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Aviation VVO conducted an exercise to destroy ground targets

Assault and bomber aircraft aviation BBW unguided missiles and bombs destroyed ground targets at ranges in the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye, reports MIC with reference to the county press service.

"During the training and combat sorties, about a dozen Su-24M aviation regiments of the district stationed in the Khabarovsk Territory carried out bombing at targets simulating well-reinforced command posts and communication centers of the conditional enemy," the release said.

“In the Primorye Territory at the Novoselsky training ground, pilots of the Su-25CM Grach performed bombing and launch of unguided aircraft rockets against targets simulating field camps and the accumulation of military equipment of a conditional enemy,” the press service said.

It is noted that "more than 300 military personnel and around the 20 aircraft - the entire flight and engineering and technical composition of the air units of the BBO deployed in these regions" participated in the performance of tactical tactical missions for the destruction of ground targets.

And in the Central District began collecting 50-ti air gunners.

“In the classroom, aircraft pilots from all over the district will master the Sagittarius reconnaissance, control and communications complexes, which correct the actions of combat helicopters and aircraft. The classes will end with practical guidance of Mi-8 helicopters and launches of unguided missiles, which will hit various ground targets at the Safakulevo training ground in the Kurgan region, ”said the Central Military District.

“The training of aircraft gunners from the number of motorized riflemen will make it possible to increase the efficiency and controllability in solving combat missions jointly with aviation,” the district noted.

Training will last until November 19.
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Aleksandrov Sergey / "Kommersant"
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  1. lelikas
    lelikas 16 November 2015 15: 54
    There are more abbreviations in the titles, good and different, then none of the "partners" will understand exactly where we have teachings. I didn't get it either. what
    1. sisa29
      sisa29 16 November 2015 16: 30
      I recalled, for me, the very first and very successful SPQR - an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Senatus Populus que Romanus" ("Senate and Citizens of Rome"), which was depicted on the standards of Roman legions. with these standards Rome conquered the floor of the world.
      And what do you think, under the phrase People and the Senate of Russia, can we do something?
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 16 November 2015 17: 21
        Quote: sisa29
        And what do you think, under the phrase People and the Senate of Russia, can we do something?

        Looking at those whom we choose - it is unlikely.
  2. St Petrov
    St Petrov 16 November 2015 15: 54
    I don’t remember where I read it, but the meaning is this:

    If you make an intelligent sighting system, then even a free-falling bomb can be used as a high-precision munition.

    And it seems to me that there is some logic. Is this true or not?

    After all, it will be cheaper than upgrading each disc, adding control to it

    1. Hey
      Hey 16 November 2015 16: 30
      SVP-24 "GEFEST"
    2. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 16 November 2015 17: 19
      It’s a bit wrong, it’s possible to increase the accuracy of bombing, but there are corrections in humidity and wind, and they are also very important for bombs.
  3. marinier
    marinier 16 November 2015 15: 55
    Well, Brothers trained.
    And now for working in Syria. There’s no one else but you!
    Good luck and happy age of 4 years to V.K.S.
    With respect to you !!!
    PROXOR 16 November 2015 15: 58
    Yes, they have been conducting these exercises for the second month. With the use of military weapons.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 16 November 2015 15: 59
      these exercises have been going on since 2012 tightly soldier
      And fuels and lubricants appeared even earlier. The time of total idleness of technology and study in "theory" has passed

    2. Col.
      Col. 16 November 2015 16: 28
      Quote: PROXOR
      Yes, they have been conducting these exercises for the second month.

      I don’t understand why write about ordinary everyday activities? Training is a natural and integral part of combat training. What is so special about it?
      1. PROXOR
        PROXOR 17 November 2015 10: 46
        I mean "teachings" in Syria)))))
  5. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 16 November 2015 16: 13
    They are preparing a rotation in Syria, not otherwise. Well, right, combat experience is no substitute.
  6. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 16 November 2015 16: 27
    Syria has proven the absolute usefulness of this event, so you can safely proceed to the airborne pilot for a tank biathlon! And then in Syria we’ll see what else to implement .. shooting from MANPADS on low-flying targets and so on wassat
  7. Terrible_L.
    Terrible_L. 16 November 2015 16: 30
    "300 servicemen and about 20 aircraft - the entire flight and engineering staff of the air defense units stationed in these regions"
    20 planes in the district, something is not enough, don’t you?
  8. Platonich
    Platonich 16 November 2015 16: 58
    I think this is for conspiracy! No need for our Chinese brothers to upset! Enough for Japan. Well Shoigu head! He is introducing the Syrian experience into our troops!