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Intelligence and surveillance machine "Granite"

Intelligence and surveillance machine "Granite"

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) field intelligence units have adopted an advanced reconnaissance vehicle called the Granite, based on the EL / I-3302 Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Vehicle (ISRV) platform developed by Elta Systems Ltd. Elta has integrated reconnaissance equipment on SandCat, an armored vehicle based on the commercial production Ford 550 model. The vehicle has full armor protection and hidden telescopic masts that can be quickly extended when the vehicle is stopped.

Granite will replenish and later replace the Racoon (Raccoon) intelligence vehicle fleet based on the HMMWV, supplied by Raphael at the beginning of the 2000s. Both vehicles are equipped with a payload mounted on a mast that includes several sensors, such as surveillance radar and day / night electro-optical observation systems.

Unlike the mission-specific Racoon, the ISRV was designed to be the center of information and intelligence gathering for tactical operations. Granit combines synchronized radar and other surveillance tools that scan the entire area all the time and automatically focus on each suspicious target. In addition, "Granit" is better reserved than the "Raccoon". The system architecture, user interface and workload reduction allows you to work simultaneously with several users engaged in different tasks, or as a single operator engaged in daily activities associated with monitoring using semi-automatic tools, including automatic electro-optical tracking of targets detected by radar.

The car carries an EL / M-2207 active phased-array radar (AFAR) capable of detecting human-sized targets at a distance of eight kilometers, as well as an electro-optical console, such as the POP-300, capable of recognizing such targets for seven kilometers and directing them to precise weapon... Elta's ISRV is capable of eliminating surveillance blind spots using Man Portable Ground Observation & Surveillance System (MNPGOSS) and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles. The system also integrates with devices that support the new "digital army" (Zayad) format of the IDF.

The presentation of "Granite" is not only an advancement in technology, but also reduces the number of soldiers needed for reconnaissance of a limited area from two to one, combining the role of observation and focusing on suspicious activity.

Major Nir, the commander of one of the mobile surveillance units, said that the use of high-tech radar does not replace the human factor and the soldier-operator: "It’s true that the Granit system makes it easier for our soldiers to pay closer attention to the area around them, but it’s not changes the fact that it is the soldiers who investigate every threat to its essence. "

Another important feature of the technology is synchronization between all combat units deployed in a single operation. “As soon as Granite receives a proper threat image, we can immediately transfer it to the tank and the aircraft on the battlefield,” says Major Nir.

More faster and safer vehicles with high-tech radars and modern means of surveillance will be used by female and male combat soldiers. Other improvements in field intelligence will allow more female military personnel to be trained for combat units and intelligence on the battlefield. Girls will be trained to conduct reconnaissance along the borders and during all sorts of incidents.

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  1. Sergh
    Sergh 22 November 2011 08: 11
    Israel apparently got the kasan to the edge, mobile radio-video surveillance is being developed. The direction is successful, you need to be pulled to this. Our Tigers, a suitable option.
  2. Fibrizio
    Fibrizio 22 November 2011 10: 29
    We do not have normal UAVs, we would be glad, but it will not work. As far as I know, ours from Afghanistan have not changed. Big and noisy.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 22 November 2011 11: 00
      Fibrizio, yes, I understand why you need to create an obstacle for yourself, without a UAV working in bulk, border areas, the same Caucasus is released in normal patrolling. Here, at least for the sake of video surveillance for reconnaissance and target designation for the mobile on duty group on departure, you can lay out the exact data. This device clearly has a warm infrared eye, not to mention a night light, here is a radius of 7 kilometers at a glance. And UAVs will appear, introduce, for God's sake! Our "Tiger" is even a little bigger, so full speed ahead!
      1. Foamas
        Foamas 22 November 2011 12: 33
        Our "Tiger" is even a little larger, so ...

        So, KAMAZ promptly made an answer foreign and domestic competitors.
        Sentinel reconnaissance vehicle with a small observation balloon.
        (armored and can swim).

        1. Sergh
          Sergh 22 November 2011 12: 50
          Foamas, funny, for the first time I see, however, it wouldn’t hurt him to put the marofet outside, smear his lips, beat it with a stainless steel, there will be no demolition, otherwise it gives off a lot with an ax. Yes, two "Granites" will fit into this unit, yes, at least they covered the gas tank with a newspaper, shame. It’s, the photographer is also great, at first I thought, on the left behind the hood, a pipe for deep diving was sticking out, then it came, it’s just a telegraph post.
        2. Professor
          22 November 2011 13: 09
          Foamas You are killing me with these Kamazes for the second day in a row. Are they preparing for the local KVN there?
          1. Joker
            Joker 22 November 2011 13: 20
            Tin, yesterday someone showed me another offspring of KAMAZ, again the tank was at least covered, but the design was better done, but what does the boat on wheels look like. I like the WOLF a hundred times more or Lynx.
          2. Foamas
            Foamas 22 November 2011 13: 29
            Strange questions you have - people work.
            The car was planned in the Airborne Forces, but the paratroopers didn’t like something (it happens)
            Now they offered border guards with a monitoring balloon + they added appropriate equipment (a compressor for the VVD, helium cylinders, a winch), but the dimensions have grown a bit.
            1. Professor
              22 November 2011 13: 35
              The car was planned in the Airborne Forces, but the paratroopers didn’t like something (it happens)

              I sincerely appreciate your humor.
              But seriously, the men sat and thought that we can blind on the knee of what is already available. The result, as they say, on the face.
              One request, could you put all the models presented in this photo session? Thanks in advance.
          3. Kyrgyz
            Kyrgyz 22 November 2011 13: 38
            Tank on an armored car from Kamaz looks like a three-beam star on a Mercedes)))))
            KVN is better and you will not tell
            1. vadimus
              vadimus 22 November 2011 15: 29
              Bucky out is a KAMAZ chip!
  3. Artemka
    Artemka 22 November 2011 12: 21
    Yes, perhaps the Tiger is the same, or a little better.
  4. dred
    dred 22 November 2011 12: 53
    Maybe a tiger platform.
  5. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 22 November 2011 13: 44
    You are now gluing the tiger platform to the Ford F550 in the article or Kamaz in the comments?
    unlikely she is participating there
  6. Foamas
    Foamas 22 November 2011 18: 54
    To the professor ...
    I sincerely appreciate your humor ...

    What kind of humor? Realistically for the Airborne Forces, but then the car was more like the "Shot", but the requirement for water swimming led to such metamorphoses from the original + balloon.
    Initially closer to this ..

    Car "Dobrynya" - version from "Shot"

    According to the session, there was nothing more fun, standard samples.

    The latter, by the way, is also the Airborne Forces (for those who do not believe)

    Of the cool KAMAZ has another such sample ..
    1. Anatoly
      Anatoly 22 November 2011 20: 00
      The former are similar to German offensive vehicles from the Second World War. The Germans, then, created the perfect form template.
  7. J_silver
    J_silver 22 November 2011 20: 04
    You might think that this is a liquid ship masterpiece of engineering ...
    1. wanderer
      wanderer 22 November 2011 21: 59
      and you don’t think it’s harmful to you
      1. J_silver
        J_silver 22 November 2011 22: 19
        The machine from the picture is bullshit, but we must assume that there is the main electronic filling ...
  8. Professor
    23 November 2011 10: 53
    The machine from the picture is bullshit, but we must assume that there is the main electronic filling ...

    Seriously? But I thought that the article was about an intelligence and surveillance platform, some kind of radar, electro-optics and all that ...
    Speaking of the car, Ford is Ford - neither give nor take.
    1. patrianostra
      patrianostra 23 November 2011 15: 49
      And the police are using this machine
      1. Professor
        23 November 2011 15: 57
        They don’t look under a tail horse.