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"Night of the attacks" in Paris. The bloody consequences of the migration policy of France

Friday 13 November, 2015 will forever enter into history France. In the evening, when the Parisians were quietly resting or preparing for rest, a series of bloody terrorist attacks took place in the French capital. Skirmishes took place in several districts of Paris at once: in the restaurant opposite the Bataklan theater, near the Carillion bar and on the corner of Rue de Sharon. Almost at the same time with the shootings, the police were informed of the explosions at the Stade de France stadium.

Terrible attacks in the capital of France

As it turned out, seven separate attacks took place on this day in Paris. Unidentified gunmen opened fire in a Paris restaurant in the 10 district, then information appeared about the hostage taking at the Bataclan Theater, where the American rock band was playing. In the hands of the terrorists was about 100 people. Two or three explosions sounded near the Stade de France stadium, where a friendly match was being played between the teams of France and Germany, which was attended by the French President Francois Hollande himself. The victims of three suicide bombers who blew themselves up at the stadium were three people. Much greater sacrifices occurred in the restaurant and theater. About a hundred people died in the theater. The police could not free the hostages because the terrorists who had captured them refused to negotiate. After the terrorist attacks that took place, the victims of which were at least 153 people, the French government announced the introduction of a state of emergency and the closure of state borders. Shortly after the terrorist attacks, military units numbering 1500 troops were brought into Paris to help the police and gendarmes in ensuring security. In 04.58, the French police put on a wanted list a group of terrorists accused of participating in terrorist attacks. The number of extremists who are hiding in the territory of the French capital, according to the media, can reach six to seven people. However, the scale of the measures taken suggests that in fact in Paris and its environs there may be much more radicals than French newsmen and the townsfolk can imagine. At 05.35, French authorities reported that seven terrorists who were directly involved in the attacks on the territory of the capital were destroyed. Three of them blew themselves up during the storming of the Bataklan concert hall by police special forces. It seems that in the history of France a new era has begun, in which the republic will have to actually live in wartime conditions.

"Night of the attacks" in Paris. The bloody consequences of the migration policy of France

Almost immediately after the attacks, the responsibility for them was taken by the international terrorist organization Islamic State, which was banned by a court decision in the Russian Federation. The statement of the IG, who took responsibility for the "nightmare night" in the French capital, says that this is revenge for Syria. IG called the terrorist attacks "French 11 September." Naturally, the bloody events that occurred stirred up not only France and Europe, but the whole world. The leaders of the countries of the world and international organizations expressed their condolences to the French people. In a number of states, police security measures have been strengthened. However, besides common phrases about the terrible threat of international terrorism and the need to consolidate the world community to confront terrorists, neither the French leadership nor the leaders of other European countries are in a hurry to pay attention to the situation in most countries of Western Europe. A few decades ago, the bombings, hostage-taking, shooting on the streets were perceived by the same French as elements of the life of the Middle Eastern or African states, at least - of neighboring Italy, where the Red Brigades, right-wing radicals and the mafia raged. In France itself, as in most European countries, it was calm. Isolated terrorist acts of leftist or ultra-right groups have never led to such consequences for society as the attacks of terrorists - "jihadists". What happened in France 13 November 2015 of the year was made possible thanks to the policy of the French leadership, or rather the common line, which is implemented by the governments of most European countries within the European Union.

The transformation of European countries into a shelter for migrants from all over the world, regardless of the cultural level of these migrants, their readiness to adapt to the new living conditions in the host society, brings its bloody fruits. Europe is gradually turning into a place unsafe for Europeans themselves. And European politicians themselves are responsible for this - those that have always emphasized the priority of the multicultural model of national politics, focused on the United States, refusing to protect their own interests - in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Neither France, nor Italy, nor Germany has ever benefited the overthrow of Gaddafi or Hussein, nor the civil war in Syria, which aims to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. The Arab regimes, albeit authoritarian, tough, applying repression, were still able to maintain relative stability in the territories under their control. This stability was beneficial, including Europe. At least, until recently, Europe did not know about hundreds of thousands of Syrian, Iraqi or Libyan refugees. The same Gaddafi regime created obstacles for African migrants who tried to get to Europe through the territory of Libya. In his testament, Muammar Gaddafi openly warned the European states that took part in the armed aggression against Libya: “You bombed the wall, did not let the flow of African migration to Europe, the wall that stopped the Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You destroy it. ” Until the overthrow of Gaddafi, Libya remained one of the most attractive countries for African migrants. High oil revenues caused the low prestige of heavy and unskilled labor among Libyans; therefore, such vacancies were occupied by migrants from the underdeveloped countries of Tropical Africa.

The civil war, the NATO aggression and the subsequent actual “somalization” of Libya, that is, its transformation into a territory of chaos, led to the relocation of these migrants to Europe. Moreover, they were joined by people from war-torn Libya. And this is only one of the directions of migration. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Syria and Iraq, Yemen and Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea, Afghanistan and Mali moved to Europe. The EU countries, instead of considering and implementing an effective policy to prevent the resettlement of such a large number of refugees and migrants, have introduced a quota system, according to which every European country undertakes to place a certain number of foreign migrants on its territory. It is noteworthy that the countries of Eastern Europe, especially Hungary and Slovakia, were the most radical against the quotas. Western Europe, primarily France and Germany, accepted the bulk of Middle Eastern and African refugees and migrants. However, the reasons for the monstrous events that took place on Friday 13 November in France, were laid much earlier. They are based on French foreign policy in the Middle East and Africa, as well as miscalculations of migration and national policies. In fact, a favorable environment has emerged in France for the spread of extremist views that can develop into terrorist activities. To commit terrorist attacks in France, there is no longer any sense to penetrate foreign terrorists - among French citizens and migrants permanently residing in the country, so much of them sympathize with radical fundamentalist sentiments. The spread of the ideology of radical Islam becomes possible thanks to the social deprivation of the migrant environment, the social and economic problems of French society as a whole, and finally - the absolutely inadequate, “toothless” policy of the French leadership, which does not make any real efforts to correct the situation. fix - the percentage of migrants and their descendants who live in France and have long considered themselves to be “French” when it suits them) is too large).

Multiculturalism and European "suicide"

When Dominique Wenner, the 78-year-old French right-wing writer and historian, shot himself in front of the altar of the Notre-Dame de Paris, his action was called "European Suicide." Wenner warned the French about the risks that the further continuation of the policy of multiculturalism and tolerance, resulting in the gradual replacement of the population and the loss of European cultural values, entails. Levoliberal and Social Democratic governments of Europe pursue a policy aimed at actually destroying the national identities of European states, at decomposing European society, which is unable not only to "digest" the multimillion masses of migrants, but also to protect themselves from possible acts of aggression from migrants. At one time, the famous French philosopher Jean Baudrillard rightly remarked: “A society that itself is undergoing a process of disintegration cannot integrate immigrants. Their problems were at the same time a direct consequence of this process and an involuntary indicator of the degree of disunity of the present world. The cruel truth is that if we now put the problem of immigrants behind the brackets, we will still rush into the void in search of our own identity. Immigrants and their problems are only symptoms of the disintegration of our society, fighting with oneself ”(quoted in: Baudrillard J. Your mother! // For several decades of active Arab-African immigration to France, a multimillion-strong stratum of the population has been formed in the country, alien in ethnic, cultural, confessional relations to the European population of the country. A significant part of the representatives of this stratum refers to European culture and Europeans with poorly concealed disdain, and even with outright hatred. This hatred does not prevent them from living in France, enjoying social benefits, the achievements of French civilization, but it does not respect the local population, its culture and traditions. There is an insurmountable cultural conflict between visitors and the indigenous population. The French government, leftist and liberal political parties claim that the basis of the negative behavior of migrants from Asian and African countries is their social deprivation, that is, living in unsatisfactory conditions, lack of work, and good education. Therefore, the integration of migrants into French society is associated with the improvement of their social and living conditions, the promotion of tolerance towards visitors in schools, universities, enterprises and residential areas.

However, numerous social measures taken by the French government in relation to Arab-African and other migrants do not give the desired result. Moreover, the visitors do not cease to hate the French society that accepted them as much as they would hate it before receiving social benefits. Living conditions in an atomized European megalopolis themselves force migrants to stumble into groups, diasporas, and strive to preserve national and religious identity by any means. Broad layers of migrants are not assimilated into the French (German, Belgian, Spanish) society. Migrants position themselves as cohesive communities, and they consider radical Islam as the only teaching that can become an effective alternative to the European way of life. As a result, migrants actually refuse to accept the lifestyle, culture and ideological attitudes of the host society. This reluctance is transformed in practice into participation in mass riots and protest movements, in the activities of extremist and terrorist groups. European culture and its achievements for the radically-minded part of migrants who are not going to assimilate and coexist in general peacefully with the European population, are of absolutely no value. It is difficult not to agree with the words of the philosopher Jean Baudrillard mentioned above: “Western culture rests only on the desire of all the others to gain access to it. And when the slightest signs of a weakening of this desire appear, it loses not only its superiority in the eyes of the rest of the world, but also the attractiveness in its own eyes. But the harness and rob the best that it can offer - cars, schools, shopping centers. Kindergartens! That is what we wanted to integrate immigrants with, we were going to coddle with them! . . 'Fuck!' - here, in essence, is their answer. And the more we try to nurse with them, the more often they will send us by mother. We need to revise our humanitarian psychology "(Quoted in: Baudrillard J. Your mother! //

Considering the waves of Arab-African migration to France, it should be noted that only the last, “fourth” wave of migration brings so many problems to French society. The first three waves of migration passed relatively unnoticed by France. A number of Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian Arabs and Berbers worked at French enterprises and construction sites, but they did not cause serious trouble to the local population. The cultural part of the Algerian emigration generally focused on assimilation in French society and the adoption of French culture, many immigrants rejected their native culture in the name of European values. With the beginning of the "fourth wave", which came on the 1980-e - 1990-s, the situation has changed. Firstly, the migrants of the “fourth wave” are Arabs and Africans who do not want to assimilate and perceive French culture. Secondly, they are focused not so much on work as on living in France, preferably on social benefits. Thirdly, migrants arriving in France no longer dissolve in the surrounding French society, but find shelter in areas densely populated by their fellow tribesmen in French cities and rural areas. Many suburbs of large French cities have long been turned into Arab and African towns, where the European population is almost absent. Finally, the scale of migration has also increased - as French sociologists calculated, they used to make up the 0,7 person per workplace, and now the 3-4 person per workplace. Accordingly, a significant portion of migrants remain unemployed, which, in turn, contributes to the further aggravation of the social situation in the country. For several decades, the second generation of descendants of migrants has grown up in the country, which are French citizens and have rights to social benefits. Naturally, the descendants of migrants are no longer willing to work in low-paid and hard work, but prefer to live on benefits, thereby replenishing the marginal segments of the French population. It is noteworthy that the assimilation of immigrants from Arab-African families is more difficult in the second generation than in the first. French historian and anthropologist Fernand Braudel notes that in modern France, the children of Muslim immigrants "found themselves in the position of outcast and themselves reject assimilation, which often succeeded their fathers." Religious identity for Arab-African migrants replaces national identity — they never became French; Algerians, Moroccans, or Senegalese actually ceased to be. The only thing that unites numerous descendants of Arab-African migrants, many of whom do not know another language other than French, is religion. Islam becomes the basis of the identity of migrants of the second and third generation, as well as a kind of “cultural bridge” connecting them with their homeland.

Prior to the beginning of the 1990's. in France, the point of view was widespread, providing for the gradual “inclusion” of migrants into French society. First of all, this point of view was shared by socialists and representatives of other left-wing parties and movements, however, many right-wing parties advocated the assimilation of migrants. Indeed, Italian, Portuguese, Polish migrants did not have any problems in terms of assimilation - they “dissolved” fairly quickly in French society, not to mention the second and third generations, which were completely assimilated in the French environment. The increase in the number of Arab-African migrants, with their obvious cultural differences from French society, made French politicians reconsider the specifics of migration policies. Thus, the concept of “melting pot” was replaced by the concept of multiculturalism, that is, the coexistence of different cultures within French society. France was recognized as a multicultural country. The French left talked about the need to find ways of compromise and harmonious coexistence of French European culture with Arab and African cultures of migrants. At the same time, the majority of the right insisted on preserving the concept of assimilation, demanding from migrants unconditional acceptance of the lifestyle, traditions, behavioral attitudes of the host society. As evidenced by the events of recent years, the peaceful coexistence of cultures in France has not happened. The failure of multicultural policy became apparent as early as the 2000s throughout Europe, and France, due to a significant percentage of migrants, became the state where all the flaws of European migration policy manifested themselves most clearly. It is significant that the majority of the French, not striving for coexistence with the cultures of migrants, at the same time did not want them to “dissolve” in French society. So, 64% of French respondents are convinced that Arabs and Africans should not be assimilated, and only according to 9 and 12% of French people do not believe that Italian and Spanish migrants should be assimilated. Thus, a certain selectivity of the French is obvious in the choice of those migrants with whom they would like to adjoin and converge. But the improvement of the economic situation in Italy, Spain, Portugal contributed to the cessation of significant migration flows from these culturally closely related countries to France. Today, the bulk of migrants are Arabs and Africans. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Mauritania, Somalia - this is not a complete list of countries in Africa and Asia, from where many thousands of migrants go to France.

The radicalization of migrant youth as a failure of multiculturalism

The spread of radical Islam began, as noted above, precisely among the Arab-African youth, and was the result of the enormous miscalculations of the French leadership in matters of national, migration and youth policy. Despite the fact that millions of migrants live in France today. Since France does not keep official records of the nationality of French citizens, it is difficult to say how many Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Senegalese, etc. citizens live in the country. origin. According to experts, the number of foreign migrants and their descendants in France already threatens the country's national identity. They make up 20% of the total population of France. In Marseille, people from North African countries constitute more than half of the population, there are localities in which Arabs and Africans prevail in numbers over the French population, gradually displacing the latter. According to statistics, about 10% of the population of France is currently Muslim. Virtually all Muslims (except for newly converted French, who, despite the growing popularity of Islam among Europeans, are still not so many), are migrants and children of migrants from Arab countries and Islamic states of Tropical Africa. It is in this environment that radical views are spreading, with which the French government cannot oppose anything. The Arab-African youth is still one of the most socially disadvantaged groups of the French population. Russian sociologist Ye.B. Dementseva stresses that the Arab-African youth of the second generation of migrants is characterized by “dual culture” - they belong to the Western, French culture that surrounds them from the first days of birth, and to the Arab or African culture of their parents and relatives. Among Arab-African youth in France, a specific subculture is being formed, which is a combination of Arab-African Muslim culture and European, French mass culture. French among young descendants of migrants is becoming the main language of communication, especially since people from different countries (with the exception of Arabic) cannot understand each other without resorting to French. Moreover, almost all children of migrants receive education in school in French, while they communicate with their peers from a foreign environment. At the same time, the French language of migrants has a large number of borrowings from the Arabic language, especially greetings, on social and political subjects. The family values ​​have a great influence on the behavior of the second generation of migrants. Individual families of Arab-African migrants are characterized by a steady orientation towards integration into French society. Such families perceive European values ​​and the European way of life; they distance themselves from their fellow tribesmen who do not want to assimilate; they are neutral towards inter-ethnic marriages. The other pole is traditionalist families, focused on preserving national and religious values, refusing not only to integrate into the host society, but also, at times, to interact with it. Some families are actually on the “hotbeds of counterculture” position, as they relate to the surrounding society, to the European way of life in a very negative way and strive to preserve national traditions as much as possible and to protect their descendants from the influence of European culture.

But the perception of radical views often does not depend on whether a young man was brought up in a traditional or assimilating migrant family. Many French citizens of Arab-African descent who joined the radicals and went to war in Syria or Iraq are the children of second and third generation migrants. For many of them, radical Islam is the only way to get away from negative social reality. For example, the direct perpetrators of the famous terrorist attack against the magazine Charlie Hebdo Said and Sheriff Kouachi are French citizens of Algerian origin. Apparently, they came from an unfavorable social environment, since they received upbringing and education in an orphanage. It turns out that they did not assimilate religious values ​​in the family, since for a long time their family was a French state social institution. The problem is that from the orphanage, the Kouachi brothers returned to the same Parisian streets, back to the social ghetto. During the years of their life and study in the orphanage, the Kouacha brothers could not integrate into French society, moreover, they felt completely different people than prosperous French and even more prosperous Algerian migrants from full and socially successful families. Meanwhile, in the enclaves of Arab-African migrants on the outskirts of Paris and other French cities, not only drug trafficking and street robberies, car thefts and mass brawls of youth groups, but also the activities of religious fundamentalist organizations became a reality. The role of preachers is usually played by migrants who have recently arrived in France from the countries of the Arab East, and the second and third generations of Arab-African migrants as an attentive audience, and sometimes their French peers from a socially disadvantaged environment. It is in these enclaves that volunteers are recruited for combat operations in the Middle East and North Africa, and assistants of international terrorist organizations in French territory are recruited. The same brothers, Kouachi, before attacking the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo, had time to receive a religious education in Yemen and, quite likely, to take part in hostilities in the Middle East. From there, with combat experience, they, like thousands of descendants of migrants like them, returned to their native France - already as experienced fighters and staunch supporters of radical views.

Needless to say, there are tens of thousands of such radical young migrants of the first, second and third generation in France. Someone is ready to go to the riots in the center of the French capital, someone - to go to war in the Middle East, and some - and make a terrorist attack against their fellow Frenchmen. French Prime Minister Manuel Waltz in June 2015 spoke of 1730 volunteers from France fighting on the side of the forces of the “Islamic State” in the Middle East - in Syria and Iraq. According to the Prime Minister of France, 110 people from among the citizens of the country who went to fight in the Middle East, are already dead - they died during the fighting and air raids. It is increasingly becoming among radical fundamentalists and ethnic French, as well as representatives of other European nationalities. As for France itself, the operational situation here has deteriorated sharply after the influx in 2015 of a new wave of migrants from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, primarily from Syria. These are no longer labor migrants, but so-called “refugees”. Among the refugees, there are amazingly many men of fighting age. Yes, not all men want and can fight on someone’s side in the Syrian conflict, but among the hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens who have arrived in Europe, there may well be fighters from radical organizations. How to distinguish them from ordinary refugees? No European police services are powerless against so many new people arriving in the territory of the European Union countries. Each potential fighter may require a whole development, the participation of ten to twenty police officers who deal directly with his person. Law enforcement agencies and special services of European countries simply do not have such forces and resources to track extremist manifestations among refugees from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

At the beginning of the second week of November 2015, just before the terrorist attacks in Paris, mass unrest of migrants occurred in the French city of Calais. They began with an attempt by 200 migrants to block the road. The police had to use three hundred grenades with tear gas, but migrants began throwing stones at police officers. In total, Kale has at least 6 thousands of people, mostly immigrants from Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia, as well as refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. The heated situation in Calais forced the leadership of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs to send additional gendarmerie units and special forces more than 450 people to the city. For modern France, the riots perpetrated by migrants from African and Asian countries have long become quite an everyday event. On the outskirts of Paris and a number of other French cities, migrant youth clash with police regularly, but even against this background, the situation of the past year looks most alarming. In particular, if we consider that France is "stuck" in a military campaign in Syria, initiated by the Americans. The fact that the terrorist attacks in Paris have a "Syrian trace", now almost no one doubts. Obviously, it is precisely the war in Syria and Iraq and the uncontrolled migration of “refugees” to Europe that are connected with it that pose the greatest threat to the national security of European states. This is confirmed by reports of the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Paris 13 in November 2015. So, according to Le Figaro, the first suspect was one Abdulakbak B. 1990 year of birth. The 25-year-old man was a citizen of Syria and had not previously come to the attention of the French police. A young Syrian, according to preliminary data, and set off an explosive device placed on his own body, in the area of ​​the Stade de France stadium. Presumably, Ahmed Almohammed, a Syrian citizen, became the direct organizer and leader of the terrorist attacks. According to European media, he came to France under the guise of a refugee from Syria through the territory of Greece and Serbia. By the way, it was in Serbia that Almohammed filed an application for asylum. Unlike the Syrian citizens of Abdulakbak and Almohammed, 29-year-old Ismail Omar Mostefai was a native and, accordingly, a French citizen. Since 2012 he lived in Chartres and repeatedly came into the view of the French police and intelligence services. However, Omar was watched badly. Moreover, his criminal and extremist activities frankly condoned. It is known that a twenty-nine-year-old man was tried by a French court eight times for various petty offenses. But none of these eight sentences ended in a real prison sentence. Although Mostefai was also in the counterintelligence database as a supporter of radical fundamentalist views, he was also not sanctioned along this line. В 2013-2014 гг. he managed to visit Syria and, apparently, showed considerable activity in the camp of religious fundamentalists. The neglect of the French special services to his person turned out that 13 November 2015 g. Mostefai blew himself up in the Bataklan concert hall.
The fact that the main object of propaganda attention of extremists is the French youth of Arab-African descent and the youth from families of refugees and migrants, is evidenced by the fact that among the suicide bombers in the hall "Bataclan" were two teenagers aged 16-18 years. Young people and adolescents of the second and third generations of migrants are a special case. They feel as full-fledged citizens of France as the ethnic French, because they were born and lived in France since childhood. But, at the same time, they feel their “otherness”, are dissatisfied with their social position and this discontent is transformed into participation in radical movements and extremist organizations. Professor Sorbonne Sophie Body Gandre is engaged in the study of youth ethnocriminal groups in France. According to the researcher, “when black adolescents burn cars, they themselves consider themselves to be French-deprived by the state, and the authorities consider them French” (quoted on: -v-evrope /). This situation is typical not only for France, but also for most of those European countries where migrants and their descendants make up a rather large part of the population.

The socially disadvantaged environment of “migrant ghettos” is becoming a fertile ground for the spread of radical and extremist views. On the other hand, this environment is constantly being fed by new and new migrants from Asia and Africa. If European countries maximally tightened the migration policy, the penetration of new waves of migrants into the social environment of the outskirts of European cities would be suspended. Accordingly, the descendants of migrants in the second and third generations would receive more incentives for assimilation in the host society, since they would lose contact with “fresh” tribesmen who came from the “historical homeland” and act as main translators of national and religious traditions and worldviews.

The nightmare of 13 in November of 2015, regardless of who actually stood behind the terrorist attacks in Paris, once again drew attention to the enormous problems that Europe faced due to its migration policy. Even if the terrorist attacks in Paris are the machinations of one of the world's special services, they became possible, first of all, due to the absence of a coherent French policy towards foreign migrants. Approximately the same problems - and the rest of European countries. Periodically, the migration situation reminds oneself of bloody victims. Either visitors and local religious fanatics, or "ultra-right" from among the representatives of the indigenous population, shoot and blow up, and completely innocent civilians suffer, including. Having given up the situation with migrants, Europe commits suicide.
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  1. mamont5
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    Yeah, the French police showed everything ... why is she notcapable of.
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      Quote: mamont5
      Yeah, the French police showed everything ... why is she notcapable of.

      I'm afraid that here, in this case, any super-duper would not be able to do anything, not that case. Too big bets are planned today. There are articles that the total debt of the United States already exceeds $ 50 trillion. They have nothing to pay themselves and will not, there are no such habits, they have not acquired, the wrong culture.
      1. cniza
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        Absolutely, it is from here that all the troubles and problems that exist and which are yet to come grow.
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        Dart2027 16 November 2015 19: 22
        There is such a writer and publicist Nikolai Starikov. He is often accused of being a conspiracy theorist, but!
        12.11.15/74/19 in the video blog number 13.11.15 appears his statement that the US will demonize ISIS (XNUMX minutes) and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX terrorist attacks in Paris.
    2. Dazdranagon
      Dazdranagon 16 November 2015 09: 34
      Quote: mamont5
      the French police showed everything ... what she is incapable of.
      - if the goal of terrorists is to kill as many people as possible, then the police are powerless. Invaders refused negotiations.
    3. Hubun
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      sorrow, of course, among people, but for some reason I am very concerned about the question of whether they will draw caricatures of this foul magazine for this event
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      And with "multiculturalism" Europe, including France by itself, "screwed up" seriously. And then there will still be ...
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      Quote: mamont5
      Yeah, the French police showed everything ... why is she notcapable of.

      not the police, politics ...
      Viva Marine Le Pen !!! Viva La France !!!
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    It seems to me that Le Pen’s victory in the elections is assured.
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      Quote: Darkness
      It seems to me that Le Pen’s victory in the elections is assured.

      If the "elections" were based on the choice of the people, then YES. And since in the "elections" little depends on the people, then they will choose the one who will be advertised.
      Le Pen will be accused of provoking a terrorist attack in Paris. And the people will grab. You think the French are smarter than the Ukrainians. Vryat whether. Will lead to any stupidity.
      1. Gomunkul
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        If the "elections" were based on the choice of the people, then YES. And since in the "elections" little depends on the people, then they will choose the one who will be advertised.
        I can assume that it will be Sarkozy. yes
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      3. PSih2097
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        Quote: igordok
        You think the French are smarter than the Ukrainians. Vryat whether. Will lead to any stupidity.

        and when you consider that there are migrants above the roof, and those sitting on benefits and voting for whom they need ...
        It used to be simple, if you want citizenship - you’ve been brought to a foreign legion for five years, you just have to become a refugee ...
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    That’s what the French lack, it’s brains, they lured such monkeys fool
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      Quote: sergeyzzz
      What the French lack is brains,

      Why don't they like Russians? They don’t love us because they are afraid. They are afraid, like something inexplicable and unpredictable natural disaster. There you have it (bike)


      Small town (e.g. Avignon).

      Fresh rolls (baguettes) are delivered to the local store early in the morning. Warm, delicious, aromatic. People (French) are waiting in line at the checkout counter. Waiting for minutes 10 - 15.

      The line is large, but civilized, not noisy. Freshly baked and brought baguettes are in three baskets, like pencils in a glass. It may not be enough for everyone. And then Evil appears: five noisy bearded Arabs enter the store. They pick up baguettes from baskets. Each as much as fits in your hands. The baskets are empty.

      Loud Arabs go to the end of the line (pay). The line slowly escorts their eyes. Painful silence hangs. The French understand that they are standing in the queue useless: the bread is over thanks to the Arabs is over. But they are silently tolerant. The atmosphere is electrified. And suddenly, in grave silence, a phrase in an unknown language hoarsely and threateningly sounds in an unknown language: "What is this for ... ouin ?!"

      Two gloomy types slowly emerge from the middle of the line. So the second “Evil” appears. The second "evil" silently goes to the end of the line to the first "evil". The line is shrinking. Guys approach the first two Arabs, slowly and inevitably take everything from them! ... everything!!! baguettes and turn back. The queue is in a coma.

      And then what happens breaks the French brain completely. On the way back, the guys in turn give each Frenchman a loaf in one hand. And judging by their look, to refuse these baguettes will not work for anyone.

      Then the guys again return to the Arabs, take the baguettes from the next, and so on until all the French in the queue have a baguette in their hands. After that, each of the guys takes one loaf for himself, and returns the rest to the Arabs ... and stand in line.

      Everything. The second "evil" defeated the first "evil." The queue is in shock. In silence the thoughts of the French are heard. “This is the Russians!” “The Russians can not only take bread by force, but also force them to eat ?!” “If the Russians can arrange it in line with their bare hands in peacetime, what can they do with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, tank or submarine during time of war? !! "
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 November 2015 07: 23
    Europe in recent years has been digging its own grave. it does not respond to warnings of smart people, preferring to act at the direction of the United States. Until now, they cannot or do not want to understand that the United States needs a weak and fragmented Europe. As a rabbit resists, but he climbs into the mouth of a boa constrictor, so Europe is losing its position to America to the detriment of itself. The result of such a policy in recent events in France, in the influx of refugees into Europe (you called, we came). If it continues to continue in the same spirit, then kirdyk is just around the corner.
    1. Egor123
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      I agree with you. As they say - for what they fought, they ran into something
  5. Angro Magno
    Angro Magno 16 November 2015 07: 28
    Migration is secondary. Nefig was to bomb Libya.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 16 November 2015 07: 38
    Angro Magno, Migration is secondary. Nefig was to bomb Libya...Absolutely fair .. Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt .. were gates on the way of migrants .. There were cracks in these gates .. but migration went in streams ... I wanted a stream .. they set up an "Arab spring" .. Europe in a terrible jo .. EEEEE .. the situation .. you can't return the migrants back .. Christian-French, migrants-Muslims will never become ... in 20 years, so in XNUMX years, the remains of Napoleon will be thrown out of the tomb .. and they will put some shahid there .. Thank you , Ilya .. very interesting ..
  7. Das Boot
    Das Boot 16 November 2015 07: 52
    In connection with the Parisian meat grinder, it seemed curious to me that I suddenly gave a voice President of Germany!! Gauk pushed in the Bundestag about a new type of war and the threat of barbarians to European values. Well, of course: "The Democratic Community Is Stronger Than Hate International"(with). It reminded me:
  8. exSUman
    exSUman 16 November 2015 08: 02
    "Also on Monday, it became known that the United States in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris began to provide France with a larger volume of intelligence data than before on the positions of the Islamic State group (a group banned in the Russian Federation, IS) in Iraq and Syria, in order to make it easier for Paris air strikes on militants, The Wall Street Journal, an electronic version of the American newspaper, reported on Sunday. (from news feeds) Two questions: 1 - what was in the way before? The wiretapping of Hollande's phone and the lack of intelligence sharing do not fit into a friendship pattern 2 - who really benefited from what happened? Very reminiscent of September 11, 2001, terrorists with passports and Korans go to work ...
  9. vitya1945
    vitya1945 16 November 2015 08: 13
    Legs grow understandably from where, but it is not clear where advanced Europeans themselves look?
    They don’t understand what’s going on?
    And Le Pen will not be able to do anything, overseas friends and they will find council on her.
    The truth above someone threw Europe out of the golden billion.
  10. Stiletto
    Stiletto 16 November 2015 09: 17
    Some actively and consciously, others - with the tacit consent of the first, nurtured the "moderate opposition", raped the whole world with their "double standards", and now they are surprised at the results of the storm they are reaping. They don't care about Libya, they don't care about Syria, they don't care about Beirut, they don't care about Russia, but - Paris ... Paris !!!!
  11. Stas57
    Stas57 16 November 2015 09: 19
    why on the avatar no one has the French flag !!! ??
    we all must, no obligation to grieve, and dare not ask why the avatars do not have an airplane, Russian, Turkish or Israeli flag?
    Sudanese, Syrian or Iraqi ..

    In general, this is the end of the European Union.
    Yes, and this end is dark and clipped.
    1. Das Boot
      Das Boot 16 November 2015 10: 46
      Quote: Stas57
      In general, this is the end of the European Union.
      Yes, and this end is dark and clipped.

  12. Severomor
    Severomor 16 November 2015 09: 23
    By the way, and cheerful, with French humor and sarcasm, never departing from European values, democratic and tolerant, original and free drawings from the well-known magazine already appeared?
  13. Aunt Sonya
    Aunt Sonya 16 November 2015 09: 38
    Jacob Kedmi (ex-head of the Israeli service "NATIV") about the terrorist attacks in Paris
    Yasha-cuts the truth of the uterus - BEAUTY !!!

  14. dvg79
    dvg79 16 November 2015 09: 39
    Europe is now an HIV-infected organism with blood poisoning, and the infection continues to flow into the body. No antibiotics can help, death is inevitable. But they infected us too.
  15. Basilevs
    Basilevs 16 November 2015 09: 39
    Interestingly, and in Charlie Moodlo about Friday events, no caricatures have yet been muddied? What is no reason ...
  16. vomag
    vomag 16 November 2015 09: 43
    Yes, 100% of the mattresses themselves carried out these terrorist attacks (their hand is felt here) ... the French are trying to Syria, so it’s scary to drag themselves by themselves, it’s scary ...
    1. Das Boot
      Das Boot 16 November 2015 10: 42
      Quote: vomag
      (here their hand is felt)

      just curious - by what signs did they recognize the hand?
      1. vomag
        vomag 16 November 2015 13: 57
        1 this is when the terrorist attack took place (time, place, date) 2 by whom and for what purpose (the militants were yelling something about revenge for Syria) 3 by what forces was the blow struck? in 8-9 places at the same time! it’s not bad for flea militants, here you can see the structure and the general command in carrying out a special operation .. (the igil is completely controlled by mattresses) 4 cause resonance in society and force the leadership of the country (France) to act in the direction necessary for amers .. since France is controlled by mattresses there is a reason so they created it ... I think I’m right to make conclusions or not ....
        1. Das Boot
          Das Boot 16 November 2015 16: 27
          Quote: vomag
          1 this is when the attack (time place date)

          but what about the place and date? Well, Paris. Well, November 14th. So what?
          Quote: vomag
          2 by whom and for what purpose (militants there yelled something about revenge for Syria)

          The goal and the performers were never particularly hidden. They threatened terrorist attacks for a long time. In fact, this is the main tactical method of all Saudi-Qatari creatures.
          Quote: vomag
          3 what forces hit? in 8-9 places at the same time! not bad for flea militants, here you can see the structure and the general command in conducting a special operation

          don't be funny. Why are they suddenly "fleas"? Don't be so condescending about your enemies, dear. Logistics, conspiracy, weapons, and the diotiism of the French secura - this is without the CIA. You have a strange idea about the Muslims.
          Quote: vomag
          4 cause resonance in society
          Quote: vomag
          . Since France is controlled by mattresses, they need a reason, so they created it ..
          some crap. If controlled - why such difficulties? Isn’t it easier to call the Champs Elysees? Three blocks from the US Embassy - you can even send a courier.
          1. vomag
            vomag 16 November 2015 19: 22
            It’s not 14 and 13 Friday that it tells you something? (Of course, it happened by chance) 2 threaten one thing to do it another ... 3 remind me when did such flea-sized actions take place? in a foreign country and they have explosives and weapons (don’t tell me you need norms; this is a special operation and not taking a neighbor's cat hostage!) To send soldiers to fight in Syria, you need weighty arguments, and not just that I wanted this about prez. . France. Yes addition_- The enemy of France is the Islamic State, and not the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Such a statement during a speech at the Congress of the French Parliament was made by French President Francois Hollande. Now it’s clear why all this was done! They are being stubbornly dragged to Syria
          2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  17. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 16 November 2015 10: 44
    Quote: vomag
    Yes, 100% of the mattresses themselves carried out these terrorist attacks (their hand is felt here) ... the French are trying to Syria, so it’s scary to drag it by themselves ...
    Does the Americans need it? They invested so much bobla so that so many countries would be destroyed, so that all these terrorist gangs would be created, and now everything will be reversed ??? Not until everything is completely flaming, they will not be given anything to others to do anything. If a real coalition begins to crush IS, the Americans will immediately arrange a bunch of cease-fires and try to drag out this whole process to the complete exhaustion of the parties. So they want to tighten the French, but only for another. By the way, why France? After all, there are many beautiful European countries, such as Germany, Italy, England, finally. Maybe because France shows an overly independent policy, in contrast to the aforementioned countries.
  18. marinier
    marinier 16 November 2015 10: 45
    Good time of the day Dear!
    All the latest events in France will be brainwashed with one sentence!
    They were striving for the 4th, but it really happened! In fact, the 4th happened in Paris,
    the logical result that spans the whole of Europe !.
    If Europe does not draw conclusions, then this is a matter of time for other countries!
    Well, of course, a complete failure of special services. In this example, I would like to draw
    attention of Western analysts to Rossiu, her experience in the prevention and prevention of terrorist acts.
    Of course Israel, toze have made good progress, but then the police
    state. Therefore, the experience of RUSSIA is more acceptable for Europe.
  19. Belousov
    Belousov 16 November 2015 10: 46
    And where are the "masterpieces" from an exceptionally freedom-loving and democratic magazine? Something like "France made space for 153 more migrants" or "In order to make migrants more adaptable, France offered them their traditional entertainment - bombing and shooting hostages, everyone is delighted!" Beasts, b ...
    It’s a pity for the dead, but everything went to this. And the French themselves joyfully jumped in this direction. Let us hope that they will see their sight and stop falling under the states and the policy of multiculturalism.
  20. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 16 November 2015 11: 08
    So, for the good that the geyropa did with Libya, it would not hurt to turn it into the Libyan desert ... Yes, it will be so - a punishment commensurate with the crime is coming.
    I think the Libyans and residents of the rest of the Middle East and African countries clearly know what the geyropa should answer for.
  21. Roy
    Roy 16 November 2015 11: 11
    What goes around comes around. Not only the wild anti-national migration policy pursued by the European Liberal governments at the behest of the Zion-financial Kagal, but also the entire system of the liberal world, directly leads peoples and countries with a white population to death and degeneration. Definitely.
    1. Morrrow
      Morrrow 16 November 2015 20: 49
      Where does this love for Arabs come from?
  22. Selevc
    Selevc 16 November 2015 11: 55
    Is Charlie Ebdo fun? - we are waiting for your dancing on the bones of our fellow countrymen !!! Or that in this case, freedom of the press does not work and the satire does not ulcerate? What is not funny? And over Donbass and over Syria it was so comfortable to ulce and make fun while sitting in safety !!!
    Well, how is the fight against terrorism? France, in my opinion, has already fought against something and ran into it ... A few more years of such a struggle, and terrorism in Europe will become everyday and familiar thing ...
    The Western world is blind - they themselves are digging their own grave without realizing it ... In the modern dynamic world, you cannot just bomb somewhere and then sit out in the "bushes" ... It's just mean and that's what it leads to !!! The answer came ... Sow the wind - reap the storm !!!
    Modern France in the international arena looks pathetic, perverted, wretched, petty and servile ... France is a country in which women are stronger than men !!!
    1. wanderer987
      wanderer987 16 November 2015 21: 54
      In this situation, it does not hurt to recall that France once had colonies all over the world, and especially in northern Africa, which it considered to be its patrimony and carried in huge quantities to the metropolitan area of ​​African slaves. Over time, the whole south of France almost completely became inhabited by Africans and Arabs, and now the moment came when they became cramped, and the situation in Syria is only an excuse for riots, and they decided to expand their habitat, something like that !!!
  23. atakan
    atakan 16 November 2015 12: 22
    That would somehow organize terror in the United States am , on behalf of the Martian terrorists, so that they would quickly collect the monnets and dump them on Mars, avenge and bring democracy to bear.

    But with the French it was not the first time, but the second time it worked.
    Again bombed and where would they go.

    The United States has terrorist hooks at all.
  24. krez-74
    krez-74 16 November 2015 12: 53
    I once spoke out on what Europe faces and faces, -http: //
  25. robbihood
    robbihood 16 November 2015 12: 59
    I want to remind those who think that the infection of hatred will be strengthened in European hearts, the last world war. the fight was fought with a deadly enemy and was fiercely waged. everything was used that could suppress the will to resist the enemy. However, democracy did not die, but flourished in Europe after the victory. We are in a war if someone does not understand. during WWII, it was necessary to renounce certain rights and freedoms in the name of victory. In our time, even this is not required. to ban emigration from Muslim countries. to stop paying benefits, not to hire, eviction of terrorists and their families, possibly, “lifting” those who voluntarily leave. such and similar measures will soon lead to the elimination of the danger. I’ll remind those hollowworms who start yelling about fascism that the Nazis killed millions of people, burned in furnaces, declared themselves ubermen and wanted to conquer the whole world. Europe just wants to live a normal life, without fear of being shot at a concert or in a restaurant.
  26. tacet
    tacet 16 November 2015 13: 33
    Frau Merkel next!?
  27. lubesky
    lubesky 16 November 2015 14: 23
    I express my sincere condolences to the French, international terrorism is a common threat; any civilian who is infinitely far from politics and strategy can be under attack. And yet I have such a question - Charlie Hebdo began to mock the shrines of Islam, for which she paid in January. It is one thing to express your opinion, a free opinion, where it is permissible to doubt the righteousness or messiahship of Muhammad. Everyone has a right to this. You can also depict this in a caricature (comic) form, this is still not a mockery or a mockery, although it will already be stupid and shortsighted, for an increasingly Islamizing France. It is quite another matter to offend the feelings and beliefs of more than a billion Muslims around the world - this is not just stupidity or an expression of independent opinion - it is a real mockery of believing Muslims. It is we, Christians, who have long been degrading in faith and allowing us to persuade Jesus Christ in every possible way with impunity, allowing us to make films like "Jesus is a superstar" and so on. In the Muslim world, the Prophet Muhammad is the second after God, an untouchable person and only a stupid and immoral journalist who will publish such cartoons.
    Then Charlie Hebdo mocked the grief of the whole Russian civilization, insulting the grief of our people associated with the plane crash. Charlie Hebdo insists that they are outside of morality, they are the progressive voice of independence of opinion, the personification of the ideal of democracy and its voice. With all sympathy for the French, I still believe that if Charlie Hebdo does not contribute to world terrorism, are a beacon of democracy, are CONSISTENT in their logic - they should publish cartoons dedicated to the catastrophe of their own capital - Paris. And then we'll see if the French will start walking along their streets with posters - "I'm Charlie Hebdo", let's see if the French will ignore such mockery of themselves, their country and morality. And if Charlie does not do this - this is food for thought, then their publications are not consistent criticism of supposedly false morality, but the most banal sabotage, for which they will reap even more sophisticated returns ... or will they not?
    1. Morrrow
      Morrrow 16 November 2015 20: 51
      Do you suggest bending under muslim?
  28. inferno_nv
    inferno_nv 16 November 2015 15: 16

    Here’s the video, he’s already 7 years old, maybe more. I watched it for the first time in 2007 and now after Friday 13th I remembered about it! I looked again and it’s not a pity, but everything goes to this! fool
  29. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 November 2015 17: 08
    If we evaluate the topography of the Parisian terrorist attacks, it turns out .... It turns out that this is the very territory loved by visitors to cheap markets and around, up to Saint Denis. There had already been riots there, they burned cars and so on ... In Moscow, for example, there was a similar - Cherkasy Zone. Our wits were enough to demolish the viper. The Parisian security forces have yet to realize what it is. Dead Americans: what prevented an American rock band from filming a "theater" (there is a stage and a dozen chairs - already a "theater") in a decent place? That's right: renting a hall is twice and three times more expensive. On the other hand, the police work in such a way that you won't be spoiled, they will quickly take you by the ass. Saved .... So it turns out that the uncontrolled territories live by their own laws, in a complete absence of those! It grew, grew and was born. You can't put it back in!
  30. Kibl
    Kibl 16 November 2015 18: 39
    Fools have always been taught how to beat! And they will continue to beat harder and harder !!! Paris is just the beginning !!! And all these screams about a terrible terrorist attack, an empty sound. They are to blame, everything from European politics since the late 60s. Liberalism, all people are brothers, let it never be! Nefig make mopped-up enclaves of any shushera from Europe. Where was born there and fit, let the Negroes hang out on their black continent, because they have everything there, both in land and in water! But so that it it was necessary to work in mines, mines, at rigs, but they don’t want to! It’s easier to beat a tambourine, to jump and jump, that’s why Ukrainians picked up one, the situation is similar!
  31. twincam
    twincam 16 November 2015 21: 27
    Quote: Darkness
    It seems to me that Le Pen’s victory in the elections is assured.

    she’s not a bad aunt.
    1. wanderer987
      wanderer987 16 November 2015 21: 42
      It's high time in France to do early elections!
  32. wanderer987
    wanderer987 16 November 2015 21: 41
    Apparently soon refugees from Europe will rush to Russia fleeing from the Arabs, and then the question of what to do with them with the Europeans, they do not know the language, they are afraid of frost and bears, well, a humanitarian catastrophe is brewing. And the benefit from all this is only "striped from behind a puddle" and I don't think they have conceived the hands of the Arabs to "lower" Europe thereby saving their dollar ???
  33. Elena2013
    Elena2013 17 November 2015 01: 39
    Sergei Kapitsa is right to some extent. In the meantime, we are witnessing a global deb.