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Ukraine bored on the sidelines of world attention

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, in an interview with the local television channel Ukraine Today, stated that the peace process in the east of the country is in jeopardy due to escalating tensions in the region. At first glance, it is strange that Klimkin was so preoccupied with peace in the Donbass, because the “Norman Four” literally pulls the Ukrainian leaders by their shoulders to fulfill the Minsk agreements. Probably, the thing is that Ukraine has gone from the first tasks of the international agenda, giving way to the problem of refugees in Europe and the war in Syria. Now the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry hints to partners that Ukraine is ready to reclaim the attention of the world community even through the escalation of the conflict in the Donbas. After all, whatever they say, the key to peace in the East of Ukraine today is in the highest offices of Kiev.

Ukraine bored on the sidelines of world attention

Why nervous Minister Pavel Klimkin

It cannot be said that Ukraine is now deprived of the attention of international structures. Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, visited Kiev this week. The mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), headed by Ron van Ruden, began work here on Thursday.

Federica Mogherini was primarily interested in the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, which in six months should come into force in full. In Europe, a new free trade zone will appear. Mogherini inspected the preparations for this important event for the parties.

The mission, led by van Ruden, also arrived in Ukraine with good intentions. She should prepare recommendations for the IMF executive directorate on the provision of the next tranche of financial assistance to Kiev. But the main thing is that the materials of the van Ruden mission will help the Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund to introduce new rules that will allow Ukraine to lend in case of default due to non-payment of three billion dollars of Russian debt.

Focused on Ukraine and US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. In Kiev, he met with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. On the eve of the visit in an interview with BBC, Lew expressed the hope that Russia would reconsider its position on the restructuring of Ukrainian debt.

In a word, Ukraine has international support. Not deprived of it and attention. So why was the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry nervous? Observers have noted a certain fatigue of Western politicians from the unsolved problems of Ukraine. In particular, the report on the visit to the Ukrainian capital of a high-ranking European diplomat in the local information and analytical publication was called “A suitcase without a handle for Mogherini.” The author used this image to emphasize once again: Ukraine today is not ready for an equal partnership in the free economic zone opening in the new year.

There is a basis for such a conclusion. This year, for example, there is already a preferential trade regime for Ukraine, which the European Union introduced unilaterally. However, he did not bring much benefit to Kiev. Export volumes are reduced from month to month. Supplies of Ukrainian goods in different positions fell by 20-40 percent. In general, if last year, Ukrainian exports to the EU amounted to about 17 billion US dollars, now it will barely exceed 12 billions. A similar picture with the import, reduced by more than a quarter this year.

There are objective reasons for this. Ukrainian economist Oleg Ustenko, executive director of the Blazer International Foundation, writes: “We must understand that the Ukrainian economy will fall by 2015 percent by the end of 11, and last year its volume decreased by about seven percent, a year earlier - the fall was 0,5 percent. The cumulative drop in the last three years is fixed at practically twenty percent. ”

In other words, there is nothing much to sell to Ukraine today with the European Union. Economy after the Maidan seriously subsided. Hopes to fill the turnover at the expense of agricultural products also did not materialize. The European market is oversaturated with locally produced food, for which Russia has closed due to counter-sanctions. Even the preferential trade regime did not allow Ukrainian farmers to press European farmers on the counters of the European Union.

In the new year, this problem will become even more acute. Russia's Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev has already warned of a possible Russian embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products after the introduction of a free trade regime between the EU and Ukraine. This means that the volume of food sold on the Russian market today, in 2016, is likely to remain in Ukraine.

But this is only a fragment of the overall picture. This is how the professor Oleg Soskin described it as a whole on the Ukrainian Business TV channel: “I have already explained to all people a hundred times that we are in default. Country in bankruptcy: September Eurobonds did not pay, November 600 million did not pay, did not restructure 550 million of Kiev’s debt - creditors refused. There is no money for gold reserves now. They are now called not “gold reserves,” but “international,” that is, they are “between nations” in Washington. ”

Professor Soskin will not blame the pro-Russian sympathies. For many years he worked in two administrations of Ukrainian presidents (Kravchuk and Kuchma). He was an economic consultant, advisor. Now he turned to the critics of Petro Poroshenko, because he really sees: the industrial potential collapses, the cost of public services and unemployment increase, revenues to the state budget are reduced, control over strategic sectors of the economy and finances are lost. That is, the troubles that the experts scared Ukraine when it joined the association with the European Union, came today.

Finally, the Ukrainians were upset about this statement by Federica Mogherini: “European politicians need time to prepare their voter for a visa-free regime with Ukraine.” In Kiev, they did not even assume that the citizens of the European Union did not support politicians from Brussels in everything. Meanwhile, the Institute for World Politics conducted a study that yielded interesting results: 84,7% of Europeans believe that corruption is hindering Ukraine’s movement towards the EU, 72,5% is blamed for oligarchs, 56,9% is seen as an obstacle to the country's insufficient economic development, and 46% of respondents generally associate Ukraine with war.

Continuation of the war can demolish the Ukrainian authorities

A day after Mogherini’s departure, Minister Pavel Klimkin hurried to Ukraine Today TV channel. Here he gave vent to emotions. According to the minister, "we did not have any sustainable truce, it was a very fragile process." In recent days, this problem has become even more urgent. Pavel Klimkin convinced the viewers that the militia did not withdraw weapon from the line of contact, and hide it. According to the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, this problem cannot be solved until the Kiev authorities "do not have full access to the Donbass."

From these words it is very clear who initiates a new tension in the East of Ukraine. The day after Klimkin’s speech at Ukraine Today (November 13), a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin said: DNR intelligence recorded a transfer to the contact line of more than 20 Ukrainian tanks and rocket artillery.

In the town of Dzerzhinsk, ten tanks took up positions five kilometers from the contact line; twelve tanks of the Ukrainian army arrived in Novogorodskoe. They are located six kilometers from the demarcation strip. Five rocket launchers “Grad” came to Nikolayevka.

Meanwhile, such military weapons before September 1 were supposed to take deep into the rear. According to the agreement concluded at the end of September, from the contact line to November 10, the armament should be removed with a caliber less than 100 millimeters. Instead, tanks and Grads returned to firing positions.

New exacerbation of the situation began not yesterday. In an interview with Deutsche Welle correspondent, Deputy Head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission Alexander Hug noted that in the past two weeks, the SMM again recorded deaths and the continuation of the conflict. “We are registering ceasefire violations. Most of them occur near the Donetsk airport. In recent days, the situation has been slightly discharged, but the fact that people are dying indicates the extreme fragility of the truce. ”

It seems that the Ukrainian authorities are ready to once again unleash a war for “full access to the Donbas”. This will return the attention of the world community to Ukraine. The background will leave uncomfortable questions about a ruined economy and impoverished people. European politicians will defend the new government; America and its international financial institutions will help with money. Before the threat of big trouble, the population of the country will unite.

It was. It seems that Pavel Klimkin and his leaders hope that all this will happen again. Professor Oleg Soskin has a different opinion on this subject: “The bloody revolution, the bloody third Maidan has already passed, and people are already measuring everything through blood, through life, through death, through war. And they (the leaders of Ukraine - GG) behave in the same way as under Kuchma, under the “beekeeper”, under Yanukovich. That is, this life has not taught them anything. And they do not understand that their demand will be different. Because thousands of people were killed, tens of thousands were injured, became cripples. ”

Oleg Soskin openly said this to all Ukrainian viewers of the Business TV channel. Such recognition is worth a lot. People understand that the current Kiev authorities may not survive the continuation of the war in the east of Ukraine ...
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  1. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 16 November 2015 06: 45
    "Ukraine" ... I got bored ... On the sidelines ... Everything is natural. This country number 404 is interesting exclusively as a springboard for countering Russia. Now she's just returning to her true destiny - nobody needs FIGEtc. smile
    1. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 16 November 2015 08: 05
      Quote: Vladimir
      "Ukraine" ... I got bored ... On the sidelines ... Everything is natural. This country number 404 It is interesting exclusively as a springboard for counteracting Russia. Now she is simply returning to her true destiny - no one needs figs ... smile
      1. nils
        nils 16 November 2015 11: 39
        In Ukraine, parts of the words disappear all the time: Porochernko - Roshen sweets, they wanted to join NATO - it turned out to be ATO, they wanted victory - they got in trouble, they were Ukrainians - they became ukrami, they wanted to say "we are Europe!" - it turned out only "Oops!"
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 16 November 2015 16: 50
          The IG is already threatening them (according to Poroshenko, do the money ... We will spend them .... m, fellow
      2. Egor123
        Egor123 16 November 2015 18: 05
        . Poor Ukrainians forgot all about them crying
  2. mamont5
    mamont5 16 November 2015 06: 53
    While Ruin is at war, it exists (does not live). The existence of this pseudo-state is possible only at the expense of war, war with anyone. True, it turns out to be at war only with own people and that, on the verge of a foul.
    1. cniza
      cniza 16 November 2015 08: 14
      “The bloody revolution, the bloody third Maidan, has already passed, and people already measure everything through blood, through life, through death, through war. And they (the leaders of Ukraine - GG) behave like they did under Kuchma, under the "beekeeper", under Yanukovych. That is, this life has not taught them anything. And they do not understand that with them the demand will be different. Because thousands of people were killed, tens of thousands were injured, became crippled. ”

      It comes, but extremely slowly.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 November 2015 07: 03
    Observers note a certain tiredness of Western politicians from the unresolved problems of Ukraine

    Fatigue can and is observed, and help, contrary to common sense, continues and obviously will continue for a long time. The Kiev authorities are climbing over to once again remind themselves of the West, and then they will forget it, and then they will delay the next money. Therefore, there is so much stink both in social networks and in the statements of the leadership of Ukraine.
  4. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx 16 November 2015 07: 07
    How so - forgot about the "Square"! By and large, she, with her inadequate leadership, has already gotten everyone, there are a lot of problems in the world and Ukraine comes first from the end in solving them.
  5. morpogr
    morpogr 16 November 2015 07: 22
    The realization came that the country had become a waste material, everything that Western "friends" wanted was received. The market is obtained, production is ruined, the authorities are on a leash and will do whatever they tell them. A full-fledged EU colony is ready, and no one is interested in the opinion of the aborigines now even if you obmaydantes.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 16 November 2015 07: 27
    Mogherini inspected the preparations for this important event for the parties. Inspected new colonial possessions ....
  7. Glot
    Glot 16 November 2015 07: 27
    Let out of boredom chop wood or something. Winter is near!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. guzik007
      guzik007 16 November 2015 09: 13
      Let out of boredom chop wood or something. Winter is near

      You say firewood, but where can I get them from the steppes of Ukraine? Nearest urman in Siberia :)
  8. Stinger
    Stinger 16 November 2015 07: 30
    You get bored here. The aggressiveness of the eastern aggressive aggressor is terrible. He demands to pay debts. And Poroshenko-Pridonbassky can not do this for ethical reasons. Yatsenyuk-Tauride will not understand, because He believes that the aggressor himself must pay the price for his debts. And Turchinov-Illovaysky of the same opinion. So they live. In one hand x, in an arc not x. But the revival is just around the corner. Already Comrade Siluanov on the sidelines of the G20 summit promises to forgive debts on certain conditions favorable to him, but not to Russia. It remains to shoot in the Donbass and it will ripen on an independent basis. Europe will help with additional sanctions and will mature.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 16 November 2015 08: 36
      Quote: Stinger
      Already Comrade Siluanov on the sidelines of the G20 summit promises to forgive debts on certain conditions favorable to him, but not to Russia.

      The first news today is on Yandex.
  9. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 16 November 2015 07: 32
    Offended kakely. Nobody pays attention to them, no one looks. Everyone has their own problems. Without war, complete!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 November 2015 07: 47
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      Offended kakely. Nobody pays attention to them, no one looks.

      No, unexpectedly attracted attention wassat
  10. Grbear
    Grbear 16 November 2015 08: 07
    Brussels continues to "live" in a parallel reality, and Paris has already been dunked into the reality they have created. Bandera's people differ from the Islamists in their "European" appearance and kaklyak vindictiveness. They will still come to Brussels and "ask" for theirs, which was promised, but not given. Wait, sir, Europeans.
  11. ARES623
    ARES623 16 November 2015 08: 36
    If the EU really wanted to force Ukraine to raise its economy, then there would be no need for any particularly intricate recipes. We just need to make financial assistance dependent on real agreements with the LPNR and the priority of the economy over politics. But the fact of the matter is that the EU is not free in the choice of instruments for working with Ukraine. In what position Barack puts Federica, she will sing such a song. And, in the end, they will accept Ukraine into the EU for re-education, and ultimately, so that "the service does not seem like honey" to EU officials. Weakening the EU is the US goal for further absorption of its (EU) economy. It's only the beginning. It will be more interesting further ...
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 16 November 2015 08: 41
    This was to be expected. A completely idiotic attempt to give everyone lace lace panties and join the EU ended in a bloody nightmare and massive impoverishment of the country 404.
  13. Fisman
    Fisman 16 November 2015 09: 30
    bored without killing, without bombing the cities of Donbass. Ai yay yay poor thing
  14. Batia
    Batia 16 November 2015 09: 41
    Kaklov left the option - the beginning of hostilities. There is no other way to blame Russia and regain the favor of overseas owners. Accumulated weapons just can’t stand (this is with a gun hanging on the wall).
  15. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 16 November 2015 10: 12
    It will be very difficult for the Kiev junta to fulfill the mission entrusted to it by the mattress makers. The question arose about sponsoring the entire project. After all, the Americans laid the lion's share of the costs on Europe, which at the moment is not able to pull them. The Middle East chaos caused by the Americans turned out to be very costly for the Europeans. At one point, more than a million refugees settled on the European neck, and now huge funds will have to be directed not to Hochland, but to Africa, where camps for refugees will apparently be created (moreover, an acceptable result is unlikely to be achieved, but the funds are thrown in decently (and again corruption!)), to the EU countries themselves to digest refugees on their territory. The same will have to be spent on strengthening the fight against terrorism (especially in the light of recent events) and directly on the "9 crusade" ie counter-terrorist operation in Iraq and Syria (which is unlikely to go smoothly). So the mission is not possible! One can only imagine how the "leaders of the Maydaun" are rushing about in search of at least some kind of solution, against the backdrop of the dying economy of the country 404 and the war is now impossible to continue and without war they can not ...
  16. Sergey Polt
    Sergey Polt 16 November 2015 10: 15
    Showmen, damn it ... Shareware ... Attention, you wanted to know ...
  17. Lelek
    Lelek 16 November 2015 10: 37
    It seems that the Ukrainian authorities are ready to start a war again for “full access to the Donbass”.

    And they will certainly untie. It's just a matter of starting time. And this requires a loud provocation and - go ahead with the song "shche ne vmerla ...".
  18. Belousov
    Belousov 16 November 2015 12: 15
    This is already some kind of disease. So usually children react to a lack of attention, they try to even spoil just to be noticed. fool
  19. Mercenary
    Mercenary 16 November 2015 12: 17
    And that there are Calibers in the Sea of ​​Azov? The locations of the deployment of the equipment are known .... There is no need to wait for the blood of children and women to pour down the streets of Donetsk and Lugansk, and then it can be called - "Compulsion to comply with the Minsk agreements"
  20. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 16 November 2015 13: 09
    In Ukraine, the situation is "no war, no peace." There is no peace, because the right does not want to.
    There is no war, because Poroshenko is afraid, the war in Kiev will end. Truce
    in a word.
  21. Turkir
    Turkir 16 November 2015 13: 24
    The Minister, Pavel Klimkin, in an interview with Ukraine Today, said that the peace process in the east of the country is in jeopardy due to the escalation of tension in the region.
    Klimkin, as always, "forgot" to add that Kiev created this tension in the region.
    Klimkin learned from Psaki to speak a half-truth, which, as you know, is worse than a lie.
  22. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 November 2015 16: 56
    Second-hand is no longer interesting to anyone, especially those from whom the ukroproshiks are trying to squeeze out alms. This is natural. Even the circus tent moves from place to place in view of the loss of public interest. With what fright "ukrotsirk defective on the whole head" believed that he would be kept for a long time? Psychiatric patients have their own logic - another confirmation! They will no longer have any free EU visas (although who prevents them from paying and going anywhere in the EU?). The psychology of eternal freeloaders interferes. And there are enough freeloaders in Europe without them. So they can wipe the corners of the lips. Fucked perversely and didn't pay. And they won't pay any more! Frosty Winter - Bandera. They have not paid for Russian gas yet!
  23. Balagan
    Balagan 16 November 2015 19: 07
    Well, yes, they were sad, they forgot about them ... smile
  24. prawdawsegda
    prawdawsegda 16 November 2015 19: 51
    How long will this klizmkin be given?
  25. aleks700
    aleks700 16 November 2015 20: 07
    “We did not just agree to the restructuring of the Ukrainian debt, we offered better terms of this restructuring than the IMF asked of us. We were asked to postpone this payment until next year. I said that we are ready to go for a deeper restructuring: we are ready to go for this year not to receive any money at all, and next year to receive a billion, in the 17th - another billion and in the 18th - another billion, "he said.
    That's the whole tricky plan. Cheers Putin.
  26. Orionvit
    Orionvit 17 November 2015 00: 28
    No one is going to establish peace in the Donbass, agree in Minsk with Russia and Europe, and the real owners overseas. The Ukrainian government wanted to spit on Ukraine itself and on the people in particular. Half of the deputies, officials and the president himself have Israeli passports in their pockets, the other half have a passport from the USA, Canada, at worst Panama, or the same Honduras. We know, passed. We recall Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko with a Panamanian passport. As soon as it smells fried, these gentlemen will explode in the countries of their second citizenship, and catch the wind in the field. For example, Israel does not issue its citizens fundamentally, no matter who they are.
  27. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 17 November 2015 03: 49
    Sala Ukraine, Hero sala! Well, send me a shatok ... good people ... I think that in the country 404, quiet sobering sets in, it begins to reach that no one needs themselves anymore. Russia tightened its belt and starts to get out despite sanctions that will be lifted sooner or later. And the country has 404 and there’s nothing to delay, for 20 years they have sold everything. But they have downloaded it above all ...
  28. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy 17 November 2015 04: 21
    However, Bokai, who is also a pan-egg, inclined HIS to transfer Ukrainian debt to 3 yards for a brighter future, and this is with the daily shelling of Donbass, and that stream of dirt towards Russia. If we fall asleep, then our house will fall apart.