NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES OF CA. And, interestingly, Iran, China and Pakistan (neighbors of Kabul) are not considered by the United States for some reason.
        Here and so tear. The closest are Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And how do the Yankees want to stir up integration here? NAS as though offers for a long time, but things are still there.
        For the first time I hear that in Kazakhstan there are armed forces of Kazakhstan. We are silent about this. Can gossip all this?
        Russia separates Kazakhstan from Central Asia. And in our country, as soon as the "movement" began in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, a law was adopted on military bases of third countries (there are 7 facilities of the RF Armed Forces in the Republic of Kazakhstan). "Without the approval of the CSTO countries, the presence of military units of other countries is FORBIDDEN." So the QUESTION IS CLOSED. The Yankees strongly demanded the airfield, but received only permission for an emergency landing in Chimkent.
        Well, I want to add that trips by senior US officials to the region are rare. There were no US presidents. hi
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 18 November 2015 19: 22
          On the other hand, Kasym, in the article it is quite rightly noted (I quote): “... only the combined forces of Russia and Kazakhstan will be able to resist the threat of ISIS.

          The military of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan do not have the appropriate military equipment; the armed forces of these countries are not able to act effectively.

          Well, and Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as noted above, are trying to avoid participation in joint CSTO events .... "
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 18 November 2015 06: 34
    Washington is developing a confrontation with Russia in the region.... Of course ... the United States has always been the "best" friend for all the peoples of the world .. smile
  3. erlikon
    erlikon 18 November 2015 06: 43
    Well, the fact that Kerry visited Central Asia is still not talking about anything! Many people have been here, but the result is zero. For more than 20 years, everyone has already realized that there are no friends except Russia. And all these Americans, Turks, Chinese and others are looking only for their gesheft. And they do not care about your problems!
    1. Semurg
      Semurg 18 November 2015 08: 14
      Quote: erlikon
      And all these Americans, Turks, Chinese and others are looking only for their gesheft.

      and the Russian Federation in Central Asia is not looking for its gesheft? The Turks seem to have invested well in the textile industry, the Chinese are making large investments in natural resources and now in industry, the Koreans have created the auto industry, etc., etc. Gesheft in cooperation should and is mutually beneficial, and if this is not so, then the cooperation ends. The Russian Federation plays an important role in the Middle East and Asia, but this role is decreasing every year (I recently read in the news about a 25-30% reduction in trade within the EAEU, and what were the bulk of the plans).
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. ankir13
      ankir13 18 November 2015 18: 47
      Your words to God’s ears, dear oerlikon. However, the overseas proposals of the nishtyaks and gesheft have already driven crazy not one ruler from the USSR. Chechnya, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine ... Now the cookies will go to you, oh, I wouldn’t have to work out blood too ...
    4. Talgat
      Talgat 18 November 2015 19: 24
      Quote: erlikon
      that Kerry visited Central Asia still doesn’t say anything! Many people have been here, but the result is zero

      I support Yerlikon! Kerry will come and go, and we all here have lived together for a thousand years and will remain. So we’ll figure it out together without any carry
  4. Humpty
    Humpty 18 November 2015 08: 11
    Well, Kerry and Soros arrived, too, by the way, to the heap. Local Natsik wrote a couple of anti-Russian articles.
    So far, nothing more, maybe next year they will try to arrange a buch. While the special services manage to pull the tails especially violently on time.
  5. dvg79
    dvg79 18 November 2015 08: 17
    It was not without reason that ISIS intensified, it was clearly not without their overseas patrons. Now they have been testing the ground - is there any way to set fire to the conflict in the region in order to distract Russia from Syria and Ukraine. I think ours are monitoring the situation and are preparing to take measures.
  6. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 18 November 2015 09: 03
    Nevertheless, the unstable situation on the borders of the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan leads to the fact that the confrontation between the United States and Russia is unfolding “throughout the former Soviet periphery”.

    dvg79 (1)
    It was not without reason that ISIS intensified, it was clearly not without their overseas patrons

    That's for sure, the US will never calm down. too tidy lands for them in Russia! It did not work out in 1918, when they had already begun to divide the land among themselves during the foreign intervention. It did not work during the Second World War, I had to open a second front for fear of being late to the distribution table. It did not work to conquer Russia after the collapse of the USSR, Putin prevented. And now, with the persistence of a maniac, just as the border outlying republics were setting up during the Cold War, they are trying to do the same in the western and southern territories of the USSR in the hope of someday getting these tidbits after Russia’s collapse. How much anger was there after they lost Crimea !!! No matter how much they praise or whatever conditions are set, this is our ENEMY and will remain so FOR ALL TIMES !!!
  7. Belousov
    Belousov 18 November 2015 10: 14
    We should remind those who are especially zealous and unwilling to participate in joint events about the number of their citizens who are working in Russia and, accordingly, about the amount of money that they transfer to their homeland. Enough of babysitting, it's time to carry out very specific work with respect to the undecided. China is already heavily entrenched there economically, displacing our companies, and we are all clapping our eyes and repeating about "friendship, peace, chewing gum." Something our diplomats are seriously underperforming in this area.
  8. Urals
    Urals 18 November 2015 11: 19
    Do not sit these old lizards in the white house amNot to blame anything bad. Russia can only dream of such partners.
  9. marshes
    marshes 18 November 2015 11: 27
    The outgoing administration made a "courtesy visit", but they promised "with three boxes", "got smart" and returned home. smile
  10. Ajent cho
    Ajent cho 18 November 2015 12: 37
    He repeatedly visited all of the above republics, except Turkmenistan. Horseradish them bald, not Kazakhstan with Kyrgyzstan. Tajiks are far from us, and communication in the country is more divided by relief, people in different regions. I don’t know the Turkmens.
  11. Watchdog
    Watchdog 18 November 2015 13: 03
    Partners lining us with wood, your foot! And they say that it’s not firewood, they say - biofence.
  12. marinier
    marinier 18 November 2015 14: 53
    The author, in my opinion looked at the topic. I would like to develop further. In my opinion
    This visit is not simple, but with far-reaching intentions. I consider this as
    a destabilizing factor near the borders of Russia. It's still the 4th visit of Nuland with
    singing to Ukraine. Dumaiu association no nuisance leads to 4th led UTB
    Ukraine. Here the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs would speak with a cautionary statement like
    don’t swarm to 4you iam, you’ll get there yourself !!!. And to the local elites of these republics 4
    dates ponyat !!! 4th Russia will not allow, playing these republics on 2 fronts!
    And he will not allow any sharp wagging. For example, many republics are far
    He doesn’t need to walk. An example of Gaddafi, who believed, was brought to Pamiati.
    With respect, to the Author.
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 18 November 2015 18: 49
      Anton, in order to destabilize the situation near the borders of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to muddy the waters in Kazakhstan. It is useless if in other Central Asian countries. And Nazarbayev is "a motor of integration in the post-Soviet space" (Putin).
      The United States has shown itself poorly in Central Asia. You don't have to go far: Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan (two revolutions), Andijan (Uzbekistan, they supported the "opposition" there). And here, after all, not stupid people live (at least with a Soviet education). But if they are really ready to invest in the economy, then we welcome - although they have been making these promises for 20 years. I remember Colin Powell (secretary of state 2001-2005) promised 200 billion dollars. investments only in Kazakhstan - and where are they !? I'm not saying that there are none, but this is an order of magnitude lower. In short, they know how to hang noodles.
      From the actions of the United States, I see that they want to stay here and, if possible, gain a foothold. The statement about Mary-2 in Turkmenistan is alarming. But I think that Turkmenbashi understands that Iran and the Caspian are nearby (where the Russian Federation is unlikely to want the Yankees to run - they will definitely put pressure on the CSTO and Iran). And the Turkmen have all Soviet weapons. And if it comes hot - who will he ask !? To him on this fact, at least they poke-cartridges and shells where he will take; spare parts!?
      In Kazakhstan, for the entire period of independence, the understanding that a new UNION was needed. Let it be based on other principles, but unification at least for the sake of security, not to mention the economy. After all, where are the reasons for the dissatisfaction of the Central Asian countries with Russia? When the USSR was gone, there was a blaze on the borders of Central Asia. "They threw us! They threw us, making porridge in Afghanistan!" But Yeltsin and Gorbachev were more concerned with POWER. The USSR drowned in a squabble between them, when Yeltsin was supported by Ukraine and Belarus. This was the reason for the growth of nationalism in Central Asia. hi
  13. haenx
    haenx 18 November 2015 15: 56
    The Pentagon laboratory under construction in Almaty for work with dangerous infections is already practically ready, and according to the plan, it should open in December 2015. J. Kerry came to check and pat everything is going according to plan
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 18 November 2015 18: 58
      Do you know what it is for and what agreements are there? If there is an outbreak of some disease (and Kazakhstan is a natural focus of tuberculosis, smallpox, sib. Ulcers, etc.), then it will be necessary to have native strains of viruses to obtain a vaccine. And no "related" strains will work. Such laboratories are expensive and great specialists are needed. So this is very important for the safety of the population. And if the US is willing to finance and do, then we're happy.
      Kerry was not in Almaty; he was in Astana. hi
      1. Talgat
        Talgat 18 November 2015 19: 30
        Yes, I was also interested in this topic - everything is right Kasym!

        This is no "bioweapon" here - if the Americans have invested - then why not use

        Under the USSR, all this was, there were anti-plague stations (foci in 70 km from Almaty — the happiness is that a natural barrier separates urban rodents from the steppes — otherwise it could have blazed) there were strains and laboratories and vaccines. and resources to deal with any epidemic.

        Now we need to restore everything, if there is help, then okay
      2. Atigay
        Atigay 19 November 2015 00: 28
        $ 120 million from the Pentagon budget was spent on this laboratory. From what? This is the same, at least, as the tobacco factories - after the US against tobacco corporations trial and a $ 250 billion fine, they jumped out of the US, and we got two new tobacco plants near Almaty. After powerful advertising at schools, on television, etc., the number of smokers increased significantly. It is similar to laboratories (they were also expelled from the USA), but according to a number of signs, these are not just laboratories, these are biological weapons factories. Our Siberian Kazakh was also invited there. So this is evil. An ordinary lab needed something ten times less. hi
      3. haenx
        haenx 19 November 2015 15: 13
        You can clone any virus or bacterium and display its isomer (mutant) and run. And while the enemy is looking for a vaccine, more economic damage will be done. A similar case with the Merce coronary virus in South Korea. Americans will definitely carry out a bacteriological attack from this laboratory, as they have corrupt blackmail levers on officials.
  14. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 19 November 2015 05: 35
    Russia has two allies, its army and navy. More practical than ever.
    If God forbid, a mess begins, all these allies will run away, and they do not care about all the blocks and agreements.
  15. Dorboz
    Dorboz 19 November 2015 22: 34
    For the peoples of the countries of Central Asia, it simply does not matter that the dude from the White House came with his brochures and imaginary support. All the peoples of these former sots. The republics are 98% in favor of reunification with the Russian Federation, but like every nation has its own "fifth columns". The relationship between the poor and the rich class is very large, but the middle class has already been forgotten. So it’s clear who will kiss on the nostrils. In Central Asia it’s just the rule of clans, and they don’t care about the people. As I think and believe that the people of Central Asia, in case God forbid war, will be in many respects shoulder to shoulder against the aggressors and their satellites, without asking permission from the pseudo-sultans, as in the forties, where our grandfathers stood up in the last battle.