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"Our records were not something personal"

"Our records were not something personal"

All national security is based on deep roots of memory, on the basis of which the new generation gets the opportunity to study the experience of previous generations. In Soviet times, between the regions and individual state farms as a motivation used socialist competition based on the spirit of rivalry. True, this spirit of rivalry is still present between people, but its forms have acquired simply monstrous features with which we now live: anger, aggression, who has a better wife or car, etc., etc.

Do not believe it, but I love that time and those people. Look at the photos of past centuries. What kind of people, what were their spiritualised faces! And now ... In us, the Russians are actively planting the seeds of evil. They germinate and you don’t have to go far for examples. Themselves probably face it every day or even an hour.

But those people who are the truth and the basis for people like me, for example, remain in the rural outback. And I go, and I look for such people.

Long ago, the noise subsided around the former high-profile, for the whole Union, records. Now the new economic system, new values, forms of ownership and ideals ... However, in the heart and soul of the old-timers from grain growers and the former legend of the Tselinsky district and Don Nikolai Vasilyevich Bochkarev, these days reappear, as then, 40 years ago, enthusiasm.

Impatient and persistent spirit of competition and restless dreams at night: he is back in the field with his link, they have a goal - to set a record, squeeze out of the equipment, from themselves, from the time limit everything ... At a time when new ones appeared at the Moskovsky State Farm "Kolosy" Taganrog Agricultural Machine-Building Plant, the first secretary of the regional party committee I.A. Bondarenko made a remark to Tselinsky first - I.P. Tokarenko: what, they say, is a new technique, they have learned how to work on it, but what about trying harvesters in full, to achieve the highest possible productivity of a technique?

After this conversation, the choice of the party district leader fell on Moskovsky. And now he, Tokarenko, asked a similar question to the director of the state farm S.S. Pivovarov, more precisely, set the task: to create a link from Kolosov and go on a record, especially since the economy assumed increased obligations to fulfill the plans of the 9 5th year plan.

Report point

And a mechanized link was formed, which consisted of two experienced machine operators, N.I. Bochkarev (16 years at the helm of a combine), I.G. Afonichev (20 years of mechanization experience), and two combiners with whom they were mentors - Nikolai Novikov and Viktor Kisilev, plus four assistant combiners: Yuri Bragin, Vitaly Vasyukh, Alexander Yemelyanov and Alexander Sankov. That cleaning was the most responsible and intense in the life of all members of the link. To test the resources of the equipment and the person, the day and the hour were appointed — the beginning of the 13 July 15 of the year in 1974. So began the record record. First things first - savings. Strict time saving in everything. Zveneva and his colleagues calculated everything, created a clear algorithm of actions. It was also important that the engineering and technical service worked in the complex. On the direct combine of wheat, the bunker was unloaded on the move. Experienced drivers of the Tselinsky ATP were chosen for grain transportation: N.N. Karpov, Yu.I. Rybalko, G.V. Kobzarenko, V.V. Lozovoy, V.V. Kasyanov, A.A. Korobkin and A.D. Bakulin.

Everything went with geometrical accuracy: adjust the car, select the speed “under the combine”, drive it according to the time and route planned for this action, meet the deadline, and preferably earlier, return.

All counted in advance. It was decided to save on equipment refueling - they put the combines on the suggestion of N.V. Bochkareva additional fuel tank on 140 liters of fuel. These are non-stop 16 operating hours, saving in 40 minutes, and therefore additional 80 centners of grain from each unit ...

During the record 23 hours, we had to perform maneuvers with equipment due to changes in cleaning conditions.

The dew of the night fell to 12, the wheat began to be poorly threshed on direct combining and in rolls, the team leader decides to re-equip the harvesters for the selection and threshing of barley ...

The found and well-established rhythm, the headlights piercing the night, the dust and the noise of the cars combined into one melody of a peaceful battle. Already fatigue disappears, a second wind opens, sending the young steering wheel to rest, with the customary grip of the steering wheel, the mechanic feels the breathing of the machine, each and her own sigh ...

At the peak of glory and honor

And the next day began the glory. All previous hours in a tense rhythm were tracked by machine operators, chauffeurs, by weight, directorate and partkom of sovkhoz, district party every kilogram, centner, minute ... Record set: 23 thousand centners of grain for 8 hours of uninterrupted work. The greatest amount of wheat and barley was achieved by Nikolai Novikov - 2198 centners, 2005 centners of grain namolotil Viktor Kisilyov, 1977 centners - a personal record of Ivan Afonichev and 1820 centners on N.V. Bochkareva.

Now you can ask the question: did you need all this? Nikolay Vasilyevich the question is not puzzling.

- And how! Then we all worked that way. Our records, labor successes were not something personal. We did this for the country, there was pride in the Union, for our people, for the fact that our district and state farm became famous throughout the country, ”says Bochkarev.

The fact that this record, like many others, is not a personal treasure, is also indicated by the fact that the mechanics of the Bochkarev link went on to show how modern and high-performance equipment is produced by the Don engineering plants. Indeed, at that time, indeed, the fame of "Kolos" and "Niv", as a reliable and modern technology, spread throughout the Union.

Congratulations increased in importance: the first district committee - I.P. Tokarenko was in the third section of Moskovsky at noon on July 16.

Later, when the record was reported to the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU, L.I. Brezhnev, - the first face of the regional committee, Ivan Afanasyevich Bondarenko, arrived at the Bochkarevtsa - brought a greeting from Leonid Ilyich to the address of the link.

And it went: increased commitments - the link pledged to thresh no less than 100 thousand centners of grain in that country.

Bochkarevtsy called on the socialist competition of the advanced brigade of combine workers Taganrog, a brigade of machine builders of the Leningrad Kirov Plant, grain-collecting units. They are the initiators of the All-Union socialist competition in the high-performance use of harvesting equipment.

There was no end to the journalists: television, newsreelists, correspondents of allied, regional newspapers and magazines, the local area ...

Peak of Fame - 6 August 74-th: Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, signed by the Chairman of the Presidium Nikolai Podgorny, "for labor prowess, excellence in the use of technology for harvesting grain crops and achieving high output and grain grinding in 1974" combine operator -level harvesting link of the farm "Moskovsky" of the Tselinsky district of the Rostov region N.V. Bochkarev is awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle gold medal.

During the season, the team of “bochkarevtsev” issued more than 100 thousand centners of bread from the bunkers of the aggregates, and the linker itself gave 27850 centners of grain. With this record, the link marked the beginning of a socialist competition among machine operators of the Rostov region and the country for the high-performance use of harvesting equipment.

The same Decree awarded the Order of Lenin combine harvesters Ivan Georgievich Afonichev and Nikolai Dmitrievich Novikov; the order of the Labor Red Banner was received by the mechanicist Viktor Vasilyevich Kisilyov and the driver of the Tselinsky ATP Yury Nikolayevich Rybalko; The Order of Honor was awarded to the drivers of the Tselinsky ATP: Nikolai Nikolayevich Karpov, Gennady Vasilievich Kobzarenko, Vladimir Vasilievich Lozovoy; the medal "For Labor Difference" was awarded to assistants to combiners Yury Nikolaevich Bragin, Vitaly Mikhailovich Vasyukh, Alexander Terentyevich Emelyanov and Alexander Ivanovich Sankov.

The glorious record of the Bochkarevtsy record is reflected in the district newspaper “Leninskaya Tribuna”. Hemming 74 of the last century is replete with pictures of members of the link: wide smiles on young faces - they knew the real value of this fame, which suddenly fell upon these simple rural guys who used to work day and night, than to make loud speeches from the stands, they knew for what was needed this record. What about speeches? Yes, they were, they had to be pronounced, they were helped to write by people who could do it well ...

41 a year later

Nikolai Vasilievich goes to another room and brings a jacket - the same one in which he was at the 25 party congress, at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, at many conferences and meetings, the Hero's star did not dim and proudly glitters with gold.

“That's just the size of a bit of disagreement now,” Bochkarev smiles, “then weighed 95 kilograms and sat like a suit. And now ... He puts on his jacket, which is now too big for several sizes, and, sitting down in a chair, smoothes his lapels, so as not to obscure the Star.

“74 was a stormy year for me,” he recalls. - I started to build a house. The wife is in a position ... Tokarenko talked with one of the Tselina construction organizations - they poured the foundation, began to lay out the walls, and the guys went to clean up the Tula region to help.
It turns out that then the brick was not enough, our building got up, and my wife had to go to the district committee. So, with a grief in half the wall brought out. Then it turned out there is no forest. I came, I already wanted to give up on everything, but by luck, the construction team of the railway organization helped, brought the roof out. This is where my money ran out. Finishing work to do nothing. I tell my wife - let's sell this house, build a smaller one on the money. But in the spring somehow everything was decided. The same railroad workers offered a reasonable price for finishing. I calculated that I can earn this money in Altai, where we were sent along with the equipment to help in the harvesting of grain. So I arrived, and here almost everything is ready. I still live in it ...

The hero of the socialist labor now lives in a large and spacious house - the spouse and faithful companion Taisiya Antonovna 9 years ago passed away ... Children live with their families. The eldest granddaughter - Elena's daughter, grandfather is very proud - she is a doctor: “My savior. He works and lives nearby - in Yegorlyk. ”

Nikolai Vasilievich underwent a complicated operation, but although the drugs became his constant companions, he does not give up: he is constantly up to date with events in the country, the region and the region, and he himself maintains order in the house.

“Why burden someone?” Children have their own concerns. From the social worker, I initially refused. And now, maybe, an assistant would already be needed ... I’ll see how my health will be ...

The son, Vasily Nikolayevich, is a farmer. Father always helps, whenever possible. Previously, with advice and deed, but now, when there is neither strength nor health, the advice of bati - an experienced machine operator - is always the way. "Adjust the height of the reaper - pick up a little, you need to cut the stalk a little higher under this humidity - then it will go ..."

- Now the technique, of course, is different, - says Nikolai Vasilyevich. - Son gave in "Akros" to sit. Yes, it is not trailed to the "chassis" combine, where I started after vocational school ... Clean, cool - what is not work! Buttons just Nemer, come on, figure it out ...

The hero of social work rejoices a lot in the changed working conditions of machine operators, but regrets a great deal:

- It is impossible to devalue our grain-harvesting work so much, what kind of price of grain! After all, we are growing the most important product ... It's a pity our school, the Middle-Gorlyk SPTU was a forge of mechanization personnel not only for the Tselinsky District, but now it’s only the chefs who teach. It is necessary to do something, to transfer training in a modern way ...

By the way, in 1975, the challenge prize was established by him. Bochkareva - for students of agricultural colleges, and in the 76 year - the regional school of excellence N.V. Bochkareva on high-performance use of technology. All this has sunk into oblivion. But the glorious and instructive pages stories should not be forgotten.

More than once the proposal was made to establish a prize for the grain-growers named after Bochkarev. Why not?

Pro Rewards Stories

We have been sitting with Nikolai Vasilievich for a long time. Albums, photos, remember the familiar names and events. He shares stories from his "life after glory." For example, about the State Prize (Bochkarev - Winner of the USSR State Prize). It was the annual state award (awarded from 1967 to 1991 years) on the anniversary of the October Revolution "for outstanding creative achievements in the field of science and technology, literature and art."

“The reward is serious, but somehow I was not very lucky with her,” he smiles. - This story now, probably, can already be told, but then the guys did not believe me. In monetary terms, the real premium was significantly less. But never mind, the guys and I then washed the award together - with all this money ...

With the award, which was given to the award - also not lucky. Already in the 90-e years nimble guys "took away" from the Hero. Then such incidents of vandalism were everywhere ... But he keeps the Star holy, especially after that incident. She often helped her fellow villagers to solve important issues.

“Olga Andreevna Vereshchak comes to me somehow (she worked as an economist at the state farm) and says:“ Put it on, Nikolay! ”And that means - you need to wear a jacket with a Star:“ Let's go! ”And we went to Rostov gas to“ beat out ” . They did not decide anything. They advised us to go to Moscow to Chernomyrdin. So I had to "dress up" again. The Star of the Hero helped to open the necessary doors in the Ministry. Oh, and we walked through the offices!

Not everything was simple and easy, but we still had gas in our village. And in this there is a personal role and merit of N.V. Bochkareva.

We parted at the gate. "It is a pity that I alone survived from my guys ... I and my helm remained," he specifies.

Nikolai Vasilievich, despite his 82 of the year and the disease, is actively meeting with fellow villagers: “We have an arbor here near the Council,” as he calls the administration of the settlement. “That's where we are going.”

By the way, during the Soviet era, the harvest period was considered a “battle for the harvest”. And everyone took part in this battle, including military units. As evidenced by the old photos with trucks.
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  1. Glot
    Glot 17 November 2015 06: 42
    But do not believe it, but I love that time and those people. Look at the photos of past centuries. What kind of people, and what kind of spiritual faces they had. And now ... The seeds of evil are actively planted in us Russians. They germinate and one does not have to go far for examples. You yourself probably come across this every day, or even an hour.

    Absolutely agree !
    And now ... As one of my colleagues said, even put a pretty penny between your relatives, they will tear each other's throats.
    Article plus.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 17 November 2015 07: 53
    Our records, labor successes were not something personal. We did it for the country, there was pride for the Union, for our people... I paraphrase the poet ... there were people at THIS time .. Not that the current tribe ... I’ll say for my work .. I can only hear it ... I don’t have to, I don’t have to .. and at the same time .. there they pulled fuel .. they stole money ..
    Thank you for the article...
    1. 222222
      222222 17 November 2015 11: 05
      I am -
      Soviet Union."
      (Vladimir Mayakovsky
  3. dvg79
    dvg79 17 November 2015 08: 18
    The hard workers then knew that they were working not for the "uncle", but for their own workers' state, and even if not he himself, but his children will receive the result of his labor. Now you know that you feed bureaucrats and oligarchs who kill and rob the country and somehow not up to records , earn your daily bread and okay.
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 17 November 2015 08: 48
      You can now open your own business and work only for yourself, without bureaucrats.
      1. Glot
        Glot 17 November 2015 10: 03
        You can now open your own business and work only for yourself, without bureaucrats.

        Without bureaucrats, it won’t work out anyway.
        And it’s simple in words - open your business and work. In fact, everything is not so easy. It would be simple, we would have a country of businessmen. laughing
    2. Nikolay K
      Nikolay K 17 November 2015 09: 22
      The hard workers participated in socialist competitions, some for ideological reasons, and some for different orders from above. And these competitions were invented not because of a good life, but precisely because the hard worker, unlike the owner, has very little incentive to work for an abstract state. But in the end, all these competitions grew into a bureaucratic show, when knowingly favorable conditions were created for someone to set records. Actually, this article describes a similar case. The problem is that socialist competition was really stimulated only by individual "sportsmen" of hard workers who received orders of medals and prizes, and the rest of the gray mass, as it was unmotivated, remained so. As much as the idealists would not like, personal material interest stimulates much more than the abstract idea of ​​the common good.
      1. 17 November 2015 13: 49
        A state is not an abstract something fool then the state was called the Motherland hi now everyone has their own state, officials have their own, citizens of Russia have their own, somehow hi
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. mirag2
      mirag2 17 November 2015 13: 18
      They were paid well in the virgin lands.
  4. Bosk
    Bosk 17 November 2015 08: 45
    The difference in comparison with those times is very significant, before, for example, they compared who "plowed" more, and now who earned ... and this "earned" today quite often depends not on the work of the employee but on the "face" of the person. .., although as my grandfather said, "Money will go away anyway, but your results will remain for anybody, because money is a fog, but the work of your hands ..."!
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 17 November 2015 08: 49
      Probably with this approach, my grandfather was a very poor man.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Bosk
        Bosk 17 November 2015 09: 17
        And what is wealth ?, so at the suggestion of the same grandfather, I believe that if you are well fed ..., dressed ..., loved ones do not need anything ..., you sleep at night with a clear conscience, then you are rich, but if you overeat ..., slept and so on ... and so on, then this is already a clinic, it's not for nothing that almost every oligarch has a psychologist on his salary ... because this is a very dangerous and harmful "job ", here half a liter of milk cannot fix the matter, here it wakes up a little tanker laughing .
  5. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 17 November 2015 09: 45
    Do not believe it, but I love that time and those people. Look at the photos of past centuries. What people, what spiritualized faces they had!

    I read the article and seemed to find myself in that past tense, there was such a thing and we were struck by this rush, only at Bochkarev’s link Krasnodar and Kolos, and we have the middle Volga and Niva, productivity does not go into comparison, but even then we threshed more than four with four combines thousand centners, it was a great time, beautiful people.
  6. Bath
    Bath 17 November 2015 11: 14
    grandfather, of course, a serious host, but the country was blown away by a jester; milk yield with milked milk did not help people to redo it; Union rotted from the very top
  7. marinier
    marinier 17 November 2015 12: 20
    Good time of the day, Dear ones.
    Dumaii will not be out of place to be mentioned, not transferred to RUSSIA, Liudi Radio for prosperity.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 17 November 2015 15: 39
      Anthony, with every comment, your Russian is being improved. hi