LJ user zapret-no writes: Almost every boy in his childhood admired fighters, and I am no exception. I remember, there were also aviation parades on Tushinsky, where my parents were taking me, there for the first time I saw a variety of airplanes live. Naturally, everything was very interesting, I wanted to know how they work, get into the cabin, touch them. But then I did not succeed. Much time has passed, I have matured, but the child inside me still lives and he is interested in all the same things as before. Why did you want to grow up earlier? In order to make their own decisions, do stupid things and fulfill their dreams. And finally, another childhood dream came true, this time I fully touched the planes, sat in the cockpit, and saw the fighters assembly process with my own eyes, and, as a child, forgot to ask permission;)


1. The ideal time was chosen to visit this workshop. By ideal time, I mean Friday and summer with short nights. This photo was taken almost blindly at maximum shutter speed and with a lot of ISO.

2. A short night is simply necessary for this kind of walk, since you cannot use a flashlight or flash to select the frame exposure. It was getting lighter with every minute and it was easier to shoot.

3. Speaking frankly, it was scary to be there, so we tried to move completely silently and spend as little time as possible on photographing.


5. Nose fairings. Why on the right of one radiation icon I do not know.

6. Slipway with MiG.

7. Various parts for assembly.

8. Each aircraft on this design is tied to his master.

9. Not yet fully assembled tail.

10. Pay attention to the dust, it is very much on the aircraft in this part of the shop.

11. A lot of MiGs. Most likely there is a modification of the old fighter jets.

12. In the frame is a tripod of my friend. Although everything is already visible, but shooting without a tripod is not yet realistic.

13. The closer to the main part of the workshop, the more well-groomed everything. I think the plant simply does not have enough workers, and therefore not all hands reach their planes.


15. For the construction on the right there are rails and turntables.

16. As I understand it - MiG 29 KUB.

17. Keels.

18. The MiG 29 KUB made its first flight in the 2007 year, so this is a relatively new aircraft.


20. Now we very quietly sneak into the main part of the workshop. This monument to Lenin detained us for a few minutes, from a distance he seemed to be an employee.

21. As usual, trees grow on plants.

22. Pay attention to the floor, we first thought it was wet, but it was just rubbed to a shine.

23. Here, apparently, the last stages of assembly take place.


25. A little more and you can fly on it. Judging by the flag in India. Thanks to gass for correcting me.


27. In the section "Excellent quality" were two names. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that there are few masters working in the workshop.

28. This part of the workshop is generally exemplary. Everything is clean, no dust, jobs are organized as it should.

29. The main work takes place in this part.

30. We have beautiful planes.

31. We didn’t stay in this part for a long time, and it’s time to go out.

32. Chassis wheels.

33. I wanted to write on the dust "wash me." But our goal was to go unnoticed, and didn’t want anyone to rush into our penetration. This post should not harm anyone since much time has passed.


35. Near some planes were warning signs that kerosene could remain in the tanks. Consequently, some of the aircraft are not new.



38. It is worth noting that everything is working here, and often people do not look at the tags in my journal.


40. That's all. Another adventure and another childhood dream come true.
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