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LJ user zapret-no writes: Almost every boy in his childhood admired fighter jets, and I am no exception. I remember there were still aviation parades on Tushinskaya, where my parents took me, it was there that I first saw various airplanes live. Naturally, everything was very interesting, I wanted to know how they are arranged, to get into the cockpit, to touch them. But then I did not succeed. A lot of time passed, I grew up, but the child inside me still lives and is interested in all the same things as before. And why did you want to grow up earlier? In order to make decisions on your own, do stupid things and fulfill your dreams. And finally, another childhood dream came true, this time I fully touched the planes, sat in the cockpit, and personally saw the fighter assembly process, and, as a child, I forgot to ask permission for this;)


1. The ideal time was chosen to visit this workshop. By ideal time, I mean Friday and summer with short nights. This photo was taken almost blindly at maximum shutter speed and with a lot of ISO.

2. A short night is simply necessary for this kind of walk, since you cannot use a flashlight or flash to select the frame exposure. It was getting lighter with every minute and it was easier to shoot.

3. Speaking frankly, it was scary to be there, so we tried to move completely silently and spend as little time as possible on photographing.


5. Nose fairings. Why on the right of one radiation icon I do not know.

6. Slipway with MiG.

7. Various parts for assembly.

8. Each aircraft on this design is tied to his master.

9. Not yet fully assembled tail.

10. Pay attention to the dust, it is very much on the aircraft in this part of the shop.

11. A lot of MiGs. Most likely there is a modification of the old fighter jets.

12. In the frame is a tripod of my friend. Although everything is already visible, but shooting without a tripod is not yet realistic.

13. The closer to the main part of the workshop, the more well-groomed everything. I think the plant simply does not have enough workers, and therefore not all hands reach their planes.


15. For the construction on the right there are rails and turntables.

16. As I understand it - MiG 29 KUB.

17. Keels.

18. The MiG 29 KUB made its first flight in the 2007 year, so this is a relatively new aircraft.


20. Now we very quietly sneak into the main part of the workshop. This monument to Lenin detained us for a few minutes, from a distance he seemed to be an employee.

21. As usual, trees grow on plants.

22. Pay attention to the floor, we first thought it was wet, but it was just rubbed to a shine.

23. Here, apparently, the last stages of assembly take place.


25. A little more and you can fly on it. Judging by the flag in India. Thanks to gass for correcting me.


27. In the section "Excellent quality" were two names. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that there are few masters working in the workshop.

28. This part of the workshop is generally exemplary. Everything is clean, no dust, jobs are organized as it should.

29. The main work takes place in this part.

30. We have beautiful planes.

31. We didn’t stay in this part for a long time, and it’s time to go out.

32. Chassis wheels.

33. I wanted to write on the dust "wash me." But our goal was to go unnoticed, and didn’t want anyone to rush into our penetration. This post should not harm anyone since much time has passed.


35. Near some planes were warning signs that kerosene could remain in the tanks. Consequently, some of the aircraft are not new.



38. It is worth noting that everything is working here, and often people do not look at the tags in my journal.


40. That's all. Another adventure and another childhood dream come true.

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  1. SKS45
    SKS45 22 November 2011 07: 26
    Here is a kind of grown man, (and I hope with brains) fulfilled his childhood dream. And now let's see if the employee of the security service of this enterprise fulfills his childhood dream (to catch a spy or a violator of the regime).))))
    1. urzul
      urzul 22 November 2011 10: 21
      This post should not harm anyone since a lot of time has passed.

      so it’s unlikely that the photos are old.
      for fresh 3 photos from the Falcon, 10 man was given years of age, now he no longer writes articles on forums.
    2. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 22 November 2011 16: 17
      Yes FSBshniki were probably nearby.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 22 November 2011 19: 56
        Why on the right on one radiation icon I do not know

        This is where the help of the guard is needed. He is in the "cell for detainees", he would tell everything about the locators and their contents.
        Dunce, they are falling asleep, then they will bite their elbows. .
  2. Anatoly
    Anatoly 22 November 2011 08: 50
    Impressive. Thanks to everyone who is involved in this production. It is for your sake that we pay taxes and believe in the domestic defense industry. Hold on!
    1. Voodoopeople
      Voodoopeople 22 November 2011 20: 06
      What is impressive there? On the other hand, at least something in the form of Indian UTG is all grains and everything else, and only tip.
      In general, I thought that the managers had finished it - but no.
      1. puffnutiy
        puffnutiy 19 February 2012 19: 55
        Unfortunately, the new MiGs are unlikely to fly with us. Now I’ll try to explain why.

        1. The United Aircraft Corporation (which includes MiG) is led by Mikhail Poghosyan. He is a representative of the famous Sukhoi Design Bureau. I have nothing against Su planes, but the reality shows that Poghosyan is actively lobbying Sukhoi’s interests, to the detriment of all other companies included in the corporation. As an example, you can bring the same Dry Superjet.

        2. MiG, it is not regrettable to admit, lost a lot of its technology along with the employees of the enterprise and design bureau. Example:
        The deck version of the MiG must have a unique welded hull according to the technology (according to the latest data, its manufacturing technology has been lost). So now deck MiGs for India are made with a riveted hull. This makes the weight of the glider heavier, which entails a lot of problems, alterations and changes.

        3. The MiG does not have enough workers and highly qualified engineers at the lower level. Not enough elementary turners, grinders. MiG cannot manufacture gliders on its own, even to ensure that it has already completed orders. Therefore, the old scheme is used. MiGs are bought from military units and from storage bases and, as a designer, are purchased for the assembly of flying machines. There was already a scandal with Indonesia (I could be wrong in the country). Contracted aircraft returned to the MiG. The reason - under the contract, it was supposed to be new aircraft, and customer engineers found signs of wear of gliders and parts. As a result, MiGs left this order for the Russian Air Force. Only they did not refuse to take them.

        Perhaps I am exaggerating, I would really like to think that now everything is not so, all problems have been resolved and we will soon see new MiGs in the sky.
    2. AlexAl
      AlexAl 23 November 2011 11: 45
      Actually, it makes a sad impression. You look at the assembly lines of Europeans, amers, there is like in a museum - everything shines and shimmers, and here the details are lying around like in an old barn. The culture of production, however, is influenced by monetary underfunding and the Russian mentality. At our institute, near the SU-24, my classmate asks: "And how do these planes fly in general, are they all so crooked, and the slots are huge?", To which I answer him that this plane has huge holes in the planes and in the fuselage can fly and carry out its tasks.

      Thanks to the author for the pictures, even a little bit rude, but still very impressive.
  3. Joker
    Joker 22 November 2011 10: 06
    Something planes in the assembly process are similar to cardboard smile As a designer, I wonder where they generally learn how to build aircraft, what institutes are there, or what?
    1. urzul
      urzul 22 November 2011 10: 19
      And you are the constructor of what ??? and you thought planes from hire 5 mm do ??? wink
      1. Joker
        Joker 22 November 2011 10: 27
        You misinterpreted my comment wink I'm not a constructor wink The process is like building a constructor wink Here at once you perceive everything with hostility ....
        1. urzul
          urzul 22 November 2011 10: 47
          Why, you, I had nothing against you, come to us in Nizhny, visit the Falcon, you will see for yourself
          1. Joker
            Joker 22 November 2011 11: 23
            I have long wanted to go somewhere to the arms exhibition, but it didn’t work out sad
            1. urzul
              urzul 22 November 2011 11: 46
              I have a pass, as we are factory suppliers
              1. Joker
                Joker 22 November 2011 13: 16
                Lucky smile Have you heard anything about the new tank? It seems they are going to do something, but the information is with a gulkin nose.
                1. urzul
                  urzul 22 November 2011 14: 20
                  Did not hear anything
                  1. Joker
                    Joker 22 November 2011 15: 26
                    If only T-90 bought new ones. I was looking for information on the Internet, all photos from exhibitions, it seems that our equipment is not used at all, but on hangars sad
                  2. Joker
                    Joker 22 November 2011 23: 02
                    My rating is jumping tin smile Yesterday was -7500, today it went up to + 1700, then someone put minuses on me in the old comments wink became -160, now + 69, someone does not spare his time on me wink
                    Today I was sitting watching my rating lower, lower, lower, watching old comments, almost all -1 voice, and has changed today wink Someone bzik smile Okay, there I realized when they raised me to a positive rating, like the 2-th chance, but here you see someone hates me smile
  4. Commoner
    Commoner 22 November 2011 10: 24
    It is strange why the author did not publish assembly drawings and other design documentation ... fellow
    But seriously - sad ... Nobody is responsible for anything!
    1. urzul
      urzul 22 November 2011 10: 48
      And he made a couple of details, he can be soldered for these photos for a while, the only thing is that the planes are old
  5. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 22 November 2011 10: 54
    It is interesting how many goals in uniform, together with the directors of the plant, would have left for logging, 20 years ago when these photos appeared ...
  6. Denis
    Denis 22 November 2011 11: 31
    AUTHOR comments are more like yapping from under a fence similar
    and the stabilizer tail calls
  7. Artemka
    Artemka 22 November 2011 12: 15
    Yes, perhaps thirty years of commercials would immediately have tens of them in a carriage and Siberia for that.
  8. dred
    dred 22 November 2011 12: 47
    make the author a larger pack.
  9. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 31 December 2011 06: 27
    "5. Nasal cones. Why on the right side of one there is a radiation icon, I don't know." - in fact, this is not a sign denoting radioactive radiation. This icon is a generally accepted concept denoting radiation, in this case, radio-electric
  10. agent
    agent 25 September 2012 09: 19
    Thank you, good excursion!